Hold Youth

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 00:00

Duration: 59:28 // Plays: 2949

Although Seuil and Le Loup differ in style, they share a close musical resemblance as well. It could be said they are as thick as thieves, the dynamic duo Hold Youth emerges. Hailing from Paris, they run their own imprint and they know well how to keep a good relationship between techno, disco, house, funk and everything in between. Since Paris is considered the city of romance, we don't see why anybody would resist falling in love with this 130th MEOKO podcast. Their set is nevertheless French and fresh, their name easily describes the sound itself as its constantly held at an up-beat level which makes you feel like you could never get tired of dancing, the fountain of youth. Staying dedicated to vinyl, and vinyl-only, they show us their arsenal of quality house, deriving from hours of crate digging. Hold Youth brings us a thriving open-minded sound with tough beats all draped in funk, groove and plenty of soul.