Ray Okpara

Friday, 21 December 2012 00:00

Duration: 58.48 // Plays: 2864

With his “Close To The End” mix, virtually recorded on the verge of the end of this world as we know it, Berlin-based Ray Okpara summons up the spirits of the electronic otherworld, to call out for change for the better. His mix, the 54th edition of the much acclaimed exclusive mix series published on Meoko, comes on strong, layered cosmically with his typical percussive verve, groovy voice elements and sublime bass-driven power, and dreamy vocals by the artist himself and Katrin Cürük. “Butterfly”, also the opening track of Ray’s brand new album “Good Times”, being the perfect opening for what turns out to be a ride straight to the floor. “Good Times”, Ray’s first long player, released on Mobilee in November, deserves an excellent mention as it’s fresh, unique, and very much himself... thus giving the perfect round-up what Ray Okpara, a German born Nigerian with a Berliner mum and an African dad and a lot of good vibes, manages to tie up and stand for: a proud and joyous testimony to his roots and future challenges. Whilst enjoying the present with all its musical endeavors, he has been a beacon for those in the Mannheim area and beyond. Starting to DJ as a handsome threesome, together with Oslo label founders Federico Molinari and Nekes, Ray and his sound is a living Oslo trademark, bouncy, good-natured, skillful and utterly groovy. His mix is a tribute to those “Good Times”, not only captured in his records, but also reflected in his mixes and live appearances, to be had at this very moment. Come celebrate.