Between rolling beats and healthy food: Chad Andrew (mix included)

With a DJ career divided between Berlin, Ibiza and his hometown Orlando, Chad Andrew has rapidly worked his way into the house and techno European panorama. In fact, he's been a tINI protege since the first years of the last decade, later becoming also a fundamental element for Hector's Vatos Locos crew. His gloomy, dub and cavernous sound has gradually evolved into something faster and more rolling while still maintaining a sense of depth, leading him to release his music on Personality Disorder Music, VL Recordings, Druzhba, & as well as his own vinyl labels Retrospect & coast2coast.




  • You come from Orlando, FL. How did you get in touch with electronic music and when/why have you decided to move to Europe?

In the 90s most cities had the usual trance/house music scenes but what made Florida special was it’s very unique homegrown breakbeat sound. I was too young to get in the clubs back then but I was always tuned into the radio stations listening to all these electronic styles early on. After djing for a few years in Orlando locally, I made the decision to move to Ibiza in 2011 with Randall M, selling a majority of my belongings to finance the trip. After a few more summers on the island, I visited Berlin and fell in love. Decided that’s where I can be closest to the music.




  • How's the "underground" situation over there? Any cool parties or DJs that you'd like to introduce to us? 

The underground situation is getting better. There are more and more people throwing great parties bringing artists from all around the world. A few of those include Default, Eastern Bloc, & Rude Neighbors. There is without a doubt some amazing talent coming out of Orlando as well, Exander is one of them. South Florida also has some super talented guys making waves including Amo and Imbue.


  • Tell us more about your relationship with the Vatos Locos crew.

Well, I really love the Vatos Locos concept. We are just a group of friends that get together, goof off, and have fun playing music. It all basically started at a spontaneous party in Miami during WMC in 2014 and then really took off and began developing after our first VL BPM party in Playa Del Carmen back in 2015.




  • I'm sure you've worked on so many tracks during this COVID time. Any anticipation of what's coming next?

The one good thing about this situation is having all the time at home during quarantine/lockdowns. When you’re constantly touring and on the road, there isn’t much time to sharpen the tools and learn new techniques let alone work on music without feeling rushed. Quarantine gave me time to really catch up on all of this. I’ve got an upcoming EP due out on EWax White and another on Dialogue coming soon.




  • Any interest aside from music production? Have you had the chance to dedicate yourself to something else during this period?

Anyone that knows me knows that when I’m not working with music I’m getting down in the kitchen.  I’m really passionate about finding creative ways to enjoy healthy eating. With all my extra time recently I’ve been able to hone in on that craft, create culinary experiences, and share it with friends and family.


  • Favourite healthy and junk food?

Well, my favourite healthy food is miso soba soup which I make regularly full of fresh-squeezed ginger. Favourite junk food will always be pizza.


  • One of your last videos on Instagram shows you on top of a dangerous old building! I guess you're not afraid of heights. Are you afraid of anything in particular?

That was my first Urbexing experience! So much of a rush exploring old abandoned buildings. Definitely can be dangerous but you have to pay attention and assess every structure before you enter it. The dangerous buildings are no problem, but spiders are a deal-breaker for me.


  • You're behind both the rɘtrospect and the coast2coast projects. What was the idea behind these labels and how did they come about?

Behind both labels, it’s actually me and Robin Virag (Just_Me).  Regarding Retrospect, we never had a plan to make an edit label like that but it kind of organically happened. We were working on an original track that reminded us of a popular 80s song and then decided to take it that direction. We both share an obsession for the 80s era and Retrospect was a great outlet to express that. With coast2coast we wanted to follow the same concept as Retrospect but the theme is 90s hip hop because this is also something we both really love.






  • Despite being the worst year we can remember so far, what's one the best track you've heard so far?

The best track from this year I have heard so far would have to be “Wax On Wax Off - Rural Red”




  • Any producer to look out for in the near future?

In addition to the aforementioned Amo and Imbue, I recommend you to check out my buddy Lulla! Also, I've really been loving everything coming out from Dutch talent Den Haas, very fresh sound!



Words by Francesco Quieti