Dan Farserelli

Monday, 02 September 2013 00:00

Duration: 1:21:02 // Plays: 2995

London based DJ and producer Dan Farserelli takes the helm for the 95th instalment of the MEOKO mix series. Having spent the last couple of years honing his craft, Dan has come out with a bang in the last 12 months releasing on the likes of Fear of Flying, Act Natural and Luna Recordings, as well as launching Other Tones; a vinyl-only record label he co-runs with Dan Lively. This mix is a showcase of the sounds and music that Dan loves to both produce and play out in his exemplary DJ sets. Teasing things in with some dubby techno, Dan’s mix oozes texture, balancing spaced out vibes with deep sub-bass funk and intricate percussive grooves. It’s minimal techno meets dub-rooted house at its best. One to watch...