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Sunday 07 Dec 14 Yay with Valentino Kanzyani

Line-up:• Gianluca Casnici• Freddy Ray• Valentino Kanzyani

Friday 19 Dec 14 Avant Garde presents Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler 4 Hour Set

2014 has been an explosive year for the Avant Garde team, from the psychedelic colours and music of our Secret Garden Party stage with Guy Gerber and Wisdom of the Glove to our sell-out show at Corsica Studios with We Concur. Our final event of the year will represent everything we love about the scene; to that end we are proud to announce that two of our favourite artists, Daniel Bortz and Sascha Sibler, will be playing an extended back-to-back set at one of our favourite venues, Village Underground. The Permanent Vacation pair have had an incredible year, from their all-night sessions in Berlin’s Watergate to the acclaim surrounding their releases on Innervisions and Permanent Vacation, “Tomorrow We Start A New Life Again”. Their melodic, emotional and hugely warm sounds are the perfect vehicle for a musical journey which we are incredibly excited to embark upon.Support for the duo comes in the form of a hardware heavy live performance from Avant Garde and London favourite Rabota, showcasing his own unique melodic techno-infused electronica. Resident Ben Prince, hot on the heels of performing alongside Paco Osuna and Matador, and We Concur resident, Tom Law, will also be gracing the decks.

Friday 26 Dec 14 Concrete Late Christmas: Petre Inspirescu, Steevio & Suzybee Live, Lowris, Grego G at Concrete

PETRE INSPIRESCUSTEEVIO & SUZYBEE Live LOWRISGREGO Ghttp://www.facebook.com/ConcretePariswww.concreteparis.fr

Saturday 27 Dec 14 Smallville x Odd Fantastic: Joey Anderson, Etapp Kyle, Don Williams, Dorisburg live, Moomin... | Dec 27th | STATTBAD

Joey Anderson (Inimeg Records)Dorisburg live (Aniara, Boss Musik)moomin B2B Dionne (Smallville)Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)Don Williams - Official_Page (Mojuba)Christopher Rau (Smallville)RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?653305The extra pounds from holidays need to be shed and because slowly we can see the end of 2014, together with our friends from Odd Fantastic we’re going to open our doors one last time this year to celebrate this wonderful line-up: and of course, our favorite Hamburg fellows from Smallville shouldn’t be missing. Tonight you can expect a special highlight, Dionne from the duo Smallpeople will play a back-2-back set with Moomin on the Boiler floor – things can’t go wrong here. On top, they brought some support from the US. With his album "After Forever", Joey Anderson proved that he is not only a passionate dancer (and dance teacher), with his reduced and direct house tracks he knows how to transport the energy to the dance floor. Speaking of energy, as always in STATTBAD you’ll hear a live act as well: Dorisburg is the solo project of Alexander Berg from the duo Genius of Time. With his last EPs on Aniara Recordings and Bossmusik, the Swede once again showcased his unique skills for bouncing tracks between house and techno. Mystical Influence!On the Bunker there’ll be a trio waiting for you that surely knows the game: Besides our frequent guest Christopher Rau, who published three exquisite EPs this year on labels such as Smallville, Office Recordings and Thema, we’re looking forward to welcoming back Don Williams. The label boss of Mojuba not only provides his platform for guys like Konstantin Sibold or Sven Weisemann, first and foremost he’s a splendid and highly versatile DJ. For tonight’s set his record bag certainly harbors some classic tunes for you. Last but definitely not least, we’re excited about our last debutant for 2014: Etapp Kyle from the Ukraine released an impressive EP on Ben Klock’s imprint Klockworks, raised the ante with one more track on Prologue and is also known for his deep, meticulous and impressively constructed sets. 2014, you’ve been crazy but awesome after all.


Fabric: Our Most Important Battle Yet

The news that Fabric, a historic crucible for nightlife in the capital, could face closure following a number of drug-related deaths was greeted with a kind of grim inevitability amongst London’s music community. Councils’ increasingly megalomaniac restrictions on music and nightlife venues have been slowly eroding London’s cultural vibrancy year on year – and it’s setting a dangerous, preposterously short-sighted and depressing precedent for the future of all of the capital’s cultural institutions.   Join the petition for Islington Council to renew Fabric’s license   If Fabric, which has over the past 15 years has cemented itself as one of London’s largest, influential and most well-respected nightlife brands, can be threatened with closure, what chance do the city’s countless smaller venues have? The small start-ups, driven by a love of music and of clubbing, and running on passion and little else, will be hit the hardest. This is all the harder to stomach when you remember that we are living in an age of the saccharine communitarianism advocated in Cameron’s ‘Big Society’, an ideology designed to help build communities from the ground up. It is the small, creative businesses that we are supposed to be helping that suffer the most from the bloated bureaucracy and suffocating licensing laws of the government. Local councils have yet again displayed an astounding level of ignorance and hypocrisy.     It’s a sad, historical truth that in times of economic hardship the first sectors to receive cuts are the arts, and this conservative government has been no different, slashing arts funding indiscriminately in order to superficially free up capital. The reality however, is that a healthy and vibrant cultural landscape in a community is a crucial prerequisite to urban regeneration. The night-time economy is worth well in excess of £60 billion in the UK, and it employs more than a million people – but over-zealous councils’ perverse licensing is stunting the growth of this inherently dynamic industry. One only has to look back at London’s changing cultural geography to see that money, investment and people flow into areas that have thriving nightlife scenes. Shoreditch, Hackney, Peckham, Brixton; all of these were ‘no-go’ areas before clubs and bars acted as catalysts for renewal and regeneration. Clubs provide a space for communities to develop and for fashion and culture to thrive, but most importantly they serve as an arena where young people can be free of the burdens of a society that has increasingly turned its back on them. As London slowly gentrifies and inexorably transforms into a dystopic landscape of identikit, unaffordable and sterile flat complexes, Byron restaurants and estate agencies, nightclubs are a much needed antidote. London is still globally relevant because of its dynamism and colourful, cutting-edge cultural landscape. Let’s not throw that away. Strangely enough, it seems to be a particular brand of club that’s targeted here. Whilst slices of the capital’s history can come under threat or actively vanish (iconic LGBT spot Madame Jojo’s in Soho was recently closed), the super-rich coke-ridden pits of jaded celebrities and football players in Mayfair and Chelsea can brush off accusations of tax avoidance and criminality.   As well as the desire to gentrify, authorities’ moves against nightclubs are skewed by a poorly thought out and irresponsible drugs policy. As Islington council threatens ever more aggressive and explicit forms of control, including the use of sniffer dogs and random searches, tragedies will only become more frequent. People will be more likely to take all of their drugs in one hit before reaching security, increasing the chances of an OD and decreasing the likelihood that they will seek professional help when they begin to feel unwell. Clubs should instead enact changes that facilitate awareness of the dangers of drugs and responsible choice making; for example they can take a leaf out of the Warehouse Project’s book and live test batches of drugs doing the rounds in clubs. What’s important is that clubs should not be punished for the individual choices of partygoers. Fabric might be saved for now, albeit with the predictable conditions of the implementation of a more militant and even more unthinking drugs policy. But its threatened closure is symptomatic of a much wider threat to the cultural heart of the capital. We are at a crucial tipping point in the fight for the future of London’s nightlife. If the capital is to remain one of the world’s truly great clubbing and music destinations, then it must fiercely defend its ability to host a rich and diverse range of nightlife: and if Fabric can’t stay open – then we really are doomed.    A.P.   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter  

Maya Jane Coles & Friends Present: MJC NYD

The after party of the LWE New Years Day 2015 at the Tobacco Dock will be held in the Renaissance rooms. Maya Jane Coles has lined up a very special back-to-back-to-back showcase with three of the finest artists on the international circuit combining for the first time. They not only belong to the top of electronic music, but these three masterminds are also girls, which makes this performance even more exciting. Together with the already legendary Maya Jane Coles, Heidi and Kim Ann Foxman will play for the first time in unison on the evening of New Years Day. Prepare for an unprecedented collaboration! This after party is organized by LWE. This stands for London Warehouse Events, which was established in July 2010 when two individuals, Will Harold and Paul Jack, found a breath-taking venue, the Great Suffolk Street warehouse, to put on a Pryda night with Eric Prydz, Gui Borrato and Popof. Later, Alice Favre joined this amazing squad to be a director and subsequently LWE parties were born. The blueprint for these events consists of tree characteristics. To start with they found different unique locations, secondly they provide an enormous sound system and lastly they always equip the line-up with world-class talent. Some of the unusual locations their events take place are the Tobacco Dock, the Renaissance rooms and Village Underground. Besides their charming locations, they present an infinite range of styles to their events such as House, Electronica, Dubstep, Techno and Drum & Bass to Electro and everything in between.   THE LINE-UP Like stated before, the line-up will be headlining three of the most exciting artists of today: Maya Jane Coles, Heidi and Kim Ann Foxman. They will be colliding their individual influences and inspirations together for one night of tag-team mayhem. For those who do not knew Maya Jane Coles, she is an omnipotent female sound engineer, even able to design her own sleeve artwork. She is since the mid 2000s the most promising and rising star in the deep house scene. Today she already released some of her astonishing music on labels such as Mobilee, Dogmatik Records and 20:20 Vision. Besides that, she is a gifted DJ that she already repeatedly proved in clubs and festivals all over the world and on mix series like fabric and Resident Advisor. Furthermore, British Heidi has worked hard over the past decade to make her mark on the new house and techno music generation. You only have to visit her worldwide brand of Jackathon parties or listen to her BBC Radio 1 show to experience her passion for music and fiery nature.  Former singer of the neo-disco collective Hercules and The Love Affaire, Kim Ann Foxman will be the third girl behind the decks. She stepped away from singing to return to her fundamental passions, which are rocking clubs as a DJ and producing raw electronic music. Channeling such a revived focus she also unleashed a brand new record label Firehouse in a promising collaboration with London based music and art label The Vinyl Factory. On top of that there'll be an extended set from the Swiss DJ, Deetron, whose fusion of moody techno and soulful house has put him at the top of fan’s bucket lists. He has released on labels such as Intec, Music Man and Ongaku. LWE also called on the very capable hands of Dense & Pika to join in on the action. This techno duo emerged in 2011 with a series of handstamped white-label releases and will now deliver the audience a stunning extended set. Max Wing, Brendan Long and many more DJ's will be added to this unforgettable night.   THE VENUE This incredible party will take place in the Renaissance Room, more known for its roller disco nights, which will off course not take place on New Years Day. The address is Miles Street, London SW8 1RZ, but it is just a short walk from the Vauxhall Station.   FULL INFO  Thursday 1 January 2015 22:00 - 06:00 Maya Jane Coles X Heidi X Kim Ann Foxman Deetron Dense & Pika (Extended set) Wax Wings Brendan Long & more Venue: Renaissance Rooms, Miles Street, London SW8 1RZ   As part of our regular competition series, Rebel Butterfly has kindly offered some great prizes for one lucky Meoko reader: 2x VIP tickets to MJC presents @ Renaissance Rooms 1st Jan 1x Vinyl copy of Maya Jane Coles ‘From The Dark’ EP on mobilee 1x Vinyl copy of Kim Ann Foxmann  ‘It’s All About You’ - out on Firehouse (fist release from her label) 1x Vinyl copy of Various Artists Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams.. - with Rob Amboule ft. Derrick Carter & Serge & Tyrell. To stand a chance to win, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "Maya Jane Coles" as the subject title. Good luck!   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud

HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (17 December 2014)

  These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise. Melchior Productions Ltd  - Mediations 1-3 Part 2 (Perlon) Thomas Melchior will return to Perlon as Melchior Productions Ltd with a two-part release called ‘Meditations’. Perlon is the label Thomas Melchior is most aligned with. He's released some of his best work on Zip and Markus Nikolai's seminal imprint, while also being responsible for some of the label's most far-reaching cuts (‘Different Places’, ‘Feel Sensual’ and ‘The Later The Evening’...). He returned to Perlon after a three-year hiatus, during which he released music on [a:rpia:r] and his own Aspect Music. The second part of ‘Meditations’ comprises three tracks, which are again typically Melchior style. He proves again that he is one of the best producers of all time. Part 2 recently dropped on December 15th. Enjoy!   DJ Aakmael – Slow Down 001 (Slow Down) This brand new vinyl only label will be focussing on quality Deep House. These hand stamped records are auspicious. They won’t be released digitally and the pressing will be limited worldwide. This is the first release, proper old school Chi-town/NY atmospherically stuff. Slow Down loves house music and this is their playground.   Life Recorder - The 8th Argument EP (Argumento Music) There's something particularly fitting about the title of Life Recorder's latest 12, his follow-up to the well-received Hope In The Soul EP on Soul Print. As the title of the main track on this EP suggests, ‘90 State’ sounds like it was heavily influenced by vintage 808 State, and Pacific State in particular. The analogue-sounding beats, spine tingling electronics, melodies and wide-eyed chords all recall the rave-era classic, making ‘90 State’ a thoroughly enjoyable, Balearic house gem. The remix package is pretty tasty too. Stojche provides a tougher, kick-heavy techno take - complete with relentless drum machine handclaps and drawn-out cymbals - while Vidinovski opts for a woozier, dreamier deep house feel. Lovely stuff.   Anton ZAP – Sleduyushly (Sol Asylum Germany) ‘Sleduyushly’ is the latest EP on Sol Asylum from Anton Zap. Sol Asylum pleased to be closing out 2014 with the delightfully well-crafted deep house that resonates within Anton. This vinyl starts with ‘Talking’ a simplistic yet deep and ever-evolving atmosphere with peculiar echoes and noises that speak through constantly moving metallic percussion. Next ‘Rublewood’ with its trotting wooden clicks and oscillating claps it morphs through the track until the euphoric themes expand bringing you to the next level. In ‘My Lesson’, Anton channels a 90s ambience with a definite feel for funk. ‘Arpeggiated’ synths with just a hint of acid mixed with harmonic pads and unconventional horn riffs bring this eccentric soundtrack together. Finally ‘Her Lesson’ brings you to more experimental territory with a futuristic outer galactic journey through space and time where a metronomic kick, walking baseline and gleaming pads transport you to another dimension.   Romar – Visio (Fasten Musique) Fasten Musique brings you RORA label owner Romar straight to your ears. The 6th instalment of the label is a vinyl only 12-inch release with stunning remix by Eklo owner Seuil. This record is expected to be released in the second week of January.   Gari Romalis - The Last Man Standing (Dockside Records) With his one record already under his belt all the way back in 1996, Gari Romalis is no fresh faced bedroom producern having also been part of Cratesavers with Terrence Parker and Trackmasta Lou. Dockside have definitely unearthed a brilliant producer that still knows where house is at. 'The Last Man Standing' sounds instantly timeless. Deep, stripped down and unashamedly good house music, that sound like it could have been made at any point during those last 16 years since mr Romalis' first release. Vinyl only release, don't sleep.   DJ Boom - Kinda Kickin' (Curle Petite) DJ Boom is the alias of two legends: Charles Webster and Matthew Herbert. This classic, 'Kinda Kickin', is now being re-released. The EP will be featuring the original version and the Efdemin remix! If you do not already bought it, now is the time. Good luck!   Various Artists - Gua Limited 009 (Gua Limited) This limited to 300 copies record is the latest release on Gua Limited with tracks of various artists. The first one is a really nice one by Voigtmann and Russo. The second comes from the hand of Tulbure and the the final one on this EP is made by Pasq. Be quick!   MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

MEOKO Winter Internship

MEOKO is a forward thinking and creative lifestyle brand, with a primary focus on the global underground electronic music and events scenes; passionate about promotion and high quality event services. MEOKO Ltd, the event and promo agency, offers event and physical/online promotional services to a strong network of London and the UK’s best promoters, artists, record labels, clubs/bars, PR agencies, artist agencies, management companies, festivals and charities. Beyond music, MEOKO opens up its interests to culture, art, fashion and food… Some of our clients have included fabric, We Are FSTVL, Sonus Festival, Lovebox, SW4, Sunwaves14, Street Feast, Kerb Food, LWE, Egg, Fire, WYS, Spilt Milk, Oval Space, Found, DJ Mag, Firefly International, Camden Lock Brewery and Westminster City Council to name just a few. As well as promotion, MEOKO is passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists. We are currently looking for two hard-working, passionate individuals who have a strong knowledge of electronic music and are organised and reliable. We are willing to take on board a Graphic Design Intern and an Editorial Intern. Both positions represents a great opportunity for whoever is interested in pursuing a career in music or events industry. During this internship you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press agencies, festivals, designers and so on. You will get a very close look inside the industry across many different sectors. Moreover, you will be able to build a professional  portfolio, by being actively involved with all MEOKO Projects and by producing features/designs on a daily basis.   OVERLOOK You should share an interest in electronic music and promotion as well as holding either a PR/Journalism degree or a Design/Creative background. Any extra skill will be a bonus. He or she must have excellent people skills, be creative, be able to communicate well as an individual or part of a team. This is a hands -on roll so please only apply if you feel you have what it takes to work as part of an extremely busy, sometimes stressful yet very exciting environment. The successful candidates will be supporting the team and be an effective and trusted interface for MEOKO, providing a point of contact for external collaborations and enquiries.   EDITORIAL INTERN – press & social media  Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          writing features and news pieces          writing events and albums previews/reviews          writing mix descriptions          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          contacting Dj's, producers and record labels (client liaisons)          managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          managing MEOKO Soundcloud page          copy editing texts          contributing to MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          organizing and writing interviews          listing hottest London's event by week          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate          enhanced research skills          be able to work on close deadlines   GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN Main Duties will include but not be limited to:          creating banners and designs of different natures for MEOKO          contributing to the daily running of the magazine          managing and maintaining websites contents          uploading contents on the website          occasionally help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)          looking for interesting pictures/videos to publish on social media or to work with          helping with MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)          admin duties Requirements:          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience          proficiency in Photoshop (or Gimp)          being IT literate          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative          excellent English skills, both verbal and written          good presentation skills, in writing and person          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment and respect deadlines          have an eye for details          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload          self-motivated, friendly and positive          social media literate   MEOKO is looking for creative individuals to come up with always new and interesting ideas. If you have a good idea, we are more then happy to have you realizing it! Successful candidates must own their own laptop and be able to work at least 4 days a week, from 10 to 6 over 4 months. Travel expenses will be covered. To apply for the internships, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  CV and covering letter, explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO, what you will bring to the position and listing  your three favourite artists and three favourite labels. Please write 'MEOKO Winter Internship 2015 – editorial' or 'MEOKO Winter Internship 2015 – graphic design' in the subject case.

The Playground Presents Ellen Allien, Planetary Assault Systems, Octave One, A Guy Called Gerald, Dasha Rush

The Playground are sending off 2014 in style. With a line-up to satisfy even the most discerning of musical Christmas lists, an international roster that reads as a who’s who of the finest names in house and techno will be gracing the decks at Camden favourite KOKO. There really is no better way to work off those mince pies than with an extended dose of dancing. Heading the bill is an artist who needs little introduction. Ellen Allien is one of Berlin’s most revered and well-respected exports. Founder of the seminal techno label BPitch Control and her own eponymous fashion brand, Ellen also manages to fit in acting as a resident at some of the finest parties around Europe. Her reputation for adrenalin-fuelled sets makes this an unmissable fixture in the party season. Ellen is supported by some true stalwarts of the techno landscape. Luke Slater’s Planetary Assault Systems moniker continues to probe at the harsher boundaries of electronic music. With a release history spanning two decades that seemingly encompasses all the diverging and intermingling strands of techno, Planetary Assault Systems’ live show is going to get KOKO moving. Octave One are house music royalty. Heralding from the US, brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden first emerged in the late 80s with a slew of iconic releases that channelled the best in Detroit Techno. Once you hear ‘Black Water’ over the soundsystem you will know why they are still some of the finest in the game. Long time Meoko favourite A Guy Called Gerald will be providing his trademark eclecticism, with dancers in for a journey that will take in the best of the Mancunian’s diverse taste. The talented Russian Dasha Rush foots the bill. Sporting one of the most heavyweight post-Christmas line ups in the capital, this edition of The Playground is the perfect way to let off some festive steam before New Year’s Eve. To be in with a chance of winning two extra special tickets, including £100 behind the bar and backstage access to meet some of the biggest names in the industry, simply send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  with "Playground" as the subject title. Good luck! Line Up Room 1 Ellen Allien Luke Slater presents Planetary Assault Systems Octave One A Guy Called Gerald Dasha Rush Room 2 Raving George Mixhell autoKratz D/R/U/G/S/ Venue KOKO1a Camden High Street; Camden Town; London NW1 7JE More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter

Under The MEOKO Microscope with Saverio Celestri

Follow the deep sounds of Berlin's underground and you'll most likely end up in some dimly lit space listening to one of the many DJs from all over Europe and beyond, that too, followed the sounds they so passionately pursue. One of those inhabitants is Italian born Saverio Celestri, who can be seen spinning 90s house records into the early afternoons. A lover of old gems, Saverio is an old soul trapped in his young 21 year old self. You can hear it in his music as he combines the old with his modern skills and fresh ideas. A DJ and a producer, Saverio started playing music to a crowd at the age of 14, and saved up money from a part time job to buy the necessary equipment to start producing, where he released his first track at the age of 16. Today, Saverio belongs to a lovely catalogue of labels such as Kina Music, 1Trax, Batti Batti, nothingwithx and Slow Life. A new but already defining member of the Slow Life family and a resident of Libertine parties, Saverio is clearly going places with his sound. We caught up with his talented self in an interview, while he also provided us with an exclusive MEOKO mix!   You started DJing at the age of 14. Is it a common age where you’re from to get involved with dance music at such a young age? Yes, well I started to go out to clubs when I was really young cause I spent a lot of time with people older than me and would go out with them, so that's why I got to experience it and get involved so soon. I was also going out on Sunday afternoons when, at the time, there were lots of house parties. Eventually, I began playing at them too.   There is quite some talent coming from your home, Genova! Can you describe the clubbing and dance music scene there? I was only really born in Genova. I moved a few months after and I lived all my life in Treviso, near Venice. The clubbing scene, in my opinion, is dead. There are very few events that are trying to do something different while most others are just putting on the same DJs as they were 10 years ago without trying do it differently or create a new experience.   You have already produced an impressive collection of tracks for labels such as Kina Music, 1Trax, Batti Batti, Slowlife and nothingwithx. What was your favourite release so far and why? I would say my favourite track is 'Session 9' from the EP Crossover on Batti Batti Records. Mostly because the track captures and describes clearly my mood in that period of time. It was when I had just moved to Berlin.   Many of your tracks such as “Otherground" feature a male vocal. What do you think about vocals in dance music tracks, and what is a good vocal for a dance music track? I actually don't enjoy too much vocal in electronic music, but if it fits really well on the track then it can add a particular touch and make it special somehow!   Slow Life is a collective, and is often regarded as a family. In what ways do you feel part of the Slow Life family? Primarily it's purely the great friendships I have with all of them. Aside from that, they also helped me a lot to further my musical evolution from how it was before! I think of Slow Life as not just a group of DJ's but a way of thinking. They deserve all the success that they are having now.   You have an upcoming release on Slow Life for next year. Will it be an EP exclusively produced by yourself? Unfortunately, I can't speak too much about this until it is released, but I can tell you that it will be a collaboration with S. Moreira. We are still working hard on it but it looks to be a really special EP!   You are playing gigs at some of Berlin’s coolest underground venues, such as Humboldthain Club, Bertrams and of course, Club der Visionaere. Which Berlin venue is your favourite to play at? My favourite venue is definitely Club Der Visionaere. There I can express myself and my music without limits. It gives me the same feeling I have at home, playing records with my closest friends. It's there I have found and enjoyed the best parties so far.   You are a resident of Libertine parties and played alongside some of today’s world class DJs such as Nicolas Lutz. Can you describe your relationship with this party? What makes it so special to you? Libertine is a new concept started just this year but we are already a big family and we try to share as many of our ideas about music as possible. I will be playing for the parties in alternation with fellow Libertine residents Yoshi, Mate Pisu and Omar, who are all great friends of mine.   This summer you played a gig at a Select Elect open air event while surrounded by nature. Where exactly was the location, and how did it feel to play out in the open compared to, let’s say, dark, underground venues like the BASE MENT? The location for the open air event was really nice, with a great nice view on to the fantastic lake! Personally, I really prefer underground clubs with not too much light, like Bertrams or Basement.   Last year you went on a South African tour. How was it? What is the clubbing scene like there? It was a fantastic experience. I really appreciated going outside of Europe and experiencing different cultures. The Techno/Deep House scene over there is still growing, which is exciting, but there is already a really big House movement!   Any chance you’ll be making it to London any time soon? Or do you prefer to stay in Berlin at present? Yes, actually. I am currently in contact with more than one party in London. I plan to be there to play next year 100%!   Your sets/podcasts online are quite dark and steady… Would you say your style suits the after hours of Berlin? Mm, yes. I think you could say that. In the podcasts I do I like to play the records that I will never play at a party. I buy those records that I don't get the chance to play in clubs and I also buy a lot of stuff I know I will I only play for myself. In a podcast, I try and mix those records that I never play with the ones that represent my true self. This way, they stand out from my live sets.   Thank you for putting together an exclusive Meoko podcast! Can you tell us about this podcast? Where did you record it and what special gems will we find? Thank you, it was a pleasure! I recorded this podcast at home, in my place, with two turntables and nothing more. I chose some of my favourites tracks at the moment, most of them are from the 90's!   Listen to Saverio Celestri's exclusive MEOKO mix HERE     More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter

MEOKO Up Until Now #001 With Brothers' Vibe

MEOKO presents UP UNTIL NOW: A new Mix Series, where we ask an artist to provide a mix of early tracks that have inspired them, from their childhood to now. The music does not have to be electronic, nor serious, but as long as it is enlightening to the artist’s musical muses. MEOKO is proud to present Brothers' Vibe for our first ever episode.  Tony and two young ladies in the mid eighties  New Jersey local Tony Rodriguez, better known by his stage name Brothers' Vibe, is a DJ, producer and label owner from Puerto Rican descent. Born in the mid 60s, and having already bought decks at the age of 11, today Tony is more than an established DJ, producer and a label owner of 5 record labels. He is a respected pioneer in the electronic dance music scene, with a remarkably loyal following behind him. Just one year after he bought his own set up, Tony was already performing as a DJ in several small clubs. When he reached the age of 14, he managed his first gig at one of the bigger clubs in the city, playing disco and funk tunes. Still in his teens, he started working in a record store where he became friends with other icons of house music such as Jellybean Benitez, Tony Humphries and Larry Levan. You can definitely say he had a promising start at a young age. Eventually he decided to kick-off with Brothers’ Vibe in 1994. With this name he tried to include everyone who was down with his typical sound. He stated that ‘we are all brothers’ and ‘the vibe belongs to all of us’. Under this name he became known because of his outstanding productions. Many of his releases evolved into enduring classics ranging from his beloved tribal and latin sounds to deep and dark techno. After a recent two year break he returned to his studio, which he claims, is looking more organized than ever. The primary hardware he uses is Reason, but he also reverted to his old loves: the Kawaii K3 and the Moog. Fans must be excited for his final come back of upcoming gigs and productions. Usually releasing music on one of his imprints depending on its musical genre, it is no surprise that he chose this path to share his first original production after his two year pause. Black OPs #1 EP on his deep house BV Black, released last September, marks the beginning of an exciting month and year as Tony returns fresh with a slew of excellent productions, choosing two releases per label and starting on some new projects. Of course, he continues to manage his labels, which have been in existence for more than a decade. Labels include;   SOM Underground - Disco House/Soul/House MixxRecords - House/Deep/Tribal BV Black - Deep House Jersey Underground - Tribal/Soul   He completes the pieces of his family of labels with a new, “straight up Techno” label, titled Toad Red, which he describes as “really hot techno”.   Not solely a producer, Brothers’ Vibe appeared on numerous vertiginous events, clubs and festivals all over the world. He has performed all over Europe, USA and Asia. Even last weekend he appeared on the mouth-watering line up for ЯETURN at Hoppetosse together with phenomenal artists such as Zip and Onur Özer. He recently said he still hasn’t had enough of spinning tracks around the world. This American artist breathes music. With so many years on his account he homes a back catalogue of classics, labels, gigs, talent and experience that all young and starting DJs can only dream of. The dance music community can only hope that he will continue to pursue his musical life for many, many years to come.     Listen to Brothers' Vibe Up Until Now Podcast here    TRACK LIST:  Stevie Wonder “Pastime Paradise” [Motown Records] The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” [Decca Records] Rotary Connection “I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun” [Chess Records] Mr Fingers “Washing Machine” [Trax Records] Klein MBO “Dirty Talk” [Zanza Records] Roy Davis Jr. “Michael (Love From San Francisco Live Dub)” [Nuphonic] Conjunto Classico “Teresita” [Lo Mejor Records] Malcolm McLaren “Buffalo Gals” [Island Records] Main Source “Looking At The Front Door” [Wild Pitch Records] Liaisons Dangereuses “Los Niños Del Parque” [Roadrunner Records]  Doctors Cat “Feel The Drive” [Il Discotto Productions] Carl Craig “Sandstorms” [Planet E] David Essex “Rock On” [CBS] Teena Marie “Portuguese Love” [Motown Records] Michael Jackson “I Can't Help It” [Epic Records] Orange Krush “Action” [Prep Street Records] Herbie Hancock “Rock It” [Columbia Records] Toto feat Cheryl Lynn “Georgy Porgy” [Columbia Records] Unknown Artist “Humpty Dumpty” [Unknown Label] Eddie Palmieri “Mi Congo Te Llama (Remixed by Joaquin Joe Claussell)” [Sacred Rhythm US] Stevie Wonder “Black Man” [Motown Records]   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter

LWE Presents Mixed At Village Underground

LWE presents Mixed every last weekend of the month. The concept is entrenched in house music, promising a journey of eclecticism. This project tries to establish an evening with different styles of electronic music. Their goal is to create a new vibe, which will challenge today’s standards of dance music. How are they planning on doing this? Mixed will attract a sophisticated line up of artists who will deliver both original productions and innovativeness in the club. LWE stands for London Warehouse Events, which was established in July 2010 when two individuals, Will Harold and Paul Jack, found a breath-taking venue, the Great Suffolk Street warehouse, to put on a Pryda night with Eric Prydz, Gui Borrato and Popof. Later, Alice Favre joined this amazing squad to be a director and subsequently LWE parties were born. The blueprint for these events consists of tree characteristics. To start with they found different unique locations, secondly they provide an enormous sound system and lastly they always equip the line-up with world-class talent. Some of the unusual locations their events take place are the Tobacco Dock, the Renaissance rooms and Village Underground. Besides their charming locations, they present an infinite range of styles to their events such as House, Electronica, Dubstep, Techno and Drum & Bass to Electro and everything in between. THE LINE UP For the event that takes place in January, they invite Ejeca. He is born and raised in the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, where he gently hammered his way to become a fixed value in the electronic music scene. His style can be described as a melting pot of different styles ranging from deep house to techno. He will never stick to a particular sound for too long. After having releases on different labels such as Tusk Wax and 20:20 Vision he now set up his own record label known as Exploris in 2014. As an addition to Ejeca, Sisterhood will be performing on the same night. They are a new musical collaboration between Harry Benson and John Malcolm Moore. With already two releases on Tief Music and supported by the likes of Bicep, they will play an organic sounding mix of house, disco and techno. On top of that, Mixed called on a very special guest DJ. This young bold artist mixes up a variety of classic house music, which gave him fame in the European House and Techno scene as well as the more UK bass driven movement. For the second event, which will take place at the end of February, Mixed has invited two extraordinary artists. Belgian FCL’s Red D, owner of the famous We Play House Recordings, already played records in 1992. He will bring a variety of his own records, which were elevated to classics in recent years. The sound of Red D can be compared to a functional and industrial type of house music. The next one is Kidnap Kid, known for its diversity of music, he has ridden the wave of the house and garage renaissance. Furthermore he won the Itunes US Best Electronic Song of 2012 for his debut release ‘Vehl’ on cutting-edge indie, Black Butter Records. Moreover Zoo Look will support this marvellous line-up. This duo already released on Tsuba Ltd, Morris Audio and Dirt Crew to name a few. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_433691f0_1767555303&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/kidnap_kid/vehl', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_433691f0_1767555303', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_433691f0_1767555303' }); });   THE VENUE In Shoreditch, east London you can find the exceptional venue called Village Underground. This site is a multipurpose events space, which can host incredible club nights. With a capacity of around 1,000 people, Village Underground is located in an amazing renovated warehouse. Several subway stations offer the possibility to get at this amazing venue including Shoreditch High Street, Old Street and Liverpool Street. FULL INFO January Edition: Friday 30th January 2015 22:00 – 04:00 Ejeca +Special guest Sisterhood Venue: Village Underground; 54 Holywell Lane; London; EC2A 3PQ February Edition: Saturday 28th February 2015 22:00 – 04:00 FCL (Red D) Kidnap Kid Zoo Look Venue: Village Underground; 54 Holywell Lane; London; EC2A 3PQ   MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 

Kodak Moments with Federico Lijtmaer

Uruguayan born Federico Lijtmaer has a colourful history behind him. Since he was just 10 years old, he was already exposed to dance music, thanks to his mother who transformed his childhood house, El Milagro, into a club: the first venue of its kind in his hometown of Punta del Este. The iconic venue was cherished as a meeting point for those who preferred open-mindness and creativity over restrictions and regulations. Federico has since moved from his childhood home, gaining a well-earned reputation as a DJ, playing at some of South America’s best underground clubs, and eventually making his way across the globe to settle down in Berlin.   Never losing sight of that special place he called home, Fede opened the doors of his El Milagro home to the global community via his label of the same name, where he released a very personal EP, titled “Resina”. Although he did start producing at the age of 15 with Fruity Loops, it was when he moved to Berlin that he had the chance to buy hardware and release music on EPs such as Luc Ringeisen’s 10 Years of Vinyl Club, and his own “Impermanencia” EP on OSLO Records. This summer he released an EP with elusive 46 and Slow Life producer S. Moreira on SoundCrossing Records. After playing for Amsterdam’s forward thinking LowMoneyMusicLove, Fede takes his contributions to the next level with an upcomng release on the label. Keep your eyes peeled for new music! Here at MEOKO, we are pleased to have had the chance to speak with Fede, who was kind enough to share some of his memories, photos and thoughts about the Universe...  Let’s start from the beginning… So you grew up in Montevideo in Uruguay, in a house attached to the El Milagro club, the first underground venue of its kind, of which your very own mother established. You must have had a very colourful childhood. How was it like growing up in this environment? Well, first of all, thanks very much for the opportunity to express myself here. About this first question, it was not so... I grew up in many different places. Punta del Este is where I lived the first years of my life and it's where our house was. The house itself was called El Milagro. Don’t ask me why but instead of assigning numbers to houses and buildings, they name them. During my childhood the place was full of life. This was before the house was turned into a club. The place was very alive, and the friends and family always liked to be there. The environment was of freedom and open mindedness, where we used to talk about everything without taboos. After that, my parents divorced, and we moved to Buenos Aires first, and then we went to live on an island in Bahia, Brazil, called Morro de Sao Paulo. It was an amazing place where I lived... A very different but enriching experience. And it was after that year in Brazil when we went back to Uruguay. I was around 10 years old and that was when I saw my childhood house being turned into a club where friends and family participated in the process guided by my mom who had a very creative mind and she knew sculpture techniques. So the club opened in 96’, but there were other clubs before, and an underground scene in Uruguay since the beginning of the 90s...But not in Punta del Este. Anyway, besides if it was the first or not, the place itself was super special, surrounded by art and love. And growing up there was super nice. I love when I still meet people who used to go to the club and remember how special it was. El Milagro:    This is the construction of the bar from downstairs, it had bark inside the resin and a little frog who jumped inside ... and my mom      Some vital skills and lessons you’d like to share that you learned from your mother? I think the main thing she told me is to think by myself, not believe all that you hear. It does not matter if it’s a teacher or a doctor. And also respect life and to give love.    El Milagro has evolved from a club to a label. Opening the label was your own project…. How do you feel about continuing the El Milagro legacy?  El Milagro for me is more than the club or the label. For the moment the label is a bit slow these days, but I don’t have any hurry. I think it’s something that will continue inside of me and maybe in the future it will turn into something else. Who knows what life brings you. The important thing, I think, is to be open to what the Universe offers to you, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, it's just important to understand what is the message and the lesson.   Last year we saw your first self-released EP on El Milagro. Can you translate the titles you gave to this EP? What do these tracks mean to you? allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_66863d62_621150575&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/el-milagro-records/clips-resina-ep', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_66863d62_621150575', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_66863d62_621150575' }); });   Well, the name of the EP is Resina which is a polyester resin that was the main material my mom used for her sculptures and she used it a lot in the club. For example, the bars and the tables and seats were made of that, with different things inside. The tracks names are : “Misterios” not much meaning just I found it mysterious, “Yo es Nosotros” (I is we) refers to a philosophy used in many old traditions, the so called primitives, which I think they are more advanced than our society today, where they did not used the word “I” but instead “We”, taking somehow the ego and the selfishness in the decisions they made. In other words could be, if it’s not good for one person it’s not good for all. And “Este e o Tempo” is because that track has samples from Caetano Veloso, which I love. The original track is called “Tempo de Estio”   Can you explain the creative process behind your EP, both musically and artistically? Not really, it think, as other people as well, that when you create, it’s not yourself doing it but instead some kind of connection with a higher force.   So you personally hand painted the covers. Do you like painting in your spare time? Not really, I’m awful at painting, but I like things made with love and I thought doing that would be special. The covers were made with a very old technique using ink and water.   You also enjoy listening to a variety of genres. Who are your biggest musical influences? Of course, I think if you listen only to one genre you are depriving yourself of too many beautiful things. It’s like reading only one literary genre, or eating rice every day. Well I love many artists and styles. I think all that I like can influence me, but just to name a few that I listen since I have memory; Queen, Caetano Veloso,Paul Simon, Michael Jackson.  But I can recommend some other stuff also...Ramiro Musotto, Mort Garson (with some A.K.A’s), Chico Buarque, and Hiromi Uehara - Life Goes On, and the whole album called Alive Medeski Martin and Woods - Uninvisible (album) and Combustication (album) Mulatu Astatke- Yekermo Sew and Yegelle Tezeta Hermeto Pascoal - Cérebro Magnético (album) and Quebrando Tudo   And some book for those who like to read... Power vs Force by Dr David Hawkins The Cosmic Game by Stanislav Grof The Sense of Being Stared At by Rupert Sheldrake      Can you educate us about some of your favourite South American talents, both old and new? I think I can’t educate anybody but myself, what I like may dislike others…But I can tell you that in Uruguay these days there are special things happening. The level of the artists is outstanding, and they have a concept.    After Uruguay you moved to Brazil and then made your way to Europe to settle down in Berlin. How has your journey been so far? Where do you usually play in Berlin? Well, I lived in Brazil when I was young, from 9 to 10 years, and from 13 to 16. Then I moved to South Argentina for 2 years then back to Uruguay for 8 years and then to Berlin, and so far it has been a rich experience. I’ve been learning a lot about life, specially the last months, seeking new horizons, and realizing that, even if I love so much the music, my life is not attached to that. I think we have a much higher meaning in this life, but everyone will have his own moment of realizing that. I usually don’t play often here but I played at CDV, Tresor, About Blank, among others.   The new year is just around the corner… What would you say has been the most pivotal moments in 2014? Mid May I had some profound changes in my life, which I’m grateful, that made me realize other purposes in my life, and made me get back to a path that I started time ago. As I said before, sometimes the Universe puts us in situations that may be painful, but they are there for a greater purpose if we are awake enough to listen and to learn from them. Pain is one of the greatest teachers of this life, and it has a meaning. It is especially good for elevating our consciousness. It’s in our hands to keep the same patterns and continue to suffer or to learn to surrender and change while the world changes around with you. We are pleased to see Federico making his way to London for Undersound's upcoming event, Friday the 12th of December, where he will share the decks with resident Harry McCanna and fellow guest, Gwenan. Event here, tickets here.      More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter

Under The MEOKO Microscope w/ NIFF

It is possible to understand the level of creativity that Niff possesses. A lover of the piano, a fan of trip hop, and finding inspiration from all types of musical genres such as UK garage and old school house, Niff combines these elements into his unique and left field sets. He has that charisma of a true Italian artist, as he belongs to the no frills, fresh art, fashion, and music collective, Disordine, while playing at some of the country’s most forward thinking parties, such as Seekers, Loft, YAY and Harmonized. He even takes influence from Photek’s Glamourama gem of a track, which combines Italian vocals with dance music. His choice of vocals is certainly an element of his style that should be acknowledged. In fact, his collection of rare tracks make him a true music digger and selector. He plays with vinyls, as well as CDJs, choosing the power of music and an open minded approach to all types of formats. Steadily but surely, Niff is making his mark in the dance music scene. This is why here at MEOKO, we are pleased to have him featured in our Under the MEOKO Microscope series, which focuses on talent that is just breaking through. See what we mean by charisma in the following interview, and be prepared for a truly enriching journey in his exclusive MEOKO podcast.  You draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of musicians, from Villalobos to Tupac. How do you know so much about music?  When I was a child, I could breathe "the smell" of classical music every day in my house because my father loved it and my brother played the piano. My father tried to encourage me to pick up the piano, as he had done with my brother, but without the same results. Nevertheless, I love the sound of piano so much, especially when it is being played by itself.  Thanks to my brother, I started listening to Bjork and Pink Floyd, and then I discovered hip hop; Moloko, Jamiroquai, Laurin Hill, Tupac... They are all focuses in my life, today. After that, I started listening to dance music and going dancing at last. In 2009, if I'm not wrong, I discovered Tricky and the Massive Attack... Well... They really shocked me!!! I listen to trip hop everyday now...    How did you first get into dance music and when did you start DJing?  I got more involved in dance music when I was 12 years old while I was listening to some radio shows and I remember that all the Italian djs often played a record with an Italian vocal... Glamourama by Photek. It moved me so much, and it's one of the records I use to play many times today too.  On the other hand, when I was 15, in 2003, I went to a club for the first time..It was Titilla, in Riccione. From that moment I started collecting electronic music and a few years later I started buying my first records.   Where do you usually dig for records?  I look for records everywhere,especially on the internet, but actually I prefer gettin' my hands dirty with dust when I go to some stocks :)   What does your DJ set up look like?  2 Technics Turntables 1210, 2 Cdj Pioneer 2000, 1 Allen Heat Xone 92 or Rane MP 2016.   What do you consider a “bomb” track? Can you give us an example with a track?  Ralf, A friend of mine once said:   "Tracks those you love from the very first time will get you bored, while tracks those you can understand with the help of the time are the tracks those will follow you for all your life"   Well... He was right. A bomb track is what you can feel through different way of listening and feeling as well, and remains with you forever.  Soul Capsule - Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) is one of those for me.    Tom Waits once said, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things”. What melodies attract you the most, and which ones do you like to play the most for the crowd?  Eheh Tom Waits was right!! I love sad songs, I think they always contain beautiful melodies and terrible things at the same time. Let's think to the Soul Capsule track as an example..It's so fuckin sad but people in the club love it. Empathy is a strange thing. In the club the crowd can change quickly and you have to take people wherever you want, to understand your "story". Sometimes it's easy, sometimes not, and you have to choose the best music every time in every place.    You are part of music label and collective, Disordine. Can you explain its concept, and your contributions to this group?    Disordine is a collective of young artists based in Genova.  They are Dj's, Producers, Painters, Designers, who try to bring their vision of art in what they do.    "Disordine is a life style that follows the principle of "no limits" and gives great ispiration to his members".   They are now starting Marie Beyle, the first Concept Store in Genoa, in the heart of historic center, where Art, music and clothing are the mantras that shape the store and the philosophy behind it. The name chosen, has its origins in that sense of astonishment and surprise inspired by the real name of Stendhal from whom the known syndrome comes from. Marie Beyle is a place for shaping ideas and sharing the vibes. A meeting point for whoever is willing to enjoy this surreal environment.   You recently recorded a set for YAY’s podcast series. Were you satisfied with this podcast? What are the top 3 characteristics that make a good set?  Oh yes, I love so much that podcast...It's always difficult for me to record podcasts...You have to play good records, to mix them well and to tell a story. Easy but so hard as well :)   You played a particular track twice. First on your YAY podcast and then on your LOFT podcast. Can you tell us what that track is, and what makes that track special to you?  I use to play some tracks more often than others because actually they represent me and my musical orientation... That track is an unreleased one by Mp. Amazing track, full of class.    You played an opening set and then played back to back with Sonja Moonear for LOFT’s party in Brescia during her closing set. She must have really liked the way you play! How did it feel playing alongside a world class DJ like Sonja?    Wow.. That night at Loft was amaaaaazing !! As soon as I was putting my second record on,I realized that Sonja and my friends arrived, They said hello to me and then I saw Sonja dancing on the floor and I couldn't believe that it was really happening...  I ended my set and she tells me we could play together in the end, so we closed together.  She is so special, I hope to play with her again soon :)   Who is someone you would love to share the decks with?  They are too many...  I'm lucky to play often with my dear friend Francesco Del Garda since many years... He is one of the best DJs on the planet and the higher source of inspiration for me. He helped me so much during last years with the music and with my life as well..It's always an honor for me every time we play together.   You recently played alongside Francesco Del Garda and Alex Picone for Seekers' opening party (October 17). What were some of the highlights of your set, music wise?  Seekers opening was amazing and I have to give thanks to Alex and Fra who gave me the chance to play with them for the early morning closing. allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_c8a5ed72_2045248854&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/small-black-dots/sets/skr101', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_c8a5ed72_2045248854', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_c8a5ed72_2045248854' }); });   I played some new stuff I'm playing often lately, seekers 001 (there was an official release party in Anita Berber in Berlin on 29th november with a sweet line up), Illegal Series 005, Imprints 003 by Riccardo, Glamourama of course...  ah and in the end a special record full of xilos, that I received last summer from my good friend and excellent dj, Curl Menghi. The sound of xilophones is so evocative...    Will you continue to play at Seekers’ events? What other contributions do you make for this collective?   Absolutely..I will! Now it's too early to say something.. but I hope to give my contribution for the label too :)   What can we expect from you in the near and far future?  Well... I will come back soon to Loft, Disordine, Kulture, Seekers and in December I will play in Naples for my first time for Pragmatism. Ah and there are ofcourse some exciting news for 2015. :)   Catch Niff play next at Pragmatism with Ian F. on Saturday, the 13th of December.    And check out his exclusive MEOKO podcast here   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter

Brothers' Vibe In-Store @ Phonica Records

Phonica continues their well-loved in store gigs with dance music legends of today such as Boo Williams and Ron Trent. This Friday, the 12th of December, Phonica presents Jersey/New York house and techno veteran, Brothers’ Vibe. Brothers' Vibe AKA Tony Rodriguez has been around since the colourful, disco days of Tony Humphries and Studio 54. He is celebrated for his musical knowledge and experience as a music collector and selector, where he has been spinning records since the age of 14. In 1994, he started Brothers' Vibe, and today, he homes more than 60,000 records. A true pioneer of underground dance music, Tony manages five and soon six labels, most famously SOM Underground and MixxRecords. His labels continue to release musical gems after more than a decade of existence. He clearly has a strong and loyal following. Known to listening to almost all the demos he receives, this friendly guy has certainly helped many artists pursue their musical dreams. Tony too is a compulsive producer, where he has released classics such as his "Revolution" on SOM Underground, and is known for his diverse range of productions, from his beloved tribal and latin sounds to deep and dark techno. After taking a breather from his own original productions, Tony is back with a promising line up of music and gigs. Tony's in-store gig at BM Soho in 2009   In fact, he returns to Soho's street of record stores (his last in store showcase was in 2009 at BM Soho) to mark the beginning of his European tour, this time at Phonica. This move certainly fits well with his mantra of supporting local record stores.  He continues into the night for his only gig in London for well-respected Cartulis Day. After London he joins the mouthwatering line up at the highly anticipated Return at Hoppetosse event in Berlin, where he will share the decks with artists such as Zip, Onur Ozer and Fumiya Tanaka.  An in-store gig at Phonica is the perfect way to start a weekend, and a great opportunity to listen to your favourite DJs spin tracks in such an intimate location. Bring your own Beer, browse through Phonica's collection and feast your ears on some fantastic music!   FULL INFO: Brothers' Vibe In-Store @Phonica Records Phonica Records Friday, 12th December @ 8pm   More MEOKO? Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter

An Open Letter To: Those that make up Room 2

To those that make up ‘Room 2’, The DJ’s, the dancers, the promoters and all those that lie in between - this is a huge thank you for bringing an essential ingredient to underground nightlife that never should be forgotten. Of course, the main room has its purpose. The bread and butter to any successful night, the main room provides the pull and the place to see the headlining act. This room is why you bought your ticket, why you chose to go out that night and where you can lose yourself in an audiovisual display of lights, sounds and sights. (Image credit - IGR::Photo http://IGRPhoto.co.uk/ ) Given the choice however, I’ve never been the type to stay in the main room all night long… maybe its due to slight claustrophobic tendencies, but after a while the overwhelming intensity of it all causes for a spot of nightclub exploration. There reaches a point in every night where I make my way out of the sea of sweaty dancers, taking a moment to gather my thoughts in the club corridor when the sound of twisted beats murmuring in the distance can only mean one thing, that Room 2 is close, and it draws me in every time. Here, these 4 walls are a place for experimentation. Although the specifics of these vary from each event, they have a number of practical and important uses that any club would be silly not to open up the side room for its revelers, and this is an importance that you recognized. For this I thank you. Thank you for providing a meeting point for solo members that have lost their crew. Lose yourself a little too deep in the main area and you can guarantee a trip to the side will result in a reunion like no other; if not with those you started the night with but long lost party pals of shindigs past will continue the night in good company. Thank you for providing a resting place, a middle ground that takes you off your feet and out of the depths of the dance floor when the smoking area wont cut it just yet - just because our feet hurt doesn’t mean we have to stop fist pumping. Perhaps the most important thank you should be saved for supplying a training ground for those who will one day play the main room, but for now are providing raw, mind bending cuts straight from the heart, the type that are untarnished by years of playing the circuit; the up and coming DJs on offer here have a musical taste that is nothing but personal passion. (Image credit JADphotography http://www.jamesad.com/) So once again, I’d like to show my appreciation to those who never fail to forget the value of options, for here is where the real club characters dwell. The tune selection is like no other, dance moves can get freaky, lights and décor can create a whole other world and most importantly, we all have a place simply to get weird – which is why we came out in the first place, right?   Written by Eileen Pegg   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud

Mince Pies with Sebastian Mullaert, Dinky, Thomas Melchior at Studio 338

The Studio 338 presents yet another fantastic event, this time to mark the start of Europe’s festive season. Although their mince pies, winter warming drinks and festive foods do entice some christmas cheer, and the city’s current drop in temperatures and warnings of expected snowfall in the coming days do make it even more appealing to stay warm and close with fellow “family” friends of London, it is the line up that creates that proper buzz for real celebrations!    THE LINE UP     You can’t round up 2014 without a live act, and the artist that will fulfil this role is none other than Sebastian Mullaert, who is one of the two of Swedish duo Minilogue. He started his own solo project, Wa Wu We, and released music on highly acclaimed Japanese label, Mule Musiq. Joining the line up is singer-producer, Dinky, well-known for her showcase on Seth Troxler’s Visionquest, and her contributions to respected institution Cocoon Recordings and reputable Ruta 5. Those who will ride the crowd into the night include SOLID AM’s Thomas Melchior and DeWalta. Melchior, who is a defining member of the Perlon clan, has certainly been an influential figure in the spread of minimal house, while DeWalta earns the rep of a true musician, known for impressively handling all types of instruments, from the saxophone to hardware. It is also a delight to see Laurine joining this special line up. Leading the way for Slow Life sounds, Laurine’s DJ style and selection of rare musical gems makes her one of the most respected artists in the underground scene.    Check out her mix she recorded exclusively for this event, a truly special one, indeed!   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_b9a1d548_164703817&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/studio-338/laurine-slow-life-studio-338', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_b9a1d548_164703817', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_b9a1d548_164703817' }); });       THE VENUE    Dan Perrin should be acknowledged for all the effort he and his team has put, as they completely transformed a simple venue into a superclub, equipped with a banging sound system, and unique with the only HEATED outdoor terrace in London.  With the arrival of the 24-hour tube in 2015, things seem positive on the horizon for this mega club. It has truly been a great year, not just for Studio338, but for the capital’s underground dance music scene. This year saw a slew of fantastic line ups, and we look forward to even more exciting events in the new year!      FULL INFO:  The Studio 338 Christmas Special PART ONE of TWO: Saturday6 December 201421:00 - 07:00 Sebastian Mullaert (a.k.a Minilogue) LiveDinky Thomas Melchior DeWalta Laurine (Slow Life) Venue: Studio 338, 338 Boord Street; Greenwich; London SE10 0PF Tickets here   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud

Fernando Costantini : The Other Side

One of Belgium's finest exports from the vineyard of electronic music, we took time to catch up with Fernando Costantini. At only 28 years of age, he is an individual with a head wiser than his years. Through travelling the world and gaining a wealth of experience, Fernando has his own story to tell. From family to friends, his journey has allowed him to develop a series of relationships that have resulted in collaborative productions, b2b partners and some relationships at the purest level of simple friendship. As you will begin to understand, music has only complemented his life experience and vice versa. We hope you enjoy getting to know the other side of Fernando as much as we did.   Tell us about your hometown of Brussels in Belgium... It’s not exactly Brussels where I live. It’s a place called Charleroi. It’s a city of around 200.000 citizens. A small city not really surrounded by an electronic scene but we still have one place called Rockerill. It’s an old abandoned factory. They have different genres of music there; from Rock to electronic music. It’s like an artistic platform. My city is also famous for its super old former colliery (Bois du Casier, which is now closed) where Italian, Greek, and other nationalities would go to work, like my Grandfather. Without forgetting the biggest museum of photography in Europe. I can only describe my city as an industrial place bordered by an underground atmosphere.   Electronic music is such a vast field of genres. What was your first experience house & techno? I was 15 years old. My brother brought me to a party with him. But I was not really listening to that kind of music cat the time. I was more into hip hop. Then over time I start to hang out more and more, but I had no money and as I was far from the capital so every penny were important. But then, I went to Ibiza to visit my brother with my parents, and that’s when I discovered guys like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Tania Vulcano, etc, etc. When I came back from there, I slowly switched to electronic music.   Who were the DJs that most influenced you early in your career? I don’t have any precise names, it was a long process of maturity. In your life, you are always inspired by everything and not only deejays. For example, I was inspired by my Uncle that was playing guitar. I've been inspired by conversations, by a trip, by a moment. I remember I was fan of “I’ve Got the Power » by Snap. Then, in life you become surrounded by friends that have a different backgrounds and they showed me a lot of stuff that I was ignoring. I think, your career is a constant process of influence. And that's what it's all about, being influenced by everything, music can influence your way of thinking, your feeling. And then your music evolves too but you still keep your touch on it.   When did you decide that you wanted to take that next step and start DJing? From the point when I began spending my time near deejays when I was partying. I was dancing and same time checking their skills, spying on certain tracks. And then I would go back home and try to find them. I started slowly collecting vinyl. And then a friend gave me his turntables and told me… “You have two weeks to mix one records with another one!” I played every day for 3, 4, 5 hours.   When you first played abroad, it must have been amazing. But when it became more and more regular, was it easy to make the sacrifice and leave Belgium behind? At the moment, I don’t see it as a sacrifice because, I don’t have any children, so no responsibility. I love what I do and when it comes to music, it’s never a sacrifice. I’m young and I have the opportunity to travel, to discover countries, landscapes, sunsets, culture, education, food, and different music. What a better way to discover life and the world?!  I did sacrifice to buy my equipment, to buy vinyl, etc, but with sacrifices, you measure the true values of what life brings you.   You’ve worked on a number productions with Alexandar Kyosev. Being from different parts of the globe, how did you first meet and what made you decide to work with each other in the studio? We actually met through Facebook. We added each other and started talking. We had a super nice vibe and became closer. And then, we decide to produce together. We started sending each other projects. It was a natural project, nothing forced. All done by the friendship we created.   allvideos.ready(function(){ allvideos.embed({ 'url': 'http://soundcloud.com/oembed?format=js&iframe=true&callback=soundcloudAVPlayerID_cbe325d1_1866446921&auto_play=false&maxwidth=480&url=https://soundcloud.com/kartonlabel/fernando-costantini-alexandar', 'callback': 'soundcloudAVPlayerID_cbe325d1_1866446921', 'playerID': 'avID_AVPlayerID_cbe325d1_1866446921' }); });     With music now being released at such a pace, choosing music that really moves you must be at sometimes a difficult task. What is it about any particular track that grabs your attention? I can’t really say, there is so much good music out there. There are masterpieces everywhere from old to new. I’m an unconditional groove lover.   You’re part of ‘The Gang’. How did first meet tINI? It must have been quite a moment when she became interested in your talent. We first met in 102 Club, in Neuss, Germany, when I saw her playing for the first time. We met later that night and had fun and that’s where it all started. tINI has been a great inspiration for me in the past years, and I'm glad to share a friendship with her.   I saw you play b2b with Bella Sarris at this year’s tINI and the Gang closing party. Some people say it takes years to get an understanding between two DJs for it to really work. How did this develop between you both? We didn’t think about it… But it was actually also a long process. We both took time to develop our friendship. It didn't start this year. It’s already been 2 years since we've known each other. And then, at a rave, we played 7 hours B2B and really enjoyed it. That’s where it all began, and we started to get closer. In life, it’s all about time.    Tell us about your debut at Space for Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. It’s actually more than special because the first time I went to Ibiza, I went to space with my brother and I sat down during the party in the sunset room (now Sake bar). And when Bella told me that I was going to play with her where I sat 12 years ago; It was a kind of magic. My father started laughing and my older brother’s friends came to see me play. We reversed the roles, but they were still dancing this time to my music.   Whilst travelling round the world, you must have had some great experiences. To date where have you been that has most blown you away? JAPAN. They are so polite and grateful. They are really caring. They know what it means “sharing is caring”. They pay attention to details. They are helpful, friendly. And the atmosphere is incredible there. I loved it. And there was a temple I visited that helps develop your 6th sense… the energy was incredible over there… I will never forget that.   In between the hectic party schedule what do you do for relaxation? The usual things. I read books, walk around, hang out, cinema, sports. Just normal stuff.   If I gave you an iPod and you could only pick pick 5 songs of any genre, what would they be?   Jazz liberatorz - it was only a song (For when I walk around) Adriano Celentano - Il Ragazzo della via Gluck (Which reminds me my mother when we used to sing together) Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (For my Sunday mood) Kenny Hawkes - Sleaze Dubbing (From my first year in ibiza) Thomas Melchior - Love Was (Smiles all the way)   Where should we look for you next in London?  I will be in London for playing Unleash with Bella for a 4 hour B2B set on the 19th of December :).   Thanks for your time, Fernando! No, Thank you Meoko and see you all around! Ciaoooo   Catch Fernando at Unleash on the 19th of December. Event here, tickets here.    Listen to Fernando's MEOKO mix, recorded straight from Brussel's legendary Fuse   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter  

SlapFunk Records - 3 Year Anniversary

    From releasing their first EP at the beginning of 2012 and their illegal parties before that, right through until the present day, SlapFunk Records has been a force to contend with not just in the Dutch scene, but also in the wider underground deep house movement across Europe drawing support from Jeremy Underground Paris, Brawther and the UK’s Tristan da Cunha. Its evolution from a party collective to a label has seen it go from strength to strength without ever forgetting its roots or its faithful crowd. It’s this strong family vibe that has become a consistent feature of the parties over the years, and so too the open-minded crowd that gets down to it! They first exploded onto the scene with pure shuffling house cuts that would lay the groundwork for their signature swinging sound and rollicking basslines. Their roster of talent includes Malin Genie, Larry de Kat, Anil Aras, Samuel Deep and upcoming talent Julian Alexander. Now on their 10th EP the label has had a steady release schedule over the past three years.   Here's one of the house cuts from their very first EP.   They are clearly not averse to a bit of wobbly bass paired with stripped back ruggedness either as Samuel Deep demonstrates here!   This track is a demonstration of their funkier side.   They couldn’t have picked a better venue for their birthday shenanigans. Studio 80 sits on the bustling Rembrandtplein right in the heart Amsterdam. You have to look closely though to find the black doors that unveil an otherwise inconspicuous 600 capacity club which houses one of the best soundsystems in the city. The first 100 people through the door will receive a free gift from the SlapFunk crew who promise a huge toast to many more years of music making, parties and camaraderie.   Line up: Samuel Deep Anil Aras Larry de Kat Stooge Wilson Firdjel Medar Daniele Temperilli U Know The Drill Julian Alexander   Full event info here.     By Geoffrey Chang   More MEOKO Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Soundcloud  

Perlonized with Dandy Jack

Hailed as a pioneer of minimal techno, Dandy Jack aka Martin Schopf (Perlon / Ruta5) sits humbly with some of today’s big names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Zip. Although he does stay under the radar compared to the high calibre of artists he has collaborated with, when he’s performing in front of a crowd, he is certainly not afraid to steal the show. His stage persona unquestionably exhibits his passion for music and his energy is certainly contagious, making dancing irresistible, even more so with his latin sounds, which is so typical of Dandy Jack.   Just like his Chilean counterparts, Villalobos and Luciano, he has a rich history behind him. In the seventies, he was forced to flee to Europe during Pinochet’s Military dictatorship. He started a new beginning in Germany in the late eighties, where he worked with labels such as Pete Namlook's Fax and Atom Heart's Rather Interesting. He experienced first hand Berlin’s sociocultural landscape before, during and after the fall of the Berlin wall.         In Geneva, Switzerland, he met partner in crime, Sonja Moonear. Together they formed Junction SM, where Sonja graces the decks while Dandy performs with hardware. He has also presented live shows with one of the best performers out there: None other than Mathew Jonson. A true people person, Dandy enjoys collaborations as he once said in an RA interview, “when I work with others, the music morphs more. When you mix two things together, a third thing comes out”. Other notable collaborations include Carbina 30:30 with Luciano and Ric Y Martin with Ricardo.    He takes his love for collaborations to another level as he attaches his own alter egos to his names in a playful and humorous way:    Dandy Jack & Les Fleurs Du Mal, Dandy Jack & The Latin Elvis, Dandy Jack & The Latin Lava, Dandy Jack & The Queen Of Mars, Dandy Jack & The Third Leg, Dandy Jack And The Boo Kings, Dandy Jack And The International Victims, Dandy Jack And The Plastic Woman, Dandy Jack And The Queen Of Mars, Dandy Jack And The Third Leg, Dandy Jack And The Vitelloni, Dandy Jack And The Boiled Eggs, & more.    With his “AKA”s, Dandy has released a wide range of music. Recently returning from his South American tour, he travels to all corners of the globe to the most exotic of locations to produce truly unique and international music. He is currently working on a Dandy Jack and the Twin Pigs, which will grace the music market in January via the Moroccan label, Cosmo records (a label that saw releases from artists such as Masomenos and Sonja Moonear). This particular project involves collaborations with local artists, including “fabulous singer”, Kansa. Following this release will be "Los Refrescos”, a project he started two years ago with Argenis Brito (voice of Señor Coconut, a project led by Uwe Schmidt a.k.a. Atom Heart). Dandy explains it is a “kind of latin electro. We call it Electro Latino'". The first single will be a release by "Hueso Records" in New York. And let’s not forget minimal underground label, Perlon, which he has has certainly helped grow since he was part of the Perlon clan since the very beginning. In 1999 he collaborated with Villalobos for the imprint’s 13th release. He also contributed to the label as Dandy Jack And The Latin Lava. For Perlon’s 50th release, he deconstructed traditional sounds and presented a fresh and tastefully sensual eight track masterpiece with Sonja Moonear as The Junction SM, titled Los Siete Castigos. He is always featured in the label’s Superlongevity compilations.     He will continue his contributions for the label, this time as Dandy Jack and The Singing Balls. Interestingly, he will produce an album, this time as a single project. Keep your eyes peeled for his next Perlon release in early 2015.    In the RA interview, Dandy explained why he loved Perlon so much. It’s their no frills, left field styles that make the album stand out as a proper minimal underground label. He explained,   “Perlon is releasing music. Thomas never said “I want to make minimal. I’m a minimal artist.” If you really listen to the Perlon records, sometimes they are funky, or they are disco.”    Here at MEOKO we asked Dandy to share some of Perlon’s gems and why they deserve to be mentioned. He provides us with his own productions, which have become classics (For example, it is possible to hear Ric Y Martin - Sini Est in DJ sets today, even if the track was released in 1999). He provides us with a history of Perlon in the form of tracks and his own descriptions. Read on and listen…    Dimbiman - "Good Morning eyeball" (Perlon 02)     This record represents for me the beginning of a new era of techno music.  We would call it “minimal”. Zip (Thomas Franzmann) that I’ve known from the late 80s has provided us with inspiration for the last decade.     Markus Nikolai - "Rood" (Perlon 01)   Here we have the first record by Markus Nikolai on Perlon. His own interpretation of House and Techno is what we would listen to 1000 times over as copies from new artists      Pantytec - "Into The Duster" (Perlon 07)    Here we have the perfect combination from two artists joining the studio:  Zip and Sammy D meeting in Offenbach in the headquarters of Neuton celebrating their knowledge about music and their experiments with sound.     Ricardo Villalobos - "Frank Müller Melodram"  (Perlon 08)  It's funny to say, but during this time, nobody wanted to listen to Ricardo. The Chilean German that brings the groove to the dance floor without been kitsch. I would say this record is one of the first appearances of Ricardo on the public floor.     Ric y Martin - "Sini est" and Stephan Laubner - “Sommerpause " (Perlon 13)   Here we hear Dandy Jack coming together with Ricardo Villalobos before they went on a trip to Chile, that lasted 1 whole year. The beginning of a deep friendship and of productivity.     Baby Ford & Zip / Thomas Melchior - “Windowshopping" (Perlon 15) It took some time but finally Zip brought his heroes together from Britain, who then became part of Perlon.     Ric y Martin - "Froebel 1792" (Perlon 17) After one year of living in Santiago, Froebel Street, Ricardo and Dandy Jack presented a whole album that unfortunately was never released at once. So here we have 2 pieces of history that still sounds new, today!     Copabannark - "Copabannark" (Perlon 25) Here two masters from Paris recently joins the family of Perlon. Some how this came together from the visit in Montreal where we all met thanks to Mutek Festival. Here we listen to the deep influence of Jazz into minimal house. This can only be coming from Paris.    Luciano and Mathew Jonson - "Alpine Rocket" (Perlon 32) After Mutek in Montreal, Mathew Jonson made his first steps into the EU Continent and it was Perlon again who discover this great talent from the west coast of Canada. And of course, the young Luciano that was just arriving from Chile.   Narcotic Syntax -“ Calculated Extravagant Licentiousness" (Perlon 39) Here we listen to the marvellous combo of James Dean Brown and Yapacc. To guys from Frankfurt that I would declare 2 pioneers of electronic music and walking musical encyclopaedias.   Amazing Jam on machines!!    This weekend, Saturday the 6th of December, Dandy finally makes it to London for a rare gig with fellow Perlon member, Fumiya Tanaka where he will play a live set, exclusively for London’s Square 1. Event here, tickets here.    MORE MEOKO Facebook Soundcloud Twitter 
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