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Friday 22 Aug 14 HIFI meets OM August 22nd w/ Andrew James Gustav, Bruno Schmidt and Gwenan

HIFI meets OM August 22nd w/ Andrew James Gustav, Bruno Schmidt and Gwenan , plus OM MOrning after party w/ Enrico Mantini (Half Baked - Wilson) at Secret East London Location :)

Friday 22 Aug 14 The Hydra: Resident Advisor with Carl Craig, Matthew Herbert, Black Coffee at Studio Spaces E1

Line-up /Room 1 /Carl Craig ZombyLivity Sound (live)2562 / A Made Up SoundVester Koza Room 2 /Gilles Peterson Black Coffee Matthew HerbertMo Kolours Mr Tophat & Art AlfieLondon promoters The Hydra have secured a permanent residency at Wapping venue Studio Spaces, and Resident Advisor is hosting the opening party this August Bank holiday weekend. The Hydra has moved through a range of London venues, but in August they'll settle down at Studio Spaces. They've been using it on-and-off for a while, but now it's set to launch as a 1300-capacity space with two rooms. Topping the bill at the RA party on Friday, August 22nd, is Detroit icon Carl Craig. He'll be joined in the Unit 1 Warehouse room by the enigmatic Zomby, Dutch favourite A Made Up Sound, recent Breaking Through subject Vester Koza and bass-heavy trio Livity Sound, who are locked in for a live show. The other room, The Black Studio, has a more exotic flavour, with celebrated UK names Matthew Herbert and Gilles Peterson both playing DJ sets. We've also invited South African star Black Coffee, while recent RA podcaster Mo Kolours will add some off-centre charm. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie, another Breaking Through alumnus, round out our bill. The party begins at 10 PM and runs through until 7 AM.

Saturday 23 Aug 14 South West Four 2014: Day One at Clapham Common

CAPITAL XTRA MAIN STAGEAbove & BeyondAlessoW&WFedde Le GrandArtySunnery James & Ryan MarcianoDanny AvilaOliver HeldensHilton CaswellVery special guest: New World Punx (Ferry Corsten & Markus Schulz)DJ MAGAZINE ARENALoco DiceJamie JonesTale Of UsTiga vs AudionPaco OsunaRobert DietzTristan IngramVery special guest: Better Lost Than Stupid (Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace & Martin Buttrich)Sasha presentsLAST DAY ON EARTH ARENAPaul Kalkbrenner (live)Seth TroxlerBooka Shade (live)Guy GerberMagdaHenry Saiz [Live Band Show]BowlerVery special guest: Josh Wink (20 Years of Ovum set)THE GALLERY ARENAMarkus SchulzAly & FilaJohn O'CallaghanCosmic Gate feat Emma HewittSuper 8 & TabAndrew Rayel OmniaJerome IsmaAeWill Holland vs Estiva----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lock N Load Events presentSOUTH WEST MORE: THE OFFICIAL AFTER PARTYBank Holiday Saturday 23rd August 2014.Electric Brixton, LondonDubfireJames ZabielaMatthias TanzmannNicole MoudaberTimo MaasTristan IngramCLICK HERE FOR JOINT SW4 SATURDAY & SOUTH WEST MORE TICKET:SOUTH WEST MORE ONLY TICKETS: COMING SOONSW4 SUNDAY AFTER-PARTY ANNOUNCED SOON...SW4 SUNDAY SOLD OUT.CLICK HERE FOR LAST REMAINING SW4 SATURDAY TICKETS:WWW.SOUTHWESTFOUR.COM/TICKETSAs the eleventh instalment of South West Four draws ever closer, we countdown to what promises to be our biggest and boldest weekend yet. Record breaking ticket sales across both days have been fuelled by a typically diverse and tantalising lineup, painstakingly assembled after months of planning. Combining esteemed icons with tomorrow’s electronic music heroes, all with one single aim; to provide an all-out riot for London’s revellers! So polish those sunglasses, dust off your flip flops and get ready… It’s time to feel the heat!

Saturday 23 Aug 14 Supernova & Perception Berlin: Gregor Tresher, Vince Watson, Adam Port, Alexander Koning at Egg London

[Percep-tion] BerlinGregor TresherVince WatsonAlexander KoningJuli N. MoreKeinemusikAdam Port&MEDavid MayerNils Hess & JbKyle EWillers Brothers[Percep-tion] Berlin and Keinemusik join the Supernova people for this Bank Holiday special... Full info soon...


A Guy Called Gerald: What's in his head?

Where to even begin when interviewing someone like A Guy Called Gerald? With a career almost spanning from the beginning of dance music as we know it and still going strong to this day, he truly has seen and heard it all. We took the opportunity to quiz the machine master, dedicated to keeping dance music as ‘true school’ as possible and find out what he had to say to MEOKO. At a time when dance music is at such a peak it is a pleasure to speak to a true pioneer, who perhaps without his work, the scene would be missing some vital blueprints. As I’m sure lots of other interviews have started out, I’m going to talk about Voodoo Rays. Not the track though but the pizza place in Dalston! The first time I went to Dalston I saw it and immediately thought it belonged to you (later found out it didn’t!). Many DJs and producers do have other ventures though such as Seth Troxler and ‘Smokey Tails’ his food place. If you could have another business/hobby venture what would it be? Don’t know… selling arms I suppose, that’s where the money is isn’t it? Haha. Can make loads of money in that. Sell arms and invest in gold! Wise! Again, fresh in my London naivety, I’ve noticed a difference between northern and southern attitudes and reference points (in life generally not just dance music) Being a Manchester local are you happy to have been brought up and to have started your musical learning up north? Do you think it would have been different if you were in London?  It’s a bigger place it’s more spread out, the scene down here is always really spread out whereas in Manchester it’s really compact and you knew what was going on even in scenes that I wasn’t really involved in. It was a really busy popular student area a the time and you could always get involved in everything you wanted to. How does playing in London compare to anywhere else? I’ve been here on and off for the last 15 years or something. As I said before it’s really diverse…there’s not like a local crowd kind of thing. In London you’re playing to more of a scene whereas up North when you play it’s more like playing to a group of individuals. Is it different playing in London now than what it was 10 years ago? There was actually more of a scene, more nights and genres that people would religiously go to. On the drum and bass side you had The Metalheadz…places like that. It was more kind of local places… there are some scenes like that here but it seems like its something that will happen for a year or 2 years but back then its was more 3 or 4 then you’d get this big thing happening. A lot of time was spent bubbling up before something kicked off whereas now everything is a lot faster. I heard you mention you’re a fan of spoken word tracks, looking to your history with things like Scratch Beat Masters its that electro funk influence – What is your favorite spoken word track? Ursula Rucker, she’s got some awesome stuff out and does a lot with electronic beats too, check her out. Back to growing up in Manchester, your bio talks about your early days as part of the black scene in Manchester: soul electro/funk with great emphasis on the dancing which you just don’t see these days! Now its often lots of people not really dancing, maybe a little fist pump if you’re lucky! The closest thing, I would say, we have to people being really into the dancing is ‘shuffling’ and this is virtually banned in many clubs/nights. Will we ever get the dancing spirit back to DANCE music? The whole scene without mentioning any names has kind of become full of people who could probably repeat the moves of a footballer on a field but when you put them on the dance floor they have two left feet. I got into music a long time ago, but I was never in to football and didn’t go down that route, I hated sport actually. I always really liked to feel the music so that’s what I do but these other people, it’s just not what they do. I mean it’s like getting, I don’t know, someone who doesn’t like food to be a chef. There’s no real connection that’s what I feel, and that’s why people end up in the bathroom all night chatting haha. It’s not a bad thing I mean people are still going out to socialize which is good. Where I come from in dance music it was purely for dancing, you know what I mean? So still when I’m producing music I am visualizing people dancing, but that’s getting harder and harder! You’ve spanned many genres over years: Acid, Balearic, DnB, Jungle, Breaks, House, Techno…These different offshoot genres don’t like to associate with each other generally, certainly not house/techno with dnb/jungle, having what they like to think are different scene/vibes/crowd. Why do you think this is? When I first started it was all just music that was electronic as a whole, music made with these electronic machines.. At first it was just seen as clicks and bleeps and not really… You could even go as far as to say people were trying to get away from that so would try and mask the sounds so there weren’t any genres or anything. But yea, then everyone started to split off in their different crew and favoring the different styles and this started to solidify these early genres.  So back then there was the ragga stuff etc, but now you have movements where it’s just say a bass sound then it becomes a whole genre. I can see how it happens now, you have something raw and underground then someone thinks you can make some money out of it and it becomes commercial. It starts off as trying to get away from what it eventually becomes then forms something else. You had jungle then drum and bass for example. That pattern happens all over…then every now and them you get people like me who are quite happy just sitting in the studio making music! Your song ‘Specific Hate’ samples 808 States (who you were part of) ‘Pacific State’. So basically you sampled yourself to create something cool! What are your thoughts on the subject of sampling and the growing copywriting laws surrounding it? Well years ago you would get a producer in a studio with just a box of records and he’d take small parts of each, layer them up and change them to make his whole new thing. Then a bit after that you’d get another producer taking that record and doing the same thing, and I’ve got nothing against that I think its an art form, extracting peoples material properly and putting it into your own. Its when you blatantly take a huge portion of someone else’s track and slap it on top of a small edit then start putting it out as your own, I don’t really approve of that, it’s blatant theft. Sampling used to be really adventurous, and because of the laws you’d find ways of masking it or changing it to make it your own. ‘Owning it.’ In Drum and Bass for example we would all take the same loop from each other, and we could all tell it was the same thing but we’d use our skills in the studio to push the technology available at the time to make something really exciting and new. To me it’s kind of like the difference between painting a picture and taking a photograph, you know?  It’s still possible now, if you are technically minded to do this with just a laptop. But you have to be technically minded to use the tool properly or else you just have a whole host of the same producers with the same software, producing the same sounds! How did your face end up on the side of Tacheles in Berlin? It must be an honor to be part of something so iconic! I actually used to work there in that building with the artists at one point. I think just one day one of them got a cherry picker, and I had that logo on my door and they just decided to paint it up there! It’s really sad there’s not that artist community there anymore, there used to be allsorts of crazy stuff there! The vibe they had there will never be the same again whatever happens next to it. It’s cool to have been part of it. Lastly I’d like to thank you personally for making ‘In Ya Head’ because its insanely good and is one of the first tracks that got me into electronic beats! Do you have any producers you’d like to thank for making a track special to you? Thankyou very much.  Juan Atkins – Clear . Up until that I was listening to electro funk and things like that, I think by 84/85 I heard this track ‘Clear’ and I was like ‘OK, I’ve got to go get loads of drum machines and see what’s going on in Detroit!     Catch A Guy Called Gerald playing at  Egg club, London this bank holiday Sunday at 'Promised Land: Best of British Acid House Party'. Details and tickets can be found here.   Interview by Eileen Pegg   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us om Twitter Find us on Soundcloud 

Catching Up With: Enzo Siragusa

    Ever since he and his band of madcap mates set up Fuse in late 2008, Enzo Siragusa has become somewhat of an icon for East London’s burgeoning party scene. Initially set up as an after-party to cater to their friends’ insatiable desire to keep on dancing, Fuse has morphed into one of the capital’s most popular parties, respected internationally for its distinct sound and unwavering dedication to the cause. Today, Enzo is a force in his own right, regularly taking his seasoned mixing skills to clubs worldwide. Ahead of their milestone 200th party and 4th birthday, MEOKO caught up with the DJ to discuss all things Fuse, and music, related.     YOU’VE SEEN YOUR STOCK RISE SUPER FAST IN A FAIRLY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME AND EVEN PLAYED AT COCOON IN THE PARK THIS YEAR, WOULD YOU SAY THAT THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST DATE FOR YOU SO FAR?   Cocoon In The Park was definitely one of the biggest gigs I’ve played so far. There is only one stage and the capacity is approx. 7000 people, that’s massive! Also to be  playing alongside Sven, Ricardo, Seth and Apollonia was a big deal for me personally. I felt like I was representing the UK as a DJ or something! It was a really strong line up with some serious record collections!     COMPARE THIS WITH WHEN YOU WERE FIRST CUTTING YOUR TEETH AS A FRESH FACED NEWCOMER IN THE SCENE WHAT\'S BECOME EASIER AND, INTERESTINGLY, HAS ANYTHING BECOME MORE DIFFICULT?  DO YOU FIND MORE RED TAPE TO CUT THROUGH THE MORE YOU PROGRESS FORWARD?   For sure as a newcomer some things are simpler, but the more profile or hype there is around you the more red tape there is. In the early days you fix your own gigs and  play anywhere and everywhere as you just want to play as much as possible. More often than not you have a lot of fun playing and getting smashed but typically you would have issues: decks not working, a crap sound system, and then maybe at the end of the night  the promoter decides not to pay you. I’ve had all sorts! As you become a more established artist there is more pressure to deliver so the red tape is there to ensure you are working with professional people, so you can perform to the best of your ability. At an event like Cocoon In The Park you see operational excellence. The technical side of things are spot on - the equipment in perfect working order, next level sound and lighting. Everything is geared towards you being able to play to the best set possible  as obviously with a huge expectant crowd in front of you the pressure is on! The one thing that remains the same from the old days before the red tape is the passion for playing, I still want to play as much as I can!   YOU HAVE JUST RELEASED YOUR KILIMANJARO EP, A COLLABORATION WITH ALEXKID EXPLORING THE GREY AREA BETWEEN JUNGLE AND HOUSE MUSIC FORMS. ARE YOU AN EX JUNGALIST?   I am indeed a junglist. I started raving in '93 when that sound was really taking off and I fell in love with it. In my opinion Jungle back then was breaking new boundaries  in electronic music. Alexkid and I were hanging out in my studio and it turned out that Alex's first release on Garnier's F-Comm LABEL was actually a drum and bass track. I’ve always had a heavy jungle influence in my sound but the Kilimanjaro project has  really pushed the boundaries between techno, house and drum and bass. Alex is a genius, I could never have got the balance between the kick and sub bass frequencies that we have in these tracks, in fact I don’t think many people can. He’s on another level!   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_5f0071d4_868255307&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/fuselondon/enzo-siragusa-alexkid', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_5f0071d4_868255307', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_5f0071d4_868255307' }); });     HOW DID YOU DISCOVER 4-4 MUSIC? WHAT WAS THE TURNING POINT WHEN YOU LEFT THE SYNCOPATED BEATS BEHIND?   The jungle scene became too aggressive and a bad attitude crept in to the parties and music. I was into the more intelligent and deeper side of jungle like Bukem, Fabio,  Peshay, Doc Scott, Randall etc. The attitude changed the music and it also started to become more about the MC’s, which I just wasn’t into. Around 95/96 I started to explore new music and go to different clubs. House and techno was always there, in fact there were always techno rooms at the raves I went to. I also used to regularly visit my local club in Windsor called Mirage where I would hear the likes of Oakenfold and Sasha play, I always enjoyed the music and vibe. My first trip to Ibiza in 1996 was a big turning  point. Going to places like Amnesia and Space, partying all day and experiencing that free spirited and happy vibe on the island back then had a big impact on me. Ibiza hooked me in and I have been back every year since then!   HAS EXPERIENCING IBIZA IN DIFFERENT CAPACITIES FOR ALL THESE YEARS INFLUENCED THE WAY YOU DJ?   I’ve experienced the party from the dance floor, as a clubber in Ibiza for many years, that’s probably the most important thing. Playing music on the island in different  capacities has also been a big influence. In 2003 I did my first full season and was lucky enough to land a residency on sunset strip at what is now called Sushi Mambo. I would play up about 6 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week all summer. I remember playing  all sorts, from Pink Floyd to broken beat to house music and even my beloved jungle records. I remember dropping a Paul Weller track and someone coming over to me in floods of tears crying because it obviously did something for them! Experiences like that  are pretty special. I would have to cart 2 big record bags all the way from San An bay up to sunset strip when I managed to get an extra gig at Bay Bar. I didn’t have enough money for a cab so if I couldn’t get a lift off someone I’d walk it, in the late afternoon heat! That stuff was character building for sure!   HOW INVOLVED ARE YOU IN THE RUNNING OF FUSE LONDON AND INFUSE RECORD LABELS?  AND WHAT IS THE ETHOS OF THE LABELS?   I run the labels with the help of a label manager doing the operational back-end stuff. I do the A&R along with Seb Zito, Rich NxT and Rossko and the rest of the guys who  pitch in. I couldn’t do it without them. I find it hard as time is short and I get sent a lot of demos everyday, so between us the right tracks do end up getting filtered through. I think what makes both labels special is that these are records that the guys  and I are playing at Fuse, that’s the test really – if they get played buy the guys and I, they get signed. Fuse London has always been a platform for the Fuse crew, our DJs and producers from our dancefloor. Infuse has opened things up to the wider community  who are inspired by the party, DJ or music. There is definitely a lot of fresh talent coming through on both the labels along with more established artists who are friends of ours and maybe been playing for Fuse for years.   WHEN IT COMES TO FUSE THE CLUBNIGHT YOU GUYS HAVE FORGED YOURSELF A REPUTATION AND FOCUS AROUND THE RESIDENT DJS RATHER THAN JUST PACKING OUT THE LINE UP WITH A RAFTER  OF NAMES. HOW HARD HAS IT BEEN TO GAIN A REPUTATION OVER THE YEARS?   We have always booked guests, so we haven’t been exclusively about residents although focusing on London based DJs is something we have leaned towards. Fuse was a weekly  party for so many years, so there was plenty of airtime for our DJs. Also we didn’t have much budget to book big names. For sure with less hype and little promotion it was a steady growth, but I feel that’s been good for Fuse and the regular DJs who have played. We do have more guests playing these days but this is because down the years, doing what we do in Ibiza for example, we have met some great artsists, so organically this has opened what we do up to new people to get involved.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_51e2dcb3_1528364928&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/fuselondon/fuse-podcast-1-enzo-siragusa', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_51e2dcb3_1528364928', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_51e2dcb3_1528364928' }); });     FINALLY TELL US ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH NEXT WAVE, YOU HAVE BEEN COLLABORATING WITH THEM FOR SOME PARTIES? WHAT IS NEXT FOR FUSE IN TERMS OF NEW LOCATIONS TOO?   There was an obvious synergy with Next Wave in Ibiza, we book some of the same artists and the guys behind it share the same values as us towards our parties, so it kind  of made sense to do a few a parties together. So far the parties have been great and it has added another dynamic to an island over-run by more commercial music and pop events. As for FUSE we are doing a few showcases here and there, one I’m particularly excited  about is at MINT club in Leeds on Saturday 4^th October. I have played at MINT a few times and love it up there, the guys behind it share the same passion for the rave as we do and it feels right to be taking FUSE up north with them.   Catch Enzo play next at Sankeys Ibiza alongside Rhadoo and Pedro on tuesday the 26th of August! Ticket   Follow Enzo Siragusa on social Media: https://www.facebook.com/djenzosiragusa https://twitter.com/enzosiragusa https://soundcloud.com/enzosiragusa   Follow MEOKO on Facebook and Twitter

Music Through Pictures with Kruse & Nuernberg

There is often an image painted of the solo producer, locked away in the studio, an intentional recluse dedicated to perfecting their style and sound. However when two creative minds work together in harmony it can be a beautiful thing,  and as Kruse and Nuernberg show, with exceptional results. Since their first release in 2007 they played a big part in the deep house revival that was to hit dancefloors everywhere and show no sign of stopping. We thought with their positive personalities they would be the perfect candidates to peer into their souls and see what these set of emotive pictures mean to them, in the format they know best, the format of sound.    1. 'Downtown Manhattan is a very special spot. Where decisions are made that affect all of us. We need more hero's that say fuck the money, fuck weapons, let's go back to being humans again'   2. 'Peace and slowliness! Our all time favourite trip hop tune representing pretty much everything this picture stands for'   3. 'This picture reminds us of this crazy track here. The Hook is just like: Look Behind The Mirror, Don’t You See? No Reflection Of Me!' 4. 'It’s just one of these tunes you don't get to hear very often. Like a winter day with snow and sun, we don't get that very often' 5. 'This one is easy!!! THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE = LEGENDARY.One of our all time favourites' 6. 'Women… so many beautiful women!' 7. 'This picture is pure body language and someone has lost her head' 8. 'Actually this picture deserves silence...' 9. 'Dancing in the rain is fun and this track is fun, too' 10. 'Super cute picture! The dog is the kids best friend'   Kruse and Nuernberg have recently started up their new label Save Room Recordings. Check it out here. Already boasting names such a s Huxley, Kellerkind, Christian Nielsen, Jonas Saalbach and Sasse, it's definately one to watch! Catch their latest release in collaboration with Teenage Mutants 'Don't Be Afraid' here.   More MEOKO?   Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter    

Rhadoo Meets Petre: Next Wave At Sankeys

On the 26th August two of the most respected party collectives put together one of the last summer parties for Ibizas flagship. With the likes of tINI, Enzo Siragusa playing the Basement alongside Shaun Reeves and Alex Picone to name a few, a high calibre performance is promised. In the Lab, Next Wave play host to the low profile Romanian label [a:rpia:r], who stand firmly by their policy “No philosophy, Just music”…and a full-size party.  This edition will be hosted in the infamous Sankeys of Ibiza. Recent worldwide movements of the establishment have seen them pitching up big room venues across the globe with plans for a “7 Sankeys of the world” and undoubtedly a consistent set of high quality parties to follow.  For those who have been to any Next Wave parties, a solid bunch of grooves and good floor vibes are guaranteed with previous shows with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Praslea and Cezar have all caused a storm.  This time, label owners Rhadoo and Pedro go in alone for a much-anticipated performance that guarantees a tactically formed audible journey of dance floor precision. With the original trio including Raresh as RPR Soundsystem, the group have shown little interest in the current surge of electronic main stage driven techno and remain secretive, subtly slipping between line ups and underground party venues, doing the business as they see necessary.  Time and time again you will see a selective yet fragmented musical compilation from the group, propelled to create a web of distinctive sound pleasure. There is a clear drive for seamless transactions of sound and emotion through a constantly swirling eclectic compilation of minimal techno sounds - influencing the moods of the audience as they see fit.  Next Waves technically focused parties are top in recommendation. IBIZA PEOPLE - RHADOO MEETS PETRE AT NEXT WAVE, DO NOT MISS!   Follow MEOKO on Facebook and Twitter   By Ell Weston     

13 Candles for SecretSundaze: Giles Smith's Top 13 Tracks of the Year

With the Secretsundaze 13th Birthday party quickly approaching, we spoke to Label owner Giles Smith to get a run down on 13 of his favourite tracks from the last 12 months. Some serious gems from the secret spotlight to get you all in the mood for the coming bank holliday weekend. This two part event features the likes of DJ Koze, Anthony “Shake”, Nick Hoppner, Underground Paris, and James Priestley just to pick a few over the 1pm-6am period. A proper party guaranteed. Now tuck in to this selection for your mid-week warm up courtesy of all those at Secretsundaze. If you haven’t already, grab a ticket here. And in the mean time, check out Giles Smith's top 13 tracks of the year:  1) DJ Qu - The Raw (Strength Music) "No youtube track. Hot of the press...serious Qu heat out next week. Possibly my favourite producer on the planet" 2) Olmo Fudd - Coup d'Etat (Trilogy Tapes)"Been banging this one all year" 3) Bola - Afrikan Basement (Sacred Rhythm):"Joe Clausell with heavy native vibes"   4) Dario Zenker - WM2 (Trilogy Tapes) "Ooof what an EP. My favourite track on the EP is actually W3 but thats the only one not on youtube. 3 killer tracks on one EP" 5) Fred P - Circuits (Finale Sessions)"Sick hypnotism"   6) A Sagittariun - Clusters (Elastic Dreams)Could have picked numerous tunes from the man like Sagi but this one is my pick. Special. 7) Deadbeat - Woah! (Ostgut Ton) "No youtube track. New track from Deadbeat taken from Ryan Elliot's Panorama mix"   8) Kyle Hall - Spoof (Wild Oats)"Slept on this from last year until Andrea in the secretsundaze officetipped me off. Ruff!"   9) DVS1 - Black Russian (Klockworks)"DVS1 does it again on Ben Klock's ever reliable imprint. Anthem"   10) Sandman and Riverside - Your Story (Kai Alce remix) ( Fast Fwd)"Real house music"   11) Kel - Chira (7777)"Deep grooves with a Maurizio flavour from Detroit's Jared Wilson"   12) Function and Inland - Odeon (Infrastructure) "Stunning and beautiful techno"   13) Theo Parrish - 21st and Exchange Use To Be (Trilogy Tapes / Sound Signature)"Beautiful warm haziness. Theo does its again!"   Meoko is also running a competition for the event with the possibility to win apair of tickets and copies of JohnDaly - Everlasting w/ Marcelus remix (SS014) and Flori - Within Reason EP (SS013). Email us a track you would like to hear on sunday at \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will pick a winner on Friday.  Find us on Facebook and Twitter

The Not So Serious Session with Premiesku

  The ever-rising Romanian trio, Premiesku, made up of Livio, Roby and George G known for their purely analogue live shows as much as their studio work have spent the last few years slowly and quietly carving out a reputation for magical performances and live improvisation. Their first release of 2014 on Vakant, a three track EP which origins lies in the “Random Happy Accidents” that have occurred whilst the trio were performing on stage was much awaited and seems to have had great success so far. We have been told the release has the power to take you on a journey of experimentation and a culmination of unexpected feelings. Later on Premiesku will be releasing on other infamous labels such as Apollonia and Desolat. Watch out for these guys, as they will blow your mind! They will be playing next for Cocoon Ibiza on the 24th of August at Amnesia.     If you had 24hrs left on earth, what would you do? George: Preparing my stuff for living on the Moon Roby: I would get a kick out of my last 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. I would not tell you what I would do with the remaining time, it’s secret. Livio: :-) I usually put things off because I think there is time later… for sure I won’t be doing this on the day.   If you could spend the night with someone, who would it be?  George: Martin Gore but in the other bed :) Roby: Nocturnal tennis match with Wes Andreson Livio: Don Buchla   What is the worst set you have ever heard and why? George: The ones before I liked electronic music :) Roby: EDM “Live Sets” Livio: Psy Trance! 2012    XLR8R - Free Download     A drink to recover from the weekend is? George: Special cleaning smoothie Roby:  Lemonade Livio: Coconut water   You would never believe it but I am really good at? George: Indian cooking Roby: Darkroom developing Livio: Cooking   A very awkward moment in your life was? George: When I heard my name on the airport's station starting with “Last call for...” Roby: All the power blackouts in the studio. Livio: Lost my record bag    Your favorite drink behind the booth is? George: Sake Roby: Mezcal Livio: Mezcal Alacran :-)   3 items you can’t live without on Tour? George: Visa, screwdriver and pillow. Roby: Movies, headphones, books. Livio: Facebook, my headphones, computer.   Where do you see yourself in 10 years? George: Somewhere over the rainbow Roby: …Touring Livio: On tour!   After a set, do you stay and party hard or do you go home and sleep? George: Sometimes I stay at the party and sleep, and other times go home and party hard Roby: Party Party Party!!! Livio:  I like to stay.   The best day to party is? George: A day when I don’t have a gig Roby: My daughter’s birthday Livio:  Monday Ibiza!   If you were on death row, what would be your last meal wish? George: Butter chicken masala. Roby: Chocolate pancakes. Livio:  My mum’s apple cake.   Do you think any kind of afterlife exists? George: Yes. Roby: I definitely hope so. Livio: Hope so.   What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made? George: I left my beard to grow Roby: Changing to Analog Livio: Changing to Analog   Premiesku @ Time Warp   What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? George: Too many to choose one. Roby: Playing and completing Dune 2 without “save game” support. Livio:  23 august parade 1984 :-))   What is Satan's last name? George: I don’t know but for sure it’s not Dracula Roby: Aghiuta Livio:  “Dracu”   Is it true Cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny? George: No, I think they don’t eat it because they’ll choke on their plastic nose. Roby:  They’re not funny at all, so they should be eaten without problems. Livio:  hahaha… never heard    If you could be a superhero, who would it be and why? George: In any case no-one that has underwear over their costume Roby: Superman in a Batman costume, except  George Clooney’s outfit. Livio: Yusuke Urameshi.   What is your favorite childhood memory? George: When I became an “adult”. Roby: Receiving my first computer. Livio:  Running  :-)   Premiesku - “Pe Dos” EP | Vakant | 2014     Catch Premiesku play at Cocoon, Amnesia Ibiza on the 24th of August Event Tickets   Follow Premiesku on: https://www.facebook.com/premiesku http://soundcloud.com/premiesku  http://twitter.com/premiesku http://youtube.com/user/Premiesku   Follow MEOKO on Facebook and Twitter   By Sam Kicq  

Gaza Toy Drive “Thank You” Closing Event

Following from their event last July, the Gaza Toy Drive initiative is hosting a Thank You event this Sunday, August 24th at Vibe Bar. They would like to thank all the people who have donated funds and given away toys, clothes, bikes, books, hygiene products, and other supplies to help children in Gaza suffering from war trauma. The Gaza Toy Drive has indeed received amazing support from the public, but they need help to take one final important step of transporting an estimated total of 15 containers to Gaza. Transporting these goods is no easy task, and they need your help! Convenient (on Brick Lane) and free, the Gaza Toy Drive “Thank you” closing event is the perfect place to go to support this cause.   Artists, performers and musicians will come together to showcase their beautiful work in Vibe’s leafy, cobblestone courtyard. Live acoustic music will be playing all day while market stalls will sell food, drinks and merchandise. Highlights include a live street art & auction, a photo exhibition, live music and DJ sets in the venue’s two rooms. DJs from Keep on Going, Nifu Nifa records, Damaged, Cartulis Music vibe their love for music in Room 1. The line up includes: – Secret Guest TBA – Remi Mazet (Colors / Hot Waves) – Georgio Oniani (Damaged) – KLADY (Nifu Nifa records) Support from MEOKO and friends  – Nick Maleedy b2b Tony Loi – Kozber (Cartulis) b2b Rico Casazza  Keep on Going DJS – Dean Marc (Softporn) b2b TBC and more The artists involved in the live street art & auction include graffiti artist Atm Street Art, who will be creating a piece during the event. His finished work will be auctioned around 9pm. Other live artwork will be showcased by the following talented artists: – Maggio  – LisArt  – Joyce Treasure – Nemo tibi amat – Tony Comley – Frances Bartlett – ArtBy Jarvis – Perspicere – HMMMBATES,The Artist – Hikari Shiba – Mike Flight – Soheila Keyani – Anna Laurini Tatiana Moressoni and Eleanor Marriot will run a Photography Exhibition and shop. As mentioned the event is free for all. There will be plenty of activities for the kids too, in particular a Drawing Desk (draw for a child in Gaza). Attending the Gaza Toy Drive “Thank you” closing event is a perfect opportunity to make your contribution to the children living through the conflict. Any form of support means a response to the Gaza Toy Drive initiative’s important call for help: “Children learn so much from playing with toys. Most of all they learn to feel joy, to play and to share. Concepts such as these will stay with them throughout their life. Having a favourite toy to cherish is beneficial for children, all over the world, no matter where they are from. Help us to get toys and clothes to children in Gaza” In the news we read of and see bombings, missiles and deaths happening in Gaza. Let’s take more important steps to actively support the people in desperate need. More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter 

Wareika 'Organic Dance Music'

Wareika graced London with their presence not long ago, for the Katermukke showcase, and we loved it. The un-stoppable fun trio hailing yet again from Germany, produces an unique music. Their tracks are more than songs, are atmospheres which refer to their own world and personalities. No wonder Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane are amongst their inspirational figures: Wareika are more a band that has fun experimenting with electronic nusic, but has a musical culture that goes well beyond it. Their live sets are stunning and universally appreciated, also and foremost by Visionquest, Perlon and all the labels they have charted on.MEOKO was pleased to talk with the popping trio and bring to you what they had to say!   Hello there Wareika, thanks a lot for your time! Firstly can you tell us how you guys met each other and how you started doing music together? The three of us met in 2007 on stage during a club night where all of us where involved in different music projects.  We made one of these appointments to meet in the studio the other day, and it happened in reality - unlike many appointments you make in the early morning..... On top of that, it turned out to nail it for everyone of us in terms of "personal future music dreams", so we kept working together until the first bunch of Wareika singles hit the market. Right! To those who aren't aware, how would you best describe your sound? Organic Dance Music- Our Music brings the live feeling- the connection to people- through our music. And a smiley face is always there...The funny thing is, that everyone of us brings in so many different ideas and influences, that in the end no one can tell anymore who did what. Jokes aside, who does what in the band? Hey, you know, actually in the studio we all do the same things- on stage Florian is singing and adds some moods and rhythms with his synthesizer. The same with Henrik, which main instrument is for sure his guitars, which are mostly built by himself. But sometimes you get the impression of a complex pattern and then you realize: Uh it is Henrik live playing that shit- and it is not recognizable as a guitar anymore. - we develop steadily on our instruments.  Like Jakob's Moog Bass, a new MPC System, which is not really steady yet, but very much in progress- Jakob is a genius: with his 8minutes Sample time, he plays up to 4hours live.... What’s it like working in a group of three? Do you ever have difficulty working with each other? I think, people are just afraid of getting together... With three people, you really have to improve these skills: let the fear go that two might be against one.... We balance ourselves much more- and this benefit is even stronger! It is also a matter of time. Like any old couple, also our triple gets better and better with the years, ... like an old red wine .... A lot's been written about how you guys have shaken up clubland with your live show. Was this your intention from the start and what do you make of such accolades? Honestly, there where no intentions at all in the beginning. Only dreams and desires, purely musical-wise.... When we started, we had a vague vision about playing electronic music live like a jazz trio, but no idea how to do it. We started improvising, experimenting with different instruments and musical contents. Our first gig was quite uneasy for us.... but the audience loved it ! So we kept on searching, and we still do. If people like it, that gives us extra power to continue and improve ourselves! What do you feel you bring, as a band, to the electronic music scene? Friendliness!!! We interact on stage, with each other and with the audience. That turns our Concert into a very special musical experience. Which were the moments you most enjoyed of your career so far? There are moments, where you are aware, that every contribution of us while we play does make a difference, does make sound- and the audience is flying with it- in this moments, you feel, that this is so much bigger than you can expect, what you and your little brain can produce. Do you perform solo Dj sets? Yes, Jakob and Florian does. And what about your live set up? Do you rehearse? Of course and we are quite tough to each other: we use sometimes new instruments, Henrik with his pedalboards or me on the keyboard: I used the prophet, since a while I play with the Nord Lead... You have to integrate them into our flow... In your performances, how much of what you do is planned, and how much is improvised? Actually due to Jakob's MPC 4000 we do have kind of a strict setlist, but of course, Henrik and me can chance the tone easily, so we are able to play e.g. "Burnin" over the rhythm of another song- in this case, we are very open to combine, but you have to know, we are very limited with our sample time, so we have to be strict with our songs, which we want to play, especially when we play just one hour on a festival stage. Our legendary four hour sets in early mornings are more free because if time does not matter we play almost 100% improvised stuff. You can break it down to the traditional jazz approach: Yes there are some themes, chords and rhythms fixed, but yes we can easily avoid them. We know you guys like to party, how would you define the ideal party for Wareika? Not too big. Very good soundsystem, not necessarily too loud. Stage on the dancefloor, no monitors needed.  Outside. Not too late. Good food. Good drinks. Nice people who are TOTALLY INTO MUSIC. ... What's in the pipeline for the band? The next album, beware!! Thank you guys! Last question, through all the music you've produced which one is your favourite track? Belonging and Be Real and Kings Child and please check also our Remix which we did for Quilla- hope you'll like it. This is also a very solid Wareika piece...:)!   Interview By Denny Kem   Listen to the mix here.   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find is on Twitter 

Leon: the Professional

  Hailing from Italy, and known worldwide for his association with Marco Carola’s world famous Music On; we caught up with LEON. We delve a little deeper into the mindset Leon to find out about where it all began, his inspirations and about his new record label.     How did it all start for you?   It all started without a specific reason, I was lucky to have my father and my uncle who were musicians and DJs. So in my house I always listened to music, talked of music, from the rock of Led Zeppelin to pop to of Michael Jackson... At the age of 14 my uncle took me into his office and put my hands on his Technics turntables …It was love. I started to buy vinyl and became passionate about house music because of the small parties in my town. The local DJs played American tracks and sometimes even Techno! I also began to organise small parties with close friends, playing in front of 50 or so people. It was beautiful, everything was new, it was a great discovery, an infinite love, it was a joy for me to play and to see people dance to my music!       Tell us about your love affair with Cocorico.   Cocorico was my first club. I was 16, and I went there to hear the the resident dj; DJ Ralf. He was the artist that I liked the most, and my older friends told me that he was a very special dj. He played the tracks that I loved and I immediately fell in love with the club; the atmosphere, the people, the soundsystem, Ralf, and all the rest. On Saturdays I was there for many, many years… to meet people, to listen to new artists coming from all over the world to play. I began to learn about Techno, Detroit, the House music of Chicago, and artists such as Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Frankie Knuckles , Eric Morales, the list goes on. Everything was great for me, it was like a school, I learned it all in Cocorico. Now I'm one of the residents! It was one of my biggest achievements of my life, to be a resident in the club where I grew up!     We know you're a family man and you have a little one, Isaia; how do you manage the balance between family and DJ life?   Isaia is almost one now. Its the most beautiful thing in my life, he is everything to me, he is my family, he’s my reason to smile, my inspiration. Certainly, its a different life, there are more commitments and I have less time to make music in the studio, but I'm lucky because I have my girlfriend who is a special woman! I can manage my life as a DJ and one as a father. At the weekend I'm into the music with my gigs and travel and I miss my family, but I love the music, and I'm a professional artist so I have to work when I'm focused on that, and when i come back at home i spent time to my family. Easy.     Tell us about your new label; Chelsea Hotel Records. Where did that name come from?   Chelsea Hotel Records is my vinyl only label. Its a label dedicated to darker sounds, more underground. We will also have more techno and dub style releases. Its a label for new, upcoming, talented artists from Romania, from England, from Italy and more. The label focused more on quality. A friend of mine takes care of the graphics for each release. Each will be dramatic, with the idea of making them showcase exhibits. And in the future visuals in the most important capitals of the world.     Chelsea Hotel is a famous place in New York. I lived in New York for a period of my life and in the last 10 years I’ve always gone to play in the clubs of the city. I have many friends there and its know his story! Chelsea Hotel in New York is a hotel founded in the 80s and was the meeting place of artists such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Arthur C. Clarke, Dylan Thomas, Sid Vicious, Andy Warhol, Madonna and many more…     How do you feel about the on going battle between the vinyl purists and the and the digital revolution in music? Do you have a personal preference or are all formats welcome in you eyes?   It’s not my battle, I do not care how you play. I do not judge an artist if he plays with vinyl or with Traktor. I use vinyl and usb, but mostly, I buy vinyls, register them and I put them in my usb. But I do not like the artists who say they do live sets and then they use Ableton with a controller and play tracks from other producers! “This is Live?”! I just laugh and have no respect for them! I do not like those who believe that being a DJ is just about being superstar; those who just raise their hands to the sky and shout to the crowd !!! All this makes me laugh so much!       Tell us about your relationship with Marco Carola and how you became part of the Music On family?   I’ve been with Music On from the beginning. This is the third year. I met Marco 4 years ago. We played together at the Rex in Paris and he told me I could be part of his team! He wanted me to play the warm up sets, and from there my life has changed. It was a beautiful thing. Marco is one of the best DJs in the world, technically perhaps the number 1. He manages to keep the dance floor going for 10-12 hours, not everyone can do it. He’s a special person, both humble and strong. In this industry you have to be humble. I have traveled all over the world with Marco. Last year we travelled for 10 days on a private jet and this year very very soon we playing together again for other important gig. Marco and Music On are my family and I love being part of this. Joseph Capriati and I are the only 2 to have been with Music On from the very first day and we have played with Marco around the world in all events Music On. For this reason, I’m very HAPPY.   When you sit down in the studio, where do you tend to find yourself drawing inspiration from?   My son, my girlfriend, a special movie, special food, the sea, the mountains, the rain….everything emotional       Aside from the music you play, what genres you find yourself listening to from time to time?   Movie soundtracks; like Vangelis, Rock n Roll; like Led Zeppelin and some Electro Indie like M83…For example, I love labels like Ninja Tune and Warp, but also artist like Arcade Fire or Arctic Monkeys and for sure one of my favourite groups of the all-time are Oasis.       What is your favourite track of all-time?   Nice question… Maybe its impossible to be precise. Maybe Mood 2 Swing "All Night Long" or Octave One "Blackwater" or Laurent Garnier “The Man with the Red Face”.       Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet, whether in the studio or playing b2b with that you have on your bucket list?   Now the music industry its very, very, very saturated. A lot of producers try to be DJs, but a DJ is totally different from a producer!!! Ricardo Villalobos or Danny Tenaglia are 2 big legends in my life!!! Anyway, I feel lucky because I’ve worked with artists such Marco Carola, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Steve Lawler and many many others…     What are your highlights of the summer so far and what’s coming up?   Music On closing party at Amnesia, Paradise at DC10 and Cocoricò Italy. Also, Songs Festival and Parch Gondar with Marco, Dixon and Paul Kalkbrenner will be big!!! Electric Zoo, New York and the South American tour, especially Club la Feria in Santiago, Chile.   You have a London date lined up this August; are you looking forward to playing the the UK capital again?   I love London, its one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve played a lot in the past at place like Fuse, The Egg, Cable and Electric Brixton…but a lot of friend of mine spoken very highly of Crucifix Lane so I'm very excited. And then I’ll have nice artists with me during the same night like Scott Kemp, so it will be really cool, I can't wait.   When you play, do you plan your sets, or do they just evolve in the moment?   Usually before the gig I look the tracks that I want to play, I have so many beautiful bombs, and sometimes I forget to play the strongest things, so I always have a look before starting my gig. I usually have a computer with me, so I always mark the strongest things that I will play.   Finally; big clubs or small intimate parties? Which do you prefer and why?   It Depends… I prefer small clubs and prefer to play 5-6-7 hours and more! I prefer small clubs because I can play everything; from techno to house. Its important for me to make a journey with my set and my people. Festivals are ok, and sometimes is nice to play at some; especially in the summer. During festivals my music is more techno and my set are 2 hours maximum, totally different but its ok.   Thank you Leon.   If you've not yet had the pleasure of experiencing on of Leon’s sets, then you will be able to catch him playing at the NoVus Summer Showcase, this forthcoming bank holiday weekend on 23rd August and Crucifix Lane, SE1 3JW.         Interview by Anwaar Bent   Find MEOKO on Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud!

MEOKO's Weekend Guru: August Bank Holiday 2014

Bank holiday weekends can be stressful sometimes, hectic often, and bad for your health presumably always. No need to worry though, MEOKO's Weekend Guru is here to help with all your raving requirements; from warehouse parties, all day blow-outs, Sunday summer shindigs and more. Below is a selection of this weekend's top house and techno events, where you can expect to see at least one of the MEOKO team gracing (ahem) the dancefloor! FRIDAY The Hydra: Resident Advisor @Studio Spaces E1 Carl Craig, Matthew Herbert, Black Coffee, Zomby, Giles Peterson, Livity Sound, 2562/A Made Up Sound, Vester Koza, Mo Kolours, Mr Tophat & Art Alfie Welcoming their permanent residency at Studio Spaces in with style, The Hydra bring to you two rooms of quality lineups to kick off this bank holiday. Dark slamming techno tunes or diverse and groovy beats, they have it covered by a more than capable set of talent. Time: 10-7 Tickets: Final release £25 Buy them here.   SATURDAY Art of Dark: Summer Session @ iCAN Studios Petre Inspirescu (3hr), Ion Ludwig (Live),  Colin Chiddle, Matteo Manzi, Charlie Dave Kent Starting early inviting you to enjoy the food and drink on offer as well as the music, Art of Dark  bring to you an event with a whole host of extended sets to get you excited, Time: 4pm-6am Tickets: Before 6pm £10 thereafter £15 Buy them here.   Novus Summer Showcase @ Crucifix Lane Leon(extended set), Scott Kemp, Cris J, TNeB Making the flight from Ibiza to London this weekend, fresh from his residency at Music On, Leon returns for a special night with friends at the always enjoyable Crucifix Lane.  Time: 10-6 Tickets: £10 Buy them here.   Behind this Wall 2nd Birthday @ London Fields Brewery Mr Ties, Dan Beaumont, Jason Spinks, Greg Brockmann, Alex & Digby, Bushes (Danny & Harri), Alex Btw & Presuming Ed & more tbc Spanning 17 hours over the bank holiday this weekend, Behind This Wall bring music, market and club all together in one to celebrate their 2nd birthday. A marathon not a sprint! Time:  12pm-5am Tickets: £12.00 Buy them here.   The Wick curated by Kubicle & Project Sound Luca Cazal (exclusive solo ep launch), Brigante, Robert Ouch, FB Julian. This Saturday sees the launch of a new project ‘The Wick’ at the Old Baths. A boutique market is on offer with up and coming creative design talent, luxury vintage and tasty food, where a tiki bar and hot tubs help you relax. Top that off with an exclusive ep launch at night and there is never a dull moment. Time: 12-11 Tickets: Free before 6, £10 thereafter Buy them here.   SUNDAY Secretsundaze Birthday Party @ Studio 338 & Village Underground DJ Koze, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Nick Hoppner, Lawrence, Jeremy Underground Paris, Youandewan, Bradley Zero, Giles Smith, James Priestley Never one to disappoint, Secretsundaze are doing what they do best, and maybe ever better this time as it is their 13th birthday celebrations. Letting their past do the talking, you know this one is going to be good.   Time: Part 1: 1 -10 Part 2 :10- 6 Tickets: Part 1&2: £32.50 Part 1: £24.50 Part 2: £19.50 Buy them here.   Solo Danza Bank Holiday Party @ Crucifix Lane Cassy, Bella Sarris, Dennis Christopher, Brett Jacobs. Solo Danza are back with a limited capacity event headlined by the wonderful Cassy & Bella Sarris. No strangers to playing the same night, these girls will no doubt work together to build the crowd into a frenzy. Time: 10-6 Tickets: £20 Buy them here.   Sankeys present: Tribal Sessions @ Studio 338 Darius Syrossian, Pirupa, Harvey Mckay, Jozef K, Shlomi Aber, Greg Vickers, Dave Rosario After taking Ibiza by storm with new night at Sankeys, Darius Syrossian brings the super successful Tribal Sessions here to our capital city. Time: 11-7 Tickets: £17.50 Buy them here.   Krankbrother Carnival Afterparty @ Park Royal Studios  dOP (Live), KiNK (Live), Gerd Janson, Krankbrother, Jack C Keep the carnival spirit going with the Krankbrother afterparty and an exciting live set from the ever popular dOP. True party vibes all night long, after all, it is Carnival! Time: 8-6 Tickets: £17.50 Buy them here.   Need 2 Soul @ Plan B Glenn Underground, Boo Williams, Omar (live), Matt L-S & Jamesey, Sam Don Need 2 Soul add only Chicagos finest to the bank holiday mix, and the clue is in the name, this Sunday will be a soul filled jam to bring a smile across your face. Time: 10-6 Tickets: £12 Buy them here.

People's Chart: 16-17 August

MEOKO believes that your opinions count just as much as any of the top DJs on the circuit. That's why we have introduced the 'People's Charts', where we head down to some of the best parties in the city to find out just what tracks you're all waiting to hear. Anything goes. Simple as!  D.O.C. RECORDS SHOWCASE @ THE EGG Elekfantz – Wish Elekfantz – She Knows (Gui Boratto D.O.C. Club Mix) Gui Boratto – We Can Go GusGus – Crossfade Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix) Maceo Plex – Conjure Superstar The Cure vs Solomun - Something We All Love (Tomas Neil Private Edit) Underground Resistance – Transition  Vid - Camelie &Me - After Dark   EASTSUNRISE RETRO SUMMER PARTY @ THE SHAPES Floorplan – Never Grow Old Gemini - Where do i go (1997 mix) ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 06 James Teej - Liking Your Disorder (Timo Maas Remix) Kerri "Kaoz" Chandler - Tribe of the night Lazare Hoche & Malin Génie - Session 2 Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix) Romanthony - 2nd warning Thomas Melchior - Sightings    DAMAGED #36 @ BAR 512 Atom Heart - Slow Motion Delano Smith - Wires Faster - Orchestra Modificata Felix Reifenberg – Novacasa Francesco Del Garda, Alessandro Gaia – Good Vibration Harry McCanna - Clearer Waters Julian Perez - Canal Cruise Makam - Glacial Valley Matthew Herbert - It's Only (Dj Koze Remix) Petre Inspirescu – Evar

Market Madness and Night time Naughtiness

A day party on a Bank Holiday is no new occurrence, with the extended weekend welcoming all sorts of hedonism all around the clock; but this Saturday at The Old Baths marks the launch of the new weekly project with a difference from a fusion of creative minds. Kubicle and Project Sound have teamed together to create multi faceted arts, shopping and entertainment extravaganza ‘The Wick’, and welcome Luca Cazal to kick-start their first party with an exclusive preview of his debut solo ep ‘Mariri’.  Opening at 12 noon, entrance is free and children are welcomed until 6pm, where as evening dawns it is adults only as proceedings move indoors and the party within a party begins. Firstly, the daytime brings a vibrant market place to the Old Baths in hackney, supporting the local creative scene and urging to help the east London community thrive, this is a project with a purpose. Stalls will be manned by up coming new talent and designers alongside luxury vintage and interior décor merchants, merging the old with the new for a well rounded and unique shopping experience. Gourmet food stalls and a Tiki bar will provide refreshments, all the while DJs and a hot tub provide the atmosphere to ease you in or out of the weekend nicely, depending on your plans. Here is just a selection of the vendors who will be present on Saturday to whet your appetite for things to come: Gypsy East: A traveling clan making things by hand - Illustrations -Floral Crowns – Jewellery The Gypset Diary: One who is gypset - the wiles of a gypsy mixed with a sophistication of the jet set. Festival line formed from the love of disco and sparkle Lucy In Disguise Vintage: The highest quality labels, designers and looks are brought to the customer at prices that make looking a million dollars for that special night out an affordable luxury Boho Rose Vintage: Sellers of Trend-led, Unique Vintage Fashion & Jewellery Dancing Leopard: Combining traditional Indian patterns with western chic to create unique boho fashion pieces.  Puckoo Couture: Independant clothing label based in the creative back streets of Bristol... We specialise in stretchwear and panelling.  Ruby Violet: Ice creams & sorbets hand made in Tufnell Park. Using only the finest natural ingredients and organic milk Pieces of Eight jewelry: Happy little soul who has a passion for creating unique and ethically sourced crystal healing jewellery Victoryus: Born of a passion for dressing up. Vintage clothing, jewellery, art & craft, collectables, cake and much more Pizza Surgery: For all your Pizza needs. Journey Through Sound: ‘Kids Hour’ Leave your children to play with instruments supervised whilst you explore the market Shopping and eating aside, this event also pays special attention to the music; curated by reputable promoters ‘Kubicle’ combined with the creative flare of ‘Project Sound’ this side is sure not to disappoint. Alongside the launch of Luca Cazals latest ep, tunes will be also provided by Brigante, Robert Outch, FB Julian and special guests. Luca Cazal may be more familiar to some as ‘Luca C’. Together with Brigante, also present at The Wick, they produced some of 2012’s catchiest tributes to 80s synth and slow rolling love songs that were impossible to miss. Now residents at DC10, The Wick launch party hosts a special preview of Luca Cazals latest solo mission. All in all this looks to be a gathering of creative minds, beautiful sounds and off-beat culture and not one to be missed by those looking for more than just a dance experience this bank holiday and beyond. To be in a chance of winning a day/night out at The Wick for you and a freind (2 Cocktails from the Tiki Bar each, 2 Pizzas, 2 Hot Tub sessions and entry to the evening event with Luca C, email us at  \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and tell us what you think makes Hackney Wick special and why you want to spend your bank holiday there.  Write 'The Wick' on the subject line... Good Luck!   More MEOKO?   Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter 

Adam Port: 'I am a bedroom studio producer'

Adam Port is a big figure in our music industry and has been spinning records since he first fell in love with vinyl, with their format, size and colours. First as an Hip Hop Dj, then as the great producer we all know, Adam charted releases for cornerstones of the house and techno music such as Kompakt and Cocoon Recordings, but it is with his 'crew', Keinemusik, that he feels at home. Yes, because Adam Port is the good guy: vegetarian and straight edge, he finds all the energy he needs from the crowd, the people and his long lasting and ever evolving passion for music. We managed to catch him in between his various overseas tours, and ask him a bit about his 'beginnings', influences, lifestyle, summer projects and impressions of the music scene. We found a friendly, nice and humble guy, who knows what he wants and what he does; a self-confidence that reverberates in his unique style, the same with which he's crafted a special mix all for us to share with our readers. Adam is another evidence that who is good in what he does, does not need to show off.   Hello Adam! So nice of you finding time to sit down and have a chat with MEOKO! Are you really busy at the moment? Hi! First of all thank you guys for the possibility of this interview. Yes the summer time is always busy for Dj’s and right now I’m sitting in a plane back to Berlin from Izmir in Turkey, where I played in a festival with my friends, Catz n Dogz and Adana Twins. You've also recently been on an overseas tour with fellow Dj, and friend I believe, Rampa. You travelled from Vancouver to the deep south of America, in just ten days. When you go on such trips what is it like? I mean, you play almost every night in a different club, in a different city. Is there room left for you guys to enjoy some 'holiday time' in those cities or does travelling and playing take away too much time and leave you without the chance to actually visit any place? It actually took me a while to answer your questions and finishing the podcast (sorry for that!), so the overseas tour with Rampa is already some weeks ago, and I have also been with &ME and Rampa to Ecuador and Canada. On these overseas tours I was still working on a “playing all day schedule”. Usually I play on weekends and during the week I have some days off, so there is totally some time to see the country and catch some impressions. On the South American tour I spent some great days in El Salvador. It was such a nice experience and I met a lot of great people. Thank again to Rainforest Music for the great treatment there and for the wonderful rooftop party! It is a blessing to have the possibility to get all this experiences in all the foreign countries. What is the thing that strikes you the most when you are playing in abroad? Crowd, clubs or music culture in general? I think it is the fact that the music is really bringing us all together. It’s so impressive when you in play a totally different country, for people with a different cultural background, and still you are getting the same positive vibe back from the crowd. I know it sounds cheesy but the music is really bringing us together. You started off playing at quite a young age right... Where did your passion for techno/house music come from, or better, how did this encounter happen? I was a Straight Edge Hardcore/Punk kid back in the days and I went to all the shows to see bands like Snapcase, Warzone, Earth Crisis, Split Lip or Texas Is The Reason. After I became a little bit bored of the development of the Hardcore scene, I was looking for some other musical impressions. So I started to hear more Rap music and less HC. I've always liked the big covers of vinyl and I had the feeling that buying them I was getting more for my money, compared to a cd. So all new Rap music that I bought was on vinyl. At some point I had a lot of 12” and I rented a second turntable, from a friend who was a hobby Gabba Dj, to try to mix  two records into each other. I remember it was a pain in the ass at the beginning. I had never planned to become a Dj, it happened naturally from my interest in music. After my Hip-Hop days I turned to electronic because I became once again bored of the Hip-Hop Dj thing. People on parties just wanted to hear big hits and I had no real possibility of playing 'different' tracks. So I played the 90’s Rap stuff over and over again, 'till I was so bored of myself. About house and techno, I love the freedom of not having to play hits at al. Of course there are many big hits in these genres too, but at the end you can rock a party with tracks that nobody heard before. Some of your mixes clearly bring traces of this 'first passion' of yours. Discobelle Mix 039 struck me a lot, a real rude-boy mix! Trumpets and some of the beats made me also think that you might be influenced from dance-hall, I am right? Thank you a lot! It was quite fun to do a mix without house. It’s been a while since I did it. I discovered some new rap & r n b over the month and out it all together in one 60 mix. I love the dancehall samples it was was big fun to use them in a dj mix, I thing I will do it more often in the future also for my regular mixes or for the Keinemusik Radio Show. I’m still a huge dancehall fan but I don’t really know if this influenced my music. The dance-hall vibes are so different. I tried to make some edits of new dancehall tracks but it never really worked out, not until now. Have you ever thought of creating a new identity to produce music, maybe in collaboration with somebody? I would love to have something like an easy going project  in the future: working with one, or two other guys, on tracks with an electronic background and live instruments on top. Talking about changes.... What things make you evolve music wise? Are collaborations with artists or other external stimuli that influences you the most? I’m a bedroom studio producer and I've spent most of the time working at home alone. My inspiration is coming from trying things out. I recently worked, for the first time, with a friend of mine: he’s a rock musician and plays guitar, drums, bass. The sessions was a great source of inspiration for us both. . You have released for Cocoon and Kompakt amongst others, but your 'family' label is Keinemusik. As a team it is quite small, they define themselves as a 'crew' rather than a team actually. How is different producing for big name labels and smaller scale ones? Which are the particular challenges and possibilities that each one presents? It is not really different for me. I’m never made a track specially for a label, with a special style thought for its destination. Usually I finish an EP and then I look out for a place where it could fit, but at Keinemusik we have the freedom to release what we want. Every artist has one slot to produce a personal EP over the year, and can put out what ever he wants onto it. Of course we are asking each other opinions on tracks but, at the end of the day, is the artist the last one to decide about his very own release. I love this idea. On a more personal level, which are the challenges you have to front as a producer and which the possibilities you get? There are some many labels, booking agencies, agents nowadays. Do you consider it as a good or bad thing? In a way I believe some of them can put a lot of pressure on you and influence your creative process, a bit like having an ever-close deadline. I don’t know if this is good or bad to be honest. This is the fact at the moment and we have to handle it. There is a lot of competition that’s true, so you have to do something different to get attention. On an even more personal level. You are vegetarian and follow a straight-edge lifestyle. Club culture is also known for its own particular, tiring lifestyle: staying up all night, sometimes few days. How do you marry the two things together? And how can you resist the wonderful German beers? – supposed that you do not drink many. Hehe, I’m SE since I’m 18 and I never drunk too much before. So I never had the chance to get into the beer thing, there is nothing to resist to for me really. I love playing music and being in a club  gives me all the energy I need energy for the night. Whenever I am getting tired, I just go back to my hotel, I have no need to turn a club night into a marathon run! The next day, without drugs and alcohol in the blood, you'll feel much better for sure and therefore you'll have also more energy to handle the next gig at night. You got to play in many different venues and during event of different nature. How would you describe your favourite experience? What did it transmit to you? There are so many great experiences so I don’t have really a favourite one. But let me tell about the last good one. This happened last night in Izmir at the Electronica Festival. It was the perfect summer vibe: real nice weather, perfect sound both on the dancefloor and in the Dj booth, a venue just right on the beach and an open minded and cheerful crowd. It was possible to play nearly everything, house, disco, techno… A great party. This summer is looking bright. After the big Sonar reunion you'll be heading to Sonus. They're quite different festivals: Sonar is an entire city, Barcelona, invaded by youngsters and electronic lovers, who roam the streets looking for the disparate, beautiful venues of each event; Sonus hosts a great number of gigs but all in the confined area of Zrce Beach. Do you think one type of is better then the other? You can’t compare apples with pears (This is German expression hope it still works in English). Both are really nice and I like to eat apples and pears but I would go wrong to say I like one of them more. I’m really looking forward to Sonus by the way! David Mayer and me staying there some days longer to catch some sun and hang with friends. Ahahaha it works also in English, definitely! In a recent article on Thump – which went viral - Seth Troxler said that dance festivals could be the best but also the worst place ever, and that they differ a lot from what is clubbing and the club culture. What is your opinion on the matter? Do you think festivals are mostly just occasions to party for several days in a row (without feeling any guilt)? I haven’t read this article but it sounds like my experience too. Still there are festival promoters that are able to transport the club feeling on big stages. Time Warp is a good example for this. Thanks Adam for your time to answer our questions. MEOKO wishes you a great summer and good time with David. We look forward to your date in London this August! Thank you guys!! See you in August.        More Meoko? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter  

HOT WAX - Tools & Tips [VOL.4]

These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.   Alexkid - Avocado EP   Alexkid’s Avacado 12” debut release on Josh Wink’s Ovum is pure class. "The Dope" is deep, squiggly and atmospheric with pulses of bass tones bleeping in and out of sync like a modular system gone mad, while the future Chicago house of “For Josh” will indeed be a hit.   Havantepe - Olivenbaum EP For Baum records 10th Release, We have the pleasure to Welcome The Return Of Havantape, A hugely Talented Techno Producers From Istanbul Delivering two deep and Hypnotic Dub Techno tracks, War & Revolt.   VRAC - Petu EP VRAC is a Romanian music production duo from Bucharest: Vlad Radu and Andrei Ciubuc. The EP called PERTU is a three track EP with excellent grooves. This is a vinyl only release so don’t bother looking on Beatport…   Vadim Svoboda - Selected Patterns Two This series of fantastic EPs from Vadim Svoboda of Paris should not go a miss. Part 2/4! Fourth release from the much anticipated imprint involving the founders of STABLO alongside Matt Edwards aka > Radio Slave<     Find us on Facebook and Twitter  

Freedom to Live: 2014 Brighton Gay Pride Parade

Two weeks ago the Meoko team took the one-hour train ride to Brighton, the “gay capital of Europe” to attend day two of the 2014 LGBT Pride Carnival. The Carnival consisted of three main events: The Parade, the festival at Preston Park, the Village Parties at St. James’s Street. The theme for this year’s carnival was to stand beside global LGBT communities that do not have “the freedom to live”, such as countries where homosexuality is still considered against the law, communities that have to deal with injustices and individuals that suffer from harassment and homophobia. Particular focus was put on Russia, India, Nigeria, Uganda and Egypt. We all remember the horrifying hate speech against homosexuality in Uganda:  A socio-political atmosphere was definitely present as more than 160,000 participants and spectators joined the streets to partake in the Pride Parade, both for the party and to support LGBT rights. Volunteers carried Freedom to Live placards representing the 78 countries in the world where homosexuality is still illegal. “Queer Resistance” and “promoting people with HIV, promoting sexual health” were written on banners, while music from Disco to Salsa played from speakers on the floats. The floats started at Madeira Drive by the Pier at 10am and ended at Preston Park.    The day before, the weather forecasted storm and on Saturday morning it poured. Luckily by the time the Parade started the sun came through and we spent the next few hours under the somewhat sunny yet overcast skies of Brighton. We were just grateful we didn’t have to spend the next few hours drenched in rain!  We arrived at the train station and made our way to the the North Laine and famous Brighton Lanes to check out the little markets, thrift stores, smoke shops, organic coffee shops and vegetarian cafes. The North Laine resembled Stoke Newington, minus London prices, and Camden, minus tourist prices.  The Guaraná Company's boutique bar, the first of its kind in the UK and Europe, is amongst our favourite places to go to in Brighton. Their shop on the ground floor sells a range of Guaraná products. Guarana is derived from the seeds of a Brazilian tree. Find out more about Guaraná here: http://www.guaranaco.com/section.php/35/1/guarana-zone Because of its high caffeine content, guarana has become a popular energy supplement, perfect substitutes for red bull and coffee and a perfect accompaniment to a festival. Heard of Guarana energy balls? You can find people selling them at festivals such as Glastonbury and Ozora. In fact, The Guaraná Company has been selling their Hot Guarana Punch at festivals for over 18 years now. You can also find Hot Guarana Punch shakes at their Brighton store and cafe. Their chillout lounge upstairs sells shakes, smoothies and coffees while playing spacey chillout music. We recommend trying their popular Organic Acai smoothie and knocking down a super healthy wheatgrass shot (if you can stomach it!).  There were many tourists on this day, but it was not crowded and we had plenty of space to walk around. We walked and talked with fellow Carnival attendees and Brighton locals from Greenpeace workers, bearded record storeowners and Wholefoods mummies. We met a group of Carnival attendees from Southend, where one girl commented, “Brighton is the most iconic place to see pride”. Another girl explained how she disliked Brighton compared to Southend:  “Brighton is really middle-class. Go down to Southend and it’s like Brighton but more real and less stuck up”.    The float included people dressed in all sorts of carnival colours, from rainbow feathers to tangas and nipple tassels. It was quite weird actually, seeing some of the spectators point and gawk at the parade people. Online, people complained in comment boxes under Brighton Gay Pride articles and social media pages about indecent exposure: "There was a girl naked with nipple tassels on walking down Old Steine at 2pm in the afternoon, if I did that any other day of the week I'd get arrested for indecent exposure" and "a scene of hedonistic debauchery". It seemed that some people did not really understand the Carnival's main themes of freedom and liberty. However the streets were indeed filled with drunk and half naked teenagers making havoc while swigging from bottles of vodka. We even saw a group of teenagers harassing a gay couple. This was the only and completely unacceptable indecent behaviour witnessed on the day. For the first time this year, the parade was the only event open to the general public, whereas the festival at Preston Park and Village Party in the St. James’s Street area were open only to wristband holders. According to the organisers this was for reasons of safety and public disorder. However, it is speculated that this move was done to protect the culture of the event and prevent people that came just to party from ruining the LGBT atmosphere. This move goes against the Carnival’s values of freedom and non-discrimination however it could be argued that participants should agree with and understand Gay Pride values. One of the only rational ways to do this with thousands of attendees is to create a barrier by introducing a ticketing system. On the other hand, perhaps a diverse crowd at Gay Pride signifies the inclusion of the LGBT community in today’s society. Of course, discrimination still exists. You just have to look at policies against the LGBT community and harassment by the public to understand that unity is still a utopia.   Despite a few drunken kids, a warm community atmosphere was certainly in the air in the streets after the parade and in the St. James’s Street area. St. James’s Street was packed with different bars hosting their own parties.  Wild Fruit’s Official Pride Party hosted their event at dance music club and terrace, Audio. The line-up included DJs Paul Heron, Hifi Sean, DJ duo Done & Dusted and local DJs Jon Byrne, Kate Wildblood and Mikalis. Audio is Brighton’s most recognised dance music club. Most recently they hosted separate nights with DJs Midland and Subb-An. However, they are not an exclusively house and techno club, and according to a Brighton local DJ who attended Audio and Wild Fruit’s party, the club “is one of those places where you need to ask the bouncer at the door who’s playing that night”. They hold 6 club nights including their “Bastard Pop night” and formed an Audio Freshers Group on Facebook. A particularly obvious change in Brighton during the last few years has been the city’s underground dance music and club scene. 1990-2001 was pretty happening at Club Foot – Lanterna Majica Brighton’s vibrant underground music scene has apparently floundered, one of the reasons being the rise in university student nights. For example in 2013, The Globe, Brighton’s two floored basement venue and old school boozer changed management when owners Drink In teamed up with Sussex University. One blogger compared their basement parties to Glastonbury’s original afterhours parties. However there have been a few highlights regarding dance music in the past year, in particular the inaugural Brighton Music Conference (BMC), which hosted a conference, exhibitions and events by major names in the industry such as Funktion-One, Native Instruments and MD Elite Music Management. The conference involved debates about the industry’s latest trends and exhibitions included talks such as “How To Set Up A Label From Scratch”.   London DJ and Brighton weekender, Karl Gonzales, explained that there are many groups of parties in Brighton. “There used to be more”, he explained. “They used to make big parties on the beach. Now you really have to search for parties in Brighton, but they are there, even though they change often”. Partying and listening to disco on Audio’s terrace, taking pictures in the Lanes and parks of Brighton post parade and walking and supporting the freedom to live at the LGBT parade were some of the main highlights at Brighton’s Gay Pride. We recommend attending next year’s Pride. In the mean time, a day weekend trip from London to Brighton, discovering the Lanes and taking some sun on the beach, is definitely worth it.

Need 2 Soul Preview

Brixton, a colourful and vibrant London hub is the perfect place to party before and after the Notting Hill Carnival. Need2Soul’s carnival weekend special stands out amongst the various Carnival pre and after parties in Brixton. Firstly, Need2Soul, which is inspired by New York Sunday party BODY & SOUL, has been hosting renowned parties for more than 10 years now. Its main focus has always been good quality music, and it is famous for its “great parties, stunning venues and grooving dance floors”. Be prepared for a lot of groove on the dance floor as Chicago legends, Glenn Underground and Boo Williams headline the party along with UK musician Omar who will be playing live.  Glenn Underground and Boo Williams, music partners, friends and roommates in the underground Chicago dance music scene go way back. Boo actually started on music production thanks to Glenn. And Glenn started on the MPC when Boo left his MPC 60-II at Glenn’s house one day. They even started Strictly Jaz Unit together and are both considered the second generation of Chicago house producers, taking influence from the likes of Ron Hardy, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, and of course Godfather of Chicago House Music, Frankie Knuckles. Seeing friends play at a party always emits good vibes, and no doubt there will be plenty of good, deep and soulful vibes when these two play one after the other (or perhaps back to back?).  Next on the jazzy line up is super talented UK singer, songwriter and musician Omar. He is considered as the King of British neo soul (In 2006 Urban Music Awards awarded him with the Best Neo Soul Act) and has also collaborated with Stevie Wonder. Omar is a true underground artist, where he stays under the radar in order not to compromise his musical credibility and has been on the scene for more than a decade, where he released his first album, “There’s Nothing Like This” in 1990.  Their music will be transmitted through Funktion One speakers in Plan B’s 600 capacity warehousey venue. In preparation for Need2Soul’s party, check out Boo’s soulful exclusive Meoko mix.   (NEED 2 SOUL PROMO VIDEO HERE AND FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR TICKETS)  Find us on Facebook and Twitter
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