Meoko pres. the Boris 'WipWap' Werner Show (part 1/4)

You're slowly descending the already slippery steps, making your way between a little smoke and the poor lighting of the club. Little by little you begin to hear some distant jazzy notes and you already feel at home. Once arrived in front of the stage, you sit on a rather comfortable stool. The 'WipWap' show is about to start.


We continue our Meoko presents Series with a very special performance from none other than Boris Werner, presenting his infamous 'WipWap' show. This is the 1st of 4 parts recorded from a 22-hour marathon set recorded at Studio 80 in Amsterdam from way back when in 2014. 


It sets like these that define a DJ’s ability to control the room, taking us on a journey, connecting with the crowd from start to finish. Part 1 kicks things off; teasing us with sounds you might not normally hear on the dancefloor including Jazz, Funk & Soul and Hip Hop. Unusual beats that slowly give way to slow, dub and deep vibes. A master class from start to finish. Boris Werner at his best. 


Alongside the mix, you will find some questions we had the opportunity to ask him in between the show. Enjoy X


looney tunes meoko


  • Tell us about that period... 2014. It isn't too far from our time but I guess you can still tell us many differences.

Back then you still would have the Studio 80 and Trouw, those two clubs played a major role in my career as I was resident at both clubs. But if I'm honest I would say the biggest difference is social media, in 2014 Facebook and IG were already there but didn't play a big role in the music scene compared to as it does now.




  • Are there any videos of the party? Do you miss the old days with almost no phones on the dancefloor?

I do miss the old party days without phones, I think people now are more looking at their phones to see what people are doing with their lives instead of enjoying their own. Just embrace the fucking moment already!




  • What kind of vibes atmospheres did that club transmit?

Studio 80 was mostly a platform for upcoming Dj talent and that combined with more known DJ's made it a really cool club. It's one of those places whereas the lights would go on and the place was empty you would be like: what’s so special about this place? But the moment when the crowd and DJ would come together it all made sense: a black box where you could lose yourself in, at least I did many many times :)


  • Were you supposed to play for 24 hours or did it happen spontaneously?

It was a yearly thing, the first time it was 10 hours, the 2nd 12 hours, the 3rd 15,5 I think and the plan was to go over the 20 hours. I didn't want to stop when Tessa, the manager at the time was told to do so. She was like to save something for next year, but unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to replicate the show




  • The show is about to start and we don't want to take up any more of your time. Just tell us more about what's going on in these first 5.5 hours. What kind of music should we expect? 

I knew it was going to be a long ride so I wanted to start the first hour or so with some music that I also listen to at home. So you can expect some jazzy/electronic chill vibes. After that more dubby sounds emerged and the dancefloor slowly came alive...

Karotte once told me “if you gonna play marathon sets wait as long as possible before you start drinking alcohol”. In this case, it was 4 hours in the mix that I actually had the first one, and in retrospect, these have been the most difficult 4 hours of the whole set, haha...


Thanks for your time, sir! Stay with us, the Boris 'WipWap' Werner show will be back next week... 




Words by Francesco Quieti & Jordan Diston / Interview by Francesco Quieti