Livio & Roby

Friday, 21 February 2014 00:00

Duration: 1:01:00 // Plays: 3785

Romanian proprietors of funk, Livio and Roby, made their name grafting within the techno scene, but gradually the duo "peeled back layers of the parched genre to reveal a more organic house sound'. Since their days garnishing Steve Lawler's VIVA imprint, Livio and Roby have managed to straddle the line between both stiff, thumping techno and chicago-esque groove, without falling into the often lazy genre term of 'tech house'. Releases on Nick Curly's Cecille and Loco Dice's Desolat imprints respectively have acted as the base for the discerning duo's unique, organic produce - tasty musical fare that's seen their stock rise thanks to intricate, deep productions and equally detailed sets, all apparent on their exclusive MEOKO mix. Forthright, driving and jampacked full of 4x4 house, acid rave concoctions and galloping, bottom heavy tech bombs, their exclusive podcast perfectly sums up their approach to an action-packed, peak time dance floor.