Wednesday, 19 December 2012 00:00

Duration: 55.56 // Plays: 1984

Pawas, originally hailing from India but musically deeply rooted in his hometown of choice, Cologne, is a multispectral being from another dimension, caught in the body of a funky male looking for intergalactic adventures. Jetting around the interplanetary club scene, you never know where he surfaces next and what will be his weapon of choice: funky house? Deep tech? Future garage? Minimal trance? This just being a basic description trying to capture his essence, as there are many angles to look at his mature musical output as are the labels on which it’s being put out: Spectral Sound, Lucid Flow, Brut!, Fear of Flying, Ostwind, Abstract Theory, just to name but a few. His multi-facetted tracks stand in stark contrast to his take on club life and spinning, which is pretty easy to define: a pure celebration of the moment. Pawas’ mix takes off with an eclecticity which is hard to beat: samples of a backstage late night jazz club, elegant and funky piano keys and male and female vocals all melt into a huge atmospheric setting to move on into a deep bass waters, a fun-packed ocean cruise full of housey moments: diva vocals. Old school chords. It’s all there. But nicely hidden away in contemporary construction of sexy all-nighter vibes. MEOKO loves it.