Giovanni Verrina tells us about "All Inn X Years"

Hailing from Genova, Giovanni Verrina is one of the supporting pillars in the Italian scene: in fact, he is part of the prolific and evergreen duo of Verrina & Ventura (also known as Howl Ensemble). Giovanni is also the co-owner and co-founder of Budapest based All Inn Records (alongside Coldfish and Polarize), which without doubts is one of the most successful labels of the last decade. The value of the All Inn artists is just ridiculous but you can spot big names such as Afriqua, Traumer, Ivano Tetelepta, Nastia, Roger Gerresen, Premiesku and Onur Ozer among many others. During those years, the All Inn family has grown, giving life to sister labels All Inn Black, All Inn Limited and Nilla. We've had a lovely chat with Giovanni, talking about the "All Inn X Years" celebrations and what's coming next for him and the label.


And if you're in Rome on 14th Dec, you definitely can't miss the All Inn Records showcase with Verrina & Ventura + Coldfish (live) @ Circolo Degli Illuminati, one of their many label-nights to celebrate the 10 years mark.




  • Ciao GIovanni! Glad to have you here. You and your label partners have just celebrated 10 years of All Inn, during which you guys have been released almost 200 tracks. Which one is your personal favourite among all of these?

Ciao guys! It's so good to be here! It is difficult to say what is the best one, they are all my children - ours if we can say so. What I'm most close to, for different reasons, is definitely the remix I did with my partner in crime Germano (under the Verrina & Ventura alias) for Coldfish. We've felt in love for the track since the first listen, but it wasn't so easy to fit it in our set, so we did a re-edit on the fly without even having the parts, and from that moment I've never stopped playing it and it has rapidly become one of my most played tracks, even though it was not officially released yet. It has been hammered by giants like Ricardo and Rhadoo. I remember to have heard the track four times between night and day during a SW edition.... wow! 




  • How did you choose the artists into the compilation?

It was a very natural choice, the long work came later; we asked music to all the artists who had come out with us over the last years, and from there the selection was made as usual following our taste.




  • How did the name of the label come to your mind? What's the story behind its birth?

The label was born out of the need for 10 years to print music that at that time we wanted to buy ourselves, the name was born right here: "All Inn" a box to put inside all the music we've wanted to play, without making big distinctions of genres, although we have always been faithful to a thin but wide line that goes from the house to the micro house.


  • Tell us a little bit more about "Jeebers", yours and Germano's track on the compilation.

It was the choice of the last second as my partner Polarize was playing another one for several months now and it was decided to go with that, which honestly is a really huge one, maybe even too much and was not going to balance the album very well. We've sent him other tracks several times over the months, looking for another possibility that could better represent us, but above all that was more consistent with the rest of the tracks we've already chosen. Running a label with a partner is not easy because, despite over 10 years in the business together, sometimes our tastes are still different. After numerous "back & forth" emails, Jeebers has finally arrived, and apparently it was perfect for almost everyone, I must say that it immediately put us in the agreement since the first listening.




  • How would you define the "All Inn sound"?

It's really hard to define a 10-year journey in a single name, whether it's minimal or house, it has infinite facets that need to be listened to and understood more than just defined and enclosed in a name. During these 10 years, I think that the All Inn sound has changed a lot, but we have always tried to remain consistent with the original sound. One thing that I can clearly affirm, is that we've never followed the fashion of the moment; we went on for 10 years following our taste, sometimes it was universally appreciated, other times less.




  • With more than 80 releases on the label, I bet you've seen some... Any good or bad memory?

Honestly, I can't think of any anecdotes at the moment, just so many good and bad memories and emotions. One of the best things is one you test a new record in a proper club sound system and you fall in love even more than when you had the first listen in your little studio.


  • Any clues for the future?

We would like to release 2 or 3 remix-EPs of the album, making some real "all inn" compilations and trying to have onboard our most beloved artists.




  • You've done an excellent job on the label as A&R, discovering new talents and giving them the attention that they definitely deserve. Who's the best you've ever found out? 

Well, this is up to you! We're always looking for new sounds and we are happy if someone that has previously released with us, being completely unknown, has been later on discovered and appreciated by the rest of the world.


  • And who's the artist that you haven't released yet?

It's not really a name in particular that interests us, but his music. I don't know how much time will pass before making another single EP, there will be so much to work on the remixes, but one above all still remains Ricardo.




  • After 10 years - a historical milestone given that labels are often short-lived in the industry - you are still on track! Would you ever have imagined it? Any final thanks or shout to a person who has been fundamental to the label in all these 10 years?

If you are in love with what you do, you can do nothing but continue, as you can't live without it. Our success, if we can say so, is due to the fact that we've managed to stay current despite the fact that the sound has evolved so quickly. During these 10 years, we have seen so many changes, from minimal to house, passing through electro, and we've tried, despite the various influences, to remain coherent without following the fashion or the trends dictated by the market. First of all, I would like to thank Germano Ventura, who in recent years has become much more than just a friend, as we've shared everything in these years, mixers, planes, hotel rooms, successes and failures, always staying together with positivity. Last but not least, I would also like to thank my two partners Polarize and Coldfish, both fundamental for the existence of the label since day one. In particular, I would like to thank Coldfish that besides giving a fundamental contribution as A&R, has always taken care of the graphics and the site with kindness and patience not of this land.




Long live to All Inn, wish you guys 10 years more!



Words by Francesco Quieti