Luna City Express: a chat and exclusive podcast


Luna City Express are often marked out from the crowd for being the bastions of the revived old-school 'Chicago' house sound. While their productions certainly live up to these expectations, with their grooving vocals and nostalgic rhythms, the German-based duo still incorporate an array of exciting elements from trip-hop, funk, downbeat and soul into their tracks and DJ sets. Norman Weber and Marco Resmannwho met in Italy over thirteen years ago and have been producing as Luna City Express for almost a decade now, embody the sounds and ethos of their resident label, Matthias Tanzmann's Leipzig-based Moon Harbour Recordings; dancefloor-driven tech house laced with subtle cosmic experimentations. After a seemingly quiet 2012, we were eager to find out what the soul-smitten duo are up to and we caught the guys for a brief chat as they work on their second album, as well as getting our hands on an exlusive podcast that demonstrates perfectly what they're all about: house music. 




Hi Luna City Express, thanks for talking to us. So it's 2013 and you guys have been a production team for nearly 10 years (and DJing together for even longer). Where are we now in the LCE story?

We've been DJing and producing together since 2000 actually. It’s just the project name Luna City Express that has existed for nearly 10 years. It's been a quite long and nice journey for us so far. Our express has stopped at plenty of beautiful places and we've met a lot of great people. Musically we have remained true to ourselves. But we’ve by no means reached the end of the LCE-story, we’re basically in the midst of it and there is much more to come!

2012 was a pretty quiet year release-wise. Does this suggest you've been locked away in the studio preparing, perhaps, a brand new album?

We’re always working on new music and yes, we’re also preparing a new album.

What is it about the album format that you guys are drawn to? Will this LP build and differ from 'Hello From Planet Earth'?

We did only one album in 2009 but we’re in love with that format anyway. It’s the classic aspect of an album that makes it more special for us, provided that you don’t make only club tracks. Our idea of the next album is to create a continuation of ‘Hello From Planet Earth’. We won’t reinvent the wheel.

How does the way you work differ today from back in 2004/5? Do you find making music a more natural, smoother process now?

Our work flow is almost the same as ten years ago, even though we’ve got faster machines and more sound resources. The entire process of making music is of course more natural and smoother but each project is still a new challenge for us.

How do you keep challenging yourselves in the studio? Perhaps you regularly update hardware/software or listen to a lot of new music?

New software and hardware is always inspiring and motivating and keep us in the loop. To listen to new music is inspiring as well but it’s also a part of being a DJ as we’re always searching and collecting.

As keen purveyors of Chicago house, what do you guys make of the recent resurgence in 90s US house. Is it something that you've noticed? What do you think is missing from these modern day interpretations?

Of course we’ve noticed that and we’re following this trend with goodwill. There are plenty of great modern interpretations from new talents who absolutely know how to produce Chicago House or related House Music. Sure there’s also a lot of new stuff that sounds very clean but on the other side you find these tracks that transfer the old vibe just perfectly. Finally though, we do rather miss the time of the 90s when everything was fresh and new.

What is it about your relationship with Moon Harbour that has worked so well over the years? It is simply a case of being afforded total creative freedom?

Moon Harbour means for us label and booking agency since 2005. Our relationship to the whole crew is quite familiar, even though we have that little geographical barrier of a two-hour drive between Berlin and Leipzig. We have creative freedom, but it’s not unlimited. In the end Matthias decides what will be released on his imprint.


We're fast approaching another summer of madness in the dance music world. What does a typical summer mean for LCE? Anything particularly exciting in store for 2013?

Summer for us means that short, sunny and warm period between the cold and grey season. The official start of it is, for us, the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. We’ll be there with the entire Moon Harbour crew. Furthermore, we have some festivals confirmed in Germany and Netherlands. More to be announced soon!

Over ten years is a long time to do anything with anyone. What's the secret to your productive working relationship? Can you envisage a time when you separate and leave LCE in the past?

We have a close bond on different levels. We’re friends, soul mates and, of course, musical complements to each other.

Marco has had different projects in the past beside Luna City Express, as he was a part of Pan-Pot in the early days. Currently he runs his own label Upon.You and also releases under the moniker Marco Resmann.

Finally, what's next for LCE and when will you be back in the UK!

On April 18th our new Moon Harbour release will be out, including a remix by our label honcho Matthias Tanzmann. We made a remix for KiNK & Sierra Sam which will follow in May on Upon.You. (both projects you can hear in the MEOKO podcast). We’ve got a few requests for UK but nothing is confirmed yet!

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us guys, we await the new album eagerly!


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