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Cruise w/ Federico Molinari, Mariano Mateljan, Madezh

Judino Drvo Club

Saturday 09 February 2019 - 11:00pm

Cruise w/ Federico Molinari, Mariano Mateljan, Madezh
Judino Drvo Club

Cruise Split bore this lipo for this Christmas ... They have bought themselves a gift, which they are impatiently opening on February 9th in the Judas Tree.

Federico enters the category of their favorite artists of all time, his music has had a powerful impact on them.
His funky minimal sound, with massive bass lines, you could hear through the sets of our residents, his editions mostly made a rebellion on the Floors Cruise Evenings.

Having long been involved in jazz and playing a bass guitar, he began slowly experimenting with electronic music.
When he moved to Germany, he led the Zoo Club in Mannheim with Nekes, Ray Okpara and Johnny D. He worked in Freebase Records, which was the owner of the only Meat :). During that time, Federico and Nekes are now opening a number of the cult label Oslo, which at the time became one of the most appreciated underground labels, not only in Europe, but also throughout the world.
After that moving to Berlin, the rest goes into history ;)

Let's not talk much, we are awfully excited about what Federico Molinari is coming for this year's Cruise :)