Tuesday, 12 July 2016 00:00

Duration: 1:07:50 // Plays: 1972

VENDi, real name Ludovıc Vendi, hails from Barcelona, but after a successful first few years building his career with releases on labels like Bodyparts and Sleep Is Commercial, in which he was recognized as the outstanding artist and producer he is, he took refuge in Berlin to further activate himself in its fertile underground. Ripened and also versed in Tattoo art, he is back this year, releasing hıs first long player through Bandcamp, whilst also showing his mighty yet subliminal prowess as a DJ. This mix is a fine example of his skills. Fluidly he moves though fine-tempered yet moody scenarios that open up with width and spectrum, titillating mind, ears and body with deep ranging frequencies, peace and powerful playfulness. Dropping the bass back in at the right moments, this musical experience is of pleasurable qualıties seldomly dısplayed with such expertise.