WIN Two Tickets to COSMO Festival

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MEOKO is offering you and a friend the opportunity to win tickets to Cosmo Festival in the beautiful city of Rome! Returning for it’s second year, this epic New Years Eve celebration stretches across two days, four venues (all within walking distance) and will accommodate over 10,000 people.


The incredibly talented Âme has been confirmed and will be performing live, alongside the amazing Chris Liebing, super-producer Ilario Alicante and the universally- popular Joseph Capriati.


Joining them is the HYTE regular Loco Dice while Nina Kraviz will be fuelling the party with her iconic acid-tinged soundscapes together with internationally famed dynamic duo Pan-Pot.


Then there’s Monoloc, who’s just released a phenomenal second album, owner of Musical Metaphor Luca Ballerini, and the dream-like Avalon Emerson rounding off this stellar line-up.


To be in with a chance of winning tickets to is promised to be an unforgettable evening, simply like and share the Facebook post followed by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with COSMO festival as the subject heading.

We would like to take the time to thank organisers, and if you’d like to find out some more about the event, including locations and time, check out Cosmo Festival’s Facebook page. Good luck!




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MEOKO ON WAX - Win 100+ Vinyl.

 final main art

Yes, what you are seeing is certainly real.

Before we get started we would like to say a huge thank you to every single last person that has got behind this competition so far. The kind contributions from such an amazing array of artists, labels, PR teams, and distribution companies has paved the way for us to create something truly wonderful, together.

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Working alongsie  our partners, Point Blank, a legendary name in the business, providing high quality education about the music industry, a perfect stepping stone if looking to make a break. Distortion London, a unique and exciting party in London, looking to shape the underground scene for the better. Also we are accompanied by two of the hottest festivals in the world Sonus Festival the Croatian techno paradise and Rave on Snow up in the Austrian alps, providing the perfect backdrop to a crazy party.

Together over the space of many months we have round up an unbelievable selection of wax that ONE extremely lucky winner will get their hands on. Whether it’s an old record, or something that’s hot off the press we are bringing the noise with this one.

For the diggers & selectors, the enthusiasts & collectors…this is for you. The opportunity to WIN 100+ vinyls.

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Have a Dig…

Who knows what you might find. Some tasty treats arranged by Dispersion’s PR team is for sure, Romanian duo Ada Kaleh and Sepp bringing there sincere hypnotic minimal sound in their recent collaboration. A perfect blend of artists in Akbals VA – Ten years of AkbalAkbal, celebrating this milestone with the likes of Doubting Thomas, Sascha Dive, and Ray Okpara. Italian producer Katal proves his natural ear for groove in his Diamond Ep with a much deeper remix from Tijn. London based Pierre Codarin’’s exciting second release on his own imprint, as he continues to make waves amongst the scene.

Julien Sandre and Italian duo Konstress combined make the successful brand called Blindbox. We have for you the third release on their own imprint, coming from themselves, and the legendary Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez who are on remix duty. The 4th release they step aside and let new kid on the block Lopaski show what his got, including a dreamy twist of ‘Bon Voyage’ from the SIT boys. The Neapolitan combo of Konstress have their first release on the label, smooth grooves accompanied by some crazy pizza artwork.




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Have a Dig continued ...

Cab drivers are always a winner, the Correspondance EP rocking with a huge Audio Werner remake on the flip side. Talking of remixes Todd TerjeSnooze 4 Love is giving a once over by innervisions leader Dixon and Luke Abbott on the b side. MR KS taking you on a trip in his release on Music is Love last year, Point G also making an appearance. Rumbling sidewinders from Dan Farserelli & Seb Zito as they form for a second release as their alias F&Z. Swing recordings boss Mark Henning’s ‘Skip the wine’ screams the signature sound we are so familiar with from the German producer.

‘Polhammer’ by Alex Celler has been thumped out by top selectors ever since its’s release, two powerful but trippy masterpieces in this EP.


Keeping it Fresh…

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Natural and raw. Outer space crew Planetary notions ‘Search the Skies’ slick minimal sound, in comparison to the B side ‘Lovers Fall’ with some powerful vocals. Abartik, a Swiss label with an outstanding third release, this time from Brett Jacobs, familiar rolling beats in ‘Law of Averages’ with iO (Mulen) laying down his interpretation. The OdD boys bring their chunky sound in ‘Tapes of Old 2’ a deep delve inside the vaults of the London based duo. Under the OdD umbrella comes Urgent, after a handful of releases on the label Deego Fresh provides us with four sweet sounding Dj tools. Italian artist Lorenzo Chiabotti, turning it up with bouncy obscure movements, on the latest Amaniel release.

Oshana’s multiverse ep is a dynamic release, as she dabbles with tough sounding rhythms, undeniable talent from the NYC gal. Another female mover Julia Govor makes an appearance on BP Mind Series with the driving ‘Open Possibility’. Two hefty remixes from Kamran Sadeghi and the Wizard himself Ricardo Villalobos add to this mega release.


RAVE ON SNOW - Click here


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Keeping it Fresh Continued ...

Known for its forward thinking outlook Tzinah Records have prepared a fantastic VA of after hours material, featuring Nima Gorji, Adrianho, U-More and Posh111. Young label making movements in within the underground HUND Records has a bright future, Dubfluss & Phatool team up, whilst they have Fabe and Alci doing things their way. Inspiring Romanian producer Faster, with the next instalment on his own label, smooth minimal magic, from himself and the legendary Rhadoo. An analogue heavy affair in ‘Selfless machines LP sampler’. from British Producer T. Wiltshire, a sample of eight different sounds really proving his mature capability in the studio. First album on London based Tender Hooks.

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Old School Rules!

We couldn’t have something this special without some retro sounds. Starting off with some 20:20 Vision love from ’95 and ’97, ‘Lifeforce’ is ready for all dancefloor situations. ‘The Future Remembrance EP’ has some real gems especially the Lifestyle Mix. SSR records, released the ‘Glyph Remixes’ in ’96 with a moving deep mix from one of the most appreciated producers in the scene, Herbert.

Alola Records has been running for over 20 years, providing hypnotic house for music lovers all over the world. 16B Productions came through with ‘Secrets’ in 1996, mellow house beats. Loudeast’s ‘Afterdark EP’ and Vince Watson’s ‘beneath the sound’ both came in 2001. In 2006 Omid16B also provided us with a soundtrack on Sex On Wax, a gripping EP with dark funk influences. Also from this label we have ‘The idiots – Dogman’ ferocious basslines, warehouse vibe. Such a special VA is included from ’98 on plank records, 8 tracks of dubbed out house tracks, and crowd pleasers from the likes of Bushwacka! & Nathan Coles.


PB wax




Since 2000 Robsoul Recording and main man Phil Weeks have been at the top of their game. Blissful house grooves blended perfectly with the French flair their natives seem to have. A handful from their huge catalogue, ‘It Put Me Well remixes’ has a serious party feel to it with Fred Everything and David Duriez doing the business. On the tech house side of life ‘Feel like Dancin’ EP’ is ready to go in the club, ‘Jack03D’ is a real swinger. 2004’s Candela Remixes from DJ Sneak and Yousef provide a true feel to what house music really had become by this time. Classic Sneak. A mystery white label rounds off the Robsoul package, who knows what’s in store with this one.

vinyl is new digital final

Vinyl is the new Digital

Based in France, Adult Only is known for its fresh grooves, and this is no different with these two releases. In 2001 The Logic Box came by with ‘Morph Cross’. Super in your face sounds. More recently the killer combination of Apollonia’s Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier ‘Just a Sin EP’ caught attention from dancefloors all over the world. Diego Krause remix is special. Rhythm Operator’s typical Garage/House sound in Illuminate your soul on the fantastic Axe On Wax. Includes Liam Geddes remix. Keeping it Axe, we also have a VA from last year, ‘Raw Axes’ containing two tracks each from Cera Alba and Rosenhaft. Only on its second release so far Frame Sounds have already began to make some serious movements with huge support from top artists, we particularly love KOKO-OKOK, tripped out minimal magic.

Now we have some extra special debut releases from labels we already begun to love. Roche Madame 001 created by C.S.R getting deep and groovy, dreamy percussions in T-Jam. The extremely talented Mariano Mateljan brings together Kladdkaka Parts one & two on Gilesku Records, tight productions as always from the Croatian. An infectious vibe throughout. Five Finger Records first release is from Chris Geschwindner, intelligent arrangements triggering off dub grooves. Heavier vibes coming from Art of Memory with Nico Purman as he takes us on another two part journey, thumping spaced out rhythms.



Based in Berlin OFFTG distribution umbrella over a serious selection of high quality artists and brands. Including the likes of Half Baked, Discobar and Bass Cadet Records. Working hard to always bring the best they can, using the best format. Vinyl. 15192791 10211095636651695 8027545894936569256 n

On the cards are two releases on Semper Memor, true reflection of techno ambience throughout ‘Lights of the Neu Detroit’ by DLS and ‘Isyan’ by Kader Yani. Founder of Bass Cadet Records Arcarsenal creating an uplifting EP made for the trip, and it goes by the name of Hoodoo Spell. Also from this label, Tolga Fidan has curated some deep down dub ready for the peak time party with ‘Fra-B-C’. Birdsmakingmachine are always pushing their sound to unique boundaries and their fifth and sixth release are up for grabs. ‘Inland Sickness’ has gained huge support in the last few years. After party material with Blkmarket Membership. Sergio Dimoff with ‘Black Cell’ and Todd Sines producing ‘Envelop’. Both EP’s are beautiful in their own right, definitely for trained ears. Discobar has picked up such a great reputation amongst the underground heads, Toba’s curious sounds breathing life in to the wings of some punchy percussions. Oh and it’s a 10” special.

sweet vibrations finqal

Sweet Vibrations

As if this wasn’t enough so far, we continue the vibrations only of the sweetest variety. Half Baked Records have become an integral part of not only the London scene but have also gained worldwide recognition. 007, 008 and 009 from their label could be yours. That signature HB sound, with Rainer, Pap inc and the legendary Mike Huckaby. Manimal from the three residents has an amazing feel, for all situations. Is also very hard to let go of the ‘Shifting Gears’ from Mike Huckaby as the wax is the print of their famous bicycle logo.

Always encouraging exploration Archipel, give you the chance to see what they have on offer in three mega releases. Pineland (Giash and Pheek) curate an immersive sound, taking over your mind body and soul. BJNJ’s abstract environment is presented in ‘Preludes’ six interpretations all under one name. Chunky minimal movements from EEEB in ‘Spiruline’.

East End Dubs ‘Tools Vol.5’ is one release from the huge series he has created, the tracks are untitled leaving it all to the listener’s imagination. No surprise that each track tell its own story so perfectly. On his very own imprint ‘Eastenderz’ the London based producer with three tracks showcasing his raw talent for tight drums and wobbling basslines. ENDZ006.

Leftback Records have a fine eye for up and coming artists emerging through the underground. Volume 1 sampler part 1 And 2 create a platform for a terrific range of records, typically minimal is the word, but each track will take you down a different road. Featuring Harry McCanna, Tijn, Ittetsu, Matthew Burton and more. The 9th release from the creative imprint comes from Romanian producer Groovesh, groovy rolling beats, ‘Glowing’ will kick up a fuss at any party. Dudley Strangeways and Michael Mclardy take care of business on the tenth release. As co-founders of the label they create a personal feel, charming sounds, welcoming you to the world of Leftback. ‘What’s Wrong’ BOMB!


Keep it Rolling…

With Berlin based Lucidflow, neatly wrapped up amongst this huge package of wax. Founders Klartraum deliver the goods in Secret Moon Wax Edition pt. 2. A raw vibe in ‘What Will We Become’ from Justin Berkovi, creating special dancefloor moments.

Special sounds, from the eclectic Nima Gorji on his own imprint NG Trax, ‘Nima Gorji & Friends’. A side ‘Midnight Ridazz’ would rumble through the right system. On the flip he teams up with friends Kevin Cook and Ody Arts. Gorji also runs his label Welt Recordings. Pascal Benjamin ‘No Limit’ and Kamran Sadeghi ‘Feel Human’ could also be one. Artistic, abstract, taking your mind far away. After hours time.

 15181189 10211095626571443 8402424124355346935 n

A back catalogue like no other, a pioneer of the deep house sound, Enrico Mantini’s Milestones album is a perfect release on his own label, Down Da Mountains. 2 x 12” made up of songs he released in between 2012 & 2014. Serious grooves. Pink and Purple wax looking great when it spins. Howl Ensemble, ‘Tre’ uses trippy vocals and breaks, creating an atmospheric sound, punchy grooves keep you in line. On the fantastic HOWL. Straight up techno cuts from Greek Producer Nikola Gala, Komplex 1 & 2 made for the big room. Jansons dabble in the house side of things on the remix. London based Moodtrap dropping crunching drum beats, and unique chords, ‘Make it Better’ on Lower East. We love the Gerd rough sounding dub, straight to the point kicks. The label boss Cozzy D’s analoque driven sound in ‘4d’ complimented by a Trikk edit.

Fun Records third release coming from boss, Barem. ‘Nuf’ lives up to the fun expectations, super sounding dancefloor cuts, warm and charming. Always ready to roll. Christian Burkhardt also bringing his sound to the table. The debut release from Nathan Oye ‘The Weirding Module’ is even more special than first appears as it is the first release on his own sound movement ‘Echoes_’ a follow on from the successful Belgian party. Covering all corners within all things minimal, intelligent sounds.

Class is the Word

class is the word final

First comes Blaq Numbers, a platform for experimental vibes, smooth, jazzy, house you name it. Blaq Satin trax a VA for all aspects of life, from the living room to the club. Funky flavours in Kings & Queens from Matthias Fiedler & Carlo. Sweet sax taking you on a journey, five versions of speakerbox, all perfect in their own way. Then comes Whyte Numbers the sister label. Diverse house cuts all round from Interstate. ‘Want this groove to never end’ sounding mega.

An unknown group of artists combine for Organic Transmission on the prestigious techno label Vakant. A journey to space and back. Watergate Records is known for welcoming new projects on board, a prime example of this is the debut release of LoYoTo. The ‘Lonely Young Tourist Ep’ is a blissful blend of classic house vocals, and uplifting rhythms. CB Sessions, a concept from the famous artist Christian Burkhardt, a string of releases of live jams and studio time with close friends and fellow producers. ‘Non Stop’ bouncing dancefloor moments created by the German, opening track has to be one of the smoothest tracks we have heard in a long time.

Constantly going from strength to strength, and an integral part of the underground scene, Dana Ruh is involved amongst many different projects and labels. Her release earlier this year on HOWL was extremely popular, deep and powerful, with the groove at the heart of every track. ‘The Red Tapes’ on Cave Recordings, will have you shaking your hips, all three tracks perfect peak time vibrations. Can’t single out just one track we love here. New and curious label Growin’ Music always keeping it fresh with release from S.A.M and DLSK. A certain atmosphere is created with this imprint and both of these releases capture just that.

No introduction needed as we round off this section with two major releases from long time popular brand Moon Harbour Recordings. Featuring ‘Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.7’ and ‘Ten years – remixed’. Family at its finest. Part of the ‘Inhouse’ series there is a collection of beautiful variation, party tunes, big build ups, and the classic tech house sound they have made us so familiar with. Debuts on the label from Anja Schneider and Ninetoes. An incredible ten years have passed with Luna City Express, and to celebrate this a very special release was curated, containing a selection of remixes of the German duos greatest records. Einzelkind remix sounding super.

meoko loves mobilee final


The innovative label has been running for over ten years, setting the bar in all strains of electronic sound. Due to their kind hearted nature and ability to maintain their classy feel, in and outside the club, we are able to make a package of some of the greatest releases the label has to offer from over the years. A fantastic mixture artists, friends and collaborations.

Crunching drum kicks, in Dan Curtin’s Beat Fiend from 2009. Laced with broken vocals in ‘Amphibian’. Martin Czubala’s ‘Berolina’ is a dark track, with euphoric pads carrying the track. The voices in control grasp the ideas of the listener. Russ Gabriel remix. Venezuelan wizard Argenis Brito teams up with Miguel Toro for ‘Black Shoes’, lively percussions swinging the funk in both tracks. ‘React’ is a two track EP from Russ Gabriel. ‘The Fall Guy’ stays true to its name, a serious sound sucking the listener in from the off. Fulfilling the dancefloors desires is Hector Couto ‘What the Hec?’. Full of energy, setting the mood right. Household name of the UK Scene Geddes has a long term relationship with Mobilee. The 99th release ‘you gotta be’. Outer space vibes ripple through the tracks, as Geddes keeps it grooving.

Label favourite Ray Okpara, proves his ability to produce at all kinds of levels in ‘Good Time Part II’. Eight tracks from the German, hypnotic, setting a special atmosphere. In 2013 Re.You released both ‘Anyways’ and ‘Do I Know You’. The title track of the ‘Anyways’ EP is an uplifting journey, genius. Rampa on the B side, providing his trademark tribal feel. And.ID continues to make appearances amongst all the Mobilee commotion, ‘Eternal Return’ is an 8 track album showcasing his organic talent. Work (90’s pressure mix) sounding heavy with an industrial feel. ‘Isalos’ is a bonus track on the wax version.

Amber – Waves of Grain’ oozing the fresh Mobilee feel. Timeless music, ‘Space’ will be rocking any given party. Dutch live specialist William Kouam Djoko came through in 2014 with ‘Satisfied’ a truly special release, ‘Mold Trip’ setting the tone before ‘Like the sun you see sound’ comes through with some nifty funk. Most recent from the MEOKO loves MEOKO parcel comes co-founder of the label Anja Schneiders ‘Circle Culture’, her ability to read the listeners needs prevails again in this three track EP. Heady techno tracks, with a hint of euphoric breaks for your pleasure.

The set wouldn’t be complete without a couple of records from Mobilee sub label Leena. The year it launched Holger Zilske left nothing to the imagination in ‘Enduro Disco’. Dan curtin’s ‘Pull Up’ and ‘Louder Elvis’ from Agnes & Lee van Dowski give a true reflection of the sound this imprint pushes, and represents worldwide. Feel the funk in Belgian producer Jona’s ‘This Time EP’. One you could show your dad and it would still be appreciated. Three interpretations of ‘Waiting for Nina’ give the listener the chance to swan down whatever route they fancy. C-Rock & Patrick Kunkel with the Night, Noon and day mix.



 DISTORTION Info Click Here

Tickets & Upcoming Events 


Not for the faint hearted hey? A vinyl junkies dream will come true somewhere in the world. To enter is so simple, yet the prize is so crazy. Again, we couldn’t have done this without the kindness of everyone involved. To Enter this amazing compeition, follow three steps;

LIKE AND SHARE the pinned MEOKO ON WAX post on MEOKO Facebook page FOLLOWED BY EMAILING This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with MEOKO ON WAX as the subject heading.


Terms and Conditions -  Prize is collected and delivery arranged by winner from the UK.




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Half Baked's 7 Years of Love Birthday Celebration & Mega Competition

HB7 Banner

Grab yourself a party hat, and put on your dancing shoes as we celebrate the 7th birthday of the much loved Half Baked. And what a 7 years it has been. They are known worldwide for the contagious vibe they bring time and time again, always keeping it fresh, bringing to you the creativity and ideas of the family they have grown over the years.


To celebrate this momentous occasion they have curated something beyond even the craziest music lovers imagination. A heavyweight line up of carefully selected artists have been called upon, giving a true reflection of what the party is about, representing the journey they have been on since their birth back in 2009. On the 26th November, playing host to the biggest birthday party of the year is the unique and industrial south east London rave space, Great Suffolk St Warehouse. Yes, you did hear that right.


Arches 1:
[a:rpia:r] Soundsystem (Raresh b2b Petre Inspirescu b2b Rhadoo)
Visuals by Dreamrec
Arches 2 : Half Baked @ Fairchild Carpark
Margaret Dygas [Perlon]
Sammy Dee [Perlon / Ultrastretch]
Pap Inc (aka Seuil b2b Le Loup b2b Robin Ordell) [Half Baked Records / Eklo Music]
Greg Brockmann [Half Baked Records]
Arches 3 : Half Baked Records
ToFu Productions (aka Melchior Productions Ltd. b2b Fumiya Tanaka [Perlon]
Mike Shannon [Half Baked Records / Cynosure Recordings]
Cabanne b2b Lowris [CONCRETE]
Special Guest TBA .


Not only is it a rare occasion for this amazing warehouse being put to such great use, it is even more of a rarity to see the three headliners touching down in London, all at the same time. After all of them making individual appearances at Half Baked parties spread out across the year, it seems more than fitting that [a:rpia:r] sound system will be taking you on all night long journey. Deep in the depths of these special tunnels the perfect blend of bouncy minimal grooves will be thrown down by Raresh, PetreInspirescu and Rhadoo. The Romanian trio always bring such an unbelievable vibe, and we can assure you, you really don’t want to miss this.


It wouldn’t be a real birthday party without some Perlon love, would it? The mistress, Margaret Dygas will be bringing her eclectic sounds, as she touches on all corners of the electronic world. Followed by the master, with a pure genius back catalogue, Sammy Dee will be dabbling in all kinds of obscure sounds, pushing the boundaries as he does best. Rumbling their sounds through the warehouse space, will be dynamic duo ToFu Productions (Fumiya Tanaka & Thomas Melchior) playing together all over the world, and both with years of experience this is guaranteed magic.


Time for the groove. The killer combination of Seuil, Le Loup and long term Half Baked resident Robin Ordell Aka Pap Inc will be supplying you with warm loops and crazy house cuts. Cabanne&Lowris have built a strong relationship moving the dance floor of Concrete, Paris regularly on a Sunday so it will be fantastic to experience the chemistry within the brick arches of London. With previous releases on the label and a long term friendship with the Half Baked familia it is great to see Mike Shannon will be showing his face for the Birthday bash. And of course Half Baked main guy, Greg Brockmann’s experimental sounds will be unleashed, and we are sure he will have even more tricks up his sleeve for this milestone event.


Luckily for you, we have teamed up with Half Baked for a birthday bonanza competition, including tickets, some vinyl releases, and lots of other treats. All you have to do is email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your first ever Half Baked memory.

Up for grabs is:

  • 2x Tickets To the Birthday Bash 
  • 1x copy of HB009
  • 1x copy of HB008
  • 1x copy of HB007
  • 1x Half Baked T shirt
  • 1x Half Baked Tote bag
  • a few more Half Baked goodies. 


HB 7bday


Here’s to many more years of Half Baked, thank you for the memories, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Half Baked's 7 Years of Love Facebook Event

Half Baked's 7 Years of Love Tickets

Word by Zac




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RAVE ON SNOW Competition: WIN a pair of tickets

ROS Banner 2

On December 8-11th RaveOnSnow returns for its 23rd edition, taking place in Saalbach Hinterglem – Austria. For those of you who haven’t yet heard about the festival think 3 days and nights of non-stop partying in a winter wonderland with over 80 of the best DJs in the electronic music scene. This year heavyweights such as Carl Craig, Teifschwarz, Dave Aju, Pleasrue Kraft, andhim, André Galluzzi, Sasha Carassi, Mihai Popoviciu and Anja Shneider will be hitting the decks in the Austrian alps. 



What began as gathering amongst friends RaveOnSnow has come a long way since its humble beginning back in 1993. Having made the ski resort of Saalbach, Hinterglemm is home since 1995 over the years the festival has grown and now attracts music lovers from all over the world.  


Offering a wide offering of electronic music there is something for everyone at the variety of locations within the festival. Each will host a selected line up, which together will cover the vast spectrum of the electronic landscape. Fast forward to the night and the festival serves up something for the ravers, a huge club night which is on par with that in Berlin. Without a doubt this festival is not one you want to miss!



To celebrate is 23rd edition, MEOKO have teamed up with RaveOnSnow to give away FIVE pairs of tickets to the winter festival in December. To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject ‘RaveOnSnow’


Full Line-up: Artists

Rave On Snow Tickets


ROS FB Event


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Trapped LDN - Competition


On October 28th Trapped LDN invites a line up of unique Romanian talent for a showcase of musical delights. From early beginnings in Brick Lane’s Café 1001 to London's notorious Fabric nightclub, Trapped LDN have remained consistent with their parties through quality line ups and well-sourced venues. Having had a successful debut showcase at Fabrics WYS earlier this year, and with a further two releases now under their belts, Trapped LDN announce their second showcase at the newly refurbished, The Bridge Club. The line up is a real treat that features artists from the past and forth-coming Trapped LDN label series. Romanian duo Dubsons are the first to grace the line up bringing their unique dubby techno sound to the London party. Dubsons are set to make their highly anticipated Trapped LDN label debut with Trifazic EP (TLR004) which will be available later this year.

14188283 1077307762353614 6463606806297480429 o

Next up Midi Records founder and fellow Romanian Mihigh brings his trademark sound to the Trapped LDN Showcase, also making his debut on the label for the forthcoming TLR006 release. Zefzeed finalises the all Romanian affair, no stranger to the Trapped LDN label having remixed Suolo - Omogen EP for (TLR002) Zefzeed has also recently released Ageri/Tracet EP on Mayak Records which has had huge response, confirming that you will without a doubt be in for a treat on the night.


With a further two releases in the pipeline featuring artists such as Claymoore & Pheek for (TLR003)Triptil and Herodot for (TRL005), Trapped LDN prove that with hard work and dedication a solid label can be built. Showing no signs of stopping now they are definitely ones to watch, time to get trapped in the music. 

Ahead of the event on Friday 28th October MEOKO have teamed up with Trapped LDN to give one lucky winner the chance to win:

x4 Free Guestlist to the Trapped LDN Showcase

x2 Trapped LDN vinyl (TLR001 & TRL002)

Plus some Trapped LDN stickers thrown in for good measure!

To be in with a chance of winning email telling us who your favourite artist on the line up is and why to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject title - 'Trapped LDN Competition' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

14495274 1306790852677855 6082679971782981922 n 1

Facebook Event

MORE: Trapped LDN


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