Louis Guilhem talks to excuse the mess

How long have you been DJ’ing for?

I started djing soon after arriving in London about 6 years ago- it kept me going when times were rough.


What’s your most memorable gig?

There have been so many great moments that it would be difficult, unfair or plain impossible to just pick one. Only 3 weeks ago i played a gig in Naples for the NICE TO BE party- i went there with an extraordinary team and had such an unforgettable response from the Napolitano crowd.. The energy and passion on the dancefloor were truly inspirational. The legendary Lokee parties and Club Renate in Berlin should also be mentioned- the former being one of the key (sic) London underground nights that are truly special. I played an unforgettable 5 hour set at their NYE party and the family-like intimacy blew me away.

Then again, the 1st time i ve played in fabric room 1 on a Saturday night more than 1 year ago, could perhaps claim the title of my most memorable gig. Fabric is more than a musical institution for me and its so far my favourite club, so playing there was a dream come true. Suffice to say that we celebrated with friends before, in between and, of course, after.

From the other side of the DJ booth, what’s been your most memorable clubbing experience?

So far I owe Fabric for most of my mindblowing clubbing experiences – at least music wise.. Especially Craig Richards at the last fabric birthday, we were spoilt with a totaly unexpected unplanned set. they were suppose to close and like always at the end the fabric staff and close friends were there to have one more last drinks to debrief together, i think its isis who was responsible for it (thx to her and craig and everybody else involved) but we were chatting sitting on the stage in room 1 have and having a drink with light on when the music started to play, at that time nobody expected anything until 6 hours after everyone of us were still there blown away by the musical talent of Mr Richards, epic!

Also on top of the list, Carsten Klemann playing for Cesare Merveilles birthday,two years ago at lo*kee in the Leather Factory, this set really impressed me, he also has the ability to go anywhere with his music while is djing and he will always be right.

The last 3 years of Sunday's I owe to Lo*kee for one of my best clubbing experiences. I'm now proud to say i've been a resident dj with there. They're top guys with lot's of passion and you can feel it every time you go, and kubicle for my favorite after party of course :)

What’s your killer dancefloor track that never fails when everything else does?

I cant only give one away, it wouldnt make sense as i m a eclectic dj and music is so much more than a specific track or two-But here you go: VALT - BEAT INDUSTRY MSTRD on 9am super cool new fresh label from gaffy, good to check out.

Curry. Spicy or mild?

everything as long as its good

Any DJ heroes or people who have inspired you to be the DJ you are today?

The 1st dj heard playing the music i wanted to play was dj chloe 10 years ago . Since then more than a few people inspired me: Luciano at the time of lucien n luciano as well as Ricardo- everybody who was there at the time will tell u the same.. Then jamie jones, craig richards and carsten klemann paved the way for great things to come.. But more than anything it’s the people around me, especially my close friend fb julian who i personally consider to be the most talented dj in town at the moment. Remi Mazet has also been a major influence, we’re best friends since forever, we kind of grew up together and we re still very close to this day. His production is surprisingly refreshing and i can’t wait to see his 1st live-gig very soon! Mr Matlar and Stephane Ghenacia who became my partner in crime and we’re just about to launch a new party starting on the 2nd of march (more info coming soon)

Batman or Superman?

Mahatma Ghandi -im all for spiritual super powers

Do you feel the French stereotype of a guy with a moustache wearing a blue and white stripy top & beret with some red wine and a baguette is accurate? Or do you have a better, more modern stereotype for us?

ahahahahahaha To be honest i would love it if that was still the case. Unfortunately now its more arrogant ignorant and tight But seriously, I might be French but i have been living here for 6 years now and i can happily say that I consider myself a Londoner by now sporting a beret, a pair of DocMartin's so much for stereotypes..

Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain or Elvis Pressley? Who would win in a fight?

peace will win the fight

Vinyl or Digital ?

I have been pushing the vinyl for a long time, played, bought and supported the product. There are also some great, driven and passionate people behind the vinyl resurgence but since i started producing i appreciated the accessibility of digital releases once more. However, there will always be something unique about djing with records and nothing can beat that.

Louis, thank you very much. We look forward to catching your set at Excuse The Mess this Friday, the 10th of February