Shlomi Aber

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:00

Duration: 58.14 // Plays: 4387

Shlomi´s emotional approach to music immediately shows in this 56th outstanding installment of MEOKO'S celebrated mix pod series. Taking you through a steady workout that combines grooving basslines with whispering voices and multifaceted, deep and introvertive layers of funky, soulfoul techno and house which is defying easy classification whilst at the same time serving the simple purpose of moving your body, a clear message shines through from track one and gets summed up throughout this solid mix: dance. With over fifteen years of experience as a sought-after producer, Aber, hailing from Tel Aviv, has firmply placed himself amongst the lead of techno pioneers who escape pidgeon-holing whilst carving their niche in international dancefloor realms. Releasing on influential labels such als Cocoon, Desolat, Cadenza, Ovum, R&S, he manages the resonate the spirit of ancient Detroit techno, jazz, funk, minimal and acid, while interpreting these roots in a timeless and single-minded approach: to move mind, body and soul. His mix is an outstanding testimony to these principles, and with its slow-winding grooves and lowdown bass it has this great potential to unite people all over the planet... just tune in and feel moved!