Friday, 23 November 2012 00:00

Duration: 1.35 // Plays: 3225

We are proud to present a live recording from Elon’s gig at Wiggle Factory in Atlanta on November 10th, an hour and a half packed with surprising twists and turns. Starting off with surprisingly varied housier tracks, the New York resident quickly picks up in pace and takes this epic journey into deep techno territory, an interesting visit to all those who have someone lost track of how powerful and innovative electronic music can sound when underlined by a rolling kickdrum. Elon, who can look back on a long-standing career as a sound engineer, has played an influential role in innovating New York’s underground techno sound. He debuted in 2006 with his first EP on Made To Play, and has since then surprised with releasing his sophisticated, dark and emotive trademark sound on labels such as Get Physical, Clink, Dumb-Unit and Metroline. This fluidly shifting mix comes handy to those late night attendees who can and would not stop for anything in the world, effortless sliding through the multicolored night. It’s a celebration of variation, and holds as many surprises as ReSolute boss Elon himself, who strikes back with a brand new release on his imprint these days, The Kolekti EP. Getting all his friends involved to celebrate the label’s fifth birthday, the smooth and gentle flowing record holds highlights by Alexi Delano and a vinyl exclusive featuring Dario Zenker.