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Saturday 22 Nov 14 YAY with special guest Vera

Line up:• Frankie Linke (Yay)• Vera (Perlon, hello?repeat)

Sunday 23 Nov 14 Eastsunrise Loft Party #02

Joel Deep & Ricky Frengue (From Disco To Disco)Stefania MatuellaZucchi & Nico Bada (Eastsunrise/110)Andrea Giudice (East London Movement)Nicky Macha (Eastsunrise)First of all thank you for making last time so special.Secondly, here we go with Eastsunrise Loft Party 2nd edition!!! Come with plenty of longing for a dance!☞NO GUESTLIST☜☞CASH BAR ONLY☜Doors will open at 4pm. Strictly limited capacity - please come down early to avoid disappointment!Tickets here on RA at £10More OTD♫♩♬ Sound System by Concertech Limited

Friday 28 Nov 14 Neville Staple Band - The Gangsters Tour On 28th November

THE GANGSTER TOURTo celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Specials' first single release, The Original Rudeboy and  Specials' frontman, Neville Staple, will be embarking on a jet set tour with his band throughout October, November and December, performing an eclectic mix of hits, spanning the stars incredible 35 year musical journey.The Neville Staple Band will be performing hits such as "Gangsters / Message to you Rudi / Concrete Jungle / Man at C and A and many more all time ska favourites."Category: Live MusicTickets: http://atnd.it/15765-0Artists: The Neville Staple Band, Talisman

Friday 28 Nov 14 On the 5th Day: Kyodai Live, Siopis at The Qube Project

By any measure, I present to you an event that is not just different, but better.I do not discriminate by looks. I judge by spirit. For my crowd knows exactly why they are stood in front of the DJ’s in the first place.I understand music, journey and delivery. I understand the people who appreciate this.Deep melodic house grooves mixed with the inkiness of techno music, an educated party of like minds, will speak for itself. 3D Projections. Enhanced visuals. Headlining artists from around the world. Believe me I shall deliver an experience every time and shall expect the very same by return. KYODAI of Exploited / Poker FlatOf course I have always enjoyed Berghain but it was my night in Chalet back in January with this duo that really made for my very best memories of Berlin. We cannot keep pushing the pace and Kyodais’ own productions, each with a refreshing emotional break will form a big part of their set and for this reason alone, I know you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Intrigued? You should be.SIOPIS of Get Physical Space Ibiza, Siopis and me, now that was a night of epic proportion. The energy this guy brings to his sets is infectious. Over the past few years I’ve not managed to keep up with him touring all around the world playing in more than 30 different countries at venues like Fabric London, Back to Basics in Leeds and of course Space Ibiza, which if my experience is anything to go by, you can thank me later.Friday nights have been reinvented.Until we meet . On the 5th Day. ‘The Conductor’


Seekers 001 Release Party With Alexandra, Francesco Del Garda, Alex Picone & Riccardo

Seekers as a party and an exclusively vinyl label joins the flight of wandering artists as they move from location to the next, organising intimate and musically inspiring events across Europe. Starting with an opening island party on Ibiza Underground and then moving onto an Italian showcase in Venice, the imprint will travel in classic dance music style to the mecca of underground music; Berlin, on the 29th of November at renowned underground venue, Anita Berber for their Seekers 001 Release Party.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_c8a5ed72_1315038588&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/small-black-dots/sets/skr101', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_c8a5ed72_1315038588', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_c8a5ed72_1315038588' }); });   This fresh collective of artists choose to remain anonymous when it comes to the label’s productions, and their first EP is no exception. Initially previewed to the public last October of this year, the new release has already garnered full support from DJs like Javier Monero and of course Francesco Del Garda and Alex Picone. Their debut is a delightful combination of atmospheric, deep and avant guard sounds. “A Bit” remains in the hearts of many with its emotional grasp it has on listeners, while "Slicky" gives us a surprising hint of old school. Their last track, “Small Room” continues the ride into heavier duty sounds that bounce off walls, echoing an alternate universe.  Their event in Berlin is a special one indeed, as it marks their first label release party, which means clubbers will get the chance to hear the new highly anticipated EP in full force: On the dance floor, played by the DJs that supported this piece of music in the first place. MEOKO is pleased to announce that Francesco Del Garda and Alex Picone make up the line up with Romanian techno party queen Alexandra and Italian Riccardo, the label boss of respected independent label, Imprints Records. Already having the honour to present the first three artists in MEOKO's mix series, keep your eyes peeled for our next episode as we invite Riccardo and his label partner for an exclusive Imprints showcase.    LINE UP ● Alexandra ● Francesco Del Garda ● Alex Picone ● Riccardo   A seeker is “someone who has become enlightened in the ways of the universe by accepting they know nothing about it”. Seekers reaches out to all those curious types, clued up clubbers, music lovers and vinyl diggers to create a perfect party atmosphere with cutting edge sounds (albeit via traditional forms) in the perfect location.    VENUE  Anita Berber is a special place to those in the know, and to those tourists that were brave (or curious) enough to go beyond the boundaries of Berlin's busy areas. Tucked away from the beaten track, Anita Berber sits amongst other cosy, creative and converted warehouse bars, clubs and galleries on Gerichtstraße in Berlin's Wedding. Even further from view, this dark and intimate venue is hidden above a flight of stairs in a grand building of pre war decadence. Once inside its cosy confines, it is possible to view a display of photographs in memory of the city's infamous cabaret dancer during the Weimar period, of which the venue is named after. Instead of cabaret, its dance music, and artists that have turned the dance floor sideways include Slow Life, Lize Records members, Sammy Dee, Mike Shannon and other underground heroes. Anita Berber certainly seems like the ideal venue to house a Seekers event.    FULL INFO: Seekers 001 Release Party With Alexandra, Francesco Del Garda, Alex Picone & Riccardo Saturday 29 November 2014 23:59 - 12:00   Anita Berber Gerichtstrasse 23; Wedding;  13347 Berlin This is a guest list event, so please send your names to  \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     More info: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?655420 www.seekershome.com https://soundcloud.com/seekershome     MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

Music Through Pictures with &ME

  You &ME, always. Confusing names and romantic wordplay aside, &ME is yet another piece in the Keinemusik jigsaw. Recently we saw Rampa offer his thoughts in a Not So Serious feature, but here we have label mate and fellow Berliner &ME serve up some responses to evocative visual stimuli. The latter's first release, "F.I.R" on Keinemusik was something of a breakthrough clubhit. Since then he has gone about establishing himself on the international circuit as a master of big room house in both production and DJing. A DJ to whom building tension and creating a sweat on the dancefloor comes naturally, &ME doesn't mess about in his sets that infuse rolling basslines, tribal rhythms and frenzied high-pitched interjections that will set off the most placid of dancers.     1.      Can’t really tell what is in the picture. It might be snake skin but it could also be latex with some water drops on it. Either way – you can touch and feel it.   Kevin Yost, Peter Funk - Close to my Skin (Touch & Feel Mix)      2.   Don’t know if this thing exists but it has to be somewhere out of space. Slick will take you right to it.       3.   Everybody is complaining about Facebook about its “Big Brother” attitude that the picture is quoting. My buddy Re.You even made a song about it ;)       4.   This is easy. I have to confess that I had to check if an owl is really a bird but – yes! Enter the birdland.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_3d71763b_156946391&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/andmeandyou/me-birdland-km025', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_3d71763b_156946391', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_3d71763b_156946391' }); });       5.   “Gonna take you to a place – that you’ve never been before” is Rob’s line in this track and he is right. Never been to that place before.       6.   The first thing that came into my mind was Game of Thrones but the techy background doesn’t fit in that picture. I guess Wamdue Project describes the cheesiness best.       7.   Haunted house galore. Must be right out of a horror flick so sit back and enjoy the 10 hour mix of the Halloween theme while staring at the picture.       8.   Could be a scene out of Lion King where little Susi pretend to be Kimba's child but I never watched it so I totally don’t know.       9.   Always need to think of old Rampa or Rebolledo when I see a moustage. I know that he is from Chile and the picture is showing a Mexican guy I guess, but I love the track so let's drop it.       10.   And another theme is coming into my mind. Definitely not Flipper – it’s the other thing with a fin.       Keinemusik's label-crew sampler Workparty Five is out now featuring &ME's track "Birdland". The vinyl includes stunning artwork by Monja Gentschow and can be bought here.        By Geoffrey Chang   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud  

Under The Meoko Microscope with Kozber

    Kryzsytof Kozber AKA Kozber is a rising Dj talent from Poland. Originating from Bydgoszcz, his long lasting appreciation for sound and percussion, like so many other artists, created a firm base for a career in music. Falling into the technological era, creation became an accessible and encouraging path to join supported by an emerging house and techno scene in Poland. With his explorative nature into the realms of breakbeat techno, Kozber has become a favourable talent to those looking for a show in some Europes finest club venues and parties. With no fear in mixing or investigating genres (how it should be) he has immersed himself in London’s underground with releases on the likes of Cartulis and various appearances at Fabric as well as acquiring a Bricklane residency at Café 1001.We spoke to the man himself for an exclusive interview and insight into his recent career, how things have changed, and where his exploration in sound will take us next.        Hi Kozber, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for MEOKO! What are you up to at the moment? Hi, the summer is finished so I am back in the studio and getting ready for the wintertime production, dijing and some mastering jobs.   How was your summer? Have you been busy making music? In the summer I tried catching up some sun to recharge my batteries and get ready for London’s cold winter héhé, I also did some traveling abroad for gigs and a little bit of time in the studio. I will definitely be in the studio more now that winter is coming. I love to lock myself in at this period.     You are originally from Bydgoszcz in Poland, how was it growing up there? Yes Bydgoszcz is my hometown where I grew up but Poznan city, which is next to it, is where I started playing around and meeting the right people from the industry.   We know you studied classical cello and piano when you were young, how did electronic music come about? Electronic music came up to me around 1995- from that time I stared concentrating much more on this genre. My classic music primary knowledge helps me a lot nowadays to compose tracks, melodies and arrange them. Also I started working on a project with a guitar, cello and with a touch of electronics. Some more “live instruments” as my second name Regular Customer.   Who would you say influenced you the most in your music career? From the beginning of my music career, most of my musical influences come from the Detroit and Berlin techno scene as well as the hip hop culture. And last year I discovered funk, which is basically where house comes from.   How did your first Dj name, Sirius come about? My Sirius name was born in Poznan where I was playing regularly and I always have been “serious” LOL. I brought this name with me here and played lots of party under it until 2007 when I changed to Kozber.   Can you remember your first residency at Zez Club under that name? What are your memories of that? Yes, Zez was a small and cute typical family-party where people can stay until the afternoon héhé. I have been playing some banging techno there regularly with Mito day (now founder of the Fuka Lata band).   You moved to London in 2006, why did you decide to come here and not to somewhere like Berlin?  London has the biggest and the best general music scene I know and at the time I made this decision, it was easier for me to come here and start working and playing around rather than a city like Berlin.   Can you remember the first party you played at in London? Yes! My first time was in 2007 at Café 1001 with the Brickbeat crew !! Who are now the Release Sustain boys!     You have had a 5 years residency at café 1001 on Bricklane, are you still a resident there?  I still play there every month bringing many different artists and new faces, also some friends! I have had some of the best times in my life there.   Due to your long residency at café 1001 and your many releases so far, you are getting more and more popular, how does that make you feel? My residency at the cafe1001 is a great opportunity to play regularly with old friends and new emerging artists, also presents different genres of music from my collection. Some releases and collaboration with other artist and djs can make me more popular if people appreciate my sound and their feedback back to me, this makes me feel positive and spend even more time in the studio.    Which one of your releases are you the proudest of? My last EP for Cartulis!  I’m very proud of this one.. Good original tracks and amazing artists, which have done the remixes. Also my remix of the AxMusique band. My collaboration with Rico Casazza is totally different style than we normally do, he has got a magic touch…   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_8427666f_907836375&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/sirius/sets/crtl-002-kozber-a-night-food', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_8427666f_907836375', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_8427666f_907836375' }); });     How would you describe your sound? I’m all about house and tech house with techno influences, some weird electronica and jazzy disco funk as well.   Would you say your sound is the way it is due to your wide knowledge about music? We know you like to listen not only to one genre but all of them? I never close my self to one genre. I Just love good music! At the moment I’m listening to Fela Kuti and Africa 70’s album  LOL.   You have recently had a release drop on Cartulis Music? What is your relationship with Cartulis? Im in a relationship with the Cartulis Day event since its beginning when Unai Trotti started it. The Party went really good and musically, it was focus on a unique tech-house style which Unai and Kazuya Ninagawa converted to a Label. I dropped them a demo and they like it, so my musical adventure with them begun.     Tell us in in details about your forthcoming releases? Recently I have done a remix for Esperanza with Kazuya Ninagawa, I also did a big re–edit track for LoveSexy record with Rico Casazza and I’m working on 2 new EP’s for a new brand, a new London based label and for my homies at Soundbar records.     What are your favorite production techniques, tools and plug-ins? Analog machines! And a number of plug-ins off course. A lot of the sound I create is on absynth korgs instruments and then chopping samples. Now its time I get back playing around with real instruments to record a more natural sound.   You're known as a vinyl junkie. What's the attraction between you and vinyl? Im a tracks digger: vinyl or digital, I don’t really care I just need to have it all so im digging every night… I really love vinyls yes, I collect them and play them on dancefloors or house “after” parties LOL…I consider myself a strong and beautiful addict.   Where can we catch you play next? You can catch me play every Wednesday evening on LBD Radio show Provoque. Also at my monthly residency at Café 1001 and Vortex. Thx Chris.     KOZBER MEOKO PODCAST - LISTEN HERE     For more MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter    

HOTWAX - Tools & Tips [VOL.9]

  These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.         Domenico Rosa - THINGS YOU CARE ABOUT      Vinyl only. 180 gram.Domenico returns on his label with three deep tracks!       Egal 3 / KiRiK - CHT001     Fantastic and hypnotic! Chelsea Hotel is a vinyl only label and the first ep comes with two great tracks of Egal 3 aka Sorin from Romania and Kirik from Ukraina. The cover design was made by the italian artist & designer Daniele Troiani and all releases have a small story around the cover made for showcases and exhibitions. Enjoy this amazing 180 gramm vinyl with full cover print and shrink wrapped sleeve.         Luc Ringeisen - Trig Mode     Luc Ringeisen triggering voltage controlled emotions on 180 gr. only on his own Vinyl Club imprint. Luc gathered 4 tracks he has been heavily tweaking and testing during the summer 2014 in his favorite Berlin spots. A Must Have showing different facets of the french producer.         Baby Ford - Mystery Falls       In classic Baby Ford style the A-side opens with "Mystery Falls" a deep melodic housey workout with shuffling percussion and sublime top line strings.Meanwhile on the B-side, shaker hustlin' "Spooked" conjures up a more stripped down moody grooving chordal affair.Both tracks cut at 45rpm for maximum quality and effect on the floor.         MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter      

Venturing Out Of The Capital - 002: Newcastle by Ghetec

The MEOKO heart and soul lies in London, where we are based, but with so much going on in the capital it can be easy to forget what our neighbouring cities are up to. Well it’s time to shine a light on some exciting regional haunts that deserve not to be overlooked. In our new series, we welcome a trusted expert from each city to shine a light on where they work, play, eat, drink and most importantly, live.  In this unique and personal insight into the smaller scenes out there, we urge you to open your eyes to what the rest of the UK has to offer, and take a venture out of the capital. For number two we head up north to Newcastle with the help of Alexandria, Kathryn Dodds, Genevieve Taylor and Michael Johnson of techno outfit Ghetec, event promoters and blogging acid enthusiasts, these guys have been causing a stir on the sweaty dancefloors of Newcastle since they formed over a year ago, with exciting plans for the future. Be prepared to discover a darker side to the Newcastle you thought you knew.. How long have you been living in Newcastle and how did you end up there? For me (Alexandria), it was a move that needed to be made. I loved music and needed to get out of the small town i lived in and explore, meet like-minded people and experience city life. It was a very important move. Gen moved over from Belfast for university, then Mike and Kathryn are pretty local from Heaton and Sunderland. Meeting these Guys has been so important, most definitely fate! Are there any stereotypes in Newcastle that you think need banishing? I think we all know what they are hahah but lets not focus on that side of the city! Tell us about the first place you bought a record in Newcastle... Beatdown records - on all four counts haha! Where is your favourite place to pick up records at the moment? 586 records is this QUALITY new shop in some office blocks on Pilgrim street. Just how it should be, tucked away, boxes on the floor full of wicked tunes, cheap prices and the friendliest owner, Antony. Known for throwing some of the best parties in Newcastle over the last decade - Reverb and Suono - he can be always found DJing quality techno, house and downtempo grooves around Newcastle. Another would have to be Earworm in york, I have had some amazing acid and Detroit techno from there, once again ran by some great guys who have created a welcoming hangout for vinyl lovers. Is there anywhere in particular here that played a part in influencing your sound when forming Ghetec? Not a specific place so the speak, its the city itself we've been inspired by, its beautiful! Our choice bookings, is a combination of all of our four tastes, which is glued together by a love for cutting edge, experimental techno(New and Old) and head spinning 303. The aim is push up and coming artists and support those who we feel don't get enough credit. Previous guests Lo Shea, Sunil Sharpe and Regal are all amazing artists and the parties are totally passion fuelled with a true love and belief in what we do.  Tell us about the nightlife in Newcastle… The thing is… I lived in Newcastle for a year, so i can only comment on what I have seen in that period of time. It seems that currently a lot of nights and promoters are in competition with one another, the Facebook bitching status culture has more time invested it into the nights themselves! We're just not into that, its not a competition and we're happy for all of the other nights, we just do ours a little differently in the sense we keep it all off Facebook, the DJs name doesn't pull the crowd in, the atmosphere we create does. We're really inspired by how people ran nights back in the day, that’s what we respect and love. The reason why its invite only and there’s no Facebook event, each location is different and you get a text a few hours before with directions to the location. We don't care what anyone else thinks, Its ran for one reason only and that’s all four of us having this massive  urge to contribute as a collective by putting amazing artists on we otherwise wouldn't see in Newcastle! Who has inspired and supported the night throughout its formation? There’s a guy who does all of our artwork and videos called Oisin O’Brien. He runs this amazing night/label in Belfast called DSNT and his work is ground breaking, it really is. We have his full support and we always turn to him for advice, we aspire to have something like he does one day.  Chris Bungoni & Rob rain are cousins and local Djs, they put on some incredible parties and there Djing is incredible they warmed up our first guest Lo Shea for 4 hours and the crowd loved them, they are charming, play groovy records and have that level of communication with the crowd when playing, that wins everyone over! Lo Shea kicked off our parties and was our first guest, he was nothing short of incredible. He has always been behind our ideas and said he felt so at home playing for us, he's great. And of course, everyone who comes the Gheteckerssss haha we’re one big family!  And any track/artist that you think sums up the local sound? Joonipah (Johnny Phethean) is probably at the forefront of the younger generations sound, we would all say. He's a really talented producer, he makes a range of things but primarily cutting edge bass and he sums up everything that is good about British techno really. Another person who is perhaps the most influencing to me personally is Chicago Damn (Gavin McClary) he taught for a while at Newcastle College, I learnt a lot from him there. He makes some really raw, filfhty, music for the soul, however his last album was different. It was so cleverly thought out like this fresh acidic, whirling experimental techno so to speak. You never know what to expect with him, and his music is just real, ‘Experiments must continue' was his last album I would recommend checking out, along with my favorite release of his 'The filth' on his own imprint Chicago Damn. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_1f7ea226_1966268387&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/chicagodamn/chicago-damn-003-the-filth', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_1f7ea226_1966268387', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_1f7ea226_1966268387' }); });     Where is the place to go to let your hair down? Intermezzo cafe, which is attached to the Tyneside cinema, its a favorite with amazing coffee and snacks, and highlights some of the quirky tucked away places Newcastle has to offer. 9 Bar is a great coffee shop too! Hoochie Coochie on a night, a brilliant live music venue, with a warm welcoming atmosphere, the best funk/soul music, beautiful cocktails plus the owners ethics are spot on ''WE DONT PLAY REQUESTS AND WE'RE NOT SORRY''. Haha you must visit! What is the first club in the city you went to? Who did you see/what kind of night was it ? For me it was Tessela in cosmic ballroom, that was a really good night. For me (Kathryn) it was a Jaunt party at Legends back in 2010.  Jaunt consistently put on good bookings both in Newcastle and London and their nights have helped shape my music taste today. Where is the best place to go for a comforting meal the day after a heavy night out? NUDO - in china town. Its a cozy little Chinese/Japanese restaurant, with a mouth watering menu and warming jasmine tea :). If we wanted a cultured day out where would you recommend us to go? The Tyneside Cinema firstly, a gorgeous old fashioned cinema where you can feel the subway pass under your feet as your watching film. Comfy seats too! Then take a stroll down the quayside and enjoy the view Newcastle has to offer. Is there anywhere we should avoid in Newcastle? The big market haha although there are some good restaurants there. Cafe neon is gurrrrrd. Tell us about the place where you met your closest friend in Newcastle ? Beatdown records. Haha the collective spot for record lovers and i've met many great friends at Newcastle college. Where/what is the most picturesque place in town? The monument, looking down Grey Street, at Christmas time. Magical. Spending a Sunday afternoon in Tynemouth. Nothing beats browsing the market, catching some sea air and the best fish and chips to blast away a rough morning after! Where/what is the place you go in town that is your guilty pleasure?  Bubble cha for Taiwanese bubble tea (its crackers) and waffles!! Good Times Sandwich Co - quirky little cafe on beautiful Grey Street with a massive choice of fresh lunches daily - best jacket potatoes and lattes in town. Their little record player provides a soundtrack to city workers on their lunchbreaks - every day theres a different record on from Miles Davis, Pokey La Farge to The Clash the Timewriter and classic soul compilations. The owner Tommy is a proper music head known for putting on mischievous parties and djing all over the toon warming up for the likes of Joey Negro and Dimitri from Paris. What are the local artists/nights/labels you think we should know about? Artists- Joonipah, Hedgewald, chicago damn. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_4cca4396_765885804&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/hedgewald/prsnr-1', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_4cca4396_765885804', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_4cca4396_765885804' }); });   Labels -  Krispy Kreations/Chicago Damn/ FatDogRecords/Dead Cert Records for future reference Ghetec will be setting up a label too, so keep your eyes peeled ;)  Nights – CTRL, Noc Noc, Box, Jaunt and if you're into your funk and soul ……. Souljam at WHQ is a winner with resident selectors pulling out some of the biggest grooves around. World Headquarters is also a great club full of friendly familiar faces and a wonderful ethos for supporting independent nights and upcoming DJs across the North East Check out the Ghetec blog here. Details of there next party below, sign up to the Ghetec mailing list for invites and more information...   Written by Eileen Pegg For More MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

An Exclusive Interview w/ Alex & Laetitia Katapult

    Alex & Laetitia Katapult, two inspirational maestros in the party world. Label owners of Karat records, the couple and influential pair have created and maintained a fantastic reputation across the world for their now renowned boat parties. Impeccable artist selection, a loyal crowd, great atmosphere and considerable attention to detail – the duo have been turning heads for some time. Hosting events across some of Europe’s finest cities, all the way to Montreal, their growing success as a quality part collective continues. We had a casual chat with the team about how they met and came to create Katapult...       Hi Alex & Laetitia! Thank you for your time! How are you guys doing today? We're working on organizing our next parties @ la Maroquinerie. The first one will be on November 10th. It's a secret party. We don't announce the artists but they will be really good for sure  ;) and the second one will be on November 28th at the same venue.  Right now we're listening to the album of the Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry. We bought it this morning.   How was your summer? Have you been busy between events and gigs? Our summer was fantastic and really hard  at the same time. We worked a lot, it was really intense but it was amazing. The artists who came have played some really crazy music, our audience is the best in the world . So it was hard to stop the game but we will come back soon !!!   So first of all I would like to know how you guys met, you were obviously made for each other? Alex came to my apartment to visit some friends who were there ... We fell in love!!! (to make it short) We are supplementary and we have the same passions and we are really in love, so it's easier to stay together. We are always like two children!!!   Were you both involved in music when you met or did that develop over time? Alex was born and lived all his childhood in the same building that had the nightclub of his parents. He has always worked in the music industry. For me it's different, I loved the music but I hadn't worked in the industry before.  Then being with alex for a while we have then created Katapult and Karat together.       So you guys run the successful and well-known Katapult events in Paris, how did the idea first come about? We love the parties, we love the music, we love to be with some people who love this music and we love to dance. So we decided to make our own parties!       Were you organizing events together before the Katapult? Not together but Alex 's parents had a nightclub so Alex organized some parties before being with me.    Have you ever done a Katapult showcases in a different country than Paris? Like London or Berlin? Yes we have organized some karat showcases in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna, Offenbach and Montréal.   Are you guys from Paris? If not how long have you been living there for? We're from Normandy. We've lived in Paris since 1999, we moved when we decided to open our records shop in the capital to have more visibility. We wanted to develop Katapult and Karat everywhere in the world and we understood that it was really important to be here.   What can you tell us about the electronic music scene there which seems to be growing more and more every year? Yes, this music is growing each and every year with his good and bad aspects. I love the idea that we can hear this music everywhere but at the same time we are very attached about the philosophy of the rave party and a little bit sad to see that for a lot of people it's a just a system to make some money.   You also run your label karat Records, Dj, produce and organize events. How is it with such a busy schedule now that you have a family? When you love life, your children, your wife or your husband, your job and that you have a passions, everything is simple. We are tired sometimes but the positive energy help us to continue and to be happy in our lives.   Do you guys still produce music? If yes do you have any future projects you would like to share with Meoko readers? Laetitia: I made a few tracks and I have a few machines, I have some ideas but it's really hard to have a good sound so i'm not sure that one day I will have enough time to produce something. However if I think about my future and my old days I think it will be wonderful to have a house near the sea with a beautiful studio and to produce some atmospheric music!!!   PODCAST COMING SOON!!!!!!   For More MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter        

Sounds Of The City: Mannheim with Ray Okpara

  Ray Okpara has played a key role in Germany's flourishing house scene for well over a decade with releases on Cecille, Oslo, Get Physical and Area Remote cementing his place as an influential player in the local scene. After spending some enjoyable years in Berlin, he has returned to his hometown of Mannheim where he continues to make strides with his most recent release on Mobilee. His night with RAJO with Johnny D took off when Nick Curly, now boss of 8bit Records, joined the ranks back in 2001 teaming up to start a residency at The Loft in Mannheim. These figures have been ever present in the local scene and helped to cultivate a sizeable yet perfectly formed community which began to gain international attention. Ray then proceeded to start up his own Ama Recordings straight out of Mannheim. We caught up with the DJ and producer to get a taste of this Mannheim flavour, land of the infamous Time Warp.   Hey Ray! It has been two years since we last interviewed you. It is good to have you back on MEOKO again. How’re things at the moment? Hey hey, wow great to be back on board! All is great as usual, I can't complain. Busy working on music and still traveling the planet.     Tell us a track that illustrates the 'Mannheim sound'. Can you describe what this is in a few sentences? ‘Mannheim sound’, I think it's hard to describe because also label-wise, Mannheim has different genres, and honestly I don’t think that there is a ‘Mannheim sound’. If I had to pick a tune, I would say: Orbital Life by Johnny D. That's when Mannheim was brought to people's attention and will always be remembered.     Is it possible to say the city where you grew up has affected your music? If so, in what ways? No not at all. Michael Jackson influenced me, as well as rap, drum n bass, house, techno, my friends, my family, my childhood, my life experiences. It’s all a part of me, myself and my music.   Can you explain what impact yourself and Nick Curly had on the Mannheim scene? I was not only both of us, it was also Federico Molinari, Nekes, Johnny D, George P, Roberto Armormino, Jay Edit, A.M.M… a group of friends who had a mission. From never ending after parties, to residencies in our favourite clubs here. Individually, we had many of our own parties. We were the machine that kept our own groove and we were & still are strict when it comes to music. Now newcomers like from Valioso Records, or artists like Bunte Bummler are the new Mannheim. It's all a part of everything.    What is your favourite record store in the city? Unfortunately there are no more record stores in Mannheim :( not where you can get the new shit. Rotation, Spacehall, Music Mitte which are ALL IN BERLIN!   Where is the best place for a cocktail? Onyx Bar.     For a bratwurst (or whatever is your favourite local dish)? ‘Mannemer Dreck' (Mannheim Dirt) is a speciality made from marzipan, nuts & some other sweet stuff.  A bratwurst you will definitely get on the Mannemer Mess (Mannheim Fair).      After living in Berlin for a number of years, how do the two cities compare? Is the scene in Mannheim as 24-hours as Berlin? Yeah, I just can't seem to decide where I want to live, but for now I will be staying in Mannheim. Two different worlds. Somehow you can't compare at all. Just like you can't compare New York City with Albuquerque. My heart still beats for Berlin and will always do!   Where’s the best place to spend a cold winter’s night? At home on my couch with a funny cigarette. I´ve just been on some music in my studio, practised the guitar, now playing some videogames, later chillin´ with my lady...the perfect winter day at home :)   Does Time Warp live up to the hype? What recommendations would you give someone who was going to the festival for the first time? I haven't been in a long time. My recommendation would be to go at around 4/5am, stay until  2/3pm. Don't miss the after party at Zimmer Club or find a crew which is aftering in the hotel. That's my plan when I go :)     Why do you think Time Warp appeared in Mannheim? Was this due to the strength of the scene and the city’s infrastructure and facilities to host an event of this scale? There are so many festivals it just happend to be here in Mannheim. Maybe one thing: that Mannheim was always in the centre of music. We had one of the first techno clubs in Germany called ‘Milk'. "Music City Mannheim” is a phrase they also say here a lot.   Apart from Time Warp, what is the city most famous for? Our football club ‘Waldhof Mannheim'   What is your favourite nightclub there? Disco Zwei   What is the thing you miss most about Mannheim? I dont miss anythiiiiing! I miss my Berlin.     Do you find time to go back to Berlin regularly? I never lose track of Berlin, I am there every 6-8 weeks.   Your label Ama Recordings is based in Mannheim. How’s that coming along and what makes Mannheim a good city to base it? Simple answer: Because I live here! "My baby has to be with me".   Finally, what have you got lined up for the winter season? My new party series itsours.net. our music, our time, our life. Check it out.     Ray's latest "Sugar Feel" EP is out now on Mobilee and can be bought here. Catch Ray playing in London on NYE. Tickets here.      By Geoffrey Chang   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud

Activity: Exclusive Interview With Mark E

  The party network who paved the way for Bristol’s dance music. Futureboogie have left a true impression on the city and are now renowned across the scene for the wonderfully constructed events they put together. Not only that, as a label they continuously provide the goods with a clear appreciation of eclectic sounds across many sub-genres. A serious music family with fantastic direction.  Constantly building their already impressive roster, the guys at Futureboogie will continue to do big things and their attitude should be noticed and appreciated by all – For the music and the people. On the 29th November they return to Motion for another annual warehouse party in the Avon super club, partnered by a serious selection of House legends with the likes of Chicagos Lil Louis, Prosumer, and Mark E stealing the show for the old school heads, and further support from technically gifted Gerd Janson and wonderful producer and Dj Felix Dickenson to name a few. As always, local Bristol talent is present in true force with Lukas and Christophe, Outboxx, Waifs and Strays and the Futureboogie residents.     Welcoming Mark E to their already strikingly varied selection of releases, the figure head of progressive house music puts out another very special compilation with his 3 track “Activity EP”.  With this in mind it is of no better time to have the man himself headline the event in what will undoubtedly be a fantastically constructed performance and another party to remember, truly brightening up the winter months ahead. We were lucky enough to catch up with the man himself for an exclusive interview and insight into his career and how he has kept his style of sound at the forefront of movements across the past few decades...     As music has evolved over the past decade you have managed to keep such a simple yet deliberately sophisticated sound. Have you adjusted much of your technical set up or do you still prefer some of the older hardware?   Ive adjusted my technical setup to include much more hardware. When I started I just used a computer.   You have always kept your production more centered around progression and a gradual build over the idea of more conventional up and down tracks. What is it that interests you about this style?   Im not keen on clichés, like drops or big breakdowns, I get much more gratification from the whole, I just think my way of producing fits this style, it works for me, the loopy nature.   It’s refreshing to see an artist that gains such reputation over a long period of time with such a diverse range of releases on many labels rather than firing right to the top and fading away. How have you been so selective with your projects?   Its no big plan, things just happen when they happen, circumstances have come into place to make music happen with certain labels, of course I have labels I admire who I would love to work with but generally its been a natural process unforced, or maybe just a relationship has formed through friends.     Lets talk about your new Activity EP with Futureboogie. Those guys have been turning some heads for a few years now, what intrigued you about the Bristol guys and tell us a bit about the release.   Im really proud of releasing music with Futureboogie, I think we are on the same page musically and you only have to look at the parties and festivals they are involved in to see they are a serious force to be reckoned with. And I like the fact the collaboration is homegrown. Dave got in touch as he had been liking my output and it just seemed like a very natural fit. The music itself is a continuation of where my LP for spectral left off, but with added disco especially with track Night Heart which was very nearly an E-Version release.     allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_76eae7b1_2138881368&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/futureboogie/sets/mark-e-activity-fbr028-clips', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_76eae7b1_2138881368', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_76eae7b1_2138881368' }); });       Being from the UK I presume you have visited Bristol a good few times. What are your thoughts on the city and its dance music scene?   Ive only been there about 3 or 4 times but it always surprises me when I do go, every time ive played its been a great night and it seems like its going through a really vibrant time at the moment musically, last time I played there it was in a barber shop with Delano smith, which was nice. so im looking forward to getting back over there.   What other projects do you have coming up? At this stage in your career I guess you are even more selective with what you do.   I have the ongoing E-versions edit series which I release myself on my label MERC, which incidentally has just produced some very cool MERC T-shirts via nowaybackstore. Then I have the PROJECT E project which is myself and my brother in law making some next level electronics, we are currently making an album due out next year. Then my involvement with Ghostly International continues in the shape of another EP out very soon.     Do you have any interest in playing live sets? With your mellow yet progressive approach is this the next step?   Hmm maybe one day, I don't know, its not appealing, I much prefer to DJ.   In the last few years, 2014 especially, it’s safe to say there has been a techno invasion. With your industrial house driven disco influences where do you see your music going in future, especially with the launch of your label MERC that will allow you some more freedom.   Im still getting to grips with hardware, I still have a lot to learn, only now the music that is being released is me learning how to use them, I just want to get this down, more of the same better sound quality too, I really need to get that better, I still feel ive got a lot to give, but I need to leat new techniques, new methods of working. But I predict my output to follow a mechanical analogue path in the foreseeable future.   I guess to an extent, like all things, sounds and styles come full circle yet you have carefully maintained a signature sound even in your more experimental projects. Since the hay days of your 90’s influence, what has been the most interesting change in music for you?   The fact that anybody can do it, technology is so accessible now that its something everyone can try, I think that's the most interesting thing to change in electronic music.     Buy tickets to the November Show HERE     We teamed up with Futureboogie and In:Motion to offer you 2x tickets and a copy of Mark E's "Acitivity EP". To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to  \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with "Futureboogie Activity" as the subject title. Good luck!   By Ell Weston   MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter     

Under The Meoko Microscope w/ DAVY

Davy is well-known for initiating one of the first underground dance music parties in his home country, Belgium. Down Under, which he launched with his twin brother Ken, is a movement of a party currently residing in the dark and intimate second room of the capital’s dance music institution, Fuse. They have welcomed an impressive list of local and international guest DJs such as Perlon queen Vera, Dj’s DJ Nicolas Lutz, and Romanian hero, Rhadoo. Most recently, Davy celebrated the party’s sixth anniversary with Onur Ozer and Binh.  Although he made the move to London more than 5 years ago, Davy continues to run successful nights for Down Under. Not solely a resident for his own party, Davy homes a residency at London’s intimate Cymatic parties, which specialises in but is not limited to Romanian minimal techno sounds (Guest DJs include Cristi Cons, Barac, Vlad Caia, Gescu and Vera), as well as being a regular for London’s Cartulis Day, a party famous amongst those in the know. Davy’s sounds can also be enjoyed online via podcasts for Francesco Del Garda’s NoRules and Fabric’s WetYourself.      Here at MEOKO, we took the opportunity to interview Davy as part of our Under the MEOKO microscope feature, where we scout out emerging and underrated talents. He tells us about his musical journeys from his home town Leuven in Belgium to Brussels to London, and paints us a picture of what clubbing is like in Belgium, and why Fuse is such a special venue. Read on...      You founded ‘Down Under’, and it is a pretty good looking party if you ask me! Can you tell me about your journey? How and why did you decide to make a party like this in Belgium?    Ken and I were invited to play regularly for a party in my hometown Leuven. Soon enough we became friends with the promoters (Andreas and Jelte aka "Dezz Terquez") and started our own club night together "Down Under" in the legendary club Silo in Belgium. After 3 parties we managed to fill the club completely and from that moment we had something great going on. Our aim was to bring good underground music and artists to our parties and also to bring people together to enjoy this music with us. On top of that Down Under has always been a platform for us as dj's. After three years the club unfortunately had to close their doors. Luckily there was Fuse in Brussels that welcomed us in that moment. If there was one place I wanted to be after Silo it was definitely that club.  Through the years I always tried to program the best of the underground scene. Young upcoming talent but also more established names shared the decks with us including Rhadoo, Fumiya Tanaka, Vera, Onur Ozer, Binh, Tini, Fred P and many more. Quality music was always a priority. I try and create a perfect night from start to finish with a smooth flow between the different acts, but still with enough diversity to keep it interesting. Also in London we had some amazing warehouse parties but after a while I decided I wanted to fully focus on music so Down Under in London came to an end as promoting parties became a full time job. I wanted to spend more time in the studio, on record digging and dj-ing in general.  Can you tell me a bit about the party’s venue, Fuse? How does it attract such stellar line ups? And what makes it such a special place for an underground dance music party?    Belgium played a crucial role in the techno scene since the early stages, that’s why it’s no surprise the capital Brussels owns one of the oldest techno clubs, called “Fuse”. Almost every respected artist in the electronic music scene has played there. Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Ricardo Villalobos, Aphex Twin, Luke Slater, Daniel Bell, Andrew Weatherall, even Bjork in 1997, you name it…  The club exists for 20 years and everyone is very passionate about what they do and dj’s love to come and play there. The crowd is a nice mix and understands the music so there is always a very good atmosphere. Downstairs you can expect dj’s like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, upstairs a bit more minimal, groovy techno. This is where we host our party and I am truly in love with that room, mainly because of the intimate feel, the connection with the crowd and the energy you can build when dj-ing.  I sometimes wish to have this in London.   You recently celebrated Down Under’s 6 year anniversary at Fuse with Onur Ozer and Binh as special guests. What were some of the party’s highlights?    Onur Ozer and Binh were our headliners for our anniversary party. As they are good friends (both living in Berlin) they decided to play 4hours B2B which ended in a very nice result. The room was filled all night with great music from the start, a good warm up from Dezz Terquez, a great 4h journey from our headliners and I closed the party (which I always do at Down Under) and I really enjoyed playing. It was definitely one of my favorite Down Under nights in Fuse and it was very inspiring musically.   You also play gigs in London. Is this city your base at present?  I moved to London 6 years ago, because I was amazed by the club scene in that time, I couldn’t even compare this with Belgium, I had never experienced anything like it. London was definitely the place to be for clubbing in Europe in that time. I think Berlin took over that position now. I still love London as a city and met some truly amazing people here. I think that’s why I love this city the most, because of the interesting variety of people, who are usually very friendly and open minded, also with music.   When and why did you originally make the move from Brussels to London? My hometown in Belgium is Leuven, a small town right next to Brussels. I studied and finished my degree in Brussels before moving to London.   You are a resident of Cymatic in London. When did you take up this residency and how are you finding it?   I took up the residency with Ken a few months ago. It’s still quite a new party in London but with nice people and with good intentions. They celebrated their first anniversary in April with Vera headlining the line up. They also bring many Romanian dj’s to come and play. This Friday I share the decks with Cezar and Tulbure both from the ‘ourown’ collective. Still, I try to do my own thing and bring a bit of a different sound to the party. It has always been fun playing, and happy to have this opportunity in a city as London.   You have also played for London warehouse rave, Cartulis Day. What were some of your favourite nights at this party?  I do play regularly for Cartulis Day. Unai Trotti (the promoter) became a very close friend of mine so it is always fun to play for him. My favorite night was the last one with Nicolas Lutz and Jane Fitz, and they have brought many other great acts to the table. Their anniversary's line up is looking very nice too. I heard Fred P playing in Fuse last year and can confirm that he is a very good DJ with his own distinguished sound. I never had the chance to listen Anton Zap, so I am looking forward to his set.    You will return to play for the party’s 5th anniversary. What is one special track that you will surely play to get the dance floor moving?  Do you mind if I keep this secret? I like to surprise people on the night and rather do something unexpected, as I do think this is what dj-ing is about. When I go to listen to a DJ, I like it the most when I don’t recognize any tracks and that the dj takes me on a journey I have never been before…   You recently started doing some studio work. Was this a natural progression for you? How is it going so far?  Actually I was working together with my brother for quite a few years already. Since 2 years we were going into an analogue studio that we used for processing our sounds and experimenting. We were close to finishing our first EP but Ken decided last summer to go on his own musical direction. For me it came as a big surprise after working together all these years but I suppose that life goes on and I’m going to carry on with what I love doing most. In the last few months I have been focusing on dj-ing and collecting records but I am now looking forward to get on with studio work again.    Do you have any plans for next year in terms of your musical career?  Spend time with music as much as possible, hope it will lead to many nice moments in the next year… Thanks for the interview, guys   Thank YOU Davy! We look forward to your next gigs this Friday at Cymatic London and this Saturday at Cartulis Day.    We also look forward to an incoming exclusive MEOKO mix from this burgeoning talented. Keep your eyes peeled for future sounds!    MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

Music Through Pictures with Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

  A producer who’s range of influences leave the listener in a state of mystery. Somewhere between the atmospherics of dusk time house music infused with jazz and an under growth of techno, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts is another fresh talent from Montreal to bless the Northern Hemisphere. An elegant producer who’s sound stays true to the roots of dance music giving that sought after organic feel to his sound. Despite his strong place in the ever-blossoming world of Berlin dance music, his experiences in Parisian nightlife and releases on the likes of Karat and affiliations with Circus company have shaped his spiritual yet dynamic attitude. Long lasting influences in stripped back percussion and folk music carries seamlessly into his sound and provided a great opportunity to be a part of our Music Through Pictures Series. See what Guillaume had in response to some images from MEOKO HQ.     1.     The first thing that came to my mind while looking at this picture is that famous clip where you see James Brown inviting a young Michael Jackson on the stage who in time invites a young Prince to join them. What an incredible piece of history right there. Prince… what a genius maniac (another must see is Kevin Smith telling the story of his failed attempt in documenting the release of The Rainbow Children). My favorite album of his is probably Sign ‘o the times. Gotta love this one.        2.     Undercover, unexpected… unexpected guest. One of my all time favorite electronic music track ever.  That melody…wow. It’s such a great hook. I remember hearing this one for the first time and rushing to my studio in Montreal to try and recreate something similar. Incredibly inspirational timeless piece.        3.     Daniel Lanois is a great inspiration to me because of his music and because of the intensity he immerses himself in his project. A great artist and craftsman that I hold in high esteem. I can imagine him driving down to Oaxaca on his motorbike (his studio following him in a eighteen wheeler). That trip became the inspiration for Belladonna.       4.     A Japanese adaptation of Harmony Korine’s Gummo?   Or possibly this if Pikachu turns out to be a flesh hungry zombie.         5.         At first I thought of Edvard Grieg’s music. It looks like a frozen Norwegian sea… but then I remember the cold, solitary and soul searching music of Bohren & Der Club of Gore. Beautiful, introspective and potentially dangerous.       6.     1982 Indian proto acid house.        7.     Hmm… I have to admit I thought about EDM at first.  But since there is just no way I’ll put a link for something like that, here is a link to a unbelievable song. From Paul White’s new album Shaker Notes. Constant rotation in my living room.       8.     I remember one time my kid waking up at 3 am when I was listening to this song with a friend of mine. We were just hanging out, sipping a good cognac and listening to great music. He hung out with us, totally cool, listening to the grooves and sniffing our glasses. He was 3. This song is  perfect.        9.     Ha. Here’s a track I made with a friend a few years back. The break makes you gasp for air. It’s called Mission Sous-Marine (but almost inherited of the name Mission Sous-Martine) and our project was called Destination Danger. An ode to the british cult serie Danger Man.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_f08f55ca_1882174576&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/musique-risquee/destination-danger-mission', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_f08f55ca_1882174576', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_f08f55ca_1882174576' }); });         10.     Wow, memory works in weird ways… I used to water ski with my cousin. For some reason I remembered a party we had in her basement in Quebec city. I recall that song playing a few times that night. I love that game.     For more MEOKO, Follow us on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter          

MEOKO Winter Competition

  Calling all MEOKO readers!   As the winter months begin to dawn upon us, we are reminded it is not long until Christmas, a time known for mulled wine, roast dinners, John Lewis adverts and most importantly for the tradition of giving back to loved ones… At MEOKO we are not one to miss out on this joyous spirit, and so we have been busy behind the scenes assembling a huge prize package consisting of contributions from some of our favourite brands and labels. Consider it our way of saying thank you for all your support. Everything from festival and club tickets to a stay at a boutique hotel, flight vouchers, NOT to mention a tonne of vinyl, CDs, clothing and other goodies to warm your cockles - we’ve got it all covered! The prize package has a combined value of well over £1500! And one lucky reader will win it all. The saying “You’ve got to be in it, to win it” has never rung more true.   We have been itching to make this competition announcement so here’s how you can enter in three simple steps*:        “Like” the MEOKO Facebook page.      “Like & Share” the competition photo.      Send an email to \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject title as “WINTER COMPETITION”.   *Please be sure to complete all 3 steps in order for your entry to be valid.     Full list of prizes   Tickets Time Warp, Mannheim 2015 – 2 x tickets, T-shirt and posters We Are FSTVL 2015 – 2 x tickets Hotel Pelliroco, Brighton – a night for two at a boutique B&B Flight Vouchers - £100 Guestlist Goodie Bag – Entry to Undersound, Cartulis Day, Half Baked, Rhythmatic, London Warehouse Events, Oval Space     Vinyl FUSE London – vinyl + goodies Half Baked – vinyl + goodies Phonica – 6 x latest releases + goodies Imprints Records - vinyl Apollonia – 1 x Premiesku EP “More 4” Inground Bookings vs. Slow Life - vinyl + goodies Vakant – 1 x Premiesku EP and T-shirt Holic Trax – HT012 & Tom Tam Vol. 2 Birdsmakingmachine – 2 x records and stickers Djebali – 1 x 06 EP vinyl Eklo – 1 x 026 Seuil EP “2 Up” Adult Only Records – 1 x Shape 03 Monsieur Georget EP   CDs Lola Ed – 1 x Apollonia LP “Tour à Tour” D’julz – 1 x “This Is Bass Culture” Watergate – 1 x Tiefschwarz compilation, 1 x Lee Curtiss compilation Defected – 1 x compilation Rekids – 1 x compilation   Clothing & Miscellaneous Keinemusik – 1 x T-shirt Apollonia – 1 x Tote bag Banoffee Pies – 1 x Bumbag Doctor Banana – 1 x 5-panel hat Pit Spector – 1 x Poster Puckoo – 1 x Leggings Wild Buffalo & Robe Unfold – 1 x Snood Doubious – 1 x T-shirt Nicce – 1 x Sweater Only Child – 1 x Spoon Necklace, 1 x Spoon Keyring Love Specs – 1 x Pair of Sunglasses Anna Laurini – 1 x Original bespoke artwork Silver Network - Stickers   Gear UDG – 1 x Ultimate Slingbag Trolley Deluxe Ear Candi – 1 x Earphones   Food Chocolate Festival - Tickets Burger Bear – Meal for 2 Yupa’s Thai – Meal for 2 Le ziz – Meal for 2     GOOD LUCK!      

The Selector's Determinism: An Interview with Fred P

Fred P AKA Black Jazz Consortium has come a long way in both his personal and musical lives. Hailing from Flatbush Brooklyn, Fred P can now be seen regularly touring the globe, representing his own style of music and his own imprint, Soul People Music.   Even though he grew up listening to the likes of Larry Levan’s disco and R&B house on Brooklyn’s popular radio, his first real connection with dance music took place in some of New York’s legendary clubs, in particular Pyramid Club, not as a DJ, but as a breakdancer. After a musical career in hip hop where he nearly secured a six figure record deal that fell through (they wanted more hardcore rap, which didn’t exactly suit Fred P’s tastes at the time) and experimenting on tape decks during the early eighties, he returned to the sweaty dance floors this time the other side of the DJ booth as Black Jazz Consortium. His liking towards jazz as a free art form translates into his own music style. He takes his listeners on an emotive trip into his own free, alternative universe of layers upon layers of manipulated musical elements. He includes samples played backwards, digital sounds created with his trusty Abbleton Live and exclusive live vocals. His deep, atmospheric and of course, cosmic tracks that define his musical style can be heard on his own Soul People Music, Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality and DJ QU’s Strength Music Recordings. Since Edward McKeithen taught Fred how to make a record, he instantly became a compulsive producer and holds a strong musical catalogue of quality tracks, reshapes, EPs and albums. His open minded approach to music also led him to produce tracks for labels such as Spanish minimal techno imprint, Esperanza and Japan’s label, Mule Musiq for a not so nu-disco track:  This year as a second instalment to his C.O.M.E. series, he self-released Anthology: Fred P. vs Black Jazz Consortium, which is a unique mix of unreleased material, demos and reshapes. According to the description on Discogs, it is “a snap shot of the past, present and future”.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_c334676b_597814213&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/black-jazz-consortium/anthology-fred-p-vs-black-jazz', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_c334676b_597814213', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_c334676b_597814213' }); });   This year we also saw him teaming up with Kai Alce to release US label’s Finale Session’s Volume 1 and then again with Terrence Dixon to release Two Worlds on the same label. He also remixed a track by Israeli producer Yogg for young record label Parallax’s first release.  The Selector has also been busy with podcasts for the online community, in particular his radio shows on Soul People Music. Both a talented producer and DJ, Fred P has certainly made a name for himself, and today is regarded as a true underground dance music pioneer. Here at MEOKO we spoke to the legend himself about jazz, his own productions and his upcoming gig in London.    Can you explain what makes you attracted to jazz and deep house? Why do you think the two genres fit so well together?  In my opinion it's a evolution of one in the same. In the right hands both can be very moving.   Who are your biggest jazz influences, both modern day and those of the past? Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, past present and future hands down.   What instruments do you play? Keys   How do you still manage to retain a free sense of improvisation in your music, despite the house genre having an overall methodical structure and beat - it’s obviously your jazz influences that are speaking, but how do you achieve this balance?  There is no difference to me I don't think in terms of genre. I make what I am inspired to make.    You launched Soul People Music in 2005, which was first a digital platform, and since then has grown into a mostly vinyl one. Can you explain why you made the switch from digital to vinyl?  A opportunity was presented to me to make records so switched. It is as simple as that.   One of Soul People Music’s aims is to “connect both past and present while looking to the future”. Why do you think it is important to consider the past, musically?   The past provides a foundation and a point of reference. It's important to have a look then proceed. Don't stay there or try to relive it. Better to learn from it and and improve on it if possible. That makes the now more rich with possibility, making the future more probable.    Do you stand by this particular mantra in your personal life?  Yes, one day at a time.   Last year, you launched Boards, a sub label of Soul People Music. Science is a recurring theme in the label’s productions, in particular your “Determinism” EP with Jose Cabrera. Are you particularly interested in physics? Quantum physics to be exact.  I am often the observer so the theory itself is a bit disturbing but makes complete sense.   You have done many nice reshapes of productions of your own tracks as well as other tracks from different artists. Why have you chosen to release tracks in this way? And can you explain what exactly is the difference between a reshape and a re edit?  Im grateful people are interested in my approach coupled with being a workaholic, it's a bit natural for me. A reshape in the simplest terms is a reproduction. A re edit is an edit of a edit which is something I don't do.    You once said the most important thing for artists is to “honestly express yourself”. When you make music today, what exactly do you express through your music? Emotions from your daily life, or emotions you feel once you get into contact with musical gear?   Being a man in the 21st century coming from a place where opportunities like what I am living are far and few in between.   Do you feel that personal hardships help create beautiful music? Do you think someone really happy and totally OK with his/her life can still make soul-stirring music?  No I do not prescribe to that at all. You do not have to suffer to make amazing music and because you suffer does not make your music amazing. There is talent and skill involved. The term suffer for your art is not literal. It means pay your dues, put in the time and live for it. You do not have to be a hot mess to make moving music.    You once said that Jus-Ed taught you how to make music and your first release on Soul People Music featured a Jus-Ed remix of your track. How does it feel to create music with a close friend like him? I never said jus Ed taught me how to make music. I said Jus Ed taught me how to make a record. Those are two different things. He gave me an opportunity and we did a couple records together on UQ and Soul People Music.   It was stated on a review of your compilation that was released on Boards this year, that some tracks “will leave you longing to see Fred P DJ—preferably at daybreak somewhere, at that dislocated point when a crowd's collective mind becomes open to such gossamer enchantment”. You will be playing an early morning set at much anticipated Cartulis Day for their 5th anniversary. What can we expect from it?   To be honest I could not tell you. Each experience is it's own. It should be a good time though, London is always amazing.    You mentioned that Underground Quality “is a family more than a collective”. Are you pleased that you will be playing with fellow UQ member, Anton Zap for Cartulis Day?  Anton is an amazing artist and a brilliant selector. It's an honor and a treat to share the bill with him.    What is a track you will surely play to wow the crowd?  If I do my job right all of them.    Fred P has a busy weekend in front of him, as he plays three gigs in just one weekend at some of the finest venues and parties in Europe: Dude Club in Milan, Crucifix Lane in London and Concrete in Paris.  FRIDAY: I'll be your friend: LEVON VINCENT + FRED P. + ABSTRACT at DUDE CLUB, Milan SATURDAY: CARTULIS DAY // 5TH Anniversary w/ Fred P, Anton Zap, Nail, Jane Fitz and many more SUNDAY: CONCRETE invites UNDERGROUND QUALITY 10 Years ANNIVERSARY: JUS ED, NINA KRAVIZ, FRED P, JENIFA MAYANJA, S.A.M, ARCARSENAL         MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

A Discussion with Matthew Herbert presented by Room 4/4

  17/11/14 Stoke Newington Studios   Room 4/4 welcomes Matthew Herbert as their latest guest in their series of lectures and workshops. Other high profile guests like Mike Huckaby, Patrice Scott and Perc have all appeared in the past and this evening with Herbert promises to be an in depth journey through his artistic career.     Matthew Herbert is an artist held in high esteem by his peers, critics and fans alike. A bastion for the high quality house and techno music that has emanated from the UK over the past 15 or so years, his sound is nothing short of eclectic from his work  as Radio Boy, to his “Manifesto”, the Big Band and his projects with the London Sinfonietta orchestra. His masterpiece 1998 “Around the House” where he sampled the sounds of everyday objects is highly revered gaining legendary status amongst electronic music lovers. A musician in the truest sense, Herbert ought to know a thing or two about hardware and a holistic approach to music making.     In this special workshop, Herbert will be open to a Q&A discussion on his music, ideals and ideas making this is a unique and rare chance to put questions to a man who many see as a musical genius. There are few avenues he hasn’t explored as an artist in all senses of the word, both conceptually and politically so there is a wealth of topics to be discussed in relation to his career. Have your notebooks at the ready – note taking is highly encouraged! Drinks and music will be provided before and after the session.   Facebook event here. Buy tickets here.     By Geoffrey Chang  

Cartulis 5th Anniversary with Underground Quality & More

Cartulis returns again this time with a massive bang as they celebrate their five year anniversary with a special 16 hour marathon starting just before midnight this Saturday, the 15th of November and continuing until Sunday at 16:00. Cartulis returns to Crucifix Lane, a venue which last year managed to re-invented itself with a fantastic sound system. Cartulis Day regulars can look forward to seeing familiar faces, meeting new ones and hearing fantastic music from Underground Quality members Fred P and Anton Zap, musical genius NAIL, techno queen Jane Fitz, Toi Toi member Lamache, and some of Europe's up and coming talents; Davy, Siamak Amidi, Javier Moreno, Raphael., Jon Sojo, VariT and Unai Trotti.   Starting from just a private house party with friends to a friendly rave that welcomes clubbers all over London, Cartulis has grown into one of London’s finest parties for the capital’s alternative club community. Cartulis Anniversaries have become infamous gatherings. Check out this video, which perfectly captures what Cartulis is all about: a proper underground house & techno rave for clubbers and dance music fans to let loose and party in freedom.     The organisers sure know how to throw the perfect rave for clubbers who appreciate a NICE atmosphere and quality music on the dance floor. Continuously showcasing quality line ups in unique locations, Cartulis Day has hosted an impressive list of guest DJs, such as Audio Werner, Tevo Howard, Le Loup, Luke Solomon, Claro Intelecto, Christopher Rau and Ekkohaus.    This year their highlights of highlights include guest Andrés Zacco for this summer's 24 hour party with Keep on Going, dance music pioneer Lazare Hoche for his first ever set in an intimate Cartulis gathering and Anton Zap, also for his first ever set in London last March in Crucifix Lane. By welcoming some of today’s most exciting and talented DJs for their first ever sets in Europe’s major dance music capital, Cartulis proves their ability to pinpoint great underground talent. Underground in the true sense of the word, is a defining characteristic of Cartulis Day events.    Underground Quality DJs: Anton Zap and Fred P Anton Zap returns again this time for Cartulis’ anniversary, which shows his enthusiasm for the event. DJs who are up for revisiting a party show some indications about the quality of the event itself. Originally from Russia, where he hailed a seven year residency at Moscow’s infamous Propaganda club, Anton Zap has become a house veteran worthy of joining New York's legendary Underground Quality crew. Catch his 2am-4am set.    Joining this Underground Quality member will be legendary Fred P, AKA Black Jazz Consortium. Fred P has become a compulsive producer since he discovered his love for creating music. He has released music on his own Soul People Music, and on labels like Esperanza, Mule Musiq and of course, Strength Music Recordings and Underground Quality. The Selector is celebrated for the very imprint he founded and its radio show with its familiar intro, “you are now listening to soul people music”. His moniker, Black Jazz Consortium clearly represents his influences and his productions and sets take you on a cosmic trip during those early morning hours, which is exactly when he will be playing for the event this Sunday morning (4am - 6am).   NAIL   Cartulis is now an expert in getting some of the best underground talent to come play for their events. NAIL is one of them. Neil “Nail” Tolliday from Nottingham has been in the game for more than a decade, and has certainly experienced a handful of ups and downs. His ups however, are what make him the cult house producer and DJ of today, where his "raw, jacking" timeless tracks have been highly sought after by international dance music DJs to get that dance floor moving. His famous "Til the Feeling's Gone" appeared in Zip's fabric 67. After a few years of inactivity regarding his NAIL productions, he returned to producing music last year. This year, he founded his new label, 89:GHOST, which he promises, "release[s] music for people to dance to in sweaty, dark rooms, hopefully with a banging system." Last September he released a collection of what used to be unreleased material in his Dug Out Vol 1 EP. He has chosen to stay under the radar and his gigs remain sparse, hardly leaving his home town. That is certainly the reason why his gig at Cartulis this Saturday/Sunday will be one to look forward to (his gig at Cartulis is the only one lined up for him on his RA page).    JANE FITZ   Another DJ who is enthusiastic to return to the arch of Crucifix is the most talented Jane Fitz. Those who were at Cartulis' last event, were able to experience Jane's banging, out of this world house and techno set. A well-rounded contributor to the underground dance music scene, Jane Fitz has written for magazines such as FACT and was recently rated as one of FACT's 100 underrated DJs list. As well as playing gigs from intimate underground parties to up and coming ones, she also homes a residence at her own Night Moves (and Day Moves) at locations such as “Our Usual Home” and “Same Place as Last Time”. Jane Fitz is now one of the most sought after DJs in the local London scene. Let's not forget that she has also travelled extensively, notching up gigs in global dance music capitals; Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago and Japan.    Expect an audible journey into that other dimension. Expect to get sweaty, while having that space to dance. Expect love, music and friendly people on the dance floor. This is what Cartulis is about, and it is not something easy to achieve in London. Let’s applaud Cartulis for this impressive milestone, and see you all on the dance floor!   FULL INFO:  CARTULI'S DAY - 5TH ANNIVERSARY 15th Nov 2014 from 23:59 till 16th Nov 16:00 16 HOUR RAVE!  Crucifix Lane7-9 Crucifix Lane; Southwark; London SE1 3JW   LINE UP: ✯ Fred P. (Soul People music - UQ - US) ✯ Anton Zap (Ethereal Sound, Underground Quality ) ✯ NAIL (89:Ghost, Mosaic, Cartulis Day) ✯Jane Fitz (Night Moves / Freerotation) ✯Davy (DownUnder, Cymatic) ✯Lamache (DiscoBar, Toi Toi) ✯Siamak Amidi (Volt Music, Analog Room) ✯Javier Moreno (Colt, Esperanza) ✯Joseph Williams (Solo Danza, Infuse) ✯Raphael. (Moodi) ✯Jon Sojo (Wowbass) ✯VariT (Wowbass) ✯Unai Trotti (Cartulis Music, Esperanza)       MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter   

Venturing Out Of The Capital - 001: Sheffield by Lo Shea

The MEOKO heart and soul lies in London, where we are based, but with so much going on in the capital it can be easy to forget what our neighbouring cities are up to. Well it’s time to shine a light on some exciting regional haunts that deserve not to be overlooked. In our new series, we welcome a trusted expert from each city to shine a light on where they work, play, eat, drink and most importantly, live.  In this unique and personal insight into the smaller scenes out there, we urge you to open your eyes to what the rest of the UK has to offer, and take a venture out of the capital. Starting off our new feature we go to Sheffield with Lo Shea, an integral driving force to his local scene and founding member of  'Hope Works'. Responsible for producing and nurturing a string of quality releases on his labels Seaghdha and 100years, Lo Shea can now be seen making dancefloors sweat across the globe, his talent most recently being recognised with a set at the infamous Panorama Bar.  Here, we bring it all back to where it began... How long have you been living in Sheffield and how did you end up there?Since 1991.came here to university from Nottingham where i was born.What is Sheffield famous for historically? Steel industry, and through Harry Brearley (a sheffield man) , the invention of stainless steel.Sheffield stainless steel is known all over the world.From the production of cutlery to gun barrels, we have historically donned the process.You can still see all kinds of steel products being made here today in big factories like Forgemasters to Little Mesters making knives or small factories making railway carriage springs. Are there any stereotypes in Sheffield that you think need banishing?I suppose because of the importance of steel from the 19th century onwards it has been easy to see the place as a one horse town.In reality we have a great creative industry sector and our music scene is fantastic.We have internationally renowned design agencies like TDR who recently did the new Aphex Twin album as well as being responsible for the original WARP records sleeve designs so embedded in electonic music’s history. We also have spawned Cabaret Voltaire,The Human league, Heaven 17,   more recently Pulp and of course arguably one of the biggest bands in the world right now...Arctic Monkeys. So we are not all flat cap wearing miserable Yorkshire men working in a steel foundry.Importantly for me is the fact that i find the people here very warm and friendly.Its something that people consistently say who visit here. Sheffielders can be rough and ready, but they are generally friendly and like to party. Sheffielders do have a REIT strong accent tho. Tell us about the first place you bought a record in SheffieldWarp records...when it was on divison street in the town center. Chris Duckenfield (fellow Resident at Hope Works and a true veteran of Acid House/Rave ) worked there...i got my formative record buying experiences reading his distinctive handwriting on the sleeves of old WARP releases.I met lots of people in that shop who i still see today, still loving their music.Oh, those were the days...an actual busy record shop...here...in Sheffield! allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_e8a02b10_1430203510&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/chris-duckenfield/cdvscd_i-really-do-believe-1', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_e8a02b10_1430203510', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_e8a02b10_1430203510' }); });   Where is your favourite place to pick up records at the moment?I look everywhere, but lets just say Phonica is always a quality purveyor, as is Piccadilly of Manchester but i also do the obligatory Juno for ease and i also use discogs and direct to labels via their bandcamps.No weekly trips to hardwax yet i’m afraid….Is there anywhere in particular that played a part in influencing your sound when producing music?I think my music is a reflection of all the experiences i’ve had here in Sheffield, but it also goes back to my formative Raving back in Nottingham in 1990 where i went to Marcus Garvey Center a lot.Jungle rave style...on a full on Ragga Tip! I started djing in the old Arches club in Sheffield way back in the day, so from the start i was into the warehouse / reused industrial space / Acid House /Rave aesthetic.I also got into jungle as well as techno and rave from the start.I’ve always liked the grimier side of things and i’ve always liked good bass in dance music.Sheffield has also always had a great sound system culture going on and it's traditionally big on free parties out in the Peak district. I think a combination of all this led me into djing the way i did.First eclectically in The Arches then i spent a few years concentrating on Drum n Bass in the mid 90’s where i was resident at a night called NY Sushi (while releasing my first records on formation records of leicester), I also worked for the guy who ran Niche so i saw the whole development of bassline /Niche happen in Sheffield.I was there at the time, its undoubtedly affected me, tho i never directly wrote speed garage...time spent listening to this music and then its move into dub step with early pioneers from Sheffield like Oris J has to have had an effect. I djed House, hip Hop, Jazz ..all kinds of stuff in clubs and spaces throughout sheffield as well as doing electronic stuff on pirate radio stations, i even started a Blues Boogie + Rock n Roll night that i still run monthly to this day called "The Boom Boom Room" . One thing though, i’ve always been slightly on the fringes...i’ve never seemed to fit snugly into whatever genre was going on at the time.....i’ve always liked doing things my own way i suppose.Its meant a longer road for me...but one thats developed a particular style and technique based on all this time spent in all these areas of music and what i've observed and learnt from these strands of music culture. And any track/artist that you think sums up the local sound?No one person does that.There are different people/artists who kind of represent various peoples perspectives on Sheffields “sound”. Arctic Monkeys,Toddla T,Jarvis Cocker/Pulp,The Black Dog,Cabaret Voltaire,the Human league,Heaven 17, Hoods Underground could all be “The Sheffield Sound” to different pockets of people. I like to keep a really broad view on this though and with a firm ear on contemporary underground music in Sheffield there are many other mini movements going on that represent different clans of taste within this ever changing vibrant creative cauldron. God knows where i fit into that picture.I think ultimately its virtually impossible to sum it up as its a question of demographics, and then how you define whats popular. Where is the place to go to let your hair down?wow.its all dependent on taste. really. if you mean where do you go to relax i’d say walking in the peak district on the edges of the city is the ultimate one.if you mean to loose yourself and forget reality in a separate dimension of sensory body music pleasure i’d say Hope Works…obviously. What is the first club in the city you went to? Who did you see/what kind of night was it and who did you go with?First club was probably something like The Palais (now a Sainsbury’s Local) .I went with my best friend (to this day) jamie who i was in a band with at the time.It was an industrial night run by a guy who became our friend who dj'ed there under the charming name of “Dr Death Tone”.Where is the best place to go for a comforting meal the day after a heavy night out?Silversmiths. My friend justin runs it. It didn’t do well at first, then he went on Gordon Ramseys kitchen nightmares and got ripped apart!But....credit to the man, he’s turned that business around into one of THE most successful restaraunts in Sheffield now. Superb locally sourced food, served with love and a lot of style:) If we wanted a cultured day out where would you recommend us to go?I’d wait until the international Documentary festival comes to town (which it does once a year and it’s a serious event in the calender) and go to some upfront/cutting edge documentary screenings then zip across to the winter gardens before checking out Millenium gallery to check out its renowned metalwork collection. Then go to Magna science and industial heritage centre to witness the magnitude of a steel making facility and learn about what it was like for a steel worker in sheffield (if you’re good you could even get a special tour around Forgemasters steelworks which is currently still in operation). In the evening grab a meal in Silversmiths or at Electric candleLight, and then go watch a contemporary dance show at the Lyceum or see a classical concert in The Crucible theatre before smashing the doors off in various pubs around the city and ending up in Hope Works dancing to Ben klock till 7am. And where would you send us to go and pick up some fresh disco garments for a Friday night?SAKIS on Division Street is always a solid option,Syd n Mallory , KNUF on Ecclesall Road, Balance on Devonshire Street , Cow on West street or A New Shop Sheffield on Division street and if you really want to splash out and get fully dapper Collard Manson on Division street too. Where do you spend most of your time in Sheffield?in my studio or walking really quickly between meetings.Is there anywhere we should avoid in Sheffield?the inside of one of our prison cells if you can help it.Also avoid sneaking into the vast victorian storm drain system by the railway station after a heavy downpour...you'll die....100% Tell us about the place where you met your closest friend in SheffieldI met my closest friend in Sheffield in Nottingham.I think that kind of kills that one there:)Where/what is the most picturesque place in town?To me..its sitting on the grass by the newly restored glasshouse in The Botanical gardens in summer.Its so nice to chill in this spot in summer.it always gets full of people when the suns out.We are so sun starved here that people get a barbeque going as soon as theres a 15 second break in the clouds!Where/what is the place you go in town that is your guilty pleasure?my sort of guilty pleasure is lying in bed all day ordering pizza and watching films.I work a lot and don’t like to take time off...so for me, relaxing after a long a gruelling stint of all nighters is my guilty pleasure.Is there a particular day that is your favourite day in the city? I love sundays.Love the energy of sundays...so i get that boon every 6 days (when i’m in sheffield). In the yearly calendar i think the International Documentary festival is a big deal for my inquisitive mind and Tramlines Festival in the summer for my party head. Is there any hidden gems in Sheffield you can tell us about?Its all about the peak district.Taking the long walk upto the old roman road from Encliffe park through the woods is just wonderful. Ecclesall woods are beautiful too, but getting onto somewhere like Stanage Edge and breathing in the brisk air and taking in the view is always so inspiring to me.It right sizes me.its like medicine for my soul. What are the local artists/nights/labels you think we should know about?There are lots of really talented people here in Sheffield and some great designers, artisans and craftspeople. On the music side check out Ross Ortons work with bands (He produced most of the new Arctic monkeys album as well as working with rising start Drenge ) Chris Duckenfield,Steve Edwards,Squarehead,The Dj Pipes, Winston Hazel, I Monster, Thtmanmonkz, Pedram, Danimal swainger, OffmeNut Records, Linnemann, Rhombohedral and many of the Soundsystem crews who put on good jams like Dedication Audio and >20Hz as well as parties like Kabal, Bunga Bunga, Ohm Sweet Ohm, STI, Roots, Banana Hill, Gold Teeth, Catch Connection, Ambush,Dusk Till Dawn, Thrillhouse, Lunar and many more doing their thing in the city and clubs like The Night Kitchen, Corporation, Plug, Fez Club, Tank, 02 Academy, Yellow Arch, The Leadmill  and the University itself putting on events to satisfy a buoyant market as far as music is concerned here. Visual artists wise theres a huge list of which the iceberg tip might look like Pete Mckee,Phlegm,Kid Acne, Rocket 01 ,Mute,David Gee, Geo Law, Colour Art, Chard Remains, Richard bartle at Bloc Studios and Matt Jones. Also there are loads of great artists at Yorkshire artspace, persistence works Design wise, look for TDR, Human Studio, DEDass,Peter and Paul and the world renowned Universal Everything donning the high end multimedia project solutions category on a global scale.   For some crafts we have Jessica Flynn jewellery and Lui.  Labels wise...WARP records was founded here and so we Sheffielders have a strong affinity with it.More recently however The Black Dog’s DUST Science , CPU records, OffmeNut Records , 5andseven, .Shabby Doll, Itchy Pig, R8 , and of course Seaghdha and 100 years and now Hope Works. Theres so much more...but i need to draw the line somewhere…. Catch Lo Sheas recent R.A mix here Lo Shea’s ‘Deep Draw EP’ is out on Hope Works now, find out more here.Hope Works 2nd Birthday with Jeff Mills is November 22nd, grab a ticket here.   By Eileen Pegg More MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter    

tINI plays MODU:LAR in Liverpool

  In just one year, MODU:LAR has managed to carve out a reputation for itself in Liverpool for bringing some top underground acts to the scene in and around the Mersey. A new unused loft space is promised at the Camp and Furnace. For those who know, it is sure to be an exciting new outlet for the fast growing party that has seen the likes of Isherwood, Julian Perez, Ion Ludwig, Dan Andrei and Rhadoo all play in the last year.   To headline proceedings the promoters have enlisted the help of tINI whose meteoric rise since being signed by Desolat in 2008 eventually led to her creation of one of the most reputable weekly parties at Sands on the White Isle. The curly-haired lass has amassed a considerable cult following for herself, yet she is always keen to take new talent under her “Gang” wing, so to speak, a collective bursting with select international talent such as Bella Sarris, Makcim, Eli Verveine and Livio & Roby. In amongst this, she still manages to fit in a busy touring schedule playing the world over and her success is underpinned by an unwavering passion for the scene. It takes some dedication to keep her night running in Ibiza like she does.     Next up is Sander Baan who makes his UK debut. The Dutch-born Berlin migrant became a part of the fabric of the Club der Visionaere sound. He runs not one but two nights over there, Rotate and Die Hollander, and is sure to transport the Berlin soundscape to Liverpool. One visit to either of these nights is proof enough that the passion for music is the number one priority. Benefitting from the artistic freedom afforded by Berlin, Baan is a DJ who really loves what he is doing and it comes through in his warm and playful sets.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_ffbbabb8_1742562963&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/tiniandthegang/die-hollander-makcim-el-p-sander-baan-tini-the-gang-ibiza-2014-limited', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_ffbbabb8_1742562963', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_ffbbabb8_1742562963' }); });     Residents Nerram and Scott Grant will ensure a tasty helping of perfectly cooked house and techno introduce Sander with some aplomb. They have helped create MODU:LAR’s sound from the outset distinguishing it from other nights in the city. Last, but by no means least, is local girl Lauren Lo Sung whose work in and out of the clubs is creating a buzz across the national underground scene.   Facebook event here.     By Geoffrey Chang   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud
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