Swedish Festival Into the Valley Announces Six New Festivals

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After what has been two successful years for the Swedish festival Into The Valley truly spreads it wings to host festivals further afield. The electronic music festival will now host not only one festival in Sweden but also a further five internationally; today we are happy to reveal the first three. Through the festivals much anticipated expansion the Into the Valley organisers hope to forge an international link to showcase new music and innovative art. In addition to this its organiser’s aim to not only contribute to Swedish cultural exports but to also build on closer collaborations within the electronic music landscape internationally. 

Its safe to say that the last two years have been a huge success for the Swedish festival attracting festival goers from as far as Asia and the US as well as being listed as a top festival by popular magazines such as The Guardian, Condé Nast, Jetsetter, Elle, Vogue, Huffington Post and National Geographic to name a few.

Watch ITV 2016 Highlights: Sonja Moonear b2b Raresh


“Into The Valley festival managed to draw some of the most wanted DJs of the moment, as well as music lovers from around the globe, deep into the heart of the Swedish forest.”

“Into the Valley, a two-day celebration of cutting-edge electronic music”

“The limestone quarry transforms into a stew of deep electronics and artificially created light.”

Making its debut in 2015 against a breath-taking backdrop that was the Swedish forest of Dalhalla (Rättvik), the festival hosted a cutting edge line up. Ben Klock, Carl Craig, John Talabot, Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet and Dixon where amongst the many heavy weights to grace the line up.  The lime stone quarry in which the festival is situated separated it from any other festival in the world, with its natural acoustics and beautiful scenery. Making a huge impression on the electronic dance circuit after its debut this year saw a second instalment of the festival, which proved that the festival was here to stay. Hosting names such as Riccardo Villalobos, Raresh, ZIP, Jeff Mills, Nastia, Ellen Alien and Sonja Moonear this years line up was a treat for any electronic music lover.


Into the Valley – Estonia 29th June to 1st July 2017

For its third year taking place on 29th June to 1st July 2017, Into the Valley will undergo a major development in the form of a venue change. Due to the festivals growth and its ambition to be ever evolving for ITV organiser’s this seemed like the right time to change. The festival will be moving from Dalhalla (Rättvik) to its new home in Rummu in Estonia.  Remaining true to the festivals original quarry surroundings the third instalment of the festival will take place in Rummu’s magical limestone quarry, which we later learnt was also the site of an abandoned prison. Rummus picturesque surroundings of clear crystal waters and white sand beach add to its mystical charm, making it a prime location.


Into the Factory – Sweden 10th to 12th August 2017

For the second new festival announcement the ITV team move to Nynashamn just outside of Stockholm to host Into the Factory. The festival will take place 10th until 12th August 2017 on a site called Stora Vika. Stora Vika is an old abandoned cement factory (hence the name) with is situated close to a stream in the middle of a forest. Set against an industrial landscape paired with rustic features, Into the Factory looks to be something very special set in the middle of nature.

Into the Castle – South Africa 26th to 27th January 2018

The final festival announcement (for now) comes in the form of Into the Castle, taking place 26th to 27th January 2018. Into the Castle will be located in Cape Town in the Castle of Good Hope. Quite possibly the most exciting destination, Cape Town is a vibrant and multicultural city with an ever growing electronic music scene. In its prime for a forward thinking festival Into the Castle is sure to be a huge success. The castle itself is an XVIIth century star fort built by the Dutch East India Company, which is steeped in history being the oldest existing colonial building in Cape Town.

“By choosing South Africa as the next location we come closer to a whole new crowd and have the opportunity to capture a new audience with the same passion for music.”


The last three festivals will be announced at a later date to complete the six part festival development being hosted in Southern Europe, Asia and South America. Organised by Music Goes Further, which is lead by Into the Valley founder and entrepreneur Mattias Hedlund, this step is in reaction to a need for more intimate boutique festivals in an ever-growing international club crowd. Music Goes Further plans to do just that and along the way will build and develop its international connections to put on an array of unique festivals that are available for all.

Watch this space.

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A MEOKO Exclusive - Enrico Mantini


Renowned internationally as one of the founders of the deep house movement, Enrico Mantini has spent over 20 years in the thick of the music industry. 1990 marked the year Mantini made his industry debut having since had his productions appear on highly regarded labels such as UMM and Smooth Sounds. As well as consistently releasing quality house music Mantini built up his international reputation by playing at some of Europe’s most prestigious venues such as Tresor, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Space and Concrete to name but a few. As the years have passed Mantini's artistry as a both a DJ and producer has gone from strength to strength with the Italian maestro remaining true to his deep house roots.


Most recently Mantini has released on UK based label Half Baked Records and Veniceberg Records (Italy) with releases such as 'Together EP' (Veniceberg Records) and ‘Needin U’ (Half Baked Records) both offerings carry Mantini's signature sound with soulful vocals paired with a fat bouncy groove that’s rough around the edges. The Miles Stones EP, which we recently reviewed, is his forthcoming release out now on Down Da Mountains which showcases Mantini's releases from 2012-2014 personally selected by the man himself. 





Today you can find Mantini spinning records at infamous parties in both the UK and across Europe such as Half Baked, Paradox (UK) and Loud (Spain). With over 20 releases since he came onto the scene in the early 90’s Mantini continues harness his creativity through his productions, which are supported by heavyweights across the house music landscape. Currently spending the majority of his time in his hard wear only studio it is evident that Enrico Mantini is a name you will be seeing on many more taste making imprints.

pic05Despite his busy schedule the man himself has treated MEOKO to an exclusive mix, which you can listen to via our official SoundCloud page. Showcasing Martini’s signature deep house sound this exclusive mix really is something special. Enjoy.


Words: Mahala Ashley

MORE: Enrico Mantini


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GOING AHEAD - Protest to Save London's Nightlife Community / Details Confirmed

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The sudden closure of London's most prolific clubbing venue has sparked a wave of unity across London's nightlife community and beyond. MEOKO has been working hard to unite spirits during this difficult time and has managed to set a peaceful protest in place in hopes to save and protect our culture. Having attracted over 3,000 attendees since the group was set up on Facebook at the beginning of the month, it's clear this is something that many of us are passionate about. After weeks of preparation we can now happily unveil details of the march which will take place October 8th. 

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The protest will begin at Hoxton Square at 1.00pm where protesters will gather, please arrive in fancy dress and bring as many props, musical instruments, placards, mega phones as you can find. We want the emphasis of this protest to be unity and positivity.  Once congregated we will leave Hoxton Square and begin the march which will take us to London Fields for around 4pm. Upon arrival at London Fields there will be a selection of guest speakers, including Alan D Miller from the NTIA, from 4.30pm with a 7pm finish.  




START - 27 Hoxton Square, London N1, UK  


  • Head south on Hoxton Square                                    


  • Turn left to stay on Hoxton Square                             


  • Turn right onto Hoxton St  


  • Turn right onto Old St/A5201  


  • Turn left onto Curtain Rd/A1202  


  • Turn left onto Great Eastern St/A1202  


  • Slight left onto Holywell Ln  


  • Turn left onto Shoreditch High St/A10  


  • Turn right onto Hackney Rd/A1208  


  • Turn right onto Columbia Rd/B118  (To be confirmed due to possible road works on Columbia Road) 


  • Continue to follow Columbia Rd - Go through 1 roundabout  (To be confirmed due to possible road works on Columbia Road) 

  • Turn right at Hackney Rd/A1208  


  • Continue onto Goldsmiths Row  


  • Continue onto Pritchard's Rd  


  • Turn right onto Andrews Rd  


  • Turn left onto Sheep Ln  


  • Turn left onto Westgate St  


  • Turn right toward London Fields West Side  


  • Turn left toward London Fields West Side  


  • Turn right toward London Fields West Side  


  • Continue onto London Fields West Side  


FINISH London Fields West Side (Opposite London Fields Lido), London E8, UK 


 Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 12.57.09


  • Please keep to the pavements at all times as any obstruction of traffic goes against our permissions and license. 

  • Please be peaceful at ALL times, we are representing Nightlife and our community so please set a great example,

  • Under no circumstances is any bad behavior welcomed or tolerated

  • Please do not litter. 

  • Express yourself in the form of creative expression. 

  • We encourage as many LIVE Facebook feeds as possible! 

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VOLUNTEERS: We need stewards at the march to help out along the route and to ensure we abide to the rules above and oversee public saftely. If you want to get inolved please email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There will be many events taking place after, there is one particular event that we will be heading over too which is fabric meets Studio 338 at the newly opened The Bridge Club headlined by Levon Vincent with support from Trevor Jackson, Saoirse + Special guests to be announced. For full information please follow the below links. This is a non-profit event and all proceedings will be split between both venues.





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The Bridge: Save the Night: Official After for nightlife Demo 8th October

Whilst the promoters were of course delighted to have Levon here at The Bridge so early on in our story, it didn't seem right to us for this to be a 'for profit' party given that he was originally due to play at fabric on this date. It is at times like this when you realise just how close the music community is especially at bringing together everyone from all parts of the globe. It really is truly magical to see.

So after the team at Studio 338 spoke with the fabric family they decided this was a great chance to stand together to support our respective causes and indeed London's night life as a whole cause, this is what we truely are, we are a community ...

Therefore ALL ticket and door money will be split between the fund to reopen fabric and that to repair our fire damaged Studio 338.

Happily, the date also coincides with the save nightlife demonstration which  MEOKO has been working very hard on  to unite our spirits at this difficult time. This party will make a great ending to an important day for all of us that wish to save and protect our culture. 
"Because our culture made us who we are."
We are all different and our culture reflects this. 
However we all have one thing in common, each and everyone of us wouldn’t be who we are today without the clubs, the bars, the art galleries, the festivals, the concerts, the raves, the venues and the parties.

We need to protect the sacred place  we gather in, where we feel alive and where we fall in love. The places where we release our energy and give us the motivation to go back to work on Mondays. The places where we come together as a whole and as a community. The places where we get inspired and the places where we can create.

Alongside Levon we have some extremely exciting talent on show. Full line up is here:

Levon Vincent 
Trevor Jackson 

+ Special guests 


We would encourage you all to follow these links and continue to show the incredible support we have all been so grateful for over the past few weeks:

Protest to save nightlife by Meoko:

Save fabric fund:

Re-open 338:





This Summer has seen our way of life facing some serious threats but together we will overcome. Unity and Community! Always! 


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MEOKO joins forces with other industry promoters and clubbers to form a peaceful protest


U.N.I.T.Y A strong message to the powers that be… You shall never take away our liberty!

The countdown has begun.  The word is that next week prestigious nightclub fabric along with a strong alliance from Night time Industries Association the will put the wheels in motion to head a fundraiser which will assist with the legal cost to fight the appeal against the clubs licence revocation and help keep the club afloat whilst it remains closed.


Club co founder Keith Reilly has already begun to spread the word to the over the airwaves inhonest and informative ‘no flies on me’interview yesterday with DJ Giles Peterson for Worldwide FM. Keith’s message to the masses was crystal clear, “If we don’t stand up for ourselves we will be persecuted”. Cameron Leslie, also co founder of fabric was able to able to convert Iain’s Dale’s views regarding the closure of fabric during his interview with LBC.

During the licensing hearing at Islington Town hall on Tuesday 6th September 2016all involved put forward cogent arguments that tore the evidence put to them by Islington councils board into shreds already proving that fabric will most certainly hang operation ‘Lenor’ dirty laundry out to airdry in the wind.


Night Time Industries Association have already declared their intention to support the cause and has been reported to have said it will donate £10,000 to kick start fabric’s fund raiser.  They will assemble a team the best of experts that money can buy to bring to the party to win.  NTIA Chairman Alan Miller gave a candid television interview with London Live about personal liability proving that this is not an I (you) but a we issue in our society also highlighting the duty of care that club owners do provide for its patriots especially in a world-renowned club such as fabric. 

Deputy chairman Alexander Proud of the NTIA and CEO of Proud Camden has also been very vocal, he has vowed to defend the against the constant persecution that threatens the UK’s nightlife culture and has posted an article written for the Independent for his Facebook and twitter followers read urging them to seek the truth.


fabric has 21 days to appeal to Islington council’s farce decision to rob us of our beloved statuary. Over 150,000 were signatures collected so in theory if everyone that has sighed the petition is willing to donated £5 that is £750,000!  The estimated cost of Fabric’s legal appeal is £500,000,food for thought folks… Create, donate and participate!

For information of how you can help head over to

MEOKO created a protest which has joined forces with other industry promoters and clubbers to form a peaceful protest, PROTEST TO SAVE LONDON'S NIGHTLIFE COMMUINITY 


Read more about the close of fabric on MEOKO

Words by Tiffany Allen


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