From New York to Berlin: quick Q&A with Öona Dahl ahead of her Watergate Records EP

  • Hi Öona! Glad to see this release! Tell us more about the EP.

"Godtripper" EP is a cosmic trip through inner space. Using sounds and frequencies to induce visions to the listener that can guide them to an altered state of consciousness while still fluent for the dance floor. 




  • What about your project Slumber? What led you to find a new name instead of just running as Öona Dahl & Amber Cox?

Slumber is a name we gave ourselves when we first started working on music together in 2009. This pre-dates both our individual productions. Slumber embodies its own aesthetic and world separate from our own. 




  • Which artists would you like to collaborate with and how the collab with Dance Spirit was born?

I'm working on a few collaborations right now especially with vocalists that I love. The project is secret though and I am unable to say whom. Dance Spirit organically came to be since I see Chris and Reagan in the LA scene often when I visit.  They invited me over to their studio one day before one of my shows. We started working on music and we flowed together naturally. Besides my Slumber project and a couple of others, at the time, I was rarely collaborating. Opening up to collaborations has been a beneficial experience for learning new techniques.


  • The role/position of female DJs in the house and techno panorama is always a spicy argument. What do you think of the overall situation at the moment? I've heard about labels doing "female only" compilations. Do you think this is a good initiative or maybe this could work in the opposite direction?

Overall I think everyone should stop putting "female" before DJ or "female only". We must never stop our efforts towards diversity and equality. No matter how much things may improve we have to keep the momentum going.


  • I love to ask about "ones to watch" for the future (DJs, producers or both). In this case, following the previous Q, I'd like to change into "women to watch". Name us your top 3 colleagues that are going to smash in the next years.

Aurora Halal


Amber Cox



  • What should we expect for the end of this quite weird year? Any upcoming release on the pipeline?

This year has really allowed me to do a reset and to catch up on my work. There's a lot on the horizon including remixes from my 2017 "Holograma" album, my sophomore album, and ambient works release and a Slumber release or two. 




Words by Francesco Quieti