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Saturday 18 Apr 15 Rythmatic w/ Barem & Valentino Kanzyani

rhythmatic will be returning in London with another exciting line up on the 18 April, at a new space to mark the start of their 8th Anniversary Tour. The team has already events confirmed in Greece, Barcelona, Ibiza, Berlin, Bulgaria, Dubai, Wales and Italy.The line-up:-Barem (Minus, Fun Records)-Valentino Kanzyani (Jesus Loved You, Cadenza)-Daylomar (rhythmatic)-Chaz Beazli (rhythmatic)It is all about musically minded people coming together for a good time…FB Link:Tickets:RA: http://bit.ly/1rXDmcMTicket Tannoy: http://bit.ly/1BpxrM6www.rhythmatic.co.uk

Sunday 03 May 15 Secretsundaze 2015 Opening Party Part 1

Fred P • Special Guest TBA • Jane Fitz • Giles Smith • James Priestley

Sunday 03 May 15 Secretsundaze 2015 Opening Party part 2

STERAC aka Steve Rachmad • Peverelist B2B Kowton • Linkwood • James Priestley • Giles Smith

Sunday 24 May 15 Secretsundaze May Bank Holiday Special

Special Guest TBA • Delano Smith • Underground Paris • Giles Smith • James Priestley


Music Through Pictures with Valentino Kanzyani

In 2005, Valentino Kanzyani set up Jesus Loved You, a manly vinyl based record label. A bold step considering the trends towards digital at that time. His passion for playing records goes back to the nineties, where he was regularly seen spinning records on three turntables in his home country's most famous dance music club. A defining figure in Eastern Europe’s dance music scene, the “Slovenian techno father” continued his impressive efforts beyond. A producer too, he became part of the well-renowned Cadenza label. Another milestone that cannot be ignored, is Next Wave, which he kickstarted along with his friends in 2011 and today has become one of the best underground parties in Ibiza, if not the whole of Europe. We are honoured to have him in our Music Through Pictures Series...Welcome, Valentino!    1. It reminds me of the afro beat movement of the 70's. Honestly I don’t know who this singer is but it emanates the power of it!   2. Memorable anniversary of Ambasada Gaviloi with my hermano Luciano    3. My home for 5 years and a place I loved and enjoyed so much in the past 13 years.. Had a lot of great experiences for my personal growth on this little magical island!    4. Incredible artist coming from one of my favorite places music wise in the world.. Respect!    5. Reminds me of my last trip to Mexico, wonderful times, would love to go back soon.    6.  The most famous Slovenian town needs to be paired with the most famous Slovenian track Enjoy!!    7. My beloved mother the first person to introduce me to music! And my first and biggest fan! One of her favorite bands is the QUEEN! MAMA!!    8. My favorite festival in the world. Best DJ’s, best music, best crowd.. So nice and so simple! Like this track:    9. AG the club where I’ve started my journey! Got my first chances to book, play and meet with a lot of different artists from all around the world! Definitely this track marked a time of this club!    If you'd like to hear more sounds from Valentino, check out his brand new podcast for Rhythmatic! The party collective will also be hosting the artist for his next gig in London, this Saturday, the 18th of April. Event here, tickets here.   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  


The Seventh Day is a series of Sunday parties designed for techno lovers. Housed under the cavernous 18th century warehouse, Village Underground, each party showcases 12 hours of techno curated by international and local masters of the craft. Each time two international established guests will join the line up alongside residents and local talents.More than just a farewell to the weekend, the Seventh Day is a platform for local artists and an invitation for veterans and newcomers to revel alongside like-minded people equally obsessed with music.On Sunday 12th April  Shifted and Kobosil will join forces for this first 12 hour techno marathon at Village Underground. Residents Jay Clarke, Randolph and CSGRV will complete this line up that will surely keep you dancing from 12pm until 2am.     The following are the line ups for the next three upcoming events: April 12thKobosil Shifted CSGRV Randolph Jay Clarke   RA Ticket: Here   May 17thAnswer Code Request Anthony Parasole Jay Clarke Ashley Borg Chris Page   June 7thJames Ruskin Jonas Kopp Randomer Ronin Randolph     More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (8 April 2015)

Phrased – Come with me (L B Produce) The mysterious Phrased delivers his second solo EP on his very own L.B. Produce, an imprint reserved for mesmeric deep house beats and pseudo-acid sonics. 'Come With Me' is a Chicago-kinda joint with dubby pads and a hazy melodic structure, while 'The Edge Of Forever' is full of broken drum machine beats dipped in a luscious coating of reverb and a subtle 303 swagger. Last but not least, 'Mist' replaces all beats and grooves in favour of ambience and a deep river of electronic abstraction. A big like! Federico Molinari & Alexis Cabrera – La Vueltica (Raum Musik) Oslo Label mastermind Federico Molinari returns on Raum, this time together with his mate Alexis Cabrera. Both of them are hailing from Argentina but are currently living in Berlin, where they also met and decided to start a project together. This is what comes out. ‘Palasquesea’ is a true gem! Thor – Consequences (Sushitech) Great music from Iceland! Sushitech pulled together a classic compilation of Thor’s finest work. If you ask Meoko, this is a record you need in your collection. Thor performs as his own, Oz Artists and Sanasol. Very cool tunes, which sound still modern today! Meoko loves it! Datriix – Flying One Hand (Op.disc) Dartriix is a sporadic but permanent collaborative project between two of Op.Discs label heads, Fumiya Tanaka and Yoshihiro Hanno aka Radiq. After 6 years of absence, Dartriix finally makes their return with this intensive double pack LP Flying One Hand, which is a good surprise to us. Roger – EP1 (Neostrictly) The Roger EP consists of 2 tracks, delivered by the production team-up Vlad Radu, Martin Glowacz and Nils Weimann, with an additional remix by Michael Melchner. All three tracks are different in terms of structure and harmonic elements, everything being combined in such a way that music can be enjoyed at home or on the dancefloor. Michael Melchner’s remix is an absolute banger!   Detroit People Mover - Shelter EP (Bla Bla) Interesting 4 tracker from Detroit People Mover with a minimal gangsta vibe, rather dubbed out and funky! Straight from detroit and released on the label Bla Bla Music. Limited to 300 copies and soon available.. Boo Williams vs. Glenn Underground (Maad) 2 supreme Chicago heavyweights go head to head across 2 slabs of wax... step up Boo Williams & Glenn Underground! This double-pack is pure fire & was originally released in 1995 on miniscule Trax offshoot MAAD, fans of that bouncing, stripped back, funked out House music look no further, it's all right here!     More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

A Dutch DJ called Ferro

Ferro! This Dutch DJ and producers already entered line-ups of many cool parties. For people in Amsterdam he is a well-known name with gigs in Paradiso and Studio80, but lately he started to have gigs all over the world. He played next to mastermind DJ's such as Zip, Rhadoo and Onur Ozer and in clubs like Salon Zur Wilden Renate and Club der Visionäre in Berlin and many more. Since last year he started to release some of his work on different labels. One of them is Moss Co; the record label of Archie Hamilton, who had spoken to Meoko just recently.   Hi Ferro, how are you today? Can you tell us more about your artist name? Hi, I am doing very well. It is simply just my Dutch last name translated to Latin. I am 100% sure a lot of people cannot pronounce my Dutch last name. How did you experience music when you were a child? I think children always experience music differently than grown ups. They experience everything differently and it is hard for me to recall that experience, although I would like to have the ability to do this. I think I really liked simple music; it is fair to say that my taste changed a bit.    How did you end up making and playing electronic music? It just happened. I was always busy with music. When I was young I screamed in microphones all the time. That was a very unpleasant habit for the family [laughs]. What does the Romanian musical culture, like arpriar and the Sunwaves-festival, mean to you? It’s an interesting sound and I like it a lot. There are so much young Romanian producers, who produce music at the moment that it is really hard to find the good bits. I really appreciate the Romanian input over the last couple of years. They showed the dance industry the power of repetition. Besides that, the Romanians showed with their lovely Sunwaves festival that it is really hard to party 5 days in a row. Which other artists do you respect because of what they have achieved? I respect many artists. I am really enjoying classical music nowadays. It is something so different from the music I play in clubs. There is so much emotion in it and in such a complex but natural way. I also respect many of the EDM artists. I think it is really difficult to be so enthusiastic while listening and making so much shit noise. You recently played Fabric in London, how was it? Well it was an honour to play there, especially because I am an audiophile. When you play at fabric you discover that you really can control a room full of people, when the room is full you feel like a conductor of an orchestra, although I never conducted one [laughs]. The biggest reason that causes this power is the sound system; it is the best system I played on so far! I was really happy that I could play in room 1 as well. I was a bit nervous at the start, but as soon as the people came in I felt really comfortable. As a talented up-and-coming DJ, you probably have some dreams as a DJ. Which of those dreams already came true? And which dreams you hope to witness in the future? One of them was playing Fabric [laughs]. That one came true. I try to have no expectations anymore. I try to live the dream and to go with the flow. This way, things can only get better. Actually there is one dream I like to fulfil and that is to dream as much as possible. As a new talent, I can imagine it is not so easy to survive in the world. Can you live from your gigs or do you have a ‘real’ job besides DJ’ing? At the moment I do only things that I like. Besides partying I have gigs every weekend and I feel blessed that I can travel around because of my music (and the music of others of course). During the week I am in the studio, try to stay healthy and searching for new music. Amsterdam is your hometown. What are the places to visit if you want to experience a really good party in this lovely city? I am a big fan of all the events organised at the “NDSM-Werf” it is in the North of Amsterdam at the other side of the water that separates the Centre, East, West and South from the North. There are some venues there but most of the events are outdoor festivals or one-off events indoors. It is a rougher place than the fairy-tale city centre of Amsterdam and it is always a few degrees colder there. What do you like more: being a DJ at a party or producing your own music? I prefer to DJ at a party. In the studio it is mostly the music and I. But my music is meant to move people. When I am DJ’ing I can witness that. At parties magical things can happen because of music. Also drugs and alcohol play a role in this. I think all these factors make sure the crowd can “tune in” at the same frequency. Then a crowd becomes one and this is what I try to achieve. Can you tell me more about which equipment you use to produce music? I try to combine old analogue machines with new ones. I have some classics but I am always searching for new and rare pieces of gear. I am sharing my studio with two friends. This way we can combine all the gear we buy, that is a really big advantage because gear is very expensive. My favourite piece of gear is also the cheapest one: vodka. Do you have any future releases you can already tell us about? There are a lot of tracks ready to release but I try to make more tracks. For now my rule of thumb is quality over quantity.   Thank you for the interview!     allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_3d79cbe6_1963734615&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/fabric/ferro-fabric-x-riffraff-promo-mix', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_3d79cbe6_1963734615', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_3d79cbe6_1963734615' }); });     More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud


MEOKO is a forward thinking and creative lifestyle brand, with a primary focus on the global underground electronic music and events scenes; passionate about promotion and high quality event services. MEOKO Ltd, the event and promo agency, offers event and physical/online promotional services to a strong network of London and the UK’s best promoters, artists, record labels, clubs/bars, PR agencies, artist agencies, management companies, festivals and charities. Beyond music, MEOKO opens up its interests to culture, art, fashion and food… Some of our clients have included fabric, We Are FSTVL, Sonus Festival, Lovebox, SW4, Sunwaves14, Street Feast, Kerb Food, LWE, Egg, Fire, WYS, Spilt Milk, Oval Space, Found, DJ Mag, Firefly International, Camden Lock Brewery and Westminster City Council to name just a few. As well as promotion, MEOKO is passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists. We are currently looking for two hard-working, passionate individuals who have a strong knowledge of electronic music and are organised and reliable. We are willing to take on board a Graphic Design Intern and an Editorial Intern. Both positions represents a great opportunity for whoever is interested in pursuing a career in music or events industry. During this internship you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press agencies, festivals, designers and so on. You will get a very close look inside the industry across many different sectors. Moreover, you will be able to build a professional  portfolio, by being actively involved with all MEOKO Projects and by producing features/designs on a daily basis.   OVERLOOK You should share an interest in electronic music and promotion as well as holding either a PR/Journalism degree or a Design/Creative background. Any extra skill will be a bonus. He or she must have excellent people skills, be creative, be able to communicate well as an individual or part of a team. This is a hands -on roll so please only apply if you feel you have what it takes to work as part of an extremely busy, sometimes stressful yet very exciting environment. The successful candidates will be supporting the team and be an effective and trusted interface for MEOKO, providing a point of contact for external collaborations and enquiries.   EDITORIAL INTERN – press & social media  Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          writing features and news pieces          writing events and albums previews/reviews          writing mix descriptions          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          contacting Dj's, producers and record labels (client liaisons)          managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          managing MEOKO Soundcloud page          copy editing texts          contributing to MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          organizing and writing interviews          listing hottest London's event by week          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate          enhanced research skills          be able to work on close deadlines   GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          creating banners and designs of different natures for MEOKO          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          uploading contents on the website          occasionally help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          looking for interesting pictures/videos to publish on social media or to work with          helping with MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          proficiency in Photoshop (or Gimp)          being IT literate          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment and respect deadlines          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate   MEOKO is looking for creative individuals to come up with always new and interesting ideas. If you have a good idea, we are more then happy to have you realizing it! Successful candidates must own their own laptop and be able to work at least 4 days a week, from 10 to 6 over 4 months. To apply for the internships, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  CV and covering letter, explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO, what you will bring to the position and listing  your three favourite artists and three favourite labels. Please write 'MEOKO Summer Internship 2015 – editorial' or 'MEOKO Summer Internship 2015 – graphic design' in the subject case.  

HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (1 April 2015)

  Iron Curtis – The K.M.S. Years EP (Office) Office Recordings 04 circles in memories: The record is about Iron Curtis’ time at Karl-Marx-Straße Berlin, where he used to live next door to label head Baaz and graphic designer Chris Fladung. Very nice and pumping house tunes. Great release! 2 Bit Crew – 2 Bit Crew 03 (2 Bit Crew) By their standards, Danish duo 2 Bit Crew enjoyed a very productive 2014, releasing well-received singles on Deso, Luvdancin' and their own self-titled imprint. Here they return to the latter with three more sumptuous chunks of tactile, arms-spread deepness. All tracks do have a nice, deep groovy and housy atmosphere! Giammarco Orsini – Experiential Learning (Heko Records) Italian imprints Heko Records starts the game with a young home talent Giammarco Orsini that delivers 2 brilliant tracks full of grooves and two remixes signed by the house master Transitive Elements and the French Half Baked resident Robin Ordell. This first edition is limited to 300 copies and won’t be released digitally! Seuil – Chocolate Gangsta (Eklo) Vinyl Only Release, Eklo 031 comes from label head Seuil, bringing some swing-time beats with Chocolate Gangsta Ep. A three-track package, the A side consists of two 909 swingy cuts, paying tribute to the 2000 s micro house sound. On the B side, a long and trippy house flavour for the late nights. Tainted with weird vocals to twist your mind. Various Artists – Vol.1 (Rutilance) This double 12” by Rutilance Recordings will blow you away. Proper house music by a bunch of different artists such as Janaret, Theo Muller, Marotti, Kicks, Ortella, Jon Jastszebski and DJ Steaw. Pumping kicks, awesome baselines and nice synths, what is not to like? Route 8 – This Raw Feeling (Lobster Theremin) Route 8 finally returns to Lobster Theremin with a very special four-track white label of emotive dreamscape house and heady techno. Expanding on the ideas and themes he explored on last years Dry Thoughts EP, Route 8 slides fresh out of his New Age synth shell for 2015, adding crystalline electro and tool-room clattering house to his emotionally charged sound palette. Various Artists – Strength in Numbers (Thema) All bets are off with the third vinyl sampler from Thema’s Strength In Numbers compilation, as the wide-reaching nature of the NYC label truly reveals itself with four varied and striking diversions into critical house music. Pressing on translucent, neon green coloured vinyl. Tracks by Mr. G, Cesare vs. Disorder, Raudive and Suburb. Various Artists – Various Artists 02 (Sol Asylum Germany) Sol Asylum is back with their usual bag of tricks: effective and minimalistic tech-house built for the floor all coated and packaged in beautiful artwork. First up, Spell remixes "Broken" by Odd into a wavey, dubby sort of joint; Julie Marghilano delivers the utterly shimmering "Dragon Drops", and our favourite tech-house gal Miss Jools is as reliable as ever with her signature brand of percussive house on "Calima".   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Es Wird Eng. An Interview with Evan Baggs

Evan Baggs has been quietly making some big waves in the scene with his rolling DJing style and growing collection of killer productions. Evan's personal take on house music is hypnotic, bassy and intricate. With a new EP forthcoming on Cabaret, he looks set to add to the buzz surrounding his name, established through his excellent EP for Kurbits and other releases on Frankie Rec, Robsoul and DBLR. We were excited to have an oppurtunity to chat to the in-form native New Yorker. Read below to find out about life in Berlin, DJ versatility and why he'll be hitting the beach more this summer. Home-made Kimchi? Yum! Could you honour us with your special recipe? How did you find out about this dish and how do you go about preparing it?  It’s well tasty. You can eat it with anything and anytime of the day. When I got into making sauerkraut I stumbled upon other fermented recipes. Tried it and enjoyed it. There’s many different versions of it.  One mustn’t follow any rigid precise recipe. It’s just an experiment, but it always comes out tasty! You shared a quote from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by a dentist named Dr. Weston A. Price. Is the topic of nutrition and dental health something you are particularly interested in, or does the quote mean something else to you?  Dr. Price did a lot of research on the connection between nutrient dense food and health. Doctors, medicines or hospitals don’t heal you, your body heals itself when it has the right and enough nutrients and environment. The intelligence of your body is waaaay smarter than any “health practitioner”.   Your EP 'Arises Passes Away' on Kurbits is considered quite special here at the MEOKO office. How did you come up with this piece of music?  The acquisition of a few machines and the result of trying to learn those machines in and out was that EP.     You have an EP coming on Cabaret Records. What did you have to consider before getting started production?  It has yet to be released, but it’ll be out soon. Nothing really to consider. Considering is analysing and comparing. Just letting sounds – fresh or familiar - that I enjoy fuel the process until the track sounds good to my ears and my gut.  It’s just experimenting and seeing what happens. Unfortunately, unlike Kimchi the results are not always tasty.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_fd85f144_12259649&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/evan-baggs/sets/cabaret-006', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_fd85f144_12259649', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_fd85f144_12259649' }); });     Ziegensicher translated in English is goat-proof. Is this a correct translation?! Do you have a particular phobia of goats or is there some kind of back-story here?  It does not really translate into anything in particular. But if one had to define, it would mean more something along the lines of “certainty goat”. So, maybe it is a confident goat?  Have you ever met a goat with low self esteem? Most likely not. Goats are always feeling the vibe. Have you mastered the German language since you made the move to Berlin? Mastered? No.  It’s not like I took any college courses. I can read some books, hold conversations, fill out forms and tell a few weak jokes. I speak German with Germans. What is your favourite, typically German saying?   Es wird eng. You play a diverse range of music: European style techno, American house, and you even did a RinseFM garage hour last year. You also played at parties with a range of artists from Joy Orbison to Nicolas Lutz. Do you aim to be quite versatile in your DJing? It is just the result of collecting records and the combination of working in record shops, record labels and distributors for 18 years. It isn’t premeditated, I just search a lot for records of all styles of music and just get the ones that sound good to me. I’m also lucky to have a bunch friends throughout my life who enjoy this as well, which facilitates constant exposure to new records.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_ef2b9f5c_760074488&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/garagehour150814', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_ef2b9f5c_760074488', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_ef2b9f5c_760074488' }); });     What makes you attracted to garage?  I started collecting it in the late 90’s. It’s the intangibles, something that can’t really be named. It is the same thing that draws any music from a record shelf in a store to the shelf at my home. It just ends up there, I can’t explain why. Seems like you have been sharing the decks regularly with fellow Solid-AM DJ and Cabaret Recordings producer, Binh. Can you describe your musical relationship?  We like to play records and party together. Last October, you were listed in Fact’s 100 underrated DJs that deserve more shine. How do you feel about this?  By “shine” did they mean more sunlight? I plan to hit the beach a bit more this summer. You are an expert in rolling out fantastic club bangers. Could you share one special dance floor weapon with us?  Weapons? I’m not trying to hurt anyone.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_b9f31146_1950305731&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/input-selector/is-194-evan-baggs', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_b9f31146_1950305731', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_b9f31146_1950305731' }); });     If you had to add a definition of “rollage” in Urban Dictionary, what would you write?  Don’t know about the Dictionary, but in the Thesaurus it would be next to “Gliding” or “Riding”. You'll be playing next in the UK at Modular's event in Liverpool. To be honest, we are all curious about what kind of style you will bring to the decks! Could you give us a little sneak preview? What we can expect from your gig? I have no idea what I'm going to play. I'll have plenty of records with me and I'll just go with the vibe of the party and see what direction it leads us.   More MEOKO? 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Virgin Galactic's Lunar Sonics Space Mission is a Moon-based music performance (set for estimated launch September 2020), it will be the first instalment of Branson's galaxy-wide music tour set to make galactic music history. Villalobos is booked to play a 12 hour B2B set w/ Afrika Bambaataa the wax wizard of the breakbeat; a peculiar pairing perhaps, but then again so is the combination of lemon zest and salvia but one can't blame one's pineal gland for imagining, right? Villalobos mixing minimal into Bambaataa's breaks could be revolutionary for the underground micro-hop scene currently culminating in Kyoto, Japan. Branson's latest expedition ambitions suggest that future moon inhabitants will have the luxury of music culture at their eardrums will. This surely begs the questions of what type of extra-terrestrial life may be attending moon parties in the next millennia? and will partying on the moon actualize electronic music culture's inter-planetary transcendence? It would be lunacy or should we say lunar-cy to believe this article has tangible substance and this is why you are 'poisson d'evril' this April if you have got to this point without realising that of course Villalobos is not playing on The Moon though if he was it would be surreal for sure and a pretty good way to embrace lunar inhabitance :) April Fools, muufuckaaaas from the MEOKO team   Written by M.Ainsworth     More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Rhythmatic: 8th Anniversary Tour

One of London’s most exciting raves is turning eight in 2015. To celebrate this, Rhythmatic planned a tour with events in the UK and abroad. They have already confirmed events in Greece, Barcelona, Ibiza, Italy, London, Bulgaria, Dubai, Wales, Stuttgart, Lisbon and Madrid. All over the world, people now have the chance to be part of this awesome party collective. Rhythmatic strictly pursues an ethos towards cutting edge music, genre bending and an open-minded attitude. Each event Rhythmatic drives towards achieving versatility and steers away from following the obvious trends, with line-ups that pluck the finest and most respected talents from the scene, while setting the bar and mapping out the labels, artists and brands that are next to catch the industry’s attention. In the past 8 years, they booked artists such as Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squallice, arpiar, Premiesku, Onur Ozer, Margaret Dygas and Mara Trax. The well-respected Rhytmatic party have become one of the dominant London events for house and techno’s rising stars and established names to touch down in the capital!   18 April Rhythmatic-party in London VENUE Their next party in London for their eight anniversary tour will be held in The Steelyard on 18 April. The Steelyard is a brand new location in the heart of the capital. This club space has a capacity of 800 people, which makes it a big venue, but still not too big to get a cosy and intimate atmosphere. It consists of a cavernous main room, with an adjoining bar arch, and split-level mezzanine area. THE LINE UP First name on the line-up is Barem. Starting as a blues and rock guitarist as a child, he took advantage of the digital revolution to experiment with programmes like Ableton and Reason. With releases on labels like Foundsound and Minus, he quickly made a name for himself in the techno world. Founding father of Slovenian techno, Valentino Kanzyani is the second name on the line-up. He was already involved in the dance music scene of his country in the mid-1990s. Nowadays his music style evolved towards a sound that is more atmospherically. Also DJ duo Daylomar make their appearance at this unforgettable party. They became one of London’s most exciting underground DJ’s through their residence at the notorious unleash parties in London. Resident Chaz Beazli will complete this crazy line-up. FULL INFO Saturday 18 April 2015-03-31 22:00 – 06:00 Venue: The Steelyard OTHER DATES Rhythmatic w/ Dennis Ferrer, 30 April at Art lab, Volos, Greece Rhythmatic w/ Chrissy Hope & Chaz Beazli, 23 May at Fox Sound, Palermo, Italy Boxpark invites Rhythmatic vs Vinyl club w/ Chaz Beazli, Chrissy Hope, Andy Luff and Yvo Zanev, 28 May at Boxpark Rhythmatic w/ Chrissy Hope & Chaz Beazli, 20 June at 262 club, Genova, Italy Rhythmatic w/ Chaz Beazli, 18 July at Bukowski-live, Stuttgart, Germany COMPETITION You can win 2 bags, 2 tops and 2 entries for the main and the after-party on the 18th of April. How to win this awesome price? Send an e-mail with the subject: ‘Rhythmatic’ to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Under the Meoko Microscope: an Interview with Hinode

The Italian duo, Hinode, based in Berlin describe to us their adventure in the underground music scene in the last years. Analogue gears, wax and raw sounds seem to be the fundamentals of these newcomers that are already respected by big names in the scene. Hello Mario and Matteo, we're glad to have you on Meoko! What's Hinode? How did this project saw the light?Hinode is a Japanese name, which means sunrise. The space, planets and everything in the cosmos inspire our music and us; Hinode is also a Japanese space probe. We both come from Italy, but we met in Berlin, where we started for fun and now we evolved.Your sound seems to be hybrid and free from mainstream influences. Talking about the music, what are your main influences?We are happy and lucky to have worked together at Record Loft and we contributed to the opening of the shop. Thanks to this opportunity we discovered many of the main sounds of the mid-1990s, from techno to early Detroit house and from Garage to Chicago tunes. We feel really addicted to the American underground scene.Science Fiction Recordings is your main platform to release music. What does it mean for you to have your own label? Do you feel free to express yourselves without being a slave of the market?We started the label just for being totally free to express ourselves and because we have a lot of unreleased material. Our limited series label is called 'Science Fiction Limited', where we release acid, raw techno or dark electro tunes. Our main imprint 'Science Fiction Recordings' is reserved for a more dubby and groovy sound. When we have to make tracks for other labels we have to adapt ourselves to the vision of the labels. Big up for your latest release. It contains an XDB remix. It's the first time that another artist joins your project. Are you planning any other collaboration in the future?We're working on a compilation with Chris Mitchell, Dj Richard, Jay Mond, Spoiled Drama, Jared Wilson and other great musicians that we unfortunately cannot announce at this moment. We also have a great remix from Xenogears aka Analogue Cops planned on our third limited series, which will be out very soon.Your music has only been released on vinyl until now. Do you have a connection with digital releases? Due to our passion for the black gold, we support vinyl and when we are DJ'ing we only play with vinyl. The concept of the label was to release limited copies, so at this moment we are not really attracted to the digital format. In the studio it is slightly different. We are not using many digital stuff but it is worth pointing out that there are a lot of artists able to make really nice music through a computer, so why not?Are there any releases from you guys planned?Neptune EP is going to be out really soon on Science Fiction Limited and another release on the French D3, which is a sub-label of Vibes and Pepper, will see the light soon as well. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_ebd09d45_1955658927&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/subwax-bcn/sets/sfr-ltd-02-hinode-neptune-12', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_ebd09d45_1955658927', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_ebd09d45_1955658927' }); });   Which equipment are you using in your studio?Roland 909, Sh 101, 303, Octatrack and MPC2000 xl (we are using it for our live). Which are the records that mostly represent or have influenced you?'Population One' on Metroplex and Aaron-Carl's 'My House on Wallshaker Music': About your gigs, which are the most intense experiences you had in a club?Definitely the first live-set we made; we played together with Patrice Scott, Andrès and Brawther at Prince Charles for The Monkey Bar label showcase, which was an epic experience. During the last two years we got the chance to play in London, Barcelona and Amsterdam and especially here in Berlin the last month was a blast! Experiences like this gave us a lot of experience about music, sensations and life. It's all about that. Do you consider yourselves clubbers before producers? Do you remember any important moment on the dance floor? We're completely autodidacts in our job and yes we come from the dance floor, everything started there. We now live in Berlin since a few years and Panorama Bar is surely the club which most of all influenced us. Also About Blank is a club we really love! Future aims? Playing all over the world and taking care of our label. It would be nice if we were able to maintain our self with making music.   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud


Today Meoko presents you a double interview with Cinthie and Diego Krause. These Berlin based deep house DJ’s, producers and record label owners are on the verge of breaking through into the music world with their amazing labels – Beste Modus and Unison Wax. Soon they will release a third label, which they clear out in the interview. With some personal questions we got to know the people behind these record labels. This cheerful duo also explain us their background, their love for Berlin and their vision on the music industry.   Hey guys! Let’s start out getting to know you by asking some personal questions. What is your favourite vacation destination? Cinthie: I like Thailand. You have so many different islands, which are wonderful. It is also nice that you can hang out at the beach. It can be very relaxing. Diego: Actually, I like traveling to cities. Paris for example is a great destination! Your favourite party destination? Cinthie: [laughs] Paris again for both of us I guess. France in general is really on fire at the moment. When I started out as a DJ, more than 15 years ago I played many French records, but then it diluted somehow. Luckily the French started a revival. Diego: And Berlin? [laughs] But for us it is becoming quiet boring now, because it is our hometown, but that applies for everyone I guess. We live in between Berghain and Watergate. A change of setting is sometimes good for your brain. Your favourite movie? Cinthie: My favourite actor is Danzel Washington. He played in a movie I watched already a million times: The Bone Collector. I am really into crime stories. Diego: There are many movies I like, but it is difficult to pick just one for me. Your favourite dish? Cinthie: Oh! Indian food. Diego: I think I would say Mexican food. Cinthie: No, wrong he is lying. It is pizza. Diego: Of course yes, actually it is pizza. Cinthie: He eats it everyday for breakfast [laughs]. We got to know the people behind the music a little bit. Let’s hop to the city you live in. You are based in Berlin. Is it the place to be right now? Diego: Yeah I think so. I always wanted to go somewhere else. All my life I wanted to explore other cities, but after a week I miss Berlin. I don’t really see myself moving away from this beautiful city in the near future. Cinthie: For me too. Berlin is amazing. There are so many artists living here at the moment. It is creative city. But I am missing something in Berlin. People in Berlin tend to choose for the easy and secure way. We need some risk-takers here. But still, this is the place to be! What are your favourite parties in Berlin? Cinthie: There are a couple of nice parties we used to go to in the past. Submarine at Watergate always has these raw underground house DJ’s. Homopatik at ://about blank is a night we often visit. The club nights at Panoramabar/Berghain are always nice. But at the moment we play quiet a lot. We don’t really have time to go to parties anymore. Diego: Yeah, Homopatik is a nice party. They do not publish the line-up, but it is always about the vibe and the music. The music is always good! I also want to add a party from a friend, which is called Grime Box. It is at Griessmuehle, not a new club, but they changed a lot of things now and it has a really great sound system. This club has a lot of potential. You guys are now living in Berlin, but is that also the place where you grew up? Both: Yes! And the rest of the crew from Beste Modus? Diego: Ed Herbst and stevn.aint.leavn are from the suburbs. But actually you can call them Berliners as well. Albert Vogt moved here from the East German city Jena. Where did you meet each other? Diego: [laughs] Actually that is a very long story! Cinthie: Yeah, basically the boys met each other doing music 7 years ago. Diego: And Cinthie we met a couple of years ago, when we already formed the crew. But at that time we were actually making hip-hop oriented music. We met her at a club night. Cinthie: I showed the boys the right way, kicked them out of the ghetto [laughs]. They started getting into house music and I was just pushing them more and more towards that direction I guess. And how did you evolve into the house music scene? Diego: I was into hip-hop and experimental music. Back in the days the switch to house music seemed a whole different world, but after producing a couple of years you see the same parallels between house and hip-hop. House music is faster, but you have the same groovy baselines. It is the same technique actually. Cinthie listened to house music all here life! Cinthie: [laughs] Yeah, my parents collected some records. Obviously not house music, but a little bit of disco. At the time I also started collecting records and I started working in a record shop when I was 16 in the mid-90s. I also listened to Detroit techno and groovy stuff. Do you share a studio with your gang? Diego: We did share one. Cinthie has a whole studio complex that she runs with a lot of other artists such as Ben Klock, DVS1 and other techno artists. But now we all use our own equipment. Cinthie: The thing is I have a kid and I used to have a job, which I don’t have anymore, because of a lack of time. I could only go to the studio until I had to pick up the kid from school. Actually I am more creative in the night, so I moved my stuff back home. Diego: I always worked home. But with the studio we had the possibility to use it and we hang out there with the gang for collaborations. You do only vinyl releases on both labels. Can you explain me why you chose for that? Cinthie: In the beginning the boys did some digital stuff, but I only play with vinyl. I am also a software developer and I am sitting in front of the computer the whole time. It is difficult for me to recognize mp3’s; with vinyl it’s much easier! Diego: I think with digital releases your music is more likely to stay under the radar. Especially when you put so much effort in making music, it is not something what you want. First you started Beste Modus, which was also an event first, right? Cinthie: Yeah, we started to make some parties for several reasons. We tried to make some money for the record label and it is also a good way to expand your network. Later it also became a record label. What was the purpose to start up a record label? And what did you want to achieve with it? Cinthie: For me, I am DJ’ing for 19 years now. I had a lot of ups and downs. I released my first EP in 2000 and I was travelling the world. Then, I did some illegal parties in Berlin. Later I got more into producing again and I was with Keinemusic for a while but then I had a kid, so I had to quit for a year. I started DJ’ing again. I always had bookings, but I didn’t feel like I got any further with it. Then I met these talented boys and I had some money saved up. So I would spend it all on shoes and clothes or I would do something useful with it. And so we tried to start up this record label! Beste Modus is also known for their label nights in Berlin. Can you tell me something about that? Cinthie: When we started the record label I contacted everyone in the scene in Berlin to let the boys get used to the different sound-systems and of course I wanted to spread our name, so I used all my contacts. We played in many clubs in Berlin so far. Now, we have a residency at Watergate and we also have frequent parties at ://about blank, which is more underground. There is also another outdoor location, which is called Ipse. We will throw a party there with SlapFunk and Music Is Love in June. Unison Wax came a little later. Can you tell me something about the purpose of that label and the difference between Beste Modus. Diego: I was producing so much music. I had too much spare time I guess. I didn’t like sending out demos because nobody got back to me. When we started off Beste Modus, we could finally bring out what we wanted, but it took a while for it was being released. When it was released I already felt my music was out-dated. So, I was thinking of starting my own label and Cinthie helped me with it. Cinthie: For me it was sad to see, because Diego was always sending me tracks and I really liked them, but he couldn’t get them released. Beste Modus is a label where we release a record with the whole crew. Some of our guys are still studying, so it could take a while before we eventually released something. Diego is a much faster producer, so why not try to start Unison Wax especially for him and get his music out. Diego, you recently launched a record on the famous Apollonia label, how did that feel? Diego: Great! Dan Ghenacia got in touch with me last year and he wrote me that he played my record in the BBC essential mix they recorded. I was enthusiast about it of course. We talked a bit further and then he asked me to send him some tracks. At that moment I had five tracks finished and Dan came back to me six hours later and they picked three of them, which was really nice! This year you are starting up a third label called Beste Freunde. Why did you start off this label? Cinthie: I thought I don’t have enough work to do, so let’s create something new [laughs]. No, the thing is that so many friends, who are great producers at the same time, surround us. We thought we should do something with them before anyone else steals them [laughs]. We didn’t want to put them on Beste Modus, because it is just for our crew, but we created a kind of sub label - Beste Freunde (Best Friends) because they are actually all friends of us. We want to give them an opportunity to release some music, because we know how hard it is to get noticed. Diego: It is always nice to support local people. I am sure there are a lot of great producer in South-America, but we are Berlin-based and we rather give a platform to local buddies. What are your dreams for the future with the labels? Cinthie: An interview with Meoko was always on my wish list [laughs]. Diego: I guess we want to make our music more international, bring it to the UK and other countries. Then support more people like we are now doing with Beste Freunde. Cinthie: For me it is also important to let the labels grow and let us grow as artists. Now, we can make a living out of it and I hope this will continue. On the side, I have so many requests for studios in Berlin and I am looking for a second building and maybe built some kind of place where people can come and network with other creative minds in electronic music. There used to be a lot of concurrence, but I think people should work together more. I can already see in the studios that people are working together and if this studio didn’t exist, it would never happened. On the 27th of March you will collaborate with London crew Half Baked. How did you come in contact with them? Cinthie: For the last party we booked birthsmakingmachine and their booker asked me for a space in Berlin to celebrate the fifth birthday of Half Baked. And I could give them some space at ://about blank, because we were throwing a party there and we had two floors at our disposal. Is there anything else we should know about you guys? Future plans, maybe a scoop for Meoko? Diego: I am working on an album, but I don’t know yet if it is coming out this year. Cinthie: We have a couple of cool party collaborations planned. We also have some releases on other labels coming up and we are going on a tour in Asia! Thank you for the interview, best of luck with the music!!   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_3c2ce9bd_190168595&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/bestemodus/beste-005-previews', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_3c2ce9bd_190168595', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_3c2ce9bd_190168595' }); });     allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_237cc938_1352961523&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/unison-wax/diego-krause-unison-wax-4', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_237cc938_1352961523', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_237cc938_1352961523' }); });     More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Kompakt & Sushitech at fabric

This weekend fabric round off what’s been an excellent March 2015 with another enticing selection of DJs. In a month when Farringdon was visited by the likes of Ben Klock, Marcell Dettman and Raresh, this weekend may seem like a more understated affair. But with Room 3 closed, fabric have packed a load of top quality DJ’s into the lineup, including some real house and techno pioneers.     Michael Mayer is entrusted with the peak time Room 1 set. The Cologne man has been playing, making and selling records for decades, something that comes across in his sets. As well as pioneering the melodic house sound that Cologne is well known for, he is also a founding member of Kompakt through which he has been releasing diverse and reliable house records since 1998. Alongside Mayer is his frequent label mate John Tejada, a prolific producer who has released around 15 LPs since 1991. While his sound is at home on Kompakt, he differs from Mayer in that his emphasis is on live performance not DJing. Shaun Soomro starts things off in Room 1, a familiar face at fabric. The accomplished crate digger is also the founder of Lick My Deck Records, which has released some great music from the likes of Ion Ludwig, Thomas Melchior and Petre Inspirescu.     Room 2 is hosted by the brilliant Sushitech label, which is based in Berlin and has a built up an impressive catalogue of deep and dark house and techno since 2005, to much acclaim. Representing Sushitech is the US born, Berlin based Daniel Bell, which is a name that pops up all the time in the history of house and techno. A true pioneer and one of the first to combine techno with minimalist music, he was one half of Cybersonik with Ritchie Hawtin on Hawtin’s Plus 8 label and had a string of classic productions under his own DBX moniker in the nineties. He’s also helped set up four labels, Accelerate, 7th City, Elevate and Harmonie Park. Needless to say he’s an experienced DJ; he’s the sort of guy who’s influence has spread far across techno music.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_29cf5bb6_1397511472&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/platform/daniel-bell-60-minute-mix', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_29cf5bb6_1397511472', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_29cf5bb6_1397511472' }); });       Delano Smith is no less of a key player in the history of house. A key figure of the early Detroit house scene, he was part of Detroit Beatdown with Norm Talley and Mike Clark. Smith still releases exciting and relevant music to this day and like Bell, has more than enough DJing experience to keep everyone entertained.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_24722ee8_517529834&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/tobias-freund/delano-smith-invitation-only-tobias-remix-pariter-prtr-12', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_24722ee8_517529834', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_24722ee8_517529834' }); });     Also on in Room 2 are Yossi Amoyal, founder and head of Sushitech; and Tobias, a man who very much does his own thing, producing and performing his brand of experimental, even avant-garde club music. It’s a top draw lineup, definitely worth getting down early, but be prepared to stay till the end.  Also to get you ready for saturday, click here to to read an interview with Yossi Amoyal and see what he, Daniel Bell and Delano Smith choose as their favourite Sushitech releases so far.     FULL INFO 1Craig RichardsMichael MayerJohn Tejada (Live)Shaun Soomro2Sushitech RecordsDaniel BellDelano Smith Detroit (Official DJ Page)Tobias. (Live)Yossi Amoyal www.fabriclondon.com   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (25 March 2015)

"For those who know"   KIM – Vostok 01 (Tvir) Tvir is a vinyl only label based in Ukraine. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means 'composition'. Its first release comes from KIM, a collaboration of two Ukrainian musicians: Vyacheslav Gura and Dimitry Zharkikh. Their objective is to write music of the highest quality in search of their own new unique sound via experiments with live instruments. This release contains remixes from Patrick Klein, Voigtmann and Leo Pol.   Le Loup & Mr Georget – Shape 4 (Adult Only Special) Adult Only Shape is back with an intriguing collaboration, between the mysterious Frenchie Monsieur Georget and young Parisian talent Le Loup. A combination of the old skool with the new skool, the sounds are just that. Each take a pounding bass and a solid minimal-tech stance and layer their character on top. Very cool!   Signal – Spacedrive (What.if) Look out for a new vinyl only label - What.if is based in Barcelona. This is the debut EP from the mysterious duo Signal. The release includes great remixes from Levi Verspeek and Voigtmann. This new record label is promising and you should keep an eye on it!   Diego Krause – Unison Wax 03 (Unison Wax) Diego Krause is here again with a new release on his own label: Unison Wax. This Berlin based deep house producer comes with an eclectic release this time. Two housy tracks, a dub techno track and a real hip-hop beat! Keep your eyes open on Meoko this week for more information about Krause ;-). Italojohnson – Italojohnson 09 (Italojohnson)   This EP from Italojohnson offers up three jacking cuts of the most pure, organic, raw, dusty, deep underground house music to date. What else could you expect from three Germans who were weaned on a steady diet of Detroit and Chicago classics from the day they were born.   Mandingo – Another Dub On Earth (Black Catalogue) Special dub version of Mandingos original track, another night on earth. This is an extended alternate version of the original which appears on bc009_909 modern underground v.3. It sounds like a spaced out house groove with some chicago style stabs, jamaica style rubs and detroit style chords. This is a strictly limited one-sided 12” release. More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Off Sonar Week: Meoko's Selection

Barcelona in the middle of June will be the place to be for every music enthusiast and party guru around the world. Barcelona will form the stage for a gathering of the best parties, DJs and producers that will knock your socks off. All around this beautiful city, you’ll find venues both outdoor and indoor that you won’t find in your own country, unless you’re from Barcelona of course. It is also the place where you will meet your like-minded friends from all over the world to party with you. MEOKO makes the first selection of parties that are already known. Some parties are almost sold out, other ones still need to be confirmed, but one thing is sure: the OFF-WEEK is going to be spectacular! Wednesday 17 June: Loud&contact present: Tini and the Gang If you arrive in the beginning of the week, the first party you should go to is: tINI and the Gang. German girl tINI has parties all around the world with her amazing DJ-friends. For this party she invites the live-act - Others, which are Daze Maxim and Bruno Pronsato. Molly, Topper and Sonodab will complete the line-up for your first day at Barcelona. Venue: ZT Hotel Villa Olympica – in the garden of a nice hotel with swimming pool. Time: 14:00 – 23:00 Price: €15 - €20   Thursday 18 June: Loud&contact feat. O300f Pres. a:rpia:r Showcase The Romanian arpiar trio comes again to the Off Sonar week in June. They don’t need an introduction anymore. These guys know how to rock the dance floor. For this party they bring the sympathetic Alexandra, who always brings a very fine selection of records to the parties. Further on the list there is Praslea, after the big tree of Romania, Praslea is maybe the most popular Romanian DJ at the moment. The party also provides a special guest, who will be announced soon. Venue: Poble Espanyol picnic area, which gives you a small arena vibe when you’re standing in between the crowd. Time: 14:00 - 01:00 Price: €45   Half Baked '5 Years of Love' Half Baked has a series of parties in Barcelona during this mighty week. For the first one they invite some quality guests. Daniel Bell is definitely the coolest name of the line-up. Only to see him, Meoko would go. Also the master of productions Thomas Melchior will play his set there. Further on the line-up you can check out the live act by dOP. Another name to look out for is Hold Youth, which are Seuil and Le Loup. They play very cool house music if you haven’t heard of them before. Last but not least on the line-up: Mike Shannon. This amazing line-up will be completed by Half Baked residents Robin Ordell and Greg Brockmann. Venue: Almogavers 86, which is a cosy club. Time: 20:00 - 06:00 Price: €20 - €25   Friday 19June: IR presents: Frrc by Ricardo Villalobos Ricardo Villalobos! What more do I have to say? The grandmaster itself will be playing in Barcelona during the off-week. And if that is not enough, he will be accompanied by tree amazing DJ’s, who definitely deserve their stance next to Villalobos. First of all minimalistic techno producer Mathew Jonson is one of the added values on the line-up. Further, Sonja Moonear made a way to the top the last few years. With her pounding house music she gets everyone to dance! And last but not least the Japanese DJ/producer Fumiya Tanaka is coming too. Venue: Poble Espanyol courtyard Time: 16:00 - 01:00 Price: €30 - €40   Get Perlonized Open Air Perlon, one of the most legendary record labels in the electronic music scene make their appearance during the off-Sonar week. The headliner for this party is of course Zip. He can make a party legendary with his breath-taking tunes. Along with Zip, Margaret Dygas is also coming to get you Perlonized. We are also excited to see Binh play! Soul Capsule and Sammy Dee will complete this awesome Perlonized line-up. Venue: Poble Espanyol picnic area Time: 14:00 - 01:00 Price: €20 - €25   Яeturn Already two amazing parties on this day, but Яeturn is the party powered by Solid-AM, which is probably one of the most important and coolest music agencies in the scene. To start of this line-up, Onur Özer and Binh will be collaborating with their group called Treatment. Further, if you want to see an amazing live-act, Dewalta and Mike Shannon can bring you in an explosion of joy. Next up on this line-up is Janina. This German girl will blow you away with her soulful house music. Really recommended to go and see her! There will also be some special guests added to this line-up and these will not be disappointing! Venue: Vetro Club, which has very big dance floor with a view on the beautiful garden where you can chill out. Time: 23:59 - 07:00 Price: €28,15 Saturday 20 June: Positive Tones Positive Tones is actually an after party starting at 6am. The DJ’s playing at this party are simply amazing. Nicolas Lutz always brings exceptional records you never heard of. Andrew James Gustav is also a great crate digger with a very cool sound. Further on this line-up: Laurine from the ever-growing Slow Life crew followed by Audio-In, who is together with Laurine) one of the many young and talented Italian DJ’s/producers of today. Venue: Barts Club Time: 06:00 - 14:00 Price: €16,90   Next Wave Next Wave, the iconic Ibiza brand which is currently taking over the world with its unique sound will include Barcelona as one of it's exclusive destinations. The line-up is unfortunately not yet known, but their parties always have quality line-ups, so you cannot miss out on this one. Venue: Fact Music Pool Series Time: 13:00 – 22:00 Price: €22 - €25   Lola ED vs Half Baked Open Air The guys of Apollonia will headline this selection of quality DJ’s. Apollonia is an amazing French label by Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky. These tree guys are always prepared to give the audience a magical time. With their house tunes, they will create an amazing danceable vibe. The rest of the line-up will contain amazing DJ’s: The Mole (live), Fred P, Pit Spector (live), Djebali, D'Julz, Enrico Mantini, Greg Brockmann, John Dimas, Robin Ordell, Seuil, Terence :Terry: and Yakine. Venue: Parc Del Forum Time: 14:00 – 00:00 Price: €15 - €30   Sunday 21 June:  Toi.Toi.Musik 5 yrs / Hello?Repeat 10 yrs & What.if presents A collaboration of tree amazing underground house music brands! This party will rock with an amazing line-up. Jan Krueger and Daze Maxim will provide beats as the Hello?Repeat Soundsystem. Further, there are two live acts: Half Hawaii and Ion Ludwig. Ludwig is maybe one of the most crazy, cool and driving artists of this moment. He is one of those guys, who can make a party legendary! Further there is Audio Werner, Nicolas Lutz and birdmakingmachine followed by talents Voigtmann, Lamache and Signal’. If you ask us, this is going to be a great party! Venue: Vetro Club Time: 16:00 – 06:00 Price: €20 - €25   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Sunwaves Festival: SW17

Since its inception in 2007, SUNWAVES has accumulated a huge following, becoming a staple spring and summer event for those in love with good music. Paramount to the success of Sunwaves, has been the popularity of the influential Romanian underground scene, a scene well represented and best experienced here on the Romanian beach. The combination of local talent and artists of truly global appeal is an integral part of what makes SUNWAVES so special. In fact, both Resident Advisor  and Pulse Radio recommended SUNWAVES as one of the best festivals to attend this Spring.  From the 30th of April to the 3rd of May, SUNWAVES hosts their first of two editions of the year, (the second one usually taking place in August). The festival welcomes artists from their booking agency, SUNRISE, like Raresh, Rhadoo, Praslea, Petre Inspirescu, Alexandra, Barac, Piticu, Gescu and many other Romanian talents who give the festival a distinctive and defining sound.  In 2014 the Romanian contingent were joined by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Zip and Seth Troxler. You can scrutinize some of the previous lineups here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/promoter.aspx?id=39183 To the delight of many who had been waiting eagerly for the line up announcement this year, it is now possible to see exactly which artists will be heading to the Romanian coast, with more to be announced in due time: LINE UP (+ more to be announced soon!) Carl Cox . Ricardo Villalobos . Marco Carola . Tale Of UsRhadoo . Petre Inspirescu . Raresh . tINI . Sonja MoonearLee Burridge . Matthew Dekay . Valentino KanzyaniThomas Franzmann aka Zip . Jon Rundell . NastiaCezar . Praslea . Kozo . Abelle (Arma17) . Taimur AghaPriku . Gescu . Barac . SIT ( Cristi Cons / Vlad Caia) Dan Andrei . Alexandra . Herodot . Piticu . Dubtil . Mihigh  Of course, it is not only the music, but the whole festival experience with its seaside location (true to its name, SUNWAVES is a party in the heat on the Romanian coast near Constanta), familiar crowd and truly special vibes that make this festival one to look forward to.  SUNWAVES has been kind enough to offer two free tickets to the festival! To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "See you by the beach SW17" in the subject title.   FULL INFO:  Sunwaves 17th Edition  30 April - 3 May Mamaia, Romania Facebook event here More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud


Easter is coming soon! Many people will have some days off to amuse themselves. The resurrection of Jesus has to be celebrated, but for those who rather go clubbing than go to church we have come up with the nicest parties in London during the long Easter weekend. Many great DJs from all around the world are heading to London to give you all a great time. Check out the list here and start making your plans!  Blueprint x Innervisions with Planetary Assault Systems, Ame, Surgeon at Studio Spaces E1 For our annual Maundy Thursday Blueprint Records party this year, we join forces with the mighty Innervisions, for a very special one-off collaboration! Line-up :Planetary Assault Systems (live)
 - Surgeon - 
Ben Sims
 - Truss
 & James Ruskin - 

 - Marcus Worgull
 - Special Guest: 
Osunlade Venue :Studio Spaces E1 Date:Thursday2 April 201522:00 - 08:00   Troupe present John Talabot, Roman Flugel & Capulet at Electric Brixton Troupe (The keeper of dreams) will be enacted by a very special guest who will welcome you to the imaginarium and guide you to explore this elaborate dream. Beyond your imagination, through your deepest emotions and into the extraordinary, they present the finest performers from around the globe to perform the dreams at unique locations and with an enthralling focus on the full plethora of aesthetics. Line-up :John Talabot (Hivern Discs) - 
Roman Flugel (Ostgut Ton & Phantasy)
 - Capulet (Troupe Records)
 - Fold (ManMakeMusic)

 - Support from: 
FYI Chris - 
Mr Prince - 
James Sison B2B Deelux Audio
 - Gallardo - 
Charlie Gill - 
Andreas B Venue :Electric Brixton Date:Thursday2 April 201522:00 - 06:00 Secretsundaze Easter Special with DJ Qu, Mosca, Virginia, James Priestley & Giles Smith at The Laundry So the scene is set for another epic night at The Laundry. Easter Thursday at secretsundaze is the perfect way to start the bank holiday weekend. You know what to do! Line-up:DJ Qu - 
Mosca - 
Virginia - James Priestley - 
Giles Smith Venue:The Laundry Date:Thursday2 April 201522:00 - 06:00   Cartulis Day - Bye Bye Crucifix at Crucifix Lane As you’ve probably heard, Crucifix Lane is next on the list of venues the capital has forced to close. After 5 years of Cartulis parties at this beloved space, we are sad to say that this will be the very last one. Join us for one special goodbye, and make this Easter holiday weekend a massive one! International and local DJs will be spinning records for 15 hours straight, split between two rooms Line-up:Obsolete Music Technology aka Steven Tang (live)
 - Janina
 - Special Guest 
- Lamache 
- Andrew James Gustav 
- DeadEcho - DAYV 
- Unai Trotti - Raphael. - Jon Sojo - Remy Allocco Venue:Crucifix Lane Date:Thursday2 April 201523:00 - 14:00   Seth Troxler, Robert Hood & Karenn Live & Route 94 at fabric Line-up:ROOM ONE: 
 - Craig Richards - 
Seth Troxler - 
The Martinez Brothers - 
Bas Ibellini

 Terry Francis
 - Robert Hood - 
Karenn (live) ROOM THREE: 
Route 94
 - Jasper James Venue:fabric Date:Saturday4 April 201523:00 - 08:00   Solo Danza Easter Bank Holiday Party W/ Margaret Dygas + Tobi Neumann at Secret Location Solo Danza make fine use of the bank holiday easter weekend with a very special party on Saturday April 4th. Providing the on point sound track will be Osgut Ton’s definitive techno talent Margaret Dygas alongside a venerated veteran in Cocoon’s Tobi Neumann. Joining them are residents Dennis Christopher and Leroy Roberts. Line-up:Margaret Dygas - 

Tobi Neumann 

- Dennis Christopher - 

Leroy Roberts Venue:Secret Location Date:Saturday4 April 201522:00 - 06:00   Familia: La Ménagerie Fantastique: Dinky, Dana Ruh, Camea, Deborah De Luca, Melt Music London at Egg London Familia is known for the unexpected and their Easter party offering does exactly that by bringing together four female headliners under one roof, a 'La Ménagerie Fantastique' of musical excellence that promises to take you on a journey of unchartered waters and pure delight. Line-up:TERRACE: 
hosted by Melt Music London 

Dinky - 
Dana Ruh
 - Camea - 
Pako S
Mattia L

 Deborah De Luca
 - Fabio Ferro - 
Ben Grunnell - 
Nick Tcherniak - 
Kyle E 

hosted by Route One meets Retouch
 Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica) - 
Gustavo Cossetti 
- Matt Hazelden (Route One) 
- Johnny Fiore (Retouch) GARDEN: 
hosted by Mistfit Little Sister Venue:Egg London Date:Saturday4 April 201523:00 - 10:00   Half Baked 'Easter Special' 15 Hours Party with Motor City Drum Ensemble, Tama Sumo, Hold Youth at Studio 338 Studio 338 is back for 2015 with a new chill-out space to rest your legs if they start to get weary! Add to this some special Half Baked surprises, as well as live art we hope to bring you a bank holiday party that will leave you all smiling for weeks following the event! Line-up:Terrace: Motor City Drum Ensemble [MCDE Recordings]
 - Tama Sumo [ Ostgut Ton / Panorama Bar]
 - Hold Youth AKA Seuil & Le Loup [ Eklo / Hold Youth / Half Baked Records ] -  
Enrico Mantini [ Traxx Underground / Wilson Records ] - 
Robin Ordell [ Eklo / Half Baked Records ]

 Room 2: 

Dan Andrei [ [A:RPIA:R] / Be Chosen ] - 
Greg Brockmann [ Half Baked Records / Popcorn Rec ] - 
Georgio Oniani & Nicola Cima [ DAMAGED / Artichokes ] - 
Dean Marc & Jason Glanville [ Keep on Going ] Venue:Studio 338 Date:Sunday5 April 201516:00 - 07:00     MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 
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