In conversation with Reciproc booking agency founder

Since its foundation by Floriane Dubois, Reciproc booking agency has consistently demonstrated that the desire to highlight passionate and emerging artists remains a real asset in the world of electronic music.

With a quality roaster composed of DJs and producers like ALCI, Atree, Ben Balance (BE9), David Nicolas (Sedee), Funk-E, Mandana, Noha and Orli, Floriane has formed her winning “France 98 football team" and has managed to create an organization based on reciprocity and exchange, giving-giving.

We had the chance to have some words with Floriane, about Reciproc story and her own.


It all began a few years ago in the south of France, between Toulon and Marseille precisely where she used to live. Floriane does not come from this now formel club culture environment where everything seems to be organized with great precision. Being born in the 90s, she began to flourish in the illegal environment of free parties/raves where house music reigned and the underground atmosphere has begun its creation little by little.

First and foremost passionate about music, from jazz to hip-hop and dancing, Floriane was very inspired by everything around her, helping her friends to put on parties, decorating and creating the atmosphere. It is by being clearly immersed in the evenings in the forest enjoying crews like Trackerz, Spiral Tribes, Bordel23, or Dropin Caravan during squat parties at 17, - travelling in heavy trucks from Toulon to Prague -, or in Italy and Spain as well that her willingness to getting more involved in music and bring her stone to the building came to her. 


During her years in London when she was 21, she discovered warehouses parties with Fuse London or Half Baked, real institutions of the English way of partying.

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Coming home from London, she begun to unleash her network by throwning parties in Toulon, especially in a pub named Barathym. Funny fact, Kerri Chandler named his famous track after playing in that venue in the of south of France. 


French adopted by a family bathed in the arts (her father is the Toulon fine arts’ director), Floriane, Raluca by her second name, has chosen to open Reciproc in Bucharest, the best way for her to reconnect with her Romanian origins, sharing her love to a precise and unique idea of sound.

The most important thing for her has always been to be motivated by passion, by what she felt when she was in these electronic parties and met people from all horizons but united by this love of music. It is thanks to all this that Reciproc was born.

Through this agency, she wanted to show everyone how she fought alone in the past to get where she is today, to thank all those who have believed in her and who still show some support.

During her journey, thanks to her frankly speaking and commercial fibre, she had the chance to work internally as a stage manager for Modernity, what allows her to meet a lot of influential people in the industry, and to throw Reciproc parties with some well-known artists such as Fabe, Tofu Productions (Thomas Melchior & Fumiya Tanaka), Raresh, Suciu, Sonja Moonear, Traumer or Spokenn (Ferro & Reiss). 

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“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This Henry Ford quote has always defined the way that she handled things in her life.




Reciproc is above all a love story with artists she believes in as hard as she is, that she wants to push to the maximum and creating a festive ambience wherever she and the artists of her roaster are.

Whether in Berlin, Paris, Bucharest, Marseille or Toulon, they represent above all a strong vibe of friendship, because it’s in this way that Floriane has begun to work. 


2020 will begin on roller coasters with a lot of incoming new projects : a Reciproc tour in the USA in order to make Americans discover the vibe and in Europe with Lion & Lamb London in January, Fuse Brussels in February, Bucharest also (TBA), the anniversary of the booking agency in Berlin in March 6-7 and the launching of a new label named Canopée.


But before all of this, Reciproc will close the year with a wonderful event which is going to be epic: it will take place in Bern, Switzerland hosting one of Apollonia superstar Dan Ghenacia, Reciproc's residents ALCI and Ben Balance.

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You got it, Reciproc seems to be one of these agencies to definitely keep an eye on!