Iuly.B: "I Feel That in Hard Times, Art Is a Way of Escaping"

Ever since the MEOKO Podcast that Iulian delivered 2 years ago, the Iasi-based producer has always been always on our radar. Being a great person and a bright talent, the time has come to invite him to talk about his latest tracks, plans and the current devastating situation.


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  • Hello Iulian, thank you for your time. How is life treating you so far? And how was the Dubla Party last weekend? 

Hello, it’s always a pleasure to chat with nice people. Life has been good lately despite the situation, having plenty of activities to fill my time with. And the party was really nice, people were enjoying it properly.



  • You also played alongside Raresh in Romania a few weeks back. How did it feel to be behind the decks after a while?

That was the first party after the isolation actually, long-awaited and with lots of good vibes. It was a great pleasure for me to do the closing set after him, an artist and person I always enjoy being around because of his knowledge and vibe.


  • Any clear update from the COVID situation in Romania? We heard that cases still rise... What's your thought on the situation, especially as Romanian?

The cases may be rising, but also the news is pretty exaggerated, more into panic-inducing. The situation is not very well since the economy crashed a bit due to the restrictions that at some point have no sense. I agree with all the individual safety measures but the big hit was on the closed business and activities, as it was to other countries as well. Mentioning Romania, we had pretty bad management before and this situation brought more chaos, especially in the health section.

I just hope people will educate themselves faster and choose to comply with the rules rather than disobey them. Otherwise, this will only create more problems and will not allow the economy to recover as soon as we'd like.


  • How’s your life changed during this period? Are there things you (re)discovered?

This lockdown came with downsides initially, but after realizing how useful this free time can be, I started diving deeper into the self-discipline. Starting with physical activities, good alimentation and a clearer mind, I’ve had plenty of time to finish all the things on my to-do lists, rearrange and clean my musical collection then start new projects with renewed forces.

I am sure there is a lot of good stuff coming from the artists after this period because I feel that in hard times, art is a way of escaping, so the events after the lockdown will be amazing!


  • Many have spoken about this “corona-situation” has the perfect chance to re-invent the clubbing scene? Do you believe it? What are your thoughts for this last part of 2020 and for the next year?

Reinventing the clubbing scene in those conditions seems like some cold rules for us, as I am thinking social distancing is implied and also live streams or other digital alternatives. They may be a good temporary solution, but not a reinventing solution, since the music scene we all enjoy is based on connecting people, getting together under the same music and vibes, being close and sharing warmness with each other.

Hopefully, we would all be able to dance freely starting with spring 2021.




  • What are you looking for when you're listening to house/minimal music? Do you still feel the same passion that hit you years ago? What do you think will be the next year's trend?

After years of exploring the variations of house and techno, I feel the same growing passion, because of the neverending possibilities of finding or creating new sounds. It’s something strongly connected inside which gives me pleasure and it’s best to hear it in my sets or production rather than trying to explain it in words because what I play is mostly what I listen to at home.

The trend is something I am not paying too much attention to in my sound because it’s temporary. It comes with benefits for the artists that it affects, but in my opinion, if you are trying to follow and keep up with it, will alter your beliefs and way of building a proper sound.


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  • You're constantly adding new music on your Bandcamp page lately. On your latest series called "Houseworks" you've gone a little bit back to some housier roots. Is that something that we're going to see in the future too?

Houseworks is the idea of putting out old projects of mine, remastered with new knowledge gathered up till today and also an intention of diversifying my sound. It’s still minimalistic but not in a rominimal way, an aspect I would like to focus on more in the future (check part one and two).


  • One of the often most difficult things, when it comes to releasing music, is to give your track a name! What's your process?

That’s an aspect I always like to pay good attention to. In most cases, I am focused on what I feel while listening to the track, which sensations I have or how will I feel it in a party environment. I am aiming for the name to be in tight connection with the feelings or actions inspired.

Of course, I also have some tracks with simpler or basic names, applied in the same described manner.




  • Not saying that you're old, but do you have any young talents on your radar?

There is a lot of good music coming out lately, and I have noticed that most of it start to sound the same in terms of instruments used or arrangement patterns.

Consistency and passion are making the difference in this case and some of the latest artists I have to mention in terms of really nice production are Nobodi, which is more underrated than new but delivers great tracks for my musical vision and there’s Cumuli & Bvrton, a duo of great guys which are combining elements from lots of other musical styles in a fine minimalistic style that can make a great moment.

I have mentioned them after listening to a lot of their work and remaining with a consistent number of tracks that I really like because of course there are many other good upcoming talents to mention but maybe I haven’t had the chance to listen more before coming to a conclusion.


  • Zenith with David Gtronic was one of our favourite tracks from 2015 I think. More collabs on the pipeline? Who would you like to join forces with?

Nice one to mention, since I have had a good collaboration with David. The process was flowing nice and each track we did got released in the end. I rarely get interested in collabs but recently I have started working with Andu Simion. We have known each other for a long time, sharing the same musical vision and this pandemic got us exploring a new sound together.




  • With 2020 definitely not being the best year so far, have you set any goal for 2021 or secret projects your working in?

Being realistic because of the current situation, goals are set on more general aspects, like improving the sound I present and personal evolution. We have to see which will be the best way for the musical community to get back on track.

There’s always something better in progress, but I prefer to keep it secret until it gets in good shape.


  • Lastly, we know you have recently joined the Subtil Records family, what a great match! What was the factor(s) on your decision? How did it feel to play with your new family at their latest label Showcases?

I joined the Subtil family after meeting Nils and Martin couple times. Seeing that we share the same vision, it felt like the natural move to work together. They are passionate individuals who always pay attention to small details while taking the broader music community into account. Must shout out to my agent Cathy here for her great work!


  • Thank you so much for the answers. We look forward to meeting you behind the decks sooner than expected!

Thank you so much for your time :)


Words by Francesco Quieti & Erchin Jon



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