Dorian Paic

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 00:00

Duration: 59:03 // Plays: 660

In an age where any newcomer can use their connections to be propelled to the homepages of every other website, it’s nice to see figures like Dorian Paic and his raum…musik. label discreetly get the dues they’ve patiently earned over the years. Whereas the formers enjoy their few months or years of fame before being dismissed as fads and swept away by the next big thing, the Frankfurt native has always been doing his own thing, whether it went in or out of fashion. For sure, he’s had plenty of time to find his sound in a life whose most part has been dedicated to music: from working in record stores and going to the seminal Dorian Gray club in Frankfurt airport in the 1990s, to becoming one of his scene’s most in-demand DJ — not many can claim to have held a Ibiza residency for the past 12 years and played on every continent, and fewer less are still acknowledged by the more discerning heads —, this sound has patiently shaped itself into something curiously befitting Paic’s understated character. Same goes for his role as raum…musik label head: celebrating its 20th birthday this year, the label is all about letting the music do the talking, which it will surely do with its upcoming anniversary compilation. Peak-time bangers sit next to after-hours and warm-up rollers in its discography, faithful to a philosophy that favours a party’s overall excellence over a few reckless hands-in-the-air moments. Not that Dorian won’t make you reach for the lasers — he’ll just wait for the right time to do so. Accordingly, raum…musik rarely taps the many headliners that are part of Dorian’s entourage. Yet it’s one of those labels you know to check out whether the producer rings a bell or not — as Dorian puts it, it’s all about the trusted bond the label has built over the years with its listeners. In fact, Perlon aside, it’s hard to think of any other German label that has been active for so long — a testament to the label’s commitment to carving its own way in the ever-changing, trend-hopping wilderness that is the electronic music landscape. In short, Dorian and raum have got something that no amount of PR can garner: legacy. So with the 20th birthday landmark around the corner — not mentioning last year’s 100th release on the label — it was due time for MEOKO to catch up with Dorian. Here we go.