Art Of Dark Preview - 01/10/16 Zip, DJ Masda and Colin Chiddle


It is too nobody’s surprise that Art of Dark are having such a fantastic year, throwing parties in major cities such as Moscow, Berlin, Barcelona, and they made a trip over to Ibiza in June. But as the seasons change, after an extremely busy summer, it is great to see they are returning to what they call their ‘favourite basement’. The intimate, MangleE8 (formerly known as The Laundry E8) is located in London Fields, known for its high quality sound and dark atmosphere, it seems more than fitting for the special treat they have in store for you. 


This Saturday sees the return of the legendary, ZIP as he takes you on an extended journey through his diverse and special collection of sounds. Whether he has you swaying to his deep, looping minimal records, or his early morning groovers that you simply won’t hear anywhere else, you know this will be a special occasion. It’s not often we are blessed with a visit from the Perlon main man, so you must take advantage when you can.

Talking of eclectic artists and flawless selectors, DJ Masda will be taking the reins on the night controlling the East London basement with his curious outlook on all varieties of house and technoThe Cabaret  recordings co-founder is known for having no limits when it comes to his label and on the dance floor, always pushing for a unique vibe. And of course they will be joined by one of the most consistent DJ’s in not just London but in the UK. Art of Dark resident Colin Chiddle will be showing his versatility as he always does, when stepping up with the world class artists they bring in time and time again.


As most of you probably know the fun never stops there. Sunday morning, a new face in town, TBA, will play host to the after party. Nothing has been released yet, and probably won’t be till the day, but we can reassure you it will be nothing short of amazing.




Words By: Zac

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The Lessizmore 10 Years ‘Forever Never More’ Review


Upon their tenth year Lessizmore have released [LesIzmo:r] 10 Years 'Forever Never More' a compilation that is nothing short of amazing. Expertly put together in a well thought out three part release the track selection represents the labels ten-year journey, showcasing artists the label has both collaborated and had at events over the years. From humble beginnings in the notorious Parisian club Le Triptyque to Brussels legendary Fuse, the labels sound has developed and evolved since it laid down roots in 2006. This journey is translated effortlessly through the well thought out compilation, which label owners Jessica Bossuyt and Fuse resident Pierre Noisiez have pieced together, communicating the labels creative vision which has grown over the last decade.  


LIM12 - Lessizmore 10 Years #1 

For the first EP Birdsmakingmachine delivers F for Flasas a moody stripped back track that has a somewhat eerie feeling to it with a deep warm base line. Deadbeat follows suit in the form of a futuristic dubby techno beat with robotic vocals interwoven into a rolling drumbeat. For the last track Lessizmore new signing Louis McGuire serves up Buffeting Tuft, a dark minimal industrial track which transports you to the underground clubs of Berlin. LIM12 is a strong first installment to the three part release celebrating the labels 10 year journey.  



LIM13 - Lessizmore 10 Years #2 

First up on the A side Borrowed Identity's Cambio is a Chicago style house track featuring a crisp vocal sample with sprinkles of percussion. Continuing this theme on the A side San Proper follows suit with Hand Break Turn, groovy and laid back with a rolling bongo beat both tracks compliment each other showcasing the labels house offerings. Hypnotic, cool and just a bit sexy, Dave Aju interweaves a laid back vocal which nods to his American roots. Last on the B side and a sure hit on the release Frivolous showcases his production style in the form of Little Devils, featuring a Bad Boys sample which works harmoniously with the tracks layered melody. The second instalment of this three part masterpiece is a hands in the air upbeat crowd mover.  



LIM14 - Lessizmore 10 Years #3 

The final EP completes the three part release on a high. Starting off with a personal favourite of mine, the one and only Steve O’Sullivan. UK techno veteran and Mosaic founder, O’Sullivans rolling tribal rhythm Over and Over washes over you like a hypnotic wave. Fernando Constantini completes the A side with an upbeat groove, blended with a soulful vocal sample you can’t help but move to. Slower on the B side clean cut beats entwined with ambient soundscape Mike Shannon delivers Talking About. Clovis closes the LIM14 with a beautiful melodic track that is fluid with splashes of strings and piano. The third instalment is a real gem, representing the sheer variety that the label has to offer.  



This three part release is a credit to the label and showcases all of its strengths by encompassing the quality of the talent and events hosted over the past decade in Europe and beyond. You should purchase the complete collection, something tells me this is just the beginning.  

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Words: Mahala Ashley  

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Single Review: Cab Drivers - Correspondence

CAB DRIVERSblackwhite

And they’ve done it again, Cab Drivers 'Correspondence' release proves that the Berlin duo, Zky & Daniel Paul, know exactly how to deliver music that can move a crowd with ease. Throw in a strong remix from Audio Werner and you have a powerful release.   

Consistency is no doubt one of the key elements to Cab Drivers success, having perfected a unique sound that DJs worldwide hold in high regard. With the perfect combination of rolling melody and dubby groove, Cab Drivers releases continue to move dancefloors. The duos 20 years in the business is evident thought the numerous 12" they have released on their label Cabinet Records. Founded in 1995 the Berlin label has since collaborated with projects such Honesty, Compass and Horse Shoe to deliver distinctive and well received releases.  


The 'Correspondence' release follows this trend and proves that Cab Drivers two decades of active production has pushed them to the forefront of the underground music scene. A solid house track that's full of energy 'Correspondence' carries a Chicago House groove that is a hands in the air crowd pleaser. Featuring an underlying melody interwoven with skippy hi-hats this relase just makes you want to dance. 


For the remix Audio Werner teams up with Cab Drivers for his second Cabinet Records release. Werner puts his stamp on the remix delivering something quite different from the original. Ambient and stripped back; if side A is for the main event this is definitely for the after party. A real journey track that carries you through fluid transitions teamed with splashes of percussion, making Werner's style apparent throughout.  

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this release which you will undoubtedly be hearing on a dancefloor soon.  

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Words: Mahala Ashley 

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Feelings Summer Féte - Day& Night

Feeelings Artwork

Our friends over at Feelings are celebrating their 2nd anniversary this Saturday 10th September 2016 with an all-day party just in time for the close of summer. 

In true Feelings style they have worked have to produce a stellar line up with 3 stages of music featuring some of the finest pioneers of house music such as Joe Clausell, Mike Dunn, Alfredo, Kon, Mark E, Dan Beaumont, Kasra V, The Menendez Brothers, Noama, Cosmic Tom and many more at the beautiful east locations which will feature a fun fair, independent label market, craft beer, taste bud tingling street food. 

Themes from two years of parties of unparalleled parties at Feelings Summer Fétemusical feast will be calved out into three distinctive zones.

Joining forces with leading music connoisseurs Ransom Note and Stamp The Wax, the Main Stage House zone will be headlined by Body & Soul stalwart Joe Clausell as well as a set from Mark E and Mike Dunn; the Chicago house innovator that headlined Feeling’s road-block first birthday. Further sets will come from Feelings family Kasra V, as well as The Menendez Brothers, FYI Chris, Dimensions Soundsystem and Ransom Note DJs, Helter Skelter and DJ Office Manager.

The Disco zone takes the form of Feelings Summer Féte’s bumper cars, at the centre of a fun-fair dance floor with a vibe-laden sound track provided by Kon, Dan Beaumont playing an exclusive Italo set, Cosmic Slop’s Cosmic Tom, SistaSista and Digby plus Feelings residents Gustav, Brian Summers & DJ Karl Karlson.

Over in the Balearic zone, seminal White Isle scenester Alfredo heads-up a program of sun-soaked sounds with an eclectic mix of Ibiza inspired productions and world music from African Shakedown’sNoema, ThrisTian, Glowing Palms, Apiento, Napper and Stamp The Wax’s Aaron L & Yoshi.

Excited much…. Yes you are!

Part 1: Day - 2PM - MIDNIGHT 
Red Open Air Market - Shoreditch
288 Old St, London EC1V 9LA

Part 2: Night - 10PM - 6AM 
Oval Space - Shoreditch E2 
29-32 The Oval, London E2 9DT

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Words by Tiffany Allen


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EP Review: ECH001_Nathan Øye_The Weirding Module


The beginning of something special! The weirding module is the debut EP on Echoes_ Musique, carefully created by co-founder Nathan Øye, and contains a solid remix from Club Der Visionaere resident Topper.

For just over a year now the Echoes_ team have been throwing some incredible label showcases at the famous Fuse, in Brussels. Over time they have built up a solid reputation of delving in to the dark depths of the more minimal side of techno, pulling in artists such as Nu Zau, Dan Andrei, and SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia). Born and raised in Belgium, and now based in Berlin, Nathan Øye is known for his diversity and ability to experiment but still produce such high quality goods. This definitely reflects in his club nights, and judging by the first release, this will continue to shine through with the label.

The master record of the three track EP ‘The Weirding Module’ is a melodic journey guaranteed to have the dancefloor in a trance. Taking up the whole A side at nearly thirteen minutes long, the perfectly weaved euphoric percussions, will have you swaying at the after party. Throughout, there is a mysterious feel, but at the same time your mind is relaxed as you allow Øye to open up your mind, hypnotising you with his combination of abstract sounds.

It is fitting that the Echoes_ crew called on Topper for the remix as he played at their first ever party at Fuse last year, and as always he has brought his unique sound to the table. The Berlin based maestro has done a great job of picking out elements of the original track, but added his dark but groovy wobbly basslines, to create the more upbeat track out of the three. ‘Fremen’ rounds off the EP perfectly, still continuing with the mysterious theme, but the bouncy and curious sounds, definitely get you shaking your head.

The minimal feel from start to finish is captured perfectly, composed and arranged so smoothly. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Echoes_ family, whether it is on their home turf at Fuse, or on the production front. To find the right answers, MEOKO caught up with the founder of Echoes_ , Nathan Øye;


Echoes_ is just over a year old now, how did it all start for you? How did you know Fuse is the place for you?

First time I went to Fuse was 2004, it was a resident night, and I think I still have the t-shirt somewhere . So it’s kinda been the pillar in my electronic music education back then, and that made me want to get into dj’ing in the first place.

So after many years now in the scene in Brussels, playing and organizing a lot of events, starting a record label kinda was the next step I wanted to do. And Fuse just was the best place for us to set up camp being it has been with us since the beginning. Like culturally speaking I mean. And also there’s just no other place that feels as much like home you know. :)

What made you start the record label? Was it always the plan? And why now?

It has been on my mind for many years. I actually co-started some other labels before but felt like I needed a place where we could express our deepest and truest side of the music we love.

As to why now... Because I found the right person to do it with. Olivia has been the most supportive person in my life. She just understands... So I found the love of my life and we’re starting a music label.

Your night is associated with such a high quality of artists and you are clearly a fan of Topper as he played at your first night, and has made a remix on your debut EP. Will we be seeing releases from other artists who play at the label showcases?

I guess it’s still a surprise, but of course the ideology behind Echoes_ is also to create a certain family feeling which will define the sound of the label as it has been doing so far for the events.

The quality of production on this EP is incredible, must be so exciting to have your first release on your own label. What did you use in the studio to create it?

It truly is super exciting! Also because it will be my first solo release and with Topper, whom I respect so much on remix duty, I couldn’t be happier!

There were actually 2 stages to the creating process. I use a really basic setup and originally taught myself to produce only with Ableton. It’s only since I moved to Berlin that I started to invest in the more analog side of things. And the release reflects those two approaches really well I think.

“The weirding module” was made after one of our Echoes_ parties in Brussels. It was basically done in one big session... And since my studio’s in Berlin the track was made solely in Ableton using samples from the machines back at home for the drums, but besides that, most of it are actual Ableton Live instruments. Aside from the FX plug ins I used. I basically recorded the whole track on the Behringer headphones and just took it back to Berlin, re-arranged a little and mixed it down in the studio.

The process for Fremen was quite similar. I was looking for a B-side and I had this drum / bass loop going for some days and then a friend dropped of his Nord Lead synth and everything kinda clued together at that point. I basically used the same drum machine I sampled from for “the weirding module” which is the TR-8, a Nord Lead 2, TB-3, JU-06, JP-08 and Ableton for fx processing, recording, and mixing.

Is there anything else you can enlighten us on, about Echoes_ Musique?

Well, I can tell you that the second and third release are getting ready and that Echoes_ will cross borders to host nights not only in Brussels but also in Berlin and other cities across Europe soon.


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Words by: Zac Bidwell

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