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Heavily involved in Bristols local music scene and events culture, Freddie and Christophe have embarked on a new creative venture. Cinema Soirée aims to bridge the already not so distant gap between Film and Music in a seamless manour. With many films making the name for themselves through their track listing, it only seemed appropriate to formulate an event that would noticeably encompass both. Hosted at one of Bristol’s mostly architecturally brilliant buildings, the Circomedia circus based emporium, located in Portland Square, now plays home to the carefully selected films and hosts invited to join the Soiree by the inventive bunch. A wonderful project that hit the ground running with much support from the local crowd and near by establishments who add further to the atmosphere of the events. The crossover between creative spectrums is more prominent than you expect and when you put on event like this with such different direction it was likely Bristol would welcome the musical-film affair with open arms.


We spoke with Freddie for a further insight on the inspiration behind the project, what’s happened thus far and what’s in the pipeline. Interesting stuff…


How did Cinema Soiree first start and what gave you the idea to bridge the gap between film and music?

 Cinema Soirée first started out as a side project while I was working on Empire Theatre, but when Empire closed down before the first event had taken place, Christophe (who I run the night with) and myself decided that we still wanted to put it on and so took it up ourselves. Myself and Christophe both share a love for music and film and so to be able to combine them in one night felt like a unique opportunity that no one else was doing in the same way at the time. Also music and film are naturally very closely linked, with amazing soundtracks often the focus of a film, so we try to select films to either show off their great soundtrack or select films that are directly about music, to always keep that connection.



For each event I see you team up with a different person, label, or collective etc. How do you decide who you will team up with and how do you go about selecting a film that suits the guest?  

 All the people that we have got involved with are good friends of ours and were keen to do a night together, so it is always quite a natural process teaming up with a guest. Then we both put a few ideas forwards and discuss which one we think works best for the guest and that still fits within the concept of the night. There are still lots more Bristol friends that we want to team up with in the future!


Currently the events have been in the fantastic Circomedia, which is a Grade 2 listed church converted into a space for circus training, which has always created a lovely vibe especially with the hanging robes and high ceilings. Have you thought about any other venues or the potential of other cities?  

 We have considered doing it at other cinema venues or outdoors or perhaps at a festival, but we are really happy putting the events on at Circomedia, as the grandness of the church along with all the rigging in the ceiling for the circus really adds something special to the atmosphere. On the night and it feels like Cinema Soiree's home.


Cinema Soiree-1

What other things do you organise to be going on around the venue space while the film is taking place?

 We always have our good friends Bagel Boy serving tasty bagels, with a new menu each time. We also have a cocktail bar with themed cocktails related to the film we are showing.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 22.48.40


Then during the film we have also tried to make a few unique additions that contribute to the experience, such as a big balloon drop at the end of the Pardon My French presents Shut Up and Play the Hits at the same time as it happened on screen, which was a massive highlight for me.

 Cinema Soiree-2


We also had a good friend of ours Lottie Ball host Dirty Dancing, where she choreographed a brilliant dance routine at the same time as the big final lift in the film. All these additional bits make the night more memorable than just watching a film.




Being a resident in Bristol for many years myself I get the impression that such an event may not take off so successfully in a larger city or in such a consistent manor. What is it about Bristol for you that encourages such projects?

I think it is the fact that there really is a strong feeling of community in Bristol, as Bristol is relatively small it means that everyone knows everyone and is supportive of new projects.


Tell us a bit about your upcoming Soiree ..

Up next on Saturday 20th September, we are teaming up with the disco night Studio 89 to present a very special disco spectacular showing of Saturday Night Fever! There will be lots of surprises and fancy dress is highly encouraged!


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Studio 89 are a Cardiff based disco, house (all things party underground) collective who have infamously been known to dominate the concept of basement party vibes in many wicked venues out in the far West with the likes of Prosumer and Ron Basejam with some amazing performances. Some seriously talented friends from just over the bridge. See below one their notoriously intimate parties! 




What can you tell MEOKO readers about upcoming guests to the series?

We are planning another show towards the end of October and then there will be a big Christmas special in December with a secret guest and lots of decorations up around Circomedia and plenty of mulled wine, so keep up to date with all announcements on our Cinema Soiree Facebook .



On a different note, if you had the choice, who would be your dream host and which film would you select for them?

That is a very tough question, there are almost endless possibilities... but I think I would go for Hunter S. Thompson presenting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, imagine how crazy the party would be if this was Hunter's daily routine!



Most of the films follow suit towards Disco, Punk, Rock Classics, and House music. Tell us how you would approach delving into the realms of techno and which film would you go for?

 I would love to show a screening of Romuald Karmakar's documentary on Ricardo Villalobos, who is one of my favourite DJ's. You never know, maybe one day this might happen...




By Ell Weston