Burnski: "If it Gets You Fired Right Up, That's the Way to Go Over What Anyone Else Thinks"

With a discography that takes in 30+ EPs, UK Burnski is without a doubt one of the most prolific producers out there. In his works, he manages to fuse house grooves with techno dynamism and dub warmth. Add in elements of acid, minimalism, electro, and breakbeat, and you have an infectious style that suits tasteful parties and connoisseur selectors. He also co-runs renowned labels Constant Sound, Constant Black, and Aesthetic, which is now the home of artists like Michael James, VSA, Iuly.B, Paolo Rocco, Mandar, S.A.M, Diego Krause and many more.


  • How have you been passing the time at the moment with everything going on?

Just keeping fit, healthy, and productive really. I exercise a lot and I love a good morning run when everything is quiet.

It's been more of the same music-wise, working on projects and keeping busy with the labels. There's a lot going on with both but I love it, so it's all fun and I don't even think of any of it as work. I also make time to spend a good hour a day not thinking or doing anything at all.


  • Did the lockdown kind help you out with managing the three labels you run, focusing on A&R activities and studio production?

I would say I have found myself having more time for sure. I was traveling 3 hours in total to get to the studio and back each day for a year, so being unable to go there, I found myself having more time straight away.

There are actually many more labels under the Constant Sound umbrella now. It's growing really fast and I am just going along with it really. I love starting new projects I do, it gets me properly excited when I start just going along with it.



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  • INSTINCT is a really different project to your Burnski alias what made you decide to go down this root? And what does this name mean to you?

I really felt the need to reset everything when I turned 30. There needed to be a shift as I was in a loop doing the same thing. I decided I would do my own bookings and just release music without sending it to anyone or being linked to anything.

I set up the Constant Studio around then and started doing a lot of mixdown work and engineering music for a lot of DJs.  I was still going to gigs but being more selective in which ones I did.

It was also around then I started INSTINCT and a load of other projects that just seemed to flow and come about themself. I was making them all just for the enjoyment of creating them.

I didn’t do any promo for it at all so it's built quite organically. Some things can make even more impact when people find it for themselves I think, especially if they discover the label after 5 releases and they are into them all. That wasn’t really a conscious decision to try and build it like that I just didn’t feel the need to do any promo.




  • We just had you on the tips for approaching labels piece, but how would you exactly describe yours and the labels' sound in 3 words?

Pacey, Fun, Rolling.


  • Tell us about the album, what was your inspiration behind producing it?

I was going through a folder of ideas I had done and thought there was enough music that worked with each other to release as an LP. I tend to make a lot of music then just go through it now and again and work out what to do with it. The previous album was a bit more of a home listener in places, so I liked the idea of putting a new album out which had a similar vibe to the previous EPS.


  • Less than a year ago you've released "Still Life" LP. Why, after so little time, did you feel the need to work on a new album? Which are the main differences between these two LPs?

The first album was definitely a wider scope of genres. It featured tracks from 80 bpm – 160 bpm, so quite a wide variety. A few people have said they can imagine hearing some of the tracks as a film score or something on those lines. The ‘Point of view’ album is a step away from that I think and more club orientated.

There's another INSTINCT LP ‘Happening’ to be released in December which is totally different from this one too. It's an ambient album that I have wanted to do for ages and I found myself unsure about putting it out.

I was sat one day during the lockdown and I just thought why not? I've got absolutely nothing what so ever to loose putting it out. It's what I want to do and it gets me excited. Again you can sometimes hear those echoes of people saying "oh I wouldn't do that", or "that will confuse people". If it gets you fired right up, that's the way to go every time I think over what anyone else thinks… so we will have some of that one next then.

It's available on pre-order now at Juno! Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/instinct-happening/790137-01/




  • What is your studio set up like that you made this on?

I have had most of my studio packed up in storage for the last year as I was in-between spaces and working in different spots. I have lots of folders of sounds I have collected over the years which is really well organized, some of those are recordings of synths, some of them came from my old library banks.

I quite like only turning my synths on now and again, recording the sounds, and then just limiting myself to that. I actually do the same when using plug ings too, I record them live to audio, and then I am limited to that and not always changing the sounds.


  • Tell us more about "Twister", the track we've decided to premiere. It's placed perfectly in my opinion since it leads gradually from the first, housier and more vocal-oriented part of the LP to the second part, more raw and dirty.

It took a few different forms this one I think. I was doing an INSTINCT gig and the week before wanted to make a load of tracks that I could maybe play. This was one of them and it fitted on the album well I thought.




  • What support have you had from the LP already?

The feedback has been great from a lot of people I respect. There are some tracks from the LP which have been supported by a really wide set of DJs like Four Tet, Floating Points, SIT, Caribou, Midland, Enzo Siragusa, Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed to name a few.

You never know who is watching either. Some tracks of the album have ended up on adverts and computer games. People who just contacted me through the Bandcamp store wanting to license music so it does go to show you can just get cracking on your own label and things can happen to do it your own way.



  • Garage is coming back around again in the UK and your label in many ways has headed this movement up providing us with plenty of new talent. Who are some of your hot picks at the moment?

0113, Holloway, Yosh, Pinder on a garage tip. TIJN, Niko Maxen are all doing great stuff at the moment which on more of a minimal vibe


  • Top 3 favorite garage cuts?

Oh, this is a hard one but here are 3 timeless belters:


Ah, I wouldn't choose one over another I think they both go with each other great. Peace!!



Words by Francesco Quieti