Talking with Mathimidori (aka Mathias Kaden) ahead of "Akebono", his next LP on Echocord

We caught up with Mathias Kaden aka Mathimidori ahead of his next LP on Echocord to find out more about the project, his inspirations around the album and much more...


  • Hi Mathias, how are you today?

Yeah, great thanks!


  • Mathimidori is such a unique name. How did you come up with this?


You know for the past 25 years I was normally touring as Mathias Kaden. I had a time when I was playing a lot in Japan, back in 2007 and all my Japanese my friends call me Mathi. It's very easy for them to say. There was a girl in the crew who called me ‘Midori' which is a woman's name. I was like, I like the name Midori, which actually means Green in Japanese.

The area I live here in Germany is called the Green Heart of Germany, and my eyes are green. So, I said, why not Mathtimdori and the name has stuck there ever since. So the first track I released under this name was 2009 for my first Mathias Kaden album. It's always hard to think of track names or artist names for a new project, but this fits so well with the rest of the concept.




  • This is certainly a new concept and sound for you compared to your previous work. What inspired you to go down this route?

Around 2008 my Japanese friends invited me to a festival in the Kawaba Mountains. It's like three hours from Tokyo to a festival called Labyrinth. At that time I was playing like more than minimal Berlin techno. We had a label called Vakant in Berlin. So I released a lot of stuff there and the Japanese people liked it. But at this festival there we're all the Dub heroes like Echochord and Pete from Hardwax. So they all played Dub the whole day and I was like, oh shit, I have to start soon to play but what shall I go for, this really got me into dub music. That weekend was like four days and after that weekend, I started to produce more this style. 




  • You’re working with some incredible artists which are all very different in their own right throughout the LP. How did you come to collaborate with them?


I always try to work with Japanese artists. So one of the first people I worked with is DJ PI-GE. He's a WOMB resident from Tokyo. With the girlfriend of DJ Pika, she called Shoco I made with her two or three pieces on Mule Music in Japan.

Yeah, I met them through some parties, but also contacts I have. There's a girl on it on my album called Tomomi Ukumori. It's the 3rd track on the LP and we got introduced through a friend In Tokyo, she's normally a pop singer, she sings like pop songs in English. So then I asked her if she can sing Japanese, but to speak and she liked ‘what I have to speak?’. I said yes, don't sing but I would like you to speak all Japanese poems… It worked perfectly as many people would not have heard these before and we did a wonderful track together.




  • Do you find it easy to be inspired when creating music and what kit did you use to produce the LP?

Yeah for me I am still new to producing this sort of music so I have a lot of ideas and a lot of inspirations. For some producers who have been doing this for like 20 years, they might be like, Okay what should I do?  I want to keep producing this type of music in the future compared to my Mathias Kaden things as well.

In the studio, I have the new TR-8S from Roland. I started to use my old 808 but then I used the new one and to create the beats and harmonic, hi-hats. And then I have my old Space Echo here in the back which I use for all the dynamics and the dub chords.



  • Can we expect to be able to see Mathimidori on dancefloors when the time is right?

Yes, I really want to do this. I already have a release party planned for a couple of dates in my hometown which will be in a Planetarium. It will have 360-degree visuals with all the dub chords and we also hope to bring the singers over from Japan to Germany to perform live as well. This will create a really immersive experience to chill and listen to music. I have also got plans to do some things over in Japan and Canada as well. 




  • The world is a bit strange at the moment. How have you been spending your time in lockdown

I’ve spent time in the studio, with the Mathimidori project it was perfect to come down to chill. I am also working on an album for Mathias Kaden for REKIDS. For all my dancefloor for music, it's really hard to be inspired... I come here often but I do a lot of other stuff in my studio but no music. So I've spent time with my family, and I have a house and a garden, which I've enjoyed more because normally I was travelling a lot.

The last money I earned was on the 28 of February. Yeah. So even if I now have the chance to see my friends and I am spending more time with my family, if you get completely bankrupt when you have no money then you also can't enjoy your life. It means I can't be relaxed and I'm looking for a job because I have some savings, but I want to still keep my savings for the future. 



Words by Jordan Diston