Review: Naural 006 Cosmjn - Organik EP

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Romanian label Naural is the definition of quality over quantity. With just one (meaningful) release per year, they are in a restless search for sounds that affect us differently than all that we have heard so far. After SIT, Barac, Vincentiulian, Crihan & Zefzeed, release number six is introducing talented ​Cosmjn and is scheduled to be in stores starting from 1st of February. As they got us accustomed with, their artwork always speaks for the EP and reveals Naural label multidisciplinary interest in art by all its means.




The ​Organik voyage starts with ​AsteriX​, where Cosmjn arrives with his addictive driving music. Expect this one to bring smiles on the dance floor, being decorated with a crisp sprawling sound in the spotlight, an emphasis on the high-end that seems very inspired. The track comes with a dramatic and intriguing overall sound, requesting the listener to get out of the comfort zone and stay fearless in this self-discovery mission.


The 12-inches goes further with ​Twisted, a track that has the ability to get you in that state of mind with ease. With an atmospheric, feverish and cinematic ambiance, the nostalgic spoken-word sample offers a certain kind of layered anxiety. The bass notes are subliminal, the beat is fluid; there's a haunting repetitive creche and a mournful flute, both adding further depth. The percussion offers the perfect amount of rough and smooth to this sci-fi-style piece. You can’t miss the goosebumps Twisted induces; Cosmjn crafted a serious heads-down cut using a minimalist approach.

On the flipside it’s the track that wears the EP’s name - Organik, nothing less than a 15 minutes trip. The plucky bassline, glitchy chords and wordless androgyny reverberations organically develop into something immersive. In the third quarter, the gong synths and feminine presence change the trajectory of this journey, joined by the piano interludes and cosmic arpeggios.

We’re always left wanting more from Naural.


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Words by Bianca

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Preview: Unleash with tINI b2b Bill Patrick (Rolls ‘n’ Do) & more in London


The streets of East London will not know what’s hit them. On the 11th March, underground champions Unleash will be hosting a night of unforgettable techno heaven at Studio Spaces, with tINI b2b Bill Patrick aka Rolls’n’Do with more amazing acts yet to be announced.

Hailed as one of Germany’s best female DJs, tINI has been working her way through the underground scene for over 10 years. Starting in clubs and events in Munich in 2003, she put her fascination with new romantics, new wave and grunge into her person style with `n underground hip-hop vibe. She’s credited Moodymann’s ‘Amerika as one of her greatest influencer. A regular for FUSE events, having played at festivals like Sunwaves, Into the Valley, Gottwood, Sonus, billed for Milan’s Dude Club and with countless events lined-up, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.  She is also a regular Ibiza face as part of her tINI and the Gang project. Promising incredible music in sun-soaked Ibiza parties, tINI is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Then there’s Bill Patrick. The internationally renowned artist boasts countless awards, and a legendary status. In 2008, he relocated to Berlin, triggering a new style and spreading his unique take on psychedelic, contemporary dance music. Having played at festivals like Outline,Sunwaves and clubs such as Fabric and Rex in Paris, he is a truly unstoppable performer and sure to bring his witty charm and mind-blowing tunes.



They'll be joined by  DeWalta & Mike Shannon. DeWalta's known for his classical training and modern spin on techno while Mike Shannon's fast mixiing skills have brought him respect from both his peers and a global following.  Asthe organisers say, "Jazz, techno, ambient: expect the unexpected, and be assured that you’ll want more.

Subb-an, the co-founder One Records with Adam Shelton will be bringing his on flavour. Aregular at the likes of Fabric, DC10, Panorama Bar, Stereo, Warung, D edge, Amnesia, he's known for his high-energy and sophisticated performances, and is definitely one to watch.


Julian Perez MC

Chicago-born, Detroit legend Delano Smith is going to be there too, along with Spanish underground master Julian Perez and Sunrise's Arapu will be bringing his own Romanian sound. Not forgetting, the brilliant residents Daylomar and Koko Bayern will be there too. 

In the other room, there's 20 Years of Bass culture, featuring D'Julz, Delano Smith, Daniel Bell and Sami Daik. 

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tINI b2b Bill Patrick aka Rolls’n’Do Facebook Event

RA Ticket Link


Words by Georgia Evans


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Preview: 200 Deep with Sedee and Fabe at Schumacher Club

SchClub Banner

On Saturday 4th February200 Deep will be taking over the Schumacher Club. This unforgettable night will see Sedee, Fabe, Tigergun and DLT come together to play some heated, intimate, deepened techno and house.

The venue defines itself as, “A resurrected compass for open minded souls” located in Bochum, Germany; it promotes the idea of creativity without limits and is a landscape for imaginative musical freedom. Over the last year, it’s hosted the likes of Barac, Guy From Downstairs, Primãrie, Nekes, Samu.l and LIZZ.

Fabe Mix

Headlining the evening is Sunwaves favourite, the Mannheim’s duo Sedee. This passionate techno due will bring their own signature flavour and feel-good vibes. There’s also Fuse’s Fabe. He’ll be bringing some underground London spirit, and showcasing some multi-dimensional, ambient and experimental beats. The two acts are famed for their ever-evolving styles and ambition. Expect some classic house, techno and heart-pounding grooves. 




In addition to this, 200 Deep and Schumacher residents Tigergun and DLT are billed to perform. Self-described rhythm and groove lover Tigergun has old-school influences and prides himself on building hypnotic atmospheres and precise mixing while bringing a spontaneous soulful vibe. DLT will also bringing their own sound, promoting their deep bond with good music.


This is a 21+ event with tickets at 10€, from 4th February at 12am- 5th Feb 12pm UTC+01. Make sure you grab a ticket when you can, and enjoy an event which celebrates freedom, creativity and ingenuity.   


Words by Georgia Evans

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Review: Fuse New Years Day Part 1

FuseNYD Banner 

As things have begun to go back to normal, and the festivities all seem like a distance memory, we would like to press the refresh button and take a look back at our first dance of 2017with FUSE family. A day packed with the highest quality sounds, immersed amongst a raring to go crowd from start to finish. We stepped in to Fuse London's home Village Underground, as they kicked off what is set to be another fantastic year for the close knit crew. Start as you mean to go on is certainly a phrase that springs to mind.


There was a buzzing of conversation while queuing up as people discussed the antics of their new years eve celebrations, some people were continuing straight through to Fuse, but there was some fresh faced people in the mixer that you knew were saving themselves for the big one.

Hangovers evaporated in to the air as the industrial venue began to fill, the OdD boys were taking care of opening duties rolling out there huge chunky sounds from the off. When OdD and Fuse link up something feels so special, representing the London sound in full force. Typically at the beginning of the party the Dj's playing can take things a bit easier, as people enter in dribs and drabs. On this early afternoon occassion there was a different feel, the place filled up quickly as if people couldn't wait to party, whistling and cheering on every break. This allowed OdD to crack on early doors rumbling out their signature wobbling bass lines.


On the rise Mannheim artist Fabe took over the controls with his warm and charming productions that the underground world is becoming more and more familiar with. Last year playing at the Fuse Records showcase at Studio 338, and part of the Fuse8 tour on Berlin's Hoppetosse it seemed perfect that the talented producer made his Village Underground debut on this special day. There were many people in the room looking forward to his two hour set, and he didnt disappoint in the slightest. Swinging grooves and punchy percussions combined with the huge system the Fuse team put together just felt so right.

Fabe Mix

It wouldn't be a new years party without some special guests, and this is something we've been waiting for, for a long time. One word, Djebali. The french artist works tirelessly in the studio, and on his imprints. Straight up 4x4 house records, turning the party up a notch. Last year Enzo made the trip to Paris to play for Djebali so it was nice to capture the French sound in the depths of our capital city. Teeing it up perfectly for Siragusa's peak time set, Djebali closed his set with Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier's - Vaporized, an absolute bomb, lifting the crowd ready for the boss.

From the day it started Fuse has literally gone from strength to strength, exploring new corners of the world, but for us you can't beat the Fuse experience on home soil, and that is especially when Enzo Siragusa steps up. There is a just a look in his eye, and in his mannerism's you just know he is ready to go under his own roof, with a party and group of people close to his heart. A personal highlight for us was when he played the lastest release on the mysterious Digwah imprint 'Something Else', a huge recent favourite amongst the underground and it felt as if everyone in the room knew exactly what was happening, and was equally as happy to actually be hearing it run out on new years day evening. Is one of the times you will remember.


Closing things down on what was an amazing day was the second special guest, Perlon lady Maayan Nidam. Her intelligent, and thought out minimal sound slowed the day down as it drew to a close. A smooth finish, with slick abstract movements taking you on a final journey.


Fuse will never disappoint, but due to the new years celebrations there was something extra special about this one, with residents and special guests all delivering an unforgettable party to launch us in to the new year. As we continue to get flashbacks of a great day, we strongly believe Fuse is the best hangover cure we have ever had.


FUSE NYD RAVE PART 1 - Village Underground More Pictures

Words by Zac



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How In:Motion's NYD Celebrations Marked a Milestone


Bristol has always been a hub for creativity and pioneering music. Home of Eats Everything, Joy Orbison, Roni Size, Icarus and so many more. However, this years In:Motion’s New Year’s Day celebration has secured the city’s spot as one of the best places for dance music, and this is why.

Motion defines itself as a matrix of warehouse spaces. For this incredible one night, they opened up the entire space to make way for the flurry of lucky attendees. While In:Motion, Shapes Warehouse, Hypercolour vs Banoffee Pies and Shangri-La took over the main complex, there was Just Jack’s Secret Toilet Party hidden behind a portaloo and the Elevator Sound Stage Presents Lies in a carnival outside.

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The night went from 4pm until 7am the next day, without any signs of lagging. To kick things off, there was the choice between Pardon My French, Gary Crosson and Mr Spoon. Billy Nasty and Regolith stepped forward shortly after.

At 6, the In:Motion stage brought out the big guys. Jackmaster (who infamously donated 10 percent of his New Year fees to Aleppo) went back-to-back with Gerd Janson. Sam Mole & Christian Jay also took to the Hypercolour vs Banoffee Pies stage, while Marco Bernardi was on Elevator Sound. Meanwhile, Shapes's resident DJs were also taking centre-stage. 

Then there was Tale of Us. The Berlin-based hypnotic heavyweights made sure they delivered. They blasted their signature, deep, heart-pounding music while lasers cast over the audience creating an unbelievably, unforgettable, visceral performance. 

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Another personal favourite was Helena Hauff, who’s set on the Shapes stage was pure magical, electrified perfection. Bathing the crowd in red lights, she showcased her sonic aesthetic and took them on a collision course of acidic, atmospheric sound.

The brilliant Axel Boman, Bristol- favourite Hodge, and Italojohnson were all billed to perform too, adding to the monumental lineup. There was also an impressive performance by Shangri-la's residents and Simoncino. When Nastia was sadly unable to attend, Hodge went b2b with Gramrcy and spontaneously blew the crowd’s mind.

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Jethro then smashed it for those who ventured out to Just Jack's Secret Toilet Party, bringing some cool house/funk vibes as the crowd boogied under toilet brushes, inflatable ducks and poo-emoji cushions. Meanwhile, DJ October went back-to-back with Gramrcy. At Hypecolour vs Banoffee Pies, A Sagittariun went on and blasted his own unique, spiritual beats. 

Up next, Florian Kupfer for Elevator Sound, Tom Rio & Dan Wild at Just Jack, Teak, and Banoffee Pies residents. 

Steffi took over Shapes, and mystified the audience in a daze of dynamic, hardware-enriched sound. The legendary Dutch producer delivered a performance of distinctive, enticing underground music. At the same time, Ron Morelli and Strange Frequency worked their magic. 

Rounding things off, Ben Klock absolutely obliterated his performance. He’s been dubbed the best techno producer of the decade and he most definitely did not disappoint. His broad music selection, incredible light displays and undeniable energy created an intense and powerful performance. It was absolutely unforgettable for all who witnessed it. 

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Then for those brave enough to carry on, there was the brilliant Jeremy Underground. The burgeoning legend played a selesction of warm, authentic house music to the cold, dedicated ravers in Just Jack's outside tent. 

KiNK carried on for In:Motion with amazing enthusiasm, an ambitious light show, and a mind-boggling set. While Marco Bernardi went back-to-back with Hodge. Shall Not Fade took over Shangri-La to round things off as Dave Clarke mesmirised at Shapes, drawing this epic adventure to a close. 

The night itself was a monumental success and a fantastic way to wrap up the In:Motion series. With this mind-blowing lineup, fantastic stages and hard work put in by all the staff, it has easily secured itself as a landmark for dance music. 2016 saw some of the world's biggest and best DJs and producers descend on the city. Over the years, the series just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully big things will be in store for 2017. 


Words by Georgia Evans


Photos by Entirety Labs



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