EP Review: MOSCOW019 Roustam&TolgaFidan – The Berlin Sessions Vol.1

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The Berlin Sessions Vol.1 is the 19th release from London based label Moscow Records, known for their ability to pull in top international artists who like to explore life on the alternative side of the electronic music world. It is always refreshing to see a new duo form and friends enjoying some productive studio time and this is exactly the case with Russian artist Roustam and tasteful selector Tolga Fidan. Two minds from completely different corners of the world, both with great experiences to share, joining forces in the fantastic city of Berlin. A representation of the much loved city, as they interpret their feelings when amongst life there. The chemistry is clear with these two, as they turn their bright ideas in to some moving after hours material. Between them they have delved in to all strains of sound.




Dance floor bomb ‘Brodsky Beat’ is the upbeat track of the three, its lively swinging percussions have you gripped, accompanied by a crisp bass wobble that really does the trick. Instantly grasping the attention of everyone in the room. Also on the A side ‘The Omega Variant’ dabbles in the much more mysterious side of things, suspicious breaks, and obscure broken sounds carry the glitchy track, leaving the listener in a trance. Certainly, dark and deep thoughts from the new found combination. On the flip side, the whole of B is taken up by a 14 minute journey, perfect for warming up a set, or winding things down, creating a sense of ease, and relaxation. A laid back track, opens up your mind, definitely a thinker. There is something so natural about the arrangement of the record, original bliss.


The fact this is Vol. 1 means there will be more to come from where this unique series has begun. Clever productions as two worlds collide. Both artists carry such a passion for abstracts sounds so there were never any doubts this would be anything but magic.

- Release date: November 18th -

 Words by Zac

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Preview : VBX with Raresh + Spokenn (Ferro & Reiss)

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10th December sees VBX take over one of Amsterdam’s hottest new nightclubs, Shelter. This unmissable night will include music from one of house music’s most beloved DJs, Raresh along with Spokenn, the collaborative team of Ferro and Reiss.

After Vrijbuiters remerged as VBX four years ago, they’ve become unstoppable in their aim to broaden their vision. This night is no exception. Bringing together some of techno’s greatest talents, they are driving the idea of bringing people together and share an unconditional love of dance music. They’ve collaborated with HYTE, Slapfunk Records, FUSE London and 510k Berlin, and drawn success form past events such as HYTE ADE X FRRC which featured sets from the likes of Sonja Moonear, Steve Rachmad, Craig Richards and the legendary Ricardo Villalobos.

Shelter Ams

Villalobos’s own protégée, Raresh is billed to headline. Since djing in local discotheques in his hometown of Bacău at 15, over time he has established himself as one of Romania’s most favourite and exciting talents, firmly placed at the forefront of a global house and techno scene. Known for his enjoyment of playing with filters, fader tricks and breakdowns, he has created an individual sound that never fails to surprise audiences. Unrestricted in his vision, he’s said his inspiration can come from anywhere, and has expressed a love for jazz, classical music and UK techno, once stating that one of the most life-changing tracks he’s heard was Wulf n’ Bear’s ‘Rapture of the Deep’.  He continues to work on his own label, [a: rpia: r] which he set up in 2007 with Rhadoo and Pedro, the success of which has made him, undeniably, one of the scene’s most beloved DJs.



Joining him on the bill is Amsterdam’s own Spokenn, the collaborative effort of Ferro and Reiss. After featuring in MEOKO’s mix 227, it is clear that Ferro’s ability to mix old, analogue machines and new ones has helped him to develop his own, provocative groove. He’ll be working with Reiss, who will bring his surprising idiosyncrasities and delicate rhythmical flow, developed through his work with his label Dialegestai Music. Together, they’ll definitely create a spectacle not to be missed.


Not to forget, the venue. Since it’s opening during ADE, Shelter has proved to be one of Amsterdam’s most exciting new locations. Situated below street-level on the IJ Riverbank, it has a 700-person capacity, a 24 hour licence and a Funktion-One sound system to blow the minds of its’ beloved patrons. With an aim to curate sounds from the vanguard of dance music, this club really has design, experience and sound quality in mind.

This combination of line-up, location and atmosphere ensures that the night will be nothing other than sensational;

FB Event  /  Tickets on RA



Ferrro MixC

Words by Georgia Balch 

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EP Review: RUERE003 Faster – M.O.D (inc. Rhadoo remix)

Ruere - Faster Banner

After two exceptional releases ‘Presiune’ and ‘Amprente’ on his very own imprint Ruere, it is now time for creative magician Faster to present to you the third release on the special label. Recent times have seen an explosion of music flooding from Romania, despite this, Faster continues to make his mark and prove his production is of the highest standard. Support from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, [a:rpia;r], and Barac, shows the kind of well-deserved reputation he has built. There are no constraints with this release, a natural and innovative sound taking you on a journey, of inspiration.




M.O.D’ is a the lead track of the EP. An array of textures, weaved with dreamy loops that take full control, lifting you away, but the subtle and light bassline keep your feet on the ground, carrying you through the dream that has been so perfectly arranged. Grabbing hold of these silk like elements and flowing them so smoothly with his signature punchy percussions there is an extra special remix from Rhadoo. Something truly magical within itself. Liquid like sound, making obscure movements from start to finish keeping you on your toes.




There is always something so special engraved deep within Fasters sound, creating a vision and unique soundscape for the listener, feeding all of your senses in one wholesome feel. This is certainly a milestone for the artist and label, but we are sure there is plenty more to follow. 


Preorder the upcoming RUERE003

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Review: Fuse 8th Anniversary Tour at Hoppetosse/Berlin

Fuse8Hopp Banner

Fuse turned 8! And to celebrate this worthwhile moment, the London event stroke label which has already transcended several venues and boundaries,travels to eight cities around Europe with the whole crew, amongst them Naples, Basel, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Berlin – to be followed by London –, to celebrate its eight incredible years of existence. The tour, aptly named „FUSE8“, did not only excite with its wholistic concept and approach— to tour around showcasing their amazing sounds and vibes—but also served to further position FUSE as an international player of eclectic renombre and musical weight.

Unstoppable and on a roll, the entity cropped up at Berlin's renowned Hoppetosse on Oct 28. Hoppetosse, possibly the most partied-out boat in recent history, is Club der Visionäre's winter hideaway. Most international crowds and crews anchor in its vicinity, as, with its cosy and laid back vibes and its long standing existence is a firm fixture for good events. And to be honest, its capability to actually attract international crowds who know the difference between rip-off and real thing has saved the boat's integrity more than once in this ever-renewing cosmic dance of self innovation Berlin as a city has gone through in the last twenty years.


This explains the huge amount of sexy young people who had come from remote corners of this planet to partake in Fuse's b-day celebs. Whilst most of them did not seem to know or care who was playing, it became very obvious that a greater deal of people knew too well. My fears— that a whole bunch of lager louds would be taking over the boat with laddish attitudes and beer-bellied debauchery–did not become reality and just shows how little I know about FUSE's capability to, ehem, fuse musical underground tendencies with great party vibes and draw a perfect crowd no matter where.




BUT I did know about some of the label's artists and producers who would all be present to showcase their indivitual yet collective vibes and sounds. It would be FUSE founder Enzo Siragusa, of course, with some of his longest-standing colleagues and fresh talent, for example Seb Zito, Archie Hamilton, Rossko and Rich NxT, who would be joined by Ben Rau, the German-Ghanaen FUSE artist who moved to Berlin in 2012, as well as new label signing Fabe from Mannheim.




It was especially emotional for me and many who joined to see Fabe stepping up to the challenge and delivering a thriving and promising warm-up to what would become a very long night (and day). Fabe, all fresh faced, looked very much in his element, when I spotted him behind the decks at around 2 am. The party was in full swing, and hearing a lot of new and to be released material from him and his colleague Ho Do Ri, who is also running the label Sukhumvit (yes, it is all a big ploy – he also wore the label's shirt for a safe bit of promotion) was quite emotional for me, as I know how hard it is to break into an industry, and how much hard work goes into making these casually battered out grooves that seem to work so effortlessly. Check out his newest release and you will hear what I mean.

Fabe is such a symphatetic guy who does not seem to need to succumb to the temptation to need or want something that is not intrinsically him, so this is a nice little bow to those who just get on with it and stay on the carpet, as we say J in Germany. His solid delivery of slightly garagy, shuffled and syncopated tunage that turned the full floor into a sweat bath made us receed to the back of the boat where we could not see the huddling entourages and steady on networking going on to the booth, but concentrated on some fine party activities just to shed our cascading body liquids. Well.




When Archie Hamilton and Rossko came on, it was actually contributing to a slight overload of frequency as those two lads really racked it up a notch. It might be down to the whole atmosphere of hotness and a room filled with expectation and exitation, but they managed to take the excitement to the next level and hold it up, despite a slightly heavy use of EQing which went a little through the roof. Enzo and Seb Zito went techier, and Rich NxT delivered a worthy end some time around 3 pm the next day. What a ride.


I am glad berlin is home for so many talented artists and harbours so many crews from around the world so somehow, whether they actively strive to do it or not, contribute to the richness of its palettes of sound. Whether it be artists from the British isles, the South of Germany or people from other walks of life: we are all here experiencing, in real time, a great modifiction and shift. Sometimes ist popularization, and professionalisation, but when it goes hand in hand with real musical renovation and innovation, and growth within the scene, it is the most beautiful. I am excited to see how we will all keep growing and what will make us special.

Words and review: kat Kat tat 



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1.10 NAPLES - Deependence presents FUSE8 @ Living - Enzo Siragusa /Seb Zito

7.10 Basel - Nordstern - Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito

8.10 LEEDS - System presents FUSE @ Mint Club  - Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rich NxT 

21.10  Amsterdam - FUSE with HYTE at ADE  - Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rossko / Archie Hamilton / Ferro

28.10 Berlin - Hoppetosse - Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rossko / Archie Hamilton / Rich NxT /  Fabe / Ben Rau

3.11 Paris - Rex Club - Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Archie Hamilton

5.11  Rome - Nozoo presents FUSE8 @ Goa Club - Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito

20.11 London - Village Underground -  Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rossko / Archie Hamilton / Rich NXT / Dan Farserelli and more TBA


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A Meoko Exclusive: Christian Burkhardt – Nonstop (CBS007LP) Review

CB Banner22

After nearly twenty years of high quality productions, Djing and performing mind blowing live sets all over the world it is so great to see that native German, Christian Burkhardt is showing no signs of slowing down, always proving his pleasure in producing. Over the years he has created a curious catalogue delving deep in to all corners of the house and techno world, releasing on the likes of Cocoon, Oslo, Raum…Musik, Pressure traxx really proves his diversity and his ability to stretch his sound to the limits. However their can not be a much better feeling then solidly releasing on your own imprint, CB Sessions has been running for two years and is all recorded in Christian’s home studio whilst jamming and getting creative with close friends. A strong belief of capturing the moment and getting it instantly recorded.

22nd November sees the release of the ‘Nonstop LP’ an eight track LP taking you on a journey through sound, full to the brim with warm and charming grooves, ready for all kinds of dancefloor situations. Smooth as a summers day, the opening track ‘Nonstop’ is a funky number to say the least, with a fantastic guitar driving the track, maintaining a light and happy level from start to finish, setting the mood for what is in store. Similar to the opening track, ‘Enough’ has deep jazz influences, a more upbeat tempo.As it ripples through the dancefloor it will have you moving, without a doubt. A real adventure, laced with a constant rolling groove. Maintaining that feel good vibe when teaming up with long term friend Sascha Dive in ‘Fine Line’ fresh vocals creating a sense of ease, accompanied by a bouncing bassline to keep your head nodding.




Def’ and ‘Elector’ are two of the more obscure tracks, packed full with a spaced out break sound. ‘Def’ definitely the steadier of the two, perfect for slowing down mid set, creating a deep thought over the crowd, a real crunch when the kick swings in. ‘Elector’ is a pure, and raw driven track, at peak time this would do some serious damage having the audience in a daze, taking them higher and higher, a real retro feel when it breaks free. Dreamy percussions, ready to uplift you and take you on a trip, weaved perfectly to a mechanical sound in ‘Dontstop’ would go down a treat in a big room and warehouse environment. 

Christian Burkhardt Nonstop-Atrwork

The final two tracks of the LP are both perfect for the end of the night, or to create that after party vibe; but are completely different in their own right. ‘Bananas’ is a fun record, carried by euphoric melodies getting those hands in the air, as the fast paced bass keeps you on your toes, winding down from the events of the night. However, if you fancy something more dark then opt for ‘Fallin w/ Daniel Roth’. The clue is in the name. This eerie and mysterious track feels as if the floor is opened up beneath you, as you wonder what the tripped out vocals are calling out to you.

CB Pic1

As always there is nothing simple about the sound Burkhardt has curated for us here, proving the intelligence within his music. A real look inside his studio, where anything is possible with his friends, twisting sounds and arranging them in a complex manner, creating sounds for all occasions.

Get your Christian Burkhardt – Nonstop (CBS007LP) on bandcamp

CB Mix Cover

Words by Zac

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