Masomenos pres. Studio HC: "Hope: That’s What we Want to Share with our Work. Always"

We caught up with the Masomenos / Midiminuit crew ahead of their new studio album which is part of their Hotel Costes presents project of epic proportions totaling a number of 16 albums and 16 EP’s. This latest album is by Midiminuit the outfit made up of pianist Julien Quentin, bass player Yonatan Levi and electronic musicians Cesar Merveille & Adrien de Maublanc (Masomenos).


Following on from the ‘Round The Clock’ LP back in September 2019, Midiminuit returned with more of their atmospheric electronic twist on modern classical and contemporary jazz. Across the project they deliver hazy jazz jams like the bass noodle, wandering keys, and metallic percussion fuelled ‘Kitchen Table’, the baroquely unfolding improvised feel of ‘Loop’ and the snaking dynamic groove of ‘Why Is The Bass So Low’.



When listening to the album you are completely transported away from the world. It really is a musical piece of perfection and we couldn’t wait to find out more about it and the project from the guys.



  • STUDIO HC project is really something! Tell us a bit about it…

STUDIO HC was born as we moved our studio in the hotel under construction. Huge renovation work had started in the hotel and the studio evolved and adapted to the rhythm of this transformation. It also defined a sound that would eventually set a style of music for the new part of the hotel.




  • What inspired you to do this project?

Life led us to slow our touring and groove pace as we settle for some more sedentary years in Paris with the family. 

The location of the studio is so specific and the ever ongoing transformation also inspired us to transform our way of making music. Suddenly we had the possibility to record live musicians to make more acoustic music as well.



  • There’s so much talent in Midiminuit from very diverse musical backgrounds, how did you all come together?

Again, Life and affinities brought all of us together.

Adrien: I was already working with Cesar, who introduced me to Julien and then to Yoni. Also, it led us to meet Moritz who has been a very important player in the development of Studio HC sound and setup. He even came with us in Aveyron for the lockdown. Became a real family member.



  • Creatively how do you keep yourself motivated?

Adrien: Hope. It’s my magic mission. That’s what I want to share in our work. In my life. Always. To share hope. Also now I just tend to accept and surf the creative wave. I can be highly productive for an intense period of time, so when it slows down, I accept to just become idle again, watching documentaries on Netflix all day, and unwinding till the next time that inspiring muse comes for a visit.

Joan: We have a big playground. It might be overwhelming sometimes, but inspiration can come from so many different inputs that it never gets boring. Collaborating and putting up a collaborative team is also very exciting.



  • Can we expect to hear the album performed anywhere any time soon?

With all these changes and regulations, let’s see what slots life offers us. Hopefully, we can gather in Berlin this fall and make it happen.


  • What’s next for the Studio HC project?

Oh, we have a lot of albums in the pipe that is the result of a two years intense recording wave. Now as we keep on recording new stuff, we were also very focused on the curation and broadcasting in the hotel itself as it reopened in a bigger version in august.
Also, our lockdown experiences of immersive visual mapping inspired us to start using Studio HC as TV as well as producing audio-reactive visual content.




  • What’s your favorite track off the album and why?

Welcome, when the singer Hani pop by the studio and we set her up to record on the first track we produced in the week so we would « welcome « her in the project, that same way we started it.


  • Tell us about the mix you recorded for us!

This mix as we mentioned above is an immersive audio-visual performance. We set the stage, put on the camera and audio recording, and started to play. So, the experience is a bit more than just the mix. We had a very good time doing it. It’s a bit experimental and features only STUDIO HC.




  • It’s strange times across the world at the moment, how did you find lockdown?

We were very lucky to be able to relocate the family + studio into a very very nice location that gave us the opportunity to watch an amazing spring. Not every day was easy, but it ended up being very creative and inspiring also for our family life.

Now the digestion of this weird bubble that we share as a human collective experience is also very interesting. The dislocation of certain structures that were on is slowly allowing something to emerge, and we can just enjoy the process if we’re not letting our fear of uncertainty rise up. That’s quite a passionate experience both individually and collectively. Very grateful to be an artist so we can process it into our work.



Words by Jordan Diston