Epizode⁴ at Phu Quoc Island: ''The Ultimate Party in Paradise.''

Epizode Festival has very quickly established itself as a fantastic collision of art, culture and underground music. The fourth edition promises to be another special one from December 27, 2019 – January 7, 2020, not least because it plays out on Vietnam's Phu Quoc Island. This place is a real dream-like paradise with gorgeous sunsets over the white sand beaches and turquoise wasters, lush green jungle, rolling hills and all manner of weird and wonderful wildlife. What's more, each year the team assemble giant sculptures and litter the site with all manner of art installations that offer treats or the eyes while your ears are treated to beats from world class artists like Ben UFO, Carl Craig, Moodymann,  Rhadoo, Richy Ahmed, Sonja Moonear, Ricardo Villalobos, Djebali, Raresh and many more. World class sound systems are brought in for each of the stages and of course there is a wealth of culture to explore in the local Phu Quoc area from night markets to spas, boat trips to cable cars, cocktail bars to intercontinental hotels. New for 2019, the team has have launched an eco-initiative and already do not use disposable tableware and plastic tubes, and continue to use locals to help build and run the event, as well as showcasing plenty of local DJs and collectives so as to help develop the scene in the longer term.  There can be no more magical way of seeing out your 2019 and welcoming in the new year that at this ultimate party in paradise.   Tickets can be purchased online via the Epizode website at   More Epizode: Facebook / Instagram / Web /  Facebook Event / Tickets More MEOKO; Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube

Pentajam & Musikplatz Showcasing Metrica, Roderic, Ulises and more @ Jägermeister Night Embassy Berlin

Meoko is excited to report from Berlin where some of the most revelating musicians and their audiences come together, to give you an insight about interesting new developments within the scene. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the Night Embassy, a Jägermeister-sponsored concept, the core idea of which is to celebrate emerging electronic music culture in an international context; basically, the only embassy on this planet where people from all over the world can jam and party together all night long.    On December 13th, the masterminds behind the Embassy concept conjure a really special final event row by announcing country-based showcases, including a Latin-American showcase, represented by Musikplatz. Der Musikplatz is a Jägermeister-sponsored music platform which showcases emerging talent from Latin America. The driving forces, some very capable musicians and creatives from Mexico, manage to gather artists from all over the continent, and present them in a professional context.    To take them abroad, namely to Berlin, is the latest coup, and for this special Jägermeister-powered night which is part of the Night Embassy programme which has been running since the end of September in the specially refitted Baumhaus Bar location right next to Watergate, they got Alejandro Bernal from Colombia and Rene Roco from Chile, Metrika, Roderic, Evil Tapes and Ulises, to name but a few.   Event :   The event is created to provide a laid-back backdrop for the musicians to play together and fuse their crafts and musical vibes. The jam where musicians present their live projects will smoothly transition into a party that kicks off at 11 p.m. to showcase those talents from Latin America and Berlin that manage to create a synergistic dynamic and perfectly capture both worlds’ spirits by building musical and cultural bridges. As this is Musikplatz’ first showcase in Berlin, it is amazing to hear that it will be repeated every year to reinforce the idea of cultural exchange.    The Night Embassy’s concept draws inspiration from both Jägermeister’s own heritage and the free and unbridled creativity of Berlin’s celebrated nightlife and art scene. It unites artists based in Berlin from all backgrounds, ages, genders and level of experience, and has so far showcased six individual crews and collectives from Berlins, such as Pansy, Sweetest Taboo and Move.Unltd, most of which are intersectional. Now culminating in a string of international closing showcases including South Africa, Austria and China, this is bound to find its way into any sorted Berlin nightcrawler’s agenda.   ARTISTS METRIKA (LIVE) / CROSSTOWN REBELS / SOL SELECTASRODERIC (LIVE) / KATERMUKKEULISES (LIVE) / SOL SELECTASBILLY MENDRIX (HYBRID) / CALYPSO RECORDSEVILTAPES (LIVE) / SHABOOM / INDIGO RAWALEJANDRO BERNAL (HYBRID) / MUSIKPLATZRENE ROCO (LIVE) / MUSIKPLATZANICONIC / MUSIKPLATZ  Register for your tickets here. STAY

Music Review: Chrivu - Music Brought Me Here EP [Midas Touch 001]

Chrivu - Music Brought Me Here EP [Midas Touch 001]   Buy on Listen to the premiere of Chrivu - Music Brought Me Here:      Romanian rising talent Macarie is about to launch a brand new label called “Midas Touch” – an unexplored space where he’ll be able to showcase his musical vision, expressed by both upcoming and already affirmed producer. For the first chapter, he brings into play Iasi based Chrivu, who provides the entitled “Music Brought Me Here” EP, which includes three driving originals plus a remix by fellow-Romanian friend Vlad Arapasu.     A1 kicks the things off with a breakbeat inspired drums and soft-cosmic arpeggiators over distorted vocals and refined textures, while “In Charge” is a more stripped-back tune with a splash of modular sounds, and a raw darkened bassline that waste no time in setting the mood. On the flip, “Linear Space” follows exactly the journey started on A2, adding to a solid and sharp beat some sci+fi effects and haunting analog stabs. Closing the EP is the Vlad Arapasu’s remix who turns “Linear Space” into a punchy club-oriented version, with shimmering atmospheres above his signature Romanian trademark groove.     Words by Francesco Quieti

Harry Romero strikes back for the return of Cécille

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the mighty Cécille Records is back. Established in 2007 by Nick Curly and Marc Scholl, Cécille quickly became a trustworthy and steadfast purveyor of deep tech-influenced music. With its reputation for quality unsurpassed, Cécille helped stimulate a shift in the underground scene, bringing back soul and sensuality to music. The label also attracted a wealth of talent, with these new releases marking their new focus on rhythm, groove and melody in today’s techno heavy dance floors.   Making his debut on Cécille is a producer that needs little introduction: New Jersey’s Harry Romero. Over the last 20 years, Harry’s music has soundtracked the great dance floors of the world. Tracks such as diverse as ‘Cro-Magnon’, ‘Tania’, ‘Night @ The Black’ or ‘Mas Pito’ (as Mongobonix). Now signed to every high-profile label around, from Subliminal to Crosstown Rebels via Bambossa, his constantly shifting, consistently groovesome beats and super-distinctive drums have cemented him as a world-class act. (text credit to Philip Panov via   Don't forget to buy 'Harry Romero - Mood Vision' EP on Beatport:     Hey Harry! How does it feel to be the first one to be back with an original EP on Cécille? I mean it truly is an honour to kinda be the first for their second round. If their first round is any indication of where things are going for the Cécille camp then I am in great hands with this EP.    What has Cécille represented to you? I don’t mess with labels that are not quality. And I consider Nick Curly a music buddy, so for me, it was really a no brainer to submit a couple of tracks for release. I’m always about quality so I associate with it, and Cécille is definitely that.     For me, it is definitely one of the most important labels ever. Can you name some more labels you’re really close to? I have a really good professional relationship with labels like Ovum, Tronic, Moon Harbour, and Rebellion/Crosstown Rebels to name a few.       Tell us more about the EP and if there’s a particular story behind any of the tracks? I wish I had an amazing story or anecdote surrounding this EP. It’s really simple and organic how it came about. Nick Curly messaged me and explained how he wanted to bring Cécille back and asked if I’d like to release on the label. I of course obliged and a week or so later I sent over ‘Mood Vision’. He loved it and asked for a second track to complete the EP. Then I sent over ‘Purge’ and the EP was done. Pretty easy and simple. Just how I like it.   Any thoughts on the actual tech-house scene? Can the return of Cécille bring back some old flavours, changing the direction during the next years? This is a tough one for me to tackle because I have many colleagues that make some really dope tech-house. So, this comment excludes them. But generally speaking, I’m quite bored with what’s being called tech-house at the moment. It’s become very cookie-cutter, paint by numbers and I’m not about that. Which sucks because a lot of good music gets lost in the quagmire of mediocre music. Sad really but I suppose it’s the sign of the times and we just have to dig deeper to find those gems. I think as long as we keep the quality control up we should have some interesting and insuring music in 2020. I know Cécille got it on lock!     You seem to be a relentless producer over the last 20 years, a pretty huge rate nowadays, where some of the longest active DJs have stopped to produce music. How do you feel about it? Do you feel more your producer side or your DJ-side?  I may not be the best person to ask this because making music is as much a part of my life as eating or sleeping. I can’t see myself stopping making noise no matter how busy the calendar gets. It’s just who I am. The DJing sometimes feeds to creativity in the studio and vice versa. It’s a symbiosis for me.   2019 was a huge year for you with a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix aired this summer and a remix for the legendary anthem  “Don't Turn You Back” by Danny Tenaglia has released on Hot Creations. Will 2020 will even bigger? Any plans or clues for what’s coming next year? 2019 was just a taste of what’s to come. My team and I are so focused. No joke. I won’t go into detail just yet so stay tuned!         Words by Francesco Quieti

Fabrizio Sala: all roads lead to Rome

With a career that has seen him playing thousands of parties in his hometown Rome, making him become one of the Capital's lead acts, the 'animae' label founder and Nozoo pillar Fabrizio Sala is a true dancefloor captain, always able to entertain the crowd with a wide and 360-degree musical selection.   Don't forget to check this exclusive Fabrizio mix, who gives us the first chapter of our brand new 'Ambient & Experimental' series, click HERE and enjoy the ride!     During your career, your sound has always been 4/4 house-inspired, but lately, you’re shifting into a new direction, also playing ambient music. Do you want to tell us more about this transition?   I wouldn't call it real change. I’ve always liked more than just one musical genre and often if the place allows me, I like to propose a more intimate sound.    You’ve joined the conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome when you were 12, studying the history of music and music theory. Is this new Fabrizio (ambient) version perhaps a return to your origins?  My studies at the conservatory were fundamental in my journey because it gave me the opportunity to learn about music: I love wind instruments and African percussion, hot sounds that often I found it in ambient and downtempo tracks.   Downtempo is a completely particular and introspective kind of music, a proper trip to investigate into our souls. What would you like to convey when you’re playing this kind of stuff?  My main goal is to share my person through music. I like to offer new sounds also because I buy so much music that often time I can’t play!       You played an ambient set for the Hotel Butterfly closing party on September 27th. What are your main sources of inspiration?  As I said before if the place allows me, I love to offer an intimate sound and the Hotel Butterfly is definitely the perfect place, in Rome at least, to do this. It’s a beautiful garden surrounded by the green right in the city centre of Rome, with great attention to each small detail. There’s a restaurant, a cinema that transmits silent films of the ’20s and “Il Club Più Piccolo Del Mondo” which literally means “the smallest club in the world”. In fact, it gets fully packed with 15-20 people… crazy! So overall it’s a magic place where I can play ambient music, and trust me, the sunset is something of incredible over there.    If I think about your music, my mind immediately goes to the great Eastern Europe lands, where they craft their unique and delicate deep sound. Are you looking to release new music on your label?  Yes, it is. My music is influenced by the sound of Eastern Europe, it’s absolutely an elegant and clean sound. An ongoing journey in which I reflect very much. Right now, I don’t have any imminent releases. All I can tell you is that I’m working on a big album-collaboration, and you guys will be the first ones to know about it as soon as possible.   You’re going to do some parties in Milan with your Animae label. What do you think about this new venture and collaboration? It’s a wonderful bet, it’s really stimulating when you take an idea “out of home”, out of your comfort zone. I wish all the best for this new adventure.      Now let’s move into your arena: the infamous Goa Club in Rome to talk about Nozoo upcoming parties. On November 30th you’re going to share the console with Aux88, officially opening their new tour. Are you excited about this?  Honesty, I’m always excited when I play music (otherwise I would have stopped a long time ago...). This gig is very important because I think that Aux88 are true living legends. See you on the dancefloor!   Despite you have been in the club-scene for almost 15 years, you have released just a few tracks, remaining one of the last DJ-only in a world where seems to be impossible to separate the DJ side to the producer side. How does it make you feel? How did you "escape" from being a producer? I've always considered myself more a DJ than a producer, but let's be clear, I really enjoy making tracks, but I have focused all my career on the special connection that every DJ should have with the people. I love the empathy that a DJ can create with the crowd and I love madly to entertain my friends who come to listen to me. In conclusion, I prefer to spend my time in a club/festival, rather than a day locked up in the studio. If I am inspired, I take and run into the studio, but playing my music is the engine that drives me to do this work.   Any shout on upcoming 'Animae' releases? You've been stuck with your label for a while. Do you have some surprise?  After a hiatus of some months, due to small restyling, we will return in December with the seventh release signed by a great Italian friend, unknown to many. It's a record that makes me proud and I'm really looking forward to it.      What was the best night you've ever experienced at Goa Club?   Well, it's pretty hard to say... But I'd say Ricardo Villalobos & Giancarlino.   And your best set? You shouldn't have to ask me, but the crowd!      You're celebrating 10 years of your party 'Nozoo'. How do you see yourself and the Roman/ Italian scene in 10 years? I don't know what will happen in 10 years, but trust me, that we (as Nozoo), like other realities in Italy, are working so hard to make of our cities better places.    We're almost close to the end of the interview, and I'd like to reserve the last question to our future talents. Can you name us some Italian artists to keep an eye on? It's always exciting for me to discover new talents, especially if they come to my country. I'd say The Black Pony Orchestra, Christopher Ledger, GNMR, viceversa, Orli, Randaru, Pressure Point and Togue. They are the first ones that come to my mind. They're giving so much to our scene lately.       Words by Caterina Fidelbo & Francesco Quieti

Romanians taking over: Macarie and his new Midas Touch label

Cluj Napoca talent Macarie is one of the most interesting acts right now. With releases on labels like Default, Cedesciu Wax he takes by storm the European "rominimal" movement. Founding Midas Touch was just a matter of time, giving birth to the perfect place where he can showcase his idea of micro and deep house without boundaries. The first release comes by Chrivu, another young Romanian talent.  Click HERE to check his latest podcast for MEOKO and don't forget to order Midas Touch 001 | Chrivu - Music Brought Me EP (incl. Vlad Arapasu remix)     We all know that Romania is recognized for its underground artists. How do you feel about being part of this movement? It’s pretty awesome, I think that is a major benefit for the carrier I have chosen and I am glad for this. It is a great advantage because this way I make connections much easier with Romanian artists.     Who are your favourite artists? My top 3 is Pedro, Cezar and Amorf.   When did you start producing and performing and which is the kind of music you approach? I start producing 4 years ago and my first performance was 3 and a half years ago. The style I approach is minimal, for sure, with some jazz, blues influences. I am trying to make a great mix of any good music.     Who/what convinced you to get on the music side? Did you have any person who initiated you or did you learn on your own? Alexandru Baciu aka Resa, he is the one that brought me to this start. He is a former AVi resident and I started with him a project named R.AM. In 2017, we had our release at Cadenza Lab – Ad Finem EP.   And what convinced you to do it? Curiosity or it was a hobby? I always had a passion for music. And when I realized that electronic music is suitable for me and I can learn on my own, I stepped in.      What are your main sources of inspiration right now? Right now I’m following some jazzy, soulful and hip hop podcasts named Tiny Desk concert. And at the end of the week, I try to create something beautiful of what my ears heard.   How would you describe your sets? What would you like to convey to your audience through your music? Depends on the moment but I would like to describe my sets as a continuous flow. This is a specific characteristic. I love to maintain a constant flow but also catchy.     Can you tell us more about your label project? What surprises are you preparing? Midas touch is a project based on the idea of supporting newcomer artists. This name is from Greek mythology, whatever Midas touched turned into gold. Metaphorically speaking, I am trying to do the same. About surprises.... all I can say is that I have all prepared for Midas Touch 002! Will be huge!   We would like to find out more about Chrivu. Who is him and how your collaboration started?  Chrivu is a guy born in Iasi, Romania and he is 22 years old. I discovered him a few years ago and since then we are still in touch. During this time, he created a very melodic and clean sound, specific for his style, that attracts me a lot. This is why I insisted on him being the beginner of Midas Touch, and at the same time, I said who could perform better as a remixer, other than my dear friend Vlad Arapasu. And everything was beautifully connected. I am proud of Chrivu and I am glad that I can help him along this path. I foresee a great future for him.     Can we expect to see you soon together, as b2b? For sure it will be soon. Macarie b2b Chrivu on 29.11.2019 in Stockholm. Can’t wait for this!   We've read about a collaboration between Midas Touch and AjAjAj from Sweden this year. How did you get into it? Chrivu and I are invited on 29th of November, 2019 at AjAjAj – Midas Touch showcase which will take place in the capital of Sweden.   Who takes care of Midas Touch’s artwork? Everything looks amazing! Raimund Vernica aka Raid, a young man from Bucharest, who always surprises me with his works! Super abstract and crazy. Exactly what I am looking for. Thank you also to Madis Poldsaar for the really cool logo.       Will Midas Touch collaborate also with non-Romanian artists? Of course, I will collaborate also with artists outside Romania, we already have some releases scheduled and even a diversified VA where you’ll meet 3 foreign artists.   Can you tell us when Midas Touch 02 will be available? I don’t know yet, probably in 2020 springtime.   Where can we get Midas Touch releases? Starting from 27th of November, Midas Touch will be available at, Juno and Decks.   Many thanks for the interview and I hope you've enjoyed it!     Words by Miruna Ioana Dan, Francessco Quieti, Dylan Am 

KOI Series debuts in style with "Andromeda" EP by Cristi Murar

The enigmatic KOI Series opens its door for the very first time with a stunning 2-tracker EP by Cluj-Napoca groover Cristi Murar.     Coming from years of experience in the underground music scene, the Italian guys at RE.FACE Records have decided to step on the way to the sky opening a brand new one vinyl-only label. KOI Series overlooks at aesthetic lands of zen gardens, fairy feelings and cherry trees in bloom, and just looking at the artwork, you can immediately see the organic vision behind the whole concept.      Andromeda EP marks a double debut because it's also the first release of this talented Romanian producer under his real name. Previously he had releases with his "ICS" alias on renowned labels such as Sintope, Jargon!, Get Physical and Dirtybird to name a few. The EP is an astonishing and immersive trip with fluffy and ethereal sounds, smooth and happy grooves and manages to condense diverse dancefloor moments in 2 tracks only. We can say that it's the perfect example of the "less is more" motto, because both the tracks are just perfect in every aspect and detail, not making us regret about the absence of two more tracks. A1 "Andromeda" is about dreamy synths and light grooves, while on the flipside, "Mos" is a stomping tune with some serious low-end power which is clearly designed for the dancefloor.

Giovanni Verrina tells us about "All Inn X Years"

Hailing from Genova, Giovanni Verrina is one of the supporting pillars in the Italian scene: in fact, he is part of the prolific and evergreen duo of Verrina & Ventura (also known as Howl Ensemble). Giovanni is also the co-owner and co-founder of Budapest based All Inn Records (alongside Coldfish and Polarize), which without doubts is one of the most successful labels of the last decade. The value of the All Inn artists is just ridiculous but you can spot big names such as Afriqua, Traumer, Ivano Tetelepta, Nastia, Roger Gerresen, Premiesku and Onur Ozer among many others. During those years, the All Inn family has grown, giving life to sister labels All Inn Black, All Inn Limited and Nilla. We've had a lovely chat with Giovanni, talking about the "All Inn X Years" celebrations and what's coming next for him and the label.   And if you're in Rome on 14th Dec, you definitely can't miss the All Inn Records showcase with Verrina & Ventura + Coldfish (live) @ Circolo Degli Illuminati, one of their many label-nights to celebrate the 10 years mark.     Ciao GIovanni! Glad to have you here. You and your label partners have just celebrated 10 years of All Inn, during which you guys have been released almost 200 tracks. Which one is your personal favourite among all of these? Ciao guys! It's so good to be here! It is difficult to say what is the best one, they are all my children - ours if we can say so. What I'm most close to, for different reasons, is definitely the remix I did with my partner in crime Germano (under the Verrina & Ventura alias) for Coldfish. We've felt in love for the track since the first listen, but it wasn't so easy to fit it in our set, so we did a re-edit on the fly without even having the parts, and from that moment I've never stopped playing it and it has rapidly become one of my most played tracks, even though it was not officially released yet. It has been hammered by giants like Ricardo and Rhadoo. I remember to have heard the track four times between night and day during a SW edition.... wow!      How did you choose the artists into the compilation? It was a very natural choice, the long work came later; we asked music to all the artists who had come out with us over the last years, and from there the selection was made as usual following our taste.     How did the name of the label come to your mind? What's the story behind its birth? The label was born out of the need for 10 years to print music that at that time we wanted to buy ourselves, the name was born right here: "All Inn" a box to put inside all the music we've wanted to play, without making big distinctions of genres, although we have always been faithful to a thin but wide line that goes from the house to the micro house.   Tell us a little bit more about "Jeebers", yours and Germano's track on the compilation. It was the choice of the last second as my partner Polarize was playing another one for several months now and it was decided to go with that, which honestly is a really huge one, maybe even too much and was not going to balance the album very well. We've sent him other tracks several times over the months, looking for another possibility that could better represent us, but above all that was more consistent with the rest of the tracks we've already chosen. Running a label with a partner is not easy because, despite over 10 years in the business together, sometimes our tastes are still different. After numerous "back & forth" emails, Jeebers has finally arrived, and apparently it was perfect for almost everyone, I must say that it immediately put us in the agreement since the first listening.     How would you define the "All Inn sound"? It's really hard to define a 10-year journey in a single name, whether it's minimal or house, it has infinite facets that need to be listened to and understood more than just defined and enclosed in a name. During these 10 years, I think that the All Inn sound has changed a lot, but we have always tried to remain consistent with the original sound. One thing that I can clearly affirm, is that we've never followed the fashion of the moment; we went on for 10 years following our taste, sometimes it was universally appreciated, other times less.     With more than 80 releases on the label, I bet you've seen some... Any good or bad memory? Honestly, I can't think of any anecdotes at the moment, just so many good and bad memories and emotions. One of the best things is one you test a new record in a proper club sound system and you fall in love even more than when you had the first listen in your little studio.   Any clues for the future? We would like to release 2 or 3 remix-EPs of the album, making some real "all inn" compilations and trying to have onboard our most beloved artists.     You've done an excellent job on the label as A&R, discovering new talents and giving them the attention that they definitely deserve. Who's the best you've ever found out?  Well, this is up to you! We're always looking for new sounds and we are happy if someone that has previously released with us, being completely unknown, has been later on discovered and appreciated by the rest of the world.   And who's the artist that you haven't released yet? It's not really a name in particular that interests us, but his music. I don't know how much time will pass before making another single EP, there will be so much to work on the remixes, but one above all still remains Ricardo.     After 10 years - a historical milestone given that labels are often short-lived in the industry - you are still on track! Would you ever have imagined it? Any final thanks or shout to a person who has been fundamental to the label in all these 10 years? If you are in love with what you do, you can do nothing but continue, as you can't live without it. Our success, if we can say so, is due to the fact that we've managed to stay current despite the fact that the sound has evolved so quickly. During these 10 years, we have seen so many changes, from minimal to house, passing through electro, and we've tried, despite the various influences, to remain coherent without following the fashion or the trends dictated by the market. First of all, I would like to thank Germano Ventura, who in recent years has become much more than just a friend, as we've shared everything in these years, mixers, planes, hotel rooms, successes and failures, always staying together with positivity. Last but not least, I would also like to thank my two partners Polarize and Coldfish, both fundamental for the existence of the label since day one. In particular, I would like to thank Coldfish that besides giving a fundamental contribution as A&R, has always taken care of the graphics and the site with kindness and patience not of this land.     Long live to All Inn, wish you guys 10 years more!     Words by Francesco Quieti

Music Review: Grec - Climacool EP [MINIM Records 006]

Grec - Climacool EP [Minim Records 006]   Pre-order on Listen to the premiere of Grec - TC90:       NYC based MINIM is back with 006 in their vinyl-only series. This time around they welcome a young Ukrainian by the name of Grec to showcase his debut ‘Climacool EP.’ We kick things off with the title track ‘Climacool’ which is a high energy, astral journey through space and time. A low rumbling bass, a chest-thumping kick drum and starry notes all interlace to deliver a dancefloor mover.         Legendary Derek Carr turns out a toned-down remix but still packs enough to find it’s way into most DJ’s record bags. A sundrenched interpretation that really hits the spot! TC90 is another fast-paced trip which twists and turns with finely programmed drums, jacked out percussion, high pitch squeals and a lovely yet haunting vocal that makes for an enjoyable listen. TIJN delivers the remix on this one and has done a great job of stripping this back with skippy hats, atmospheric pads and a groove to get any floor moving!    

Music Review: Cristi Murar - Andromeda EP [KOI Series 001]

Cristi Murar - Andromeda EP [Koi Series 001]   Available now on Listen to the premiere of Cristi Murar - Mos:       The enigmatic KOI Series opens its door for the very first time with a stunning 2-tracker EP by Cluj-Napoca groover Cristi Murar. Coming from years of experience in the underground music scene, the Italian guys at RE.FACE Records have decided to step on the way to the sky opening a brand new one vinyl-only label. KOI Series overlooks at aesthetic lands of zen gardens, fairy feelings and cherry trees in bloom, and just looking at the artwork, you can immediately see the organic vision behind the whole concept.       Andromeda EP sees the Romanian producer working under his real name for the very first time; previously he had releases with his "ICS" alias on renowned labels such as Sintope, Jargon!, Get Physical and Dirtybird to name a few. The EP is an astonishing and immersive trip with fluffy and ethereal sounds, smooth and happy grooves and manages to condense diverse dancefloor moments in 2 tracks only. We can say that it's the perfect example of the "less is more" motto, because both the tracks are just perfect in every aspect and detail, not making us regret about the absence of two more works.A1 "Andromeda" is about dreamy synths and light grooves, while on the flipside, "Mos" is a stomping tune with some serious low-end power which is clearly designed for the dancefloor.  

Music Review: St. Joseph - Player Nr. 1 EP [Dokutoku Records 006]

St. Joseph - Player Nr. 1 [Dokutoku Records 006]   Available now on Listen to the premiere of St. Joseph - Feel (Arno aka Einzelkind Remix):   For their 6th instalment, Katie Drover’s label Dokutoku Records brings us a sublime EP from the talented and Tini & The Gang member St. Joseph with his ‘Player Nr. 1 EP.’ Three delicious original tracks along with an infectious, groovy number turned out by Arno (aka Einzelkind) complete the package.     We kick the A-side off with ‘Feel’ which is a slow, hypnotic rolling track you’d expect to hear in a basement club in the early hours. A bouncy b-line mixed with drawn on Rhodes notes really take us on a voyage of self-discovery, which leads into ‘Random,’ a jazzy track that sounds like it was produced back in the hay day of the ’90s. Seriously good! The B side really takes things up a gear with Arno's (better known as Einzelkind) remix which is a peak time number that you’ll find hard not to move to. What’s surprising about this is that Arno actually created his version without the benefit of the original parts, giving life to a monstrous track over its 10 minutes ride …very impressive! Rounding off the package is ‘Player Nr 1’, a chuggy, slowed-down groover, providing a lovely 3-minute interlude to close the EP in style.   P.S. Don't forget to check out Katie Drover's exclusive Live Moments Episode on our Soundcloud channel!

Ampere will host once more the renowned [a:rpia:r] label showcase in Antwerp, Belgium on Friday December 6th

Ampere will host once more the renowned [a:rpia:r] label showcase in Antwerp, Belgium on Friday December 6th, another impressive event to their list after their recent Ampere Open Air festival edition. Both definite highlights to the Belge nightlife and culture. [a:rpia:r] is one of the most established and prolific Romanian record labels currently in the global music scene, and is what some of us may refer to as, the whole package deal: concept driven, top quality artists and beautiful music. Part of their not so secret success is the fact that the label operates as a sort of family of superb artists and friends (Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh), which unmistakably translates their distinctive energy to the dancefloor. Each of their founding members is considered as one of few unmissable microhouse and minimal house acts by an international audience due to their high technical skills and ground-breaking sound. The commitment and integrity to music the label has is remarkable, evidenced throughout the whole [a:rpia:r] universe, every release, individual artist performance or as their collective DJ super group, RPR Soundsystem, is unique and unprecedented. The latter format, is a three-way back to back DJ set, that works as a powerful dynamic whole that complements itself from the conjunction of each of their artists’ signature style. Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh, are some of the most appreciated artists of the Romanian minimal wave as they keep pushing their sound and craft to new frontiers, always delivering exceptional music to audiences worldwide and Ampere’s [a:rpia:r] showcase will certainly be a night to remember. Get your Ticket, Book your Flight and see you on the Dancefloor Tickets HERE FACEBOOK EVENTFACEBOOK EVENT Words: Daniel

Oshana: Midwest-electro beats from Partisan ensign | + exclusive mix

Berlin-based and American born artist Oshana is one of those artists to watch closely in 2020, as she has gained recognition in the minimal/house movement in recent years through her flawless mixing and unique production style. Having released on recognized imprints like Partisan, Brouqade, BodyParts among others, Oshana is one of the resident DJs for the Partisan parties at the infamous Club Der Visionaere in Berlin. She's also keeping an active touring schedule, with appearances at Robert Johnson, Fuse Brussel, Concrete, Output in NYC and many more. Always blending between retro-acid-Italo beats, electro and old-school house, Oshana is a proper charismatic artist and we're so happy to have her on Meoko to talk about life, career and future projects.   Oshana has just made a special mix for us, click HERE to listen to it!     How have your midwest-American roots have influenced your musical background and music? What are some of your early musical influences and first electronic music artists that you've started listening to? Growing up in the Midwest played a large role in my musical background.  I started at a very young age before the internet era, so the music I collected was confined to the music stores around me, the music my older brothers friends gave me, and the music I heard while watching Canadian dance TV shows. I wasn't old enough to go to raves and clubs, so I had very little resources at my disposal. Some of my earliest influences were Sasha and Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox and Armand Van Helden. And, When I was finally old enough to go cutting, I expanded my musical knowledge by checking our artists from Detroit and Chicago that would pass by my city. DJ's like DJ Dan, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Richie Hawtin, Magda and the entire Minus crew influenced me to follow my pursuits in DJ'ing and host local club nights. , Magda and the entire Minus crew influenced me to follow my pursuits in DJ'ing and host local club nights. When did you get involved with music production and djing? I started collecting and playing records at 11 years old in 1996, but I didn't learn the proper art of DJ'ing until 2003. With productions, I started experimenting around 2007.  However, I didn't fully commit myself to music production until 2011 when I was 26.   What are your current sources of inspiration? Early 90's, stripped-back, acid house and techno music as well as Detroit techno from the same era. I'm also really inspired by the late 90's Italo-house music.     What are some of the things you enjoy most from djing and producing? As a DJ, I love the feeling of discovering new music that really excites me. I also really enjoy taking people on a journey and experiencing the "oneness" that comes from connecting on the same energy level as the crowd. This is the moment that re-affirms everything for me, as I feel totally in sync as the crowd.  As for production, what I most enjoy is the creative process and achieving a state of "flow". Production has always been a way to express myself in ways that words never could. But beyond my own desires, the creative process keeps me totally grounded. I can spend hours jamming away in a studio and lose my sense of time and reality. The moment I completely detach myself from these constraints, I start to follow. Ideas start to flood in and before I know the track is finished. so, if I could sum it all up, I'd say what I love most about DJ'ing and production is that it connects me to others and my higher purpose.  It also allows me to detach from myself and remind me of what's really important in life.   What music do you listen to currently? This is probably one of the most diverse musical periods for me. While I love older Midwest house and techno music, I find some of the newer electro and house music producers to be very inspiring. They've extracted what they know from previous musical periods and talent it to a whole new level by creating 'playable' music. They make interesting music that's arranged for the dance floor and produced at a frequency that is perfectly suited to meet the sound system.     Recommendations of artists to watch? There's way too many to list. This might sound partial, but I really love the artists Anthea has chosen for Partisan. Apart from these artists, I'm playing a lot of music from Etienne, TC80, Z@p, Pelle, Reade Truth, GOSU's artists, Huerta and Gene on Earth. I'm sure I am forgetting several artists, but there's just too many to list.   What is the most difficult part of being a touring DJ and producer? In my own experience, I would say time management, sleep deprivation, and maintaining positive mental heal. Touring is one of the best parts about being a DJ and producer, but it's incredibly taxing on the mind and body if you don't manage a proper diet, take time to rest, and boost your spirits.     What is happening right now in your career? So much has happened in the last year. In many aspects, I have turned over a new leaf, I've changed agencies, refined my musical selection, started setting up my own label, and re-adjusted my workflow. I've grown so much in the last year and this next phase will be even better than the last. I'm very excited to showcase what's coming next.   After huge releases on labels like Partisan, Brouqade and yoyaku, what is next in your career? Any future projects or releases? For the moment, I am concentrating the bulk of my material for my own label. It'll be my first solo label endeavour, so I'm taking my time to ensure that the music is diverse, transformative and all of the artists I am today.     What excites you the most from your career? Everything. I love my career. I constantly feel challenged to grow as a DJ and a producer, so I'm always learning new things and adapting my musical taste. Beyond the creative aspect, there are so many incredible perks of the job. Living from my passion, travelling around the world, and connecting with fans face-to-face are opportunities that I'm really grateful for.     Words by Daniel Ordonez

The Sunday Bunch at StarLane (London) with Harry Mccanna

The Sunday Bunch, with the support of Meoko London and Dram Atic, are starting the winter in London with a warm event at StarLane Pizza Bar.  Based on a strong history in organizing events and well known in Bulgaria, they are now crossing the boarders to share their concept way and beyond. T heir passion in music and creativity are making special moments characterized by joy, high quality music and a great atmosphere. Event’s headliner will be Harry Mccanna. Full artist, DJ and producer, based in London, he creates a bridge between minimal, stripped-back house and techno which makes his music and performance unique. He managed to bring his sets not only in London but also throughout UK, Spain, Belgium or Australia. Besides his acts, he is one of the co-founders of the local party and imprint NorthSouth. Putting all together, Harry Mccanna is always promising a good party. Alongside Harry, you will meet Alexandar Kyosev, house and techno DJ and producer from Bulgaria, who manages Caph label. The day will be completed by the amazing set of Mario Milev, Bulgarian artist known for this great performance in Sofia and the explosive b2b with Slavi Peev, Co-Founder at Friends from AFAR and Georgi, Founder of the The Sunday Bunch.   Make your Sunday Bunch on 8th of December, 2019 at StarLane.   Event Info HERE   Words: Dan Miruna    

A 'Music Through Pictures Journey' with Thomas Melchior

It's easy to lose sight of just how much Thomas Melchior has produced over his time within the music industry.  Diving deeper and more intimately involved with his music over the course of a 20+ year career, Melchior has embraced the challenges and time required to create something memorable and worthwhile. Melchior first made a name for himself in the beginning of the 90’s releasing on Aphex Twins’ Rephlex label as part of electronica duo Vulva together with Tim Hutton, and later as Yoni on Move D’s Source Records.  To top this up Thomas and Baby Ford reduced house music to its thinnest yet deepest elements and released music as Sunpeople, Soul Capsule, and part of the Ifach Collective and M-Core initially only on Trelik and Ifach but later on his own label Aspect Music. Member of Villalobos’ Narod Niki, Melchior ‘s work also includes collaborations with Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Bruno Pronsato, Zip and Fumiya Tanaka to name a few.  As Melchior Productions, Thomas became one of the pillars of the minimal house movement on Perlon, Playhouse, a:rpia:r, Smallville and Cadenza. He remains one of the undergrounds true visionaries - an esteemed veteran, and master of the wheels of steel. Music Through Pictures is where we attempt to highlight the relationship between art, sound, images and music whilst also getting an insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers... 1.  A deep space, the alien sunrise is where I want to be 2. Sometimes I feel lonely and longing for someone to take my hand.   3. The moon and the tides and the emotions and feelings. Just life 4. The time disappears while you are dancing   5. WARNING: only fools fall in love 6. A wall full of Perlon 7.   There is a kind of magic in nature that will amaze you 8. California dreaming 9. Surreal abstractions, it's a mad world 10. School of fish 11. Dance, you can make your best spiritual experience.    Thomas Melchior Soundcloud Thomas Melchior Facebook      by Denny Kem / Dyl

Yaya drops his debut album "You Decide" on own label Tamango Records

Italy's Yaya has been on a roll in the scene over the last 10 years with prestigious tracks on Desolat, Cadenza and Celesta to name a few. He's managed to create a recognizable and distinctive sound right away, characterized by excellent use of percussive and melodic elements, always crafting pure dancefloor-pleasure tunes, and founding his label Tamango Records in 2016 was just a matter of time.   Today, we bring to you the man himself who's about to drop tomorrow his debut album "You Decide" on Tamango Records, which consists of an exclusive 2x12" vinyl LP.    Don't forget to listen to the exclusive MEOKO premiere of "Yaya - Black Mamba" and his latest podcast he's just made for us!      Ciao Yaya! You're finally about to release your first album! How do you feel about that and why did you wait for so long? Hey guys! Thanks for having me on, I'm sooo excited and happily nervous about that. I can't believe that it's finally dropping tomorrow! I think that the wait was worth it. It was a personal choice as in the past I had many occasions to release it, but I didn't think it was the right time, unlike now.      We've listened to the album which has a clear and distinctive sound, which can be immediately associated with your trademark style. Despite this, you've been able to reach the perfect balance between your "new sound" without forgetting your more minimal-percussive roots. How was this possible? Which is the most significant track on the album? I think that "Ebi Awon" is both the perfect track to describe the way I approach my work in the studio and the most significant one in terms of sentimental value if you go that way. I’m very close to this track which is the most important of the album for me because it has involved all my family and I some sweet memories of the days I’ve spent working on it. Once fulfilled with the groove and the bassline, I've been joined by my sisters in my Berlin studio and after finding some good lyrics to add to the track, we've called our aunt in Africa to let us translate in Yoruba. After that, I've recorded my sisters' beautiful vocal parts and I think that these Yoruba chants add some real fire to the track. The text is about the values of the family, which for me continues to be the most important thing: that's why having involved both of my sisters in this track is so relevant to me.   You've worked on this album for 1 year circa. Have you mostly created this album sitting on your studio chair or touring around the world? I think that I've started each track outside of my studio, just using my laptop and a controller, even if I was attending on my plane or returning to the hotel after some serious after-hour moments! Each track has its own story and I hope you can feel the inspiration that led me to create them. I can say that this album is almost a round-trip around the world, as some tracks were born from the Maldives to India, from Miami to Berlin.     Apart from the vocal contributes of your sisters, within the album, there are no collaborations with other producers. It seems that you had a wonderful time working with them. Will you "use" them again in the future? Of course, I will! Working with my sisters was such a funny experience and I definitely will work with Karice and Mayery again.   Will "You Decide" be followed by a remix album? It's still too early to talk about a remix album since the original hasn't even come out yet,  but I can tell you that it will be another double vinyl with some really interesting names.     If you had to release another album, not produced by yourself, on Tamango Records, who would you like to "host", as a label owner? That's a pretty hard question, but I'd say Audio Werner because he's one of my favourite producers ever!    Any final shoutout or anticipation for what's coming next? I would like to thank all my team at Artist Alife in particular Loco Dice, Leo Duarte and Grace who always know how to motivate me and give me the best advice on how improve myself both as a person and as an artist, and obviously also Francesco Quieti who is giving me a big help on managing my label.      Words by Francesco Quieti
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