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Friday 22 Mar 19 Wildlife - Purim Club Marathon at The Block

Fri-Sat March 22-23 2019- - - - - - - - - - - -- - W I L D L I F E - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Purim Club MarathonThree Dancefloors andUrban Yard at The Block- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Red Axes - Ellen AllienPeter Van Hoesen LIVE - BlawanEd Davenport b2b PartokYogg b2b Pharaoh, Naduve- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Raresh - Praslea - Priku - ArapuTal Cohen b2b Asael WeissNiran Mantin - Adar Cohen - Jonas Hassan- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Alex Levin - David ElimelechDasco - Adam Ten - Roni Amitai- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Visuals by Cote- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday 23 Mar 19 Arupa Music w/ Dubtil, Sepp & Carlos Ryan

Arupa Music are back and we are happy to announce our next date after a great start to 2019 on new years day with Mihigh and Paul K.**********************************************************For the first time at Arupa Music we welcome Dubtil and Sepp two artist's who have been on our radar for some time. Dubtil an artist we love to hear and have witnessed some flawless sets at Sunwaves, Waha and Mioritmic last year to name a few, its a real honour to have him join us. We have been working closely with Sepp, from supporting our label throughout his sets at Sunwaves and across europe last year to working on Arupa Music Limited 003 which will be out later this summer, it's great to have him play for us on this special date.Location: we have a new space called Overlock Arts in Hackney, a Licensed 350 capacity venue equipped with a Martin Audio Sound system.***********************************************************Line up:Dubtil [sunrise, ourown]Sepp [sunrise, uvar]Carlos Ryan [arupa music]***********************************************************Tickets: Early Birds on sale from 25th January ***********************************************************Visuals: Damåg Photography: Jan BernetSoundsystem: Martin Audio Ltd***********************************************************For more information please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday 29 Mar 19 Round UP x ReSolute - 3 years of R.U @ Microna

Only once a year we get to celebrate a birthday, celebrate the survival of a project, celebrate the good and the bad we have been put through and survived, celebrate another year that made us stronger. 29th of March 2019 we celebrate all of that and then some, what started as a crazy idea in a small bar developed into a project that has known no limits no bounds have given us some of the best musical moments we could ever wish for. On this day together with the of the the finest promoters in recent years, we're putting up one of the biggest events, with the best line up to date. We've brought in some of our favourites and have an insane venue to go with it. Save the date book your trains/plane tickets and make sure you get to Prague for this.Artists:- Sonja Moonear- Francesco Del Garda- Shonky- Mari.te- Bruno Curtis & Eddie Mur & Agustin AlvarezLocation: Microna BunkerVisuals: ?Pre-sale: https://goout.net/cs/listky/round-up-x-resolute-shonky+sonja-moonear+francesco-del-garda/fpwd/Come Chillwww.roundup.agency

Saturday 30 Mar 19 SOLIS 014: SIT & Arapu

After welcoming two of Romania’s best last year, we thought it only fitting to welcome three more for our March edition.In maybe our biggest and favourite lineup to date, join us Saturday 30th March as we welcome Romania's most in demand duo SIT, alongside man of the moment Arapu :)SIT (Amphia/RO)(Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia)Arapu (Liniar Rec/RO)Kurtt (Trapped Ldn)Mylo Harvey (SOLIS London)Cal Lewis (SOLIS London)Garage Takeover: Signum LondonPearce Martin / WHYTS Bunney / Rich Ares*AFTERS TBA*This will be a sell out so grab an advance ticket while you can!See you down front :)Team SOLIS x---------


Round Up Is Back at Sonar's OFFweek with 8+ artists, visuals, art & more

This year Round Up will host a showcase at La Terrrazza in Barcelona, during the OFFweek of Sonar - a party which will happen throughout the daytime of Thursday 13th of June.     Round Up is a Prague-based events promotion organization. Started as a birthday event for Bruno Curtis and Agustin Alvarez in a small bar in the Czech capital, Round Up quickly grew into one of the most prominent promoters in the Prague scene, and recently started delivering its parties all over the best European venues. Apart from hosting the best music acts in the underground scene, Round Up puts emphasis on the visual aspect of its parties, by including original visual projections or installations on location.   The line-up still has to be announced, but considering the recent bookings of Round Up we are sure it’s going to be, once again, a stellar one. La Terrrazza is an open-air summer venue located on the mountain of Montjuic, an historic part of Barcelona. Apart from being one of the main venues for the Catalan city's house and techno nightlife throughout the whole summer, the club is one of the focal points for the Sonar period. Line Up Artist 1 X Artist 2 X Artist 3 X Artist 4 X Artist 5 X Artist 6 X Artist 7 X Artist 8 X FACEBOOK EVENT MORE ROUND UP EARLY BIRD TICKETS   


Despite big head line ups, techno festivals and events, discovering, hearing and dancing to some tasteful rhythms remains the main goal of what we love and want to share. Techno is all about music and passion, a fact that we can’t deny. In this way, we choose to offer you something fresh, a brand new bangin label named Phonik, co-founded by Yoshitaca, Fasten Musique Concrète Resident DJ among Archie Hamilton, Verrina&Ventura, SIT or Roger Gerressen to just name a few - and friend and partner Julien Lucas.One release and another one out since yesterday, we had a talk with this last one but least quoted, Julien. 25 y/o French young man livin in Berlin since few years now, talked us about Phonik origins and his vision of the music berliner way of life.     Hello Julien, thanks for having us. I’m glad to exchange with you today. Hey Dylan, thank you for your welcome and interest in our new project Phonik.    First of all, and as it’s the main reason of our venue, can you tell us few words about Phonik creation, aims and directions. Everything started in 2016 when Yoshitaca and myself met at the club Hoppetosse in Berlin, during his first gig there. From this time, a strong friendship started and our love for the same music pushed us to make this project together. In February 2018, we decided to create our own label Phonik. We could define our music by a mix between House and Electro, with some techno sonority.    We all know that the Berlin underground scene is pretty huge and various. It’s a kind of pilgrimage site for every DJ and ravers who want to become more imbued with the electronic music culture. How can you define your place in it? First of all, Berlin always been for us “the” electronic music city, which is actually the main reason why we both moved here. The rave culture always been huge here. Clubs like Heideglühen or Hoppetosse have been for us a lot of inspiration in our music direction. But like we all know, the concurrence here is important and it’s getting harder to stand out from all of these new labels. Our music wanna stay underground, in the way that we only press 300 copies for each EP and work mainly with new artists.   Phonik has for the moment released two vinyl records : PNK001 Thoughts or Feelings, an whole EP composed by Yoshitaca and PNK002 Members Only EP including four tracks by Mariano, Optique, Yoshitaca and Yoske which is out since yesterday!!       How do you feel about this second EP? We are really excited to see how the public will react with this various artists composed by four very talented producer. The four tracks are made for the dancefloor.     Bikini Waxx Records located in the famous Kreuzberg district, became one of the most popular record store in Town since there opening five years ago. A great selection from House to Techno with a warm customer service.The team is composed by Yannik Zander, Alexander Skancke and the owner Gerd Tammist.With their cosy mezzanine space, it’s feels good to listen records while drinking a tea or talking with friends.   You have the chance to have Bikini Waxx Records store for your second release party. Can you tell us more about this partnership?  We really wanted to make a partnership with a record store in Berlin, and naturally our choice turned into Bikini Waxx.We both are regular customers of the shop, and with the time became friends with the team. Like we said, it is really important for us to work with people close to us.    On March 8th, so basically TOMORROW you will be hosting the PNK002 release party over there. What can we expect about it?   It’s gonna be a lovely event starting at (from) 6pm till 10pm. We wanted something familial for this one, and Bikini waxx feels a bit like home! For this event, our special guest will be the talented Velasco playing his finest records.  Of course will follow our two Phonik artists Yoske and Yoshitaca. You will find some copies of the PNK02 directly there. Fresh beer will be served as well!    What is next for Phonik? Working at the moment on the third EP, which will be out hopefully beginning of summer!  We’re planning also to make really soon some merchandise goods Phonik T-shirt and tote bags.   Thank you for your time Julien, see you really soon.     Phonik02 Release Party x Bikini Waxx Records promises to be a lot of fun, a perfect way to breathe out after a long week, afterworks golden hours to enjoy with vinyl only sets from Velasco (Nil), Yoshitaca (Phonik) and Yoske (Phonik/LARK).  And ‘cause we love to treat you damn well, one of you will have the chance to win the new PNK002 Members Only EP. One rule, like and share the Facebook publication, Julien will pick the luckiest of us with our help.   Words by Dylan Am

"The main element for me is groove" - Vlad Dinu Exclusive

Bucharest’s Vlad Dinu has been inconspicuously refining his sound for over 10 years. His hunger for experimentation has led him to move beyond genre constraints and use music as a mode of emotive communication. Vlad Dinu’s artistry is an extension of his passion for the power of groove, and his expertly honed productions have found home on labels including Generatia'90, Synesthesia, Mihai Bravu, and Half Naked Dog. Vlad Dinu has also collaborated with the likes of Sublee and Iuly.B, releasing music under the Stedi and Nord Pipes aliases respectively. We are honoured to have Vlad Dinu join our podcast series and delighted to have had the opportunity to talk to an artist whose drive and humility are palpable. For his MEOKO mix Vlad Dinu dives into the dancefloor-oriented side of his collection, building and sustaining an energy guaranteed to lift your spirits. Vlad Dinu - MEOKO Exclusive    An advocate of the power of the groove, Vlad Dinu’s ability to extract new and exciting musical possibilities from his selections renders him a sought after presence in his local scene. Having appeared alongside Piticu, Charlie, Emi, Suciu, Cezar, Praslea, Kozo, and Ion Ludwig, Vlad Dinu is beginning to ascend on a promising trajectory of his own. Drawing from his multispectral influences, Vlad Dinu’s sets offer fresh and creative sounds delivered with an effortless veterans touch.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_1b12d5c7_2135134055&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/blazed-vd', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_1b12d5c7_2135134055', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_1b12d5c7_2135134055' }); });     Hi Vlad, thank you so much for your time. It’s a pleasure being able to chat to you and we’re super excited about the mix you’ve put together for us. Can you start by telling us a bit about the idea behind the mix?     Hey guys, first and foremost, let me say that I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to be featured on your platform . I’d like to think that the mix I’ve put together for you guys is somewhat representative of what I would play during a club set . I’m thinking this is a very good opportunity for people who don’t know me to get a small taste of what they might expect me to play during a club night . All together I hope the audience enjoys my selection of records and I surely hope to bring a smile to everybody’s faces :D Taking a step back, how did everything begin for you and how has it evolved over the years?   Well I guess it all began in 1996 for me. I went on a trip with my dad to Philadelphia and I discovered a local record shop whilst exploring the city, which would later become one of my favourite shops in the world. That’s the spot where I got in touch for the first time with hip hop, as I bought my first Kool Keith record. Dr. Octagon which was released that same year Mo Wax .You have to imagine that I was 12 years old and I just bought myself a PG18 rated record . That’s the point where I started losing it and started buying as much records and CD’s I could afford. Hip hop was a big part of my life as a cultural movement and I sill feel culturally connected to hip hop through my music a lot ! High school later brought me face to face with electronic music , as I was constantly hanging out in one of Bucharest’s most legendary venues ( one that actually saw a lot of the legendary names in Romania play , guys like Dj Vasile, BogMan which was then known as Dj Sleek , Vexxatu Vexx, Blanoz Distrusoz , Suie Paparude or Unu, just to name a few ) . I’ve started playing dance records about 12 years ago and haven’t stopped ever since. What are your views on the current Bucharest club scene? Is there anything you’d like to see done differently?   Bucharest has rapidly evolved over the past 8 years into what you would might call “the place to be” when it comes to the clubbing scene. Clubs are constantly lined up with the best names in the industry, whether it be the local heroes or big names from abroad . Furthermore, I think that it recently became a more diverse scene than before as new and talented artists are diversifying their DJ sets with all sorts of music as a response to the massive growth in record acquisitions that goes on lately . Thus being said, I wouldn’t change much as I think that the local club scene is constantly developing into something better and better as time goes by. Only thing I would definitely wish for would be new venues as we have a lot of astonishing buildings and establishments that would easily fit a club event.   As a DJ, the breadth of your selections makes it clear you have an intuition for digging deep. What are you looking for when it comes to finding new music?   The main element for me is groove . If a track perspires groove, whether it be a minimal one, a housey one or why not even an experimental one, as long as it has groove it will definitely get me interested into it. Another thing that makes me buzz are the tracks that tell a story. You see, I also like to think that my DJ sets are about me transmitting my story to the audience , so therefore, a track with a good storyline and a strong groove is definitely going to have me buy it !   Now let’s get into the production side of things. Your catalogue is very diverse, and I’m sure only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the music you’ve created. Did you get into production through DJing? How long have you been making music? Hah, thanks, you make me blush :) Production wise, I started putting out tracks 10 years ago so I would guess that makes me old now wouldn’t it? I’ve always maintained a low profile as I have been constantly working to perfect my sound both as a DJ and as a producer but now I feel I have achieved that which I was looking for and it’s time for me to put it out for the people to enjoy. Could you talk a little about the creative process behind your productions? What continues to keep you inspired? I guess every day life is what gets me inspired. I always find myself jamming whenever I sit down in my studio, and it’s always based on how I feel at the moment. I don’t think that I have ever narrowed down my inspiration to on thing or another, it’s basically the sum of all my experiences since the last time I sat down to make music . So, in other words, my music is somehow my personal diary . What about your technical approach? Could you describe your current studio setup, and your workflow when starting a new track?   Being my dad’s kid, I grew up listening to Motown Records mostly every day, so you might say that my only technical approach is jamming till it sounds good . I currently work in a home studio which is basically pretty well equipped as far as my needs go. I have 3 samplers ( Elektron Digitakt / MPC 1000 / Roland SP 404 ) , 4 analog synthesizers ( Korg Minilogue, Roland JX-3P, Behringer DeepMind 12 and a Behringer Model D ) and a couple of other digital synths that I always go back to when I need that “extra something “ , a delay pedal from HardWire and that’s basically it. I also use a couple of VST’s , mainly the ones from Fab Filter but then again, I rarely use them as I like my sound to be as raw as possible whilst sounding pleasant to your ear .   Do you ever reuse elements of unfinished or unreleased tracks while generating new ideas?   Once I have exported a track, as far as I’m concerned, that’s one closed story . I like to keep it diverse and so if a jam builds up into a track, than that’s that . If it doesn’t, I will probably later strip the instruments apart and try to rebuild it from scratch.   Maintaining a distinct personal sound across a range of styles is something you’ve managed to master. Do you have any techniques processing-wise that contribute to giving you this distinctness?   Only “technique” I think I have mastered is the art of not being afraid to explore . I never set out to produce a track in a predefined way, whether it be in my mind or be it following a certain predefined arrangement that I earlier decided upon. I just sit down, jam , and let the music take me where it wants to .   Thinking ahead, what are your goals for 2019?   I’m definitely looking to travel more with my music and put out more records as my track stash is currently busting open with fresh material. I’m also aiming to give a fresh restart to my own record label, Mihai Bravu Records, and put out some of my favorite artists’ music . I also look forward to collaborating with more people from the industry - I have been blessed enough to put out a tribute EP for Swayzak and also got a remix from them , also got  remixed by Tommy Vicari JNR ( again, a wonderful and blessed experience ) and I am currently waiting on a remix from the Italian duo Nudge , so that’s already a win for me this year :) My main goal is to keep doing what I do no holds barred . As Vlad Dinu : https://www.discogs.com/artist/5567777-Vlad-Dinu   As Stedi (collabo with Sublee) https://www.discogs.com/artist/3002139-Stedi   As Nord Pipes (collabo with Iuly.B) https://www.discogs.com/Nord-Pipes-Nord-Pipes-01/release/10497532   Words by Lily Dalton 

Picnic London Celebrates Its 7th Birthday With Julian Perez, Digby, Martinez, Andy Luff

Picnic will be celebrating its 7th birthday on March 30th, at FOLD, a venue located in East London. The ever growing party promoter have strewn together a very tasty line up for their huge 7th Birthday celebrations. Seven years as one of the most prominent promoters in the underground scene of London capital is no easy feet but the guys behind the brand keep pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. For this milestone event, Picnic have put together a special line-up! Joining picnic front man Andy Luff will be Julian Perez, Digby and Martinez.      Julian Perez is a Spanish selector with an impressive international reputation, playing in some of the most prominent festivals such as Outline in Moscow and Sunwaves in Romania, as well as in the finest underground club parties around Europe such as Rex, Fabric or Robert Johnson. Frequently invited to Sven Vath’s Cocoon Ibiza, Julian is guaranteed to heat up any dance-floor.     Coming from South Africa, Digby grew up playing in many bands for years before focusing on becoming a master of analogue sound. An obsessive vinyl collector across genres, he is rapidly becoming known for his esoteric sets and bold selections. Expect the unexpected from his set.     A familiar face at Picnic parties, Danish-born Martinez is regularly booked for the organisation’s events, which is not a surprise considering his great skills as a DJ along with an impeccable taste which gave him a strong reputation worldwide, allowing him to play in venues such as Space Ibiza or Panorama Bar in Berlin.     Founder and resident of Picnic London since it started in 2012, Andy Luff perfectly embodies the definition of a vinyl digger. Searching and collecting records for 6 years has brought him a selection coming from all angles, giving him the possibility to always express a different side to his style.     Unfortunately early birds tickets are already sold out, but you can get your hands on the first release tickets immediately following this link. FB event   /   RA event   FOLD is a new institution for the arts based in the heart of East London. Home to music and creative studios with a 500 capacity, the venue promises to be the perfect place for this memorable party.     Words Giovanni Bodrato

Arupa Music Announces Second 2019 Event With Dubtil, Sepp - Win Tickets and Merch, Click for More Info

On March 23rd Arupa Music has planned its second event of the year, following the success of their mighty NYD party that started 2019 in style. This time the organisation is inviting two exceptional guests directly from Romania: Dubtil and Sepp. The event will take place at Overlock Arts in Hackney, East London, starting from 11PM until late hours. The line-up will be completed by Arupa’s founders and residents Carlos Ryan.    FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/229887641223503/   The event follows the success of the New Years daytime party which was held in an East London warehouse featuring Mihigh, Paul K, Chrissy Hope and Carlos Ryan, as well as the epic 36 hour party in a magical and secret under-the-bridge location, which hosted Crihan, Vincentiullian, Keruan, H.E.R, JADA and Midds, as well as the founders Carlos Ryan. Both event came to life as a collaboration with The Sunday Afters.     Arupa Music started when the duo Carlos Ryan decided to further their love for music by creating their own imprint to showcase the music they loved. Now an established project within the London underground scene, Arupa Music has been operating for five years, trying to find new and upcoming talented artists to put on the spotlight at their parties and thought their label releases.      A new vinyl issue from Bexu, the ‘Calatoria EP’, is on its way to be released on the Arupa label - Arupa Music Limited 002 will also include a Crihan Remix. The label also has upcoming releases from other notorious artists such as Sepp and Paul K planned for later through the year. On the other hand, the digital release series of the label aims to discovering like-minded new talents from around the world that represent the music style Arupa believes in.   Follow the Arupa Music FB page to stay updated on news and releases.   Moreover, in sight of this special event, you have the possibility to win 2 tickets for the party, one Arupa t-shirt, One Arupa vinyl and a Sepp vinyl release. In order to get your hands on one of the prizes, all you need to do is sending us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with with a DJ you would love to see on the line-up of an upcoming Arupa event.     Overlock Arts is a versatile and spacious 350 capacity venue located in the vibrant Hackney neighbor in East London. A perfect place to party until the early hours in the morning.     Words by: Giovanni Bodrato

Perlon Announces New EP By Ivan Iacobucci, 'Logic Solution'

Ivan Iacobucci is debuting on the landmark label we all love with a four track EP, to be released on the 22nd of March. The EP trotters between strong house grooves and IDM experimental beats, bringing its listeners into unknown territories - especially the title-track 'Logic Solution' manages to be a dancefloor bomb with a strikingly original sound, making us think it's going to be one we'll hear a lot at parties in the next months. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_c87ea554_1100569561&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/ivan-iacobucci/sets/ivan-iacobucci-perlon-121', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_c87ea554_1100569561', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_c87ea554_1100569561' }); });   Tracklist: A1 Logic Solution A2 Platinum Tooth B1 Magic Tribulation B2 Android Originally from Bologna, Italy, and relocated in Berlin, Ivan Iacobucci came from a funk background before encountering electronic music in 1988 with the birth of Detroit techno and Chicago house, quickly resulting in him launching Hole Records, the first independent Italian house music label. He counts many releases on renowned labels such as Cabaret recordings and Imprints records. You can already pre-order the vinyl here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ivan-iacobucci-logic-solution/722345-01/ Words by Giovanni Bodrato

Stepping Up The Scene - An Interview With Round Up Founder Bruno Curtis

We catch up with DJ/producer and party promoter Bruno Curtis, founder of Round UP Agency and project director at the RTS.FM Prague studio. Based in Prague, Bruno has become a key figure for raising the bar in the city's underground scene, both as a DJ and as a promoter with Round UP since 2016.   Into 2019 Round UP is stepping up its game with a series of special events happening both in Prague and around Europe -  in parallel, Bruno's DJ and producer activities took off as well, with a schedule getting busy with performances, from London top notch events to an Ibiza residency at Ibiza Underground one Wednesday per month this summer, from June to September. We had a chat with Bruno to get to know his  plans for the warmer seasons coming up.     Hi Bruno! Thank you for your time, it’s a pleasure to have you on Meoko. Thanks for having me.   First of all, can you give us a little bit of background regarding Round UP? How was it born and what are its objectives? Round UP started as a birthday event for me and Agustin Alvarez - our birthdays land on the same week, so we decided to do an event together. As you may have heard Prague wasn’t too big on the type of sound we play or present at the time so finding a venue was pretty complicated. We finally managed to get our hands on a bar owned by our now very good friend Claudio. Basically he’s responsible for starting the scene as much as we are, because without him we wouldn’t have gotten this far, or anywhere for what matters. After the first event in which we managed to sell out the bar we were offered to continue, and we did. Starting with small events, we added the visual concept into the events, which at the time wasn’t really a big component for these type of parties. We had a guy working with us named Orkhan, he would create the craziest of visual presentations either from lights, objects, or both... A seriously talented guy. From then on we started presenting Round UP as more of an art-orientated organisation (yes, music in itself is already art), but we did bring that edginess to the events by delivering quality music alongside these crazy visuals. For example, when we had tINI over we built a forest on the stage with real plants and bought fake flowers etc and had them drop from the ceiling to create a jungle effect while we had visuals projected on them this in a warehouse. This was a very DIY idea that we had just hours before the event started. So in shorter words, Round UP is an audio-visual presentation as most promoters these days, but we put a lot of work on the visual side with objects and projections. That and the overwhelming good vibe. Every single person that works with us needs to have this sort of attitude: be nice to each other, respect each other. That's the recipe for a perfect event!     On the 15th of March you are collaborating on an event with MU, a venue in the industrial district of Istanbul. How did this collaboration start? Is it the first event you host in Turkey? This year we have made a lot of changes in our team, work method, events etc. With that changes came the partnerships with new bookers that assist Round UP outside Czech borders. One of these booker is Muge Tuzer, who happens to also be the booker at MU. She gave me the idea of doing something in Istanbul, and it's been a city I have wanted to visit for a very long time. We agreed on Barac to be the guest, I got in contact with Nicu and that was it. It has been very spontaneous as the whole thing unfolded in 10 minutes... I can’t wait for that one. FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2058668790866778/     Then on the 29th of March you will be back in Prague with a Resolute collaboration. The line-up for this one is stunning, with Sonja Moonear, Francesco Del Garda and Shonky headlining the event. What guides your booking choices? We always try to book artists that are either very close to us personally, or artists that completely embody the energy that all of us put into what we do. In this case specifically all of the guests are personal friends and have some of the best smiling faces present in the scene - always delivering that good energy that can light up a crowd. It's not all about standing there dropping the best tracks for 2/4 hours that get you to the next level of being a good performer. The aura, the energy that you yourself transmit into the crowd is very important, something as little as eye contact and a smile can make someone’s day. It's important to be conscious of these kind of things, people rave because they want to escape and feel like they belong - we can help this with music, but these type of details can also be very helpful. A simple smile can literally change everything about a set. That's the type of artists that we want to book, the ones that are able to connect on a personal level and bring a lot more than just mixing tracks. FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/247458025930554/     You will also be hosting the first-ever Cocoon showcase in Prague on the 10th of May. What are you expectations and what information can you share for now about this massive event? Well to be honest we’re still working out the details, but I’m very much impressed with the entire Cocoon team. They’re all super organised and it's all going smooth like butter. The visuals for this event will be massive... Like festival style massive. Super excited for this. FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/375648483233274/   What’s the underground music scene in Prague like at the moment? The scene in Prague is actually very vibrant at the moment, not internationally acknowledged but still vibrant. There's a lot happening all the time, promoters are booking more and more interesting and good names. The guys at Ankali club lead the way in this subject. The Komiks crew always throws massive warehouse parties once every 3 months that are somewhat part of the veins of the city itself. Then there's the Harmony crew, all young and super talented guys, and the XYZ guys also... I mean there’s a lot happening. I’m very confident that sooner rather than later the door will open. That’s always been our mission after all.   You are playing at the Half Baked x UP Festival Easter showcase in London. What are you expectations for that? What other upcoming events or releases are you looking forward to? Yeah, thats sort of a gig that i’m still to digest, the whole past 2 years really. Always followed closely Half Baked and the entire team and having had the chance to befriend them and now play for them is as cool as it gets, all in all I’m thankful and focused on all of whats coming my way, really can’t wait. In terms of releases we have (on our ANBC project) 3 releases now on the pipeline, first already found its home the other two are still in the engine room, lets see prefer not to jinx it and just go with the flow on this. Have been playing a lot of my stuff in my sets recently and been surprised with the reaction so can say I’m excited for what 2019 will bring. FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/622666794832952/     Tell me more about ANBC, the collaborative project with Alex Neivel. How did this collaboration start and what are its objectives?  ANBC was more of a logical step in terms of music production and progression. Alex basically pushed me into diving deeper in the studio and he’s been the one pushing me from day one. After a lot of after party jams or late night studio sessions we figured out that the compatibility was just there and joining forces made sense. Since then we’ve been making a lot of stuff - we built an additional studio in my house, so we pretty much live and breath music from Monday to Sunday. Our musical direction? We’re very classically orientated, jazz infusion as well, experimental, so we try to bring those components into micro-house and just try to approach it in a way that what doesn’t make sense then starts to make sense... a bit hard to explain. In the mix we gave now you can ear a lot of our own productions, won’t say which but you’ll find out soon enough.         Could you tell us your highlight moment/story from 2018? UP FESTIVAL!!!! (link here)   You are also working at the RTS.FM Prague studio. When did this start and what do you have upcoming on this side? This was what got me more involved in music, it was roughly 2 years ago and it all started out of me being discontent with what was happening musically in Prague at that moment. I always felt that Prague could go further, so I’ve always been trying to find a way to get the music out of here in some form and RTS.FM came along and provided that gateway for me to start putting some Czech artist on camera, in a way pushing people to try and be better. It's different when you’re playing for an audience much bigger than your normal bar crowd, you tend to put a little bit more effort. For me if I could just push people around me to that point then the scene all together would grow. I couldn't do it alone, either we all move or no one moves. Nowadays it's a little bit more stagnant due to the amount of projects I’m working on, which are all very time consuming.     Thank you again for your time Bruno, we really hope to catch one of your sets soon!      Interview by Giovanni Bodrato    

Round Up announces Istanbul event, Resolute collaboration and first-ever Cocoon showcase in Prague

Round Up just announced a series of events throughout Europe. While we are waiting for the second edition of the mighty Up Festival, this year taking place on the 13th and 14th of July in Prague, the Round Up agency announced three special events happening throughout the Spring, in Turkey and their homebase Prague.   15.03.19 - Round Up x MU @ Istanbul, TR   On the 15th of March the warmer season will be started off with an extraordinary collaboration with the Istanbul creative space “MU”, a venue based in Seyrantepe Sanayi - the industrial district of Istanbul - hosting a different variety of music events. Psychedelic minimal maestro Barac will be headlining the event, and accompanying him into this music journey you will find Round Up’s own Bruno Curtis and MU’s resident Seko. All in all this one promises to be a wonderful event for the flourishing Istanbul scene, and a perfect occasion to visit the city for underground sounds lovers too!   FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2058668790866778/   29.03.19 - Round Up x Resolute @ Prague, CZ   A couple weeks after the first event, Round Up will be back in Prague, this time joining forces with the renowned New York organization Resolute. The two promoters are landmarks for their cities underground scenes and beyond, so we expect this party to be a special one too - also considering the jaw-dropping line-up. Three of the most wanted and best selectors around will perform at this event until early hours. The long-time queen of the scene Sonja Moonear will be headlining along the Italian selector Francesco Del Garda; you probably found yourself looking after one of the record he played in the last year. The cherry on the cake is Shonky, part of the Apollonia trio and a guaranteed party-starter. Mari.te, Bruno Curtis & Eddie Mur & Agustin Alvarez complete the line-up. The event is celebrating the 3 years of Round Up parties at the Microna Bunker, and you can get tickets here.   FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/247458025930554/   10.05.19 - Round Up x Cocoon Showcase @ Prague, CZ   Round Up will also bring for the very first time the full Cocoon showcase to Prague. This event will be much more than a simple party, bringing the full Cocoon experience to Czech Republic with it’s main artists Sven Vath, Ilario Alicante and André Galuzzi, accompanied by original Cocoon visuals. You can follow the Round Up page for more info coming soon and already get your tickets here.   FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/375648483233274/      

Win 3 Tickets and 2 Vinyls for Eagervision x Watermelon at Number 90, London 15.03.19

For their first party of 2019, Eagervision will be teaming up with the Barcelona-based promoter and label Watermelon  The event will take place on Friday 15th of March at Number 90 in London, starting at 8PM and continuing until early hours in the morning. The two organizations are joining forces after expressing sympathy for each other and realising the similar vibes they deliver in their own parties despite the geographical distance.   Their scope with this party is to outline an event that not only combines their forces but creates something different - Paris-born underground star Cesar Merveille will bring his magic headlining the event, and will be joined by a variety of forward-thinking artists such as Amsterdam’s VBX resident Makcim, who counts releases on renowned labels such as Apollonia and Oscillat Music among others. British selector Pierre Codarin and the French Trio behind Watermelon, Triad wrap up the uplifting and dynamic line-up.   FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/384310952136664/ RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1212152     Well-rooted in the London underground scene, Eagervision is an independent record label and party promoter with a novel approach in its operations, aiming to cultivate and support the real creative talents within the scene. That’s why they base their approach on knowing who the artist they are working with actually is, taking into account their influences and their original ideas in order to explore new horizons and create authentic sounds. Eagervision has been organizing events all around London since 2015, in famous venues such as Bloc, Ace Hotel Rooftop, Dalston Roof Park and more.   Eagervision: https://www.facebook.com/eagervision/     Watermelon is a landmark of the current Barcelona underground sound. Having organizes quality showcases for Sonar Festival in the last two years such as the Yoyaku one, the Watermelon parties included a huge variety of highly regarded names in their line-ups; Lamache, Janeret, Zendid, Varhat, Maayan Nidam, San Proper, Priku, Cristi Cons, Audio Werner, Oshana and Andrey Pushkarev are just a few to mention. Their crew has been hosted in different European cities before London, from Paris to Bucharest, from Berlin to Brussels. Plus, the organization also works as a vinyl only label under the moniker of Slice Music, featuring names of the calibre of Melodie and Doubtingthomas.   Watermelon: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BCNwatermelon/ Label: https://www.discogs.com/label/1268593-Slice-Music     Today you will be able to win 3 tickets for the event and 2 vinyls - Slice 001 directly from the Watermelon-fueled label, and the first release from the Eagervision label (TBA). All you need to do to enter the competition is send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with a name you would like to see on the line-up of an upcoming Eagervision or Watermelon party.   Overall, considering the experience in organizing top notch parties for both organizations and the interesting DJ acts put together for the line-up, we expect this party to be a unique journey.    For a taste of things to come, you can check out this video of Makcim shaking out the crowd at a VBX party: https://www.facebook.com/DJMakcim/videos/343242649597938/   Or this one of Triad heating up Brunch in Barcelona with one of their infectious grooves: https://www.facebook.com/TriadSlice/videos/1911535599149055?sfns=cl   Eagervision x Watermelon promises to be a party outside of schemes, with an ensemble of versatile DJs that don’t settle on a specific kind of minimal house or techno beat but always surprise their dance floor, in the style that both Eagervision and Watermelon deliver with their parties.   The venue, Number 90  is known as the quality bar-restaurant of the exciting building 90 Main Yard, located right on the canal by the Olympic Park in Hackney Wick. However, the venue is also well-known to be hosting quality house and techno events every weekend.   Number 90: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Number90barkitchen/  

Decay Records Showcase @ 93 Feet East + Nima Gorji Mix

allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_e609b548_400559171&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/meoko/nima-gorji-meoko-exclusive-mix-277-x-decay-records', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_e609b548_400559171', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_e609b548_400559171' }); });     The guest for this Meoko podcast is someone we can’t hide we are long-time fans of. Nima Gorji is back in the series with a new podcast, and it is no secret that we love his deep and groovy minimal style - Nima never disappointed us and we didn’t expect him to this time either.   Despite having origin from Iran, his musical roots are in Copenhagen, where he held his first residency in 95, at Rust Club, one of the best underground clubs in the city at the time. Nowadays when Nima Gorji is not staying in Ibiza to work on his music he is probably touring intensively in the best clubs and festivals around the world. We believe this mix undoubtedly shows his experience in building up a groove and his various influences.    Impress in an hour and half is not easy - yet almost immediately we smile and have fun while Nima is dragging us deeper on the recording. By combining obscure and deeper track with bouncy Ibiza tech styles (we are thinking, for example, of the Fuse release 'Rich Nxt - Serious', played around the end of the mix) the outcome is amusing to say the least, with the only downside of leaving us ready with a party mood, and craving for more.       If you are based around London you will have the chance to hear Nima perform a back to back with the Venezuelan talent Giorgio Maulini, at the Decay Records Showcase coming up in March, on Saturday 9th at 93 Feet East. The party, happening through the daytime, will start at 3PM and go on until 1AM.   Joining Nima Gorji and Giorgio Maulini headlining the line-up there will be Panorama Bar’s resident André Galluzzi. With more than 25 years of experience and releases on top notch labels such as Cadenza, Cocoon, Ostgut Ton and Highgade, André can be considered a real key figure in the house music scene and a master in turning up any dancefloor.Quality acts James Dexter b2b Davide Decay, Mauro Ferno & Mestivan, Max, Lenka Toma and Kego & Albi complete the line-up of what promises to be a memorable showcase.         Decay Records, based in the UK, was founded in 2013 by the Italian DJ and producer Davide Zeta.   Mostly focusing on modern tech and deep house, since its creation the label has hosted a wide spectrum of established and respected underground artists ranging from underground tech-house masters such as Sascha Dive, Jay Tripwire, Franck Roger or Hector, to more Techno focused artists like Nathan Barato and Dave Pezzner, and received support from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Mr. G, Ryan Crosson, Dubfire and many more. Into 2019 the label continues to grow and attract new listeners and fans all around the globe.         FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2254232911489212/ RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1190900 Decay Records: http://www.decayrecords.com     allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_d932b8ca_2020788804&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/decay-records', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_d932b8ca_2020788804', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_d932b8ca_2020788804' }); });       93 Feet East, established in 1999 and recently relaunched, sits at the heart of Brick Lane and features high tech lighting, a d&b sound system within the frame of a raw and industrial decor, making it the perfect place for this daytime madness.      

Caprices Festival Adds Mathew Jonson, Dana Ruh, Acid Pauli and More to its line-up + Brand New Stage

The new stage of the 2018's 'Best International Festival' will be called SATELLITE For its 16th time taking place, Caprices Festival is also adding a next wave of artists to its line-up: in the stunning ski resort of Crans-Montana in Switzerland from April 11th to 14th you will also be able to hear Acid Pauli, Dana Ruh, Mathew Jonson, Nico Stojan, Nordstern’s Olivan, Friedas Buxe’s San Marco and Don Ramon. These names come on top of the already voluminous line-up which includes Apollonia, Jamie Jones, Len Faki, DVS1, Marcel Dettmann, Peggy Gou, Pan Pot, Raresh, Black Coffee, Bedouin, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler and Sven Väth.   The new Satellite stage (the third one) will feature a special opening party on Thursday 11th, the first night of the festival, including Nico Stojan, Britta Arnold, Acid Pauli and Madnax, as well as showcasing local Swiss talent throughout the weekend. Additionally, Vietnam’s Epizode will take over the stage on Saturday night with Alci, Dana Ruh, Tyoma and Mashkov.   The new third stage will be positioned alongside The Moon—which is located at the bottom of the Cry D’er Ski Lifts and boasts out-of-this-world technology and visual displays, adding another sensory stimulating dimension to the soundtrack—plus the world renowned MDRNTY, a one-off, greenhouse-like structure that sits 2200m above sea level offering panoramic views of the crystalline skies and snow-capped mountain vista.   Caprices this year will also present MDRNTY’s Urban Nature Tour concept; natural outdoors will be brought inside to larger venues and spaces. The Caprices team will be working along with the audiovisual production company DubLab who previously operated with Time Warp, Cocoon and many other top notch organizations, raising the expectations of an out of the ordinary experience.     We are extremely excited about the latest addition to the line-up too! Wagon Repair legend Mathew Jonson will bring his techno live show known as one of the bests around for a while. Cocoon’s deep house star Dana Ruh will also join the line-up, together with the inventive electronic wizards Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan, plus the local Swiss talents San Marco and Don Ramon — co-founders of one Zurich’s most renowned venues, Freidas Buxe — Nordstern’s Olivan, Folklor club’s Adolpho & Franky and MDRNTY residents James Mc Hale & Giorgio Maulini.   Caprices is not only a music festival but allows its attendants to experience much more: from award-winning restaurants to mountain huts, from boutique shops to an eco-museum and illuminated ice-rink, there is so much to explore in the surroundings. Especially if you are a ski/snowboard rider, the 140km of ski pistes and vast snow park on location are just waiting for you. All in all, Caprices confirmes to be the ultimate winter destination for festival-goers.   http://www.caprices.ch/ Day-by-Day Line-up (A-Z) Thursday 11th April - SATELLITE *NEW STAGE* Acid Pauli Britta Arnold Madnax Nico Stojan Friday 12th April - MDRNTY Edward Margaret Dygas Raresh Ricardo Villalobos Friday 12th April - MOON Black Coffee Giorgio Maulini Jamie Jones Peggy Gou Seth Troxler Friday 12th April - SATELLITE *NEW STAGE* Adolfo & Franky Ezikiel Mathew Jonson b2b Dandy Jack TIA Saturday 13th April - MDRNTY Audiofly Bedouin Behrouz Giorgio Maulini b2b James Mc Hale Mathew Jonson (live) Saturday 13th April - MOON DVS1 James Mc Hale Len Faki Marcel Dettmann Pan-Pot Saturday 13th April - SATELLITE *NEW STAGE* Alci Dana Ruh Mashkov Toyoma Sunday 14th April - MDRNTY Apollonia Fabe Sven Väth Sunday 14th April - SATELLITE *NEW STAGE* Don Ramon b2b San Marco Olivan        

Experiment Intrinsic France 2019 - Quality over quantity, an interview with Nathalia + Exclusive GYORGY ONO mix

    Experiment Intrinsic is an event concept which puts intimacy at its core. 2019 will see the organisation landing in France once again to plan a five days experience in the beautiful Le Parc de Josephine Baker in Dordogne, where it was held two years ago. The 2019 edition promises to be one of the best events of the summer for the audiences looking for something deeper, less loud and more sophisticated. Experiment Intrinsic France 2019 you will experience eclectic live sets ranging from ambient to noise and world music, such as Jan Jelinek, Lucrecia Dalt, Ujjaya, but also some of our favourite DJ selectors presenting their ambient side such as Praslea, Francesco Del Garda, Margaret Dygas, Nicolas Lutz, or Vlad Caia performing his first experimental solo live set. Apart from the music you will also have the chance to learn more about mind and body and participate at workshops on subjects such as yoga and meditation. The mixture of well-picked bookings combined with a stunning location, the various workshops and an intimate crowd are all reinforced by the Experiment Intrinsic premises to create an immersive environment.         In sight of this year's edition, we spoke with Nathalia, creator of Intrinsic and founder of the festival, in order to better understand the Experiement Intrinsic concept and Goals. Could you tell our readers about your start in London and how the Experiment Intrinsic concept evolved into a five-days festival? Everything in life goes in cycles, and an individual can generally recognise when they need a change or progression. Intrinsic was born in result of such a recognition.  In the beginning the idea behind the project was to invite DJs who usually play dance music by giving them an opportunity to play different fields of sound they listen to. I've always been passionate about experimental music and it was part of a very natural process to start a project in that direction. Soon after, everything evolved, and we started involving also live acts from the ambient and experimental field. After running events in London for 2 years, the concept for an extended weekend event began to take shape and had become an opportunity to expand our vision further.  From the 1st until the 5th of August the event will take place for the second time in the French countryside, at Le Parc de Josephine Baker in the beautiful central region of Dordogne. Why did you choose this place and what makes it special? A person proposed me to host Intrinsic in France. When we visited the site, I felt that the park of Josephine Baker would be a highly suitable place to deliver Intrinsic. I was impressed by the history and the nature of the park, which is also an institution devoted to culture, the arts, the education and actions for the benefit of fraternity and ecology. Josephine Baker was a dancer and singer who became widely popular in France during the 1920s. She devoted much of her life to fighting racism: “There is only one race, the human race.”  The park's general ethos is aligned with our values and is thus ideal for us. It seems that Intrinsic puts a particular focus on its intimate and curated atmosphere... Quality over quantity. Where does this choice come from? It is an old wisdom of humanity.  By choosing quality over quantity we open ourselves up to the true efficiency and the depth of our experience. On the other hand quantity over quality brings distraction within our lives, we get taken away from our priority and values.  Intrinsic is focusing on the long term things that matter. We simply value ourselves, our work and our community. People’s vibration, mindsets, and beliefs become somehow our own, so it's important to create a surrounding that lift everyone higher. Intimacy is so important, as it helps us connect. We feel free to be ourselves, without fear of criticism and expectations which has such a big presence at bigger scale events. Every festival aims to be something different, but I feel like Intrinsic actually manages to do something unique. Let’s take the booking choices for example; the variety of experimental live acts is so incredibly curated, but also the established and 'bigger' DJ names are interestingly chosen (Nicolas Lutz, Margaret Dygas, Praslea...). What guides your booking choices? We never tried to be something different to be honest, we simply felt its essential to deliver such a project. The guidance comes from my heart and own sound preference. Involving mainly artists which have influenced my musical journey trough the years. It's also important to have some personal connection and understanding with everyone who takes a part. The combination of both sound inspiration and personal connection creates a very special atmosphere that builds on appreciation and trust. This vibration manifests to the audience and the experience. I also found very interesting that on your website it is mentioned how the music is rich in details and many audience members want to hear everything. This goes in the opposite direction from the usual party/festival experience where the audience is provided with a context where they are basically invited to be as loud as possible. In these times moments of reflection and focus, especially in a community context, are getting rarer. How do the atmospheres created in the Experiment Intrinsic events influence individuals? How do they react to ‘quieter' performances? I can't really speak from our audience point of view, but I can share my own. I consider ambient music as a different form of meditation. Sort of gateway to go inward. You can't meditate while your mind is busy and loud. As matter of fact I found out that quietness is one of the most underrated values in music. It is very important for us to create a floor where everyone shares similar values and join the events with deeper purpose than just an event to hang around or hear highlight DJs. The event will also provide various workshops, from yoga to healing arts. The term ‘Spiritual’ is a little overused these days, but I would like to ask you to elaborate on the subject; developing a spiritual side in one’s life is certainly a challenge in our society. Can a gathering like Experiment Intrinsic be a place for human souls to develop themselves and meet each other in a spiritual sense? Being spiritual means being kind to yourself and all other beings, loving your existence. Taking in account the feedback received from most of our audience members I believe the project is a platform where people connect to their higher self collectively and individually at the same time. Workshops, yoga and healing arts are playing a very important role for our personal growth. In combination with ambient music over a 5-day format, it allows the mind to get quieter and the soul happier. I feel the difference between Intrinsic and many other events lies not only in the chilled experience, but also in the post effect which many describe as another form of awakening. You are also active as an artist under the moniker ’Nathalia’, and you will perform at the event in August. I was impressed listening to some of your recordings; deep soundscape submersions that retrieve distant memories. What’s your vision musically? What do you want to communicate to your listeners? Emptiness. My recordings come into existence as a result of personal expression trough mix of soundscapes. We use labels as if they were permanent “things” that make us who we are. Describing sound it's like creating identity and attachments to certain labels. We are changing constantly, so it is our expression. I usually try to communicate through the sound which can lead me to the moment of emptiness within my mind and soul, however, sometimes that is a hard task due to my personal state, and that's part of the journey. Depth comes from within the heart. It's a true miracle when you get inline with your depth, as you touch the purest side of your being. That's what I call meditation. Sometimes it's very profound and sometimes you are just trying out - practicing. You have been involved in the electronic music scene for a while. Where is electronic music heading in 2019? Could you share one positive and one negative aspect of the current state of the electronic music scene? I don't think I can be the one to comment on the future of electronic music scene. There is always room for improvement and innovation. As long as people are creating from the heart, we do not need to worry about positive or negative aspects, as they constantly change according to our own state of mind.  Can you please share your favourite moment from Experiment Intrinsic France 2017? Collective awareness supported by the Universe. Could you share 3 pieces of music that you think are representative of Experiment Intrinsic?           Website: http://experimentintrinsic.com In order for the festival to take place, Experiment Intrinsic is asking for its goers to secure a deposit. You will have time until the end of February for this! Tickets and info:  CLICK HERE  Gyorgy Ono supplied us with a two hour recording that captures the atmospheres of Experiment Intrinsic. Smoothly moving from dark soundscapes to middle eastern ambiences to avant-garde jingles that could have been delivered directly from ‘The Residents’, or some obscure country artist from what we know, the podcast has the same visceral potency of dreams to bring someone from one place to another in a few seconds without him feeling lost. The artist, with his roots in Georgia, aims to explore sonic fragmentation by combining various elements of pre-existing material, and we think he absolutely hits the target here. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_5ed7653c_1345241130&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/meoko/gyorgy-ono-intrinsic-under-the-dome-for-meoko-x-intinsicnew/s-wUUs4', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_5ed7653c_1345241130', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_5ed7653c_1345241130' }); });    interview by Giovanni Bodrato

One Snowman that's IN the Know - Amorf LIVE at Ponton Casa Baraj

The fourth edition of the Snowman Fest will take place tomorrow,  Saturday 26th of January at the Ponton Casa Baraj in Valiug, Romania, with a stellar line-up. The most awaited act is of course Amorf, the known collaborative live act between the experimental artist Mischa Blanos and rominimal’s favourites Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia of SIT. The mix between the Misca’s liquid piano stories supported by never still minimal rhythms created a unique style that has mesmerised clubbers and festival goers all around the world. Moreover the event will see DJ sets from Suciu, Sepp, vlf, Perpetual, Runy, Bread & Butter, Somesan, as well as special visuals by Noetic to complete the show. The beautiful venue, a heated tent right by the mountains in Western Romania, will host this spectacular party that will last through both the daytime and nighttime, starting at 2PM on Saturday 26th January and finishing at 9AM of the next day. Additionally the sky plant right next to the venue will work Thursday to Sunday from 9.30 to 17.00 - making this the perfect occasion to book your sky trip without the danger of getting bored and missing your favourite hometown’s club. Tickets available at the GATE or via goo.gl/ittWUj Bipolar is a Romanian organisation planning awesome underground parties around Romania and in Belgrade, Serbia. For more info and full party listings, check out their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/bplr.ro/  

Grounded w/ Dan Andrei, Baltazar, Andrei Ciubuc - WIN VINYL. & ENTRY

For their first instalment of 2019, London-based crew Grounded have set the bar high, curating a lineup of exceptional calibre for a unique warehouse experience. Since their debut in August last year, Grounded crew have been inconspicuously establishing themselvesthrough a series of parties bringing a slice of Romania to London.     On Saturday the 2ndof February, Grounded will welcome some of the scenes finest rising and established talents for a night set to satisfy the sonic palates of those keen to have their boundaries pushed. Romanian heavyweights Dan Andrei [a:rpia:r]andAndrei Ciubuc [Cuplet, MIORITMIC], will be joined by Spanish Baltazar [Shamandrum] alongside Drums mainstays: Elia Nafzger and Desuba. This curation strikes the ideal balance of diversity and cohesion, each selector bringing a unique take on the minimal sound and a healthy dose of both the familiar and unfamiliar.        Of course, a schedule this impressive demands a high level of care and attention towards event design and production. Naturally, Grounded have delivered. Equipping the warehouse space with a crisp Funktion One system, the subtle nuances of the music will shine, enabling the immersive listening experience prescribed by the Romanian sound. The musical journey will be complemented by the visuals of Constantin Malmare. In addition to his hypnotic contribution to previous Grounded outings, Constantin’s design work for Anthea’s Partisan is testament to his ability to visually communicate the intricacies of music. It goes without saying that this event is set to be a truly mesmerising affair.In Grounded’s own words, it will be an event“where words leave off and music begins”; a night of magic not to be missed.   To keep in the loop, we recommend following Grounded’s facebook page. We are pleased to be joining forces with Grounded to offer you exclusive access to win FREE ENTRY for you and mate PLUS both Vinyl, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  telling us which artists you would like to see at a future grounded party  Vinyl. Prize Andrei Ciubuc & Frost (2 sides of the spatel) + Barac Baltazar Drums      GROUNDED FACEBOOK EVENT  

First Edition of the Albanian Festival UNUM announces Zip, Raresh, Vera, tINI, Craig Richards and many more

  The brand new festival UNUM, which will held place in the Albanian town of Shengjin from May 31st to June 2nd of this year, just added a second wave of names to its exceptional line-up. Craig Richards, Leon, Adriatique, Raresh, tINI, Vera, Ferro will all be included among the already jaw-dropping line-up, where the first headliners announced were Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Butch, Petre Inspires, Praslea, Sonja Moonear, DeWalta and Dyed Soundroom.     The first edition of this new event will bring underground house and techno to such as wide spectrum and level to the Albanian lands for the first time. The location chosen for the festival is by the seaside, on the stunning Mediterranean beauty that is the Albanian coastline; dense with breath taking landscapes which combine maritime pine forests and a mountain background with the coastline view. The festival will have three stages hosting 24 hours of music every day, so bring your sunglasses: sunrise and sunset parties are set to be one of the highlights of this three day stunning party. However the festival will not be focused solely on partying. You will be able to experience watersports, sun bathing, local cuisine and cultural trips and much more.     The last additions to the festival's line-up are stunning. The Fabric long-time resident and Nothing Special label boss Craig Richards with his wide range of expert selections ranging from electro to straight house and techno, as well as the rominimal institution Raresh ,who will bring his infectious groove to the party. Perlon’s boss Zip is also joining the party with his eclectic selections. You will also be able to attend sent from Ibiza’s tech house master tINI, and another favorite for minimal lovers, Vera. The other names added are Adriatique, Cap, Cris Rej, Erti Lutaj, Ferro, Franco Cinelli, Hugo Bianco, Igor Vicente, Jonny N’Travis, Joseph Capriati, Leon, Manoloco, Ohmme, Mike Shannon and Traumer. Considering the whole line-up, it will be hard to get some sleep during the three days.   The festival will provide everything you need; the extensive food and drink options include grill, fresh seafood, pizza, a salad-bar and vegan/vegetarian options. Expect also treats like an icre-cream van, a vitamin bar and a wide range of wine and cocktail bar for the more thirsty. A chillout zone with various shops will provide alternative entertainment to the main music of the festival to make sure no one in the audience is ever bored; massages, body-painting and plenty of hammocks will all be found.     UNUM agreed to a collaboration with the Tourism Ministry of Albania to facilitate easy access and avoid any possible issues for its attendants. This means the best accommodation in the local area will be exclusively operated through UNUM in order to provide a secure and quality accommodation for everyone. Package price start from €239 for 3 nights accommodation, transfers, festival shuttle and 3-day festival pass with unlimited re-entry.   Tickets: https://www.ticketarena.co.uk/festivals/unum-festival   The easiest way to get to the festival will be to fly to Tirana, the Albanian capital, which is around 1 hour away. However, the location will be easily accessible from the surroundings with UNUM taking care of all the transfers to and from the festival for just 20€ (from Tirana, Podgorica, Pristina and Durres Ferry Port).   Line-up   ADRIATIQUE BUTCH CAP CESAR MERVEILLE CRAIG RICHARDS CRIS REI DEWALTA DYED SOUNDOROM DIGBY DJ REAS ENZO SIRAGUSA ERTI LUTAJ FERRO FRANCO CINELLI GIANNI CALLIPARI HAJDAR BERISHA HUGO BIANCO IGOR VICENTE ION LUDWIG JOEY DANIEL JONNY N'TRAVIS JOSEPH CAPRIATI LEON LAOLU LUCIANO MANOLOCO MARGARET DYGAS MARIANO MATELJAN MIKE SHANNON NEVERDOGS OHMME PETRE INSPIRESCU PRASLEA RARESH RICARDO VILLALOBOS RRRRON SECRET 47 SONJA MOONEAR SHAUN REEVES TATU tINI TRAUMER VERA WILLIAM DJOKO ZIP   FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2284889931746328/

Sweet Spot Festival - Sweet As

The sweetest weekend of the year is happening again in 2019! After a successful first edition last year, the Creative Hub’s Park in Tallinn, Estonia, will host once again this fresh festival concept during the daytime of the 28th and 29th of July. The KultuuriKartel, or Creative Hub, is a cultural temple close to the city centre of Tallinn hosting a wide range of concerts and cultural activities, with both indoor and outdoor wide spaces. The Estonian capital has been growing into a new European capital of innovation and culture, and the festival, happening right in the middle of the summertime, provides the perfect occasion for music lovers to visit the city.  Sweet Spot is a fluid and modern festival which does not settle on a certain style or music genre, but instead offers a variety of live performances and DJ sets that range from brilliant indie rock acts to rising talents of the electronic music scene. You will be able to enjoy huge performances from international artist but also find your way into the local Estonian scene to discover something unexpected.   Last year’s edition saw live performances from artists of the calibre of Irish singer-songwriter Roisin Murphy and the Estonian rapper and extravagant conceptual artist Tommy Cash. However electronic music lovers surely won’t be let down either - for example the 2018 edition hosted the one and only Jeff Mills, Honey Dijon, Soichi Terada and many more.     Although the festival takes place during the daytime, do not worry if you are more of a nighttime party-goer - the party does not stop there. Afterparties will take place each day at Pada, in the heart of Tallinn, giving you the occasion to fully experience the Estonian capital’s vibe.   2018 AFTERMOVIE:     After the huge success of its first edition, the expectations for its 2019 edition are high. The first names of this year's line-up will be released in February, stay tuned on Meoko for more info. If you are experiencing the usual winter blues through January while dreaming about these two days of pure summer bliss, this might be the right time to start planning your 2019 summer festivals schedule. Links and tickets below.           WEBSITE: http://sweetspot.ee/index-en.html TICKETS: https://shop.piletilevi.ee/public/?concert=272235&shop_provider=sweet&design=sweetspot&lang=eng&center=7#view=ticketsselect FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/2182645505324661/?active_tab=discussion    
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