Ada Kaleh is taking over Hackney Wick


Hackney Wick will not know what’s hit them when Ada Kaleh will take to the stage for an exclusive 4 hour live set on 12th May. Expect a hypnotic, visceral performance from one of Romania’s exciting new talents.



Following on from his phenomenal first album Dene Descris, Kaleh has signed an exclusivity deal with R&S for 2 EPs and an album in which he hopes to explore a fusion of psychedelic/ space-rock, kautrock, electronica and tribal shamanism- what a mix.

There’s also the remix album to look forward to in June which features Cesar Merveille, Priku, Wareika,Teluric and Nu Zau.





His show at Stour Space in Hackney Wick will feature a two-hour live performance followed by a two-hour DJ set.  He’ll also be showcasing an exhibition of vinyl artwork.


After gaining support from the likes of Sonja Moonear, RPR Soundsystem, Barac and Ricardo Villalobos, he’ll be travelling across the world on a South America tour and a handful of exciting festivals such as Ozora, Waha and Murmur Festival.


Powered by Martin Audio, the venue, Stour Space, will give its audience a panoramic view of the Olympic Park, and having previously been used for infamous Boiler Room sessions, it’s sure to be an incredible audio-visual experience.

Ada Kaleh MC


As organisers say:

Ada Kaleh is isolation in an eternal present.

Ada Kaleh is hypnosys.

Ada Kaleh is synaesthesia.


Get your ticket now. 

KRPT showcase 



Words by Georgia Evans 


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The esoteric art of healing through sonic vibrations and beyond





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The esoteric art of healing through sonic vibrations and beyond


While all music holds the potential to heal, there is reserved a special category – often filed under the more esoteric fringes – that is specifically created for the intent. ‘Sound Healing’ as it is known, along with its own band of sound healers, is a broad sonic field that is as vast as it is deep, which also makes it hard to define. From the spiritually guided musical tuning system by Aleksi Perälä to meditative gong bath conducted by Stroboscopic Artefacts founder Lucy to the plethora of 432Hz-tuned songs on YouTube – is the genre identified by the instruments, effect or intent? 


To go deeper into this rabbit hole that is coloured by an obsession with frequencies, binaural beats, vocal acrobatics and mystical instruments, we first take a trip back to where it all began: the ancient cultures.


Sound healing is not musical, it’s vibrational

The Egyptians regarded vowel sounds as sacred and were known to conduct sonic-based ceremonies while their patients visited healing temples to undergo ‘dream sleep’ incubation with music therapy in small reverberant cells. Elsewhere, archaeologists have found that ancient sound chambers such as the Hypogeum Hal Saflieni in Malta and Newgrange in Ireland demonstrate extraordinary acoustic properties. In particular, it was discovered that sound at these chambers resonates or echoes at the specific frequency of 110 Hz, which is also the pitch of an average male voice.


EEG tests that detect the brain’s electrical activity show that at 110 Hz, the human brain temporarily switches from left to right brain activity, the side of creativity. Other experiments are also showing that 110 Hz tends to stimulate certain brain rhythms associated with trance-like states. As one delves further into sound healing, one soon realises that frequencies are the foundation, and generally guided by the following formula:

 Frequency + Intent = Healing

 Fundamentally, we are all made up of atoms vibrating at different speeds. As sound healers believe, not only do specific organs vibrate at different frequencies, so do our thoughts, emotions and even scents. Because sound travels through the vibration of particles, having a sound source vibrating at a particular frequency and guided by a specific intent can help to move us into more beneficial states. Given that humans are also 65% water, we become great sound conductors for vibrational healing.


Take the tuning fork for example – an instrument that is used in sound healing treatments to help tune our bodies back into harmony. Therapeutic methods including tapping the tuning fork and placing it on strategic acupressure points on the body to release subconscious blockages or also for example, having a tuning fork in ‘C’ and another in ‘G’, (256 Hz and 384 Hz in scientific pitch), placed at either ear to create the special interval 3:2 or the Perfect Fifth, which is known to have a balancing and harmonising effect. Songs such as ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ feature this interval. Tuning forks further come in a variety of exotic tones that can serve to activate your pineal gland or cleanse your chakras. 


Other instruments that frequently come into play in a sound healer’s arsenal might be Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, didgeridoos, shaman drums, rain sticks, gongs and also their own voice in the form of chants or overtone singing. The gong has a special place in sound healing because it covers the broadest spectrum of tones among all the instruments. More poignantly, it is said that all ego shatters at the sound of the gong. 


It is important to differentiate that sound healing is really less about Classical ideas of melody or harmony, but more about creating beneficial vibrations or energy states for a room or person. According to ‘What is Sound Healing’ by Lyz Cooper, discordant sounds are no less healing as they can serve to challenge and ‘break up’ tension in the body. An effective sound healing session would be one that clears away competing energies, rebalances and retunes, strengthens your inner resonance, and imparts calm to the mind. 

 Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment

 Taking us more up-to-date in the field are binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones, which belong to the class of brainwave entrainment. The proposition is that the neurons in our brain communicate via electrical impulses, which form the bedrock of our thoughts and even how we behave. These electrical impulses or brainwaves pulse at different frequencies during different states. Beta for example (12 Hz – 27 Hz) is the state of mental focus and concentration. Alpha (8 Hz – 12 Hz) is the state of relaxed alertness or ‘flow’ while theta (3 Hz – 8 Hz) is associated with deep meditation or heavy relaxation and so on. 

Binaural beats is a way in which we can entrain our brainwaves to our desired states through sound. By playing different tones in each ear through headphones – for example 100 Hz in the left ear and 110 Hz in the right – our brainwaves become synced to the difference of 10 Hz, or alpha after an estimated 6 minutes. 

 The ancient Solfeggio scale

 A special scale of frequencies, known as the ancient Solfeggio scale used in Gregorian chants is also revered for its healing properties. The Solfeggio scale comprises six original frequencies that feature pure intervals between every note that are also mathematically related and better aligned with the universe’s naturally occurring patterns. In this scale, the note A4 is tuned to 444 Hz as opposed to 440 Hz, which is the common western temperament tuning standard today. One of the frequencies, 528 Hz, is called the love frequency and purportedly even supports DNA repair. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is written in 528 Hz, and is also the title of a controversial book by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.


 528 Hz, is called the love528 Hz, is called the love

While music therapy is now widely recognised as an allied health profession and ultrasound commonly administered in physiotherapy, the far-out field of sound healing still remains lacking in rigorous research, peer reviews or institutional support. Which also means to say – to each their own. For what it’s worth, sound like any other modality is a powerful vehicle that can be used for positive aims. To the begging question – do they actually work? I would think twice about throwing down thousands of dollars in the hope of a miracle cure based on good vibes, but as a conscious inner tuning practice you can purposefully utilise to serve others, sound healing has helped to create shifts in my life that have certainly led to happy and harmonious outcomes.


 by Debbie Chia

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fabriclondon Announce Sonja Moonear, Rhadoo and Many More for a Night of Minimal Heaven

fabric artwork

EC1 is promising a night of minimal bliss courtesy of Sonja Moonear, SIT and Rhadoo. fabriclondon will be welcoming the subtly sublime artists on the 27th May, and Matteo Manzini in Room One. While techno super-power Blawan will join them in Room Two.


Seasoned record collector, and queen of minimal style, Sonja Moonear will be taking over, imprinting her own signature style on the legendary club. Her refined soundscapes and cutting-edge techno vibes are sure to impress. The classically trained Swiss pioneer has carefully cultivated her style into something truly unique and innovative.




Bringing the Romanian underground sound, none other than [a:rpia:r], and Understand label figurehead, Rhadoo. A man who needs little introduction, and Meoko favourite, he’s sure to turn it up and throw in some experimental tunes. Often shrouded in mystery, this enigmatic force is going to be unmissable.



SIT’s Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia are going to be performing live, these longstanding and distinctive Romanian visionaries promise a rousing and provocative performance. There’s also Matteo Manzini to look forward to. The Damaged founder will be laying down a perfect selection for the attendees.


SIT 5cover


Room Two sees the raw-edged techno heavyweight Blawan take over proceedings. The percussion-driven avant-garde artist is sure to amaze with his unique sound.

He’s also going to be joined by Mote-Evolver’s Psyk who’ll be playing with the infamous Pro-rig system with Paula Temple making an appearance too.



To make sure you don’t miss out on an incredible bank-holiday weekend treat, get your tickets here.



Words by Georgia Evans


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Making Waves: BMC is Back for its Biggest Year

 BMC preview

 On the 27th-28th April the UK’s biggest electronic music conference and networking event will be taking place. Brighton Music Conference will be a gathering of the industry’s leading delegates for over 50 talks workshops and seminars. In addition to this, there will be some world-class artists performing at the city’s best venues.


 Hot Creations frontman and Elrow resident Patrick Topping will be headlining TAKE at The Arch, performing alongside while The Terrace will have Heptone b2b Carl with A K and Matt Ortarix, and Dan Hayes b2b Regan Bowles are taking over The Hub, with a few other great new artists lined-up too.



On the 26th, things will be kicking off with welcoming drinks. The day after, Wunderground will be back with ‘DJ Blind-Date’ planned, there’s also the PRS Networking Party at BLOCK, The Toolroom Drinks and Native Instrument’s Traktor Cookery School on the 27th.

Constant Circles Label will be holding showcases on the Thursday and Friday, at the No Walls Gallery from 11am to 7pm. They will be seamlessly tying together both music and an exhibition, making it something really special.




On the 28thHorus Music and Afrika Motion will be hosting their respective networking drinks, then there’s Wiggle’s 23rd birthday with On The House, Pioneer DJ and Kuvo. Al Duomo will see the likes of Magnus Asberg, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis and and many more take over for this unmissable event.

Then there’s Berlin Brighton at The Green Door Store, Brapp x BMC presents LEVELZ + more at Patterns, adding some more flavour to it all.




Expect to see some incredible talks from the Professional Theatre, including Save Nightlife with the NTIA, BPI Presents Piracy, and MMF Presents: What Will Management Look Like in 5 Years’ Time on Thursday 27th. Then on the Friday, Creative Law Presents-But it was only a “Cheeky” Re-edit?, there’s also Changing the Tide: How to Promote Diversity in Dance Music and many other insightful and interesting discussions.

For those who are just starting out, BMCs Academy theatre has over 15 panels and workshops lined up including DJ and producer Q&As, industry advice sessions and tech showcases from the best music schools in the UK. Toolroom Academy will also be running a series of workshops. As will Native Sessions with Native Instruments, while there is also a new dedicated networking area for Professional Ticket holders.

BMC Banner2017


With less than a month to go, it is so important to make sure you can grab a ticket before they all sell-out! To make sure you don’t miss out on the coming-together of some of the greatest electronic minds around, buy your tickets here.


Words by Georgia Evans


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Exclusive Announcement: Reconstructed II with Subb-An & Cezar


Following the monumental success of ‘Reconstructed’ with Barac and East End Dubs, Bare Essentials, and Mantra Collective are returning with the massive ‘Reconstructed II' featuring exclusive performances from Subb-an and Cezar. These heavyweights will be taking over a secret underground car park in Sydney on the 8th April for one night of incredible music.


Birmingham’s own Ashique Subhan aka Subb-an is legendary in the industry. Notorious for his collective and experimental sound, he’s been at the epicentre of the underground since his days at Rainbow, where he was picked up by founder Adam Shelton. After creating the long-running One Records with Shelton, he has continued to drive forward enticingly deep minimal house and techno sounds, most recently working with Cocoon, Cabinet Records and Beste Modus.



The second exclusive performer is Cezar, the innovative key figure in Bucharest’s underground scene. He’s sure to bring his cutting-edge energetic sound fresh from [a:rpia:r] records. The Understand label boss is sure to be inspired by the amazing underground setting around him, and the perfect blend of old and new minimal vibes.




Sydney’s finest DJs will be in attendance to support the event. Mantra Collective, Matt Weir & Jake Hough, Persian Rug, Marlie, CD. INC and Max Headroom will all be coming together to the secret location. This will all be powered by a mind-blowing FunktionOne sound system and world class lighting.

Tickets are available online, and to make sure you stay up-to-date, check out the Facebook event page.

Cezar Subban Event 


Words by Georgia Evans

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