A MEOKO Special: CONCRETE February Programme Announcement


There’s something alluring about partying on a boat, isn’t there? After all, ports and sailors have always had a reputation for debauchery and loose mores, just like dance music. A sense of danger, of escaping the norms and sharing a bond. Boats are cool. Now, a boat fitted out with two dancefloors, a tailor-made Funktion-1 sound-system and a team dedicated to bringing the best DJs and producers in the world, is very cool. And that’s what Concrete is, and much more. If you’ve ever been to the club, you know that there’s a special feeling to dancing on the Seine river, the morning sun seeping in through the main room’s shades in the wee hours of the morning. Concrete is also a roster of much-loved residents that counts historic veteran, such as Cabanne, and young up-and-comers like Sweely and Leo Pol; and a label arm which, faithful to the eclectic spirit of the club, is divided between three branches named after different hours of the night and the day.



Perhaps more importantly than anything, Concrete has come to symbolize the French scene’s vitality in the past few years, which seems light-years away from when it was declared dead and buried, dwarfing compared to London and Berlin. Whether you’re a Concrete supporter or not, it’s impossible to deny their role in shaping the current Parisian scene. The club has come a long way too, from its days as one of Paris’ few irreducible Sunday after-hours in 2011. It’s opened a second dancefloor, the Woodfloor, on its upstairs deck, and grew increasingly ambitious in its bookings, which are now a ridiculously reliable weekly occurence of “Is this even real?”.

Indeed, the boat has unveiled its full February programme, and it ain’t no exception. There’s something for everyone — and then some more. 


Opening the month on February 2 at Concrete is one of the final dates in Token’s ten-year anniversary tour, so of course it would feature Antigone — one of the club’s residents as well as one of the most prominent affiliates of the Belgian label. He’ll play alongside label-boss Kr!z, expect richly-textured cosmic techno. Ø [Phase] will continue in the same vein, although slightly more abrasive, while Neel will offer the deeper, more hypnotic vibe that can be heard on his brilliant debut for the label.


Not gonna lie, I don’t know much about Philip Jondo and Jules, who are handed command of the Woodfloor that night, but seeing they’re Salon des Amateurs regulars is enough to convince me that this one’s gonna be a trip.

The Concrete crew has always had a soft spot for minimal sounds, as can be heard from their dedicated sublabel Concrete 7AM, and their resident Cabanne’s Minibar label will host a night full of them on the 3rd, headlined by none the less than Daniel Bell. The Detroit hero came up with an idiosyncratic take on techno in the 1990s that still sounds as alien as ever more than 20 years forwards. Denis Kaznacheev and the ever-productive Ion Ludwig will provide the housier, dowsier fare, while some historic members of the Minibar roster, namely Pit Spector and N’Eric playing b2b, as well as Ultrakurt — not mentioning Cabanne himself of course — will deliver the label’s trademark take on the microhouse sound. Expect micro-styled music in all shapes and forms — blips, clicks and most importantly groove. 


The following weekend features two veterans on the Friday. Andrew Weatherall is a UK legend, a genre-defying maestro that never left the scene and never did anything like anyone else since the days of London fanzine Boy’s Own, back when acid house was just starting in the UK. Jennifer Cardini, on the other hand, is a definitive Paris local hero. I was too young for the Pulp, but the early noughties lesbian club where she was a resident remains a mythical figure for many older scenesters. Cardini shares with Weatherall an open-mindedness that goes far beyond the constraints of dance music, so expect this one to go awry any minute. Indeed, it seems to be the night’s signature, as they’ll be supported by Mozhgan, who shares such a playful approach, while Toby Nicholas and Hamish Cole can be expected to play anything from house and techno to jazzier stuff and hip-hop on the Woodfloor — where Sofiane, a member of the Rakya crew throwing some of the best minimal parties in the city, completes the bill.

On the 10th, Rebekah is playing all night long inside the boat. The Birmingham DJ might have only recently enjoyed the life of a top tier performer, but she’s actually been in the game for many years and knows how to work a room with techno bangers. MEOKO readers, though, might swarm the Woodfloor that night. Playing all night long under the Monkey Nenufar guise are Ben Vedren, one of the club’s residents, and Leiris, the Berlin-based minimalist. We’re promised both live and dj set, and if it goes as last year’s, it should be booming.   


The next Friday, the 16th, seems intriguing, as both rooms will host all-nighters again, the main one being Marcel Fengler and DJ Tennis. The former is one of the Berghain residents while the latter rose to fame with his Life & Death label’s melodic take on the genre (although he’s got more than one trick up his sleeve, since he’s never hidden his past in post-rock circles and has recently launched a label dedicated to the style, Eraclea) — so who knows what their confrontation is going to end up like. Upstairs, two local figures — Na’Sayah and Amnaye — will also play b2b.

Saturday 17th is going to be nosebleed-inducing. Powell has spent the past few years de- and re-structuring techno, EBM and post-punk into a deadly, in-your-face, witty mixture. There’s also Xhin, who I caught on the boat years ago for a memorable set, and who has since built an ever-more impressive discography stacked with hypnotic and banging tunes. But for any French person, the real hero of the night will be Manu Le Malin. The man is a hardcore French legend, one that seems to represent a certain sense of authenticity inherited from the free party scene of the 1990s. Besides Laurent Garnier, I can’t think of anyone so dear to the French scene’s heart. Nosedrip b2b Theorama sounds pretty interesting too, as the former’s Stroom label is a gold mine of demanding yet exciting music, while the latter is one of the Bordeaux scene most active members. And finally, Cuften is a Purusu affiliate already supported by Manu Le Malin.

The 23rd is for the heads. You might be drawn in by Hunee’s well-deserved reputation as a killer house DJ with a bag stacked full of party anthems. Or by Intergalactic Gary, the Dutch veteran with one of the finest ears in the world for all synth-heavy sounds, from Italo to electro. Both of them would be worth the price of entry alone but trust me, this one’s all about Eris Drew. The smartbar resident DJ in Chicago will bless the lucky crowd with her Motherbeat’s transcendental message of emancipatory and healing dance music. Check her recent RA podcast; this is raw, fun-drenched party music in its purest form. 



Indeed, healing sounds will be a constant of the night, with D.K. and Suzanne Kraft taking over the upstairs Woodfloor, promising all kinds of chilled-out vibes, from house to balearic to new age to ambient. At ease. 

Careful not to spend too much time on the Woodfloor if you also intend to go the next night, or this one might seem excruciatingly intense. The club’s resident and DEMENT3D cofounder François X is hosting some of techno’s gnarliest names on the 24th. Banging is how I’d define Dr. Rubinstein’s style, as she’s been known to seamlessly weave in acid, electro and absolutely jacking techno in her sets; while Oliver Ho will don his EBM-influenced Broken English Club moniker for a live appearance rich in odd synths and punishing grooves. Iceland’s finest export in recent years Bjarki completes the line-up. If you only know him as Nina Kraviz’s protégé or for “Wanna Go Bang”, you’re in for an (extremely good) surprise. His own productions go far crazier and wilder than the easy techno of his 2015 hit, while his bbbbbb label is just as zany — put simply, Bjarki is from this rare breed able to reconcile experimental leanings with good old dance floor fun. Don’t sleep on DEMENT3D’s other boss HBT’s set though. I once saw him rock the bowels of the neighbouring and equally infamous Batofar, and his set on the Woodfloor is not to be missed — nor is YSC’s, one of the capital’s scene most dedicated and yet unsung heroes.



Seems like Concrete’s tagline should still hold on in February: “No standing, just dancing.” If you wanna learn for yourself why Paris est une fête, see you there.


Pictures by Virgil Gesbert

Words by Pierre-Alexis Chauvin


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RPMM Festival Announce First Wave of Lineup & Stage Partners

rpmm banner

Join us in giving RPMM Festival a warm welcome to the festival circuit this summer, featuring something extra special from the MEOKO box of tricks. Our first ever festival stage. Something we have been working towards for some time, and we can safely say you will not be disappointed.

The 28th and 29th of July a true escapist experience will be taking place in one of Europe’s oldest cities, Porto (Portugal). Powered by the visions of likeminded organisers and brands who have unified to prepare a unique ocassion. Transforming the historic Alfangeda building will be Jonny TV, famously known for his work with The Chemical Brothers and The Rolling Stones. Think contemporary and expressionist heaven via the forms of art and surrealism, and you are on the right tracks.


With years of experience between them, and a variety of highly respected outlets we can also announce the fellow stage hosts. A true party vibe can be expected from the London based Half Baked, as they make the trip with us. Hailing from the Balearic island of Ibiza, are Keep on Dancing and Ibiza Voice. Two brands in their natural habitat of sunshine and partying. A bit closer to home are Lisbon organisers Musik@ll, a reputation built upon providing unexpected venues and sounds to hungry ears.


The first wave of artists in the bill are just an insight of the quality that is hidden in this surprise package from Southern Western Europe.  Pioneers and staple names amongst the scene are already revealed with the likes of RUMORS' boss Guy Gerber, and Innervisions co founder Âme bringing their melodic expressions to the board. Crosstown rebels founder Damian Lazarus will be playing a live show with Ancient Moons, a combination familiar to many party goers from around the globe. One of Detroit’s finest, Matthew Dear will also be bringing his live set up to Portugal.

rpmm lineup 11

So, there you have it. In the coming weeks and months, keep an eye out for artist announcements, and much more information from us and our partners. In the meantime, book your flights and hotel and get ready for the first instalment of RPMM Festival. 

rpmm venuee


Words by Zac Bidwell


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Preview & Announcement: UP Music Festival 2018


What are you doing for the holidays? Sure, you could go to the seaside with your friends, have a romantic getaway with your lover, or go backpacking across South East Asia. But if you’re into dance music — and, given you’re on MEOKO dot net right now, something tells me you are — you might wanna go for a festival somewhere in Europe. 

It’s not just about Ibiza anymore. Take Croatia. After collapsing during the war, the country’s economy now heavily relies on tourism, and music festivals play a large role in this. Come August and half of your Facebook feed is filled with pictures and videos of anyone from your best friends to your most random acquaintances having the time of their lives at Sonus or Dimensions, isn’t it? Hell, even your auntie probably went to a festival in Eastern Europe last summer. 

UP festival UP

And with a large majority of festival-goers claiming to prefer smaller boutique festivals, this trend has no reason to come to an end, with each festival hyping up its own assets to cater to a specific audience — not mentioning that a lot of them are ridiculously cheap for Westerners. These days, you could pretty much have a full tour of Europe just doing electronic music festivals, from the best of Romanian minimal at Sunwaves to Craig Richard’s very own Houghton in the British countryside, and from the giants that are Sonar or Dekmantel to the more intimate experience of Portugal’s Waking Life, among countless others — something for everyone indeed.


In short, cheap flights and (re)developing countries eager to attract holidaymakers make for a golden age of festival tourism. Enters UP festival, a Prague-based event running from the 11th to the 13th of May organised by local promoter Round UP. The new endeavour appears to be Czech Republic’s very first festival focusing on underground house and techno — the country’s answer to the aforementioned festivals making up the European circuit. And a solid line-up it has, with a particular emphasis on the minimal side of things

See for yourself. Ricardo Villalobos and Sonja Moonear are both present. They’re some of those tried-and-tested headliners that we’re always happy to see at such an event, and the same can be said of some of our Romanian favourites, with Barac and the combined genius of Raresh and Praslea playing as Praslesh

There’s a nice contingent representing the French scene too, with Yoyaku heavy-hitters Varhat and Janeret playing B2B, alongside Molly, whose reputation has been steadily growing — deservedly so — in the past few years, while the experienced six hands of Apollonia are sure to make us dance and dance and dance. 

But it’s also a fantastic occasion to familiarize yourself with the local scene: to name a few of them, Yan & Alfred Czital of Harmony Rec. spin all shades of dubby techno; Fatty M is a local hero that brought the likes of Derrick May and San Proper to Prague with his Kom!ks warehouse parties; em ju es aj si is into the dark Berlin techno (based in Prague) that he helped bring to Czech Republic with his Polygon parties; and Bruno Curtis is the founder of Round UP.


Here’s the current full line-up in alphabetical order:

Agustin Alvarez | Anthea | Apollonia | Ark3r | Barac | Bella Sarris | Brothers Black | Bruno Curtis | Dmitry | Eddie Mur | Ellen Alien | Em Ju Es Aj Si | Fatty M | Ion Ludwig | Janeret | Johanna Schneider | Jorgos | Luigi Tozzi | Magda | Molly | Nils Weiman | Oliver Torr | Oshana | Per Hammar | Praslesh | Ricardo Villalobos | Schwa | Sonja Moonear | Topper | Varhat | Vik | Yan & Alfred Czital 

UP 2018 lineup

And there’s more to come. The festival’s only got to its second wave of names for now.




Although it’s its main draw, there’s more to attract you to UP in the competitive field of European music festivals than its impeccable music selection. With more than 50 artists spread across 4 stages over 3 days, the nascent festival already establishes itself as one of the circuit’s big-hitters, with a +20.000 capacity. This means we can expect some fine stagecraft; indeed, the festival will be collaborating with digital media studios for audiovisual performances. Did I mention the tickets are currently 45 euros?

All this action is unfolding in Prague’s exhibition centre, a stone’s throw away from the city centre. The Czech capital, one of the most exciting destinations in Europe, is definitely part of the appeal. Prague’s history is reflected through its architecture and an insane amount of museums. If you’re going to UP, you’d be a fool not to take some time to enjoy the city itself. Its reputation as a party spot is no longer to be demonstrated, but it’s no surprise that a festival like UP would come up now, since these days you can catch some of electronic music’s most exciting names in a club like Ankali, and the city seems to have a decent amount of promoters dedicated to pushing this kind of sound. May I add three final words? Ungodly cheap beer. Wink wink.

up prague

All in all, we’re therefore quite proud to announce that MEOKO is the festival’s official media partner — minimal beats in one of Europe’s most exciting capitals? Of course we’d be in! This means you can expect some exclusive content coming on the website in the run-up to UP, so keep your eyes peeled — and in the meantime, grab your tickets here before they reach the final wave.


Words by Pierre-Alexis Chauvin


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Announcement: Berg Audio - ‘Directions’ Various Artist Compilation 2x12”


Since its birth in 2016 Berg Audio have built a reputation around meticulously chosen releases with their inspirations at the heartbeat of their outlet. A dub techno label inspired by lost monuments of the soviet era. Last year saw incredible releases from a wide of umbrella of artists such as Janeret, Diego Krause and Traumer. However, something that goes by the name of ‘Directions’ is on the horizon and it will be available to you this March.


The eight release from the label is nothing short of amazing, a 2x12” gatefold various artist compilation featuring legendary innovators of sound, and modern day spearheads of the scene. A combination of forces through the ages. Two tracks on each side of the vinyl.

Taking up the first 180g side is the opening track from Ukrainian maestro iO (Mulen) – Report, and familiar face Traumer with ‘Burning’ sure to be an untypical exploration of raw sounds as always. Stepping up on the flip side is Barac - Glossary, a touch of Romanian class added to the equation. A rare release from the artist. He is joined by one of the most consistent producers right now, East End Dubs, a man whose productions seem to go from strength to strength.



Icelandic techno icon Exos delivers C1 with ‘Ahonui’, highly respected amongst his peers for delivering atmospheric deep grooves with a forward thinking attitude. Ledgend is the flavour of the C side as Mosaic Records boss Steve O’Sullivan delivers, ‘Take it There’, undoubtedly his unique grasp of techno will sit well amongst the release. Next up is Detroit pioneer Delano Smith and for his second appearance Traumer, a combination of artists from two leases of life that is sure to end well. Taking us through to the end of the release is Idealist – Mountain Sky, if that does not sound like a perfect ending to the VA we do not know what does.

A one of a kind release like this wouldn’t become a masterpiece without the help of artwork to back up the solidarity of the sound, luckily Berlin based Juli Jah has worked her magic again with her interpretation of Poland’s ‘Hotel Forum’ located in Krakow.

So you have been warned, it is on its way. A handful of carefully selected artists from around the globe delivering their interpretations of Berg Audio.


Various Artists – « DIRECTIONS »
Catalog#: BERGAMON08
Format: Vinyl – 2X12’, Gatefold - 180G
Country: France
Released: March 2018
Style: Dub Techno / Deep Techno

A1 : iO (Mulen) - Report (Original Mix)
A2 : Traumer - Burning (Original Mix)
B1 : Barac - Glossary (Original Mix)
B2 : East End Dubs - Jade (Original Mix)
C1 : Exos - Ahonui (Original Mix)
C2 : Steve O'Sullivan - Take It There (Original Mix)
D1 : Delano Smith & Traumer - Essence (Original Mix)
D2 : Idealist - Mountain Sky (Original Mix)


Words by Zac Bidwell


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Preview: Junction 2 2018 & Junction 2 presents Tobacco Dock

J2 banner

Watch out everyone, Junction 2 has announced the full line-up for its 2018 edition with special back to backs, Adam Beyer b2b Carl Cox (World Exclusive), Dixon b2b Âme (6-hour Set) and Sonja Moonear b2b Nicolas Lutz.

The LWE event will hold its third edition on the 9th of June in Boston Manor Park — a 10-hour long event that, so far, includes the biggest names in house and techno. Fan of the melodic fare? Âme, Mind Against, Tale of Us, check. Prefer the harder, darker stuff? Nina Kraviz, Len Faki, Jay Clarke, check. There’s the King of Ibiza, Carl Cox; the Queen of minimal, Sonja Moonear; and the prodigal kid of UK dance music, Joy Orbison. And it’s particularly nice to see Nicolas Lutz on such an event. The Uruguayan digger’s been everywhere last year, as comfortable spinning obscure bangers on a festival’s main stage as at some dodgy afterhours — proving that popularity does not require compromising on quality.


Anyways, this is only the first wave of names, leaving us to wonder what else’s to come. What’s for sure is that two of the biggest structures in the game will be hosting stages. One of them is Drumcode — Adam Beyer and Dense & Pika are already announced, but expect more acts from the label. The other is Sonus Festival, the Croatian festival that seems to lure half of your Facebook friends to its idyllic shores and decadent boat parties every year. With its outrageous line-ups and top production values, no doubt the team behind the festival will come up with something special for Junction 2.


And to keep you waiting, LWE has crafted an appetizer of sorts: a day-time event on the 10th of February at Tobacco Dock that will fly to London some of the festival’s headliners along a string of other acts. Once again, it’s only big-hitters.

tobacco dock

No need to introduce Nina Kraviz anymore. Out of all the generic techno DJs out there, her name will always stick out for me, as she’s certainly the one who has made the less concessions to get to where she is. She stays faithful to her high-energy, banging mixing style that forays into the most abrasive strains of 90s techno and trance, while pushing more experimentally-inclined but no-less banging up-and-comers on her трип label. You can tell Nina is passionate, and this is infectious.


LSD, the joint project of Luke Slater, Dave Sumner (aka Function) and Steve Bicknell, would be worth the price of entry alone. From the dreamy techno he put out as The 7th Plain to the relentless sound of Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slater is a proper techno mastermind. Same could be said of Function, whose carrier embodies an entire section of techno’s history: his angsty sound brewed in the dark corners of late 90’s NYC mutated to a more hypnotic strain of techno when he relocated to Berlin as part of Sandwell District, a cult project that pioneered the currently prevailing trend for deep, mental techno. Steve Bicknell, meanwhile, is a UK underground hero whose Lost parties left an indelible mark on British techno. Their forces combined should send you on a proper mind trip.

There’s also Scuba, the head of Hotflush Recordings who has established himself as one of UK’s main tastemakers. As a matter of fact, the big room techno of Dense & Pika, who also share the bill in the Great Gallery, wouldn’t be where it’s at if it wasn’t for him. And finally, Modeselektor will also be present. The duo has been of all the main trends of the German underground in the past two decades. Whether with their wonky minimal on BPitch Control, their crossover label Monkeytown or the recently terminated 50Weapons that showcased some of the best current house and techno, these guys have always been driving forces rather than train-hoppers.


If that’s too much to handle, the artists billed in the Gallery will doubtless soothe your ears. Like Ricardo, Sonja Moonear is an Ibiza regular who’s as comfortable pushing the deeper and trippier cuts in her collection, and a definite MEOKO favourite. And that’s not mentioning our darlings, Apollonia. You know what to expect from the French trio: ridiculously pumping and bouncing beats that won’t fail to put a smile on your face, let alone to make your body move.


Not too bad, eh? Well you guessed it, there’s more to come. But you can already grab your tickets for the Tobacco Dock event here, and those for the festival there, before they reach the final phases.


Words by Pierre-Alexis Chauvin


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