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Friday 03 Jul 15 Undersound #20 w/ Nicolas Lutz b2b Binh

***Line up***Nicolas LutzMy Own Jupiter / Toi Toi Musikb2bBinh GermannTime Passages / PerlonWarm up by:Harry McCannaUndersound Recordings Dear Undersounders,It is with honour that we finally announce our next line up.For the first time in London, we are bringing together 2 Masters of the New School, Binh & Nicolas Lutz, for one of their infamous b2b sessions.We have been wanting to invite these 2 artists to perform together in London for a very long time, you are in for a special treat :) See you on the dancefloor x

Thursday 27 Aug 15 Festival FORTE 2015

ACRONYM, ADAM X, ADRIANA LOPEZ, AFONSO MACEDO, AMULADOR, APART, BEN KLOCK, DEVELOPER, DONATO DOZZY, DUODUB, ELLEN ALLIEN, EXPANDER, EXTRAWELT, FRONT 242 , FUNCTION, GAISER, HEADLESS HORSEMAN, MANU, MARC HOULE, MARCEL DETTMANN, MARCEL FENGLER, NX1, PAUL KALKBRENNER, PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS, REGIS, ROBERT HENKE, RUI VARGAS, SUBJECTED, VATICAN SHADOW, XNX——————————————————————————27th AUGUST 2015MONTEMOR-O-VELHO CASTLE22H00 – 23H00 XNX23H00 – 00H15 ROBERT HENKE PRESENTS LUMIÈRE II00H15 – 01H45 PAUL KALKBRENNER01H45 – 03H30 RUI VARGAS03H30 – 04H45 GAISER04H45 – 06H00 EXTRAWELT06H00 – 09H00 MARCEL DETTMANN28th AUGUST 2015MONTEMOR-O-VELHO CASTLE22H00 – 23H30 AMULADOR23H30 – 01H00 EXPANDER01H00 – 02H15 NX102H15 – 03H30 VATICAN SHADOW03H30 – 04H45 PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS04H45 – 06H00 FUNCTION06H00 – 09H00 BEN KLOCK29th AUGUST 2015MONTEMOR-O-VELHO CASTLE22H00 – 00H00 AFONSO MACEDO00H00 – 02H00 ELLEN ALLIEN02H00 – 03H30 FRONT 24203H30 – 04H45 REGIS04H45 – 06H00 MARC HOULE06H00 – 09H00 DONATO DOZZYBEFORE FORTE26th AUGUST 2015 // beyond the castle walls22H00 – 00H00 MANU00H00 – 02H00 SUBJECTED02H00 – 04H00 DEVELOPER04H00 – 06H00 ADAM X06H00 – 08H00 ADRIANA LOPEZAFTER FORTE30th AUGUST 2015 // beyond the castle walls10H00 – 13H00 DUODUB13H00 – 14H30 APART14H30 – 16H00 HEADLESS HORSEMAN16H00 – 17H30 ACRONYM17H30 – 21H00 MARCEL FENGLER// MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED——————————————————————————// FULL WEEK-END PASSES AT 60 EUR (all nights included from the 26th to the 30th of August)// DAILY TICKETS AT 30 EURLimited editions, availability limited to venue capacity.——————————————————————————FESTIVAL FORTE has a maximum capacity of 5,000 people per day. A limited edition of full week-end passes are on sale for 60 EUR (all nights included from the 26th to the 30th of August), daily tickets are on sale for 30 EUR. All passes and tickets can be purchased online through FESTIVAL FORTE’s FACEBOOK PAGE, FESTIVALFORTE.BILHETEIRAONLINE.PT,SONICGOODS.COM and associated outlets: FNAC, WORTEN, BEP AGENCY and CTT.——————————————————————————FESTIVAL FORTE electronic music festival, which will take place between August 27th and 29th at the Montemor-o-Velho Castle in Portugal. FESTIVAL FORTE stands out for its bold musical lineup. The 2014 edition was marked by solid content within the context of contemporary electronic music. In 2015, the festival returns and shows its FORTE, featuring a powerful bill with the most prominent names of the current scene.In Portugal, "music festivals" have nurtured great interest from artists, the public and sponsors, and its success depends primarily on a strategy where the commercial dimension of the artist’s names is the predominant factor. SONICULTURE, promoter and label, focused on the dissemination of cutting-edge electronic music. It has combined new international trends with contemporary culture and, as mentor of FESTIVAL FORTE, is committed to reverse this trend and build a brand new value by focusing on quality and modernity.In 2015, FESTIVAL FORTE will establish itself as a national and international landmark with regards to electronic music festivals, by betting on important values, with great impact, including the participation of ground breaking artists in the national and international scenes. The festival will take a huge step forward with the goal of exceeding the expectations of national and international audiences.——————————————————————————More information at:www.festivalforte.com/www.facebook.com/festivalfortewww.sonicgoods.comwww.bilheteiraonline.pt/Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday 03 Oct 15 Fall Fest in Candler Park

Fall Fest in Candler Park Celebrates its 15th year!  October 3-4, 2015 This October, the 15th annual Fall Fest in Candler Park celebrates living the Intown lifestyle through music, food and art. From October 3-4, 2015, over 100 artists will gather in Atlanta's Candler Park along with noteworthy musicians / bands and some of the best food vendors Atlanta has to offer. Also featuring a 5K race, Kids Zone and a Tour of Homes to showcase the beautiful architecture native to Candler Park, this festival has something for everyone. Beginning as a party on a Candler Park resident’s porch, 15 years later this festival has now grown to over 10,000+ visitors per day. Come see why this vibrant festival captures the best of living Intown Atlanta.  Visit the Fall Fest website to keep up to date on the latest featured artists, band lineups, food vendors and 5K info. 

Friday 11 Dec 15 BACK TO THE 80s

A fabulous 80s Xmas Extravaganza.  Including a 2 course set meal Vegetarian Option available.Artists: 80s, 1980


Gottwood 2015 - The Forest Dance

To run a successful event you need the perfect combination. There is however one thing to keep at the foundation of your recipe - an ingredient to the concoction that some promoters have simply forgotten, atmosphere. This was very much the soul of Gottwood, and it’s influence on the crowd was more than apparent. On top of that they spectacularly executed a strong music policy with consistency across the board, held the event in an impressive yet intimate natural venue that is moving enough to fully captivate a crowd, a diverse array of art installations tapping creatives in various fields, an understanding security team managing the event rather than enforcing control, and of course, free hot drinks served under the ambient lights of the woodland floor = A Festival with genuine atmosphere and a real sense of freedom. Summer begins, and for those who won’t make it out the UK this season, but wish to experience the same festival quality as abroad, it can often mark a time for hope. Hope that this year, the UK festival in question, won’t be dominated by top heavy alpha males strutting in the sun, overly brand aware characters pushing through dance floors, constant bad weather (soaking through your £20 pop up tent that you have now purchased at least 4 times in the last few years, after each time coming to terms with the fact that getting it back in the bag after a big one is just not feasible, for you, or the rest of your on looking camp), or operations governed by the same corporate policies that apply in night clubs on the inner city circuit, factors that all firmly contribute in removing any feeling of escape. Sadly this is often not the case, and you will have to do more than hope to avoid such issues… Which is why when writing a review for a UK festival, you often find yourself hiding from the truth.  This time round, I am lucky enough to have nothing to hide….and to all the organisers behind Gottwood, I thank you, it’s bloody refreshing! In this case I would like to take this opportunity to change the format of your standard “festival review” in order to truly give the credit deserved to this Boutique festival. This festival is an experience that will stay with you longer than your weekends early-bird and before the nitty gritty, you can stop reading now and buy your ticket for next year. THE WOODS, DAY BY DAY: Thursday The first night left us on the edge of our seats. Only half of the venue was open and rumours of the central lake and its added stages would remain a mystery until the following day. Slipping in to the Barn stage early on, an area that replicated the environment of a packed out house party, 2 Bad Mice were there to toast the floor with 90’s rave and a strong selection of Acid 4x4. As expected the guys from Fuse were later packing a bag full of punchy records to begin proceedings as planned in The Walled Garden. Some fantastic minimal performances from the likes of Arhcie Hamilton and Enzo Siragusa set the tone for the lady later in question.. Tini. WOW. If you have not had the pleasure of seeing the Berlin tech house mistro at work, go no further when hunting a party set to get things moving. Two hours of power to close the Thursday evening – an impressive start.  Friday Friday came around and fortunately, unlike some festivals, there was no real rush or sense of urgency which left a true slo-mo approach in the back of our minds and further added to the tranqulity of the Anglesey countryside. After a quick trip down to the beach for the afternoon, only a twenty-minute walk down through the fields of crop and live stock to the very cliffs edge, we returned to the woods. On the forest stage, one of the Dungeon Meat team Brawther turned up with the party starters you’d expect. Business hours were open on the hay bells. An evening with Perlon masters was later scheduled down by the Lake Side on the Crawler Stage. Things were kicked off with tribalities and minimal sounds from the lady Magaret Dygas - Style. Somewhat of an unexpected festival appearance then followed from head honcho, Zip. Again, no complaints, nicely crafted selections all round from the company of one of the most influential record labels to date. Next up, to close the forest was Hunee. (Not bad programming from the organisers.) Stepping away from some of his more conventional dance floor ready house and disco sets, Hunee switched things up. An eclectic mix of rare grooves, acid house, analog and italo sounds had the intimate forest canopy popping above the hay bells.   MEOKO TIP - goes to Hunee for his Blade moment when bringing the dance floor to around a minute in what was almost silence on the break down of “that mad techno tune from blade, with the blood showers and vampire shit.” Badass selector.  Saturday  Good times on the Lawn was the mood of the day. Another beautiful afternoon in the Woods and spiritis were high. It was early on and the bank of the Lake was comfortably packed and some fantastic selections from London collective Sounds Of The Universe Djs had us all in awe. TIP!   More great programming from the organisers left us with the options of Steevio (live) in the forest, the man behind Freerotation with a passion for hardware and cosmic synthesizers, and Heidelberg legend Move D on the Crawler Stage. Jumping between the two was the only way around it. Excellent on all accounts. Following such a great day around the water the magician had all the right records in mind. A special set indeed. {YouTube}https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUNS6xU-kt0{/youtube}   On the request of "one more tune" Move D raised his glass of what was probably a smooth Chateauneuf De Pape and lit his cigar ending on a laid back latin jazz record to draw the evening to a close. Conclusion: Move D is The Boss. Sunday More good music followed on the last day. First came a comforting display of eclectic sounds around the lake with the likes of Al Dobson JR. on the Lawn and Bradley Zero in the Mother Owl (Two guys from the Rhythm Section crew - a label who’ve hosted some unmissable releases - eyes peeled for more Peckham wax) supported by the likes of Manchester’s dance floor don and all round good guy Ruf Dug. Legend! Later a 6 hour royale from long time movers Craig Richards and Ben UFO B2B took place under the woodland, an incredible performance all round. No words necessary for this one - Business only. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_94bfb4ec_328052690&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/romare/rainbow-club', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_94bfb4ec_328052690', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_94bfb4ec_328052690' }); });     *{Something previously unmentioned, the LZRDRM or Laser dome if you will,  tucked deep into the back corner of the venue, WOW. Serious appreciation and respect to the teams of residents playing in there all weekend. Impressive dj and live sets from all involved, accompanied by some serious mental strength to sustain the power of those lasers. People need to check this 2D 90’s laser show out! Thanks to Scientific Dreams of U and Weird Weather. On point.} There is no need to go much further but only to inform you of the following. If you are looking for a festival with a good crowd, an intimate dance space, an area of outstanding natural beauty, a venue only twenty minutes walk from the beach, a friendly security team and helpful staff, a non corporate environment, a fantastically programmed weekend of music to satisfy the high end of various styles, and incredible attention to detail around the site, then surprisingly, look no further than the North tip of Wales in these wonderful Anglesey woods. Until next year..    By Ell Weston More MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

Superstition Returns To Shoreditch

Superstition returns to Village Underground to present a tenacious lineup of UK techno which features Blawan, Pariah, Sigha and CSGRV, all of which have carved successful careers in an expanding genre. The Shoreditch based venue will provide a perfect space for the hard hiting style of techno that each of these DJ's delivers to the fullest. Sheworks boss Blawan has rapidly evolved as an artist with his finger on the pulse of industrial electronic music, that has embarked on many projects including Karenn with Pariah and Trade with Surgeon.His nosebleed style of  techno is admirable and his ability behind the decks is next to none as one of the pioneers of a UK genre. Pariah, of Karenn has kept up with Blawan's pace. With a respectable catalogue of music on R&S Records highlighting a solid ability for cutting edge production, as well as an unparalleled style of mixing, Arthur Cayzer has become one of the most exciting artists representing electronic music in the UK. London based producer, Sigha is a very prominent and forward thinking figurehead for UK techno. With a range of releases on imprints including Hotflush Recordings and Blueprint Recordings, his experience is testament to his performances and his productions. Completing the lineup is Superstition resident CSGRV, who is making strides across  London through his own definitive sound.   FULL INFO: Village Underground For tickets click here Friday 3rd, July 2015 22:00-06:00   Blawan Pariah Sigha CSGRV   As part of our regular competition series, Superstition has offered some great prizes for one lucky MEOKO reader:   2 x guestlist tickets for the event Sigha - Techno Derivatives vinyl Sigha - Desecrations Blawan (Ternesc) - Hanging Out With The Birds vinyl   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_7154f1c4_1026299930&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/avian-music/avn020-sigha-techno-derivatives', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_7154f1c4_1026299930', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_7154f1c4_1026299930' }); });   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_9c3de8d2_1816824297&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/ourcirculasound/ocs009-sigha-a-series-of', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_9c3de8d2_1816824297', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_9c3de8d2_1816824297' }); });   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_d25d86e4_359873890&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/ternesc/sets/hanging-out-the-birds', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_d25d86e4_359873890', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_d25d86e4_359873890' }); });     To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "SS" as the subject title. Good luck!   More Superstition More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

Art of Dark Introduce Their Season In The White Isle

In the underground landscape in London, Art of Dark have rapidly become one of the most prominent promoters of cutting edge electronic music, providing some of the most versatile lineups across some of the most unique venues. With a wealth of experience, as well as possessing a solid resident DJ in Colin Chiddle, Art of Dark have continued to grow. With the season in Ibiza well into motion, they begin their balearic residency at Underground with their opening party featuring Eli Verveine and Cezar. Cezar has become a key figure in Bucharest’s underground scene through a combination of producing and performing. Having a defining ability to control and read a crowd perfectly through a comprised selection of seamless minimal techno or house, Art of Dark welcome the Romanian to lift the roof at their summer introduction to the island Eli Verveine is a music purist, who always steps up through her sensitive, instinctive and insightful selections that take over the mind, body and soul. The Swiss artists mixing ability is next to none, as she can effortlessly glide between dub and experimental techno and house, whilst still keeping the dancefloor burning. Other artists featuring for AOD across their six parties include, Herodot, Francesco Del Garda, Onur Ozer, Barac, Arapu, Vera, Cristi Cons and some special guests. Romanian born Herodot has followed in the footsteps of the nation's wealth of new and emerging talent, carving his career through prolific performances at events including Sunwaves Festival. A vital addition to AOD Ibiza. Francesco Del Garda is a purveyor of quality over quantity. With only two releases under his belt, he has built his reputation behind the decks delivering a personal style of minimalistic funk, house and techno, that is sure to sit suitably in the space catered for the finest underground music. Turkey's finest musical export, Onur Ozer has paved the way as a pioneer of minimal dance music in all of it's purities and has defined an articulate style through his unique productions that linger differently across each listen through a range of layers and a pallet of sounds. With rare appearances on the White Isle, fans are sure to flock to see this forward thinking afficianado in action on the 4th July. Barac & Arapu will be bringing their own Romanian rhythms to Underground on the 1st of September to start the second half of the season. Followed by Vera who has become extremely influential for the female spectrum of electronic music through her elegant appearances behind the decks, and Cristi Cons  who is yet another one of Romania's musical treasures. They both appear on the 15th September. The AOD residency will conclude on the 6th October at the closing party with some special guests that will be guaranteed to possess a jaw dropping status in the electronic music community. Art of Darks very own Colin Chiddle will be holding a residency in Ibiza for the season,lifting the party by supplying his remarkable energy that has driven through many dancefloors across London.   FULL INFO: Ibiza Underground   Tuesday, 30th June, 2015 23:00-06:00 Cezar Eli Verveine Colin Chiddle   Tuesday, 14th July, 2015 23:00-06:00 Herodot Francesco Del Garda Colin Chiddle   Tuesday, 4th August, 2015 Onur Ozer Colin Chiddle   Tuesday, 1st September, 2015 Barac/Arapu Colin Chiddle   Tuesday, 15th September, 2015 Vera/Cristi Cons Colin Chiddle   Tuesday, 6th October, 2015 Special Guests Colin Chiddle   More Art of Dark More MEOKO? Facebook

East London Partystarters Return For The Baking Summer

East London partystarters, Half Baked have built a repuation as one of the most vibrant and versatile suppliers of underground music, stamping their iconic imprint on a range of venues across the capital. Their most recent ventures have taken place at synonymous venue Oval Space. This Sunday, Half Baked are taking over the oval again for a 12 hour special with a fairly Perlonized lineup full of tenacious talent including Vera, Sammy Dee, Thomas Melchior, Seuil & Robin Ordell. German born Vera has become extremely influential for the female spectrum of electronic music through her elegant appearances behind the decks. Combining subtelty with solidarity, her sets present an intutive taste with an unexpected nature. With releases on Peron, Hello? Repeat, Oslo and Half Baked, Vera has become a firm female figure and her ability to move a dancefloor through her own and other artists productions is unparallelled. Sammy Dee curator of the infamous Get Perlonized parties has become a frequent addition to Half Baked, which is  proven through his warm welcomed appearances for them. Throughout his career, he has shown why he is a master of minimal music and a pioneer of the Perlon sound. Thomas Melchior, one half of the infamous Soul Capsule has emphatically enhanced his repuation as a DJ and producer over the past twenty years. With such a distinguishable sound, that is always daring and never refined, his ability is pretty remarkable and his performances are pretty rare, this is not one to be missed! One of France's finest talents, Seuil has seperated his swinging style from the rest which builds upon German minimal and warm deep US house, which continues to evolve through an expanding catalogue of releases. As an artist, he continues to excite through his emphatic productions and performances. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_679708db_963839599&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/half-baked-records/seuil-half-baked-records-hb001', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_679708db_963839599', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_679708db_963839599' }); });   Half Baked resident Robin Ordell completes the lineup, with his sound that has been influenced by funk and soul, intertwined with house music. We are expecting big things from this rapidly evolving artist.   FULL INFO: For tickets click here Sunday 5th July, 2015 Oval Space 16:00-04:00   Vera Sammy Dee Thomas Melchior Seuil Robin Ordell   As part of our regular competition series, Half Baked has offered some great prizes for one lucky MEOKO reader:   2 x tickets to the event as one winner, and one guest 1 pair of Half Baked slipmats   To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "HB" as the subject title. Good luck!   More Half Baked More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

Premiesku - Jojoman - Review

As one of Romania's finest musical exports, Premiesku (Livio & Roby & George G) have sculptured a stimulating Balkan sound with driving and energetic rhythms that embody their heritage and encapsulate an international audience of listeners. With previous releases on Vakant, Appollonia and Desolat, and now 20/20 Vision, the trio have already flexed their production muscles to the delights of many. 20/20 Vision are now embarking on a new chapter, which has been fore fronted by Premiesku with their latest EP, Jojoman. The self titled opener, which has been heavily used by the likes of Appollonia is introduced with absorbing drum pads and clicking hi-hats that race against misty vocals. Bass-driven Voicegame is a shifting breakbeat groove, that is a perfect tool for splitting open a dancefloor. Djebali's rework on the flip of Jojoman adopts a glistening synth that spirals into a kicking percussion, which builds hesitantly into a dynamic Balearic beat, before Guti's remix of Voicegame takes the rhythm back down to a more controlled pace, still soaked in bass, which fittingly filters out to conclude a solid selection. Since their inception, Premiesku have constructed their own style of minimal instrumental house music, which is clean and edgy. So many other artists have confronted similar saturated territories, however, Premiesku have perfected the formula and continue to prove why their rhythms are used on rotation. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_d93e7b38_1931686039&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/premiesku/sets/premiesku-jojoman-ep-20', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_d93e7b38_1931686039', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_d93e7b38_1931686039' }); });   By Sam Quilter Please purchase here to support this great EP As part of our regular competition series, Home has offered some great prizes for one lucky MEOKO reader: 1 x vinyl copy of Jojoman EP 1x content CD 1x 20/20 t-shirt2 tickets to the following event, click here To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "20/20" as the subject title. Good luck!   More Premiesku More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter    

An Open Letter... to 'The Final Tune Thief'

To – the final tune thief Some people really do take their jobs too seriously. We’ve all been there; your knees are aching after a jaw dropping set by your favourite DJ. It’s nearly closing time and the tunes are due to finish shortly, but no way is he winding this one down, and that’s just the way we like it. The final record spins and the lights come up, only to be followed by the ‘one more tune’ chant. After some careful negotiation, the DJ gets the all clear to go ahead and spin that one cut we all know he’s been saving ‘til the end, the crowd gets to lose their mind one last time, and everyone leaves with a satisfied grin on their face. Embedded into clubbing culture, it is almost ritual to play this game of cat and mouse between revelers and management, one that we love so much, as we know we’re always going to wriggle past and win. But not this time. This time we get caught... On the night I am speaking of, the story unfolded as usual, and the crowd is hyped up on the promise of some belting closing dance tackle. It is the final set of the final day of a festival, and I’m sure you can see that no one wants it to reach its inevitable end. As a steady countdown of how long is left to party is regularly announced over a microphone, it’s obvious that the DJ isn’t the only one watching the clocks. ‘I’m going to squeeze one last track out of this, let’s have it’ or something equally as morale boosting is finally muttered, leaving the crowd thirsty for a showering of beats - but,as the DJ sets up his closing record, giving us a taster of what’s in store, you slowly fade the sound to an uninspiring silence. Unaware of your intentions the dancers wait, in a feverish anticipation, fuel being constantly added to their fire as the crowd builds with a nervous energy… only to be ground to a halt at the sobering realization that there really is no more. As a DJ coming to an end of a set, I can only imagine it fills you with as much anxiety as starting one off – what you are about to do is going to leave a freshly imprinted impression in your clubbers minds, and fuel the conversation at the after parties to follow. The responsibility of the success of this leaving impression does not lie solely in the hands of the tune selector however, but is a two way operation between the DJ and you, the guy in charge of sound. So I ask you this - why let someone go out with a fizzle when they could have an almighty explosion? Maybe next time, just don’t check your watch. When a tune lasts only a matter of minutes, how are you to know if it goes over ever so slightly?   Ignorance is bliss...   At the end of the day, of course you’re only doing your job. And I understand the need to abide by careful licensing laws – noise is an easy complaint that can lead to club closure, which is the last thing anyone wants…   But sometimes, it’s ok for the rules to be broken,   By Eileen Pegg   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter    

CM Sounds - Courses With a Difference

  CM Sounds is a youth and community music organisation based in Shoreditch, London that provides creative music making opportunities for people of all backgrounds, including degree level music production. They provide an industry standard level of knowledge and assistance, through their tutors and leaders who are professional musicians or producers currently working in the music industry. Music production has become highly expansive in the music industry, especially within electronic music which is breeding huge waves of new artists with a variety of abilities. CM sounds are providing aspiring producers with the opportunity to hone their skills through an innovative foundation degree in Creative Music Production and Business, which offers the specialist support towards creating a career in the musici industry. As well as unparalleled knowledge and assistance, CM sounds also offers an entry system based on experience and motivation, trained specialist tutors, small class sizes, loads of studio time, industry links, a fee that is half the price of a normal degree and a fully supported course supported by the student loans system. The Creative Music Production and Business degree is an innovative and creative course aimed at music producers and musicians who aspire to develop professional production and musicianship skills to then go on to learn the business skills that are needed to create a sustainable career in the music industry. The course is set to start in September, 2015 which is a full time duration of 2 years. It  is designed to welcome people from all current music backgrounds and does not require formal qualifications for entry. Previous practical experience of Music/Music Production is essential. A study support programme is available for those students who need it. The Foundation Degree in Creative Music Production and Business costs £5750 per year for two years, a saving of nearly £3500 on standard degree course fees. All aspiring producers: CM Sounds are giving 15 individuals a unique opportunity to win a day of music production with a professional tutor, which is set to take place in mid August. The lucky winners will have access to: Recording live drums with a professional drummer Sampling and re-sampling Using drums through EQ and effects The course will be taught by one of CM Sounds professional music tutors. Each individual will be provided with a work station to apply the principles that they learn and experiment and will also be able to take the material that they learn back to their own space. To enter: all you need to do is send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // with 'CM' as the subject title, good luck!   More CM Sounds For The Creative Music Production and Business Degree, click here More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

MEOKO - Under The Microscope - Anri

Japanese DJ and producer ANRI has been honing her craft since she moved from her hometown of Yokohama to the bright lights of Tokyo and discovered the small but vibrant underground electronic music scene there over 10 years ago. She soon became a household name in the Tokyo scene, playing regularly at Tokyo´s finest clubs like Womb, Ageha and Air. Following appearances at Australian festivals such as Rainbow Serpent and Eclipse Anri began to get acclaim outside of her native Japan and now she is hoping to gain wider international recognition after relocating to Berlin like many Japanese contemporaries. Having just delivered an exclusive MEOKO podcast for us in April we decided it was time to put this little known but seriously talented artist Under the Microscope.    Hi Anri, welcome to the MEOKO under the Microscope series. Tell us, who is Anri? Every day I am learning, and growing. This is what makes me who I am, I am always striving to discover more, to experience more, to push myself out of my comfort zone. The Anri of 10 years ago is very different to the Anri you meet today, I have learnt and grown a lot- sometimes it has been difficult but I wouldn’t change anything. It is only by putting yourself out of your comfort zone that you can begin to discover who you really are.  Tell us a little about where you are from and how you grew up. I was born in Yokohama, Japan. Yokohama is the neighbouring city / district to Tokyo, it is about 30 minutes away by train. This is where I grew up and where my parents still live. It is a nice city, but much quieter than Tokyo. When I was 18 I moved to Tokyo, attracted by the opportunities it could offer for personal development and fulfilment. It was there that I discovered electronic music.  How did you get into electronic music?  Sadly no one in my family is of a musical background, but as a child I always wanted to play an instrument. When I was 15 I started to dance, and we would mostly listen to Jazz and Hip-Hop in the dance studio, so these are my earliest influences. When I was 17 I started to go to clubs and discovered electronic music, and shortly after I moved to Tokyo where I got into the scene there. I bought some CDJ´s, practised everyday and in time was playing regularly at clubs like Womb, Air and Ageha and I also began to organize and promote my own parties, some of which were quite successful. When I was 19 after I had bought my first CDJ´s and I was just starting to learn to DJ, I was introduced to a legendary Japanese disco DJ called DJ Kohno who at that time was already in his mid forties, and once a week every Friday for one year I used to go listen to him at a place called Soul Sonic Boogie and take memo notes whilst watching him play. Whilst I never really got into disco, I learnt so much from him. He had a huge record collection and I learnt to respect and appreciate every record as an individual entity, I learnt how even different records and styles can be webbed together-I guess you could say that he taught me how to listen to and understand a record, which is probably the most important thing one can learn as a DJ.    What kind of challenges have you had to overcome on your way to getting to where you are now in your life? I have been Djing for over 10 years now, trying to perfect my skills and define my sound, and trying to get people to know who Anri is, but I am still not yet at a point where I live off of my music alone. I like to travel and of course Djing is a great way to discover other cultures and make new friends, but over the years I have had to do many other things to support myself and to be able to pursue my dreams. In 2010, I moved to Australia; at the time I didn’t speak any English so it was very difficult to find any work initially. I worked in Japanese restaurants and Sake bars, I even trained and qualified as a Sake Sommelier. I also once worked on a farm in the Australian outback for about 3 months in order to get my visa extended just so I could stay in the country- it was very hard manual work under the hot sun and probably the hardest job I ´ve ever had, but it was something I had to do in order to be able to continue with my new life in Australia, which was a very important step in getting to where I am now- I learnt to speak English there and played many gigs at festivals such as Eclipse Festival and Rainbow Serpent ,which is kind of like Australia´s version of Burning man, and in the 3 years I ended up living there I became quite an established name in the vibrant Melbourne underground scene. I don’t think I would have moved to Berlin had I not spent those years In Australia, so every challenge I have had to overcome has in hindsight some retrospective value in somehow shaping me to become the person I am today.   “It is only by putting yourself out of your comfort zone that you can begin to discover who you really are.”   When and why did you decide to move to Berlin? When my visa eventually expired and I could not stay any longer in Australia I moved back to Japan, but the electronic music scene there just isn`t big enough and there are not enough opportunities available, particularly for someone wishing to gain recognition outside of Japan. Yes, there are some great clubs in Tokyo where I have played many times and which receive many international DJ´s but the scene in Japan is almost limited to those few clubs. I guess after my time in Australia where I began to get a name for myself from performing at festivals and clubs with more international exposure, I realised that if I wanted to become respected internationally I would have to leave Japan, like many other Japanese DJ´s have done before me. Berlin is a very international city, I have many friends who moved there to pursue their musical ambitions, and I think it is an amazing place for an artist to pick up other influences, both musically and personally. It is a city so rich in opportunities for artists and musicians- it is great for collaborating with other producers and friends as everyone seems to be based there, and it is also a city which inspires on so many levels- the city has so much history and diversity and a musical scene like nowhere else. What are the challenges for an artist trying to gain recognition in Berlin?  There are many opportunities for Dj´s in Berlin for those who are serious and committed enough to working hard to prove their merit. On the other hand, the scene in Berlin is very competitive- it seems that almost everyone you meet is a DJ or a producer so it means that you have find ways of doing things differently if you want to stand out and get noticed. Also, the Berlin scene is very local still and relies a lot on personal connections and word of mouth, which can make opportunities harder to come by if you are not considered a local or have not been living here long enough to have established connections with local promoters. Since I moved to Berlin last September, most of my gigs have actually been in other countries- Italy, Holland, France etc.- it is only recently that I have started to get more attention from promoters in Berlin, and now I have many gigs in Berlin over the coming months. I feel if you can gain respect in the local scene in Berlin then you will also be noticed elsewhere too as people really pay attention to what´s going on in the scene here.   “I think about music and sound in every living, breathing moment- everything around us in our environment has a sound or vibration, the world I live in everyday is my inspiration.”   How would you describe your sound?  I am inspired most by the Detroit Techno sound, which some people suggest is more of a guy’s thing, but I think my sound has definite feminine qualities. It is very hard to explain, but I think perhaps each gender can tune in to certain sounds or elements more than the other. I like to play dark and mysterious sets but I also try to always mix it up with more positive, lighter elements- a beautiful progressive melody somewhere in the background for instance. What I produce and what I play when I DJ are completely different, I like to play deep emotive techno, but  my productions tend to be a  little more progressive and melodic.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_46742912_842786755&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/teamrecords/anri-noah-kaito-aka-hiroshi', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_46742912_842786755', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_46742912_842786755' }); });   How difficult did you find it to establish yourself and gain respect from other established DJ´s in the Japanese scene as a young female DJ?   When I was starting out, there weren`t a lot of female DJs around, even less so in Japan, where the sight of a female DJ behind a booth was much more unusual then it is today, and opportunities were harder to come by. It was difficult in the beginning to get promoters to take me seriously as a DJ and not just a little girl they could put to look cute behind the booth in the lounge area. When I was starting out, I think that as a female DJ I had to compensate for being a woman, as for whatever reason people tended to think less of female dj`s, so I had to work even harder to prove myself and show that I could deliver just as good, if not better, as anyone else with each and every opportunity that I was given. Hopefully these attitudes have now changed. That said, I was fortunate to have had the support of certain influential promoters in the Japanese scene who believed in me from very early on and have also benefited from the help and guidance of some experienced artists before me like my good friend Hito, who also lives in Berlin and has always been there for me to give her advice and experience when I have needed it. You are also a producer… What is your approach to making tracks? I usually start with an idea I have, something creative, something that will excite me from the beginning and that I want to build a track around. Sometimes I will start with an organic piano melody that will develop into something deep and ambient, other times I will lay down some kick drums that make for a snappier, harder sound and inspire me to make a track in that vibe- there really are no rules, I just let the inspiration take over me and let whatever comes out happen naturally, and try to connect things as I go along, to focus on the chord progression from one idea to the next. Sometimes playing around with natural chord progression can inspire a melody even if there was no instrumental melody to begin with. Who are your main musical influences, and why? I have many, but I would list among my biggest influences Underground Resistance, Mike Banks, Underworld, Kevin Saunderson, Octave One, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Wesselhoft Schwarz, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aril Brikha, Recondite and most of all Peter Van Hoesen who I have been lucky enough to support on several occasions when he came to Japan. I think each of these artists are all unique and different, and I admire and respect them for being pioneers each in their own way, for forging their own paths, for not being afraid to do things differently, for being original with their sound and doing things their own way. What are your long-term goals? I really want to continue to develop my production skills, I think this is a process that can never be considered complete, there is always more to learn, new ways to do things. I was in the studio recently with my friend Jay Haze, he is an incredible producer and he showed me many new things, so I really want to keep learning and developing my know-how. My sound is still developing, I can feel that it has already changed and been influenced by Berlin in the short time I have been here, and ultimately I want to have my own distinguishable sound that people will instantly recognise as Anri. One day, I want to play in Berlin´s historic techno powerhouses- Tresor, Berghain, Stattbad and of course I also want to keep pushing myself to improve as a DJ, I want every one of my sets to tell its own unique and original story. What do you aim to achieve with your own DJ sets? Can you tell us a little about the exclusive podcast you have prepared for us- what is the thought process behind it and what do you want your listener to experience or understand? I approach every set with the intention of making it unique and original in a way that nobody else could recreate. I like to think that a mix is a piece of art; each one is unique and no other exact same one exists, or will ever exist. I think that if someone wants to book me to play, then I owe it to them to provide something especially for them, for that night, for that crowd, for that one moment in time only. All these factors affect my mood and my thinking and then influence how I play and what I play on the night, the energy of the crowd, the time of the year, the country I am in, the food I might have eaten beforehand. My approach to a podcast is quite different- I like to think of an idea or a theme and create a story that I want to tell through the tracks I choose to include. For me, a podcast is much like a book or a movie, it is something one experiences and digests and can revisit and reflect upon later, everyone can perceive it differently, but what is important to me is how I make each person feel after listening from beginning to end.  If you have not heard any of my podcasts before then I hope you will realise my style and intentions from this selection for you. For this podcast, I mixed completely different types of tracks in the mix- it is like a transition of emotional breadth and a scope representative of the feelings of humanity. I think about music and sound in every living, breathing moment- everything around us in our environment has a sound or vibration, the world I live in everyday is my inspiration. I hope that every person listening to this will experience it in and appreciate it in their own way, and hopefully understand understand a little bit more about who is Anri.     LISTEN TO ANRI'S EXCLUSIVE MEOKO PODCAST HERE   By Barry Daly   More Anri More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter        

Track of The Week

To get you in the mood and right frame of mind for the weekend ahead, we have carefully selected our track of the week, which fits perfectly with the summer season that we are now lucky enough to be in. Taken from Point G.'s latest EP, #7 which is full of four hard edged house cuts, Strike A Pause is slightly head and shoulders above the rest delivering carnival influenced balearic beats, that melt into the bass perfectly! We are sure this will be dropping in sets soon...TIP! More Point G. More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

MEOKO Internship 2015

MEOKO is a forward thinking and creative lifestyle brand, with a primary focus on the global underground electronic music and events scenes; passionate about promotion and high quality event services. MEOKO Ltd, the event and promo agency, offers event and physical/online promotional services to a strong network of London and the UK’s best promoters, artists, record labels, clubs/bars, PR agencies, artist agencies, management companies, festivals and charities. Beyond music, MEOKO opens up its interests to culture, art, fashion and food… Some of our clients have included fabric, We Are FSTVL, Sonus Festival, Lovebox, SW4, Sunwaves14, Street Feast, Kerb Food, LWE, Egg, Fire, WYS, Spilt Milk, Oval Space, Found, DJ Mag, Firefly International, Camden Lock Brewery and Westminster City Council to name just a few. As well as promotion, MEOKO is passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists. We are currently looking for two hard-working, passionate individuals who have a strong knowledge of electronic music and are organised and reliable. We are willing to take on board a Graphic Design Intern and an Editorial Intern for an unpaid internship. Both positions represents a great opportunity for whoever is interested in pursuing a career in music or events industry. During this internship you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press agencies, festivals, designers and so on. You will get a very close look inside the industry across many different sectors. Moreover, you will be able to build a professional  portfolio, by being actively involved with all MEOKO Projects and by producing features/designs on a daily basis.   OVERLOOK You should share an interest in electronic music and promotion as well as holding either a PR/Journalism degree or a Design/Creative background. Any extra skill will be a bonus. He or she must have excellent people skills, be creative, be able to communicate well as an individual or part of a team. This is a hands -on roll so please only apply if you feel you have what it takes to work as part of an extremely busy, sometimes stressful yet very exciting environment. The successful candidates will be supporting the team and be an effective and trusted interface for MEOKO, providing a point of contact for external collaborations and enquiries.   EDITORIAL INTERN – press & social media  Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          writing features and news pieces          writing events and albums previews/reviews          writing mix descriptions          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          contacting Dj's, producers and record labels (client liaisons)          managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          managing MEOKO Soundcloud page          copy editing texts          contributing to MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          organizing and writing interviews          listing hottest London's event by week          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate          enhanced research skills          be able to work on close deadlines   Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate          enhanced research skills          be able to work on close deadlines   GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          creating banners and designs of different natures for MEOKO          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          uploading contents on the website          occasionally help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          looking for interesting pictures/videos to publish on social media or to work with          helping with MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          proficiency in Photoshop (or Gimp)          being IT literate          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment and respect deadlines          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate   MEOKO is always looking for creative individuals to come up with new and innovative ideas. If you have a good idea, we are more then happy to give you the platform to present it! Successful candidates must own their own laptop and be able to work at least 4 days a week, from 10 to 6 over 4 months. Travel expenses will be covered. We must stress that this is an unpaid internship. To apply for the internships, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // CV and covering letter, explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO, what you will bring to the position and listing  your three favourite artists and three favourite labels. Please write 'MEOKO Summer Internship 2015 – editorial' or 'MEOKO Summer Internship 2015 – graphic design' in the subject case. We look forward to hearing from you!

Art of Dark Set For a Solid Summer

Art of Dark return for their first party of the summer at Studio 338 with a shattering selection of internationally acclaimed artists that offer a slice of sound for everyone. The AOD aficionados have harnessed a reputation for sourcing the finest talent behind the decks, which will be put into full effect for their forthcoming music fiesta which will feature Onur Ozer, Rhadoo, Cab Drivers (Live), Francesco Del Garda, Eli Verveine, Laurine, DJ Tree & Cecilio (Slow Life), Colin Chiddle, Brawther, Evan Baggs, Herodot, Samuel Bellis and Christian AB... The party will be taking place over three floors including an open air car park, the loft and of course the terrace. Turkey's finest musical export, Onur Ozer has paved the way as a pioneer of minimal dance music in all of it's purities and has defined an articulate style through his unique productions that linger differently across each listen through a range of layers and a pallet of sounds. His appearances in London are hugely anticipated, and his presence behind the decks is incredibly special. Expect nothing less than the terrace to be at boiling point when the Istanbul innovator steps up for an extended set. Rhadoo is a master of robust and rhythmic music which is injected into his productions and performances. With such a tight and tenacious style of selecting and mixing, there are no limits to his ability, and his sets are guaranteed to take you on a winding journey through the realms of unique percussions. In terms of DJ pairs, they don't come much bigger than Cab Drivers. The duo from Germany have perfected their live performances with precision, proving that there are no limitations to their music which embodies live programming and deep, grooving atmospheric sounds. With a fairly under the radar status, their forthcoming set should strictly not be missed. CAB DRIVERS EXCLUSIVE MEOKO PODCAST CLICK HERE Francesco Del Garda completes the terrace line-up where he will be promoting quality over quantity, through another one of his spellbinding, perfectly structured sets that are more eloquent than eruptive. In similar style, Eli Verveine is always in pure form through her sensitive, instinctive and insightful selections that take over the mind, body and soul. Laurine, DJ Tree & Cecilio will be representing Slow Life, by combining to present their own signature sounds in the car park, alongside Art of Dark's very own Colin Chiddle, who has rapidly become one of London's most revered resident DJ's. Upstairs in the loft, Brawther will be shelling out a variety of hard hitting house grenades that will explode onto the dancefloor. Through labels including My Love Is Underground and secretsundaze, he has significantly paved the way for modern producers. USA born Evan Baggs is emerging as an essential artist to keep a close eye on, especially after the success of his recent Not A Story EP on Cabaret Recordings. Defining a style of minimal dub house sprinkled with hints of UK bass, he is a unique addition to an illustrious line-up. Romanian born Herodot is following in the footsteps of the nation's wealth of new and emerging talent, carving his career through prolific performances at events including Sunwaves Festival. It’s always a pleasure to see him back in the capital, where his appearances are few and far between. Samuel Bellis has become a key component to the city’s underground community, playing for a host of parties such as Keep on Going, FUSE and Undersound, as well as in the White Isle of Ibiza. Art of Dark welcome him back for another deserved and anticipated appearance, as well as Christian AB, who’s impressive style and ability surpasses his age.   FULL INFO: For tickets click here: Saturday 11th July, 2015 Studio 338 12:00 - 6:00   Terrace: Rhadoo- extended Onur Ozer - extended Cab Drivers (live) Francesco Del Garda Car Park: Eli Verveine Slow Life - Laurine, DJ Tree & Cecilio Colin Chiddle Loft: Brawther Evan Baggs Herodot Samuel Bellis Christian AB   As part of our regular competition series, Home has offered some great prizes for one lucky MEOKO reader:   Vinyl - Brawther Vinyl - Slow Life Vinyl - Evan Baggs Vinyl - Cab Drivers Two pairs of guest list   To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "AOD" as the subject title. Good luck!   More Art of Dark More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

An Interview With Vinyl Speed Adjust

  In the past years, Romania has emerged as a hotspot for inspiring and talented electronic music producers, and the duo Vinyl Speed Adjust makes no exception. Levii and Eddy first met in 2009 and after spending quality time exchanging music, tuning in to local radios and then going to local parties, they realized they share the same passion and decided to start experimenting together with production. It was the first time for both of them, but the hard work and passion quickly paid off as they started releasing their own tunes, their taste for always innovating and searching for the perfect sound receiving appreciation from great artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo and Raresh [a:rpia:r], Valentino Kanzyani and Sascha Dive. Meoko caught up with VSA  before their OFF Week gigs with Luciano and friends and the Virunga Party found out about their future plans, the importance of vinyl in the age of digital, and much more. Hello, guys, we’re really glad to catch up with you. Before VSA was born, you spent much time exploring music and gathering as much knowledge as possible. Your initial influences were hip-hop, breakbeat, dubstep. How are these genres being felt into your current sound? Hello Meoko, thank you so much for having us over! Listening to a lot of old music from different genres has helped us develop certain ideas which can be found in our productions. We don’t think we have a specific style, we try to adapt to the new one while maintaining the old influences. Speaking of your sound, through the years you’ve established yourselves as experimenters, approaching different styles and moods, but I couldn’t help but notice a constant in all of your productions – your love for perfectly arranged percussions which blend perfectly with the soulful part of every track, that organic elements that sweetens the sound and spreads good vibes. What are you aiming for when producing a track, what’s the feeling that you want to spread through your music? Indeed, we do try to produce tracks with different influences, without having a constant music pattern. With every track we release, we focus on making it special and offering the listener a certain mood.  When speaking to artists, I’m always curious about something: how does a creation get born? What’s the starting point, how about the proccess? That’s a good question. We don’t have a definite recipe that we use when we produce a track, we initially gather a few ideas, and after that everything goes on naturally. Producing a track is a mix between certain ingredients, like the mood we’re in, inspiration, patience and skill. Up until now, labels like Pressure Traxx, Bodyparts and Gilesku Records have released your music. You also have two imprints – Crystal Structures Records focuses on the old-school sound, and artists like Mark Ambrose, Aubrey, Thor, Exos, C-Rock/ Dubstar, Anonym had their records released under this label. The second imprint, vinyl only VSA Records, which will be released soon, focuses more on your productions, along with the ones of the artists you enjoy. What should we expect from these two imprints in the near future? You can expect good music for sure :) Crystal Structures Records will continue focusing on the same old-school style. The next release will soon be available and it’s an EP containing 4 techno-minimal tracks signed by US based Kenneth Graham. The second label will indeed concentrate more on our own productions and collaborations with artists we appreciate. The first release will be out in about two months, it’s a two-track EP by us. Vinyl is having a big moment nowadays, as more electronic producers go back to the roots. Anyone who’s listened to vinyl can feel the difference between its digital counterpart, but in this day and age it’s hard to bypass the latter completely. What’s your take on this movement? Where do you think this desire to turn to analogue means stems from? Definitely, we enjoy everything related to analog thanks to its superior sound quality, but we think that the combination between analog and digital is okay as well. We’re also happy that the vinyl industry has been growing bigger lately. Music stands between a fine line of art and entertainment. How do you think it can distinguish itself as more than just a source of leisure? Music must be lived, felt and danced to. It’s a state of mind and it must be treated accordingly, as a source of entertainment. Your latest EP, “On My Way”, which will be released on vinyl this summer on VSA Records, is incredibly lively and positive. How did you come up with the name and what story does the music share? Through these tracks we wished to express an innovative sound, fresh and full of rhythm, and through the name of the EP we wanted to present our direction. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_aa41acfa_680789293&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/vsarecords/sets/vsa001-vinyl-speed-adjust-on', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_aa41acfa_680789293', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_aa41acfa_680789293' }); });   How’s the rest of 2015 looking up for you? I’m sure you have many releases coming up, and I’m curious about the collaborations you’ll be having. The second half of the year will be a very important one for us because we’ve decided to move to Barcelona and we’ll try to focus more on music. Regarding the releases, besides VSA001 we’re waiting for some vinyls to be available: a full EP at Drumma Records including a remix from Valentino Kanzyani, and by the end of the year a 2 track EP at Jesus Loves You. We’ll also have a remix in September under the label Visionquest. What’s the greatest wish you have right now? We want to be healthy, inspired, and to accomplish as many good things as possible when it comes to music. Would you be so kind as to share a few words for our readers? Let the music do the talking! Thank you very much, it’s been a pleasure connecting with you guys! All the best! Thank you very much as well! Best wishes!   By Ana Moca-Grama   LISTEN TO VINYL SPEED ADJUST'S EXCLUSIVE PODCAST HERE   Vinyl Speed Adjust will be playing in Barcelona for Virunga this Friday, for tickets click here   More Vinyl Speed Adjust More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter                                

Catching Up With Cera Alba

From a young age, Cera Alba was inspired to cement his place in the electronic music industry, from his early affiliation with classic house music, to painstakingly teaching himself the theory behind developing production techniques. Since then, he has grown into an artist with a firm reputation for creating innovative music. Now a well established DJ, he has released on a range of reputable labels including Moon Harbour and VIVa MUSIC and is set to develop a unique live set. MEOKO managed to catch up with him to discuss his production, the roots of his music and plans for the future. Hi Cera, how are you today? I’m good thanks, just woke up so coffee is on. What have you been up to lately and what is lined up production-wise? I’m actually working on a remix for Roy Davis Jr which is a pleasure as he is a bit of a legend. Releasing on Mile End soon. Also got an EP with Russ Yallop on AVOTRE around August/Sept. What’s your approach in the studio? Do you follow a set procedure each time or is the creative process a unique route for every track? There is no set procedure but I normally try and get a bit of inspiration before I start as it can grind to a holt if you don’t have an idea. What is your current studio setup and the most recent addition? I have a Power Mac, Maschine Studio, Akai AR40, Roland SH 201, TR8 and I am borrowing a Moog 37 :) Plus loads of soft synths, Komplete 10, Omnisphere etc. Looking back to your roots and where it all began in Leeds, what do you think it is about the city that makes it such a melting pot for high quality electronic music? Its a crazy party city with a huge music scene, it definitely influenced me hugely in my musical direction. For me its the best city in the north for music culture. Probably down to two big universities and loads of young musicians. What sort of artists were you listening to when your started to seriously get into music? I was into the minimal techno scene, so artists like Marc Houle, Gregor Tresher, Jamie Jones, Marco Carola and Loco Dice. You recently presented a production workshop at London Electronic Arts Festival on behalf of Native Instruments. Is helping upcoming producers something you are looking to do more of in the future and was there anything around like this when you first started out? I will always try and help where I can, I don’t remember getting a lot of help when I started out so I feel its something that should be done more by artists instead of being selfish and hiding their techniques. With the technology of today do you feel it is easier to become involved with electronic music or is it harder? It is potentially easier than it was 30 years ago but music has also got incredibly more complex so its a balance I think. What was your first DJ setup and how has it adapted over the years? Do you ever feel pressure to bring in more technology behind the decks to create a more unique mix? 2 Gemini belt drives and a Behingher mixer, it was awful lol. I don’t feel pressure but I like the idea of developing technology if it adds to the musical content, I’m looking at the idea of playing live soon. Back To Basics founder Dave Beer is set to to launch his music academy in Leeds, do you feel it is important to give something back to the music community and is this project something you’d like to be involved in further down the line? Dave is a pretty big deal in house music, one of the ones you could call a legend. Setting that up just shows how much he cares about the music and the scene. I would be more than happy to be involved if he asked me too. You were announced as the newest addition to the Paramount roster alongside Nina Kravitz, Carl Craig & Guy Gerber this month.  Do you see this a milestone in your career so far? Yeah I mean its huge for me, Paramount has some of my favourite artists and friends on it. Its been a long time coming but I feel I can make my name worthy of that space on the roster.  Thanks for taking the time to speak to me!   You can catch Cera Alba playing for Avotre and Gruuv at the Bankside Vaults this Friday, for tickets click here   More Cera Alba More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter            

Waxing lyrical with Djebali

  Next week, Djebali, one of Paris’ most respected young bucks heads to Barcelona to play at the infamous Half Baked VS Lola ED bash as part of Off Week in the Spanish city. It’s a party that closes out the week there in style, with festivities taking place all day in a colourful, hedonistic manner with some of the world’s best underground talent providing the vibes. Djebali is renowned for his contemporary take on classic house music, inspired by DJs like Chez Damier to produce groovy four to the floor tracks, which are mostly through his own, vinyl-only label, entitled ( djebali ). With vinyl sales still riding high and Djebali’s clear love for the medium, we quizzed him on his history with vinyl and why he loves it so much... Tell us about your early experiences with vinyl... Do you remember playing records as a kid? Can you remember any special vinyl from your childhood? Well, I was born in 1984 so vinyl and audio tapes were predominant. The CD had just been born and was not so common in that era, certainly not everyone had a CD player in their home anyway! So my parents had a massive vinyl collection and I remember listening to their records. It was mostly soul music and also some rock, plus a few French and Belgian singers, such as Jacques Brel or Georges Brassens… When I was old enough to buy my own music it was mostly audio tapes to begin with. I have to add that, in my childhood I also remember my older brother bringing home a lot of funk music, imported from Japan as they often had extended versions on the vinyl that was released over there. One of the special pieces I vinyl I can recall from the past was a record full of French nursery rhymes that I listened to when I was a kid, it was more of a spoken-word type of thing with some songs here and there. I think I was listening to it every day. I love listening to and being captivated by stories. What was the first piece of music you bought on vinyl? Where did you buy it? Ah yes, I remember like it was yesterday! It was Michael Jackson’s Thriller album! I remember around this time I was watching the DMC championships and there was a guy beat juggling with “Baby Be Mine”. I was so hyped by those guys that I wanted to do the same! One day I was with my mum in an old flea market we used to go to and there was a stand selling vinyl: When I saw Thriller I bought it straight away, and spent the next days trying to find another copy to be able to copy that beat juggling. Unfortunately, I’m not that good at scratching… How many records do you own and what are your top five most treasured pieces of vinyl? Why are those five so special to you? (Can you describe why each one is special please) Around 2,500 so far. Well I own a lot of vinyl that means a lot to me, I’ve got some rarities but also a few special ones that take me back to a particular moment in my life, for example. So putting together a top five is pretty much impossible to me but I’ll give you five from my collection that mean something special to me:  1. Chez Damier - Untitled - KMS As soon as I got my hands on it, it never left my bag! This is a special one because it’s the exact song that explains why I am so into house music, and made by a true master, one of my heroes in house music. The most amazing thing is that I have now worked with him! I had the chance to remix one of his tracks made with The French Connection (Siler & Dima & Thomas Zander) called ‘Speechless’ and he has remixed several versions including one of my tracks on ( djebali ). It’s still hard to realise!  2. Delaware Saints – Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Humboldt County Records allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_6bfe2113_991907031&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/dan-ghenacia/kwality-batofar-compilation', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_6bfe2113_991907031', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_6bfe2113_991907031' }); });   This one, how can I put it… It’s the track I wish I could have done! I discovered it through Dan Ghenacia on his Kwality at Batofar mix, it’s the last track of this incredible mix. In this track, everything matches perfectly: probably the craziest bassline I ever heard, a fantastic groove, classy synths and sound. Every element that’s in this is just pure emotion! The result is a wonderful and beautiful journey: I still get chills… I think I could listen to this track all day long on repeat!  3. Rhythm Plate – Masters At Wirksworth – DIY This one is more of a reminder of a period of my life: when I started to go out in Paris. We used to love this record and played it a lot at after-hours parties back in the early 00s. What a groove… and the break and beats before the bass comes back again, it’s just a fantastic feeling - THIS is partying!! As the vocals says, “Higher”! It’s mad because I saw recently that this record is on Discogs for around 150 euros.  4. Chez Damier & Ralph Lawson – A Dedication To Joss – Serious Groove Well, Chez Damier again… I did say he’s one of my favourites! This time with 2020Vision boss Ralph Lawson, for whom I did a remix of Premiesku – Jojoman recently… This track is really special to me as it took me a very long time to get my hands on it. At the time I was searching for it, it cost over 300 euros on Discogs so I couldn’t buy it (they recently put out a repress so the prices were more reasonable). I was searching for it in every record shop, and second hand record shop, I came across it… and finally one day I found a copy in 2003 on a website called Gemm. So imagine how I felt after all those years of searching for it. It cost me 50 Euros but it was worth it. When the repress arrived, last year, I couldn’t resist and bought two more copies! I loved, and still love it so much, the vocal into that delay makes me high and the bass is so groovy! A perfect combination. There is also a track called “Forever” on the vinyl, which is also a classic.  5. ( djebali 01 ) - Ideal Juice / Bezbar Do I have to explain why this is special to me? [Laughs] Well, this is the first release on my label so it stirs up a lot of emotion for me. I made this one on my MPC 2000 XL, just before buying the MPC 3000. It means a lot to me cause it’s the start of a new thing for me, a big change… since then, the label has grown, I’m working on the 10th release right now. There is also a label, which features remixes from many of my friends called ( dejbali ) reworks with remixes from Christian Burkhardt, The Mole & Hreno, Hold Youth, Ben Vedren, Livio & Roby and John Dimas… next ones are none other than Chez Damier, Tuccillo and so on… There is also ( djebali ) presents which is a platform for newcomers or new projects. The idea is to connect the young producers together as you need a network when you start out in this business: so each person who makes an EP on my imprint has to remix the next release! So far I released an EP from Mr KS, House of Warez, Reda Dare, Two Diggers (just out now) and next one is from Rhyhtm&Soul! And finally, I’ve started ( djebali ) extra to release everything I want that doesn’t fit into one of those sub labels. Since then I’ve also started a party called Ideal Juice in reference to that first release, which has a residency at Rex Club in Paris but has also been exported to Ibiza, St Petersburg, Bordeaux and Tunisia with international guests like Delano Smith, Nastia, The Martinez Brothers, MCDE, Steve O Sullivan, S.A.M, Point G, Cobblestone Jazz, Dorian Paic…  Why is vinyl so important to you? Why do you love it? It couldn’t be more simple, I love everything about vinyl: the sound quality, the object itself, the fact that you can hold the music in your hands… When you listen to music on vinyl it’s like a ritual; first you choose one from your collection, often you remember it by its cover (that can be amazing artwork, photography or simply a white underground inner sleeve). You take the vinyl out from its sleeve… it’s there, you hold it! Then you gently clean it, if there is some dust. You put it on your turntable. You press play then you put the needle on it. You can here some crackles before the music starts, the music is alive, and then, the magic happens! Even the crackles at the end of the records makes me feel good! It’s a very pure sensation. 

Obviously, your labels are vinyl-only - can you explain why you decided to keep them like that and not have digital releases, too? There was no other way to do it. It was a foregone conclusion that I would go for vinyl... Then came the question of digital. When I started the label in 2011, vinyl was as its worst! But I was also really tired of digging for music, in digital form, on websites, and drowning in all this music. I was truly lost in the digital world so it was important to me to reconnect with classic and simple things. Vinyl, only vinyl. This way I could connect with real diggers and real passionate people. That’s why I kept it like this. Now I can understand that not everybody can afford vinyl and not everybody has turntables at home. So now I am maybe thinking of making small compilations from a few tracks from the label. Not all of the back catalogue, I want to keep it special for the people who bought the vinyl, but maybe a five-track compilation or something… I have to think about it… How do you feel about vinyl becoming so popular again? It’s good! Of course I’m happy, as I manage my own imprint but the reality is that it’s trendy and hyped at the moment but the sales reflect the fact it’s nowhere near as popular as it was in the first place. For instance, today, when you sell 1,500 copies, it’s considered to be really good sales-wise. Back in the days, my friends who used to own a vinyl imprint told me that a really bad EP was selling at least 5,000 copies! You know, there wasn’t all the digital recordings for DJs back in the early 00s. Vinyl ruled for sure. When I started my imprint in 2011, it was a big gamble because at this time you needed to sell around 300 copies to be safe and to get your money back - it was really tough! It’s still hard now! I’ve been lucky to attract some fans who follow the label, so I do an average of 1000 copies… I just hope vinyl is back for real, and not just because it’s trendy! I am still optimistic and think that DJs need it more and more. Today a lot of imprints are vinyl-only, which kind of pushes people to still buy vinyl, even if they record it and convert it to digital later… What records are next on your vinyl shopping list???? What are you hoping to buy over the next few weeks? Is that question supposed to reveal my future secret weapons to everyone?! [Laughs] Well the fact is I go to record shops every week and I also dig a lot online, so my vinyl shopping list is always full! But let’s say that I am eager to see ( djebali ) presents Two Diggers in the record shop like ( djebali ) extra 02, which efatures my unreleased remixes of ‘Smoke Game’, a track made by Los Pastores. Those two should be available in the next two weeks, man! Half Baked VS Lola ED takes place on Sunday 21st June at Parc Del Forum in Barcelona: For more information click here:   More Djebali More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter            

Love Saves The Day 2015 - Festival Review

As I cycled down to Eastville Park on the beautiful sunny morning of the Love Saves the Day, I passed by scenes which encapsulated my concerns about the weekends proceedings. Girls on the front step applying fake nails and spray tan, and guys taking the opportunity to sun their torsos whilst dispensing balloons. Gone were Montpellier’s friendly young families and hippy vibes, this was Geordi shore on the morning pre-lash. Having been to the likes of Eastern Electrics and Lovebox, my fear was that LSTD would fall victim to the city festival’s dubious formula. The real joy of a festival comes from the atmosphere, and at a three day camper a big part of that is the endurance, the sense that you’re all in it together for the whole weekend. Inevitably this is lacking from city festivals. This all comes at a cost to atmosphere, and is partly to blame for the underwhelming feel of so many of these events. Luckily for me, and the other 30000 people that descended to Eastville Park over that weekend, LSTD more than made up for this, and again executed a great party... It achieved this feat through quality planning. The organisers carefully thought through the selection of artists, and in turn, the artists’ carefully thought through selection of tracks, kept spirits high and the atmosphere buzzing. The line-up wasn’t without its reliable crowd drawers – Groove Armada and Julio to name a few – but it was supported by a backbone of exciting artists who rarely make it this far into the depths of the south-west and local acts there in force to draw on friendly faces. Just Jack’s Saturday line up on the Brouhaha stage was a case in point. The day was set up beautifully by Londoner K15 who’s soulful selection was lapped up by the crowd, perfectly suited to the sunny surroundings early in the afternoon. Later in the evening, Soundstream stepped up to the plate. As expected, flawless disco infectious grooves through and through. An act who’s appearances are far and few between but a real honour to see in action. TIP. Apolonias own, Dyed Soundorom then followed with a sophisticated closing set laying down some elegant club tracks and what can only be described as sleazy tech house, a perfect end. From the Saturday it was expected that the two would set the bar in quality in an all-too-rare visit to Bristol. Later, at Futureboogie’s Apocalypso stage, Fabric resident Craig Richards did the business as anyone heading from the big smoke anticipated. Later, German duo Ame shut down Saturday in style, their brand of rolling melodic techno pumping from a considerable rig to a crowd desparately holding on to the day party before the cities after parties commenced across town. Despite the impressive quality of these big European names, a highlight of the Saturday came from some home grown talent. It may have been partly due to the fact that it was my first act of the weekend, and it certainly helped that it took place at the Shambaber stage – the only outdoor stage at the festival to offer any real seclusion and intimacy, hosted by the cities infamous hair salon come after party collective – but the Banoffee Pies team did the job. With their signature sound of disco-infected house-techno and experimental selection they capitalised on that glorious moment where a practically empty seated area, suddenly turns into a real party. The energy of the crowd dancing in the blazing sun was amplified by the trademark move of Banoffee getting down wildly behind the decks. Following their progress in Bristol for some time now, their set was a pleasure as always. Again further credit must be given to the creative team behind the wonderful stage design and all the drag queens dancing on podiums from start to finish. The weekend line-up provided music from a full plethora of styles and genres. The crowd was accordingly mixed, whilst listening to one of Bristol’s dub reggae acts in the sun I noticed that the stick on eyelashes further across the venue had been replaced by clip in dreadlocks, while tight tees had been switched for flowing travellers gear. To create a festival that mixes crowds seamlessly, with what seemed to be a positive atmosphere all round, the team at Loves Saves The Day showed the critics that a boutique festival, previously known for it’s intimacy, can step up to match the crowds it demands and succeed on a larger scale. Despite a clear lack in volume of headsy acts to satisfy music lovers over the chart rockers, LSTD provided a great platform for local acts of all types and size to get involved in the action, and amongst the more commercial acts topping the Bill, some carefully selected extended sets from great artists and producers alike provided some great performances. Our MEOKO Tip for the weekend goes to Soundstream. Next year see what Team Love have in store for us all....    More MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

HOT WAX Tools & Tips (5th June 2015)

  These bits do the business, all out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise: Federico Molinari – Elequix (Pressure Traxx) The latest release for pioneering label, Pressure Traxx comes from Buenos Aires very own Federico Molinari. Opener ‘Elequix’ displays a structure of diversity as it fluctuates between dark drum pads and harmonic synths. What really stands out here though is the haunting yet beautiful South American ayahuasca ceremonies inspired vocals. ‘Tee Funk’ takes a nod to the dancefloor, offering crisp and cutting percussions that lean perfectly against acid splurges. Click Here Bernard Badie – Open Up (Mojuba)   One of Chicago’s innovators, Bernard Badie returns with an essential selection of four flavours of kicking house music. The stomping, 'Slow Reflex' is the standout which teases with tenacious disco infused samples. A delight for any record bag.  Click Here Signal – Spacedrive (What if) What if, the new vinyl only based label from Barcelona have made a solid debut with three solid slabs of wobbling house and techno from the mysterious duo Signal, backed up by remixes from Levi Verspeek and Voigtmann. The Original track is reminiscent of Fumiya Tanaka’s work featuring aquatic layers and loose hi-hats, whereas Verspeek’s remix serves up a tighter and more refined structure of bass driven techno. Voigtmann concludes the collection with a hypnotic high driving sound scattered with cowbells.  Click Here Various Artists – Technique 20th Anniversary (Technique)   Possibly one of the most anticipated releases from the Japanese label, featuring some of the finest European and Japanese purveyors of production including Rhadoo, Cezar Lazer, Audio Werner, Fumiya Tanaka, Steve O Sullivan, Point G, So Inagawa and Gonno. Without giving too much away for such a unique compilation, the seven exclusive tracks present a deep and minimal masterclass. A must have, TIP!  Click Here Djebali and John Dimas – Soul Vision (Elephant Moon) New UK based output Elephant Moon step up with a swinging four track EP from Djebali and John Dimas that evolves throughout. Self-titled ‘Soul Vision’ presents a ‘straight to the point’ no nonsense rhythm that delves deeper and deeper, which is followed up by ‘Soul Vision Bonus Beats’ which strips away the rawness of the original. ‘Faith’ serves up an infectious stepping sound that will roll through any dancefloor, then aptly named ‘Healer’ uses soft, sensual vocals to climax a very solid release.    Click Here George T – I’ll Do Anything (Greco Roman) Soulful music from George Thomson. ‘I’ll Do Anything’ is a dusty and organic gem that drifts into a cutting groove, which sets the bar for the rest of the release. ‘Risk’ veers towards squelchy tribal percussions that continue on the conclusive track, ‘Cut Up’ that filters through bongos and sharp drum pads. Click Here More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter      
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