Jaffa Surfa

Friday, 06 February 2015 00:00

Duration: 01:14:58 // Plays: 2459

This one in from vinyl lover Jaffa Surfa of Hungary. The Bonyhad local who holds a strong appreciation for funk fuelled house and techno, and another All Inn Records member to consistently show promising growth in the scene. Zoltan has turned many heads along the way with some impressive vinyl releases and notable quality when providing to the dance floor. An eclectic selection pulled from the living room drawers straight to your ears. Zoltan provides a quality mix fully supporting the expectations of his diverse collection and interest in various spectrums of sound. A music policy for the listener and dj alike, he builds from techy lounge sounds all the way through jazz infused beat down into a deeper 4x4. Some gems to be appreciated within - Wax heads, Tip.