Not So Serious Session w/ Ferro

Not so Serious Ferro

What is clear about Jasper is his absolute passion for sound. All the things that Ferro sprinkles into his productions, as well as for his MEOKO mix too. Ferro’s sound comes caked in a vintage dust, sounding as though his beats have been maturing in a draw before being unleashed on the world

Having had a busy Summer 2017 playing at some of top destinations with the likes of Sankeys Ibiza, DGTL Festival, Awakenings Festival, Infuse London, Welcome to the Future, Mysteryland Festival, Dockyard, Free Your Mind Festival, Pollerwiesen, We Are Festival, Loveland Festival, Paradigm Festival; still he is not willing to stop. His latest release on Oscillat was received very well and was played by Raresh & Praslea among others. You should also check out his new releases on Lessizmore & VBX



We caught up with the Curator of VBX right after playing at HYTE X FUSE Amnesia Ibiza, ahead of his London presence this Sunday at FUSE x VBX showcase. 


1. Holla Jasper! It’s been a while, how are you doing?

Yes it is… Thanks for having me again. Good, thanks!

2. Are you ready to get not so serious?

Yes.  Luckily that wouldn’t be too much of a problem as I'm overall not a very serious person. 

3. Batman or Spiderman?

Batman, I prefer his hearing.

4. What would be the thing you could not imagine your life without?




5. Craziest thing you have seen in a party?

Bit of a crazy story.. Once during a gig, I had to pee so bad. The vibe at the party was so good though that I didn’t want to stop playing. Eventually the story ended with my best friend Karel carrying a bucket full of my piss through the audience...That must be one of the craziest and funniest things I've seen at a party. But hey, that’s what real friends are for right? haha

6. Your favorite karaoke song?


7. If you were the last person on earth, what would be the first thing you do?

Take off all of my clothes 





8. Favorite food?

Stamppot, a typical Dutch dish. Best to google's difficult to explain 

9. If you could fly what would be your first destination?

The dark side of the moon.

(This could be a nice track title. :)

10.You could wish for anything you want, what would that be?

Wet baby wipes at every toilet in the world. 

11. Would you rather stay vegan for the rest of your life or play 1 Britney Spears song in every set of yours?

Definitely to become a vegan for the rest of my life.

Ferro MC


12. Your biggest fear?

To stumble across Bob of Twin Peaks in a dark alley.

13. Could you finish a pint in under 10 seconds? 

Yes, but will probably throw up right after.  

14. First thing you do when you get back from a party?

Take of my shoes

15.3 things to do in a near future:

To be honest I usually don’t think too far ahead. I do know the next three things I will do right after this:

1. Get into the plane

2. Get a Taxi

3. Enter DC 10

16. Best party pal?



 Archie Hamilton b2b Rossko - Live @ Bret (Fuse x VBX ADE Afterhours)

ArRo240 MC


17. Weirdest moment during a gig? 

One time in the UK,  people were throwing their socks at me while I was playing. I was so confused, I thought they may not like the music I was playing or something like that. After my set my friend told me that he had asked somebody in the crowd who explained: ‘He was playing so good, he blew my socks off’. Hahah 

18. Your favorite club?

The club of 27.

19. Other things to highlight for 2017?

HYTE closing Amnesia Ibiza

ADE ‘17:   VBX w/Zip and Praslea

                 VBX w/SIT and Jan Krueger


Upcoming VBX 004 release together with Reiss as Spokenn “Limbic Resonance EP” 


See you on Sunday at the village called Underground for FUSE x VBX at Village Underground.

Fuse x VBX 


Words by Matas Balta


More Ferro; Facebook / SoundCloud 

More MEOKO;  Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube