Fabrizio Sala: all roads lead to Rome

With a career that has seen him playing thousands of parties in his hometown Rome, making him become one of the Capital's lead acts, the 'animae' label founder and Nozoo pillar Fabrizio Sala is a true dancefloor captain, always able to entertain the crowd with a wide and 360-degree musical selection.


Don't forget to check this exclusive Fabrizio mix, who gives us the first chapter of our brand new 'Ambient & Experimental' series, click HERE and enjoy the ride!


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  • During your career, your sound has always been 4/4 house-inspired, but lately, you’re shifting into a new direction, also playing ambient music. Do you want to tell us more about this transition?  

I wouldn't call it real change. I’ve always liked more than just one musical genre and often if the place allows me, I like to propose a more intimate sound. 


  • You’ve joined the conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome when you were 12, studying the history of music and music theory. Is this new Fabrizio (ambient) version perhaps a return to your origins? 

My studies at the conservatory were fundamental in my journey because it gave me the opportunity to learn about music: I love wind instruments and African percussion, hot sounds that often I found it in ambient and downtempo tracks.


  • Downtempo is a completely particular and introspective kind of music, a proper trip to investigate into our souls. What would you like to convey when you’re playing this kind of stuff? 

My main goal is to share my person through music. I like to offer new sounds also because I buy so much music that often time I can’t play!  




  • You played an ambient set for the Hotel Butterfly closing party on September 27th. What are your main sources of inspiration? 

As I said before if the place allows me, I love to offer an intimate sound and the Hotel Butterfly is definitely the perfect place, in Rome at least, to do this. It’s a beautiful garden surrounded by the green right in the city centre of Rome, with great attention to each small detail. There’s a restaurant, a cinema that transmits silent films of the ’20s and “Il Club Più Piccolo Del Mondo” which literally means “the smallest club in the world”. In fact, it gets fully packed with 15-20 people… crazy! So overall it’s a magic place where I can play ambient music, and trust me, the sunset is something of incredible over there. 


  • If I think about your music, my mind immediately goes to the great Eastern Europe lands, where they craft their unique and delicate deep sound. Are you looking to release new music on your label? 

Yes, it is. My music is influenced by the sound of Eastern Europe, it’s absolutely an elegant and clean sound. An ongoing journey in which I reflect very much. Right now, I don’t have any imminent releases. All I can tell you is that I’m working on a big album-collaboration, and you guys will be the first ones to know about it as soon as possible.


  • You’re going to do some parties in Milan with your Animae label. What do you think about this new venture and collaboration?

It’s a wonderful bet, it’s really stimulating when you take an idea “out of home”, out of your comfort zone. I wish all the best for this new adventure. 




  • Now let’s move into your arena: the infamous Goa Club in Rome to talk about Nozoo upcoming parties. On November 30th you’re going to share the console with Aux88, officially opening their new tour. Are you excited about this? 

Honesty, I’m always excited when I play music (otherwise I would have stopped a long time ago...). This gig is very important because I think that Aux88 are true living legends. See you on the dancefloor!


  • Despite you have been in the club-scene for almost 15 years, you have released just a few tracks, remaining one of the last DJ-only in a world where seems to be impossible to separate the DJ side to the producer side. How does it make you feel? How did you "escape" from being a producer?

I've always considered myself more a DJ than a producer, but let's be clear, I really enjoy making tracks, but I have focused all my career on the special connection that every DJ should have with the people. I love the empathy that a DJ can create with the crowd and I love madly to entertain my friends who come to listen to me. In conclusion, I prefer to spend my time in a club/festival, rather than a day locked up in the studio. If I am inspired, I take and run into the studio, but playing my music is the engine that drives me to do this work.


  • Any shout on upcoming 'Animae' releases? You've been stuck with your label for a while. Do you have some surprise? 

After a hiatus of some months, due to small restyling, we will return in December with the seventh release signed by a great Italian friend, unknown to many. It's a record that makes me proud and I'm really looking forward to it.


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  •  What was the best night you've ever experienced at Goa Club?  

Well, it's pretty hard to say... But I'd say Ricardo Villalobos & Giancarlino.


  • And your best set?

You shouldn't have to ask me, but the crowd!




  •  You're celebrating 10 years of your party 'Nozoo'. How do you see yourself and the Roman/ Italian scene in 10 years?

I don't know what will happen in 10 years, but trust me, that we (as Nozoo), like other realities in Italy, are working so hard to make of our cities better places. 


  • We're almost close to the end of the interview, and I'd like to reserve the last question to our future talents. Can you name us some Italian artists to keep an eye on?

It's always exciting for me to discover new talents, especially if they come to my country. I'd say The Black Pony Orchestra, Christopher Ledger, GNMR, viceversa, Orli, Randaru, Pressure Point and Togue. They are the first ones that come to my mind. They're giving so much to our scene lately.




Words by Caterina Fidelbo & Francesco Quieti