Meoko pres. the Boris 'WipWap' Werner Show (part 2/4)

The 'WipWap' show is back! After a successful first episode that literally got millions of people glued to the television, we're back with our second episode. As usual, with your host straight from the Dam mister Boris Werner.


WipWap show means 5.30 hours of the finest house and techno from the good (old) days as Boris has shared with us an unreleased long marathon recorded at Studio 80 in the XXX city. Click here to relive the first episode if you've missed it. Alongside with the mix, we've prepared some question for the man... let's get into it!




  • What happened to you? You look pretty good with that hat!

I don't know man... It seems like I had a fusion with Ren from The Ren & Stimpy Show. Another lovely show! I really enjoyed this cartoon. It's from the 90s and featured many tripping scenes. So I'm kinda ok with the fusion ah!




  • Besides this weird fusion, how are you? How’s your life changed during this recent extended-lockdown period? Are there things you (re)discovered?

I'm doing ok now. Always busy with the music in any aspect. The first month in lockdown was so surreal to me, luckily I was still able to go to the studio and make music, otherwise I would've gone craaazzyy! Since the dancefloor wasn't going to be around for a while I focused on more dubby music, some breakbeat stuff and more trip-hop vibes. I did this already in the past but that's what I rediscovered musically. Regarding the everyday life I, like many other people, discovered we take so many things for granted in life, having said that I really hope something positive comes out of all this mess.


  • Many have spoken about this “corona-situation” as the perfect chance to re-invent the clubbing scene? Do you believe it? What are your thoughts for this second part of 2020 and for the next year?

Personally I think this reset isn't that bad for our scene. The cards will be reshuffled, and all the posers and people who are just in there for the money will hopefully stay away. The big festivals are forbidden in the Netherlands and we are still not sure if they can take place next summer, so it will all start being more local like back in the days. It's So good to see that there are some places all over the world that slowly but steady are able to do small gathering and parties again, working with the local DJ's and just try to see how far they can go without getting in trouble with the local authorities. I just really hope that the governments in any country will value our culture, as it is so much more important than they realise.


  • Have you had the chance to play since then? If so, what's the first track you've played?

I already went to some small private parties, hush hush :) I think it was "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" from Roy Ayers. 



  • Moving from the DJ into the producer side, two sides closer and closer now, do you there's something missing in today’s tracks?

A lot of music to me sounds like people following trends too much, everything sounds the same which makes it very boring for me. This mainly happens because nowadays it's so easy to make music, taking some loops here and there et voila. Not saying its wrong to do so but it just lacks creativity. But luckily there are still producers that just do what they want to do without thinking they need to sound like this or that.


    • Like?

Among all the good names I have in my mind, I'd go with Ion Ludwig, Arno and Ricardo. I'd love to have them on my label in the future!




That's it for today! We will go deep about Boris' label and many other themes in the next episode... Stay tuned!



Words by Francesco Quieti