Yaya drops his debut album "You Decide" on own label Tamango Records

Italy's Yaya has been on a roll in the scene over the last 10 years with prestigious tracks on Desolat, Cadenza and Celesta to name a few. He's managed to create a recognizable and distinctive sound right away, characterized by excellent use of percussive and melodic elements, always crafting pure dancefloor-pleasure tunes, and founding his label Tamango Records in 2016 was just a matter of time.


Today, we bring to you the man himself who's about to drop tomorrow his debut album "You Decide" on Tamango Records, which consists of an exclusive 2x12" vinyl LP


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  • Ciao Yaya! You're finally about to release your first album! How do you feel about that and why did you wait for so long?

Hey guys! Thanks for having me on, I'm sooo excited and happily nervous about that. I can't believe that it's finally dropping tomorrow! I think that the wait was worth it. It was a personal choice as in the past I had many occasions to release it, but I didn't think it was the right time, unlike now. 




  • We've listened to the album which has a clear and distinctive sound, which can be immediately associated with your trademark style. Despite this, you've been able to reach the perfect balance between your "new sound" without forgetting your more minimal-percussive roots. How was this possible? Which is the most significant track on the album?

I think that "Ebi Awon" is both the perfect track to describe the way I approach my work in the studio and the most significant one in terms of sentimental value if you go that way. I’m very close to this track which is the most important of the album for me because it has involved all my family and I some sweet memories of the days I’ve spent working on it. Once fulfilled with the groove and the bassline, I've been joined by my sisters in my Berlin studio and after finding some good lyrics to add to the track, we've called our aunt in Africa to let us translate in Yoruba. After that, I've recorded my sisters' beautiful vocal parts and I think that these Yoruba chants add some real fire to the track. The text is about the values of the family, which for me continues to be the most important thing: that's why having involved both of my sisters in this track is so relevant to me.


  • You've worked on this album for 1 year circa. Have you mostly created this album sitting on your studio chair or touring around the world?

I think that I've started each track outside of my studio, just using my laptop and a controller, even if I was attending on my plane or returning to the hotel after some serious after-hour moments! Each track has its own story and I hope you can feel the inspiration that led me to create them. I can say that this album is almost a round-trip around the world, as some tracks were born from the Maldives to India, from Miami to Berlin.




  • Apart from the vocal contributes of your sisters, within the album, there are no collaborations with other producers. It seems that you had a wonderful time working with them. Will you "use" them again in the future?

Of course, I will! Working with my sisters was such a funny experience and I definitely will work with Karice and Mayery again.


  • Will "You Decide" be followed by a remix album?

It's still too early to talk about a remix album since the original hasn't even come out yet,  but I can tell you that it will be another double vinyl with some really interesting names.




  • If you had to release another album, not produced by yourself, on Tamango Records, who would you like to "host", as a label owner?

That's a pretty hard question, but I'd say Audio Werner because he's one of my favourite producers ever! 


  • Any final shoutout or anticipation for what's coming next?

I would like to thank all my team at Artist Alife in particular Loco Dice, Leo Duarte and Grace who always know how to motivate me and give me the best advice on how improve myself both as a person and as an artist, and obviously also Francesco Quieti who is giving me a big help on managing my label.


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Words by Francesco Quieti