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Saturday 22 Oct 16 Pets Recordings ADE w/ Move D, Catz 'n Dogz, Gerd & Larry de Kat

Pets Recordings ADE Special 2016.* Move D.* Catz n Dogz.* Gerd.* Larry de Kat.Bar hosted by Radio Mamba.Earlybird tickets available now at €14.Saturday Oct 22 - 2016.22:00-07:00.Chicago Social Club.Leidseplein 12.Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.Artists / Speakers: Move D, Catz 'n Dogz, Gerd, Larry de Kat.Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/66845-0

Saturday 29 Oct 16 Adam Beyer presents... Drumcode Halloween

Drumcode returns to East London's historic Tobacco Dock with Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ida Engberg, Sam Paganini, Marco Faraone, Monika Kruse, Stacey Pullen and more.Drumcode Halloween is back at Tobacco Dock this October, marking its seventh year of debauchery. A spine-tingling lineup that sees Drumcode's most iconic artists, play alongside a host of special guests drawn from every end of the techno spectrum.Watch the teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miVAVHW0O4MLabel boss Adam Beyer is once more at the helm alongside dancefloor powerhouse Alan Fitzpatrick and the inimitable Ida Engberg who have been a defining part of the Drumcode Halloween experience since its inception. After vintage performances in 2015, Berlin based duo Pan-Pot and the UK's own Reset Robot are also returning to the fray for 2016 complete with bulging new bags of Halloween tricks.This year, Drumcode have called on the labels rising stars to join the Halloween tribe as Sam Paganini and Marco Faraone step to the fore with their signature soundscapes and rolling bass while fresh talent in the shape of Julia Govor and Kevin Over parachute in to take the reins at East London's beating heart.Detroit's finest Stacey Pullen will be making his first Halloween appearance and LWE favorite Anja Schneider is back by popular demand, adding an infectious twist to an already bubbling cauldron.And to round off another spellbinding Halloween, Monika Kruse will be bringing the party spirit as fellow Berliner Marcel Fengler weaves an otherworldly sound honed in the Berghain and Panorama Bar laboratories.Alchemical frequencies, subterranean sorcery and a roaring techno flame. Welcome to Drumcode Halloween.More lineup announcements to follow.General release tickets on sale 3rd August 2016 at 10am from www.lwe.eventsCategory: Nightlife | Nightclub.Artists / Speakers: Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Anja Schneider, Ida Engberg, Julia Govor, Kevin Over, Marcel Fengler, Marco Faraone, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot, Reset Robot, Sam Paganini, Stacey Pullen.Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/64364-0Price Details:General Admission Tickets: GBP 29.50,VIP: GBP 50.00.

Saturday 29 Oct 16 The Haunting 2016

The Midlands biggest Halloween party is back October 29th as once again thousands of nightmarish creatures hit the streets for our annual Halloween festival The Haunting. As always you can expect a huge line-up of superstar DJ talent across five completely transformed rooms, including haunted circus, black magic, voodoo witchcraft and loads more terrifying treats.Over 50 actors, acrobats and performers join us on for this ghastly occasion creating a theatrical show unlike anywhere else.The Arena halloween / The Warehouse / The Roof Terrace / The Blackbox / The Garden.www.therainbowvenues.co.ukCategory: Nightlife | Nightclub.Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/65768-0

Saturday 29 Oct 16 Adam Beyer presents... Drumcode Halloween

Drumcode returns to East London's historic Tobacco Dock with Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ida Engberg, Sam Paganini, Marco Faraone, Monika Kruse, Stacey Pullen and more.Drumcode Halloween is back at Tobacco Dock this October, marking its seventh year of debauchery. A spine-tingling lineup that sees Drumcode's most iconic artists, play alongside a host of special guests drawn from every end of the techno spectrum.Latest additions to the lineup include one of techno's most enchanting performers in the shape of Nicole Moudaber. Constantly moving and evolving into new directions Dense & Pika will bring their incendiary live performance to Tobacco Dock, whilst one of Drumcode's latest recruits Boxia completes the lineup for 2016.Label boss Adam Beyer is once more at the helm alongside dancefloor powerhouse Alan Fitzpatrick and the inimitable Ida Engberg who have been a defining part of the Drumcode Halloween experience since its inception. After vintage performances in 2015, Berlin based duo Pan-Pot and the UK's own Reset Robot are also returning to the fray for 2016 complete with bulging new bags of Halloween tricks.This year, Drumcode have called on the labels rising stars to join the Halloween tribe as Sam Paganini and Marco Faraone step to the fore with their signature soundscapes and rolling bass while fresh talent in the shape of Julia Govor and Kevin Over parachute in to take the reins at East London's beating heart.Detroit's finest Stacey Pullen will be making his first Halloween appearance and LWE favorite Anja Schneider is back by popular demand, adding an infectious twist to an already bubbling cauldron.And to round off another spellbinding Halloween, Monika Kruse will be bringing the party spirit as fellow Berliner Marcel Fengler weaves an otherworldly sound honed in the Berghain and Panorama Bar laboratories.Alchemical frequencies, subterranean sorcery and a roaring techno flame. Welcome to Drumcode Halloween.Category: Nightlife | Nightclub.Artists / Speakers: Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Anja Schneider, Boxia, Dense & Pika, Ida Engberg, Julia Govor, Kevin Over, Marcel Fengler, Marco Faraone, Monika Kruse, Nicole Moudaber, Pan-Pot, Reset Robot, Sam Paganini, Stacey Pullen.Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/64364-0Price Details:General Admission Tickets: GBP 29.50,VIP: GBP 50.00.


Adam Shelton: An Interview & Mix

DJ, Producer, Label Boss and Promoter Adam Shelton represents a home grown talent who has forged a name for himself through hard work and dedication. Well travelled and having played at some of the most respected clubs on the world, Adam Shelton has always stayed true to his roots in his home town of Birmingham. Proving that you can take the DJ out of the city but you cant take the city out of the DJ. I caught up with the man himself ahead of his gig at Regression Sessions in London on 28th October.  You’ve recently launched a new party in your home town of Birmingham called Collective Minds can you tell us a bit more about this, what was the motivation to start the party? The idea of Collective Minds has been in the city for a few years making sporadic parties with guests such as Fred P, Leif, Jane Fitz and Boddika. There has not been an event for a while and after talking about making a new party in town myself, Jayson Wynters and James Swinburne decided to kick start Collective Minds.  So to some people in the city it will seem like a new project, which is exciting and then for those who know they will be buzzing to hear it is back on the map. There is certainly a calling in Birmingham for the sound we are bringing and looking to push which yes, is a very wide spectrum of electronic music, but is away from a lot of the obvious music most other parties are bringing. For the last Collective Minds party you hosted XDB and Jayson Wynters, how did this go and what was the highlight of the night?  Honestly the whole night was a highlight, we were all so happy with our sets, Kosta (XDB) said its one his favourites of the year and for me that’s a blessing as he plays so many great parties on solid line ups so we were happy with that. Jayson played a killer close after XDB, he really brought it strong and I was proud that this is the sound coming from our city and is exactly how I would have liked the night to gone from a dancers view also. Solid!   When is the next Collective Minds party, who’s on the line up? The next party is 12th of November with Tom Ellis (live) and Alex Downey alongside Jayson and myself. I have been a Tom Ellis fan for years so excited to hear him especially after catching his live show at Freerotation back in July. Alex Downey played one of my favourite sets of this year at Freerotaion before XDB, a mind blowing electro set which really was stand out, and amongst the serious amount of talent there that’s a big call. I have since followed Alex on his vivid radio show and he is a serious selector, I have a good feeling for the next party and on going. How does the crowd in Birmingham differ to London? Wow that’s a question. I guess the crowd in Birmingham is closer, I find that everywhere outside of London, smaller communities so more friends and actually a closer vibe. I’m only talking about the things I go to, on a bigger scale everywhere is cold, oversold and full of people there not for the right reasons, that’s worldwide! What I love about Birmingham compared to London is that people are so hungry for the good stuff, with London being one of the most advanced cities in the world they get a fix earlier than most for music, fashion, art and technology, we want it too but its later to hit the rest of the country so that creates the hunger which leads to more interest and excitement. You’ve been collecting records for over 20 years now, what has been your biggest musical influence? Detroit 100%, I started off buying and listening to music from New York and Chicago but I guess it was the obvious stuff at the time, not to say it wasn’t the good stuff but it was easy to get in to. Once I heard Derrick May’s Innovator album it opened me up to the idea of electro, broken sounds and that rawness that Detroit pioneers. Still now the music that comes from there is the most forward thinking, honest, open form of electronic music and I feel having it as my first influence is strong and definitely an interesting story to follow. Name three labels you are into right now? Hotmix records, Skylax records, more about music. You produce under S.A.S with Subb-an, where did the name come from? How does this project differ from your own personal productions? The name is simple, Subb-an. Adam. Shelton. This project started off as edits which all did really well, with my collection and Ash’s studio skills we can really make things come alive, as many people do edit projects now you really have to make it come alive, not just snip and join. I love to hear great edits, as much as we all might love the original it doesn’t always cut it on the modern dance floor, the edit might be the first time somebody has heard that sample and they feel it just like the original. We have had a break with S.A.S and plan to be back in 2017 with the same style sound wise but this time our own original material using live vocals and session musicians.  Having founded One Records in 2009 you’ve signed music from a number of artists including D’julz, Nail, Shaun Reeves and H-foundation to name a few, can you tell us about the journey so far? The label has become such a massive part of our lives, it’s such a good way of connecting with people, not just the artists either. I mean that’s the initial reason you start to put music out but then along the way you meet all these other great characters that can help you with what your doing, label managers (always interesting people with lots of stories and experience) designers who you can work together with to create new things for the label but then also you take an insight into their world and what they do which is cool. Social media now you can’t hide from, so we recently have got a friend on board to work with us and that is turning out to be a good laugh and very creative and again you get a look into their world which is also cool. So not just all music, but on that side of things of course it’s a joy, putting out music from artists you like is great, also making bonds and becoming friends is very important. Of course it’s a business and like everything people come and go from your lives, but also you remain friends with some people and that’s really how we have come to start forming a crew. The label has also signed artists such as Jack Wickham, John Dimas and Yamen & EDA, how does the label nurture up and coming talent? As mentioned above its not so much about nurturing its about connecting with people and then deciding ok we really get on with these guys and feel we would like to push them through the label and help as much as we can as that’s what its all about, helping each other, we are all in it for the same reasons. Have you got any releases coming up that you want to tell us about? Releases forthcoming are from Bobby O’Donnell, two straight up club bombs with a John Dimas remix that is special. After that is a release from Subb-an, and myself it’s a split release, which we have not done before and then after that is a four track EP from our main man Alex Arnout. As well as being a DJ, Producer and label boss you are also a promoter with a party in Rio (Brazil) called Foundation, how did this journey begin and how did you start a party there? I fell in love with the city the first time I went a few years back, after playing there twice and feeling the vibe I got from the people after playing I was given the idea of making a party there. The people of Rio are amazing. The warmth you get from them is unrivalled, they love all things creative and when it comes to the music they love to hear new stuff and as the electronic music scene is Rio is still growing I feel there is so much to give them. We have done two parties now in unique spaces and the turn out has been amazing. We plan to run an event before the year comes to a close. You’ve hosted One Records label parties in top clubs such as Watergate & Fabric, any more in the pipeline? Yes we have a label night in Birmingham at Sunday party Cloak n Dagger with Subb-an, Jack Wickham, Samu.L, Lewis Oxley and myself. We are really missing fabric as are many. We hope to hear some positive news soon. Considering the recent climate in the UK with the closure of many iconic venues what do you think can be done to preserve our nightlife culture? Well the support from the Fabric closure has been really something and it shows how strong the community is that believe in nightlife culture, people want to see results in the end though and that’s the awkward time we are in. Merchandise is a great way to support causes and make money for that cause whilst having a big visual impact; Fabric nailed that with their T’s. That though is just support, what we need to see is new places popping up so people feel there is a healthy scene. Places all have their shelf life and sometimes closing is the way it is but if new places are popping up then nightlife culture remains, that is happening outside of London and people need to remember that. As summer has now come to an end what are your plans for the winter months? I am going to Los Angeles to work on some music with the mystical man Gabriels in his studio with Subb-an, I plan to do some gigs in the States and then end up in Rio for our third Foundation Rio party. That’s the plan anyway.    ADAM SHELTON MEOKO MIX / 228 Catch Adam Shelton on October 28th at Regression Sessions presents Circus of Horrors at Great Suffolk St Warehouse, London.  Interview by Mahala Ashley More ADAM SHELTON More MEOKO

Julian Perez - SOLEMNITY (Review)

Founded in 2012, Ibiza based imprint Fathers & Sons has always been a label that takes time, care and attention to release quality music. Never rushing a release, Fathers & Sons play by their own rules and have produced a catalogue which echo’s the labels vision to release music from the heart. The labels message is clear “that we are in all this together, that we can learn and care from the fathers to the sons and vice versa”, an ethos which is hard to find amongst other labels within the electronic music scene. This is why is it with great sadness that Solemnity (FAS012), from founder Julian Perez, will be the labels final release. Having decided that the projects creative journey must now come to an end the Fathers & Sons label boss has chosen to close this chapter and move onto projects new. Through doing this Perez hopes to stay true to the ever growing ideas which have developed since starting the label four years ago. After what will now be the twelfth release on the imprint, which represents creativity and freedom of musical expression, Solemnity perfectly signifies the labels final chapter. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_4eed8088_1446354504&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/fathersandsons/sets/fas012', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_4eed8088_1446354504', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_4eed8088_1446354504' }); });   The two-part vinyl release marks Julian Perez’s debut album on his Fathers and Sons imprint. Solemnity communicates Perez’s signature sound and showcases his more experimental side through a track list that represents total musical expression. Tracks such as Ain’t That The Truth, Interfluide and Peace In The Darkness are glorious soundscapes of beautifully produced sound, which take the listener on an ambient journey. To juxtapose this Perez delivers The Unspoken Thing, Unusual Sense and Alog, upbeat driving tracks that you can expect to hear on the dance floor. The release itself communicates Perez’s years of dedication and skilful artistry and in essence showcases the purpose of the Fathers and Sons project. Solemnity should be listened to completely from start to finish as words cannot do it enough justice. Although this marks the end of an era for the Fathers and Sons label, it does in fact act as a reminder of Perez’s deep-rooted talent and how much more the Spanish producer has to give. As said by the man himself, “This is not a goodbye but a see you soon! The music keeps on playing….” Words: Mahala Ashley MORE: Julian Perez MORE: Fathers & Sons More MEOKO  

Not So Serious Sessions with Andrey Pushkarev

Andrey Pushkarev, a pioneer in today’s techno scene, has joined us to discover his 'Not so Serious' side. His unique professionalism and huge musical knowledge made him the perfect artist for the relaunch of our 'Not So Serious' sessions. He is currently doing his first worldwide tour visiting cities such as Moscow, Zurich, Berlin, Rome, San Francisco, Cluj-Napoca, Lyon, Montreal and Philadelphia to name a few. We are pleased to have Andrey with us and listen his opinions on all things ‘Not so Serious’.    1- Something you wouldn’t guess I’m interested in is… Women. If I see women dancing when I am playing it is the sign I am doing good part of my job.     2- The best club in the world is…. Hidden Club, Solothurn (Switzerland): Hiddenclub It’s like a little museum - you can observe the details of the space for hours. Here’s the club card.   3- My perfect gig is... Daytime in a forest in summer - and with bears :)   4- The greatest DJ of all the time? DJ Johnny Basil (djjohnnybasil). My Instagram hero at the moment.   5- Favourite food? Smoothie. It is all I need sometimes especially when I travel and don’t have access to fruits and vegetables. I can be a little lazy after touring and a smoothie satisfies my appetite .. (for a bit!).   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_0bdc67a6_1640655886&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/andrey-pushkarev/andrey-pushkrav-protagonist', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_0bdc67a6_1640655886', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_0bdc67a6_1640655886' }); });     6- The future of techno is.. I would need to consult my magic disco ball for this.     7- Your most surprising music influence comes from… Tchaikovsky’s romanticism and Bach’s melancholic feeling.   8- The strangest venue you’ve played at? A strip club in Moscow - I was 21 and won’t add more :)   9- A night that went out of control? This year in Sydney at S.A.S.H. by Night. It’s was like in a rock concert: during my set psquatted towards the ground several times and then jumped when the beat came back after the break in the track. I also saw a guy crowd-surfing for a little while :)  Video HERE    10- What do you do after you have played at an event? Quiet breakfast at the hotel (no jokes).   11- The goofiest outfit you've ever worn at a party? Hoodie and pants with Prodigy logo - it was a crazy period of my life ;) 12- You'd never think it but I'm really good at... Cooking omelette (French style) - and with anything left in the fridge.   13- Tell us a secret…nobody’s listening! I like flowers.   Word by Fernando Montes  More ANDREY PUSHKAREV More MEOKO   Andrey Pushkarev - Northern Lights Tour

Trapped LDN - Competition

On October 28th Trapped LDN invites a line up of unique Romanian talent for a showcase of musical delights. From early beginnings in Brick Lane’s Café 1001 to London's notorious Fabric nightclub, Trapped LDN have remained consistent with their parties through quality line ups and well-sourced venues. Having had a successful debut showcase at Fabrics WYS earlier this year, and with a further two releases now under their belts, Trapped LDN announce their second showcase at the newly refurbished, The Bridge Club. The line up is a real treat that features artists from the past and forth-coming Trapped LDN label series. Romanian duo Dubsons are the first to grace the line up bringing their unique dubby techno sound to the London party. Dubsons are set to make their highly anticipated Trapped LDN label debut with Trifazic EP (TLR004) which will be available later this year. Next up Midi Records founder and fellow Romanian Mihigh brings his trademark sound to the Trapped LDN Showcase, also making his debut on the label for the forthcoming TLR006 release. Zefzeed finalises the all Romanian affair, no stranger to the Trapped LDN label having remixed Suolo - Omogen EP for (TLR002) Zefzeed has also recently released Ageri/Tracet EP on Mayak Records which has had huge response, confirming that you will without a doubt be in for a treat on the night. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_9ff70c0e_1529974256&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/trappedmusicldn/suolo-omogen-zefzeed-remix-clip?in=trappedmusicldn/sets/suolo-omogen-ep-wzefzeed-remix', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_9ff70c0e_1529974256', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_9ff70c0e_1529974256' }); });   With a further two releases in the pipeline featuring artists such as Claymoore & Pheek for (TLR003), Triptil and Herodot for (TRL005), Trapped LDN prove that with hard work and dedication a solid label can be built. Showing no signs of stopping now they are definitely ones to watch, time to get trapped in the music.  Ahead of the event on Friday 28th October MEOKO have teamed up with Trapped LDN to give one lucky winner the chance to win: x4 Free Guestlist to the Trapped LDN Showcase x2 Trapped LDN vinyl (TLR001 & TRL002) Plus some Trapped LDN stickers thrown in for good measure! To be in with a chance of winning email telling us who your favourite artist on the line up is and why to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with the subject title - 'Trapped LDN Competition' 

The OdD Effect

It’s always a pleasure when the OdD boys are in full swing, always coming up with fresh sounds and unique ideas, keeping it natural for your pleasure. Whether they are producing EP’s for the likes of Infuse, releasing tracks on one of their high quality labels, or even providing a platform for fellow producers, one thing is for certain that they will always bring their huge sound they are known for. Recent times have seen two fantastic releases on the London based duos sub labels Urgent and Tapes of Old. The popular Tapes of Old series is a delve inside the depths of the OdD locker, providing you with some hidden, and more funky treasures that have never surfaced until now. Their love for music is so clear so it is great to see some of the tracks that were lost over time be released on wax to finally be appreciated. Second release of the series is a three track EP made for a club sound system. ‘Phono Parrot’ is a slick track driving forward with a wobbling bassline, complimented by a classic vocal that sucks you in. A great way to kick start the mission in to the vaults of their sound. As you glide in to the sweet sounds of ‘Original Sqiqqle’ you are caught under their spell thanks to whooshing percussions, guaranteed to have the dance floor in a daze. Your mind is levelled out with some steady drums, whilst your being taken on a trip. This is extra special as it is the original template of their massive track on OdD 005, a trip down memory lane. The last track of the EP ‘Spud Bm 7: B5’ is guaranteed to have you dancing. A real dreamy atmosphere is created as the melodic sounds take grasp of you, before you are joined by a bouncy groove you immediately feel in the hips. Floaty breaks give you the rest bite needed before you go again. This has such a great concept behind it and you can really feel the connection knowing its timeless music from the past. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_d8fe2a13_8074846&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/odd_music/sets/ltr002-tapes-of-old-2-out-now', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_d8fe2a13_8074846', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_d8fe2a13_8074846' }); });   Urgent 003 curated by Deego Fresh is a mysterious white label record consisting of four tracks all brilliant in their own right. There is an immediate sense of curiosity as the tracks are named Splice 1,2,3 and 4. Leaving it down to the listener’s imagination. Number 1 is made up of clever patterns weaved together by a funky tribal like beat, a driving break down with some tight drum sounds prepare you for lift off again. ‘Splice 2’ has an old school sound to it, a constant rolling movement accompanied by a variation of trippy broken sounds. Sounds unreal on a big system. A bit more serious is ‘Splice 3’ (drexciyan technique) not too heavy but a steady acid like bassline takes over your mind, the edge taken off by classic heavenly percussions. Could definitely take this with you to the after party. The last track takes characteristic elements from Deego’s productions and lays them down in one exciting sound, certainly a dancefloor bomb. All in all a fantastic release again from Urgent, consistency is key, and these guys are always doing what they do best. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_4eeb0a07_1779311648&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/urgent-vinyl/sets/urgent-003', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_4eeb0a07_1779311648', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_4eeb0a07_1779311648' }); });   Familiar faces amongst the underground scene for years now, they are showing no signs of slowing down. It seems as if there is an unlimited number of tricks up their sleeve. OdD 006 is on its way to your ears very soon, ‘Stroboscope’ due out early next year, believe it or not 005 was released March 2015. You can be certain the boys have been cooking up a storm for this one, preparing something amazing. As well as new sounds, OdD seem to have a back catalogue that anyone would be proud of so keep an eye out for plenty more chapters of the Tapes of Old story, as they bring to you their signature sound. Treat yourself, and feel the OdD effect.   Purchase: Urgent 003 Purchase: Tapes of Old 2 Words: Zac Bidwell MORE: OdD MORE: MEOKO

10 Obscure Events You Didn't Know Were Happening At ADE

 The week has finally arrived for Amsterdam Dance Event, thousands of DJ’s, producers, agents, managers and music lovers make the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam for Europe’s highly regarded music conference. Kicking off October 19th we have put together a guide of 10 alternative events that perhaps you hadn’t thought about. Take a break from the meetings and parties and check out these hidden gems. You can thank us later.    10. ADE DJ Cook Off Where: Keizer Culinair | Elandsstraat 169, Amsterdam When: 19/10 18:00-20:00 Quite possibly a personal favourite from us, tasty food served up by some of the best names in the business. What’s not to love? Back for the 6th edition having discovered that quite a few DJs know their way around a kitchen just as well as they do the booth, ADE will host the annual ADE DJ Cook Off. Hosted in a the culinary school – Keizer Culinair Kölsch (defending champion), DJ Sa, Ellen Allien, Eats Everything and Lauren Lo Sung will battle it out for the ADE Cook Off crown. Judged by Dave Clarke, Paul Oakenfold and Seth Troxler it’s sure to be a tasty affair. 9. The Art of Banksy Where: Beurs van Berlage When: 20/10 10:00 – 18:00 Extended due to high demand the Art of Banksy exhibition in Beurs van Berlage showcases the street artists work through a series of original paintings, oil canvases and sculptures. Interactive story telling guides you thought landmarks in the artists career making the collection the most valuable in the world. 8. Vinyl Rascals Where: Felix Meritis – F10 Panel Room When: 22/10 17:00-17:45 Something for the vinyl lovers, Vinyl Rascals brings together a panel of DJs who are mad about vinyl. Discussing reasons why DJs will only play on vinyl and what it is that makes many of them lug numerous records (up to 20kg) around on a daily basis, all for the love of the wax. Guests on the night will also be sharing some of their favourite records and stories about their love for all things vinyl. 7.  Urban Art NOW presents: Street Art & Culture-Jamming Tour Where: Felix Meritis When: 21/10 15:00-17:00 Regarded as one of the most creative hotspots of Europe it would only be right to check out some of Amsterdam’s highly regarded cultural spaces, almeries and museums. Through an extensive walking tour Amsterdam’s street art organisation Urban Art NOW will show you some hidden cultural gems. Let by Urban Art Now subculture experts you can be sure to see some of the best street art the city has to offer. 6. ADE Sound Lab presents: Fields and Frequencies (Installation) Where: Hotel Droog When: 19/10 10:00-19:00 Experience a sound installation that that generates an array of spectacular colour. Fields of Frequencies is a three-dimensional light and sound installation presenting sounds composed by New York Composer and DJ Joaquin Claussell, which echos a colour frequency created through light by artist Lidy Six. The installation will be free and run during Hotel Droogs opening hours. Paired with spectacular LED lighting and Omniwave-system this installation really is a magical feast for the senses. 5. NEO Where: Compagnietheatre | Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam When: 20/10 12:00-19:00 Always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument but just didn’t have the time? Look no further, NEO is the musical instrument that everyone ad anyone can play. NEO is a digital instrument that works by placing marbles on a grid to create glorious sound hosted by a circular censor. An additional collection of sensory modules next to the instruments base make their own sound and/or influence other sounds.  Even though NEO is purely digital it breaks the rules by allowing your touch to influence all sound. Just play! 4. Denim City   Where: Denim City | Hannie Dankbaarpassage 22, Amsterdam When: 21/10 10:00-19:00 In celebration of the 2016 edition of ADE the craftsmen at Denim City have designed and created something quite special.  Made from premium fabric carrying the ADE colours of black and gold this special edition garment was created especially for the collaboration with Candiani, a worldwide leader in the demin world. Ironically Denims City’s current director is a former DJ and a huge fan of electronic dance music who is a frequent visitor to ADE. Created, as a stage to showcase innovation and craftsmanship Denim City will satisfy the denim lover in all of us. 3. Comedy Café Amsterdam Presents: ADE Comedy & Music, With The Best Comedians and The Best Upcoming International DJs Where: Comedy Café | IJdock 89, Amsterdam When: 22/10 22:00-23:00 Presenting comedy and dance music Comedy Café Amsterdam and IND3MAND bring you an experience that let’s you laugh and dance. The special event, which has been put on specially for ADE will see jokes about the dance scene, brought to you by top comedians. Prior to the comedy show upcoming international DJs from IND3MAND Artist & Management will treat you to musical journey. Prepare to party (and laugh) the night away! 2. De School Presents: The RA Cup Charity Football Tournament Where: De School | Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, Amsterdam When: 20/10 10:30-17:00 Something for the football lovers out there, for this year’s ADE De School has joined forces with Resident Advisor to host a 5-a-side football tournament in aid of charity. The first edition of the RA cup will take place in De Schools gymnasium with eight teams battling for the cup. Confirmed teams being RA, De School, Dekmantel, Rush Hour, Numbers, 10,000 Hours and The All Stars, which will feature Dixon. All proceeds from the event will go to Help Refugees, an organisation that supports charities and local groups which aid vulnerable people trying to reach Europe in hope of seeking refuge. Get down to see some of the biggest names in the industry battle it out for the RA cup title. 1.The VR Cinema presents: ADE X Virtual Reality Where: The VR Cinema When: 22/10 12:00-22:00 Providing you with something that will treat the senses, ADE showcases what is really possible when the music industry snd virtual reality are combined. Set to be a music lovers dream, enabling you to join a worldwide DJ perform in front of a crowd of fans or take the stage in a performance of a life time. With virtual reality content specially selected by ADE in the VR cinema any thing is possible.  Amsterdam Dance Event - 19th to 22nd October Words: Mahala Ashley MORE: ADE MORE: MEOKO  

Swedish Festival Into the Valley Announces Six New Festivals

After what has been two successful years for the Swedish festival Into The Valley truly spreads it wings to host festivals further afield. The electronic music festival will now host not only one festival in Sweden but also a further five internationally; today we are happy to reveal the first three. Through the festivals much anticipated expansion the Into the Valley organisers hope to forge an international link to showcase new music and innovative art. In addition to this its organiser’s aim to not only contribute to Swedish cultural exports but to also build on closer collaborations within the electronic music landscape internationally.  Its safe to say that the last two years have been a huge success for the Swedish festival attracting festival goers from as far as Asia and the US as well as being listed as a top festival by popular magazines such as The Guardian, Condé Nast, Jetsetter, Elle, Vogue, Huffington Post and National Geographic to name a few. Watch ITV 2016 Highlights: Sonja Moonear b2b Raresh   “Into The Valley festival managed to draw some of the most wanted DJs of the moment, as well as music lovers from around the globe, deep into the heart of the Swedish forest.” “Into the Valley, a two-day celebration of cutting-edge electronic music” “The limestone quarry transforms into a stew of deep electronics and artificially created light.” Making its debut in 2015 against a breath-taking backdrop that was the Swedish forest of Dalhalla (Rättvik), the festival hosted a cutting edge line up. Ben Klock, Carl Craig, John Talabot, Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet and Dixon where amongst the many heavy weights to grace the line up.  The lime stone quarry in which the festival is situated separated it from any other festival in the world, with its natural acoustics and beautiful scenery. Making a huge impression on the electronic dance circuit after its debut this year saw a second instalment of the festival, which proved that the festival was here to stay. Hosting names such as Riccardo Villalobos, Raresh, ZIP, Jeff Mills, Nastia, Ellen Alien and Sonja Moonear this years line up was a treat for any electronic music lover.   Into the Valley – Estonia 29th June to 1st July 2017 For its third year taking place on 29th June to 1st July 2017, Into the Valley will undergo a major development in the form of a venue change. Due to the festivals growth and its ambition to be ever evolving for ITV organiser’s this seemed like the right time to change. The festival will be moving from Dalhalla (Rättvik) to its new home in Rummu in Estonia.  Remaining true to the festivals original quarry surroundings the third instalment of the festival will take place in Rummu’s magical limestone quarry, which we later learnt was also the site of an abandoned prison. Rummus picturesque surroundings of clear crystal waters and white sand beach add to its mystical charm, making it a prime location. Into the Factory – Sweden 10th to 12th August 2017 For the second new festival announcement the ITV team move to Nynashamn just outside of Stockholm to host Into the Factory. The festival will take place 10th until 12th August 2017 on a site called Stora Vika. Stora Vika is an old abandoned cement factory (hence the name) with is situated close to a stream in the middle of a forest. Set against an industrial landscape paired with rustic features, Into the Factory looks to be something very special set in the middle of nature. Into the Castle – South Africa 26th to 27th January 2018 The final festival announcement (for now) comes in the form of Into the Castle, taking place 26th to 27th January 2018. Into the Castle will be located in Cape Town in the Castle of Good Hope. Quite possibly the most exciting destination, Cape Town is a vibrant and multicultural city with an ever growing electronic music scene. In its prime for a forward thinking festival Into the Castle is sure to be a huge success. The castle itself is an XVIIth century star fort built by the Dutch East India Company, which is steeped in history being the oldest existing colonial building in Cape Town. “By choosing South Africa as the next location we come closer to a whole new crowd and have the opportunity to capture a new audience with the same passion for music.” The last three festivals will be announced at a later date to complete the six part festival development being hosted in Southern Europe, Asia and South America. Organised by Music Goes Further, which is lead by Into the Valley founder and entrepreneur Mattias Hedlund, this step is in reaction to a need for more intimate boutique festivals in an ever-growing international club crowd. Music Goes Further plans to do just that and along the way will build and develop its international connections to put on an array of unique festivals that are available for all. Watch this space. MORE Music Goes Further MORE Into the Valley MORE: MEOKO  

Ferro: Interview

  What is clear about Jasper after only chatting to him for a little while, is his absolute passion for sound. Yes he has released on some of the hottest labels in house music, yes he played at some of the most reverred venues around Europe, but what we always came back to in our conversations, was sound. Currently living in the Netherlands, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this fantastic, down to earth young man, who was kind enough to share with me his passion for hardware and his journey in music so far. Just before we had our first chat, Jasper was finishing up something on a track...   Hey Jasper, how’s it going? Really good man! What were you doing with your track just then? I was just doing some dubbing actually, like I’ve done some beats, bassline, some synths and now it needs something else so we’ll see… maybe that’s going to be the A1 of the new VBX EP. Ah nice, so you are layering your parts on top of each other? Cool. Have you ever done just one big recording of everything together? Or is it always drums first, then… Haha well sometimes it’s a couple of recordings but it depends, I’m not really a producer that has a certain way of doing things. Sometimes I record separately, sometimes in one go. Sometimes I’ll start with drums, background, sometimes with a bassline… I don’t really have a plan. I just go in, do what I feel and when something sounds good then yeah! Nice. So, how were you making your tracks on the computer before you had equipment? How were you ‘dubbing’ and recording and arranging and stuff? pulls face Haha you look troubled Yeah I was thinking of arranging back then! Was that the reason why you wanted to jump to hardware? Why I went to analog? It was more because of the sound. I did SAE and I found out while I was there that the high end is so much easier to mix when you’re working with an analog mixer.   Ah yes I see. I actually steal my high end from other tracks because mine sounds so dull coming out of the computer! Yeah, it sounds actually very sharp as well, like somebody is putting a knife in your ear! Whereas it should sound toasty and warm… Yes So at what point did you start buying gear man? So I first bought a module, a Jomox kick drum module, maybe three or four years ago? And afterwards I started sharing a studio with my friend Reiss, he owns the Dialegestai label (you spoke about with Malin in his interview). So yeah, we went to a place in the North of Amsterdam, and we just built a little room and did some improvements on the acoustics, bought some gear together… Perfect Yes and now we make music together under the name, ‘Spokenn,’ it’s just new but we are working on our first EP now… And you are in the same place now? No actually we had to move out of that studio, and we finally got this one, and we are sharing with a few more friends and have combined even more gear. Ah so is that how you got hold of a 909? Yeah I didn’t buy that. I was lucky because Gijs already had it, who we are sharing with, so now I can use it. That is the fun of sharing a space you know.  Yeah that’s really cool, I’m jealous you have a 909.  I think it’s a bit overestimated man. The clap and the kick drum are nice but… I thought a lot of your music had this ‘warmth’ because you were using a 909… I guess it’s the whole combination of things you are using though. Like your Studer mixer as well… tell me about that, is that giving lots of character and warmth too? Im really intrigued by this Yes that is something else. I mean at first I was thinking ‘Ah, it’s an old analog mixer and it’s gonna make my sound warm,’ but it actually makes it sound more… smooth? Yeah, it isn’t adding a lot of character, it’s more making the sound clean and smooth and gentle for your ears. It’s not very warm per se. When I bought it I thought it’s gonna be really… call cuts out    That was my laptop… it’s from 2009 sorry… haha! Really? Hahaha dude it gives it a nice analog sound though so it’s fine! Haha yeah it’s the analog chip in it. Anyway, where was I? Yes, it wasn’t that it was warm, it just made it really smooth and the EQ on the high end is like… yeah, that’s from some place else, I don’t know how they did it. It’s alien Yes, and it’s very fucking heavy. Was it really expensive? Yes. More than a 909 Worth it though? Definitely man. Thing is, I’m an audiophile, I’m addicted to gear. I’m really addicted and I will never stop buying nice, expensive or rare shit, I just want to improve my sound. What about collaboration man, like you are sharing a studio, I know you have worked with a lot of other producers, do you actually prefer making tracks with other people? I prefer to make music on my own, although collaborating can give me inspiration. I work really quickly so this is why I am working a lot with others, I make a lot of music and I finish everything directly. I always finish a track when I’m working.   You always finish it? Always mastering in the end. Really? You do your own mastering? Yeah, I just use my earphones. Really? That’s mad! Yeah but I listen so much with these headphones you know? It’s actually really easy to master if you know it. For example, everything that Nick (Malin Genie) is playing in his MEOKO mix is mastered by myself. I can’t quite believe that! Haha, now speaking of Nick, I think I heard a track you did together on a Julian Alexander mix? It’s sick!  Yeah yeah, we wanna do an EP together but there’s not much time man, you know. Thing is, if I wanna make an EP, I wanna sit one week with him, five days in a row, because then we can really, yeah, build a good vibe with each other. Yes Like with my release forthcoming with Ross (Rossko), he came here, spent a week with me, slept at my place and we ate together, watched movies together, and then we went to the studio and yeah… you build a connection. And from that connection you make better tracks, so if I wanna do a collab I will do it this way from now on, that is what I learned you know. with Ross? Well yeah, because then I discovered this with him. Yeah that makes sense. And if you think about it mate, probably all the best music you made is stuff based on real connection or emotion. Stuff from the heart. Definitely. Like a couple of tracks from the Oscillat EP, you know the a2? And b1? I was angry! I made those two tracks in… two days!?     How comes you were angry man? … I think I was seeking some conformation that I was a good producer or something? Every artist needs conformation, or like recognition you know?  That’s natural though man, I think every creative feels this at points. Also, I wanted to ask about VBX… is this is your label right? Well, VBX started off with doing events, then later on we created the label. We’ve done a lot of events over the past few years, mostly in Amsterdam, but have ventured out to Moscow and Berlin as well. There are some nice parties planned for ADE and we also have Raresh booked in December. As far as the the label goes, we released the first EP last year, and right now we are making the track selections for 002! Wicked... and yes, you should definitely have this dub tune from your MEOKO mix and Malin’s MEOKO mix for the new EP, It’s amazing. Yeah? Yeah it’s fucking wicked It will be on there ;) Yes! What is it called? Well it is named after something somebody said to me in my dreams, then I just made a little rhyme out of it to name the EP and the tracks. ‘I’ll see you again when the stars are in a different place.’ Really weird.  Wow that’s interesting.  Yeah when I woke up I remembered it and now I’ll name two of the tracks out of that, and the rest out of a little rhyme I made up afterwards. I should of realised as well, you always have curious names for your songs, like the ‘You Are Not Your Mind’ EP on FUSE. Class. I always try to bring something spiritual in my titles you know. Do you meditate as well? Yes, not too much though. And you? Yeah, sometimes if I need to be calm or be sharp for something I will do it… Or when I’m down. The world can be intense sometimes! Yeah, it’s always been crazy man, but I think we’re heading in a good direction. Sometimes you have to go down before you go up. You have to defeat the dragon before you can get to the gold. Yeah that’s a really nice way of putting it. Have you experienced some downs before? I think so man. Sometimes. Like yesterday I was really fucking down man, really really really really down. I was in the studio and it didn’t work, sometimes I’m stuck you know.  As in your making music and it wasn’t going anywhere? Exactly, then I walked out and I felt so compressed, you know, like numb? Then I have to go out and eat something. You should never underestimate food either man! If you don’t eat, your mind does mad things to you! True. I eat again now. Haha Yeah, because I forget that I don’t eat. But also you know, I don’t like to say it but I am always busy in my head as well, always philosophically, always thinking of everything. It can drive me nuts! I have this thing with numerology as well you know? Yes! For example, when I’m in the studio and I see 44, which I actually see now, then I make a decision, I know I’m on the right path you know? I can either cut the sound, leave it in, whatever. Sometimes I don’t even listen, I just go on my intuition. That’s very strange because every other guy, musician, whoever, would say I’m crazy! Maybe the other thing was better?    Amazing. I don’t meet many other people who are into numerology man, so that’s cool. Anyway dude, what have you’ve got coming up in the next few months? I just got hold of your remix on Slapfunk! Ah lovely, it’s finally released… it took nine months! The next release will be for Lessizmore, which is a really cool label from Brussels… Then yes, the one with Ross as Ferrossko, and after that the solo on VBX. Ferrossko? Lol, nice. Yeah that was an easy one! Will you be playing with Ross and the FUSE guys again next week for ADE? Yes, last year we did a party on Thursday night which was really cool… The vibe was great. Was this when you played while Ricardo Villalobos was playing in the other room? No, actually that was for HYTE, which was the day after FUSE. That was amazing. Oh I see… Normally its not so easy to play while Ricardo is playing the other room, but this turned out to be one of my best gigs in 2015. The reaction from the crowd was amazing and the vibe was just on point. So yeah, this year we are gonna do it all over again. This year we won’t be collaborating with FUSE on Thursday night, but with Loud & Contact from Barcelona, you know? Ah okay, they did the RPR party for off week at Sonár this year? Yeah! So we’re doing a party together with them on Thursday with Treatment, Vera, Francesco del Garda, and we are playing as well (Spokenn) Vera? Yes, that is gonna be a sick party! And then I play on Friday night for HYTE and FUSE, on my own, same situation as last year, Ricardo will be playing in Room 1 and FUSE will host Room 2. I’m gonna do the exact same spot as last year, so I’m really happy with that!    Yes I hope so too haha! And lastly, what about ADE man, it is a huge event now… Were you going there as a raver before you were DJing there? Yes I went before I was playing. I went to Contakt, (Richie Hawtins party) and Cocoon. At the moment ADE feels like all my friends from abroad come over, and this time I am the host. Like a dinner party at my place! It feels nice to be the host sometimes! Well, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and good luck for everything coming up man, especially with the new VBX! Thanks, you too man! Words: MR   Listen to Ferro's MEOKO mix here!   More MEOKO? Facebook Twitter More Ferro? More VBX?  

A MEOKO Exclusive - Enrico Mantini

Renowned internationally as one of the founders of the deep house movement, Enrico Mantini has spent over 20 years in the thick of the music industry. 1990 marked the year Mantini made his industry debut having since had his productions appear on highly regarded labels such as UMM and Smooth Sounds. As well as consistently releasing quality house music Mantini built up his international reputation by playing at some of Europe’s most prestigious venues such as Tresor, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Space and Concrete to name but a few. As the years have passed Mantini's artistry as a both a DJ and producer has gone from strength to strength with the Italian maestro remaining true to his deep house roots. Most recently Mantini has released on UK based label Half Baked Records and Veniceberg Records (Italy) with releases such as 'Together EP' (Veniceberg Records) and ‘Needin U’ (Half Baked Records) both offerings carry Mantini's signature sound with soulful vocals paired with a fat bouncy groove that’s rough around the edges. The Miles Stones EP, which we recently reviewed, is his forthcoming release out now on Down Da Mountains which showcases Mantini's releases from 2012-2014 personally selected by the man himself.          Today you can find Mantini spinning records at infamous parties in both the UK and across Europe such as Half Baked, Paradox (UK) and Loud (Spain). With over 20 releases since he came onto the scene in the early 90’s Mantini continues harness his creativity through his productions, which are supported by heavyweights across the house music landscape. Currently spending the majority of his time in his hard wear only studio it is evident that Enrico Mantini is a name you will be seeing on many more taste making imprints. Despite his busy schedule the man himself has treated MEOKO to an exclusive mix, which you can listen to via our official SoundCloud page. Showcasing Martini’s signature deep house sound this exclusive mix really is something special. Enjoy. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_e7a56bc1_1706572324&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/meoko/mantini-exclusive-meoko-podcast-227', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_e7a56bc1_1706572324', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_e7a56bc1_1706572324' }); });     Words: Mahala Ashley MORE: Enrico Mantini MORE MEOKO

In The Studio With East End Dubs - An Interview

After what has been a busy year of touring, a new studio built and a string of releases on both of his labels we caught up with DJ, producer and label manager East End Dubs for a special MEOKO interview.  You’ve been very busy this year touring and running two labels, what else have you been up to recently? It’s been a hectic year so far, but I’m not complaining, that’s how I like it. I’ve managed to finish my new studio, which took over 6 months. Completing the build, when being away 3-4 days a week was sometimes problematic! Has the studio build been something you’ve planned for a while? Studio time is very important to me; it’s where I spent most of my time to produce and organize my music; if I’m not on a plane, abroad or raving I’m there. The sound is spot on now and I now have the option to work 24 hours in a day. You have been running East End Dubs since 2012 which has housed the majority of your output, how did the idea for this come about? It all began when I start releasing some of the tools I made for my DJ sets, I thought I’d share what I believed was special with other DJ’s and it took off from there. I’ve been releasing music for over a decade now, although I have put out music with some of the largest labels, I prefer the independence of having my own imprint. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_7a5c96b2_1448859907&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/eastenddubs/sets/endz006', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_7a5c96b2_1448859907', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_7a5c96b2_1448859907' }); });   You established your second label Eastenderz in 2014 tell us a bit about this project and how it differs from East End Dubs? The purpose of this platform is two fold. 1) It gives me opportunity work with some of my favourite  producers such as Priku, Doubtingthomas and Patrice Meiner as well as providing a platform for young emerging talent such as Nami and Lizz. 2) This access is vital to encourage new producers in view of the deepening problems of the scene. We are on our 10th release now and every record is special to me. I do believe in every artist I work with. Eastenderz sound is ever evolving and I love that, it’s what makes the journey interesting. Eastenderz has recently had its fourth showcase in Berlin, hosting Priku, Nami, Patrice Meiner & Georgia Girl how did this go and is this something you will continue to push in the future?  We are well settled in Berlin now, Kater is our home and we love the sound system there. We like the door policy and everything else about the venue is right. You need all the elements if you want to have a good party and that’s what we have there. The last party was the best so far; Priku and I played around 9 hours and the connection with the crowd was amazing. Because we have the venue for over 15 hours it gives us the chance of taking people on a journey. Are you planning to bring Eastenderz parties to London ? This is something we are currently working on, we were suppose to have our first showcase at fabric last month;but the week before our date the unfortunate closure happened. It’s a “watch this space” situation. Both labels release on vinyl, often being pressed on a range of different coloured vinyl. For example the latest release from Itteetsu on Eastenderz is pressed on a limited splattered vinyl (a personal favourite of mine). Is there any particular reason behind this? I do care a lot for the visuals and I like the records to look as good as they sound, we have started with splattered records and that’s how we carry on, this fits well in to Eastenderz profile. We have changed couple of plants until we get the quality I want but at the end we got there. I have tried to crate pleasure for your eyes and ears. The beginning of the year saw you release volume six of your Tools Series on East End Dubs, are you planning any further releases this year? The Tools series went more than I could have hope for but I’m moving on to the next stage now where I will be releasing a series of named EP’s, the first one is called Mind Over; It will be released in November. I’ve also been putting out some music on a whitelabel recently; a sort of secret project… Those who are familiar with my sound may know what it is. I might be back with some more of the Tools Series in the future, you never know! You’ve got an extremely busy touring schedule how do you find the time to produce new material and run two labels? I’m still yet to find that healthy work balance. There’s always something to be done however It’s my passion and although I love what I do it is not easy. I’ve been taking a few weekends off recently to catch up with some studio. I have a great admin team who handle all the necessary work that I find any excuse to avoid. It’s very important to work with the right people and I’m very lucky to find myself in this situation.   Does touring different countries have an influence on the music you play and produce? And if so how? Yes; it does. Even though I hope that East End Dubs has it’s own unique sound, you should always play to crowd. You have to be versatile… You can be playing an 8am set in Berlin or a main slot in Italy; both will need different approach. Constantly travelling to different countries gives me the chance to experience different cultures; It may have some input in my music but I feel that the London influence is behind everything I do. Which is your favourite city to play in and why? Wow, what a difficult question? I’ve had so many great gigs in so many fantastic cities; it’s difficult to pick one out. You recently played at Point which was based in a forest in East London, what did you enjoy the most about this party and why? I’ve been playing Point parties for over a year now. Dean, the founder of Point is doing an amazing job and taking us back to where it all started. Playing in the middle of a forest was crazy, we only had a couple of decks, a mixer and a generator. I also played for them in a Vietnamese restaurant earlier this year which was unexpected. Playing at Point; perhaps gives me a glimpse at of what it use to be… Watch: Point Forest Party - East End Dubs Do you think London's clubbing culture can be saved by parties of this nature? Huh, yes… If the establishment continues to close our clubs, it’s not going to stop us doing what we love. We are going to have to find more forest or go back to the M25. What are your feelings regarding the closure of fabric? fabric has been at the epicentre of my education in electronic music. During my studies, I worked behind the bar there, some 15 years ago… I’ve learned a lot from Craig Richards, he is the best resident DJ ever, I was lucky enough to play room1 and meet the amazing team behind fabric. Andy the Promotions manager of fabric was the first person to discover me. There is so much that I feel about this place that I can’t put in to words. It would be such a shame to see this iconic venue disappearing from the scene. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_73e96143_1374760778&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/eastenddubs/east-end-dubs-june-2016', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_73e96143_1374760778', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_73e96143_1374760778' }); });   What are your views on the future of London's nightlife and how do you think we can recover from the recent closure of one of our biggest nightclubs? So much has changed last in the 10 years… Apparently 40% of all London night clubs have closed. I was lucky enough to play some of the legendary London venues such as Turnmills, The Cross and The End. I don’t think the scene in London will ever be the same again. Unfortunately I don’t think that the closure of fabric will be the end to this decline. It’s a shame we haven’t got a more vocal opposition to these closures. I feel that if  it was made more difficult to change the usage designation of these venues; It would make it more difficult to change them into residential properties.   Where do you find your inspiration? I get a lot of my ideas when I’m playing; if you ever see me in the corner of the booth singing a bassline into my phone, you will now know why! I have got a handheld recorder that I carry with me and I enjoy recording different field sounds that I feel I can use in my music. I listen a lot of Jazz at home; as a drummer I love complex drum rhythms. If you could play a B2B set with any artist in the world who would it be and why? I’ve been playing a lot of b2bs recently and I really enjoy them.. I’ve played a few times with Priku and an 8 hour b2b set in Germany; earlier this year with Archie Hamilton which was so good. I really like Raresh is doing at the moment; he is playing a lot more housy and would love to do a b2b set with him. What was the first record you ever bought? I don’t remember but I can tell you the last record I bought. Supermoon – Liric EP You’ve had quite a busy year so far, are there anymore projects in the pipeline or upcoming gigs you want to tell us about? Other than the “secret squirrel” project I’ve already mentioned; and that I’ll be revealing soon, we have some amazing releases coming up on Eastenderz as well as my own imprint. I’ve also done the music for a CNN documentary this year, which is due to come out in December... Touring carries on as usual in Europe and I’ll be back in the South Africa, North and South America for a couple of weekenders, so it’s going to be busy as hell but lots of fun.  Words: Mahala Ashley  MORE: East End Dubs MORE Eastenderz MORE: MEOKO  

Music Through Pictures - Mariano Mateljan

With this offering of Music Through Pictures MEOKO treats you to a man who embraces his musical muses from the world around him and prefers to ‘Let the music do the talking’. Mariano Mateljan hailing from Split, Croatia the dextourous DJ and producer has recently treated us to new tracks Keops and BRNMLT through label U DiG and if you haven't yet heard the floor filling track Trace I can tell you that they are all full of deep groovy punchy baselines along with head spinning panning that make your feet bounce around the dancefloor. I've said enough already lol, but MEOKO loves this DJ's diversity on and off the dancefloor so we are especially happy to enjoy his thoughts on the visuals.                                                                               1   Every person has its own energy field. As a kid, unaware of how cruel and grey the outside world can be at times, your energy field is pure. We are, after all, surrounded by a constant stream of impacts, influences, and events. We should never forget that we have at our disposal a great reservoir of human energy.     2   Extreme hopes are born from extreme misery.                                                                                  3   The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.                  4   We all get so caught up in the moment of what we're doing every day, it's hard to hit that reset button and get pulled away from all that and see life from a different perspective.      5   Passion and lust combined with music equals Rick James.                                              6   This photo reminded me instantly of "Reservoir Dogs" for some reason.       7    We all are floating our psyche on top with a great ocean underneath.       8   Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.             Words: Tiffany Allen    MORE Mariano Mateljan (SoundCloud)   MORE Mariano Mateljan (Facebook)   MORE MEOKO  

Culoe De Song - Watergate 21: Review

It is rare that a compilation is referred to as beautiful, however Culoe De Songs Watergate 21 is just that. Following the highly regarded twentieth installment of the mix series from Mathias Mayer, Watergate has remained consistent when choosing a successor for the twenty first installment. The South African native has forged an international name for himself over the last ten years, having come a long way since his first release on Black Coffees compilation ‘Have Another One’ in 2007. For Culoe De Song 100 Zulu Warriors, which was his offering on the compilation, fundamentally marked the beginning for him in South Africa’s musical circle.   Staying true to his South African roots and his unique tribal house sound, Culoe has since released well received tracks on Innversions, Mule Musiq and his own label De Song Music which he established as an outlet to showcase his own music last year. The 18 track LP Washa was the first to come out of De Song Music and similarly to Watergate 21 showcases Culoes musical heritage. No stranger to Watergate having made his debut in 2014, Culoe has skillfully encompassed elements from his sets at the notorious Berlin nightclub via this 15 track compilation. Expertly mixed Culoe puts his stamp on the compilation through his own unheard exclusive tracks with additional offerings from heavyweights such as &ME, Boddhi Satva, Guti and Em Ex. Dead Man's Walk marks the opening of the compilation, a steady journey track which builds beautifully as the track develops with added dolphin like samples which nod towards to releases artwork. Equally as strong Aftermath and Juice communicate Culoe's roots through sounds of the homeland. Expertly mixed tribal rhythms, pulsing percussion and heartfelt vocals transport the listener on a journey washing over you like a warm South African breeze. Although its contributors each hold their unique sound with every track on the compilation, Culoe expertly transitions from one track to the next with ease. Watergate 21 is a glorious soundscape of uplifting tribal house with splashes of ambient melody whereby Culoe De Song is your guide making his unique artistic talents apparent throughout. Culoe De Song Watergate 21 will relese on November 18th, 2016MORE Culoe De SongMORE Watergate MORE MEOKO Words: Mahala Ashley

LP Review: Livio & Roby – Phantom Circle LP (Desolat) & Interview

Celebrating ten years of Livio & Roby – Phantom Circle LP (Desolat) Ten years ago in the depths of Romania, a duo was born. Unknown to the world, the two of them probably did not realise that they would spend the majority of that time at the forefront of the Romanian & worldwide house and techno scene. Always creating a contagious vibe and sound, with their dreamy percussions and groovy basslines, they maintain the high quality associated with their country, but push it to boundaries beyond the imagination. The last decade has seen them work with some incredible labels, Julian Perez’s Father & Sons Productions, Dutch Label Memoria Recordings and some amazing records on Cecille Numbers back in 2009 (highly recommend checking out) just to name a few. Working closely with the renowned Desolat throughout their time, it seems fitting that they have chosen this label to celebrate this huge milestone. ‘Phantom Circle’ is a 3 x 12”, eleven track LP, curated by the duo and ten top artists in the electronic scene. As always with Livio & Roby, there is more to this than meets the eye, a deeper concept with much more meaning. Over time the music market has become so intense, with new material coming from all angles, meaning the focus of what you are actually hearing is lost as you think about the artists and labels related to the track. So with this, expect the unexpected, an anonymous track listing highlights the true purpose of what they are trying to achieve forcing you to appreciate the production and feel the magic of their creations.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_d2143059_1724725516&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/desolat-music-group/f2-livio-roby-vs-dimensiuni-desolatlp008', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_d2143059_1724725516', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_d2143059_1724725516' }); });   Luckily for you we can reveal the legion of incredible talent that has been called in to celebrate their ten years. However, it will remain unknown who the ‘Phantom’ collaborator is on each track . Meaning the listener will find a more natural love for the music, rather than simply following the artist involved, Prepare yourself. The heavyweight line up consists of tINI, Enzo Siragusa, Guti, Martin Buttrich, Hector, Julian Perez, Ryan Crosson, Cesar Merveille, Andrea Oliva & Premiesku. There are no doubts that each of these artists were carefully selected, as they all bring their own traits and influences to the table, perfectly blending with the infectious Livio & Roby sound. Due to this well thought out approach each track is as unique as the next, and special in their own right, inspired by the experiences and knowledge of each producer. There seems to be something so special about this release, and fills us with excitement for what they have in store for the future. There are no signs of them slowing down as they make this mark in their career, keeping it as natural as ever. Here’s to another ten years. First of all, we love the ideas and concept behind the LP. It must of taken such a long time and a lot of hard work to bring this together. What made you come up with the ‘Phantom’ approach? And How long has this been in the making? First, we just thought about making an album couple of years ago and we never found the right moment to start. The Phantom Circle concept came back in 2014 when the whole idea of making a collaboration album came and we got really excited about it.  Still, even though we hook up lots of talented friends to participate in this project, in the end, we came up with the concept of hiding the names, to leave space for a little bit of mystery and let the music speak for itself. We want to give the auditor the space to intercept the music as it is, and not be influenced by names. You have teamed up with such an incredible bunch of artists to celebrate your ten years, what made you choose the artists involved? Is there anyone you enjoyed working with the most? We chose our close friends, the people from our “circle” of course. We have known them since we started and had a bond from the beginning. There is something about the comfort of creating with someone that you feel serene with. Its an intimate moment and needs a special vibe, that’s why, in order to create something special, you need a halo in that particular juncture and this you get really easily with your close friends.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_43733a98_1330563843&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/livio-roby/meoko-podcast', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_43733a98_1330563843', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_43733a98_1330563843' }); });   You clearly enjoy collaborating with other artists. What is it you like about it so much? What is different in the studio? The whole idea was somehow inspired by the Premiesku work flow and jams. But of course, in all our traveling we had the chance to meet people and make music together, we like the team work, it’s interesting and at the end of the day it’s a game of trust and this makes it more intricate and beautiful. What made you choose Desolat for your milestone release? Desolat has always supported our releases. They trusted us from the early stages and stood there when we came with conceptual ideas. They are our long-term partner, we put our first record out there in 2009. But also, a good amount of the artists that we collaborated with are Desolat artists, so it makes sense. We always like to ask at least one question about equipment and technology, what’s your favourite/most used items in the studio? All machines are special but in this case we would easily say Buchla or ARP2600. Now, if we think more in depth there are some soldiers that stand there and they participate on all the tracks, these are the Studer mixers that are so beautiful and silky sounding.  Ten years is an incredible amount of time to be at the top of your game. Is there any particular highlights or favourite moments for either of you? We guess being first-timer in different situations, playing or signing records.  Any plans for the future you can enlighten us on? We have loads of plans, some of the plans we can reveal, some not.  There is North American tour that follows later this month, really excited about that. We started producing new music with a slightly different approach, so we have to finish that. There could also be some label plans involved.  Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for your time. Release Dates: 12 inch – September 26th Digital – October 14th http://phantom-circle.com/   Words by Zac More Livio& Roby More Desolat More MEOKO  

An Interview with Dean Marc

A familiar figure in the underground party circuit the South African born maestro has a string of well known parties under his belt. Possibly best known for co-starting the popular Keep on Going after party, Dean Marc is now focusing on parties further a field. As a busy summer comes to an end we caught up with the man himself to talk about his early musical influences, the London afterparty scene and whats in store for the future.    You currently have five parties under your belt Keep on Going, Point, Soft Porn, Creatures and Just Because how do you manage your time between them all? I left Keep On Going last year to concentrate on my other projects but I still play as a resident. With Point I run it by myself, it's a weekly Sunday party most of the venues I use are already set up and ready to go, which saves me a lot of time. With Creatures, Soft Porn and Just Because I have partners to share the work load.   Growing up in South Africa when did you first get exposed to electronic music?  In 1992 in Durban I first discovered electronic music at a club called 330.   "An open-minded oasis in a closed minded society, especially as it was at the beggining of the end of South Africas apartheid period"  "CARL COX commented - This is the wildest & best club in the world!"    How did the Acid House movement in South Africa influence your musical direction?  The first time I went to 330 I fell in love with electronic music. After that I went every single weekend. It wasn't until much later that I started djing.     Did you attend any warehouse parties during this era? If so did these early experiences influence you to put on your own parties on later on in life? When we weren't at 330 we were at warehouse parties. It definitely influenced me and a lot of what I do now refects to growning up in Durban during that time.   Upon moving to London what motivated you to start Keep On Going, was there anything like it on at the time? At the time there was just Jaded, but that was more Techno, and a lot of house parties, I was sitting with Leandro (co founder of Keep On Going) in my old warehouse in Hackney Wick and we decide to start an after party there since the place was always a mess.   You are well known in the underground circuit in London, in your opinion what are its best and worst elements and why?  Bad thing: it's getting harder and harder to find venues. More flats are being built in areas where we could have done parties. Because of this the price it cost to hire venues is rising. Good thing: London is always up for a good after party.   The recent closure of venues and licensing laws has affected many parties within London, how have you managed to keep all five of your events above the water?  I've actually taken a break from afterparties, but will be back on it soon. Soft Porn is more of a saturday night party so it's not so difficult to find a venue for that, even though we've recently brought it back to a warehouse.    Parties such as Keep on Going and Point have become well known within the underground circuit, how have you created such a loyal following?   I just make sure I give the people what they want.  How do you regularly manage to find new and exciting places to host your parties in a climate where venues in London are rare?  I have a few people that help me with that. I also get on my bike and ride around a lot and when I see somewhere that looks good I knock on there door and ask them.   You host a forest after party that is highly anticipated, how did the idea for this come about?  I've been doing forest parties the last four years with Keep On Going, and now with Creatures. A venue that we were going to use four years ago cancelled on us last minute so we decided to move the party to the forest, the weather was great and never looked back Other than your own events which London parties do you enjoy going to? Damaged, Halfbaked, Juntos, Cartulis Day, eastsunrise/110 london, Toi Toi, Wetyourself just to name a few.   Which artists are you really into right now?  I really like Vid, plus a lot of local talent.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_d724aeac_77114991&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/vids/sets/vid-3', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_d724aeac_77114991', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_d724aeac_77114991' }); });     What was the last record you bought?  SERGEJ NICOLAJ / ESC SOUNDWORK Compatible EP (Illegal Series 006)   What are your plans for the future, any more projects planned?  Yes, lots planned for this winter including more parties in Berlin.   DEAN MARC MEOKO SOUNCLOUD MIX  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_371b478d_1181658467&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/meoko/dr0000_0081mp3', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_371b478d_1181658467', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_371b478d_1181658467' }); });     Interview by Mahala Ashley MORE MEOKO

EP Review: FrameSounds 002 - Various Artists

On the back of a successful first release from Madrid based label FrameSounds, the time has come for the next instalment. A moving minimal masterpiece as likeminded friends and artists come together for this 4 track VA. There is no limit, no line to be crossed, when working with these guys, as they make their mark on the underground scene. A unique vibe is created when talent is brought together through a variety of sound, and the outcome speaks for itself.  allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_f970e8e7_1025400045&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/framesounds/sets/framesounds002-various-artists', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_f970e8e7_1025400045', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_f970e8e7_1025400045' }); });   The opening track of the EP comes from seventeen-year-old Italian artist, KOKO. At such a young age it’s hard to believe he has already released on top labels Drumma, Banoffee Pies and Sakadat. An intelligent producer, creating a sound of his own that even people with years of experience could not imagine making. ‘OKOK’ is laced throughout with choppy obscure vocals, guaranteed to take the dance floor on trip. The broken words are pieced back together as the track moves up a notch, back in to its mellow rhythm. A2 ‘Mountain High’ is a spaced out dubby number from Colt Music main guy Javier Moreno and Pablo Marco (Cadenza Lab/Serialism). The slick snares, and moody bass combined are screaming to be played on a big system, the perfect after party wake up call. After the popular debut release they had to call in native Canary Island, DJ and producer Javier Carballo to lay down a steady driven track, for when the night starts to pick up some momentum. A constant rolling echo keeping the track alive. Moreno & Marco collaborate again for ‘Oasis’, the hypnotiser. Dreamy percussions guaranteed to move the listener, taking you away from the real world, before leaving you in a trance. Despite the wobbling kicks, it feels like such a smooth ride.    The forward motions from this label, will leave you eager and curious to what they have up their sleeve next. It seems they have a tight knit, and carefully selected group of artists all pulling in the same direction. In today’s market it is hard to find something fresh, swaying away from the norm, but the FrameSounds team seem to be achieving this. This is just the second mark in their legacy.   FRAMESOUNDS 002 BY KOKO, JAVIER MORENO, PABLO MARCO & JAVIER CARBALLO Words by Zac More Frame Sounds More MEOKO

Enrico Mantini – Milestones (LP) Review

After spending well over 20 years in the thick of the music industry, Enrico Mantini has taken time to reflect on some of his most loved productions and is presenting them to you in the form of an eight track LP, quite conveniently named ‘Milestones'. Over the years the Italian Dj and producer has worked with prestigious labels including UMM and Smooth Sounds, and more recently UK based Half Baked Records and Veniceberg Records (Italy). On this occasion he has decided to focus on releases between 2012-2014 for this trip down memory lane, as he curated the debut release on his very own imprint Down Da Mountains. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_6b907dad_1344898473&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/enricomantini/milestones-lp', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_6b907dad_1344898473', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_6b907dad_1344898473' }); });   Many years have flown by with the Deep House maestro on top of his game, and his decades of experience really shines through in his work, always using soulful vocals blended perfectly with a bouncy and rough round the edges sound. The leading track from the LP ‘Needin U’ (Half Baked Records) immediately throws you in to bumpy ride you are about to encounter. Amongst the eight tracks are three tracks from his famous Slave To My Concept EP released on Traxx Underground in 2013. ‘Don’t think about it’, ‘Get into da Muzik’, and ‘Lost in a beat’ are some of the finest house cuts recent years have seen, and you can really feel the old school influences the Italian has picked up over the years. ‘Take me Make me’ and ‘Whenever you want’ are two dancefloor favourites released on SHIFT. in 2014, we are glad these two groovy numbers were called upon. Both including killer vocals. ‘Take me Make me’ is the more serious track out of the two, and ‘Whenever you want’ is one of those gems you save for the last hour of the night, uplifting and floaty bassline. ‘Get Infatuation’ was originally produced in 1992 but did not surface until 21 years later, a glitchy house track with a timeless feel. One of the more funky tracks out of the eight is ‘Don’t make’ on the eclectic Dutch label 4Lux, perfect peak time mover.   The 2x12” (180g) LP is accompanied by some great artwork, an extremely picturesque landscape of mountains, and they wax comes in some very nice pink and purple colours so it nearly looks as great as it sounds as it spins on the turntable. Take some time and join Mantini in this moment of reflection, a journey of sounds of the past, and as I am sure you agree, be excited for his sounds of the future and what he will bring to the table in January 2017.   You can get your copy here.    Words by Zac More Enrico Mantini  More MEOKO
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