Tief 1st Birthday at Corsica Studios w/ Omar S, Bicep, Hunee, Daniel Wang..


It's been a whirlwind 12 months for Tief. Since their inaugural party with Lawrence, Tom Trago and Jozif at the back end of September last year, London has borne witness to a meteoric rise in their success. A steadfast relationship with Corsica Studios and a bold, intuitive booking policy has seen it host some of house and techno's most elusive talents, from French enigma Pepe Bradock to new kids on the block Juju & Jordash. Indeed, so popular has the franchise proven that there lay significant pressure on the Tief shoulders ahead of the 1st birthday announcement. However, with a line-up that boasted Detroit's Omar S, Bicep, Hunee and Daniel Wang, amongst a slew of others, any such anxieties were firmly and hastily quashed.

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Sam Donnison, www.anomalousvisuals.co.uk

Entering just before 1, Corsica and Tief were just as I expected to find them: dark, and in full-swing. Gravitating immediately towards the main room, Jeremy Underground Paris and Brawther were more than capably bringing their unique flavour to the dance, testing out their blend of old skool house mixed with new-skool interpretations on the receptive floor. Some super-tight mixing and a couple of well-timed cuts from the quasi-mythical MLIU back-catalogue had the crowd enraptured, and perfectly poised for the arrival of Omar S. As expected, the Detroit luminary didn't disappoint, managing to maintain the Parisians' previous energy whilst still pushing things into deeper, techier territory. Tough, rolling basslines met with unashamedly funky strings, topped off with a clever, opportune dropping of nouveau classic Here's Your Trance Now Dance. Making a mental note to return in time for Bicep's much-anticipated closing set, I set about searching for the intricately covert confines of room 3, where both Daniel Wang and South-Korean sensation Hunee were busy setting their crowd alight with slices of contemporary disco and soulful, emotive house.

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Sam Donnison, www.anomalousvisuals.co.uk

539539 422102157851239 607565896 nSam Donnison, www.anomalousvisuals.co.uk

Back in room 1, from where it was proving difficult to prize oneself, prevalent Northern Irish duo Bicep were just finding their groove, steadily readying themselves for the indubitably long morning ahead. Indeed, eventually taking things right through till nearly 10am, the pairing revisited territory already trodden by Brawther and Jeremy Underground, maintaining sonic homogeneity by throwing down record after record of classic, 90s inspired US house, albeit with a touch more zeal. While feeling at times a little tried and tested, as the hours crept by so the big hitters emerged, at first in the form of George Fitzgerald's ubiquitous Child and then as a veritable medley of recent Bicep releases: $tripper followed Vision of Love which in turn transitioned smoothly into personal favourite Getcha Boi, all met with a volley of rapturous clamours from the depleted, but still vociferous dance-floor. Leaving Corsica with the birthday celebrations still very much in buoyant swing, Tief came across as a party truly at one with itself. With dates in the diary stretching well into 2013, and the likes of Levon Vincent, Move D and Tim Sweeney all set to feature, and given the rate and manner in which they're conducting themselves, I, and I'm sure many others, would be surprised if Tief didn't go on to make some very serious waves in wider, future electronic circles.

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Words: Carlos Hawthorn