Bucharest's Misbits Records store Battling to Stay Open

The pandemic around the world has affected many of our livelihoods and endangered many businesses. With COVID still very much with us, Misbits Bucharest is working hard to raise funds to help support the record store we all know and love in these difficult times. Today, we had a quick chat with Ioana Parlog, founder of the shop and a true vinyl devoted.




  • Misbits has become a music hub in Bucharest being the first electronic music-oriented record store in the city's history. What made you want to open the store? 

At that time I just finished my studies and closed my contract at my job, I didn’t know exactly what’s going on with my career, let’s say…I had only music in my head =)  I wanted to take a break from everything that didn’t involve music. So slowly I received a lot of signals from the Universe that I need to do this. With the impulse of friends, quite fast I can say, Misbits was born on 18th March 2013.




  • The current pandemic across the world has completely changed the landscape of our industry. How is it affecting you guys?

To be honest, during the lockdown I didn’t feel the change, with the physical shop closed, people were still interested in buying records online.

After 2 months of keeping the doors closed, we finally opened but it seems that the people’s interest has dropped, the online sales were not going well at all and people didn’t come to the shop either. Recently we changed our website, the last one became super hard to follow on the mobile and I think this dragged us a bit down because it was time for online shopping. 

Now we are good to go also with the website and soon more products will be available!


  • Digging is something that brings enjoyment to so many people around the world. What are your thoughts around the culture of record shops in the industry?

Mhmm, my first thought was that we need to collaborate more. It’s a fact that only from records we cannot survive, so that’s why its good to have also more activities on top. Events, record fairs everything works with music and records. This last period made us think more for ourselves but I realised that it’s quite important to unite powers and be connected. 


  • How can people support and help if they would like too?

If you want and can donate, you can do it via this link: http://www.sprijina.ro/cauze/misbits Please help us spread the word by sharing this article, we only have a few days left! 




  • Pick 5 of your favourite records on the shelf at the moment and pop a couple of questions why:


Calibre – Break That – I like the diversity of tracks. From deep house to dubstep and break-beat <3 what can you ask more? J))



Pepe Bradock – Not Complicated – like the name of the release, not complicated at all, a nice house with influences.



Dj Sports – Adaptation – I like a lot these kinds of beats, DnB  - jungle, hope to play more like this one day



Rupert Marnie – Catwalk – this record easily can be in my bag when I play in a party :D



Masomenos, E/Tape – Studio HC#05 – Ambient is my new thing, and this combination of artists turned out to be really cool 





Words by Jordan Diston