An Interview With Vinyl Speed Adjust

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In the past years, Romania has emerged as a hotspot for inspiring and talented electronic music producers, and the duo Vinyl Speed Adjust makes no exception. Levii and Eddy first met in 2009 and after spending quality time exchanging music, tuning in to local radios and then going to local parties, they realized they share the same passion and decided to start experimenting together with production. It was the first time for both of them, but the hard work and passion quickly paid off as they started releasing their own tunes, their taste for always innovating and searching for the perfect sound receiving appreciation from great artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo and Raresh [a:rpia:r], Valentino Kanzyani and Sascha Dive. Meoko caught up with VSA  before their OFF Week gigs with Luciano and friends and the Virunga Party found out about their future plans, the importance of vinyl in the age of digital, and much more.

Hello, guys, we’re really glad to catch up with you. Before VSA was born, you spent much time exploring music and gathering as much knowledge as possible. Your initial influences were hip-hop, breakbeat, dubstep. How are these genres being felt into your current sound?

Hello Meoko, thank you so much for having us over!

Listening to a lot of old music from different genres has helped us develop certain ideas which can be found in our productions. We don’t think we have a specific style, we try to adapt to the new one while maintaining the old influences.

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Speaking of your sound, through the years you’ve established yourselves as experimenters, approaching different styles and moods, but I couldn’t help but notice a constant in all of your productions – your love for perfectly arranged percussions which blend perfectly with the soulful part of every track, that organic elements that sweetens the sound and spreads good vibes. What are you aiming for when producing a track, what’s the feeling that you want to spread through your music?

Indeed, we do try to produce tracks with different influences, without having a constant music pattern. With every track we release, we focus on making it special and offering the listener a certain mood.

 When speaking to artists, I’m always curious about something: how does a creation get born? What’s the starting point, how about the proccess?

That’s a good question. We don’t have a definite recipe that we use when we produce a track, we initially gather a few ideas, and after that everything goes on naturally. Producing a track is a mix between certain ingredients, like the mood we’re in, inspiration, patience and skill.

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Up until now, labels like Pressure Traxx, Bodyparts and Gilesku Records have released your music. You also have two imprints – Crystal Structures Records focuses on the old-school sound, and artists like Mark Ambrose, Aubrey, Thor, Exos, C-Rock/ Dubstar, Anonym had their records released under this label. The second imprint, vinyl only VSA Records, which will be released soon, focuses more on your productions, along with the ones of the artists you enjoy. What should we expect from these two imprints in the near future?

You can expect good music for sure :)

Crystal Structures Records will continue focusing on the same old-school style. The next release will soon be available and it’s an EP containing 4 techno-minimal tracks signed by US based Kenneth Graham.

The second label will indeed concentrate more on our own productions and collaborations with artists we appreciate. The first release will be out in about two months, it’s a two-track EP by us.

Vinyl is having a big moment nowadays, as more electronic producers go back to the roots. Anyone who’s listened to vinyl can feel the difference between its digital counterpart, but in this day and age it’s hard to bypass the latter completely. What’s your take on this movement? Where do you think this desire to turn to analogue means stems from?

Definitely, we enjoy everything related to analog thanks to its superior sound quality, but we think that the combination between analog and digital is okay as well. We’re also happy that the vinyl industry has been growing bigger lately.

Music stands between a fine line of art and entertainment. How do you think it can distinguish itself as more than just a source of leisure?

Music must be lived, felt and danced to. It’s a state of mind and it must be treated accordingly, as a source of entertainment.

Your latest EP, “On My Way”, which will be released on vinyl this summer on VSA Records, is incredibly lively and positive. How did you come up with the name and what story does the music share?

Through these tracks we wished to express an innovative sound, fresh and full of rhythm, and through the name of the EP we wanted to present our direction.


How’s the rest of 2015 looking up for you? I’m sure you have many releases coming up, and I’m curious about the collaborations you’ll be having.

The second half of the year will be a very important one for us because we’ve decided to move to Barcelona and we’ll try to focus more on music. Regarding the releases, besides VSA001 we’re waiting for some vinyls to be available: a full EP at Drumma Records including a remix from Valentino Kanzyani, and by the end of the year a 2 track EP at Jesus Loves You. We’ll also have a remix in September under the label Visionquest.

What’s the greatest wish you have right now?

We want to be healthy, inspired, and to accomplish as many good things as possible when it comes to music.

Would you be so kind as to share a few words for our readers?

Let the music do the talking!

Thank you very much, it’s been a pleasure connecting with you guys! All the best!

Thank you very much as well! Best wishes!


By Ana Moca-Grama



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Vinyl Speed Adjust will be playing in Barcelona for Virunga this Friday, for tickets click here


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