Doubting Thomas

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 00:00

Duration: 1.00.20 // Plays: 3566

Hailing from France but living and working in London, Aurelien Riviere aka DoubtingThomas makes experimental electronic music from the soul, taking as much influence from Jazz as he does house and techno on labels such as Serialism, Safari Electronique, Organic music and Soul Jazz to name just a few. As a producer his unique sequencing and composition arrangements have given him his own sound that doesn't sit within any one genre. DoubtingThomas mixes the latest in the MEOKO music series. Recorded in his studio around the idea of writing a letter, this incredibly talented artist shows us his experimental nature and deep artistic side by mixing deep house with spoken word samples, whilst darker minimal techno undertones take us on a journey deep into the underground. >