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Friday 02 Oct 15 Undersound #21 w/ Andrew James Gustav b2b Gwenan, Etienne & Harry McCanna

***LINE UP***ANDREW JAMES GUSTAVHi-Fi / Undersoundb2bGWENANHi-Fi / UndersoundETIENNENoir & Son / UndersoundHARRY McCANNAUndersound___________________________________________________Price: £12 guestlist, more OTDAs usual, please send your name/s for guestlist to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you on the dancefloor(s)!! x

Friday 09 Oct 15 Mioritmic

Mioritmic 20153 stages~30 artists

Friday 30 Oct 15 Tribal Sessions London

DJ PierreDark SkyAnekJozef KNo Artificial ColoursDeMarzoKashiiTribal Sessions at Fire every Friday

Saturday 31 Oct 15 Bare ~ The Haunted Hippie Halloween

Its that time of year again – quite partial to fancy dress it seems, we get ready for our Fancy Dress, Haunted Hippie Halloween… This time last year, we were gathering our supplies and getting ready to embark a journey to a distant time and place, where sorrow and teardrops are unknown and heartbreaks left behind, a place of no pain nor any gloom, The Dark Side of the Moon! And what a mystically twisted ride it was, so much so that we cant wait to do it all again… So this year we prepare our ghoulish spirits, sparkly rainbows, along with our crazy colourfully hippie-selves, and join hands with our weird & wonderful neon alien friends, to return to the Dark Side of the Moon… Bringing forth the light we can shine together!One conundrum after another, whilst searching the lands high and low in the quest to find a new and exciting space… It seems we have succeeded in our mission— Just for you; a new and unused London warehouse sets the tone for this twisted soiree… Through the gated courtyard, past the enchanted pool containing the magical elixir of life, & into a place where the walls have yet to experience any kind of music, let alone the harmonious sounds evoked through the rise of our beastly BARE, we have the freedom to dance, play, unite, and celebrate our Dark Side… Prepare your haunted Souls for another dose of seducing sounds & heightened vibrations as we present a boiling, bubbling cauldron of musical ecstasy… With their own record label, an abundance of audio-visual creativity and world wide DJ sets, we are excited to announce that the incredible French duo, Masomenos have been confirmed to head the BARE controls, bringing their spontaneous, lighthearted, dub/ psychedelique, no limits universal brilliance… Alongside — D.E.S (Deep End Sondsystem), the vinyl loving, unique vibe collective, best known for tearing up dancefloor’s for the likes of FUSE, Desolat, WYS! & Hybrid Life— H.E.R, welcoming back the queen witch of the Alpha underworld and fresh from an amazing breakthrough Summer in Ibiza— Daniel, Cerca Trova’s very own label boss and back from a very special set at Viva Warriors on the magic white isle— And BARE extraordinaire, Jnr Windross, who returns from an airy fairy Summer wonderland with a tribe of magical new fans, tricks & treats after captivating audiences with his highlights of the Summer, Secret Garden Party, Fabric, Lost Festival and Ibiza!Get your fancy dress ready, cos we’re having a party and you’re in for a scare— Step into the arcana of BARE, enter deep into our distorted lair & allow yourself to be seduced by a domain of warped fantasies, alternate realities & unknown certainties…Join our Haunted Hippie Halloween on the Dark Side of the Moon ♥________________________Capacity is limited; making your requests as soon as possible is advised… Early birds are sold out, First release, £12 Tickets are available here.There will also be a limited number of tickets available on the door so please arrive early.________________________Be Weird, Be Wonderful, Be Whoever You Are... You never know who would love the person you hide…Be A Rare Exception ♥


HOT WAX - Tools & Tips (8th October 2015)

  Top five records to be bagging this month! Buy links in the names!   Julian Perez - FAS010 (Fathers & Sons)   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_ac436a7b_1314937419&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/fathersandsons/b1-julian-perez-on-the-bridge?in=fathersandsons/sets/fas010', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_ac436a7b_1314937419', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_ac436a7b_1314937419' }); });     FAS010 has already been played nearly eleven thousand times since its upload on Soundcloud and proudly sits at third of the Deejay buzz chart without a release date even in sight. Such excitement for this record is naturally due to the high level of playability for nearly all of the FAS releases so far, for which Julian must take massive credit. With analog goodiness warmer than a cup-a-soup hug, all three tracks glisten aurally with B1 in particular making my big ass shake with its romping bass and lazy maracas.   Geisterstadt EP - Schroepfer Pollet (Soulsity Romania) [SOUS006.sd4]    allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_ad5d9dcb_821001083&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/soulsity/b-schroepfer-pollet-mutt?in=soulsity/sets/sous006sd4-schroepfer-pollet-geisterstadt-ep', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_ad5d9dcb_821001083', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_ad5d9dcb_821001083' }); });     With MPs last record already fetching for £58 on sharkscogs, I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for what is one of my favourite labels at the moment. This EP, which is by no means Soulsity’s strongest, is worth a buy alone for the super tropical B2, ’Mutt Siarras Pi’ with its groovy swing and wicked mix down. This is stunning, soulful Romanian House at its finest.   Cosmic Energy - OdD (Sol Asylum) [SA07]   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_e8c234f5_687280061&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/sol-asylum-records/odd-vortex-2min-clip-low', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_e8c234f5_687280061', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_e8c234f5_687280061' }); });     Featuring in Suciu's MEOKO mix and with support elsewhere too, A1 - Vortex, sexily spirals out for eleven enchanting minutes and comes loaded with soul licked minor ninths and a routine, stonking OdD groove. Danny Dixon and Damian Daley haven't been pissing around this year, with their hefty originals and remixes hogging sound systems with buttery smooth synth lines and ballistic percussive work. With another new output ‘Tapes of Old’ now on the table too, these boys will no doubt continue to stamp their mark on the underground.   Brooklyn - VA: Sonodab/ Nastia/ Baraso/ Zendid (Park & Ride Records) [PAR003]   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_60791412_719758349&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/parkandriderecords/sets/par003-brooklyn', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_60791412_719758349', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_60791412_719758349' }); });     Wicked release from the Park & Ride crew, who are stepping forward with their best release so far in 2015. Massive credit is due for the care with which this record has been made - every mixdown is humming at the individual level, yet there is a distinguishable and relatable feel between each track. Zendid's B2 is the pick which feels like a spooky stroll through an alien spaceship, while Nastia’s A2 is a more fatty affair, but still satisfyingly minimal. A solid score for this record which is a fresh and up to date representation of housey techno in 2015.   Valcea EP - Amin Ravelle (TVIR) [TVIR003]   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_bbf4c5f2_1222869495&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/tvir/a2-amin-ravelle-relantier', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_bbf4c5f2_1222869495', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_bbf4c5f2_1222869495' }); });     Another amazing release from the Ukrainian based TVIR, who have now ushered Spaniard Amin Ravelle into the limelight with this wicked EP. ‘Mon 2893’ is buggy bad boy and festers for bars on end, clogging itself up with glitchiness before imploding into a splendid drop which will send dancefloors into hysteria. The other original, ‘Relantier’, although a bit less sidesteppy as its predecessor, also holds an equally impressive arrangement with its ticky-tacky hats, cloud nine pads and big ass bassline. Mariin then barges in if that wasn’t enough, with a mind bending remix that completes this record, and no doubt gets my gold star as the hottest wax this time around.   More Fathers & Sons More Soulsity More OdD More Park & Ride More TVIR More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

Getting to know Mr Roussos + Exclusive Mix

With Toi.Toi only a few days away, I got the chance to delve a little bit deeper into the story of Mr. Roussos, who will be making his UK debut for the party this weekend. As a humble man and an avid vinyl collector, Mr. R has also kindly provided the heat with a tight mix which froths with tingly deep house. Watch out for the man with the silky skills on Sunday, in what is a mouth watering line-up with Fumiya Tanaka, Bruno Schmidt, Junki, Lamache & Voigtmann, who will all take the stage in Shapes for a memorable evening of quality music, sound and vibrations.     So can we start with Crete? What was the music like there growing up and how did you start getting into dance music? Even I was living in Crete which is an island away from major cities I was fortunate enough to grow up in a period where vinyl was the most common medium with 6 different record shops operating in town. My father as a vinyl collector made sure that the “vinyl bug” will be inherited to me by spending hours looking for records on a weekly basis. By the age of 14 I was already into it and I had my own small collection. During that time a new record shop opened its doors by a man that was meant to be my mentor in dance music.   I read that you started playing records when you were 14 (1989 - Summer of Love!)… How were you getting hold of your vinyl and at what point did you start playing out in clubs? Alex came back from Ibiza during the “summer of love” and introduced me to a music genre that changed my life forever. House & Techno records were imported from Europe and the U.S and I was blown away by it. Soon 2 turntables and mixed was installed in the shop and I started experimenting with beat-matching and mixing. I must have spent thousands of hours in that record shop for many years. In 1990 Alex wanted to bring the warehouse rave experience to the city and he organised one in an abandoned building. I was added to the line up and it was my first ever performance to a crowd. After that I was hooked and amazed by the whole “party experience” and it literally changed my life. From that point on record collecting, Djing and event promoting kept going on till the present day.     So what happened in-between this time and the Revolt! parties being born in 2012? How did Revolt! all start? For me all this has always been a hobby, something that satisfied and fulfilled me with passion and energy and I never looked at it as a full-time “job”. Of course I had my regular job and the frequency of music related involvements was low, except the record collecting part. The frequency on that grew bigger over the years. In 2011 I got a weekly residency in a small bar in town and I called it “Revolt!“ with  guests coming over to play with me the type of music we loved against the commercial regime that ruled everywhere. The experiment worked and the crowd got bigger and bigger. It was a small revolution. Later on in the same year during one of my gigs in Athens I met with the people that are now part of the team and we decided to take Revolt! to Athens and to a wider audience. We started with small events bringing over guests with like minded philosophy like Lowris, Kashawar and Cleymoore. The crowd embraced the sound we were pushing and soon we moved to bigger venues and eventually bigger names like Zip, Thomas Melchior, Baby Ford, Onur Ozer and Daniel Bell to name a few.   Can we talk about the label too? What was your vision behind it? Due to the fact that all of us in the Revolt! team are vinyl lovers we decided to start the label with tracks and producers that we loved and played. The first release came out in 2014 and it was received with great success and the second release is coming out as we speak.     I believe this is your first time in London? How did your gig come about and what are you most excited about playing for Toi.Toi? This will be my first time in London as a Dj and I’m really excited about it plus the fact that I’m gonna catch up with many friends that are living in London the past few years. And the most exciting part is that I get to be part of the infamous Toi. Toi events know for its quality line-ups, their strong followers for years and most important their obsession with proper sound systems installed for the events. It is the most important factor for a DJ to know that his music selection will be presented in the best possible way to the crowd. I’m fed up with poor sound systems in events that result in mediocre nights even if the Dj is doing a very good job. I met Isis & Claus last year in Athens for Revolt’s Zip After Party and again for our co-production Revolt! x Toi Toi event with Daniel Bell, Ion Ludwig, Katou & myself. There was a very good chemistry in personal and musical level that led them to invite me in London for their October event. Why am I most excited about this party ? Clearly the chance to play b2b again with Voigtmann & Lamache.       I love your mix, the mixing is impeccable and the tracks are emotive and strong, was there a particular angle you wanted to come at for the mix? I have been doing quite a lot of podcasts lately and all have this deep, emotional, journey - type of flow and selection of tracks. In the Meoko Podcast I wanted to be more uptempo and housey with lots of vocals and classic tracks I usually play out.   Lastly, which producer do you think we should be keeping an eye out for at the moment? Hard to choose one name out of so many talented and upcoming producers that are making amazing music at the moment. Due to the fact that I am a big fan of the Japanese school I would say RADIQ.   MEOKO MIX 203: Mr. Roussos Toi.Toi tickets here   More Mr. Roussos More Revolt! More Toi.Toi More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter  

INTERVIEW with Lamache + Alex & Digby Exclusive Mix!

Next weekend, the DISCOBAR gang will be out in full force to celebrate their first birthday at the Hoxton Basement. Brothers Alex & Digby, Sammy Dee and Yakine will all contribute to make a super tasty lineup alongside head honchos Lamache and Guillaume Tailleu.  A&D themselves have kindly chipped in with an amazing mix ahead of their appearance next weekend, which features some quite incredible productions and a banquet of  unbelievable samples... check it!   In the meantime, I sat down with the main man, Lamache, to find out a bit more about how things were going so far in the world of DISCOBAR…  Hey Lamache, so first things first, what does the name DISCOBAR really mean? DISCOBAR was something we came up with after a gig me and Guillaume (Tailleu) played in Belgium, many years ago. Over there, DISCOBAR means DJ booth… We found it funny and kept it as an expression for different things… It kind of stuck so it was logical to name the label after it. Its easy to remember, has an international pronunciation and is a timeless word for us!   Cool, so how did the label came about then? I have always had this feeling deep in myself to do something label-wise; to build a family by sharing the music I love with other people. I remember the day when Guillaume and I were sitting in my living room and I told him I wanted to start something, and he did as well. At the time there was a lot of good music coming our way from some close friends, so it was the right moment for us to start something. At first we had ODD SOUL, and a remix from our friend THE MOLE. We were really happy about this collaboration for the first release, it received a lot of support and we had the very first DISCOBAR party at the Rex Club in Paris… it was an honour to do it there.     …So it was a natural progression? Yeah, its funny because Guillaume and I never planned to do a party. It is a job in itself and you need some proper skills to do a good one! We don’t do a party just for a party, but more to launch our releases. After the Rex we decided to do something at the Hoxton Basement for ODD SOUL and THE MOLE, then we came back again a few months later to celebrate our second release with TOBA and ARK (both live performances). Both parties were successful and we were really happy with the response from our friends and the crowd. There was a beautiful mix of people and everyone was really happy on the dance floor!   What is it that you really like about Hoxton Basement? I started my London career in that basement with my family Toi Toi Musik and there are some really important memories for me in there. For our parties it’s a good location for people to join us and its nice and cosy inside. Another big plus is that we can work with the sound as much as we want in there with our dear sound engineer. The sound is one of the key elements to our party; there is no good party without a decent sound system for the DJ and the crowd.   Nice! So lets talk a little bit about your 1st birthday… On October 9th, it will be a year since DISCOBAR started publicly. On the line up is our very close friend Yakine, who is kind of involved in the label now with all the new graphic design, and also Sammy Dee, who is an artist we respect a lot for his career. We also have invited our other friends Alex and Digby, who have been working really hard over the last few years. They are top DJs and producers. Their label, Flash As A Rat, speaks for itself and their style is really unique. We are really looking forward to celebrating our 1st anniversary with all of our friends in London, and this is special for Guillaume and I, as this project is something we have been working really hard on!   Great stuff Lamache, Okay so lastly before we go, is there anything exciting you can spill about future releases for DISCOBAR? We are adding some new friends to the family, and the next release (3rd) will be announced very soon with an EP produced by the young talents, Zendid. You will definitely hear about them soon if you have not already, The following release will be produced by another duo, but i cannot say too much for now! Let’s keep it there for now, but what I can definitely say is that its going to be a very strong 2nd year for DISCOBAR!   MEOKO MIX 202: Alex & Digby Discobar 1st Birthday tickets   More DISCOBAR More Lamache More Alex & Digby More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

Rhadoo Alert! Upcoming dates...

  Once every couple of months, I’m sad enough to spend a few hours scanning through all the upcoming events and noting down every promising fixture that may be worth a visit. During my last update, I couldn't help but notice that Rhadoo was plastered on five or six wicked parties coming up in the next few weeks. If you have been unlucky enough to miss out on this wizard recently, it might be worth mulling over some of these nights to get your latest fix of Romanian techno.   Sat 03.10 - System at MINT Club (Leeds) with Sonja Moonear, Steve O Sullivan (live)   After Villalobos and Zip played to a shamefully quiet tent at Mint Festival a couple of weeks back, I expect a much brighter turnout for Saturday’s killer lineup in Leeds. Mint Club is a place close to my heart with its close quarters, mega sound and Watergate inspired LED ceiling. This should be an awesome evenings worth of sound, with the wonderful Sonja Moonear and Steve O Sullivan providing the back up to what will be one of the standout parties in Mint in 2015. Tickets here   Sun 04.10 - Half Baked at Oval Space (East London) with Greg Brockmann, Sam Bangura   Granted, London has had its fair share of the Romanians recently, but who cares? Half Baked parties are always fantastic fun with proper vibrations in the crowd and consistently impressive bookings. Last time, [a:rpia:r] buddy Raresh was sublime and I expect Rhadoo to wipe the floor in similar fashion. Tickets here   Fri 09.10 - Hotel Scandalös at Robert Johnson (Frankfurt, DE) with Ricardo Villalobos   Warning! Rhadoo AND big daddy Villalobos in one of the most intimate clubs in the world? A must attend for anybody around Frankfurt next week.   Sat 10.10 - Miormitic 2015 (Cluj, RO) with Petre Inspirescu, Praslesh (Praslea & Raresh)   With Sunwaves hogging the majority of the festival limelight in Romania, I’m happy to see newcomer Mioritmic contribute with three days worth of amazing talent. Not only are RP(PR) out to play, but the créme de la créme artists of RO like Barac, Priku, Cezar, Arapu and even Loco Dice will all be making an appearance. Flights to Cluj are quite reasonable, (as is Romania in general) so this might be well worth a visit if you are after super friendly vibes and a special soundtrack to match. My pick of the bunch. Tickets here   Sat 17.10 Dockyard Festival 2015 at ADE (Amsterdam, NL) with RPR Soundsystem, Praslea,    For the first time since early August, RPR Soundsystem will be officially headlining a party, which will be an experience for all those lucky enough to witness it. ADE really caught my attention this year and is boasting over 2000 artists spread over 120 clubs. It is the lesser known events though, like the MMouse meditation sessions and gear test labs over the course of the four days, that really made me want to catch a flight over to Amsterdam. Dockyard Festival itself will be a highlight for this years event, which will be spread over five stages and set in the derelict, rough backdrop of NDSM Docklands, a former shipyard turned club space which is full of raw, dirty character. Tickets here   More Rhadoo? More System? More Half Baked? More Mioritmic? More Dockyard? More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter  

Not So Serious Session with Seb Zito

  One of the cheekiest smiles you'll find in techno is no other than the lovely Seb Zito. And why not? This year has seen him lay it down at some heavy FUSE parties, whilst making serious moves release wise too - (his EP ’Takataka’ is still waiting to be bought in my juno cart.) Such moves haven’t gone unnoticed either, as Seb finds himself playing at what looks to be a killer Cocoon all day party on 3rd Oct, with king Sven Väth, Dana Ruh and Carlo Pisaturo. My feelings on Studio 338 are already well documented, and I expect Cocoon to go to town interior-wise whilst giving the VOID a seriously good workout too.  I for one am delighted to see Seb ride solo on the lineup, as you don’t always get to see him spin without fellow fuser Enzo. His selection will be proper - hot, groovy, full of impressive sound design and unreleased shit too. In the meantime, feast yourself on our Not So Serious chat about stuff…     Before a set I… Take a big dump. Funniest thing I’ve seen on the dance floor… Some chick snogging some poor guys shoulder. Back at 93 Feet East we saw some strange shit at FUSE.   Last record I bought off discogs… DJ Catt & DJ Foxx- Casafied Modern Music EP     Jeremy Corbyn is… An old git   Most people don’t know this but I’m secretly really good at… Maths   Favourite place to eat out in London… hahaha amongst the guys I'm renowned for picking bad restaurants but I tend to eat a lot of Asian food.   If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, the three things I would bring are… I’d bring a boat and 2 oars so I could get the fuck outta there.   Best dressed member of FUSE is… Rich Nxt. Mans got some serious galms. and worse dressed… Probably me   808 or 909? 808 Producer to watch out for at the moment is… Dan Farserelli    Name a gift you’ll never forget... My first ever bicycle, I loved it so much that i actually took it to bed with me.   Best soundsystem / room in the world is… Mate. We do the best systems & have the best booths also. At FUSE, the guys put so much time & effort into the sound at whichever venue we use; 93 Feet East, Village Underground, Sankeys… Everywhere. We've always retweeked the sound to suit us. But, as a raver i always loved Ministry Of Sound main room.   Hardest thing I’ve ever done... Leaving my Career to pursue my love for music.   Best thing that happened this week was... Buying half of Itsu and pigging out on the Sofa with my chick.   If you could work with one singer / songwriter, dead or alive, who would it be? Phil collins. As a child I wanted to be him.   If Jesus walked through the door, what would he say… You're going to hell.   Favourite footballer is… Pele will always be my favourite even amongst todays greats. As a child my father brought me up on Brazils style and id watch & study his game through videos and old recordings. Favourite place to eat out in London… hahaha amongst the guys I'm renowned for picking bad restaurants but I tend to eat a lot of Asian food   To able to not hear or not see? Not See   For Cocoon tickets click here More Seb Zito? More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter  

PREVIEW: Forever and a Day Open Air Terrace Party (26.09)

When I recently caught up with the lovely guys at Forever, there was an audible shift in their voices when we got down to house and techno. Obviously passionate about proper parties, I like that they are drawing on their personal experiences to give us lucky Londoners a taste of the events that they feel are best from around the world.   Having already had Archie Hamilton cut the ribbon for the party back in July, Forever now return with their second offering on Saturday, with Desolat dreamboat Yaya and the wonderful Anthea both taking the stage as the evenings main attractions. The stage in question is the Egg London which is the chosen space for Forever to splash their heavily-inspired ideas onto. One major upside to this selection, apart from a healthy 800 capacity and a Res 4 Funktion One install, is the au naturel outdoor terrace, which hopefully will radiate the same vibrations as the ever so special Sunwaves.     On the terrace you will find a plethora of DJs, from talented Scott Kemp to Trapped’s own Rhys Samson who will both make their way to N7 on the 26th. With such forces at work alongside the Forever residents, expect super dubby, wallowing grooves packaged with special noises and spazzy hats. This really isn’t complicated. Passionate people wanting to throw great nights, and all for the love of the music. Fortunately the guys already have a visually striking brand, intriguing lineups and a fresh ethos which wants more like minded people to be a part of their family. With careful watering, every day, Forever has got serious potential.       As part of our regular competition series, MEOKO are giving you the chance to win:   x1 Signed vinyl of Scott Kemp - VIVID EP (LDN001) from his own label LDN x1 YAYA T-shirt by twicetoonice x2 VIP entry tickets to the event To stand a chance to win this amazing price, send an e-mail to hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "FOREVER" as the subject title. Good luck!   Full Line Up: ☀ Yaya [Desolat - Italy] ☀ Anthea [Cocoon // Brouqade] ☀ Scott Kemp [Novus // LDN] ☀ Code 494 ☀ Felipe Kastegliano [Zombie SoundSystem] ☀ Rhys Samson [Trapped London] ☀ Ireen Amnes [UnderMyFeet] ☀ Frank Tama [Subform] ☀ House Da Rest [Key of Life] ☀ Acid Kids ☀ Enright ☀ Paris Wilkinson   ☀ ROOM 2 (Hosted by EIGHTY DEGREES OF FUNK) ☀ Jnr Windross (B.A.R.E) ☀ Jarz (New Fact Music // Body Parts) ☀ Damian Nova (Volume) ☀ T Neb (Cadre Movement) ☀ Kofi Tyson (Eighty Degrees of Funk)   For tickets click here More FOREVER? More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

PREVIEW: Art of Dark Summer Closing (26.09)

As the sun flaunts its final rays after its generous stay in London this summer, we can just about manage to take a quick breather before the cold takes over the city. Musically speaking, September is one of my favourite months as we begin to tiptoe away from the soulful sounds that the sunshine naturally brings, and slowly ease into more heavy, wintery deepness. This transitional period will take a bit of time, so to help us celebrate the last bouts of nice weather we have an exciting summer closing party from Art of Dark this Saturday, on my birthday. AOD itself has been scooping up an large following in recent years, with exceptional bookings and consistently feel good crowds in the rather unique Studio 338. With ‘Nothing but love’ emblazed on the back wall, there is a feeling of TLC which I feel is lacking from most other events in the city today. Perhaps it is solely the venue, which off the top of my head is an unrivalled space in London and houses a special terrace fitted with a VOID system and snazzy decour. The best part about this terrace is the energy in there at sunrise, after the darkness seeps out of the club, and you are left in a crazy jungle laced with smiley eyes and bright techno.  Last time out it was Rhadoo that stole the show, who took our hands into the thick of the night with a wonderful four hour session of buggy noises and scatty sounds. He was backed up with equally impressive performances from Onur Özer, Cab Drivers, Francesco del Gardo and Brawther, who all showed their years with stunning selections and bouncy flow. Such firepower will continue on Saturday, with Nicolas Lutz and Margaret Dygas the perfect choices to lead us into our main, Petre Inspirescu. The RPR boys, to which Petre is one third, hold a magnetic charm with their humble smiles and open hearts. Not really ones for arms in the air, they let their music do the talking with marathon sets and magical combinations. Petre himself, with his new album on the horizon, will no doubt paint his usual collage of spellbinding frequencies fusing funky fillers and gloppy basslines.       One act I’m particularly excited for is MANDAR, who will be showcasing their new live act -  full of puzzling wires, worn keyboards and dusty drum machines, for the first time in the UK. Expect slamming kicks, face-smacking claps and cut throat hats in the terrace from the extremely talented French gang.  To round things off, HardLizeSoftDamaged will host the loft and complete the London leg of their three part series, after a successful venture at CDV earlier in May. Amphia head honcho Cristi Cons will also be doing his thing in the car park for a extended set which will as always, be a splendid couple of hours of music.     For tickets click here More Art of Dark More Petre Inspirescu More MANDAR More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter   Also, as part of our regular competition series, MEOKO are giving away two tickets to AOD and some FREE drinks vouchers.  To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "AOD" as the subject title. Good luck!              

The Ibiza Run Down: Closing Parties

 It is almost that time again to draw the curtains on what has been another dazzling year on the White Isle. As the days fall shorter, this month welcomes a lovely shift in energy amongst the lucky ones that still remain on the island. For these music lovers, workers, party makers and the few still making their way out to the Baleares, the main source of excitement lies in the host of closing parties that will take place this month. These parties are the perfect way to celebrate a fantastic season in Ibiza with some eye catching line ups and must attend events. Here we take a look at the best of them:   28.09 - Cocoon Closing at Amnesia // Sven Vath / Adam Beyer /  Henrik Schwarz / Ilario Alicante The big kahunas of Ibiza closings aka Cocoon-Closing will grace the floors of Amnesia one last time this summer in the final episode of Cocoon Ibiza 2015, taking place September 28th. Cocoon closing is notorious for getting slightly wild and we all know how crazy things can get down on that terrace when Sven brings the heat alongside the Cocoon favourites, the closing party being no exception. 2015 has seen yet another fantastic summer season for Cocoon, one of Ibiza’s longest running residencies now in its 16th year. A whole catalogue of new memorable events have been added to the Cocoon memory bank and it’s been good to see some newer names added to the bill along with the regulars for this summer’s Monday line-ups. Highlights include the exceptional early-morning surprise b2b sessions between Sven and guests, most memorable being with Dixon and Solomun, whose b2b performances with Sven caused a stir on the island and had people talking for days. All of Cocoon’s regulars have played fantastically throughout the season, particularly golden boy Villalobos who consistently delivered an ever-eclectic mix of sounds to the Amnesia terrace, giving the people exactly what they want from the island’s original and most-loved techno night. The closing fiesta will see Sven play alongside big boys Adam Beyer, Henrik Schwarz and Ilario Alicante in an early morning celebration of all things techno, Ibiza and Cocoon. We suggest you get your tickets early for this one and when there keep your eye out for the new visuals, which feature a live-stream of the DJs whilst they’re playing from all sorts of angles!   04.10 VIVa Warriors Closing at Sankeys // Steve Lawler / Skream / Detlef & more TBA This year has seen Steve Lawler and VIVa Music prove in their fourth season that VIVa Warriors is now firmly one of the island’s biggest and most recognised house nights, by securing their spot at Sankeys on Sundays again this year the VIVa team have now developed a cult following of not only UK clubbers but also international party-goers both visiting and working on the island. Endless special guests have come to play alongside residents Lawler and Detlef over the season including Nick Curly, Huxley, Skream, Derrick Carter, Hot Since 82, Groove Armada, Guti and more. The closing will of course have Lawler and Detlef tearing things up in the basement whilst Anek, Denney and Luke Solomun take care of things in the LAB. Special guests playing for the closing party have been also confirmed but with a strong backlog of impressive weekly line ups and Lawler’s network of close DJ friends it’s set to be an intimate yet wild affair, get your war paint and head bands at the ready for the VIVa Warriors closing, October 4th at Sankeys, Playa D’en Bossa. Full Line-up; BASEMENT Detlef b2b Denney Steve Lawler Skream LAB Anek b2b seff Luke Solomon Guti Deborah De Luca SPEKTRUM Capadi Rebels   17.09 - ENTER Closing at Space // Richie Hawtin / Marcell Dettmann / Julian Jeweil / Mind Against / Matador / Bella Sarris Richie Hawtin has yet again brought another year of his ENTER vision to Space Ibiza. This year each and every room in the club had been transformed into a different ENTER experience, asides from the two main rooms bringing you the evenings main event you also have ENTER.SAKE (Sunset Terrace) an intimate pre-party bar experience which combines Richie’s love for Japanese culture alongside minimal tech, favourites to play in the SAKE bar have been the likes of Dubfire and Bella Sarris. You can also find ENTER.MIND in El Salon and ENTER.CNTRL in the Premier Etage rooftop, each serving up a different ENTER sound from the mastermind of Hawtin. The closing party features headliners Richie Hawtin, Marcel Dettmann, Matador, Bella Sarris, Mind Against and Julian Jeweil all playing the Discoteca and Main Room along with many others in the other smaller intimate ENTER areas.   22.09 - Arkityp at Ibiza Underground // Archie Hamilton / Valentino Kanzyani Five dates, five underground sessions hosted by London’s Archie Hamilton. This new Ibiza residency has seen some of the underground tech scene’s most-respected names take to the decks alongside Archie, slowly but surely making a name for itself as the fortnightly place to be on Tuesdays at the one and only Ibiza Underground, the perfect ‘hush hush’ venue for people serious about music. This season has seen Archie host a stripped back late night evening dedicated in bringing deep, grooving and rolling beats alongside some of Europe’s biggest names in house and techno: DeWalta, Sammy Dee, Vera, Jan Kreuger and now in the closing event on the 22nd September, Cadenza’s Valentino Kanzyani, Slovenia’s king of techno. If you happen to be on the island don’t miss out, catch the last session of this very special and intimate affair which combines great music with a genuine crowd and educated atmosphere.   25.09 - Music On Closing at Amnesia // Marco Carola / Stacey Pullen / Paco Osuna / Hector / Leon Music On fans will know the score when it comes to Carola’s last showdown on the island, if you’re yet to know then brace yourselves as it’s no light-hearted affair. Now in its fourth season Music On has secured itself as being one of the biggest, most popular nights on the island and with the Amnesia Terrace packed out with party goers every Friday up until 10-11am shouting for more and chanting “Music On, Music On”, it’s clear there’s something special and alluring about Marco Carola and his techno extravaganza.   The 2015 Music On season has seen support from special guests Joseph Capriati, Carol Cox, Jamie Jones, Paco Osuna, tINI, Apollonia, DJ Sneak plus many more and this year American techno maestro Stacey Pullen will join Marco in the Terrace for the closing party, whilst Music On heroes Leon, Hector and Paco Osuna will be taking control in the Main Room. Lots of stamina required for this one, the magic begins 6am onwards and the event usually ends around 12am. If you do manage to last right through until the bitter end then keep an eye out for the official after party wristbands, usually being handed out on your exit, venue yet to be confirmed.   26.09 - Zoo Project Closing at Benimussa Park // TBA Ibiza’s favourite outdoor daytime extravanganza homes in on another brilliant year at the Old Zoo, each Saturday hosting a party like no other which gives guests something new every week, new sounds, new experiences and new surprises to keep the party interesting and unpredictable. This summer we’ve seen great new additions to the Zoo line-up such as Dense and Pika, Sven Weisemann, Maribou State, Terry Francis, George Fitzgerald, Honey Dijon and many others, including a secret surprise set from none other than everybody’s crazy boy Ricardo Villalobos, who from the main stage transformed the Zoo into a carnival of animals gone wild. The Line-up is yet to be confirmed for the closing on September 26th but keep an eye out as there’s always something special hidden up their sleeve. Seek your inner animalistic side and venture down to Benimussa Park where you’ll be in for a big surprise.   30.09 - HYTE Closing at Amnesia // TBA 2015 has seen Wednesdays completely transformed on the island in the form of HYTE, Amnesia’s brand new project in joint production with Artist Alife. Hosted by none other than Mr Loco Dice and Sir Maceo Plex, HYTE has consistently delivered the island an eclectic mix of impressive line-ups each and every Wednesday, with huge names such as Pan-Pot, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, tINI, Mar-T, Guti, Premiesku, Yaya and many others sealing the deal in making this once of Ibiza’s newest and most impressive contenders in biggest techno night on the island. It’s been such a treat to have Dice back on the island playing every week in a more suited environment, he owns the Amnesia Terrace so comfortably and the closing party for HYTE’s first season will certainly be set to leave revellers yearning for more, the first closing party for Ibiza’s most talked about new party, who knows what they’ll have in store.   10.10 Ibiza Underground Closing // TBA Ibiza’s more exclusive and low key venue for people serious about music closes its doors on October 10th, the club has hosted some really fresh and exciting events this summer and is renowned for its word of mouth style promotion, which in turn guarantees special nights with a genuine, fuss-free crowd who are there purely for the music. Parties such as Tini and The Gang’s Carry On party, Archie Hamilton’s Arkityp, Half Baked, Rhadoo Thursdays and Art of Dark have featured multiple dates at the club over the summer since May, including many one-off events such as Bushwaka!’s Birthday-bash and a Fathers and Sons label showcase which saw Guti and Julian Perez play a stunning intimate all-night session until the early hours. Underground’s ethos as a club gives you that feeling of excitement and unpredictability about going out and seeing an artist, a rarity in this day and age, the closing party will be no exception as no details have yet been confirmed on who’s playing on the 10th October, just how it should be.                          

Alex Celler - Haz (Trelik)

As natural selection has shaped electronic dance music into its many forms and niches, there are very few labels from the 90s that have stood the test of time. Trelik, in particular, have adapted to such changes by keeping their releases qualitative and not quantitative, with techno Gods Villalobos, Zip and even Sven Väth, all contributing to give the label its historic status.  Bearing these incredible names in mind, we should take special note of latest face, Alex Celler, and his two track EP, ‘Haz'. This Greek magician may not be as well known as his predecessors, but the dexterity on show in this release illustrates why he has been snapped up for the labels first outing in 2015. Alex himself has an impressive back catalogue spanning back nearly ten years and has been quietly establishing himself as a quality individual behind the desk and a classy selector on the turntables. Listen here This record is classic Celler with one notably potent cut that will get the shufflers shuffling and the producers gawping. ‘Pacificon’ is an animal: Proper dark, infectious, jungle techno, and is the second track I’ve heard in as many weeks where monster-y growls, reminiscent of the Datsik dubstep days, have infiltrated my monitors. Don’t be alarmed, these aren't the head crushing wobbles of 2010, but more subtle, delicate flashes of wonginess that will still get your lips lickin’. Top marks are awarded for sample selection too with a chokey, Mike Dehnert style clap on the menu, and fizzy fx slithering around the rest of the mix. The A side, ‘Haz’, is the perfect remedy for such darkness, with Celler exposing his housier side in an extremely seductive groove. My immediate reaction was dismissive, “playable but not memorable” I thought, “perhaps a bit boring.” As I continued to listen though, I found myself slowly admiring its strange beauty. The chilly keys, baron atmosphere, mysterious vocals and underlying stunner of a kick are such an unusual combination in dance music today that I could be forgiven, especially after just listening to the B-side, for my initial oversight. Alex has left a piece of him in this track and I’m sure there is a story behind Haz for which only he knows. My curiosity for its meaning is in part what makes this such a wonderful nine minutes of music which will deceive the majority of passers by, but captivate the ones that choose to stay. Excellent work. words by Marlon More Alex Celler? More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

Virunga brings the beats to Basing House

Basing House is set to welcome Virunga for the bespoke party's second instalment of the summer, in a truly intimate environment. The carefully curated London events always deliver, and for this edition they present a selection of minimal and techno purveyors with solid underground Romanian export Ada Kaleh (live), Danish born Pelle and the UK's very own Jamie Haus. Ada Kaleh has become a very exciting talent to emerge from the underground scene, that boasts skill-sets as a DJ, live act, producer and label boss. With a range of sharp releases on 'Ada Kaleh Romania' including the 'Dene descris' LP earlier this year, the Romanian's live performance will be brimming with class and variety. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_881cfe7b_1370619317&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/adakalehromania/sets/ada-kaleh-dene-descris-lp', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_881cfe7b_1370619317', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_881cfe7b_1370619317' }); });   The electronic scene in the Netherlands has recently been picking up pace, with a host of new names making worldwide impacts, including none other than Pelle, who has already proven he is taking firm steps in the right direction, boasting sets for tINI & the Gang and producing on the Infuse label, a great addition to Virunga. Completing the highly talented line-up is UK born and bred artist, Jamie Haus who has successfully moulded his own style of rigid techno which he will be unloading onto the discerning dance-floor.   FULL INFO: For tickets click here Saturday 19th September, 2015 Basing House   Ada Kaleh (live) Pelle Jamie Haus   More Virunga More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

Bestival returns for it's annual island party

It's that time of the festival season again where Josie & Rob Da Bank work their magic on the Isle of Wight for what is now regarded as one of the most instrumental events on the UK circuit, because they know how to throw a party! Among a range of handpicked artists all possessing true variety, it wouldn't be Bestival without some of electronic music's most influential names including both DJs and live acts...We have picked a selection to keep your eyes and ears on this year... Ben UFO Its difficult to pinpoint where Ben UFO's reputation as one of the most unfluential DJs in the UK and worldwide began. Having never entered the world of production, he has built a revered status solely through his ability as a DJ by presenting music with rich elements of the sub genre's of house and techno, although his roots are firmly planted in UK bass, funky, garage, jungle and dubstep. His sets always deliver, with a magnitude of surprises along the way, we can't wait to see what the Hessle Audio founder has in store...here is a little preview. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_837c5d87_1153285072&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/fabric/ben-ufo-recorded-live-at-fabric-15th-birthday-weekend', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_837c5d87_1153285072', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_837c5d87_1153285072' }); });     Four Tet Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet is a true innovator of electronic music, which is displayed across his masterpiece productions, eclectic DJ sets and live performances. With a musical knowledge that surpasses most, expect to be educated through a wide range of exciting and unrefined styles of music, a must see! His latest release on his own TEXT label should get you in the mood...   Greg Wilson Since the early halcyon days of The Hacienda, Greg Wilson has been an integral part of UK dance music as a remixer, producer, radio host and of course a DJ. He has become one of the most trusted and respected DJs, making strong appearances at a wealth of festivals. We can't wait to get loose to Greg's grooves on the Isle of Wight.  CHECK OUT GREG WILSON'S EXCLUSIVE MEOKO MIX HERE   Jackmaster Jack Revill has become Scotland's best DJ for his straight up party styles of music which he connects together so fluently, whether they be early Dance Mania records, disco tracks or pumping house and techno sets. We have come to expect the 'unexpected' from Jackmaster, though regardless he always has a couple of gems to unearth. Photo from Jackmaster   Joy Orbison To put it lightly, Joy Orbison is absolutely killing it...Both his solo productions, as well as his work with Boddika is masterful presenting unique shifts in electronic music, ever since his inaugural release 'Hyph Mngo' which blew UK dance music wide open. Photo from Joy Orbison   Paranoid London (Live) The duo from London have produced a succession of acid house releases, and each and every single one is already timeless. They will be presenting their forward-thinking productions for a rare live set appearance, this is going to be special...   FULL INFO: Thursday September 10th-13th,2015 Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight   More Bestival Visit their official website here More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

A discussion with Dorian

  Dorian Paic has become somewhat of a purveyor for the Frankfurt scene by contributing his experience and knowledge to projects including his own label Raum Musik as well as Robert Johnson club as one of their regular DJs.  The German has also become an instrumental element to the Cocoon roster since 2011, making regular appearances at Cocoon showcases in Amnesia Ibiza where he has delivered cutting edge performances. We spoke to him ahead of his appearance at the White Isle... Hello Dorian, how are you doing?  I am fine, just returned from a very long and exhausting trip, so now I am quite happy to be back home.  What have been your highlights of the summer so far?  Sonus Festival in Croatia last week was really nice. I had a great time there and the parties I attended have also been a lot of fun. Who were the first house and techno artists that got your attention when you were getting into both genres? As for techno maybe Robert Hood, at least he is the techno artist that I own the most records of. Besides that maybe Luke Slater. As for house the list definitely is a bit longer,Derrick Carter, Luke Solomun & Justin Harris aka the Freaks, Gemini, Boo Williams, Cajmere, Masters at Work, Murk Boys, Theo Parrish and Moodymann are all artists that I also own a large number of records produced by them.  What was the first electronic music record that you bought, and do you still play it out?  Quadrophonia - Wave of the Future and no I don’t play it out anymore ;-) Rather than describe your sound, how do you want people to experience it through listening?  Well I just wish that people would be more open minded for DJ sets. A good DJ set for me has to have a certain variety. In the music as well as in the levels of moods and energy of the music that you are listening to. Nowadays it is more about function and a lot of DJ sets became really flat. I don’t like that, I like surprises and changes of styles and moods.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_c556ae96_996343871&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/nightclubber-ro/dorian-paic-nightclubber-podcast-110', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_c556ae96_996343871', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_c556ae96_996343871' }); });   What was your initial vision for Raum...musik when you joined the label? First i was an artist releasing on the label and then later when Peter Armster had left the label my partner Olaf asked me if I would like to join him and take over the A&R part as Olaf and I also knew each other from the Freebase record shop. How do you think the label's sound has changed since it's introduction in 1998? In the beginning the sound was more dub related and then later on changed into a blend of stripped down, more twisted house and techno. As a member of the Cocoon family, why is Cocoon special to you? Cocoon is still promoting vinyl culture quite a lot compared to many of the other bigger companies in the industry. Sven until now plays vinyl only sets consistently and also in Ibiza the focus is more aimed on longer DJ sets and a good programing of the night instead of a name dropping bonanza where all DJs play 1 hour 30 mins max. I think that is important and i can identify myself with that.  How has Cocoon supported you as an artist? Cocoon and especially Sven and Johannes have always been very supportive with me. Even when I was not in the agency roster they already invited me to play at some of their parties, as well as in Ibiza and later on also at the Cocoon club in Frankfurt. How does it feel to be part of the Cocoon family as one of the most influential DJs worldwide? It feels good for me but I am not sure if I am one of the most influential DJs worldwide to be honest. I just really try to do what I like and feel and I still enjoy doing that after more than 20 years working as a DJ.  What is your most valued experience from Cocoon at Amneisa, Ibiza? My personal highlight so far was closing the night back to back together with Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh and I was the one to play the last tune on the terrace. As I remember that was in 2012 I guess. I still have some great memories of that night. Which artists should we be looking out for in Frankfurt? Markus Fix, Einzelkind and Sascha Dive as for the more known ones but also there is a new generation growing up with people like the Hardworksoftdrink collective or the guys running the labels Pressure Traxx, Traffic, Pager Records and Sensual just to name a few. They are very talented and ambitious and keep the Rhein Main area interesting at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!   By Sam Quilter   Dorian Paic plays Cocoon at Amnesia, Ibiza on 21 September, 2015  for tickets click here   More Dorian Paic More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter            

HOT WAX Tools & Tips 1st September 2015

These bits do the business, all out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise: Ron Trent – Tribute To Ron Hardy – (Rush Hour) It's a no brainer to include this sublime 1985 tribute to Ron Hardy, by none other than Ron Trent issued on vinyl by Rush Hour. A pure example of spiritual organic house at it's finest, with emotive vocals that speak in resemblance of one of house music's greatest pioneers. This will sell out quick, you know where the link is... Click Here   Maik Yells – Nomar – (Neovinyl Recordings) Continuing his surge on Neovinyl Recordings, Maik Yells returns with three fresh slices of beat techno, that are equally heavy and groovy. 'Asmodea' is an out and out roller, that unravels through tight pads and sharp hats, which flows into Signal's remix which is much more fidgety painting a dubbier portrait or the original. The closer 'Nomar' kicks along with a snappy snare and a growling bass-line to round off a very solid EP.   Click Here   Vicentlulian – Four Quarters EP - (Metereze) The latest edition on Raresh's Romanian imprint from young star Vincentlulian is another huge step forward for the label now firmly finding it's feet. 'Standard' opens things up with gripping elements that pack more of a groove, than a punch, which moves into 'Ended' whichcreates a much more spaced out sound that simmers with laid back percussions. On the flip, 'No More' serves up a cosmic layout of bright synths and quick stepping drums, before concluder 'Le Van A Cantar', which is Vicentlulian's most hypnotic ensemble on the EP, completing the release as a must for any DJ bag!   Click Here   Dhs – Holofonic Cuts – (My Own Jupiter)  Dhs steps up for the second release on Nicolas Lut'z's label, which is a masterpiece of abstract techno breaks. As the title suggests, 'From Outerspace' is an extra terrestrial exploration which shifts between eerie elements and afro-beat. 'Dhs theme 2014' is a straight up acid burner, that twists in many directions, whereas'Voodoo Breaks' combines both of the previous tracks but unravels them through percussive break-beat elements. Click Here   Soul Capsule – Overcome – Trelik Records  This EP needs little introduction or explanation, it's one of the most treasured releases to date, and is being reissued on Trelik Records. A masterpiece from Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford aka Soul Capsule, don't sleep on this! TIP! Click Here   Raucherecke - Nebelmaschine - (Im in love) It's always good to find tracks that cross the boundaries of house and techno...here we have a one tracker on German imprint Im in love from Raucherecke which is a thumping adventure through acid elements of both genres, enjoy! Click Here   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter      

Yamen & Eda - Rouge Gorge (Earlydub)

A little over two years has passed since Yamen & Eda’s last original effort on Earlydub, and now the French duo return for a super hot vinyl-only release. I had ‘Rouge Gorge’ on repeat in early April when I heard it on Loquace’s ‘Just Like That’ podcast and have been scratching around Soundcloud trying to find it ever since. When I did find it, it came as no surprise that two of the other three tracks got my foot tapping just as much. This EP is honest and straight up dance music with funky, wobbly basslines and gently toasted high ends. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_07ad5f92_1598390313&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/earlydubb/sets/edrv04-yamen-eda-rouge-gorge', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_07ad5f92_1598390313', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_07ad5f92_1598390313' }); });   These guys have a history of solid releases collectively and individually, and their growth in the studio is clear. ‘Sterope II,’ which will barge its way in-between most peak time bangers, feels like its been injected with an ounce of Romanian sparkle with its rapid fire hats and silky smooth synth line. ‘Incognito’ brings a chunkier, slammier edge while ‘Rouge Gorge’ provides us with a super crispy, booty shakin’ bomb of a tune that'll get rinsed by the heads. Big up Y&E yet again for their top work. More Yamen & Eda More Early Dub Records More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter

HOME return for larger than life summer showcase

Back in May, HOME provided one of the stand-out parties of the summer bringing the likes of RPR Soundsystem, Cezar and Dan Andrei to Greenwich in what provided a truly magical stage for some of  the best electronic music the city has seen over the past months. After such a huge success, the hugely anticipated second HOME party is upon us, and it is set to be as big, if not bigger than the last London outing. This is what happened last time... Many artists will be making their first HOME appearances including Sonja Moonear, who is highly regarded as one of the best female DJs through her intricate elements of mixing. She can always raise the levels alongside any line-up and is in good company with Fumiya Tanaka, Cabanne and Praslea. Fumiya Tanaka is Japan's most highly regarded DJ for his heroic reputation for producing a gold-dust catalogue of cutting edge music. As a titan of techno, he has been instrumental in providing the sound of minimal and intense techno to Japan, and worldwide. Cabanne has become one of the most influential artists on the Parisian underground music scene, namely through his own output Minibar which has been at the forefront of the minimal/tech house scene in the city. Individually as a producer, he has constructed a self defined unique micro style that implements elements of house and techno that are carefully wrapped in his own signature sound. LISTEN TO CABANNE'S MEOKO MIX HERE A HOME party wouldn't be complete without any Romanians, and once again the goods have been delivered in the form of Praslea, Barac, Alexandra and Arapu. [a:rpia:r] affiliate Praslea is a key element to Romania's groundbreaking circuit of artists through his cutting edge combinations of wide territories of house and techno. Barac's production's have gained the attention of many, through his carefully executed elements of percussion which have breathed air into minimal electronic music. In a male dominated roster, Alexandra has firmly put her female touch on the Romanian scene through energetic selections. One of the new wave artists, Arapu caused quite a stir at Sunwaves, we can't wait to see what he has in store for Studio 338. Berlin based Binh is starting to earn accolades for both his performances and productions, including his release on Perlon earlier on in the year which proved he has made forward strides in his sound. LISTEN TO BIN'S MIX HERE Nima Gorji will be providing his unparalleled experience, and proving why his illustrious career has spanned years of forward thinking music ranging between ambient through to tech-house. Lowris has become a permanent addition to the Parisian scene with a residency at Concrete where he has managed to share the decks with many artists and build a definitive sound that will treat the ears of any dancefloor. Completing the lineup are Ian F and Laylla Dane who will both provide deep essences of house and techno venturing into a range of sounds.   FULL INFO: For tickets click here Sunday 30th August, 2015 Studio 338 12:00-07:00   Sonja Moonear Fumiya Tanaka Cabanne Praslea Barac Binh Alexandra Nima Gorji Lowris Arapu Ian F Laylla Dane   More HOME - London More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter      

Axe On Wax invites Music Is Love for summer soiree send-off

Two of the UKs most prestigious house record labels Axe On Wax and Music Is Love Records will be bringing the vibes to Dalston Roof Park for a summer send-off which is sure to be a fitting occasion with palm trees, surprises and coconuts and of course, great music. On hand providing the sounds will be Brunbjörn, Liam Geddes, DJ Caspa, Oli Furness (Live), Chaos In The Cbd and Enrico Mantini. London based Brunbjörn has already proven his production skills on Käse Kool and HOLIC TRAX presenting unique and exciting styles of garage house with soulful undertones and bumping basslines. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_7974b07c_587420434&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/kaese-kool/brunbjrn-turn-me-on-original-mix', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_7974b07c_587420434', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_7974b07c_587420434' }); });   Liam Geddes has already achieved a lot as a young producer with a succession of signature house releases that have found their way into the record bags of some of the most influential DJs. As an artist that has taken inspiration from many great producers, his own influence on current house music is resounding and he has become one of the scenes tastemakers. DJ Caspa has been playing electronic music in many forms for the past 20 years including acid-house right the way through to tech-house, and has gained vast knowledge which is presented in his experienced mixing style. Oli Furness has garnered a reputation for having a solid ear for deep, driven and groovy styles of music. He will be presenting his own unique productions in a live set at the end of summer showcase. Chaos In The Cbd will be making an appearance off the back of their milestone release 'Midnight In Peckham' on one of London's most innovative imprints 'Rhythm Section International'. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_35980dc2_2097568574&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/half-baked-records/enrico-mantini-live-half-baked', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_35980dc2_2097568574', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_35980dc2_2097568574' }); });   Regarded as one of the founders of deep house music, Enrico Mantini who has had prominence through his work for Half Baked and Wilson Records completes the line-up.   More Axe On Wax More Music Is Love Records More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter   FULL INFO: For tickets click here 4th September 2015 Dalston Roof Park 17:00-23:00   Brunbjörn Liam Geddes DJ Caspa Oli Furness (Live) Chaos In The Cbd Enrico Mantini   As part of our regular competition series, MEOKO has a brilliant selection of prizes for one very lucky reader! Vinyl - AOW 002 / Rhythm Operator/ Illuminate Your Soul EP (Inc Liam Geddes Remix) Vinyl - AOW 004 Raw Axes EP/ Cera Alba - Rosenhaft (Inc Kindimmer & Oli Furness Remix) Vinyl - MIL011 - Mr ks "Take a trip" EP w/ POINT G & Oli Furness remixes One Axe On Wax grey t-shirt in sizes Small,Medium and Large   To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "AOW" as the subject title. Good luck!    
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