Nima Gorji

Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

Duration: 1.01.27 // Plays: 3535

“Ibiza gypsy” Nima Gorji has left his hypnotic trademark sound somewhere burnt into the collective shady afternoon memories of those who travel back from the White Island, complete with a glowing tan and the distinct feeling that things finally fell into place. Which place? Nima Gorji hails from Iran, leaving his native country behind at the age of thirteen, and spending his formative years as DJ, producer and promoter in Scandinavia. As Black Powder and Verydisco he managed to achieve remarkable success. Setting in Ibiza in 2005, he decided to dedicate himself to the local scene, subsequently building a respectable following at Ibiza Underground, together with his floating collective and powered by his imprint Welt Recordings. His set starts slowly, spinning out of control thanks to hypnotically and carefully crafted loops and deep wizardry, subconsciously drawing inspiration from the ancient Sufi tradition from Persia, whilst consciously seducing those who cherish a deep and dedicated groove.