Wednesday, 02 November 2016 00:00

Duration: 2:31:23 // Plays: 2225

MEOKO’s newest mix, 229, comes from Hansel. It's fresh and vibrant, made up of careful transitions with a feeling of undeniable nerve. From heart- thumping baselines to atmospheric techno, this carefully curated blend maintains a sense of style throughout. Here, the artist creates a pattern of sound that never feels mismatched or disjointed. Instead, he moves with ease between aesthetics and carefully weaves together a multitude of frequencies and grooves. It's made for home sound systems and darkened rooms filled with heads bobbing, surrounded by a flurry of carefully synchronized techno. Hansel plays with rhythm, slowly enticing and blending in each sound, and creates a journey into electronic music that never lacks in direction or momentum. The result is a confident and captivating compilation pulled together seamlessly!