EP Review: [HUND003] Dubfluss & Phatool - DubTool Ep inc. Fabe & Alci Remix


[HUND003] Dubfluss&Phatool – DubTool EP inc.Fabe& ALCI Remix

When a group of likeminded people come together to share ideas, concepts and experiences it is inevitable that something magical will come of this, and this is exactly what has happened with HUND, an underground music movement from Vicenza, Italy. After five amazing years of high quality parties, inviting artists of all calibres and varieties, this family leads the way when it comes to clubbing in this corner of the world. A real sense of a tightknit community. To celebrate this five-year milestone, luckily for us, they decided to launch HUND Records, a vinyl label, releasing music they believe in from a combination of residents and friends further afield. Serving up a reflection of the sound portrayed at their famous parties. After two huge releases already from Fuse head Rich NxT (including a rather nice remix from Faster) and up and coming producer Jerome. C, the time has come for the third release, and take it from us no half measures have been taken.


DubTool Ep’ is a solid four tracks, showing the capabilities and drive the team has behind the label. Dynamic duo Dubfluss team up with fellow resident and co-founder of the movement Phatool for a smooth blend of the house, dub and techno they are familiar with. ‘DubTool 1’ has a significant darker feel to it in comparison to the rest of the Ep. Driven by atmospheric pads, in to a moody break down preparing to be blown away again by the force of the bass coming from deep within the track. On remix duty for this track is one of the hottest producers at the moment, Fabe. It is in indeed the Mannheim maestros first solo remix release, which makes it even more special. The Salty Nuts label owner has laid down his eclectic swinging grooves tipping this track on its head, keeping it as organic as ever with his glitchy percussions, weaved perfectly with broken down vocals. Leaving you with no choice but to dance.


For us ‘DubTool 2’ is where you can really see the chemistry between the HUND familia, as Dubfluss and Phatool take you on a dancefloor trip, leaving you with no doubts that it would crunch through a club soundsystem perfectly. A true example of what these guys are about.


Now they couldn’t just leave it there. Yet again you have the pleasure of another killer remix, this time young Swiss based artist ALCI has arranged a bouncy number, with a liquid smooth arrangement, and to no surprise huge bassline similar to previous releases on top labels Robsoul and Apollonia. Great mid set track to take the atmosphere up a notch.


Although a few weeks remain till the release, over the summer there has been some fantastic support for this release with the likes of tINI, Chris Carrier, Brett Jacobs, Terrence Terry, Yaya, David Gtronic and many more, all giving it a go. HUND records has picked up some high profile attention over the year, and it only makes us more excited for future work and releases from this community of underground lovers.



Release Date: 7th November

Upcoming Events: Saturday 19th Nov, HUND w/ DJ Tennis &Bassa Clan @ Gilda Music Hall, Vicenza; FB Event

Words by Zac

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Julian Perez - SOLEMNITY (Review)

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Founded in 2012, Ibiza based imprint Fathers & Sons has always been a label that takes time, care and attention to release quality music. Never rushing a release, Fathers & Sons play by their own rules and have produced a catalogue which echo’s the labels vision to release music from the heart. The labels message is clear “that we are in all this together, that we can learn and care from the fathers to the sons and vice versa”, an ethos which is hard to find amongst other labels within the electronic music scene. This is why is it with great sadness that Solemnity (FAS012), from founder Julian Perez, will be the labels final release. Having decided that the projects creative journey must now come to an end the Fathers & Sons label boss has chosen to close this chapter and move onto projects new. Through doing this Perez hopes to stay true to the ever growing ideas which have developed since starting the label four years ago. After what will now be the twelfth release on the imprint, which represents creativity and freedom of musical expression, Solemnity perfectly signifies the labels final chapter.


The two-part vinyl release marks Julian Perez’s debut album on his Fathers and Sons imprint. Solemnity communicates Perez’s signature sound and showcases his more experimental side through a track list that represents total musical expression. Tracks such as Ain’t That The Truth, Interfluide and Peace In The Darkness are glorious soundscapes of beautifully produced sound, which take the listener on an ambient journey. To juxtapose this Perez delivers The Unspoken Thing, Unusual Sense and Alog, upbeat driving tracks that you can expect to hear on the dance floor. The release itself communicates Perez’s years of dedication and skilful artistry and in essence showcases the purpose of the Fathers and Sons project. Solemnity should be listened to completely from start to finish as words cannot do it enough justice. Although this marks the end of an era for the Fathers and Sons label, it does in fact act as a reminder of Perez’s deep-rooted talent and how much more the Spanish producer has to give. As said by the man himself, “This is not a goodbye but a see you soon! The music keeps on playing….”

Julian Perez 5125 bn

Words: Mahala Ashley

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The OdD Effect

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It’s always a pleasure when the OdD boys are in full swing, always coming up with fresh sounds and unique ideas, keeping it natural for your pleasure. Whether they are producing EP’s for the likes of Infuse, releasing tracks on one of their high quality labels, or even providing a platform for fellow producers, one thing is for certain that they will always bring their huge sound they are known for. Recent times have seen two fantastic releases on the London based duos sub labels Urgent and Tapes of Old.

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The popular Tapes of Old series is a delve inside the depths of the OdD locker, providing you with some hidden, and more funky treasures that have never surfaced until now. Their love for music is so clear so it is great to see some of the tracks that were lost over time be released on wax to finally be appreciated. Second release of the series is a three track EP made for a club sound system. ‘Phono Parrot’ is a slick track driving forward with a wobbling bassline, complimented by a classic vocal that sucks you in. A great way to kick start the mission in to the vaults of their sound. As you glide in to the sweet sounds of ‘Original Sqiqqle’ you are caught under their spell thanks to whooshing percussions, guaranteed to have the dance floor in a daze. Your mind is levelled out with some steady drums, whilst your being taken on a trip. This is extra special as it is the original template of their massive track on OdD 005, a trip down memory lane. The last track of the EP ‘Spud Bm 7: B5’ is guaranteed to have you dancing. A real dreamy atmosphere is created as the melodic sounds take grasp of you, before you are joined by a bouncy groove you immediately feel in the hips. Floaty breaks give you the rest bite needed before you go again. This has such a great concept behind it and you can really feel the connection knowing its timeless music from the past.


Urgent 003 curated by Deego Fresh is a mysterious white label record consisting of four tracks all brilliant in their own right. There is an immediate sense of curiosity as the tracks are named Splice 1,2,3 and 4. Leaving it down to the listener’s imagination. Number 1 is made up of clever patterns weaved together by a funky tribal like beat, a driving break down with some tight drum sounds prepare you for lift off again. ‘Splice 2’ has an old school sound to it, a constant rolling movement accompanied by a variation of trippy broken sounds. Sounds unreal on a big system. A bit more serious is ‘Splice 3’ (drexciyan technique) not too heavy but a steady acid like bassline takes over your mind, the edge taken off by classic heavenly percussions. Could definitely take this with you to the after party. The last track takes characteristic elements from Deego’s productions and lays them down in one exciting sound, certainly a dancefloor bomb. All in all a fantastic release again from Urgent, consistency is key, and these guys are always doing what they do best.


Familiar faces amongst the underground scene for years now, they are showing no signs of slowing down. It seems as if there is an unlimited number of tricks up their sleeve. OdD 006 is on its way to your ears very soon, ‘Stroboscope’ due out early next year, believe it or not 005 was released March 2015. You can be certain the boys have been cooking up a storm for this one, preparing something amazing. As well as new sounds, OdD seem to have a back catalogue that anyone would be proud of so keep an eye out for plenty more chapters of the Tapes of Old story, as they bring to you their signature sound. Treat yourself, and feel the OdD effect.

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Purchase: Urgent 003

Purchase: Tapes of Old 2

Words: Zac Bidwell



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Culoe De Song - Watergate 21: Review


It is rare that a compilation is referred to as beautiful, however Culoe De Songs Watergate 21 is just that. Following the highly regarded twentieth installment of the mix series from Mathias Mayer, Watergate has remained consistent when choosing a successor for the twenty first installment. The South African native has forged an international name for himself over the last ten years, having come a long way since his first release on Black Coffees compilation ‘Have Another One’ in 2007. For Culoe De Song 100 Zulu Warriors, which was his offering on the compilation, fundamentally marked the beginning for him in South Africa’s musical circle.


Staying true to his South African roots and his unique tribal house sound, Culoe has since released well received tracks on Innversions, Mule Musiq and his own label De Song Music which he established as an outlet to showcase his own music last year. The 18 track LP Washa was the first to come out of De Song Music and similarly to Watergate 21 showcases Culoes musical heritage.

No stranger to Watergate having made his debut in 2014, Culoe has skillfully encompassed elements from his sets at the notorious Berlin nightclub via this 15 track compilation. Expertly mixed Culoe puts his stamp on the compilation through his own unheard exclusive tracks with additional offerings from heavyweights such as &ME, Boddhi Satva, Guti and Em ExDead Man's Walk marks the opening of the compilation, a steady journey track which builds beautifully as the track develops with added dolphin like samples which nod towards to releases artwork. Equally as strong Aftermath and Juice communicate Culoe's roots through sounds of the homeland.

Culoe Press Photo 5

Expertly mixed tribal rhythms, pulsing percussion and heartfelt vocals transport the listener on a journey washing over you like a warm South African breeze. Although its contributors each hold their unique sound with every track on the compilation, Culoe expertly transitions from one track to the next with ease. Watergate 21 is a glorious soundscape of uplifting tribal house with splashes of ambient melody whereby Culoe De Song is your guide making his unique artistic talents apparent throughout.

Culoe Press Photo 7

Culoe De Song Watergate 21 will relese on November 18th, 2016

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Words: Mahala Ashley

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LP Review: Livio & Roby – Phantom Circle LP (Desolat) & Interview

Livio Roby

Celebrating ten years of Livio & Roby – Phantom Circle LP (Desolat)

Ten years ago in the depths of Romania, a duo was born. Unknown to the world, the two of them probably did not realise that they would spend the majority of that time at the forefront of the Romanian & worldwide house and techno scene. Always creating a contagious vibe and sound, with their dreamy percussions and groovy basslines, they maintain the high quality associated with their country, but push it to boundaries beyond the imagination. The last decade has seen them work with some incredible labels, Julian Perez’s Father & Sons Productions, Dutch Label Memoria Recordings and some amazing records on Cecille Numbers back in 2009 (highly recommend checking out) just to name a few.

Working closely with the renowned Desolat throughout their time, it seems fitting that they have chosen this label to celebrate this huge milestone. ‘Phantom Circle’ is a 3 x 12”, eleven track LP, curated by the duo and ten top artists in the electronic scene. As always with Livio & Roby, there is more to this than meets the eye, a deeper concept with much more meaning. Over time the music market has become so intense, with new material coming from all angles, meaning the focus of what you are actually hearing is lost as you think about the artists and labels related to the track. So with this, expect the unexpected, an anonymous track listing highlights the true purpose of what they are trying to achieve forcing you to appreciate the production and feel the magic of their creations.



Luckily for you we can reveal the legion of incredible talent that has been called in to celebrate their ten years. However, it will remain unknown who the ‘Phantom’ collaborator is on each track . Meaning the listener will find a more natural love for the music, rather than simply following the artist involved, Prepare yourself. The heavyweight line up consists of tINI, Enzo Siragusa, Guti, Martin Buttrich, Hector, Julian Perez, Ryan Crosson, Cesar Merveille, Andrea Oliva & Premiesku. There are no doubts that each of these artists were carefully selected, as they all bring their own traits and influences to the table, perfectly blending with the infectious Livio & Roby sound. Due to this well thought out approach each track is as unique as the next, and special in their own right, inspired by the experiences and knowledge of each producer.

There seems to be something so special about this release, and fills us with excitement for what they have in store for the future. There are no signs of them slowing down as they make this mark in their career, keeping it as natural as ever. Here’s to another ten years.

First of all, we love the ideas and concept behind the LP. It must of taken such a long time and a lot of hard work to bring this together. What made you come up with the ‘Phantom’ approach? And How long has this been in the making?

First, we just thought about making an album couple of years ago and we never found the right moment to start. The Phantom Circle concept came back in 2014 when the whole idea of making a collaboration album came and we got really excited about it.  Still, even though we hook up lots of talented friends to participate in this project, in the end, we came up with the concept of hiding the names, to leave space for a little bit of mystery and let the music speak for itself. We want to give the auditor the space to intercept the music as it is, and not be influenced by names.

You have teamed up with such an incredible bunch of artists to celebrate your ten years, what made you choose the artists involved? Is there anyone you enjoyed working with the most?

We chose our close friends, the people from our “circle” of course. We have known them since we started and had a bond from the beginning. There is something about the comfort of creating with someone that you feel serene with. Its an intimate moment and needs a special vibe, that’s why, in order to create something special, you need a halo in that particular juncture and this you get really easily with your close friends.



You clearly enjoy collaborating with other artists. What is it you like about it so much? What is different in the studio?

The whole idea was somehow inspired by the Premiesku work flow and jams. But of course, in all our traveling we had the chance to meet people and make music together, we like the team work, it’s interesting and at the end of the day it’s a game of trust and this makes it more intricate and beautiful.

What made you choose Desolat for your milestone release?

Desolat has always supported our releases. They trusted us from the early stages and stood there when we came with conceptual ideas. They are our long-term partner, we put our first record out there in 2009. But also, a good amount of the artists that we collaborated with are Desolat artists, so it makes sense.

We always like to ask at least one question about equipment and technology, what’s your favourite/most used items in the studio?

All machines are special but in this case we would easily say Buchla or ARP2600. Now, if we think more in depth there are some soldiers that stand there and they participate on all the tracks, these are the Studer mixers that are so beautiful and silky sounding. 

Ten years is an incredible amount of time to be at the top of your game. Is there any particular highlights or favourite moments for either of you?

We guess being first-timer in different situations, playing or signing records. 

Any plans for the future you can enlighten us on?

We have loads of plans, some of the plans we can reveal, some not.  There is North American tour that follows later this month, really excited about that. We started producing new music with a slightly different approach, so we have to finish that. There could also be some label plans involved. 

Thank you for doing what you do.
Thank you for your time.

Release Dates:
12 inch – September 26th
Digital – October 14th


Words by Zac

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