Francis Harris

Friday, 04 January 2013 00:00

Duration: 1.09.47 // Plays: 6233

Francis Harris or Lightbluemover, better known for his powerful Adultnapper output, will not let you get away lightly: Solely responsible for this aural masterpiece -- MEOKO's 55th installment is the perfect New Years mix overflowing with anti matter as it sucks you into its black hole atmospheres --, his queazy yet utterly compelling podcast episode is something you will not forget for a long, long time. It’s very likely you will have to listen to this one again and again, to repeatedly drown in his dark blue shadow alley sounds full of surprising twists and turns while you also end up getting hooked on its addictive ingredients -- haunting melodies and voices and strange tonal effects -- although you might be in denial. Adultnapper creator Harris had quite a heavy time in the last couple of years, which, with the overshadowing event of the death of his father, led to a shift of perception on life and his own output. Always one to tamper with boldness, the born and bred punk rocker who grew up in Las Vegas allegedly went on from “hating dance music” to actually cutting his mark within the experimental outreaches of the sophisticated electronic music scene. Owing to his great talent, he draws inspiration from the endless depths of musicality, philosophy, life and... death: Maybe one of his greatest oeuvres, his first longplayer, “Leland”, released under his real name Francis Harris on his own imprint Scissor & Thread, came out in February 2012 in memory of his father and stands like a landmark. It’s remarkable that since, Harris has seen himself showing more and more of Francis Harris as opposed to returned to the save shelter of orthodox, floor-friendly Adultnapper anonymity. This mix is the perfect proof that depth and emotionality does work in an electronic music context, and that the implied song-based approach is of such complexity it actually stands the test of time. Great great talent.