Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:00

Duration: 1.32.31 // Plays: 2879

DeWalta, real name David Koch, also one of the label heads of the experimentally layered Meander imprint, started his musical career very early, and managed to break through at the age of 18, wowing us with his clever use of funk, jazz and hip hop elements in an electronic context -- being a traditionally trained musician made it very easy for him to find his feet within the reduced context of the Berlin experimental house and techno scene, and he promptly got snapped up by Vakant Records. His sonic quest would also become the backbone of his label which he started with two affiliates in 2007. 2012 is quite a year for DeWalta, with his first album having been released on Haunt. His mix is descriptive in every very sense, reflecting the great spectrum of this utterly talented musician. It roams freely through the realms of contemporary sound, without boundaries or limits, but also never creating tensions by taking it to extremities. Au contraire: the ease with which DeWalta provokes flow and freshness is something that will make this mix one to stick out for a long time. Hold on tight, the groove will have your hair stand on end while the sonic trickery keeps your mind busy!