Los Suruba

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 00:00

Duration: 2:25:05 // Plays: 3288

Suruba is the Portugese word for orgy; a wild party, a sinful bacchanal. This is exactly what crossed our minds whilst listening to this mix, a name that embodies the feeling of those who experience their music today. Alvaro and Delmar, two Madridians purasangre, are more than just this particular sentiment. For our 122nd MEOKO podcast they take us on an abstract journey of feelings and sounds that capture moments that has been special for them - now for us. They describe it as a movie, a journey with a beginning, development and end - including the tracks they momentarily play at their gigs and special material that did not find its way into the clubs but which is perfect to find a way into our souls. Captivating us with emotive synths and driving baselines, resulting in a sound that lingers to sex, a musical orgy called Los Suruba.