MEOKO joins forces with other industry promoters and clubbers to form a peaceful protest


U.N.I.T.Y A strong message to the powers that be… You shall never take away our liberty!

The countdown has begun.  The word is that next week prestigious nightclub fabric along with a strong alliance from Night time Industries Association the will put the wheels in motion to head a fundraiser which will assist with the legal cost to fight the appeal against the clubs licence revocation and help keep the club afloat whilst it remains closed.


Club co founder Keith Reilly has already begun to spread the word to the over the airwaves inhonest and informative ‘no flies on me’interview yesterday with DJ Giles Peterson for Worldwide FM. Keith’s message to the masses was crystal clear, “If we don’t stand up for ourselves we will be persecuted”. Cameron Leslie, also co founder of fabric was able to able to convert Iain’s Dale’s views regarding the closure of fabric during his interview with LBC.

During the licensing hearing at Islington Town hall on Tuesday 6th September 2016all involved put forward cogent arguments that tore the evidence put to them by Islington councils board into shreds already proving that fabric will most certainly hang operation ‘Lenor’ dirty laundry out to airdry in the wind.


Night Time Industries Association have already declared their intention to support the cause and has been reported to have said it will donate £10,000 to kick start fabric’s fund raiser.  They will assemble a team the best of experts that money can buy to bring to the party to win.  NTIA Chairman Alan Miller gave a candid television interview with London Live about personal liability proving that this is not an I (you) but a we issue in our society also highlighting the duty of care that club owners do provide for its patriots especially in a world-renowned club such as fabric. 

Deputy chairman Alexander Proud of the NTIA and CEO of Proud Camden has also been very vocal, he has vowed to defend the against the constant persecution that threatens the UK’s nightlife culture and has posted an article written for the Independent for his Facebook and twitter followers read urging them to seek the truth.


fabric has 21 days to appeal to Islington council’s farce decision to rob us of our beloved statuary. Over 150,000 were signatures collected so in theory if everyone that has sighed the petition is willing to donated £5 that is £750,000!  The estimated cost of Fabric’s legal appeal is £500,000,food for thought folks… Create, donate and participate!

For information of how you can help head over to

MEOKO created a protest which has joined forces with other industry promoters and clubbers to form a peaceful protest, PROTEST TO SAVE LONDON'S NIGHTLIFE COMMUINITY 


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Words by Tiffany Allen