Harry Romero strikes back for the return of Cécille

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the mighty Cécille Records is back. Established in 2007 by Nick Curly and Marc Scholl, Cécille quickly became a trustworthy and steadfast purveyor of deep tech-influenced music. With its reputation for quality unsurpassed, Cécille helped stimulate a shift in the underground scene, bringing back soul and sensuality to music. The label also attracted a wealth of talent, with these new releases marking their new focus on rhythm, groove and melody in today’s techno heavy dance floors.


Making his debut on Cécille is a producer that needs little introduction: New Jersey’s Harry Romero. Over the last 20 years, Harry’s music has soundtracked the great dance floors of the world. Tracks such as diverse as ‘Cro-Magnon’, ‘Tania’, ‘Night @ The Black’ or ‘Mas Pito’ (as Mongobonix). Now signed to every high-profile label around, from Subliminal to Crosstown Rebels via Bambossa, his constantly shifting, consistently groovesome beats and super-distinctive drums have cemented him as a world-class act. (text credit to Philip Panov via thesoundclique.com)


Don't forget to buy 'Harry Romero - Mood Vision' EP on Beatport: http://bit.ly/2YbIoVD


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  • Hey Harry! How does it feel to be the first one to be back with an original EP on Cécille?

I mean it truly is an honour to kinda be the first for their second round. If their first round is any indication of where things are going for the Cécille camp then I am in great hands with this EP. 


  • What has Cécille represented to you?

I don’t mess with labels that are not quality. And I consider Nick Curly a music buddy, so for me, it was really a no brainer to submit a couple of tracks for release. I’m always about quality so I associate with it, and Cécille is definitely that.




  • For me, it is definitely one of the most important labels ever. Can you name some more labels you’re really close to?

I have a really good professional relationship with labels like Ovum, Tronic, Moon Harbour, and Rebellion/Crosstown Rebels to name a few.


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  • Tell us more about the EP and if there’s a particular story behind any of the tracks?

I wish I had an amazing story or anecdote surrounding this EP. It’s really simple and organic how it came about. Nick Curly messaged me and explained how he wanted to bring Cécille back and asked if I’d like to release on the label. I of course obliged and a week or so later I sent over ‘Mood Vision’. He loved it and asked for a second track to complete the EP. Then I sent over ‘Purge’ and the EP was done. Pretty easy and simple. Just how I like it.


  • Any thoughts on the actual tech-house scene? Can the return of Cécille bring back some old flavours, changing the direction during the next years?

This is a tough one for me to tackle because I have many colleagues that make some really dope tech-house. So, this comment excludes them. But generally speaking, I’m quite bored with what’s being called tech-house at the moment. It’s become very cookie-cutter, paint by numbers and I’m not about that. Which sucks because a lot of good music gets lost in the quagmire of mediocre music. Sad really but I suppose it’s the sign of the times and we just have to dig deeper to find those gems. I think as long as we keep the quality control up we should have some interesting and insuring music in 2020. I know Cécille got it on lock!




  • You seem to be a relentless producer over the last 20 years, a pretty huge rate nowadays, where some of the longest active DJs have stopped to produce music. How do you feel about it? Do you feel more your producer side or your DJ-side? 

I may not be the best person to ask this because making music is as much a part of my life as eating or sleeping. I can’t see myself stopping making noise no matter how busy the calendar gets. It’s just who I am. The DJing sometimes feeds to creativity in the studio and vice versa. It’s a symbiosis for me.


  • 2019 was a huge year for you with a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix aired this summer and a remix for the legendary anthem  “Don't Turn You Back” by Danny Tenaglia has released on Hot Creations. Will 2020 will even bigger? Any plans or clues for what’s coming next year?

2019 was just a taste of what’s to come. My team and I are so focused. No joke. I won’t go into detail just yet so stay tuned!






Words by Francesco Quieti