Giovanni Verrina

Thursday, 12 March 2015 00:00

Duration: 01:26:58 // Plays: 4281

All Inn Records are known for their fantastic label showcases. A highlight of the year took place in one of Moscow's most intimate of clubs; Rodnya. Set in a loft, on the top floor of a former industrial building, you can feel a special party vibe in the following mix, recorded and played by label co-manager, DJ and producer, Giovanni Verrina. Starting off nicely with an atmospheric mood, Verrina keeps the dance floor moving with his tech-house grooves. Classy vocals speak over low-key funky tones while in the deep end, pumping bass lines join forces with rapturous percussive elements. A journey that will take you places. From tribal to more delicate house and rather cryptic techno you’ll also find some really uplifting moments and beautiful melodies. You can really imagine it was a party to remember!