The Essence Of Vinyl : Cuartero Interview Plus Special Mix

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Cuartero is the latest Spanish DJ to be sending shockwaves through the global dance music community. Priding himself on his malleable approach to house music, encompassing everything from deep and techy bombs to wistful and light progressions, his stock continues to rise with every production he serves up, be it on Desolat, Saved, Noir and a string of underground bastions. As he serves up an exclusive, bespoke mix for MEOKO, we ask him about the Spanish scene, his affinity to London and the forthcoming celebrations for Barcelona’s renowned Club4

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Lets start with your name it's a popular Spanish name, which is also the name of a municipality in Capiz, Philippines. Is this a link to your own personal history or heritage?

Well I'm not sure of that, but the Philippines was a Spanish colony so maybe my roots come from there.

You've released on some of the world's finest, including Desolat, Saved, Noir and more... would you say your music is quite malleable and adaptable? and what do you think defines the sound within all your productions? 

If you check out my latest productions you'll hear that my music is so adaptable. From the deeper stuff to the tech grooves, I feel really confident producing any sub-genre of house music. If I have to describe my music, I think it's full of dirty basslines and heavy grooves accompanied by powerful vocals.


The Spanish scene is obviously famous for its hubs such as Ibiza and Barcelona. But where else is good in Spain for electronic music and dance culture, or somewhere that is off the beaten track so to speak?

Well, in my city Malaga the scene is so good. I run my own nights at Sanity Events with artist like Miguel Lobo, Edone & Bodden, Luca Fabuani & many more. And people’s response their is incredible!

You're going to be joining friends and fellow Djs for a series of celebratory nights for Club4 in Barcelona as they celebrate their 8th birthday. What particular affinity do you have to the club and what could you recommend about it to visitors of the city? 

Well Barcelona is always special for me, I love to play at Club4, The 8th birthday was amazing playing with artist like Loco Dice, Paco Osuna  and Luca Fabuani all remain special influences to me. I’m so happy to be part of the event! For anyone who's never been to Barcelona, it’s a unique place, and the variety of culture makes the city interesting….


The tech house scene has been fairly dominant in Spain for years now why do you think this particular strain of dance music is so popular in your home country?

Tech-house is great for parties, and in Spain we like the party, haha!

You have a wealth of dates this summer in London including Fire nightclub and local night Beige's 1st birthday would you say that the city is your favorite place to play outside of Spain? What do you like about the city's scene and vibe?

I love be in London, the city has a special vibe and it's lovely to go around and get to mix with the people there. Every time I play it's special for me, London has got something very unique about it.

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Recently, you defined the Cuatero sound in an interview saying "mixing in a traditional way with less need for special effects and concentrated on transmitting pure energy". Do you find that the more visual art of mixing vinyl and taking things down a less polished route gives more energy? Has digitization stripped dance music of its soul to a degree?

I think sometimes we overuse digital tools and forget the essence of the vinyl that give us more options to connect with the people in front of us. 

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For your MEOKO exclusive mix, have you stuck to your formula? Is this mix vinyl only and full of that special Cuartero energy? 

For sure, I'm always confident that my formula works. I made this mix for all MEOKO followers, with my special vision of house music.

What is the secret weapon in this mix? Is it packed full of new exclusives, classic cuts or a mix of the both?

The mix includes both, some new exclusive tracks and some classic bombs. I hope everybody enjoys my mix and supports it!

Finally, after releasing on Desolat and having the honour of releasing the 101th EP on Saved Music, what's next for 2014? Is there an album due in the works, and what can we look forward to in the coming months?

Well I'm working on some tracks right now  keep your ear to the ground. You'll be hearing a lot more from me soon!



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