Review: Luciano's Birthday Bash at Hoppetosse


Buena onda means good mood in South America and in such good mood I was entering Boom'n'Bust Luciano Birthday edition at Hoppetosse on Sunday, 26th of February. Of course the weekend was long and intense, but an end of the week gathering at one of Berlins favorite underground venues is always a good idea!

The lineup for the event sounded also extremely tempting- the South American/ Vagabundos DJ crew for Lucianos Bash and Dyed Soundorom and Shonky on the upper deck. Why not?

Friendly security and door staff is a great asset for any space, not to mention how relevant that is on a Sunday. All easy and cool, I walked right in to Hoppetosse and rushed immediately down the stairs where Santiago born Paula Schopf aka Chica Paula was playing for already an hour. Somehow an unexplainable feeling of summer was in the air, maybe due to the quite «hot» conditions at the busy Hoppetosse boat. Paula played energetic and sophisticated house and minimal. Reading the anticipation of the crowd well she made people dance smiling.




Sunday 7 PM and the venue was already not surprisingly very busy and a feeling of overall excitement was in the air. Soon the lower deck was sweaty and cooking hot and a trip in search of more oxygen was indisputable. Upstairs Dyed Soundorom and Shonky were absolutely rocking it with their groovy and deep tech house tracks, hypnotic and driving, still slow enough to perfectly fit into the Sunday Hoppetosse mood.  With pleasure I recognized a really beautiful track of Mountain People.



After a quick drink, it was time to dive downstairs again, where the smooth and hypnotic mixes of Chica Paula created a perfect buildup and set the energy level for the night. Ernesto Ferreyra took it further throwing down minimalish lushness with characteristic twists and glitches. Groovy, his set included many cool baseline tracks that made the dancers stomp their feet harder. Luciano arrived soon after. I was really curious what the head honcho of Cadenza would come up with- on his birthday in one of the Berlin underground clubs especially! 

For us, Ibiza regulars back in the day, it truly was an extraordinary moment when he showed up one late afternoon on the DC10 club terrace.  Firmly mixing cosmic minimal techno records with latin rhytms he took us really far out that day. I am sure that everybody present knew that it was a truly special moment and a start of the Luciano residency.

Beeing a big fan of the early Lucien-n-luciano experimental exploration of sound I was hoping he would play some of his old productions, music he would play at Cadenza events at Panorama Bar like the Perlon release «Alpine Rocket» with Mathew Jonson or the track he wrote for his sister- «Amelie on Ice».




Hosting multiple parties on Ibiza and playing big festivas Lucianos music style has evolved from minimal techno to a blend of house and techno mixed with latin rhytms and vocals. Vagabundos and Luciano and Friends on Ibiza has brought him a huge following worldwide with no exception of Berlin. A clear sign of that were many people wearing characteristic black hats – clearly a Vagabundos Ibiza style accesoire. At Hoppetosse he delivered a bouncy and danceable mixture of tech house and deep house playing b2b with his Vagabundos crew. Changing rhytms and melodies with percussive solos incorporating sax and horns made the dancefloor packed and the crowd was cheering.

Luciano picture

Next up was Argenis Brito playing b2b with Felipe Valenzuela. Together as FAER, Argenis reveiled they are currently working on an album, which will be out at the end of 2017. Venezuelan Argenis has been a part of the electronic music scene for way more than a decade and has participated in projects like Mambotour (with Pier Bucci), Los Refrescos (with Dandy Jack) and of course the incredible Senor Coconut and his Orchestra. The other half of FAER, Chilean Melisma imprint co-creator Felipe Valenzuela has been Djing since 2002 and released music on labels like Cadenza, Raum...Musik or Safari Electronique.

Together they delivered a blend of melodious and elegant late night techno, which was really down my alley.  FAER- really happy and excited about their project, played quite a few fresh and unreleased tracks from the forthcoming album and the feedback of the crowd was simply great!



Dandy Jack – the absolute king of aliases, rounded it up for me with a rocking live/DJ set. With his mature structures of contemporary layered sound, the Ruta 5 label boss is absolutely mindblowing as a live act and has also got a fountain of possibilities as a DJ. His experience, genious passion for electronic music as well as cosmic energy is famous amongst the Berlin dancers and beyond. Few performers have such an intuition and skill to lift the crowd up with their latin influenced techno and energy. Apart from his own productions (Perlon, Contexterrior, Ruta 5), many collaborations have resulted in timeless tracks as Ric y Martin (with Ricardo Villalobos), Gonzalo Martinez (with Jorge Gonzalez), Sieg uber die Sonne (with Pink Elln) or Junction SM (with Sonja Moonear).



Dandy Jack's enthusiasm was so contagious that I left the venue way later than planned, after countless tequila shots- happy, high on music and satisfied with my night.

Buena onda and Buenas noches!



Words by Karina Chaczbabian


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HOT WAX - Tools & Tips [February 2017]

HotWax Banner


1. EASTENDERZ | ENDZ012 - East End Dubs


Tech-house's own cockney rebel, East End Dubs, has been busy of late. His first missive of 2017 comes on psychedelically inclined "splatter" pattern vinyl, but doesn't stray far from his usual musical blueprint

Audio Link:


2. Adult Only | AO046 - Various


Adult Only 46 is here and it’s another biggie. Chris Carrier’s trusty label always delivers the funk and this release is no exception. Featuring Rhythm&Soul plus Ukrainian newcomers Belogurov and Orbit and the bossman Carrier himself, it’s comprised four tracks, all with their own unique groove and atmosphere – perfect for anyone who loves deep rhythmic house music with hypnotic sensibilities.

Audio Link:


3. Galaktic Shelf | GS001 - Nerram


Nerram launches The Galactic Shelf with a debut 3-track EP including a remix by Voigtmann. Combining driving, futuristic sounds with deep grooves and breaks - this trio of cosmic cuts come dancefloor-ready and represent the artist’s diverse sound encapsulated. 

Audio Link:


4. VBX | VBX002 - Ferro


The development of the VBX platform has been in step with Ferro's coming of age as an artist. One almost cannot be mentioned without reference to the other. It is for this reason that it made perfect sense to invite Ferro for the second instalment of the VBX label. Immerse yourself into Ferro's musical universe full of heady modulating sounds capes and shimmering percussion. 

Audio Link:


5. Raftaf Holland | RFTF 001 - St. Joseph

Good Days

Raftaf Holland has launched with their first release coming from no other than Cologne’s St. Joseph. Listen to the 3 track EP and you will instantly feel St. Joseph’s personality and production expertise in each track with a sense of intoxicating hypnosis perhaps the unifying factor. 

Audio Link:


6. Partisan | PTN002 - Inner


Anthea’s new imprint Partisan welcomes Inner on their second release, an artist who is unafraid to offer the full spectrum of his musical personality, with an undeniable compulsion to push forward. Three, floor-minded tracks bind together to form a mesmerizing groove unlike any other. 

Audio Link:


7. Minibar | MB043 - K.O.D (King Of Delays)


K.O.D (King Of Delays) is the new collaborative project of Parisian microhouse heroes Cabanne (Minibar label head) and Aeternum Records boss man Lowris. The two track EP offers an effective “trance induction” of the most pleasant kind.

Audio Link:


8. Unanim | UNN003 - Ion Ludwig


Unanim Records turns out to be the perfect match for Ion Ludwig's sound that refuses to confine itself under a specific genre. 2 tracks, each of them receiving a whole side of the record, as plenty of time and space to develop slowly. Designed for the very special dancefloor moments, Unanim's third release manages to capture Ion Ludwig's sound signature in its entire complexity.

Audio Link:


9. Cabaret Recordings | CABARET012 - Spacetravel


Cabaret Recordings signs Spacetravel for Axiom EP. The four-track effort will be Luca Cara's first release on DJ Masda and So Inagawa's label. Axiom EP sees Cabaret move further into the electro-tinged sound.

Audio Link:


10. Howl | HOWL008 - Various


Howl in full effect, timeless Various tracks from their artists, An homage to the raw original house music slamming, old school vibes          

Audio Link:


Written by Denny Kem



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Just Jack's 11th birthday- A night of mischief and idiosyncrasy



Just Jack celebrated their 11th birthday in typically garish style this weekend. With bright lights, painted lanterns and an overwhelming sense of achievement. This vibrant get-together was a celebration of idiosyncrasy. Fuelled by funk-house anthems, the audience of eccentric guests grooved until the early hours of the morning.


HNKC 170204 JUSTJACK 11thBday-6717


Motion’s main room was bathed in multi-coloured lights while a large figure took up the stage, with two hands at either end, a giant head in the centre, and large spiralling eyes gazing into the distance. Meanwhile, the other room was filled with large multi-coloured lampshades that had been hand painted and draped with ivy. A large disco ball hung from the middle of the room, a nod towards the old-school rhythms that were being played.


It was a night of fun, mischief and general debauchery. Robert Hood took to the decks and plunged everyone into a world of pure drunk-funk heaven in the main room. The room became electrified as he played the classic ‘Tell You No Lie’, setting them ablaze with a flurry of lights.


HNKC 170204 JUSTJACK 11thBday-6387


In the Tunnel, Soichi Terada made the intimate setting his playground. The soulful grooves showcased his infamous humour and fun character as he reached over the decks to hi-five the eager partiers below him.


Underground master DJ Bone brought his masterful techniques with him, showcasing his skills in scratching, blending and back spinning he sent the audience into a whirlwind of innovative fusions of hip-hop, Detroit techno and old-school house.


HNKC 170204 JUSTJACK 11thBday-6526


Midland’s set in the second room was equally as illuminating. Then there was the ever-eclectic Optimo. It’s also worth recognizing Jayda G, she switched it up and brought some great tunes with her. Just Jack organisers and staples Tom Rio and Dan Wild were also guaranteed and made sure they delivered.


All in all, it was a night celebrating debauchery with Just Jack’s signature tongue-in-cheek-attitude. Perhaps not as extravagant as their usual get-togethers, but it felt like a family affair. A celebration of living and being free with a soulful soundtrack to help blast them into the next 11 years. 


Words by Georgia Evans


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Printworks launch extravaganza: Inside London’s most industrial new venue.


 Picture this: An industrial outlet park in Canada Water. It’s about midday on a Saturday. Nestled in between the carparks, the cinemas and food outlets is a hanger-sized warehouse. London’s business district can be seen in the background. A steady flow of people is trickling out of the underground following the signs to London’s biggest and best new venue, Printworks. Over the next ten hours, these eagerly anticipating partygoers will experience a launch party in a space like no other.


It was a marathon event of pure, unadulterated house and techno. Seven hours of Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers and Loco Dice playing back to back, with William Djoko in the main room. In Room 2, Krankbrother, Geddes and G.Walker brought their own underground vibe. The space itself is 16 acres of unapologetically industrial warehouse.




After passing through the vigorous security checks, the main entry is the size of an air-hanger with a large smoking area outside and food trucks serving festival-style gastro-cuisine and a bar. Inside, there’s a stall for drinks tokens and a through the back there’s a bar, a carefully guarded space for lockers and toilets.


After climbing the steel staircase, there’s the Press Halls which is the main room and the much smaller Charge Bay. Entering the main room, it’s grandeur is instantly striking. By standing at the back of the narrow and mind-blowingly long room with an incredibly high roof, the booth itself is raised and perfectly framed by the industrial metalwork which surrounds it.




A mesmerising laser show projects from one end of the room to the other, and the audience is showered in a kaleidoscope of cascading lights. This immersive and visceral experience perfectly complements the music that’s playing. Flashing up and down in strips of colour and crossing over the audience. It’s a hypnotic display where you can lose yourself to the experience and shut out the world around you. Everyone’s in that moment. Caught in a snapshot of time. It’s not a normal Saturday afternoon.  


Toward the front, the audience is crammed within the barriers and you can feel the sound system pulsate through your body. By moving further back, there’s room to spin around and dance while the Charge Room lives up to its name, providing a change of scenery in the with its Void sound system and wooden floors. It’ a good alternative to the bustling crowds with a much more intimate vibe with the right performers.



This industrial location feels like a space-age illegal rave, minus the hedonism and the messheads. With its stripped back, unapologetic metalwork, dynamic soundscapes and captivating visual performances, it engulfs the audience and throws them into a different dimension. Hands- down, one of the most exciting new ventures into London’s ever-diversifying night life.



Words by Georgia Evans

Photos courtesy of Danny North (The Rest is Noise)

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Review: Naural 006 Cosmjn - Organik EP

N006 banner

Romanian label Naural is the definition of quality over quantity. With just one (meaningful) release per year, they are in a restless search for sounds that affect us differently than all that we have heard so far. After SIT, Barac, Vincentiulian, Crihan & Zefzeed, release number six is introducing talented ​Cosmjn and is scheduled to be in stores starting from 1st of February. As they got us accustomed with, their artwork always speaks for the EP and reveals Naural label multidisciplinary interest in art by all its means.




The ​Organik voyage starts with ​AsteriX​, where Cosmjn arrives with his addictive driving music. Expect this one to bring smiles on the dance floor, being decorated with a crisp sprawling sound in the spotlight, an emphasis on the high-end that seems very inspired. The track comes with a dramatic and intriguing overall sound, requesting the listener to get out of the comfort zone and stay fearless in this self-discovery mission.


The 12-inches goes further with ​Twisted, a track that has the ability to get you in that state of mind with ease. With an atmospheric, feverish and cinematic ambiance, the nostalgic spoken-word sample offers a certain kind of layered anxiety. The bass notes are subliminal, the beat is fluid; there's a haunting repetitive creche and a mournful flute, both adding further depth. The percussion offers the perfect amount of rough and smooth to this sci-fi-style piece. You can’t miss the goosebumps Twisted induces; Cosmjn crafted a serious heads-down cut using a minimalist approach.

On the flipside it’s the track that wears the EP’s name - Organik, nothing less than a 15 minutes trip. The plucky bassline, glitchy chords and wordless androgyny reverberations organically develop into something immersive. In the third quarter, the gong synths and feminine presence change the trajectory of this journey, joined by the piano interludes and cosmic arpeggios.

We’re always left wanting more from Naural.


Listen to Naural 006 on


Words by Bianca

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