Breaking: Fabric Will Be Reopening

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Breaking: Fabric will reopen. 

Fabric nightclub will reopen following it's lengthy dispute with Islington Council. 

The club had its licence revoked in September and since them has raised over £300,000 to pay for legal fees, in an attempt to appeal the decision. Today, Fabric and Islington Council have agreed a set of conditions under which the club can reopen.

Fabric will need to pay for Islington’s costs but this will not come from their crowdfunding, says judge. In addition to this, under 19s will be banned, there will be constant CCTV monitoring, ID scanners and a lifetime ban for anyone asking for drugs.

This deal is based on 32 new licence conditions set out in a 155 page document on new procedures that was submitted to the council.

Judge Robin McPhee has finalised the decision, saying: "I am satisfied that the council and Fabric pulled together to get a set of workable conditions to prevent drug use and supply future."

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Flare Audio ISOLATE® - Revolutionary Ear Protectors

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Flare Audio are bursting through the market with their revolutionary PA systems, rivalling the big players like Funktion-One, Martin Audio and Void. You might have heard of them by now and if you haven’t then maybe their new product will grab your attention. It’s not a speaker, in fact, quite the opposite... Protective earplugs! However, Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® are not like other earplugs you may have come across in the past. Typically, earplugs are fluorescent yellow or orange and stick a fair bit out your ear whilst not really delivering an all-round great experience. The music sounds unevenly muffled, your eardrums significantly feel the lower frequencies, and there’s always the one that decides to take a trip out of your ear onto the dancefloor, annoying the most patient of venue goers. ISOLATE® have gone in a different direction to that of the current industry standards and have come out with a product that actually sets out to accomplish what it’s designed to do!

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 The founder and innovator of Flare Audio, Davies Roberts, took the problem upon himself to correct what everyone else in the industry was doing, apparently using plastic, silicone and foam is not the best sound insulation. Roberts describes how those kinds of materials resonate their own sound so you’re pretty much listening to the foam muffling the music and the plastic resonating against it. They also fail to block lower frequencies and you’re left with, in the words of Davies, “a world of booming bass and sub-sonic pressure”. Which actually sounds pretty awesome if we aren’t aware of how unpleasant and damaging those things can be. His solution was to isolate a small piece of metal in soft foam that fits neatly into your ear, by doing this, sound waves can’t penetrate due to the composition of air, and it becomes a super effective isolator, who knew!


There are plenty of earplug products that have hit the market recently, from the standard foam plugs to battery powered devices and even some bizarre playdough-like wax material which I had some real trouble with… messy. But Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® are simple to use and that’s really grabbed my attention. It’s as easy as plug and play or I guess in this case, plug and muffle. The foam is size-adjustable and replaceable for when the material wares, but the coolest part is probably how it comes in a wide selection of colours including two special editions: gold plated or platinum plated. They’ve also done well to reach out to professionals by introducing the ISOLATE® PRO, which use titanium instead of aluminium; this way it maximises isolation and can also withstand serious abuse. 

Flare Audio have really gone the extra mile to make sure they produce a quality product with huge significance in the music industry. An example of this is how they use an aerospace certified supplier to manufacture the metal components which give a quality look and feel far superior to most competitors. A piece of aerospace manufactured titanium inside your ear, pretty damn cool! This sort of thing has been long overdue, there is a significant problem in venues with distorted PA systems at high volumes that leaves a lot of us coming home with ringing in our ears. That is direct ear damage, no escaping it, and even if you try you’d most likely end up with something half decent. We should all agree that music should be amazing to experience and safe to listen to, and if need be, the option to isolate ourselves from noise that is harmful or annoying. In the words of Davies Roberts “hearing is an incredibly important sense that should be cherished and respected”, let’s take that to heart.


To be in a chance of winning one of these kits, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "protect my ears"as the subject heading.


Words by  Alexander Fetokaki

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The Importance of a Good Sound Engineer

SEn Banner

A performing artist or DJ can only be as good as the sound that is coming out of the speakers. This makes the sound engineer a critical entity to any event one might experience. For all of us familiar with going to see our favourite artists, the thought of a sound engineer is somewhat mystified or perhaps non-existent. As we are all well aware, the performer is responsible for entertaining the audience, but what's not mentioned is the sound engineer and their task of setting up and operating PA systems. Whether it be a system engineer or live sound engineer, both have an immense importance in how a venue sounds.

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These sound wizards make sure our ears aren't going to explode and that the overall power and volume give the performer full capability whilst keeping a crisp listening experience. They help keep the sound as consistent as possible whilst trying to accommodate as much of it as possible so we can all enjoy those bangers and we all know there is nothing worse than a track you like being brought in but for some reason the kick sounds like a wooden spoon on a saucepan or there's a crackling coming out of the left speaker hitting away at your eardrum.



The importance of the effects of sound on our ears should be taken into account here. We love house and techno music and their exhausting number of subgenres, but what we fail to take into account is that the venues that tend to play our beloved music could also potentially fall short in delivering a safe sound. You know that ringing in your ears after a night out? Well that is damage caused by long exposure at high volumes.

Read; Tinnitus: the last thing you want to hear...HERE 

SE 06

One of London's sound engineers who was part of the charity party 'Dance For Humanity', Lorenzo Stucchi Prinetti, had more to say on the issue.

Unfortunately most people, when talking about dance music, want a really high volume...which to me reflects the way individuals approach a party. They want to escape and let loose especially after a week of hard work.​”

A perspective that couldn't be more true today, the volume in techno events is a crucial aspect to enjoying the experience. “When I go to a party my main interest is to listen to the music and be able to enjoy it for what it is, without any distortion.” Except maybe some bunker techno where distortion can be a major aspect.


Ainsley Adams, a double Latin Grammy winning sound engineer now living in Berlin, had a more technical response.

If we're talking about avoiding any kind of hearing damage, the ideal volume would depend on how long the listener is continuously exposed to loud music. So for 97dB, you’ve got about 30 minutes before some kind of damage occurs. This also depends on the quality of the sound system and the the frequency content of the music. High frequencies are what you need to watch out for because that is what we’re more sensitive to. The key to safe clubbing in terms of hearing is wear earplugs; don’t stand too close to the speakers; and take breaks.''

The sound engineer and performer should clearly have a strong understanding with one another in terms of what is going to be played. Which prompts the question, how close should the relationship between a live performing artist and their live sound engineer be? According to Lorenzo,

The communication between the artist and their sound engineer is very important, but many times it's not sufficient, doesn't take place at all or worse, DJs just don't listen to a sound engineer's advice because they don't care. ​Red lining is also an issue, in my experience 9 out of 10 DJs do not care about red lights and distortions, which is partly due to PA systems not being able to accommodate a sufficient power level for the size of the venue.

SE 04

Drawing upon his experience at 'Dance for Humanity', Lorenzo states how he had to make adjustments on the levels of the crossover when Craig Richards and San Proper started to play after Unai Trotti, Geddes and Voigtmann because of the different kind of music that was played that day. “These are the little things that make the difference to me if we want a good sound from start to end.

“Very Important!” according to Ainsley, upon being asked the same question.

The engineer needs to understand the artist's music and their sound very well. Everything the engineer does is to make the music sound better... Performances need to have a few 'venue rehearsals' before the sound engineer can fully grasp how to deal with it.

​It seems that more needs to be done to ensure all of this takes place, awareness is one thing but technical ability and application is another. The current situation is poor and things should be done to improve the conditions so we can all make it to sixty and still be able to hear! Of course there are some obstacles to overcome and the music community needs to do more to inform themselves and each other of just how much damage is caused.

Ainsley continues, “At the end of the day you can't tell people what to do, especially with club music, people really want to feel the vibrations of loud pumping bass, it's part of the experience and it's fun. The problem is a lot of people don't realise what they are doing to themselves until it is too late. Our ears can recover from a night out, but if we go too far, hearing damage becomes permanent.”

​All too true and quite eerie! Lorenzo believes the acoustics of a venue deserve a lot more attention than is already given,

I definitely think that there should be a better collaboration between promoters, owners and sound engineers to make the right choices; and it's worth to invest more on the acoustics of the room and a good sound system rather than decorations, lighting and video which have an immediate effect on the crowd. Finally, the sound engineer needs to be good and passionate about what they are doing so they will always try to get the best out of it.

I think we can all agree that there is a gap in the understanding and more efforts should be made to minimise the issue, we can do more to enjoy loud music without the expense of our hearing. It's madness, let's stop it. 


 Words by Alexander Fetokaki 


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MEOKO's Haunted Halloween Guru


With Halloween just around the corner we’ve realised there are a terrifying amount of gruesomely good parties on in London. But do not fear! As we embark on to the scariest time of the year MEOKO’s Haunted Halloween Guru is here to “help” with all of your raving requirements, from warehouse parties to Sunday afters we’ve got it covered. Because lets be deadly serious, no one wants to be left outside in the queue for a party they’ve only just found out about dressed as an extra from the Zombie Apocalypse, or worst still left standing on a street corner in the early hours wondering “Where’s the after party?” 

Friday - 28.10.16

Regression Sessions presents Circus of Horrors @ Great Suffolk St Warehouse

Subb-an / Adam Shelton

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Set to be a Halloween party like no other, Regression Sessions transforms South London’s Great Suffolk Street Warehouse into a circus of your deepest and darkest nightmares. Headlined by One Records label boss’ Subb-an and Adam Shelton the night will not disappoint. 

When: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: £30 / £20 bf 10.30pm 

Buy tickets here


The Pickle Factory - Halloween Special @ The Pickle Factory

Night Moves (Jane Fitz and Jade Seatle) / Steevio (LIVE) / The Ghost

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Night Moves (Jane Fitz & Jade Seatle) headline a Halloween special at the Pickle Factory with spooky support from Freerotation founder Steevio who will treat you to a live modular set. To top off the night the duo behind the Berlin record shop The Ghost will be making their UK debut. Without a doubt not one to miss. 

When: 22:00–8:00 

Tickets: SOLD OUT - Tickets available OTD from 10pm


Trapped LDN Showcase @ The Bridge

Dubsons / Mihigh / Zefzeed / Rhys Samson

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Time to get trapped in the music, Trapped LDN delivers an all Romanian line up in celebration of their second label showcase. 

When: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: £10

Buy tickets here


Saturday - 29.10.16

Art of Dark - Halloween Theatre @ The Troxy

Praslesh - Extended Set (Raresh B2B Praslea) / Colin Chiddle 

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Art of Dark returns to the Troxy theatre for a spooktacular night with the Romanians. Praslesh will hit the decks for a night of haunted beats paired with dark visuals by Coté it’s guaranteed to be a Halloween treat. 

Time: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: SOLD OUT / 500 Tickets on the door


Drumcode After Dark @ Studio Spaces

Adam Beyer / Marcel Fengler / Alan Fitzpatrick / Stacey Pullen / Julia Govor / Sam Pafanini

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As the witching hour falls upon us here’s one for the techno lovers, quite possibly one of the biggest dates in the techno calendar Drumcode Halloween serves up Halloween After Dark for the vampy night time ravers. 

When: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: £25 + bf

Tickets available here


Half Baked - Halloween @ Bar Number 90 

John Dimas / Leo Pol (LIVE) / Greg Brockman / Sam Bangura 


Said to be a night of haunted house music, Half Baked hosts a Halloween Party by the eerie canal side with an oh so tasty line up.

When: 23:00–6:00

Tickets: Final release £20.00 + £2.40 bf

Buy tickets here 


Sunday - 30.10.16

FUSE - Halloween Rave @ Village Underground

Dyed Soundorom / Enzo Siragusa / Rossko 

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Sunday = Fuse it’s a no brainer, the boys return this Halloween to do what they do best with support from the one and only Dyed Soundorum. For a sinister Sunday session of musical delights, head down to Village Underground for daytime party to remember. 

Time: 14.00-1.00

 Tickets: Guestlist only

Subscribe to the guestlist here 


Cartulis Sunday VA (Various Anonymous) @ The Pickle Factory

Guess Who.... 

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Cartulis returns for an deadly intimate affair in the Pickle Factory, with an anonymous line up it’s a matter of he who dares. Happy Cartulis Day (Mwahaha) 

When: 23:00–6:00

Tickets: RA Limited £8 entry / Concession £10 / £12 OTD

Buy tickets here


After Parties

Art of Dark - Halloween Afer Party @ The Bridge

Priku / Junki Inoue / Quest / Christian Ab

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When: 06:00–14:00 (30.10.15)

Tickets: £10 + bf 

Buy tickets here


United We Stand @ TBC 

Jacob Husley / Carlos Ryan / Ted Amber / Jnr Windross / Leroy Robers 

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When: 06:00–14:00 (30.10.16)

Tickets: £12 OTD / £7 after 12pm


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10 Obscure Events You Didn't Know Were Happening At ADE

 ADEv2.1 2The week has finally arrived for Amsterdam Dance Event, thousands of DJ’s, producers, agents, managers and music lovers make the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam for Europe’s highly regarded music conference. Kicking off October 19th we have put together a guide of 10 alternative events that perhaps you hadn’t thought about. Take a break from the meetings and parties and check out these hidden gems. You can thank us later. 


10. ADE DJ Cook Off

Where: Keizer Culinair | Elandsstraat 169, Amsterdam

When: 19/10 18:00-20:00

Quite possibly a personal favourite from us, tasty food served up by some of the best names in the business. What’s not to love? Back for the 6th edition having discovered that quite a few DJs know their way around a kitchen just as well as they do the booth, ADE will host the annual ADE DJ Cook Off. Hosted in a the culinary school – Keizer Culinair Kölsch (defending champion), DJ Sa, Ellen Allien, Eats Everything and Lauren Lo Sung will battle it out for the ADE Cook Off crown. Judged by Dave Clarke, Paul Oakenfold and Seth Troxler it’s sure to be a tasty affair.


9. The Art of Banksy

Where: Beurs van Berlage

When: 20/10 10:00 – 18:00

Extended due to high demand the Art of Banksy exhibition in Beurs van Berlage showcases the street artists work through a series of original paintings, oil canvases and sculptures. Interactive story telling guides you thought landmarks in the artists career making the collection the most valuable in the world.


8. Vinyl Rascals

Where: Felix Meritis – F10 Panel Room

When: 22/10 17:00-17:45

Something for the vinyl lovers, Vinyl Rascals brings together a panel of DJs who are mad about vinyl. Discussing reasons why DJs will only play on vinyl and what it is that makes many of them lug numerous records (up to 20kg) around on a daily basis, all for the love of the wax. Guests on the night will also be sharing some of their favourite records and stories about their love for all things vinyl.

Vinyl-Records 0

7.  Urban Art NOW presents: Street Art & Culture-Jamming Tour

Where: Felix Meritis

When: 21/10 15:00-17:00

Regarded as one of the most creative hotspots of Europe it would only be right to check out some of Amsterdam’s highly regarded cultural spaces, almeries and museums. Through an extensive walking tour Amsterdam’s street art organisation Urban Art NOW will show you some hidden cultural gems. Let by Urban Art Now subculture experts you can be sure to see some of the best street art the city has to offer.


6. ADE Sound Lab presents: Fields and Frequencies (Installation)

Where: Hotel Droog

When: 19/10 10:00-19:00

Experience a sound installation that that generates an array of spectacular colour. Fields of Frequencies is a three-dimensional light and sound installation presenting sounds composed by New York Composer and DJ Joaquin Claussell, which echos a colour frequency created through light by artist Lidy Six. The installation will be free and run during Hotel Droogs opening hours. Paired with spectacular LED lighting and Omniwave-system this installation really is a magical feast for the senses.

Glowing electric lights in Deepawali

5. NEO

Where: Compagnietheatre | Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam

When: 20/10 12:00-19:00

Always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument but just didn’t have the time? Look no further, NEO is the musical instrument that everyone ad anyone can play. NEO is a digital instrument that works by placing marbles on a grid to create glorious sound hosted by a circular censor. An additional collection of sensory modules next to the instruments base make their own sound and/or influence other sounds.  Even though NEO is purely digital it breaks the rules by allowing your touch to influence all sound. Just play!

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4. Denim City  

Where: Denim City | Hannie Dankbaarpassage 22, Amsterdam

When: 21/10 10:00-19:00

In celebration of the 2016 edition of ADE the craftsmen at Denim City have designed and created something quite special.  Made from premium fabric carrying the ADE colours of black and gold this special edition garment was created especially for the collaboration with Candiani, a worldwide leader in the demin world. Ironically Denims City’s current director is a former DJ and a huge fan of electronic dance music who is a frequent visitor to ADE. Created, as a stage to showcase innovation and craftsmanship Denim City will satisfy the denim lover in all of us.


3. Comedy Café Amsterdam Presents: ADE Comedy & Music, With The Best Comedians and The Best Upcoming International DJs

Where: Comedy Café | IJdock 89, Amsterdam

When: 22/10 22:00-23:00

Presenting comedy and dance music Comedy Café Amsterdam and IND3MAND bring you an experience that let’s you laugh and dance. The special event, which has been put on specially for ADE will see jokes about the dance scene, brought to you by top comedians. Prior to the comedy show upcoming international DJs from IND3MAND Artist & Management will treat you to musical journey. Prepare to party (and laugh) the night away!


2. De School Presents: The RA Cup Charity Football Tournament

Where: De School | Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, Amsterdam

When: 20/10 10:30-17:00

Something for the football lovers out there, for this year’s ADE De School has joined forces with Resident Advisor to host a 5-a-side football tournament in aid of charity. The first edition of the RA cup will take place in De Schools gymnasium with eight teams battling for the cup. Confirmed teams being RA, De School, Dekmantel, Rush Hour, Numbers, 10,000 Hours and The All Stars, which will feature Dixon. All proceeds from the event will go to Help Refugees, an organisation that supports charities and local groups which aid vulnerable people trying to reach Europe in hope of seeking refuge. Get down to see some of the biggest names in the industry battle it out for the RA cup title.


1.The VR Cinema presents: ADE X Virtual Reality

Where: The VR Cinema

When: 22/10 12:00-22:00

Providing you with something that will treat the senses, ADE showcases what is really possible when the music industry snd virtual reality are combined. Set to be a music lovers dream, enabling you to join a worldwide DJ perform in front of a crowd of fans or take the stage in a performance of a life time. With virtual reality content specially selected by ADE in the VR cinema any thing is possible. 


Amsterdam Dance Event - 19th to 22nd October

Words: Mahala Ashley




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