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Thursday 28 Jul 16 Into the Valley Festival 2016, July 29-30 | STOCKHOLM

Into the Valley is a two day day vibrant installation, shedding light on some of the most talented artists within the electronic music scene. The concept Into the Valley was born through a dream of creating something spectacular - a celebration to electronic music like it’s never been done in Sweden before, in a venue never previously exposed to these kinds of cultural events. The dream became reality in the summer of 2015 and people from all over the world gathered in this musical experience. The dream is about to come true again when an urban club environment, with music blasting all over Dalhalla, is being created during the weekend 29-30 of July, 2016. Standard tickets - OUT NOW at http://www.intothevalley.se/itv/tickets/First Release tickets - SOLD OUTEarly Bird tickets - SOLD OUTReleased artists for Into The Valley 2016: (in alphabetical order)Adulla RashimAbelleAxel BomanBaba StiltzBella SarrisBen KlockBen UFOBicepDaniele BaldelliDixonDj CleaDorisburgEllen AllienFour Tet (live)George FitzeraldGerd JansonGidgeHaidl & LindstrømHuneeJamie PrincipleJaninaJohanna SchneiderJohn TalabotJoy OrbisonKerri ChandlerKim Ann FoxmanKinkKornél KovàcsLa FleurLevon VincentMajkelMarcel DettmannMartin KlingMaya LourençoMirjaMove DNastiaNils SchéleNina KravizOlof UhlinOmar SParanoid LondonPer HammarPrins ThomasRareshRicardo VillalobosRollerboysRoman FlügelRødhådSonja MoonearTama SumoThe Black MadonnatINITornado WallaceYoung MarcoZipOpening Party Thursday July 28:Clea HerlöfssonCindy Norrby Damian LazarusFred PFredrik StjärneMano Le ToughMotor City Drum EnsembleMr Tophat & Art AlfieNadja ChattiEvent: http://tinyurl.com/hxvgx8tFor more info, visit our website www.intothevalley.se

Saturday 30 Jul 16 Patterns invites 15 Years Of Secretsundaze with Steffi

Patterns // Summer 2016. Saturday 30th July. Patterns //// Brighton. + Charles Green & Mehtola. Secretsundaze bring their 15 year celebrations to the coast for a day & night session with us at Patterns. Panorama Bar resident & contributor to the momentous 500th RA podcast Steffi steps in for the club section. A DJ who's coined herself a striking reputation for memorable sets, strung together by all realms of House, Techno and beyond. If you like the look of our Summer season, get in touch. We're always looking for likeminded heads to join our promo team... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. End Time: 4:00 am.Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.Artists / Speakers: Secretsundaze, Steffi, James Priestly, Giles Smith, Charles Green, Mehtola.URLs:Website: http://atnd.it/58285-0Tickets: http://atnd.it/58285-1Facebook: http://atnd.it/58285-2Twitter: http://atnd.it/58285-3Custom: http://atnd.it/58285-4

Saturday 30 Jul 16 Overrated x Tahanan Day Time Summer Soirée

London party obsessives Overrated & Tahanan come together with house legend MK for a daytime summer soirée. From its humble beginnings nearly 5 years ago, Overrated was the conception of an accidental warehouse party that has spiralled into what’s now a regular radio show on Hoxton FM, and sporadic and itinerant event movement across the capital. Playing host to artists including Marshall Jefferson, Jimpster, Moodymanc and Pete Dafeet, the Overrated duo are no strangers to music that grooves. Tahanan, also with a history in radio, have worked with tastemakers such as Eddie Richards, Terry Francis and Jordan Peak with a focus on stripped back affairs. This year marked a new chapter in the Tahanan story as they recently announced the beginning of their record label. With a very exciting schedule of records on the horizon, the imprint’s first release, curated by Greek national SEK and entitled Drunk Yoga, encompasses 3 original tracks which will be sure to get any warehouse kicking.  On July 30th, the two movements join together turning the infamous EGG LDN on its head for a day party that promises festival vibes and with a sterling line-up across two rooms, the outdoor terrace and ground floor looks to be a delight that will be tough to beat. You can bet, judging on their past performances, there will be some kind of computational light show to accompany the event.  The godfather of house music himself, Marshall Jefferson, will be headlining the Terrace. Frankly, few men have been as instrumental in the development of Chicago house music since the ‘80s as this man. Joining him is 20/20 vision legend and all round Jazz musician, Moodymanc, and the Greek national with a flurry of releases on labels including Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse Records, Hudd Traxx & Tahanan, Sek.  The Ground Floor is just as special, with living legend, Fabric & Wiggle regular ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards. Eddie has been dubbed the godfather of the Tech House movement and has been an integral part to the modern house scene. Playing alongside him is one half of the Leftback Records duo, Michael McLardy who will be sure to bring that dub techno vibe with him.

Saturday 30 Jul 16 Afterlife w/ Sander Kleinenberg

Where your 9 to 5 job doesn't matter. Where the social norms and constraints of society don't exist. Where self expression is encouraged and you are free to get lost in the music and vibe around you.After the destruction Sander laid down at #Afterlife last time, we knew we had to bring him back and couldn't think of a better time than Lollapalooza weekend! This show promises to be nothing short of mind blowing!Sander Kleinenberg (Amsterdam, Netherlands).Whether it's producing, remixing or dj'ing, Sander Kleinenberg has been building credibility in on all fronts for over two decades. With twenty years of experience behind him, he's established himself as an advocate for progress and most of all, a pivotal player on the frontier of electronic music. Starting out at merely fifteen years old, a young Sander Kleinenberg was inspired by R&B and hip-hop culture in the late eighties. These urban vibes led to him starting his own career, which in turn led to him traveling the world and spreading his sound along the way.2016 will mark a year of rejuvenation for Sander Kleinenberg as he prepares to release new material on Spinnin' Records, Fool's Gold, and more. Representing twenty years in dance music, it's time to once again take to the road and rekindle his ability to bring levity and fun back to the dancefloors. Sander has cultivated a sound that encompasses the huge arena sound of EDM, while never wavering from his foundation in house music. Sander Kleinenberg 2.0 has arrived.Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.Artists / Speakers: Sander Kleinenberg, Kings Of Class, Nikho, DBot, Ayoo, Coco Joe, Dangerwayne, Tecko.URLs:Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/61887-0Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/61887-1Website: https://go.evvnt.com/61887-2Price Details:General Admission - 1st Tier: USD 5.00,General Admission - 2nd Tier: USD 10.00.


MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures - Introducing DACOIT London

Hidden Treasures is back, and MEOKO has been digging deep once again to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest, unique creations out there. Hidden Treasures is about shedding light on fresh talent from brands that represent positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. When we discovered this brand we couldn’t resists dusting off our Hidden Treasures feature to bring you the cool, contemporary, crafted pieces from the fabulous DACOIT London! An Anglo/Indian term, Simply translated, DACOIT means bandit or rebel in Hindi. A renegade, a warrior, a lover, a thinker, a fighter. This is the DACOIT spirit. The brand consists ofcontemporary clothing that is ethically made. DACOIT takes a no seasons, no gender, no trend approach to fashion concentrating more on the individual pieces than dictating a total look. Warrior by name, warrior by nature – DACOITs focus is directed towards strong, powerful women, as well as men who aren’t intimidated by the goddesses it represents. What inspires Dacoit?  Music, dance floors, art, travelling the world and cultural influences. Palm trees, disco balls, girls and boys on the street casually smoking a cigarette, crusty peeling paint work, geometric patterns, the flower of life, nature in all its glory, the human form and it’s movements, studio 54, neon art, sequins, the list goes on… A Dacoit piece is best worn when it empowers the wearer and makes them feel great! Home of MEOKO, the streets of London are perfect catwalks, while New York, and LA clubs are also flawlessly fitting. Dance floors and festivals around the world, beaches, clubs of Goa, Mexico and Ibiza are all also perfect places for a member of the DACOIT tribe to shine. This DACOIT tribe is already filled with many like minded creative souls such as Kate Simko, Francesca Lombardo, Jamie Jones, Skream, Luca of Audiofly and Cassy, to name but a few. A Dacoit piece has been notoriously difficult to get your hands on, but that’s kinda how they like it. …for now! MEOKO however has been given the chance to allow one lucky reader access into the exclusive DACOIT tribe, and are giving away a fabulous jacket, perfect for street side catwalks and dance floors alike! To be in with a chance of winning simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // with the title ‘I AM DACOIT’.  Winners will be announced in via our Facebook page. Good Luck!   Like DACOIT on Facebook  

An Open Letter to…Girls in Club Toilets

When I begrudgingly dragged myself away from the sweaty, pumping dance floor to the equally sweaty, depressing club toilets, I wasn’t exactly elated when I saw the length of the queue. This was one of these moments in time where I wished I could’ve been born with male genitalia, allowing me to quietly and quickly slide into the haven of the mens toilets where no queue ever seems to appear and where you strictly avoid all contact with other humans apart from an occasional necessary “alright mate”. Why should my weak bladder mean I miss out on half the night?   I took a deep breath, looked around me…and suddenly everything seemed different. Girls complimenting each others clothes, girls holding back their friend’s (or a stranger’s) hair, offering out gum, gossiping, bitching, crying, cubicles which seem to hold 10 girls….a hundred different experiences in one were occurring around me in this dingy, dirty bathroom.    You suddenly feel like you’re bonding with each person in the room: shared eye contact with the girl next to you secretly laughing at someone on all fours searching for her phone, passing toilet paper under to the next cubicle, asking if you can borrow some vaseline/ gum, agreeing with the girl next to you at the sink that all the men are being extra creepy tonight.   Somebody asks me for advice on the boy she likes, “He keeps ignoring me tonight, he’s being really off, what do you think that means?”. Only in a place like this would she trust someone whom she knows nothing of their relationship history, for all she knows I’ve had 4 failed marriages, but come on now, nobody would break the girl code and give you advice they weren’t 100% sure would work would they?! I promise I’ll wing-woman her later, knowing full well I’d never see her hopeful face again when we entered back into the crowd.    This situation was actually the best possible outcome. There of course have been times, where I’ve had the unfortunate timing of ending up behind/ next to a cryer. Yes, any girl will have just had hundreds of flashbacks to crying girls in club toilets. There’s a big gap in the market for a Sociology dissertation studying how many girls cry in club toilets every night and what their general reasons (insert pie chart: romance, bitch fight, not sure just a bit too drunk, smashed phone etc.)…I for sure would be very interested to know. The drunk crier is not as simple as the basic advice situation, with this you feel you must aid her back to a mildly happy state of no tears, and if you’re especially unlucky and the girl has lost all her friends, this can involve a continuation BEYOND the toilets (WHAT?!?! Surely not) (buying her a drink/ dancing/ requesting all the powerful independent women songs you can possibly think of).   When the time eventually came and I reached the front of the queue I felt a weird feeling I hadn’t expected…disappointment. Did I really have to leave this zoo that I had become a part of? I had started to truly feel like I belonged here, in this safe-space and men free zone. I said goodbye to the friend I had made in the queue, adding her on Facebook and promising we’d meet up for girly cocktails as soon as possible. I then quickly used the cubicle, peacefully smiling to myself as I read the graffiti and an angry girl banged on the door shouting “HURRY THE F*** UP”, and as I left the toilet to rejoin my male friends I felt older and wiser, knowing they would never experience anything like female toilets. By Laura Hely Hutchinson  

MEOKO Internship 2016

MEOKO is a forward thinking and creative lifestyle brand, with a primary focus on the global underground electronic music and events scenes; passionate about promotion and high quality event services. MEOKO Ltd, the event and promo agency, offers event and physical/online promotional services to a strong network of London and the UK’s best promoters, artists, record labels, clubs/bars, PR agencies, artist agencies, management companies, festivals and charities. Beyond music, MEOKO opens up its interests to culture, art, fashion and food… Some of our clients have included fabric, We Are FSTVL, Sonus Festival, Lovebox, SW4, Sunwaves14, Street Feast, Kerb Food, LWE, Egg, Fire, WYS, Spilt Milk, Oval Space, Found, DJ Mag, Firefly International, Camden Lock Brewery and Westminster City Council to name just a few. As well as promotion, MEOKO is passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists. We are currently looking for two hard-working, passionate individuals who have a strong knowledge of electronic music and are organised and reliable. We are willing to take on board a Graphic Design Intern and an Editorial Intern. Both positions represents a great opportunity for whoever is interested in pursuing a career in music or events industry. During this internship you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press agencies, festivals, designers and so on. You will get a very close look inside the industry across many different sectors. Moreover, you will be able to build a professional  portfolio, by being actively involved with all MEOKO Projects and by producing features/designs on a daily basis. OVERLOOK You should share an interest in electronic music and promotion as well as holding either a PR/Journalism degree or a Design/Creative background. Any extra skill will be a bonus. He or she must have excellent people skills, be creative, be able to communicate well as an individual or part of a team. This is a hands -on roll so please only apply if you feel you have what it takes to work as part of an extremely busy, sometimes stressful yet very exciting environment. The successful candidates will be supporting the team and be an effective and trusted interface for MEOKO, providing a point of contact for external collaborations and enquiries.   EDITORIAL INTERN – press & social media  Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          writing features and news pieces          writing events and albums previews/reviews          writing mix descriptions          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          contacting Dj's, producers and record labels (client liaisons)          managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          managing MEOKO Soundcloud page          copy editing texts          contributing to MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          organizing and writing interviews          listing hottest London's event by week          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate          enhanced research skills          be able to work on close deadlines GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          creating banners and designs of different natures for MEOKO          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          uploading contents on the website          occasionally help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          looking for interesting pictures/videos to publish on social media or to work with          helping with MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          proficiency in Photoshop (or Gimp)          being IT literate          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment and respect deadlines          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate MEOKO is looking for creative individuals to come up with always new and interesting ideas. If you have a good idea, we are more then happy to have you realizing it! Successful candidates must own their own laptop and be able to work at least 4 days a week, from 10 to 6 over 4 months. Travel expenses will be covered. To apply for the internships, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  CV and covering letter, explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO, what you will bring to the position and listing  your three favourite artists and three favourite labels. Please write 'MEOKO Summer Internship 2016 – editorial' or 'MEOKO Summer Internship 2016 – graphic design' in the subject case.

Not So Serious Sessions with Marco Resmann

    Marco Resmann has been making waves in the house and techno scene since the mid-90s, and where better a place to make a name for yourself than his hometown Berlin. Successful both in producing and DJing, there is no end to Marco's knowledge and passion. Marco is also big on partnerships, djing and producing with Norman Weber under their partnership 'Luna City Express' on Moon Harbour Records and collaborating with Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix as 'Pan-Pot' with Mobilee Records.   These amazing projects were just the start of Marco's career, earning him a residency at one of Berlin's most loved clubs Watergate. Marco also founded Upon.You Records with the help of Hawks Grunert and Marcus Meinhardt which features over 60 releases from artists like ONNO and Emerson Todd, holding nights at Watergate and even Panorama Bar. Marco himself still collabs in 'Luna City Express' all these years later, but mostly now focuses on a solo career under his birth name. Many years ago we did a not so serious with the man himself and have now had a more up to date chat with Marco.       Something you wouldn’t guess I’m interested in is…   I’m totally into gardening my balcony. Besides all that stress I have it’s very calming!   A song I absolutely hate is…   German Folk Music as well as its singers and the audience of this genre.   The most breathtaking experience I have ever had is..   Parachuting. I did it together with my best friend when we both turned 30 and almost peed my pants.     My favourite subject at school was….   History and I still love it. But I sometimes fell asleep during the classes when I started my with party career in the ealy 90s.   When I was younger I wanted to be a….   I really thought that I was talented and good enough to become a professional footballer.   My drink of choice is….   Rum on the rocks!     The best club in the world is….   Does only one really exist?   My favourite sight in the world is….   Definitely the TV Tower in Berlin. Not only because I see it daily but my granny was also part of the team that built the antenna in the late 60s.    The best live act is…   I really enjoy watching Reggie Watts. What a dude!   The person who has the best voice in the world is….   My almost 3 years old daughter when she sings laudly and off-key.     Marco is back with new four track EP 'Olympia' out on the 12th August with Poker Flat Recordings. The EP is full of driving tech-house rhythms and trippy rollers and is definitely worth checking out! You can pre-order the EP here and check out Marco on Soundcloud here.

Competition Summary - ENDING THIS WEEKEND

You can't say we don't treat you here at Meoko...we have 4 competitions ending this weekend so here's a summary to remind you, make sure you enter while you still can! 1. Mobilee Vinyl + T-shirts The kind people at Mobilee are allowing two of Meoko’s readers to win 3 vinyls and a t-shirt each as shown below! If you want to be in with a chance of winning, let us know your favourite track from the folks over at Mobilee Records. Email your answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with the subject line: Mobilee Showcase. http://www.meoko.net/reviews/mobilee-showcase-with-anja-schneider-ray-okpara-and-re-you-saturday-july-30th-chance-to-win-vinyl-t-shirts   2. Fuse Competition We are also teaming up with Fuse with an amazing prize giveaway! Up for grabs are: - limited edition Fuse t shirts commemorating 5 years of Fuse London Records. - Guestlist for the event  - 5 years of Fuse limited Vinyl release    To be in with a chance of winning just email your favourite Fuse memory from the past 5 years over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with the subject line Fuse Birthday. Good Luck!   http://www.meoko.net/competitions/fuse-5th-birthday-party-competition   3. Merkwürdiges Verhalten Tickets     We are giving away 2 tickets to the event! To win, send your dream festival location to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // . http://www.meoko.net/news/this-saturday-win-tickets-to-merkwuerdiges-verhalten-in-frankfurt-germany   4. Maze at SHAPES closing party tickets     We are happy to announce a giveaway of 10 X places on the free guestlist of this event along with a free drink to the first 10 people to send over the name of their favourite venue to have closed in the past few years to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with the subject line “Maze at Shapes”   http://www.meoko.net/competitions/competition-maze-at-shapes-this-saturday  

Competition: Maze at SHAPES THIS SATURDAY

It’s now official that one our favourite London venues SHAPES in Hackney Wick is unfortunately closing down this weekend. Of course, this means there’s time for one last party this Saturday, and it’s set to be one of the best yet.    The party falls right in the middle of the HACKNEY WICKED festival (where discounted wristbands will be handed out) and aims to follow the festival’s ambience of art and culture.   The line up so far features Eyesmoon (Maze), Sam Bangura (Half Baked) and a massive b2b with Soho and Simon Rigg (Phonica Records). Headlining the event is Parisian groovy house master JEF K.   We are happy to announce a giveaway of 10 X places on the free guestlist of this event along with a free drink to the first 10 people to send over the name of their favourite venue to have closed in the past few years to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // with the subject line “Maze at Shapes”   Tickets and event info here   Good Luck!

Do DJs need to be a published producer to have a career?

In a facebook post from last year, David Morales vented his frustration at the current state of affairs, complaining that “…unfortunately DJ's are "required" to have a record charting in order to get recognized and get gigs. WHAT A FARCE! There's so many nn DJ's getting paid just bc they made a record…” Overgeneralisations aside, Morales’ post touched on something: do DJs need to be a published producer to have a career? In theory no, of course not. But the reality, as you may well know, is different. A well placed record released on the ‘right’ (read in vogue) label can throw the career of a relative or total newcomer into the spotlight - likeYour Everything did for Danny Daze back in 2011. From here the media machine springs into action, penning reviews and interviews whilst certain promoters fall over each other in a bid to bag the new star(let) for their night. This understandably pisses people off as it ridicules the idea of a meritocracy in bypassing the years of experience and graft that presumably warrants such a standing. Credit where credit isn’t due? Possibly and in certain cases definitely. But it would be unfair and totally misplaced to point fingers at individual producers for this turn of events . As in essence, this is a systemic problem - a problem with the industry and the wider marketplace it belongs to - and by virtue of this it’s hard, very hard, to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies without bringing into account factors such as the underlying economic system and the effect this has on individual psychology. Tricky, and there’s neither the personal knowledge nor room to do this proper justice (several books could easily be written on the topic) in a way that wouldn’t be reductive or resort to oversimplifications.   Now as I don’t work in the industry everything here is said from a position outside, looking in which has its obvious advantages and disadvantages.  This is not intended to be comprehensive by any stretch of the word and for any likely omissions to come, I apologise; time and space only permits so much. The aim of this piece is to take stock of the current landscape as I see it and ponder over a few of its crucial features.  Anyway, in theory being a DJ shouldn’t mean you have to release music and being a producer needn’t mean you have to play out in order to have a profession, but what’s true in theory is rarely true in practice.  Natural human imperfection has its way of flouting, confounding and generally fucking up what’s theoretically perfect. The fact is DJs who release music - particularly those who release a flavour of the moment tune- are more likely to receive bookings than those who don’t, regardless of their ability as a DJ. To my mind there’s something inherently unfair about someone landing slots over other, possibly more experienced, DJs  purely on the basis of a well received record, regardless of ability. But it’s not as clear cut as this. The world being as it is, most aspiring ‘artists’ –in this case producers/DJs-  have to spend a large part of time  working at a day job  (if they’re lucky it’ll be something they don’t mind doing) which physically limits the hours they can put into honing a craft.   It’s unlikely then they’ll be able to put the hours into developing both the technical and creative skills needed to excel at DJ’ing and producing which leads to a scenario where the two (DJ’ing & producing) seem to be mutually exclusive. After all, it’s a rarity to have someone like Ricardo Villalobos who is as an accomplished producer as DJ and even then, it took him several years from becoming a full time musician to begin releasing a truly singular body of work. But these cases are few and far between as nearly all full time DJs have, hard work aside, gotten to a professional level through an association of some kind such as a label, party or record. There are only a few very notable exceptions to this like Nicolas Lutz who has based his decades long career purely on discovering and playing records. As you might expect, he has only very recently begun to gain a wider recognition outside of the niche sphere of cratediggers he moves through (something aided in part by an excellent RA podcast and an ensuing scattering of bookings at large clubs). Though it’s possible Lutz has been keen to play mainly to a smaller crowd of enthusiasts than to a larger one that may not necessarily appreciate his selections, it remains a sad fact that a talented DJ may be totally passed over in favour of a less capable DJ purely because they don’t have that seemingly crucial association with a label, sound, party etc.    This invariably creates a tension in aspiring DJs who may feel pressured to release a record as they can see the difficulties of becoming professional by not doing so, but at the same time don’t want to ‘sell out’. Ideally music, like all art, should be made for its own sake and the commercial trappings that come with success should be a byproduct , not the end goal. But this is idealistic and I can’t entirely fault, a producer or promoter who chooses the easier compromise so to launch their professional career.  As said before, the blame isn’t something to be placed on these producers  who find themselves getting bookings on the basis of a record, nor really on the individual promoters who facilitate this in booking acts that promise a higher turner out regardless of whether said act can mix. At the end of the day, those involved at every level of the industry want to make a living from music (and not presumably from something else) so they are justified, within the skewed logic of business, in making these choices. If this seems wrong it’s because they’re working within a structure that is inherently wrong. Like so many, the allure of money eclipses their integrity.  This isn’t a new phenomenon by any means but it does seem that in recent years the balance has shifted and ‘hype’ is becoming ever more dominant. Why is this? Initially I was at a loss.  Myriad reasons appeared, vague and half formed which wasn’t really satisfying so I thought a little more in my dozy, scattershot way on what was unique to this part of the century. Again numerous aspects of modern life suggested themselves but the one that stuck was the internet, specifically the development of high speed broadband.  How exactly? Today there is a visibly wider interest in electronic dance music than there was fifteen, twenty years ago which I feel has been greatly aided by the ubiquity of broadband internet. This might seem a little tenuous or far flung but to my mind the effect of the internet on how we experience the world and each other can’t be understated.   To make the case through a tangent…It can list as some of its achievements: an instrumental role in collapsing distance and time; serious changes in social relations; an archive containing nearly every published book and recorded piece of music; rendered the underground/overground divide irrelevant; offers access to a digital marketplace where you can buy anything from records to automatic machine guns; an effect on the way news is reported and most sinisterly, the creation of new methods of control (through surveillance). A source of anxiety and paranoia for some, a chance for further development for others, regardless of your opinion the internet has affected nearly every aspect of life.                                                                                             In the case of electronic dance music, the internet has given people immediate access to the material of a subculture that would have previously been very hard to find except through association or good fortune. Now, anyone with a workable internet connection can within thirty minutes reasonably come across not just a digital archive of this music, but the means – through cracked software – to make it themselves.  Great, for a variety of self-evident reasons, but it’s also indirectly been a catalyst for a boom in electronic dance music as an industry and from this, the gateway for some pretty negative repercussions.  The fact that there are now more people wanting to produce and DJ it takes more to be heard above all the extra noise than it did before, where presumably graft, passion and perhaps a little bit of nifty PR was enough to set you up as a professional DJ. Has much changed? In one sense no, these elements still play their vital role in taking an aspiring DJ into the professional circuit, but as said before the PR aspect, that association with a label, party etc. does seem to be  increasingly dominant.  As the worlds of House and Techno have becomes less niche, the smaller industry of before has given way to a structure resembling the Rock or Hip-Hop industry and with it has come the increase in careerism. This of course is not true across the board as there are many successful and respected independents like the Perlon roster or the Romanian House scene that have flourished in spite of the shifting industry and not because.      But, for better or worse, and I’m of the opinion it’s for the worst, this change  has meant that some DJs feel that they are putting themselves at a disadvantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by not releasing music. In this light, the idea of releasing the ‘right’ record on a trendy label becomes the promise of a career and a string of well received releases a great thing to flesh out a budding DJ’s ‘CV. To clarify: this is not to say that all music is made cynically with the sole intent of boosting a career, but it’s true in some cases whether that’s conscious or not. A distinction should be drawn between those who make music for ‘its own sake’ with little thought of commercial gain and those who do it primarily for commercial gain. In some cases it’s clear to say who is in it for the money – the Aokis, Guettas & Calvin Harris’ of the world-  but within the purer realm of House and Techno it gets a little trickier but still possible. I can think of a fair few DJs who have made tunes or enlisted the help of full time producers that seem to be pretty desperate bid to cash in on a certain sound so to boost their profile.  Like the promoters who book these overnight successes, it’s case of weak ethics but we shouldn’t expect any different from them; it would be very difficult to bring about a real change as there will always be those who choose the easier compromise. On the flipside, there are the cases where promoters take a chance on a producer/DJ which happens to be well placed. The ideal equation here is tracks leads to gigs, these gigs showcase their records and skill, the money from the gigs then affords them the time to make more music. The problem of course is that hype tends to rubbish this and the notion of skill figures less. However there are cases where this equation rings true like with Suciu Laurentiu - Alexandru  aka Faster. Since 2011 he has released a steady stream of great records with a little more drive and immediacy than some of those made by his countrymen. With each successive release his records have ( to my ears anyway) marked his development as a producer. In the short time his Faster project has been active, Alexandru has found himself receiving more bookings and gathered wider acknowledgement (for instance, dance tabloid Mixmag featured his latest record Amprente in their ‘Big Tunes section). Or to take another example, consider the earlier career of Ricardo Villalobos.  As captured nicely by Jasper Grosvenor in a piece for FACT, before releasing Alcachofa Villalobos was a well respected but relatively unknown DJ – albeit one with a smattering of interesting and in some cases brilliant, releases. On releasing Alcachofa, Villalobos’ profile was pushed rapidly upwards and from there, as they say, the rest was history. Aside from the fact there’s something nice in seeing someone deservedly get fair recognition, these cases prove it is possible (and it might seem a moot point given the state of the world at the moment) in today’s age for the DJ/producer to maintain their integrity whilst having a career.    The problem however remains for those who solely DJ and don’t have that party or professional association to boost their profile. The upshot of this, is that there are still scenes, as you see in Romania, where a certain type of skilled DJ’ing is highly valued, that run counter to the monetised, ‘big name’ cyclical trends that characterise the industry elsewhere., I find it hard to envision an environment outside of a grassroots one -based on mutual respect and support  with no PR - that can offer an even ground for someone who purely DJs’  to establish themselves, in and of their ability. Outside of this, the aforementioned problems of the industry figure too heavily and uneven the playing field. As to the future, I’m not entirely sure. Though the past few years has seen reactions against the trend and hype orientated flows of electronic dance music appear,  it’ll be a while from now before any serious changes occur given how deeply embedded these problems are in the wider sphere of society.  Words by Neto Light-Lopez

THIS SATURDAY - Win Tickets to Merkwürdiges Verhalten in Frankfurt, Germany

On the 30th July in Frankfurt, Germany, electronic music festival Merkwürdiges Verhalten takes place again. The event has been going on for 16 years in the popular region of Frankfurt am Main.    The venue changes every year but is always extremely special and maintains their slogan of ‘Sun, Joy and the best music!’. The venue this year is outdoors besides the Commerzbank Arena and Frankfurt Stadium pool and is incredibly beautiful and unique.    There is also an incredible line up this year, including Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon and tINI and other artists such as Raresh, Markus Fix, Einzelkin, ensuring an astounding day of music.    Pre-sales for the popular event sold out after only 48 hours so make sure you grab your ticket from here ASAP. Tickets include admission to the Strange Behaviour In The Club after party with Nick Curly, ATA, John Lemon and more. We are also giving away 2 tickets to the event! To win, send your dream festival location to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // .   Check out the Facebook event here.           

Fuse 5th Birthday Party & Competition

  It only seems like yesterday Fuse began as a free party in Brick Lane; they may now be preparing for a massive 5th Birthday celebration at the wonderful Studio 338 on 30th July, but they’ve never compromised their wonderful music ethos.    Since the creation of Fuse they have built one of the best record labels to the day, along with a cult-like following, and it’s time to reward all their hard work with a massive birthday party. Bridging boundaries in electronic music, educating audiences with all manners of musical styles, Fuse strives to do things no other record label could achieve in the same way, with the motto “We want to continue to be the symbol for quality, up-to-dateness and fusion”. There’s no better place to celebrate than in one of London’s most popular up-and-coming venues Studio 338, which has a massive capacity. Fuse are taking over the Studio 338 Terrace, with around 16 different DJs such as Alex Arnout, Archie Hamilton, Dan Lively and Rossko. Infuse are also taking over the loft area with Fabe, Ferro, Mariana Mateljan and Zendid.   We are also teaming up with Fuse with an amazing prize giveaway! Up for grabs are: - limited edition Fuse t shirts commemorating 5 years of Fuse London Records. - Guestlist for the event  - 5 years of Fuse limited Vinyl release    To be in with a chance of winning just email your favourite Fuse memory from the past 5 years over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with the subject line Fuse Birthday. Good Luck!       Tickets/ Event info here and Facebook event here 

Undersound #25 at The Pickle Factory

  Undersound continue to spread their love for clubbing and music with their 25th all night party at The Pickle Factory opposite The Oval Space in London on 20th August.     A breath of fresh air in the commercial world we live in, Undersound refuse to give in to gimmicks and marketing techniques, just focusing on good quality music and venues.   From 11pm-6am Undersound resident DJs Harry McCanna, Gwenan and Andrew James Gustav along with a Freerotation takeover of Steevio and his partner Suzybee (Welsh techno pros with a passion for hardware and live synth improvisation) will be keeping the party alive all night long.   The Pickle Factory is the perfect intimate venue to suit Undersound’s style of minimalism, focusing on an incredible audiotechnik V series sound system with no room for unnecessary lighting and visuals.    Tickets/ Event info here and Facebook event here

Introducing London 2016's Corona’s SunSet Sessions

After their hugely successful SunSet series in 2015, Corona will bring around 4,000 gatherings globally across beaches, cities and mountain tops. The beer company are trying to spread a stunning ‘This is Living’ message, reminding people to get out and about and enjoy life as much as possible. London weather may not guarantee sunshine, but with closed eyes and a chilled Corona and a lime wedge it’s easy to imagine we’re on a beach in Mexico, and Corona are making it even easier to bring a Summer atmosphere to the city of London by creating some brilliant spaces for drinking and music.   The series launches at Hackney Wick on August 7th from 3-11pm in the beautiful terrace at Number 90 Bar and Kitchen. The headliner for this event is tech house legend Craig Richards, with support from Leatherette, Pete Herbert and Bobby Pleasure.   Next up on the 21st August Corona take over Last Days of Shoreditch at Red Market from 3-11pm. Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with music, street food and crazy golf, the large terrace will be taken over by Corona. Electronic superstars Groove Armada will be headlining, with Bill Brewster and Pete Herbert alongside. There will also be a free taco for the first 150 entrants at this event so be sure to arrive early!   Corona then take to Dalston Roof Park, again from 3-11pm, to end off the summer in the best way possible. Ibiza stars Alfredo and Jose Padilla take over the spacious roof with Mr M supporting.   The highlight of the sessions of course is The SunSets Festival on Meridian Quays on the Greenwich Peninsula on Saturday 30th july. Warm sand will be taking over the SE10 area to bring a true beach vibe to the waterfront, alongside attractions such as various Corona cocktails, tribal body painting and Corona Cubo Corner, initiating guests into the Sunsets tribe.    Carnival legend Norman Jay MBE will be spinning his classic house, funk and soul sounds as the sun sets on London, with support from Crazy P Soundsystem, Nightmares on Wax, Coco Cole and Shovell.    On the second stage, Robin Schulz headlines, with support from Felix Jaehns, Sam Veldt, The Him and Riki Inocente, with a laid-back combination of beach tunes, summer melodies and deep house.

Lounge on the Lake Festival + VIP Ticket Giveaway

This year, between September 2nd-4th, the second year of Lounge on the Lake Festival comes to Sawbridge, Hertfordshire in Essex.  The underground style of the festival means everyone attending will be there with the same motives: to spread love and music around the idyllic settings.  With 5 stages (hosted by the likes of Level, Wet Yourself, Banjax, Redrum and many more) and 2 ‘secret gems’ this is an intimate but by no means small occasion, celebrating world music, food (from some of the UK’s best food vendors) and culture in a relaxing atmosphere.  The 2016 line up is impressive, with 130+ DJ’s & live acts including the likes of Omar, Richy Ahmed, Giles Smith, Rodney P & Dk Skitz, and Max Chapman along with plenty of others with the full line up having been revealed yesterday.     Buy your tickets here, with Early Bird tickets at only £59, VIP tickets at £200 and day tickets at £39. There is also the option of Boutique Camping, which you can check out here.  We have also teamed up with Lounge on the Lake to offer 2 sets of VIP tickets! To be in with a chance of winning, simply email us in 50 words or less your dream location for a festival. Email your answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with the subject line: Lounge on the Lake. Good Luck! https://www.facebook.com/events/1260434937307519/ For more, check out their website and Facebook.

Fabric CD Giveaway

Lovebox Festival is quickly approaching, and it’s set to be a great one, with world-famous fabric nightclub teaming up with Pioneer Pro Audio to host an arena which recreates the nightclub experience in a festival environment.   Fabric also have us covered for the afterparty too, with a night at fabric for Lovebox After Dance with guests Ricardo Villalobos, Thomas Franzmann aka Zip and Jackmaster joining residents Craig Richards and Terry Francis for a quality night of techno goodness.      We are teaming up with fabric to give away 2 X fabric CD by both ZIP and Ricardo. To be in with a chance of winning simply like and share the post pinned to the top of our Facebook page here. Event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?836483     More Meoko? Facebook Twitter   Soundcloud

Sonus Festival 2016 - News and Ticket Giveaway.

Here at Meoko we’re just waiting for 21st-25th August to come as soon as possible so we can get to Sonus Festival.  It’s just over a month until Sonus begins on the beautiful Zcre beach on Pag Island, Croatia and it’s sure to be a week you’ll never forget. There have been many buzzing announcements since our last post, with the festival announcing their many party partners such as Fuse, tINI and the gang, THUMP and Resident Advisor. After already crazy additions of hypnotic Swedish techno power couple Adam Beyer and his wife Ida Engberg, German DJ/ producer Monika Kruse and party-starter Andy Catana, Sonus released the stunning full line-up and schedule as seen below.   Sonus have also released this dreamy trailer to get you all brimming with excitement!     Ticket prices are currently at €179 for a standard ticket, €249 for a VIP ticket and there are also €25 boat parties and €38 shuttle tickets available.  We are also very excited to announce a 2 X ticket giveaway for Sonus Festival! To be in with a chance of winning email the name of the act whose Sonus set you’re most looking forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // .   Good Luck!    For more information, head to the website or Facebook page, on which Sonus have been posting some videos getting us hyped for the occasion.     More Meoko? Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Not So Serious Sessions with Archie Hamilton

Archie Hamilton is a young man making a big imprint on the DJ world, with a nomination in the Ibiza DJ Awards 2016 in the newcomer category. The London based DJ has two labels to his name, Moscow Records and Moss Co., and also has releases/ remixes on well known labels such as Fuse and Fear of Flying. The popularity of his hypnotic house and techno sets have allowed him to perform internationally, at respected venues such as fabric, Space Ibiza and Sonus festival and Amnesia. He also launched his own event brand, ‘Arkityp’, which hosted 5 parties in Ibiza’s Underground last Summer. Archie’s tracks ‘Mind Blank’ and ‘Troublemaker’ also gained considerable respect throughout 2015. We had a not so serious chat with the man himself. My all time favourite band is…. I don’t have just 1…top 3; Classic; Rolling Stones Growing up; Oasis Recent; Whitest Boy Alive   I have always wanted to… Skydive!   The strangest compliment I have ever received is…  ‘Your music - it is like you attack with a flower’.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_7fdcb7c5_2001354357&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/archiehamiltonmusic/whats-in-your-head-xlr8r-stream', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_7fdcb7c5_2001354357', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_7fdcb7c5_2001354357' }); });     The first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was… Why the builders next door are using a power saw outside my window at 8.00am.   If I had to be locked in a room with someone for 24 hours it would be... Harry Houdini. I’m sure he’d find a way but if he didn’t, I’d enjoy watching him try.     The longest I’ve gone without sleep for is… 3 days.   The TV character I most relate to is… Sterling Archer. The last book I read from front to back is… The Celestine Prophecy.   My favourite place to go when I have no commitments for a day is…. This is a rare occurrence. I had a day off in Mexico recently and climbed in this mountain national park called Chipinque which was incredible.     As well as his upcoming US tour, Archie is making his debut at Amnesia this Summer at FUSE x Hyte on July 13th (event details) and will also be playing at the 5 Years of Fuse event at Studio 338 on July 30th (event details).   He is also releasing his 'What's In Your Head' EP on his own imprint Moscow Records released 22nd July. The title track on the A side is an uplifting minimal house track and the B side is a remix by Ali Nasser, whose remix brings together both classic percussion and synth elements creating a house classic.   https://www.facebook.com/archiehamiltonmusic https://soundcloud.com/archiehamiltonmusic   More MEOKO   Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud

Mobilee Showcase with Anja Schneider, Ray Okpara and Re:You - Saturday July 30th + Chance to Win Vinyl/ T-Shirts

  Balancing constant touring, a weekly radio show, motherhood, producing and co-founding Mobilee Records, Anja Schneider is one inspirationally hard worker. Egg LDN is all set to host Anja, alongside Mobilee’s Re.You and Ray Okpara and popular Egg residents’ Kyle E and The Willers Brothers on Saturday 30th July for an unforgettable house ’n’ tech night.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_6fd6d066_751918399&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/anjaschneider/sets/anja-schneider-soul-traveler', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_6fd6d066_751918399', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_6fd6d066_751918399' }); });   The Berlin based electronic music label Mobilee launched in 2005, founded by Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann. The label pride themselves on innovation, merging classic minimalism with contemporary ideas and also taking music in their own ingenious new directions. The fact the label has been running so long is a testament to their ability to adapt to the never-ending rapid changes of the electronic dance music community.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_56155b48_1997902518&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/rayokpara/time-mobilee-records-163', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_56155b48_1997902518', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_56155b48_1997902518' }); });     Egg LDN with it’s warehouse vibe, pumping sound system and out of this world visuals/ lighting is the perfect place for Mobilee Records to showcase their talent in all its glory. Alongside Egg residents’ the spectacular trio will stun audiences with their wide range of music, from Anja Schneider’s ‘Caracus’, which featured on the Moon Harbour compilation; to Re.You’s larger than life edit of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’; and Ray Okpara’s soulful grooves like ‘Angel Eyes’.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_020ee33f_150073061&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/mobilee-records/reyou-meetmobilee-watergate-25052016', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_020ee33f_150073061', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_020ee33f_150073061' }); });     The kind people at Mobilee are allowing two of Meoko’s readers to win 3 vinyls and a t-shirt each as shown below! If you want to be in with a chance of winning, let us know your favourite track from the folks over at Mobilee Records. Email your answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // with the subject line: Mobilee Showcase. Good Luck! https://www.facebook.com/events/1139388816113488/  
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