Romanians taking over: Macarie and his new Midas Touch label

Cluj Napoca talent Macarie is one of the most interesting acts right now. With releases on labels like Default, Cedesciu Wax he takes by storm the European "rominimal" movement. Founding Midas Touch was just a matter of time, giving birth to the perfect place where he can showcase his idea of micro and deep house without boundaries. The first release comes by Chrivu, another young Romanian talent. 

Click HERE to check his latest podcast for MEOKO and don't forget to order Midas Touch 001 | Chrivu - Music Brought Me EP (incl. Vlad Arapasu remix)


midas touch


  • We all know that Romania is recognized for its underground artists. How do you feel about being part of this movement?

It’s pretty awesome, I think that is a major benefit for the carrier I have chosen and I am glad for this. It is a great advantage because this way I make connections much easier with Romanian artists.



  • Who are your favourite artists?

My top 3 is Pedro, Cezar and Amorf.


  • When did you start producing and performing and which is the kind of music you approach?

I start producing 4 years ago and my first performance was 3 and a half years ago. The style I approach is minimal, for sure, with some jazz, blues influences. I am trying to make a great mix of any good music.




  • Who/what convinced you to get on the music side? Did you have any person who initiated you or did you learn on your own?

Alexandru Baciu aka Resa, he is the one that brought me to this start. He is a former AVi resident and I started with him a project named R.AM. In 2017, we had our release at Cadenza Lab – Ad Finem EP.


  • And what convinced you to do it? Curiosity or it was a hobby?

I always had a passion for music. And when I realized that electronic music is suitable for me and I can learn on my own, I stepped in. 




  • What are your main sources of inspiration right now?

Right now I’m following some jazzy, soulful and hip hop podcasts named Tiny Desk concert. And at the end of the week, I try to create something beautiful of what my ears heard.


  • How would you describe your sets? What would you like to convey to your audience through your music?

Depends on the moment but I would like to describe my sets as a continuous flow. This is a specific characteristic. I love to maintain a constant flow but also catchy.




  • Can you tell us more about your label project? What surprises are you preparing?

Midas touch is a project based on the idea of supporting newcomer artists. This name is from Greek mythology, whatever Midas touched turned into gold. Metaphorically speaking, I am trying to do the same. About surprises.... all I can say is that I have all prepared for Midas Touch 002! Will be huge!


  • We would like to find out more about Chrivu. Who is him and how your collaboration started? 

Chrivu is a guy born in Iasi, Romania and he is 22 years old. I discovered him a few years ago and since then we are still in touch. During this time, he created a very melodic and clean sound, specific for his style, that attracts me a lot. This is why I insisted on him being the beginner of Midas Touch, and at the same time, I said who could perform better as a remixer, other than my dear friend Vlad Arapasu. And everything was beautifully connected. I am proud of Chrivu and I am glad that I can help him along this path. I foresee a great future for him.




  • Can we expect to see you soon together, as b2b?

For sure it will be soon. Macarie b2b Chrivu on 29.11.2019 in Stockholm. Can’t wait for this!


  • We've read about a collaboration between Midas Touch and AjAjAj from Sweden this year. How did you get into it?

Chrivu and I are invited on 29th of November, 2019 at AjAjAj – Midas Touch showcase which will take place in the capital of Sweden.


  • Who takes care of Midas Touch’s artwork? Everything looks amazing!

Raimund Vernica aka Raid, a young man from Bucharest, who always surprises me with his works! Super abstract and crazy. Exactly what I am looking for. Thank you also to Madis Poldsaar for the really cool logo.




  • Will Midas Touch collaborate also with non-Romanian artists?

Of course, I will collaborate also with artists outside Romania, we already have some releases scheduled and even a diversified VA where you’ll meet 3 foreign artists.


  • Can you tell us when Midas Touch 02 will be available?

I don’t know yet, probably in 2020 springtime.


  • Where can we get Midas Touch releases?

Starting from 27th of November, Midas Touch will be available at, Juno and Decks.


Many thanks for the interview and I hope you've enjoyed it!



Words by Miruna Ioana Dan, Francessco Quieti, Dylan Am